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Regular comunlicat of the~above rlambd
Lodge are held at 7:30 p. m. on the first and third
saturdays of each month. Members of sister
lodges and sojourning brethren are cordially in
vlted to attend.
GZo. W. CRANE, Secretary.
CHOTEAU LODGE, No. 1 , 1. O. O. F.
A regular meeting of the abov Lodge will be
ald on Wodnesday evening of eat A week at their
Ladge room in this city. Sojourn.ng brothers Are
oordtaldv invited to attend.
The regular communicaiion of the above Lodge
con venes at the Masonic Hall every Thursday eve
ning at 7:30 o'clock. By the order.
S. GENZBERGER. Recorder.
Crescent Lodge No. 4.
Meets every Monday night at S:30, at Castle
H1all in Masonic hall.) tlCC. L cINTIRE, C. C.
W. C. RIDDLE, K. of R. and S.
Church Seryices
Key. S. B. Demarest, under the auspices of the
American Home Missionary Society, is holding
services it the Court House twice each alternate
Sa bb uL., at 11 a.m. and 7 p.ni. Sabbath School at
12 m. The public generally are invited to attend.
The RIxcoaI has duIly contracted under
he printing law to do all the legal adver
ising and public printing for which C(ho
eau coun:ty is chargeable, and has filed I
he bond required by law.
From Fri ay's Daily.
Fresh eggs 35 cents a dozen, at Wetzel's.
Boy's alphelt duck suits, at T. C. Power
& Bro's.
Men and boys' clothing, the very latest
style of summer goods, just received at T.
-C. Power & Bro's.
A bet of a $40 suit of clothes was made
to-day, and drawn on paper, that the IIele
na would never reach Benton.
Call and see the Sullivan chaps. At the
challenge saddle shop.
The finest collection of inlaid spurs and
bits, at Jos. Sullivan's challenge saddle
an4 harness shop.
Jack Faucett plead guilty to an assault
before Judge Spencer to-day, and was
fined $5 and cost. Twenty-tour dollars
more in the city treasury.
Four Cree Indians, convicted at For t
Walsh of stealing horses from American
Indians, were sent to the Manitoba Pro
vincial Penitentiary yesterday for five
years.-Pioneer Press.
T. C. Power & Bro. are sole agents in
Benton for Burt's celebrated, gents, boots
and shoes. They have just received a large
stock of new styles. Call and examine
George and John Pattersen and W. B.
Rossman, went down the river in a skiff
this morning to meet the steamer Helena.
The Patterson Bros. are expecting their
mother and sister on the boat.
-Joh 1Guthrie, M1ontana's favorite bak -
er, came In on last night's Helena coach,
and will open a bakery in connection with
Robertson & Kendal. Good things to eat
can be had when Johnny gets started to
wor k.
Charles Maguire came in town to-day.
His bull teams are on the Teton, and will
probably be in to-morrow. Charlie had
two head of horses stolen and six woi k
cattle killed by the Piegans during the
late troubles.
gill Young's bull teams left for High-.
wood to-day.
A. M. Rowles came in to-day with a
load of produce from Sun river valley.
P. Bassett sold to McDevitt and Wright
63 head of work cattle and 9 wagons yes
terday. Consideration $4,500.
Murphy, Maclay & Co.. have swung a
splendid sign to the breeze, over the
street in front of their store on Front street.
Dan Kelly and Jack Faucett had a little
unpleasantness. yesterday, Marquis of
Queensbury rules, but the vigilant city of
ficers appeardd on the. spotý arid the com
batants wdre compelled to desist. They
promptly gave bonds to appear before
Judge Spencer, to answer to the charge of
disturbing th0 peace. '
The stage ticket advertised for said in`
the Press for some time, was a government
transportation from Benton to.lelena and,
not transferable. It was sold to some
party yesterday who booked for Helena on
this morning's coach, but the stage agent
finding that he was not the party the trans
portation was issued to, refused to -,a
him to travel on it and quite a war of
words ensued over the affair.
We- understood that a wedding wasto
take place at Cora creek on the Barker
road, and were, ad o.ably iui.~ '$a tie
particulars of'the' h·tr py ititiAd'et re
disappointed to learn last evening that
owing to o ,e ,nknoWn casre the "erq
mony did not take place. The bride with a
her bridesmaids was repdy, the groopi w.i' t
his best man on hanid,. uot on1$ re c±
willing n: an bxiBasahit RAe dr ,
gentleman who was to tie the knot failed s
at the trying moment~ irid we shall not be r
able to congratulate the happy couple un- I
til aflter Monday next. . . -
Dan Chery, the welit knwn freighter
who left Benton a year ago for the North- c
ern Pacifio railroad to take a. grading eoab I
tract, reached Benton this mornltbIj 1
,route to the Canadian Pacil,. His teams r
will pass below Renton audiVill ..ikbbM -
-camp on. the .TetWn to-night. DA2 dtyse
that the team work is abou$ alflhliitheatod
the Northern Pacific, and that almost the
entire force of .graerrt aa. t osx" -
lag north. A i .esdtatlvu was abnt hdtt C
-fall to look at the r~da"t'le Canadian I
tracts with heo oiul i. P.n the con- 1
tractors with their teams and outfts are p
coming north. DazikhMtlhtd Mlakftd work C
is far ahesa 95 and
have Iros eit
4knadlan Pacile 4 /itab& *
From Saturday's daily. (t
Paris Gibson & Son have 2 h hd~of
fine Merino sheep shipped from Vermont
for t ralJe re, of t Helenia.
J. ~f Mlle isgoadji gis beaks with
freight for Joe Kipp at I. G. Baker & t
Downs & Abbott shipped a fine lot of I
buffalo robes to Benton on the Helena
from their trading post at the mouth of
the Mus .elshell.
Sixty;-ecutts from the Statesin charge
of Lieuts. Adams and Barnhardt, came up
on the Helena, and were landed at the
CoaL Banks, on. rqute to Fors Assinna- t
Sheridan has pilrchased a flbe new har
ness for his matched team, and they loom
up like six-bits in a contribution box.
Sleridanis doing a rtuihing business.
There is-a musical coon in itown, a late
arrival by one of the boats, who discourses
sweet music at Evans' saloon. The fellow
is one of the few natural musical prodigies,
and in company with his guitar is a whole
brass band, brig dance and all :. "
Lieutenant Warrick, of Fort Assinna- a
boine, who went East last January is ex- u
pected isn 1entonshortly. Harry ]sRBwn, d
clerk at the Grand Union, was to meet I
him with a team at the 28-Mile Springs g
yesterday, but a telegram was received ,
stating that he would come through in ain
ambulance from Fort Shaw.
Milt Eudsley returnedlfrolt B:rker t It
night, armi reports things' bo6ting there. si
Men are scarce, and Milt says there is t,
work for from 75 to 100 men, and that ti
they are offering from $80 to $100 .per G
month.. A tunmber ot his men quit him e
and he was obliged to leimme his train on p
the road and come in after more drivers. 01
IHe is loaded with bullion from the smelter. i
James Rowe came up from hi~ ranch -on
the Missouri this morning. Mr. Rwe tl
says he was late getting in his garden this is
spring, but that everything is growing tt
nicely and he will hav'e fresh vgetabhles li
for the Benton market before a great
while. He is pu.ting in.t lwater wheel 20 r,
feet high to raise water from the river for 1,
irrigating purposes. It will be arranged .il
with buckets and run by the current of the hl
-river, and Mr. Rowe is positive that he can rr
in this way get all the water he requires to E,
insure a good crop. tt
-------t---- Inc
Removal of Fort Walsh.
e The following telegram was received by
I. G. Baker & Co. this morning : "Fort*
Walsh ordered to be abandoned and to be
removed to Maple creek. This, in view of
s the m:nny Indian raids, is unfortunate, as
it takes the Mounted Police away from
t the vicinity of the boundry line."
This is, indeed, unfortunate, but for the
valuable and prompt assistance rendered
by the Mounted Police in recovering stock,
but few of the horses stolen in the late
raids would have ever been found. Jack
B Harris, John Galbraith, and others who
have been at Walsh to recover stock stolen
by the Creep, all state that too much credit
cannot be given to Major Shurtliff and
Sergeant Patterson for their prompt action.
Sergeant Patterson recovered ten head of
the Benton & St. Louis Cattle CO.'s hors
es that had been cached by the Crees, and
but for the Serge ant's energy and saga
city they would have been run. outp;fapfacd
of the wners
-C. B. Fowler shok l*edustof Benton
from his shoes thlis norniag,'and4 departed
for IIighwood on the hurricane deck of a
-R. W. Bucklantl came in this after
noon from his ranch on Highwood.
-J. D. Weatiherwax, in company` with
Daul.Ol)erry, took a trip to 'the :latt*#'s
camp; on the Teton, this morning to nego
tiate a wagon trade.
-Deputy SheriffHouk wvas a Ii ng~er
on the Helena. George says he did not
find any good men down the river, so came
back alone. .. V A
-John Lepley is in town from the Big
-Frank Adkinson and wife reached
Benton to-day by pi'ivat~cianvyance, and
are registered at the Grand Union.
[email protected] Wr,.r.wickl.ad r
Fred, ''hies, of- Fort- Shew, ,'riYed this
afternoon, and are rte ta la Grand
-The clerk of the Helena says W. Byron 4
R. was the orny thjng stran o eeit ng t
Oith}l q. I
-'Th Patterson Bros. and Mr. Rossman t
had a pleasant trip down the river to meet e
et reenfa. (
-Mrs. Nathan, bride of the junior part- I
ner of Hirshberg & Nathan, was a passen
ger on the ~Hle from.thewZreok of· thq
Big ,uorn. a r. tha, rmai ehind r
toi a#jurt..ie fo=es' of the flrm.
Mk-r~Maudtt Mrs. Patterson. and their two c
daughters were passengers on the steamer
Swriting from the vicinity of the Old
. tency, confirms the reports of Major
iung's criminally bad management. He
I says that Young, beihg desirous of. ina..
pressing the indian Bureau with the suc
cess pof e 1rtij0 of;kdiSa Esn
1 has repo'rwtiltt tbheyare Pr ta lUtl Mi gfrF
I supporting, which actoutid.lfor the small
a rations the Indians receive from the
Buret1- .7
Tiet aTniO feemaa, a idently, ýaja '
oftht46 toW. 'in the Tetirlry" _T.w c * are
connit~t by Ihe pgreat trupk.line-tha N.
Pre-vents .tsR spite by ab~ n ~n
jP esMd4nt f tb oad. It ca1l *.
recently poor Jutch broke .newspapeu
Mr 1ar aret WijiJams dIae 4 h
mation tb#,$thert ;"d0s ?t4 s ,
Georage ila re h4Aia; o di h
*ar. rt avi ue a
A War Party of Crees Routed by the
Jack Dille f tihe r Ton, cameln
this morning ~itfr. lol of robes from
Joe -Ilpp's ate Fort Conrad, and brings
r witl im another budget of Indian news.
Six days ago a party of Crees made a raid
r on the Piegan's at the agency and sue
ceeded in running off quite a band of
horses. Ja~did 4pi t - 'lara how many.
The Piegans followed, caught up with the
tes, and a running fight ensued in which
three the Creas were killed and one Pie
gan was unuded. The Crees, however,
having fresh A4orses succeeded in getting I
away with the stick, and by this time are I
no doubt safe across the line. Jack left
Kipp's four days ago, and at that time the
troops stationed there had made no move a
o i-llow the raiders, the news of the raid
having just' reached Fort Conrad. The
Piegans are verv much excited over the
affair, and although elated over the Cree
scalps they succeeded in taking, they do
not relish the:loss of their horses, as it has
set almost all of them a foot and they are
unable to follow the raiders. Jack says he b
did npt J-bar of any cattle being killed.
lie s;: one try Low that was fat and in
odod oddef, bfa~id`d Ti Lon the ribi, that v
inad been shot through the hips and was I
very weak, and he thinks she will die. It b
is not at all improbable that some cattle
have betenkilled and butchered, and we le
shall probably hear of them in a day or ii
two. It seems strange, that with the t(
troops at Fort Conrad and on the Sweet w
Grass hills, that these Indians are able to
cross the line and make their way to the ci
Piegan agency without being seen or heard f
of until they stampede the horses they are ,
after, and that they should be able to get ti
Out of the country with the stock without
the troops knowing anything of it. There
is one redeeming feature to this last raid, at
three more Crees have been added to the o1
list of good Indians. p
A telegram just received by W. G. Con
r.d from Col. Ilges states that a Cree war
party under Tron Child have just arrived
ut Walsh, and say they stble 35 head of ti
horses from the Piegans, 17 of which were
recovered by a party of Piegans who pur- di
sued. Iron Child had his hand shot offin
the fight. The stolen horses that were
seen at Walsh were not branded. This is th
undoubtedly the party referred to above,
and it is lamentable that Iron Child did
not have his head instead of his hand shot
off, as he is one of the worst of these raid
ing Cree chiefs. m
Arrival of the Helena.
The steamer Helena arrived at this port
to-day at 3:30 p. inm. The following is her
passenger list and freight, manifest.
Mrs. H. Teel, Mrs. Platt, Mrs. K. Smith,
S. O. Lyng and wife, G. Olson, wife and
son, Mrs. M. Ryan, Ola O. Lyng, W. E.
Vinson, W. L. Martin, T. Cullen, G.
Chapin and wife, Mr. Robinson, A. Eads,
W. F. Sparr, H. Becker, P. A. Lorrie, E.
McRory, Chs. Gibson, B. Webster, Wm.
r Fleming, John Gray, Fred Anderson, J.
H. Bhrton; Geo. Houk, H. McDonald,
Mr.-Patterson ail wife, Miss S. Patterson,
Miss L. Patterson, Mrs. E. Yula and
daughter, Mrs Irish and daughter, Mrs
Nathan, Mr. Douns, Mr. Abbott, P. H.
Dobovanl'. B. io.ook.
Mrs. Lt. Adamn acid enild, Mrs. Lt.
Barnhardt, Mrs. Sissions, Lts. Adams and
Barnhardt, 60 recruits.
T. C. Power & Bro. 785 pkgs; I. G.
Baker & Co, 383 pkgs; J. H. McKnight
& CQf, Fort Shaw. 126 pkgs; Geo. Steele,
fSun river, 16 pkgs; Paris Gibson & Son,
258 head of sheep; Benton Boom & Lum
ber Cqo.,pkgs ;(*. Olson, 88 pkgs; S. O.
Lyng550 K lgs; W.. E.Vinson, 4 pkgs;
J. L. Largent, 1 pkg; Jos Kipp, 36 pkgs;
H. B. U111,.63 pkgs; powns & Abbott, 57
pkgs; Mrs. Irish, 4 pkgs; A. A. Q. M.,
Fort Shaw, 144 pkgs; A. A. Q. M., Fort
Assinnaboine, 995 pkgs; Broadwater &
McCulloh 65 pkgs..
Manifest of the Big Horn.
The following is the manifest of the
wrckbed steamboat; Big Horn, as far as we
could as~ertain; The principal owners of
goo s.on the ;boat are Murphy, Maclay &
Co., 1. G Baker &' Co., Hirshberg & Na
than, and W. H. Burgess.
Murphy,' )adeay & Co. had 65 bags of
heans;[email protected]'powder, 15 kegs of
syrup, 15 cases of able grease, 20 chests
of tea, 20 tacks of effee, 33 casesof baking
powder, bi, Jxea crackers. 2 ,ases of
crackers, 17 coils of rope, 24 boxes of
4tamped ware, 1 keg of soda, 1 box of sala
ratus, and 42 smaller packages'
Hirshberg -A u ah shad 14boxesof
dry goods ,1 i # cht, (1 hindle of
paper, 39 S.es f soes, boxes of shoes,
2 bbles and 1 box of glassware, 28 boxes of
taits, 8 cases of hats, 14 cases of clothing,
bales of blankets.
W. H. Burr had on board 256 cases of
oil, i `` a ,
bes ' -c'ases Af
coffee, 5 rcases of turkey, 10 butts of to
bacco, 5 bbls of sourkrqut, 16 boxes of
ney, 1 case Of rasplb]rries, 12 eases Qf
sardines, 7 bbls Of peA.hes, 5 cases of apri
cots, 10 cases of jelly, 5 kegs of syrup;
kegs of lard, 65 kegs of syrup, 2 sacks of
salt. t; ..
$BaltOd& )Deborinlerý 4od 4 ewitngma
thipes, 21 trunk ly, rlaw .fc rit; 4 rolls 1
of matting, 1 box windoW poles;,10( b0oki t
dry goods, 8 boxes shoes, 14peld~Sfriae t
I. G. Baker & Co. had 4boxes dry t
t#+a ds, ca +°377 ble i
S".ases Mirrors, 3 cases oil ceoth,333 box
ertFakeru, 11 'cases erackers, ' betas i4
dry, fruito, & e .atp,0 0Ilas ei*g ofthI
t1J. Todd& 0Co, bad 10 bairrels of a
%iSans Klein had 85 cases dry goods, 0
,t 'pp a 1
-i tp 1e
From Moaday's daily.
Fresh eggs, 35 cents a doz. at Wetzel's,
s Dyanlap stiff feit hats, nobby styles, foa
le at Power d JBro's.
n Shfeld's rfll outfit left for Barker
Sto-day, to load bulgion bck toBenton,
s The Marias river is rising fast and is not
s. fordable at the Assinnaboine crossing,
d The saw mill atClendenin will be moved
in a short time to Joe Lessard's ranch on
Otter creek.
.. H. H. Boyd loaded his teams to-day at
Be aker's for the Canadian Pacific survey
party at Calgarry, N. W. T.
The Dacotah left Bismarck, May 19th,
g the Josephine on the 20th, and the Rose
e bud and Butte on the 21st.
t W. A. A. Kelley loads his teams to-morrow
e with Government freight for Fort Shaw,
e and is searching for a good mule driver.
J. D. Weatherwax purchased one-half
e of Schofield's bull train some day's ago
e and will load them for his store on the
Although Benton's streets were quiet,
the merchants all state that they have
made large sales to-day, and business has
been quite brisk.
Lew Roberts leaves to,-morrow on a can- t
vassing and collecting tour for the RECORD. I
Mr. Roberts is authorized to collect all 1
bills due the REcoRD.
Our enterprising reporter, Mr. Roberts,
leaves to-morrow morning upon a canvass
ing and collecting tour through the Terri
tory. Luke,and the other apostles, remain a
with us. V
Doec. Frields met with quite a severe ac- t
cident Saturday, a horse he was riding 1
falling with him, dislocating his arm. He r
was brought in to his ranch by theMar- v
tinsdale coach. I
An elegant assortment of ladies' hats s
just received by express from the railroad 1
at T. C. Power & Bro's. Samples are now b
on exhibition of some of the very latest P
Paris styles. a
G. R. Craig, manager of the Northwest
Cattle Company, of Fort Macleod, came in a
from the north to-day. Mr. Craig states
that there are a great number of settlers
coming into Macleod and Calgary every
day, and the country is being fast settled
up. The rush of mean to the end of the
Canadian Pacific has been so great that
the contractors were unable to give work
to ill of them this early in the spring and
were compelled to furnish them transpor
tati n back east. They have not com
menced work on the spring round-up as
yet, and the loss of cattle is not known.
The stock at present is looking fine, and
the grass is remarkably fine for this time
of the year. ir
--Wose Soloman Is in from his ranch at
the Mouth of the Marias.
-Joe. Lessard came in this morning
from his ranch on the Barker road.
-Chas. Peterson, of Price & Peterson,
Little Pittsburg, is in town.
S-Alex. Yu'e, of Summit Station, Barker
road, left for home on this morning's
coach with his family.
-Captain Harwood, of Assinaboine,
came in to-day, and is registered at the
Grand Union.
-Dave Browne left this morning on the
Assinaboine coach for the Coal Banks.
Dave may go to the Terminus of the Can
adian Pacific before his return.
-The Patterson Bro's. accompanied by
their father and sisters,went to their ranch
on the Shonkin this afternoon.
t -C. B. Fowler, and Chas. Griffith, re
turned from their trip to Highwood last
-Dan Cherry returned to Benton to-day
after an absence of over a year, and his
many friends h..ve lamed his arm shaking
hands with him.
A Baggage.1Mlaster's Praise.
Mr. H. Barny, baggage-master on an
Easterin Railroad, Boston, says:- -
"1 have used Hunt's Remedy, the great
kidney and liver medicine, in my family
for months. It was recommended by
friends in Portsmouth who have* been
P cured of kidney troubles, and I find it just
as represented and worth its weight in
gold. My wife is using it for dyspepsia,
and has improved so rapidly that I cheer
fully indorse it as a family medicine of
real merit, and I would not be without it."
April 27, 1883.
Bad Nigger.
About 10 o'clock last night a negro
known as Jim Ogely, alias Bureguard,
came to Harris & Rowe's stable and hired
& saddle horse, saying that Dan Samples
had sent him for it to go down to Samples'
ranch on the Teton after a horse. Know
ing that the fellow had been at work for
Mr. Samples, Harris & Rowe thought it
was all right and gave him a fine 5-year
old colt and a $50 saddle. This morning
they ;lear-ed from Mn' Saxiplsesthat he 1
knew nothing about the man, and at once 1
swore out a warrant for him and placed it
In the hands of the sheriff. The fellow
hai hadagood start but is not likely to get
very far with the stolen property.
Probable Burglary.
At 3 o'clock Sunday morning Mr. War
ner, who Is in charge of the business of
wingwald .it Co. on Front street, was
wakehed b'y a cis of glass at the front of
the store, and jumping out of bed was able t
to see a pirtlon' of 1's a wlo ;sa
leaning against the building next door.
The fellow bad evidently broken in the
d'~ tsi - the purpose of thet and was
waiting to aseof the -ioeed irusd e any
one. AUcerthshic u utherrtng tha ' c ash
oeamarau ag up the street, andthe foRlow
eoa was out of sight toasbort j
timen. tr. WE rner state, that he w· a
ukand n11
all n sea ps
The Sheriff Captures Pour Indians
'Who stood off a White man.
r Word was brought to Benton yesterday
about noon that a man had been "stood
,t off" by four Indians on the Missouri,
about 12 miles below town. It seems the
mroanran upon the Indians unawares, and
found four guns pointed at him, and was
told in Indian lingo to leave in a hurry,
which he was, of course, glad to do. As
soon as horses could. be procured
V Sheriffs McDevitt, Healy, and JeffTal
bert crosted the river and started after the
reds. They rode down the river to get be
low where the Indians were supposed to
be, and succeeded in coming upon them
and taking them by surprise. They were c
disarmed without trouble, and by four t
o'clock they were safely locked in jail. At
the time the sheriff and his party ran upon c
them they were making themselves at I
home in the cabin ofa rancher, cooking his
grub and having a good feast, the owner
having to stand aside and look on. The
Indians claim to be Crows, but are believed
to be Crees, and their capture, perhaps,
saved a raid on the Shonkin ranchers'
stock, as that was, undoubtedly, what a
they were -after, and had they been unmo
lested last night, would by this time have "
had another band of horses across the "
" C
Captured Reds.
Tom Taber, a well-known Cree chief, al
and one of Big Bear's sons, in company
with 52 Cree Indians, in charge of a de
tachment of troops from Fort Maginnis, A
will camp on the Shonkin to-night, en g
route to Fort Assinaboine. These Indians
were captured on the other side of the rc
Missouri river, in the vicinity of the Mus- G
selshell, and will be sent back across the ti
line. Their arms and ammunition have
been taken from them arid whatever camp th
property they have will be burned. They se
all seem satisfied to go back with the ex- ki
ception of Big Bear's son, who is restless
and discontented and would escape if an cl
opportunity o.fered. He was captured C.
with twelve others, on the Missouri, at the w
Mouth of the Musselshell. Lieut. Steele,
of Maginnis, while out scouting in compa
iy with with a corporal, ran on to them in M
the thick brush, bult finding themselves
covered by the Indians' guns had to re
treat. After getting reinforcements, how
ever, they returned and captured the o
whole outfit.
This haul l'e undoubtedly saved the w]
ranchers in the Judith from loosing more
or less stock, and it is to be regretted that mw
something cannot be done with these In-' vi
dians after all the time and trouble spent in,
in capturing them. They will hardly be
turned loose on the other side of the line I.
before they will return again to commit di,
more depredaticns. 01
Baeve Qvaderg,
Another large outfit of grading teams
passed through Benton this morning
bound for the Canadian Pacific railroad.
This outfit is owned by the Corry Bros.,
of Salt Lake, and consists of some seventy
five teams and a quantity of loose stock.
Coming down the Helena hill early this
morning, the cart scrapers that were at the
end of the train, looked for all the world
like a battery of heavy artillery ;coming to
take our city by storm. Mr. Corry states
that there are a large number of outfits on
the road between here and Missoula, pro
bably between two and three hundred
teams, all bound for Fort Walsh. The
Canadian Pacific evidently means to push
theirroad to the uttermost this summer,
and the iron horse will be in Calgarry be
fore fall from the present outlook. All of
these graders are compelled Ito pay duties
on their teams, wagons, and harness, and
are a large source of revenue to the Cana
dian Government.
The Territorial papers have all had ac
counts of the daring escape of James
Edwards, a prisoner under a fifteen-year
sentence, who slipped his shackels and
jumped from a car window while being
taken to Deer Lodge Penitentiary by
Sheriff Johnson of Custer county. A few
nilghts ago Mike Lynch had a skiff stolen
from him, and telegrams were sent to the
Coal Banks to stop the parties who stole
it. Yesterday a hard looking citizen came
to the Coal Banks in a skiff without pro
visions or any outfit necessary for a trip
down the river. In answer to questions
put to him he stated that he had stolen a
boat at Benton and traded it off for the one
he was in, and that he was going as far
down the river as the boat would carry
him. He tried to pu rsuade a discharged
soldier, who was on his way to Benton, to
accompany him on his trip, and the
soldier prom ised todo so. The fellow then
confidentially told him that he had jumped
out of a car window anld got awayf from the
Sheriff'ofCuster county, and made his
way across the country to Benton without
any one seeing him, and then stole 'a boat
at Bentor, and had a dead sure thing of
getting out of the country as no one would
think of his being over here. The soldier
made up his mind that he did notjwant to
travel with that kind of a &man, and came
into Benton. The, fellow answered the
discription of Edwards' as near as we can
learn, and in all probability he is the man.
Telegrams have been sent from here to
points along the river by SheriffMcDevitt,
and his voyage is very lIkly to be cut
S. B. Demorest, pastor of the Congrega
tional church will hold services hereafter, i
in Stocking's new, building on Front street.
The Rev. C. L. Richards and the Rev.
J. Mlls will o.ld services on alternate1
oundayl in the basement ofthe Rsaoon
iosatada :has Jmpe the two, ,las s of I
At be eMs5ro Maru. It `eum I
adrpr-mpls-li fttJ 0om~
From Tuesday's Daily.
The Macleod coach arrived at 10 o'clock
this morning.
IHawkeye steel barbed wire at H. J.
Ly Wackerlin & Co's.
_d The funeral of Mr. Odenswald's child
i, will take place to-morrow at 2 p. m.
e The only Cheyenne saddles and genuine
d Concord harness are to be found at I. G.
* Baker & Co's.
The District Clerk moved to the city hall
this morning, and will hereafter have that
for his headquarters.
! A case of assault and battery was
- brought up before Judge Kanouse this
morning, but was dismissed.
Screen wire cloth, refrigerators, ice
chests and ice cream freezers, just received
r by J. H. Wackerlin & Co.
t The stage driver, Holmes, of the Macleod
I coach, reports everything as very quiet
between here and Ft. Macleod.
O. W. Kelly, his two sons and Joseph
Allen, left this morning for the Marias
to look for a good sheep location.
Chas. Hurd loaded with merchandise
for Sun River, Eagle Rock and Helena, i
at Murphy, Maclay & Co's this morning.
Among the passengers on the Benton t
which is expected here to-marrow night,
are Mrs. W. F. Rector and two children. i
F. Janeaux loaded at H. J. Wackerlin &
Co's. this morning with hardware for his
store at Reeds Fort. He pulled out this €
Sheriff McDevitt, and Deputy Sheriff
Houk left this afternoon for the Blackfoot f
Agency on official business, anud will be d
gone several days.
The parties who dug up and stole the a
rose bushes in front of the cottage of the
Grand Union Hotel had better return J
them, as they are known..
W. S. Clayroy, who was head cook in t
thl Brunswick Hotel of Denver, Col., for I
several years, now has charge of the
kitchen of the Grand Union. it
Geo. Steelle's teams loaded with mer- f
chandise for his store at Sun River, at T. v
C. Power & Bro's. this morning. They fi
will probably leave in the morning.
Mike Lynch returned last night from a i
short trip to the falls of the Missouri. n
Mike says that Chas. Roth sold his place e
to an English company for $7,000. a
T. F. Healy left Billings for Ft. Benton
on the Billings coach this morning, and
will arrive here Thursday evening. He y
will probably remain during the summer. b
Dave Thompson's teams, loaded with n
merchandise for John Killaly, of Hughes- C'
ville, at I. G. Baker & Co's. this morn
~T R WI1: 4_{.nP~en F Cnm irnnrlný7 ne T
)e W. R. Williams' 8-horse team loaded at
1e I. G. Baker & Co's. to-day with merchan
it dise for Hamilton & Hazlett's store, at
Old Agency.
We understand that the Cochrane ranch
company are moving their winter range
18 farther south on account of the severity o:
'g the weather.
Fifteen lodges of Piegan In diaus are en
camped on the Teton, and are in a starv
ing condition. They are at present living
is on the scraps of Kennedy & Kelly's
e slaughter house.
d Geo. Scott has had his former wife, Vic
;o toria Scott, who obtained a divorce, a vin
,cule, from Scott at the last term of court,
n arrested for kidnapping his child who was
awarded to Scott's custody
d We regret to announce another death in
e Mr. Odenwald's family. Robert Henry,
Sa two-year old child, died last night of
brain fever. Mr. Odenwald has our sincere
f The United States troops, in charge of
,s about 60 Cree Indians whom they captured
d near the Musselshell, passed through to
'- day on their way to Ft. Assinaboine. The
soldiers are escorting them back to their
W. C. Pomfret, representing Green
hood, Bohm & Co. of Helena, to-day pur
d chased a large number of buffalo robes
from Hirshberg & Nathan. Greenhoo.',
Bohm & Co. intend making buffalo over
coats out of the robes.
n J. C. Laurance and men are busy put
e tiug in the cables of the shear boom.
e They expect to have the work finished in
e a few days and the boom will then be in
readiness to receive the timber which will
be cut and sent down.
.s Mr. Jno. R. Craig, of the Oxley Ranch
a Company, and two of his men are in town
e They will leave for Sun river in a few
r days to drive about 4,000 head of cattte,
y which Mr. Craig purchased several
d months ago for the Oxley Ranch near Ft.
o Macleod.
e A large lot of robes and peltries,
n brought to town by Brisket & Hoar and F.
d Juneaux, were sold this afternoon to the
e highest bidder. T. C. Power & Bro.
s bought 181 buffalo robes for $1,201. A
It large number of beaver skins at $1.40 per
it pound, and a collection of cayote, wolf
'f and other peltries for $25.50.
d Jed. Groessback, who has been in the
r employ of H. J. Wackerlin & Co., for
0 some time past, left yesterday afternoon
e on horseback for Maidenville, where he
e Intends to embark in the hardware bust
ness on his own hook. Jed's goods were
shipped on the Helena last week as far as
Rocky Point and will be transported from
there to Maidenville by mule teams.
The four Indians who were arrested and
taken to jail last Sunday for helping them
selves to another man's cabin and grub, I
made their appearace in Court this morn- 1
ing, but as no interpreter could be found
their case could not be heard. They gave
their names as Black Bull, (chief of the
crowd,.) Bob-tailed Cow, alias Plenty
Writings, Antelope Fawn, and
Man-who-makes-everything. The hear
Sling of their case was postponed until an
Interpreter can be found.
h- !.oslored naa who stole the horse
f froml iEart A geowander the 1ytetense of I
i Idring it for Da So impia , was seen at the i
The , Maste is James'
From Wednesday's daily.
k Mr. Chas. E. Conrad is expected home
the latter part of this week.
O'Connell 0 K whisky, at W. S. Wet
zel's. Plenty of it left.
LI The books of the Benton Public Library
were not, we are glad to state, on the Big
B Horn.
W. F. Miller and two soldiers were pas
sengers on the Astinnaboine coach this
I morning.
The only genuine Cheyenne saddles and
Concord harness in Benton are for sale at
I. G. Baker & Co,s.
The Sun river round-up party will meet
at Ed. Kelly's ranch at the Elbow, on the
Teton, on the 28th of this month.
The insurance on the Big Horn was
placed with II. I. Bodley & (Jo., of St.
Louis, and S. S. Eaton, of St. Paul.
J. J. IIealy and family havey moved
across the river on the plroperty rece:ntly
purchased by Mr. Hlealy from O kerman.
John O'Brvai's eight-horse team arriv -
ed here from his ranch at llighwo,.l yes
terday morning loaded with wood for I.
G. Baker.
Out of twenty Mitchell wagons that I.
G. Baker & Co. received on t .e Rosebud,
only four are left. The result of advertis
ing in the RECORD.
W. A. Kelly's teams will load to-day at
T. C. Power & Bro's. warehouse with the
government freight for it. S'aw, which
arrived here on the Helena.
Scourfield's bull train left yesterday
for Barker to haul bullion for the Clen
denin Mining & Smelting Co. The bullion
will be taken to Billings and from thence
shipped east by the railroad.
The funeral ot Robert Henry, son of
Jabob Odenwald, took place this after
noon at 2:30 o'clock. It was largely at
tended by members of the Order of Odd
Fellows and others.
The following passengers left this morn
ing on the Barker coach: A. J. Hamiiton
for Clendenin, Al. Harrison for Hughe:.
ville, Mark S. Moreau and Frank Normand
for Otter creek saw mills.
William Foster has gone to Barker and
will be absent for a few days, his part
ner, Win. Maurer, and barkeeper 'Mitch,
eli, will do the honors behind the bar and
attend to the busines4.
Hon. Martin Maginnis left Washington
yesterday for the West. It is most proba,
ble that the other members of the Com
mittee on Indian Reservations will ac
company him out here to see about cur
tailing the reseryations.
A telegram was received by A. DeLori.,
mer from W. S. Baker, yesterday, stating
that most of their goods were saved, except
the carpets, which were a total loss. He
further states that he can not handle the
goods until t!:e adjuster arrives, and that
he will return to Benton on the Dacotah.
W. S. WVetzel received a telegram from
D. W. Marratta, agent of the Coulson
Line at Bismarck, stating that the Dacotah
left Bismarck on the 17th at 4 p. m., and
that she would stop at the wreck of the
Big Horn and bring to Benton all the
goods that were saved.
A couple of shysters, to keep them
selves from starving to death, have work
ed a suit against Constable Finnegan's
bondsmen for arresting two fools who in
terferred with the arrest of a prisotier.
These stinkers will either win the case or
leave Benton, and 'we don't believe they
will win the case.
Nothing has yet been done concerning
the acceptance of Col. Ilges' resignation.
The Colonel's many friends are in hope
that the Secretary of War will prevail on
the Colonel to withdraw his resignation,
and thus permit the Secretary to retain in
the army one of the best soldiers that ever
wore shoulder straps.
Jas. Ogleby alias Beturegard, the col
ored man who stole a horse from Harris &
Rowe a day or two ago, passed Lake Sta-.
tion night before last, on his way to Ida
ho. He and the horse were identified by
one of the ranchmen living there. Billy
Rowe and Constable Finnegan are after
him red hot.
The Coulson Line has bought from the
Northern Pacific railroad company the
well known steamboat, "Bachelor", that
has been running on the Yellowstone for
some time. It is the intention to immedi
ately take the Bachelor to Bismarck and
load her and star: to run on the Missouri
between Bismarck and Benton. The
Bachelor will take the place of the Big
Hor n.
The following water rights were yester
day filed with Recoroer Murphy: A. B.
Hamilton, I. N. Hazlett, etal., for 20,000
inches, to be taken out of the Teton river,
for irrigating purposes; A. B. Hamilton
and I. N. Hazlett right to use 300 inches
of Spring creek, three and a half miles
above the mouth of the creek, to be used
for irrigating purposes. S. C. Burd, right
to use 500 inches of De Puyer creek and
100 inches of Deep creek for irrigatlog and
domesic purposes.
William H. Armor, deputy collector of
the U. S. Internal Revenue for Lewis &
Clark, Choteau and Meagher cou,,ties, ar
rived here last night from Helena on the
coach. Mr. Armor is here principally to
attend to business connected with the re
cent rebate on tobacco and cigars. Mr.
Armor informs us that rebate will be al
lowed on all tobacco and cigars which were
bought in the East before May 1st and
were on t' e way here, except the tobacco
which was lost on the Big Horn, no rebate -
will be allowed on it. He says that the
rebate on tobacco here in Benton will
amount to about $4.000.
Milwaukee Beer.
Murphy, MaI o. are sole agents
for the ' ted eMilwaukee
Beer, and iavea It k of this well
knowa plbraio~ n b MtTe fo~lowing
telegram explhati a $elf: ?
MtiWz 1iJS, 1ayf8,l 18,18
unitra has ou# sole agmnor ftorA1 .

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