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I1euoto i odge,No. 25, A F. & A.M.
Regular communications of the above named
Lodge are held at 7:30 p. m. on the first and third
Saturdays of each month. Members of sister
lodges and sajourning brethren are cordially in
vited to :attend.
GEo. W. CRANE, Secretary.
CHOTEAU LODGE, No. 1 , 1. O. O. F.
A regular meeting of the abov Lodge will be
aaid on Wednesday evening of ear i week, at their
L-dge room in this city. Sojourn.ng brothers are
o rd- Ial v invited to attend.
The regular communicaiion of the above Lodge
convenes at the Masonic Hall every Thursday eve
ning at 7:30 o'clock. By the order.
S. GENZBERGER. Recorder.
Crescent Lodge No. 4.
Meets every Monday night at 7:30, at Castle
Hall in Masonic hall.) H.C. M cINTIRE, C. C.
W. C. RIDDLE. K. of R. and S.
Church servyces.
Rev. S. B. Demarest, under the auspices of the
American Home Missionary Society, is holding
services iat the Court House twice each alternate
S tbbuttl, at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sabbath School at
12 m. The public generally are invited to attend.
The RECORD has duly contracted under
he printing law to do all the legal adver
ising and public printing for which Cho
eau county is chargeable, and has filed
he bond required by law.
F oum Fri ay's Dally.
A fine stock of Dunlap hats, at T. C.
Power & Bro's.
'There were six passengers on the Helena
coach which arrived here last night.
M. Hendrickson, of Barker, loaded at I.
G. Baker & Co's. and left this afternoon.
E. L. Smith's teams loaded with mer
chandise at I. G. Baker & Co's. for Barker
Extra grading has been done on the ap
proaches to Belt creek bri lge by Griffith &
A telegram received to-day states that
the Rosebud passed Ft. Stevenson yester
day noon.
A son was this afternoon born to Wil
liam Malsey. The RECORD extends con
The only Cheyenne saddles and genuine
Concord harness are to be found at I. G.
Baker & Co's.
W. H. Armor, Deputy Collector of the
U. S. Internal Revenue, left on the Hele
na coach this morning.
I. G. Baker & Co. have just received a
large lot of dimension lumber, which they
offer for sale cheap.
The Chesnut round-up party started out
last Monday. A number of them are in
town to-day buying supplies.
Capt. N. Norwood and Len McCulloh
will leave by private conveyance for Fort
Assiunaboine to-morrow morning.
John Graham, Beltane and H. L. Fish
er, Butte, arrived here this afternoon, and
are registered at the Grand Union.
Buy your boots and shoes of Hirshberg
& Nathan. They have a fine assortment
and sell lower than anybody.
Spring and summer clothing in great
variety and at very low prices, at Hirsh
berg & Nathan's,
Two thousand dollars has been sub
scribed at the Crossing to get Dr. New
man of Fort Shaw, to locate at Sun river.
And still the rush continues at Hirsh
berg & Nathan's. This firm sells more
clothing than any other house in Montana.
W. B. Settle has now one of the finest
oflices in town. He has just had his office
carpeted and papered and it looks as neat
as a new pin.
John Caruther's new grade at Arrow
creek hill is a decided improvement over
the old road and several bull teams have
already passed over it.
Buck & Hunt last night received by mail
from A. L. Bancroft & Co. seventy vol
umes of law books, including the latest
Supreme Court decisions.
Severance's three bull teams, loaded
with lumber for I. G. Baker Co, from
Severance's lumber yard, are expected
here in a few days.
J. T. Lee, Sand Coulee; Geo. Baker, Ft.
Calgarry; James S. Culley, J. Gom, F.
Gtehring, Capt. Nelse, Chestnut, are regis
tered at the Grand Union.
T. C. Power & Bro's. have a large as
sortment of Mulls, Dotted Muslins, Irish
Point, Nainsook, Swiss, and Cambreic em
broideries. Calland examine them.
Morrison and Taylor's bull teams ar
rived here this morning from Severance's
lumber yard on Roberts creek. The lum
ber was for I. G. Baker & Co.
A stock company composed mainly of
merchants and residents of Sun river Val
ley and the Crossing, yesterday put in a
ferry boat at the mouth of Sun river.
p, G. Browne returned here last night
on the coach from Assinnaboine. Dave's
teams are busy hauling the government
freight from the Coal Banks to Ft. Aasin
A stranger was accidentally hbrt a day
or twoago, at Sun river, by ateam hitch
ed to a buggy belonging to Nickson and
Murray running away, and the pole of the
buggy striking him bak of the ear. The
The man's name is unknown.
J. L. Perkins and W. C. Sweet, promltn
unt cattle ownersof hestnut Valley, tIn
tend moving theireattle to a new- range
as soon as they can find a better one, on,
account of poor grass on their present
Mr. Tolach, of, out 4 Tolseb, p
men on Wolf oe.tf :, bso110gt b
tesm o6tt r m As a ..aa
ed them with lumber at Watson's mills, at
Reed's Fort, and started for Benton. They
are expected here next week.
James A. Yore is making extersive im
provements on his ranch at Belt creek,
preparatory to receiving his laage invoice
of Poland hogs, which are expected here
on one of the boats next month. He has
already sown 100 acres of grain and
We have received the Silver Bow Court
Calendar for the June term. It is from
the Miner print, and does credit to that
journal. There are over seven hundred
cases on the docket, and the sight of it
makes the mouths of our local attorney's
to water.
Henry Madison was arrested last night
by Constable Finnegan on a warrant
sworn out by Ella M. Clay, charging him
with attempting to enter her house last
night. He had a hearing this afternoon be
fore Judge Kanouse, but the case had not
been concluded up to the time we go to
press. W. B. Settle appeared for the Ter
ritory and F. M. Eastman for Madison.
L. Rotwitt, of White Sulphur Springs,
and Toombs, cf Reed's Fort, are dig
ging an immense ditch to irrigate their
desert land claims between Big Spring
creek and Cottonwood creek. The ditch
is several miles in length and will drain
from 1,500 to 2,000 inches of water from
Big Spring creek.
A telegram was received here to-day by
Sol. Gensberger, from Sam Kohlberg, who
is looking after Gans & Klein's interests at
the wreck of the Big Horn, stating that all
the goods which have been saved will be
brought to Benton on the Dacotah, and the
adjuster will fix the loss here. The citi
zens of Benton will then have a splendid
opportunity to buy damaged goods cheap,
especially carpets.
It may prove of interest to the business
men of this city to learn that it is the in
tention of the sheep men of the Judith val
ley to ship all of their wool to Benton, and
to purchase all of their supplies here.
Last year a large number of sheep men
intended shipping their wool and purchas
ing their supplies at Billings instead of
Benton, but they have since changed their
minds, owing to the superior inducements
offered by those enterprising firms, Power
& Bro., Baker & Co., Hirshberg & Na
than, Wetzel, Murphy, Maclay & Co., and
Ford Caldwell and Geo. P. Fiske re
turned last night from an extensive trip
through the country. They visited Wolf
creek, Judith, Big Spring creek, Bell
cleek, and Arrow creek. They report that
the grass throughout the country is look
ing splendidly, and that the stock gener
ally is in a most flourishing condition, and
everybody is happy. Ranch men report
100 per cent. of lambs, and say that there
is a larger number of twin lambs this year
than ever before, and the number of twins
will make good the losses.
Constable Finnegan returned last night
about 7:30 with Jas. Ogleby, more famil
iarly known as "Beaureguard," who hired
a horse from Harris & Rowe last Monday
under false pretences. Constable Finne
gan found him Wednesday afternoon
asleep on the prairie, just the other side of
Flowrie's ranch, near Cadotte's pass. The
darkey had a revolver, which he had stolen
from Bullett & Martin, but surrendered
promptly. He was doubtless striking tor
Cadotte's pass, and had attempted to ford
Sun river but found the water too deep.
He was lodged in jail, and will probably
have a hearing to-morrow morning. Con
siderable credit is due Constable Finnegan
for his successful arrest of this horsethief.
-T. F. Healy returned to Benton lar
night from his eastern trip, and will prob
ably remain here during the summer.
-Wm. Scourfield left for Barker on the
coach this morning.
-J. P. Dyas, of Dyas & Murray, gen
eral merchants of Sun River, arrived in
town last night on the Helena coach, and
is stopping at the Choteau House.
-Capt. W. C. Rawelle arrived here last
night from Ft. Maginnis, and left for Ft.
Assinnaboice on the coach this morning.
-J. W. Herman returned to Chesnut
yesterday afternoon
Capt. A. G. Norwood and Len MecCul
lob left this afternoon behind the Captain's
fine bay team for 1 rt Assinnaboine.
still Another R4aid.
The following telegram explains itself:
Mr. McCune starts for Benton to-mor
row. I have the cavalry from Sweet Grass
Hills out after the raiders, and Col. Brook,
of Ft, Shaw, has sent couriers to Agent
Young and to the camp at crossing of Ma
rias. I think it advisable that you start
out some judicious person to agency, who
will work zealously for the recooery of
these horses. The following ares .hluf
ferers: Mr. Galt. 4 horses; Mr. Jules
Quinvillie, 10 horses, freight team; Thos.
Guard, 3 American work horses; C. Me
Roy, 4 horses; Geo.nGann, 6 work horses;
M. Santana, 9 ponies. ILeas,
San River Items.
A team belonging to DiTse, whB~ tvt
near. Sun River, ran away with him to
day. EI. D. EIastey who was' with him
was thrownout and badly hqrt. N o boii
weae broken, but 0 e struck . ow e back of
his head and shoulder sad ,wa. .ses..
soious 2 or 8 hours. ,he 4bie t a kihkb
will be all O. K. in a afew T.e. e
buggy is a wreck. The horses -Mo.ts
year olds, were not ir,
the horse * t ston ide
Buntert tve ladlv h . Hei
as eep w ith fu ll o *s w4 u b d
ot him. c ý
tie Ialo
~-"-~i ~ ~ { i.
From Sat.rday's daily.
Geo. Woods is in town from his ranch at
Hay Bro's. sheep men from Arrow
Creek, are in town.
To-day has been a busy and profitable
day for Judge Kanouse.
Fine line of ladies' and children's hose
at T. C. Power & Bro's.
No news has been heard from the steam
er Benton since she left Tobacco Gardens.
The Grand Union hotel bar has just re
ceived, by express, 2,000 of the finest im
ported cigars.
W. S. Wetzelhas constantly on hand a
large stock of the celebrated ;O'Connell
O K Whisky.
F. C. Roosevelt is having a fence put
around his lot, on the corner of Main and
Bond streets.
Wm. Rowe returned from Helena on
the coach last night to testify against
James Oglesby this morning.
Geo. Major's two bull teams, loaded
with lumber for Murphy, Maclay & Co.,
arrived here this afternoon.
9eo. D. Patterson and father returned
to town this morning from a visit to the
former's sheep ranch on the Shonkin.
Fish and Stack have purchased a ranch
on Wolf creek, and were in town this
morning purchasing supplies and utensils.
J. D. Weatherwax yesterday sold W. S.
Wetzel one-half interest in lots 5 aul 6 in
block 2. Consideration, $1.500.
Al Hutchinson's teams loaded at W. S.
Wetzel's this morning with government
freight for Ft. Assir.nabolne. They pull
ed out this afternoon,
Jas. T. Lee, J;ts. B. Culley, and Frank
Gehring to-day filed a water right to use
300 inches of Box Elder creek for agricul
tural purposes.
Frank A~ ams, Walla Walla; Morgan
Evans and wife, Deer Lodge; Wm. Woods
Highwood; and L. W. Frank, Missoula,
are registered at the Grand Union.
The school bell rang vigorously last
night, calling out the School Trustees to
meet, but they did not meet worth a
cent. They will probably have a special
meeting some day next week,
A dispatch was received from Puplar
River to-day, by Mr. Joe. Hirshberg, from
A. Nathan, stating that the Dacotah would
leave this morning with all the goods
which were saved from the wreck of the
Big Horn.
Jerry Flobs was 1,ist night arrested by
Coxistable Finnegan and taken to jail
charged with gambling on Sunday. He
h:ed a hearing before Judge Ka,-ouse thik
morning, plead guilty, and was fined $10
and costs.
Sheriff Healy to-cl y received a telegram
from the U. S. District Attorney, instruct
ing him to turn over the Crow Indians,
who are now confined in the county jail,
to the military. He accordingly tele
graphed Col. Ilges to send men here to
take them back to their reservation.
They had quite an Indian sc-are at Sun
river several days ago. A party of eigh
teen or twenty Cree Indians shot at and
chared into Sun river two men who were
out a short way from town. A party of
men from Sun river started after the In
dians but they escaped in the direction of
the Marias.
Barney Tierney, the proprietor of the
well known Phoenix saloon, and Dan
Lombard proprietor of thie Atlan tic sa
loon, were to-day arrested by Constable
Finnegan on the charge of gambling on
Sunday. Tierney had a hearing this after
noon before Ju:lge Kanouse. Result was
not known up to the time of going to press.
J.,mes Ogleby had a hearing this morn
ing before Judge Kanouse, charged with
having stolen a horse, saddle and bridle
from Harris & Rowe. He was bound over
in the sum of $500 to appear before the
Grand Jury at the next termof court. A
warrant has been issued at the request of
George Bullett charging Ogleby with hav
ing stolen a revolver from hinl. The re
volver was found on Ogleby by Constable
Finnegan when he irrested him for horse
We stated the other day that the evi
dence in the land-contest case of Armel vs.
Peterson had been closed. The statement
was repeated next morning in the copying
press. Now, our reporter was misinform
ed. Now the press reporter may have
been misinformed also, but to a man in
the higher branches of a tall, tall tree it
would look as though the press had taken
that Item, as it takes most of its matter,
from the RECORD. We once knew of an
important copyright case, which was de
cided in favor of the plaintiff solely be
cause certain mistakes in orthography had
been copied by the literary pirate.
Pittsbarg Mining and HeductLon Co.
Articles of incorporation of the Pittsburg
Mining and Reduction Co. of Fort Benton
were to-day sent to Helena to be recorded.
Ths company was organized by several
citizens of Benton and the Barker district,
who own the well known Pittsburg and
Mountain Maid mines at Barker, for the
,purposes of developing said mines. They
have a capital stock of $1,000,000 divided
Into 100,000 shares of $10 each, and a
working capital of $35,000.
Thb~ oompanfy i Incorporated for 20
years, with the following oMeers and di
rectors: Judge J.._. Gray, president;
Davld G. Browne, vice president and treas
urer, and W. B. Settle secretary and attor
ney. Directors, Paris Gibson, Jane eW.
Maks), Nrank; Daterty, Sylas A. Beact.
lay and. . ay. .There has already
beed $3,000 worth of work done on the
d e a aft of ft. having been sunk.
hl fafta fthe t t r.mme tr, ore
athe la the shaft showedo q5 o s."
jo the tom,, There Is now * well de ned
.~~~~ ~ ° ' Dr et re -i
44 rH 04;'tdb
From Monday's daily.
Coate's thread, at Wetzel's,
A. W. Ford, of Otter creek, is in towtl.
W. P. Turner, Jr., from 3larias, is in
J. F. Taylor, from Old Agency, is in
Eliza Brown, neice of Van Hale, is very
sick with pneumonia.
Mrs. B. Phillips is very ill at her home
with consumption.
Prints, ginghams and chambrays at W.
S. Wetzels. Don't forget it!
C. W. Taylor and Litchfield Taylor, of
Old Agency, are in town.
Go and see Wetzel's stock of prints
ginghams, chamhays and other dry goods.
James Braithwait and D. O. Blevins,
from Highwood, are in town.
Robert Bell, who broke his leg some
time since, will soon be about again.
Sanders, one of the men who is in jail
for highway robbery, is quite sick.
We take great pleasure in announcing
that Col. Ilges has withdrawn his resigna
Captain Norwood visited the tunnel and
boom Saturday and, was much impressed
with blth.
Lieut. O'Brien, of Co A, 18th Infantry,
has hber, dtailed on service at Leaven
worth, Ka;.. for two years.
Win. Foster's saloon has also been a.
tached by W. S. Wetzel. Mr. Foster is
evia ently in a bad way.
James Milne, the man who was shot at
Claggett several days ago by his brother,
i. improving.
Lots 17 and 18 in block No. 4, will be
sold at public auction on the 20th of June,
at 12 o'clock, in front of the RECORD build
Ford Bro's. teams are loading with mer
c(handise for their store at Sun river at I.
G. Maker & Co.'s, and will probably leave
Jack Harris, Superintendent of the Ben
ton & St. Louis Cattle Co., arrived in town
Saturday night, and will take part in the
round-up to-morrow morning.
A telegram was received here yesterday
from Poplar river, from Wtj. S. Baker,
stating thalt the Rosebud passed Poplar
river on the 26th.
McKay & Houston who own and operate
the boom in the Teton river, are having
splendid success. They now have on shore
about 400 cords of wood, nearly all of
which is dry and ready for use.
Bob Blankenbaker is in town from his
ranch at Box Elder purchasing supplies,
and will probably return home to-mor
row morning. Bob reports his sheep in
fine condition.
Murphy, Maclay& Co. have justreceiv
ed a number of the latest improved Singer
sewing machines. This firm intends
handling sewing machines this summer
and will carry a large stock of the latest
improved and best articles in market.
The foilowing Sun River cattle owners are
in town and will start out on the round
up to-morrow morning: G. W. Hall, Ben
Steell, Bud Allison, A. C. Caldwell, Frank
Kirkeldrie, J. M. Bunyan, George Barron,
W. B. Ferguson and O. R. Allen.
Ed. Lewis' teams, loaded with 50,000
pounds of potatoes and oats for I. G. Bak
er & Co. are expected here in a day or two
the potatoesand oats were purchased at
St. Peter's Mission.
John H. Power, ofT. C. Power & Bro.,
returned to Benton Saturday night from
an extensive trip through the States. In
his absence he purchased a mammoth
stock of goods for the Benton house which
will arrive by way of the river this sum
Frank Boswick, J. D. Lynch, Ed Bemp,
A. H. Firmir, A. E. Allison and Frank
Maguire, of the Teton round-up, a.e in
town, and are stopping atthe Grand Un
ion. They will start out on the round-up
to-morrow morning.
Ed. Lewis, who arrived here on the
Helena coach last Saturday night from
Sun river, says that the roads are in a ter
rible condition and that at the Lakes the
mud and water is up to the hubs of the
Quite a number of grading outfits are
encamped on the Helena road between
Benton and the Twenty-Eight'Mile
Springs on their way to the end of the
Canadian Pacific railroad track. They are
from Missoula, and will pass through Ben
ton to-morrow or the day after.
The Sun river round-up party wili start
from Ed. Kelly's ranch at the Elbow of
the Teton to-morrow morning. The party
consists of about fifty men and 400 horses.
They will probably start towards the
Marias first
A banquet was riven to the visiting]
stockmen by Ed. Maclay atthe Grand Un
ion Hotel, this afternoon. The only toast 1
proposed was: "To the members of the]
press." This toast was responded to by 4
some journalist whose name we have been
unable to learn. It s suffcient to say
that the speech was replete with wit and
David Marks, late Chief Clerk of the
House of the Territorial Assembly, hes
been in town in the interest of the Helena
Independent for some days past, sand has
paid us an enjoyable visit. Mr.: Marks l
more than seven feet tall. As a rustler he
has no equals. The tones of his voice re-[
sembles those of a a steam Lyren. The
Independent ould not secure a better
rustler. °rt . . Y
Geo. S. Hoyt, 1st Lieut. 8th~nfantry,
advertises for sale at publi auction, a
large lot of condemned U. 8. property.
The lot econsista of fivw eansry horses,
threequarteraniaster's seW, Aree mules
and a large number of te4 harness and
saddles. The sale will. tale plece at ?ort
Mstabbe ae 2d, at1l o'eloclc
The Phoenix Exchange, run by William
Foster, was this mornit eio iby Con
stable Finnegan under an attachment in
favor of I. G. Baker & Co. Wmin. Maurer,
whois in partnership with Winm. Foster,
claims that Foster has only gone to Bark
er, as reported in the papers, and will re
turn on to-morrow night's coach, when
the saloon will be reopened. The cause of
the attachment is the report that Foster
had gone to Medicine Hat and will not re- 1
turn again. Maurer says the report was
started by one of Foster's discharged bar
keepers, and that it is false.
A young attorney in town visited a
charming young lady the other evening,
and upon leaving at the end of a very long I
call, the lady said, as she handed him a
book, "Here, Mr. - , is a work which
I think will be of interest to you and may
do you some good." Knowing that his
hostess was of a religious turn of mind,
the caller thought the book was of a religi
ous nature, and, thanking her, took the
book and departed. On reaching his rooms
he found the volume was "Watts on Im
provement of the Mind." He is, natural
ly, indignant.
A number of gentlemen were arrested
some days since for allowing gambling in
their places of business on the Lord's day.
One of them had his trial on- Saturday last
and was acquitted. The trial of another
took place this afteinoon before Judge
Kanouse, with a similar result. We have
this to say about the matter: The statute
under which the prosecutions were
brought plainly was intended to prevent t
the public scandal arising from gaming on
the Sabbath. The time ray, and probably I
will, come when gaminng will, in all prob- t
ability, be absolutely Prohibited in this
Territory. That day, however, is far dis- I
taut. So long as gambling is permitted I
and licensed, and while saloons and places r
of a similar nature are allowed to do busi- t
ness on Sunday, it does not seem wise to
put such a construction upon the statute in i
question as to prevent gaming upon the ,
Sabbath, when such gaming is carried on
behind locked doors, and is conducted r
without public scandal.
-Seth W. Eddy, of F. W. Reed & Co., of
Clendenin, arrived in town on the Barker
coach Saturday.night, but returned again
this morning.
-James Wells is expected in Benton on
the next boat.
-Mr. Matt Carroll is stoping at the
Grand Union.
Bridge the Missouri.
Some prominent citizens of Benton are
seriously contemplating the erection of a
bridge across the Missouri. It is estimated
that a good enough bridge can be con
structed for about $1,000 and that the in
vestment would pay handsomly. It is to
be a draw bridge, the drawer to be only ot
sufficient length to admit of one steamboat
passing through at a time. It is thought
the greater portion of such a bridge can
be built almost as inexpensively as the
Belt creek and other bridges of similar
construction, but the drawer will, of
coarse, add to the cost. That a good
bridge has become almost a necessity is a
fact, and there can be no doubt that prop- 1
erty owners on both sides of the river
could well afford to contribute handsomely
towards the cost of a bridge. But, inde
pendent of that, the structure would prove
a paying investment for the owners, and if
there is capital enough to take up the en
terprise, there is no good reason why the
bridge should not he erected without de
If the bridge scheme should be found im
practicable at present, a good steam ferry
boat at least should take the place of the
present unsafe and unreliable crafts that
are so inadequate to the wants of the trav
eling public. On many small streams as
swift, and swifter, than the Missouri,
small boats hardly more expensive than
the scows in use here, are Irun by chains
or cables and propelled by steam. They
are run by one man--the engineer-and
the chains or cables are no obstruction to
the riveir, being taken uii and dropped as
the boat proceeds upon itsjourney. If the
gentlemen whQ propose to invest in a
bridge are unable to cm>plete the enter
prise, they might at leass giye uB a steam
ferry boat. .
Bentonts Fire Department.
"Mr. Cummings," said the icoRD's
reporter, bending low his plume ~head as
he respec$fully salute& he. 'cl father,
"What steps have bdep ke it. the City
Council toward secutring ift ire depart
ment?" . "' ,
"~'r. Klein and myself," responded the
dignitary addressed, "ha#. benu in con
sultation with Mýr. 4rtldý.w is the re
presentative of 'E. ~.'Prestpn & Com
pany,: manufacturers and.: dealers lin rub
bergoods, hose, etc. Mr. Garland also re
preeents the most promlo t m*thufactur
ers of fire-app tratus in the OTrittd States,
and is an expert in the matter'sf .fihting
fire. In his judgment the best thing we
can do is to-purchase a hand-engine, cost
ing $1,200 and a thousand feet of hose, By
building smaill jettfle.a1tthe river' u-aon
which the engine can be readily run, the
business pQtofqfP a tr gy psnbe aPr'fect
ly protected." o'me of ushave been in fa
vor of puhebaslpa Iatesmamf.ngtothe'oost
of which will be but $2,800. With a i
"Would novths-ibo stof kee n an
enginein teibtah f4Yuh
"No. It woolde~ ot 4 erecessary tdse-.
:ure the services of a, e
tent to ra. s~ht1 r g eo cou
i From Tuesday's Daily.
Dan Thomas, from Wolf Creek, is in
i town.
O. A. Parsons is in from his ranch on
the Shonkin.
Ford Bro's. teams loaded at I. G. Baker
& Co's to-day with merchandise for their
1 store at Sun River.
f A number of bets have been made
around town that the hDacotah will beat
the Benton here.
A. W. Kingsbury left this morning for
his ranch at Big Sag, but will return to
town again the latter part of this week.
H. S. Bach, of Glendive, has turned out
as a paleontologist. He will probably suc
ceed better in that line than he did as a
T. C. Power & Bro. have on hand alarge
stock of the celebrated Dunlap hats, the
very latest styles, which they are selling
at New York prices.
H. D. Burghardt, Superintendent of the
Clendenin Mining and Smelting Company,
arrived in town last night, and will remain
here several days.
Joe Sullivan is doing a land office busi
ness with the cowboys. The horse equip
ment sold by JQe within the past three
days would outfit a brigads of cavalry.
Sixty-five grading outfits bound for the
end of the Canadian Pacific railroad track,
passed through here this morning. A
large number of the men had their fami .
es with them.
C. G. Griffith and Horace R. Buck left
this morning on horsebak for the latter's
ranch on the; Shonkin. Horace intends
putting in quite a large crop of potatoes
this summer.
The evidence in the land case of Admin
istrator of Armell estate vs. Charles
Peterson, was concluded last Saturday
night. It took six consecutive days to
take the evidence in the case.
Dr. Smith, of Old Agency, who has been
in charge of the school at that place, met
with a severe accident several days ago.
As he was aocending the bank of the Teton
river, which he had just crossed, his horse
bucked and threw him off, breaking his
ankle. At present the doctor is confined
to his room, but we hope to hear of his re
covery soon.
Hon. Jos. A. Baker's fine Clydesdale
stallion, Lord Clinton, is a passenger on
the steamer Dacotah. As soon as he ar
rives Mr. Baker intends taking him to his
horse ranch on Highwood, where he will
use him for breeding purposes.
The gubernatorial mantle, in the absence
of Mr. Crosby, falls upon the broad
shoulders of Isaac D. McCutcheon, Secre
tary. We are glad to say that Isaac is
not likely to abuse the awful power with
which he is now invested.
John Marsh, County Surveyor, of Cho
teau county, finished surveyink the town
site of Old Agency on ithe 15th of this
month, and is now in Helena on business.
About 70 acres were laid off at Old Agen
cy for the townsite.
Kyle Price brought 63 head of horses to
Benton last week and has sold 58 of them,
and could sell the remaining 5 if he wished.
I. G. Baker & Co. bought 25 of the horses.
There is probably nothing brought to Ben
ton that meets with such ready sale as
A detachment of soldiers are expected
here to-day from Fort Assinaboine to e~r
cort the Crow Indians, who are at present
confined in the county jail, to Fort Magin
nis. Under Sheriff Healy received a tele
gram from General Ruger, instructing
him to turn them over to the military.
There is now no doubt that Wmin. Foster,
proprietor of the Phoenix Exchange, has
skipped. Having mortgaged everything
he could mortgage, and run as far into
debt as his creditors would allow him to
run, he sold a half interest in the concern
to William Maurer for three hundred dol
lars, Maurer not knowing the condition
the concern was in.
To-morrow being Decoration Day all
Government offices (including the tele
graph office at Benton) will be closed ex
cept between the hours of 8:30 and 10 a.
m. All dispatches must be sent to the
office between these hours or remain over
until Thursday.
The flight of the negro Foster may teach
our citizens a lesson. When his saloon was
burned last winter, and with it the Court
House, it was strongly suspected that he
was the incendiary. It is true that it is
not known that he had any insurance up
on his stock, but he may have had some
other object in view. A subscription list
was, however, shortly circulated and a
considerable amount subscribed to start
him in butiness again. If he did not set
fire to~his own saloon he was surely guilty
of great want of business prudence in not
insuring his stock. If he did burn his
own property he should have been punish
ed instead ofrewarded. In either case he
was not a proper object of charity. We
hope this will teach Bentonites to be a lit
tle more careful in bestowing their chari
ties, hereafter
flyTer News.
Steamer Rosebud was at Poplar River at
1:25 p. m. on the 24th.
The Dakota was at Galpin at 10 a. m. on
the 26th.
The ebud arrived at Galpim on the
25th at 7p. m.
The .enton reached Rocky Point atday
light on. th ,28tt,.
Tbh Josephie was at Galpin at 12 :30p.
The SnB tt asa i Agency rounde
tip psrty'i taitd not tise afternoon after
laying piu &)ge utoo otf upie Thea
Run Rive py isar the ca ptatay of
*ave about ! On .
rol Wdneday's p aly.
Pippen Cider, $5.00 per case, at T. J.
Todd & Co's.
Anhenser Beer at $4.75 ber case, at
T. J. Todd & Co's.
D. G. Wilker's horse team arrived here
to-day from the Teton.
There is quite a rush at the bar of the
Grand Union for imported cigars.
A splendid line of prints, ginghams and
chambrays, at W. S. Wetzel's.
Wm. Scourfield returned to Benton last
night on the coach from Barker.
T. C. Power & Bre's. bull teams return
ed this morning ftom a trip to Ft. Shaw.
Len McCulloh wasa passenger on th e
Assinnaboine coach this morning.
Geo. W. Cord, Helena; David Ogle,
Marias; are registered at the Choteau
There were five Chinamen on last
night's Helena coach and two on Sunday
Chas. Bourassa's bull team loaded with
cord wood from the Teton arrived here to
day noon.
The first invoice of books for the Benton
Public Library are probably on board the
steamer Dakotah.
John W. Marsh, County Surveyor, of
Choteau county, returned here last night
on the Helena coach.
The Helena coach, owing to the bad
condition of the roads, did not arrive until
fve o'clock this morning.
"Little Willie (Foster) has left us," is
the popular song in Benton to-day. Chorus
by a number of merchants.
Wackerlin's old store is being overhauled
and repaired, and will be used by T. C.
Power &t Bro. for a furniture warehouse.
Not having lost any goods on the Big
Horn, our stock is complete and open for
inspection. T. C. PowER & Bao.
Uncle Jesse Taylor and Ira Meyers har
ing finished their purchases for the round
up left this morning for the camp on the
Frank Farmer and John Johnson yes.
terday filed a water right for the use of 300
inches of water to be taken from Deep
To-day, being Decoration Day, the pro
prietors of the Grand Union Hotel plant
ed several Poplar trees near the entrance
of the hotel.
A. Ockerman, Shonkin; R. Baldwin,
Shonkin; F. Potts, Belt creek, and W.
Van Blarcum, Highwood, are registered
at the Overland.
Thomas Boffin, who has lately taken up
a ranch at Highwool, is in town buying a
large quantity of Hawkeye barbed wire
to fence in his ranch.
T. Wall, manager of the Clendenin
Lumbering Co., visited the boom this
morning and was much pleased with the
substantial appearance of it.
Geo. R. Choate, the well known specu
lator in mines and part owner of the cele
brated Silver Belle mine, left this morning
on the coach for Barker.
Andrew Ockerman yesterday filed with
Recorder Murphy a water claim for the
use of 125 inches of Spring creek, to be
used for irrigating purposes.
Wmin. Archer, a relative ofRecorder"
J. F. Murphy, arrived in Benton last night
on the Billings coach, and will probably
remain in Benton during the summer.
J. J. Eastman, Helena'; Charles Roth,
Missouri Falls; Thos. Boflin, Highwood;
Jas. Delean, Junction City, and J. W.
Henderson, Dearborn, are at the Pacific
Dan Lombard, proprietor of the At
lantic saloon, was yesterday afternoon
tried before Judge Kanouse for gambling
on Sunday, but was acquitted. W.B.
Settle appeared for the Territory and Col.
J. J. Donnelly for the defendant.
Chas. E. Conrad returned last night
from the East. He came over the Cana
dian Pacific railroad to the end of the track
thence to Fort Asssinnaboine, and from
there to Benton.
Jere Sullivan, who has been waiting at
the Coal Banks lo, these many days, sadly
listening to what the wild waves have been
murmuring, is probably by this time on
his way to Benton; on the Benton, accom
panied by Mrs. S.
Jesse Gillen, Fort Calgarry; Morgan
Evans, Deer Lodge; W. T. Leavens, Ju
dith; Frank Warren, Judith; J. W. Hen
derson, Dearborn, and W. H. Palmer,
Barker, are stopping at the Grand Union.
Charles G. May, of Manchester, Eng
land, has been in Benton for some time
with a view to investing in the sheep busi
mess. He returns home on the next boat,
but will return to Benton again aeon, and
take up a ranch.
We see Louis a iel parading our streets
to-day withont a guard. We take it for
granted that he has either scared some Re
publican into going on his bail bond by
threatening to tell what he knows of cam
ppign iniquities or that the sheriff has
taken pity on the miserable condition of
the poor wretch and let him out on a pet
sonat recognizance.
Little Reed, on the Inter-Moutatas
doesn't appear to like us very well. Won
der if its for thesame reason that he wrote
that scathing article against the rounders
because he had been ainterfered with in
some of his little schemes. Maybe Crosby's
dog has sent lhim a note as some other
party once did. We don't know, and, as t
matter of fact, don't care.
Fred Bucksen and W. S. Wetzi sel dua
the 4ram name o(9. FWtaiieka & Co.,
bhae leased the lower slpor of Stocking's
new building e : Wh-e m and will
pe a boot and lWre about the mid
die of ext zapth. r W att during
I4dha~rive on as a
been "a I
4 acpnqg aid: i

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