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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, May 10, 1884, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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V O ID I... - ..... .. . ......-. .- .. ...... .. . ..
--l VG. if
r. ~IS WIN .A1I(utLit. fo"
F]air iircian legend, that in I'ring, 1.
Seekinx rweet tale for unI jr l hours,
Yablt'd ow Ennna's quturn dit bring r
Back from the tiunier world herflowr,. (
Whence c,nle ye ele, e.goblets o' gold, rl
Which men the yellow cro-uti call.
Ye snowirops, ni itden meek and n.dl, t
What rather fingers let you fall
What hindI but tiers? w h,., wc.ot t. rovc i
the amphi odel in Ilimerai,
I'Trn thence by ungentlo I-,ve,
Fltung not h-r fiv5,ritt'- a way i
hntg , f lark earth' on thoughts that roam .
Thy pas.ii: an'i lbhv Ipower were spent:
Sthen t,lo~s.im-time i- cmine at home, a
I I,nowart the lsoul'fs strong win.gs are be'l)t. . t
-o -ome,- she, with her pleasant wont,
When April chases winter old,
r()c1ning against his fr ,zen front.
11cr tin I:.ltiars of green and go'd.
--',,rnhill Ma,31zinr
i Y It, . WHIITE;.
Am; 1 t .," Insandl I talnaracki andi snow
1 1 the illiuntain crest wasIt hitiled;
7 '.h t ,nt ly ye(llrs have lpa:.,ete(, its ruins shno
Tinai t i,,,,at:! ia , of keen fortine-se,'kers illed ti.
Ir , the good, and soit'- wi h mrral lax.
Th, i:L., -harps, the miner, the ai ::er
" .r . . r. politician. and qliacks,
d ! , .1: ei ( hinese ani the strolline play, ri.
At: th: t city of IhII lIakt Meh.adow r .-i.
: .. n t. c jutney with Ibright prole- ct' t .- itr
TP' , , l'('0:r alle to a S1 uddell tn., ( closs( -
S,. t,, ie ull d up stake-s an all i.ii par!- l.
'-rethat,, S : think nii thi i'ivlotd . twn
f: ",I wi t~ . lra t1 ,hiei troui;gh 1 lt:,
lt. t S t';t " `ly r uilt -, t ngEtc.,'li cam e (lowi'.
15 l,'., ~ll tht, r,,k t m: `,ed in a pani,'.
I, - ii t - l ,', hill I . ·'. the ] ng train w ind.
r ti ,r hii ,l-cil r, - and trallpinig v ith th, m
" - :1 ,., h ir t id deadl b,.hind.
-, , , , I . king jou rny they go fA nini.2' .
1 :., ,, t i,d, innmen tc- allthat ,nd.',ir,
: .:ril to t-, Ito make bright homen unitId!
I: i., .In t1." 1; wrti were quencleitd wvith
ur t" ):ul p ,--d; :il thin'-: v, r
1"ii . ..a- ,t {.'I-s to t i :q mi t? tlo .ý:i : "
I r m, I .. ,' , If ti i 0 0 .Ii
t - - ii ' ft I i -1 sintl
S it i :n I :
S I: '.... .t..: !i', i : ! (' 1'y r. .f is -: i g ;
I " ti .,, - =. I fa ~ ,i .
~",,. _ i: 1 I[i''i" l I ' V v )i; ;'Ct" i "'l 'ak =: .
"' :: , p t' ,1=, ut ' " , )'lt i tr - *,.' - re
n • .. a - :. - -.
, ., - Ii ti • t., J,.. t. . i il i ''t~ l , ,I"i
*i, ' ,, . t.,; t gti, t iaitt-t it
Xi ., i, tl ,i ' - l -t tu:tck t u, . rtil.
, " tlw .' ::t) . ( il lot tl- , t :nd -1- itc
. . , , i - Iw hut , whiic
:i i lig-hti'i!,
i,' ,.Ii-, -vi: ii-.
"'. ':0-1 friend, frank :mI
"o -.l c oi. in taste a
t it if:tl in vii
n! t o: tadI '. (8.8
1 h 1[:ca I a all. ao e
'li t eli-n ci the Ahjumttt's mess
,:l en ough' for me, old fellow, wl'ho have
my medals to win, but it will never do an
for you, with those red ribbons to answer off
for." pa
"I ain doing my best, Clark, my boy," an
Fallon replied, "and shall be up with that qu
crazy sergeant presently. You know I am BL
good for a short brush of foot race; fast bu
running is one of my accomplishments- lee
thanks to my bog-trotting education and ed
the practice Lord Gough gave us." w
IHardly had the words done ringing fr
in his comrade's ears when the gallant ni
Fallon. the pride of his corps, received in co
his generous b)reast a dozen musket-bal:dls., til
as he sprang up the broad stair-cise of the ed
Dagori Pagoda-first of them all, and quite
alone. lie fell on his face, stone dead, on eC
the stairs, sword in hand, :nd smiling. di
When all was over, and his regiment h(
held the post of honor on the very throne uj
of the Boedh, they gave him a soldier's at
most distinguish(d obsequies, burying 0
him in a solemn grove of talipot trees be- SC
hind a poonghee house of the grotesquest el
architecture, and just outside of what were u:
afterwards the Sepoy line of the Eightieth e
IIs faithful orderly planted a rude 0
ero-s at his grave's head, and set an Eng- S
lishk white rose there. An American mis- p
siorrty gave it to hil. b
hi Calcutta, Norah Fallon-beautiful, b
:((econplidhed, witty, altogether radiant t
"wirh rare charms of mind and person- st
w: ite,. with her young child for news
Sorrn til' :,-fliicr-hush:tnd who had her
heart in ! i keeping within the stockade 1
of Rain ,.:om. When they told her he was s
lea'il, -hle fell, uttering only a sharp cry, e
aid lahy " as one dead, (or many days. But
an"rl -' :woke to the comjscioulsn.Ss 0 0
her t)Vrti ( l bereaveilent and her tte rl. l
wido+l.w,':+NI, .1 . hecd not one tear iitl"
n spoke a vtterk, hut took her boy and went
:)roi!: oi v 11,,,-hlip !hat sailed on the inor- t
i tti'W t" l r; ' ± .: , ,''r 1" t?
no ' 11 I :'J!:''. I-,}i:le lltj~( l~ , l~
On lii ,y .-.''ill -lI(e 5spoki rot. nor
t 1 e- kr 'r'o-n:, t hi - il( ni.'e o f I r t ' o l o w i 1 1
th .oni, --: , <, , :almlost "wful, about it,
that c+n l ,:,, le'I delic:icy of t'onsidera- t
if(,< ..hr e~ " a s, t ,f" v.,,rshiii, Ir'o~mn the
! iit tH :t h ano , ' I a : t-e ll t"er ial the
ip ' 'rol 1 tlI an elor oi" tl: King's wharf
tti N"ri <,'tit h ch~aprm.ssny--a lHi'do
te t!r ir':i--(l--ith a ate to (irneral Uod
in, n?:Y'ell l. '!iti tie co ,;l:li): fy's forc in
1 an~h: 'he wfe o Ma iii' '~lan
i '1"'tv ' \'{v. i't.
A, j e,'. in E~', i g - ie,, o th of her ,ia
ji i < '' :! ' I'!'. 1. wvo l,! he Ia n.illitl' 1 1
lt'tt ! i (it n-i '1' L'i ' a'i . tf 1 <`
:rl' ...... i ::. " < (,e
SI,, r.( wtl e d l,. o:i! . Ait' Lett. :'
'.t ell . "It w' 1 ,it lt n if is ,-.crr', w th11.
" t. i. :i;;t by' ,rdr C l iI ; aid Iii,. ff
.\ 1 1 o11 .:1 1' t , ti '.(l t 'i 1 il ' - , ,I'
.'tiI. t '.hB Ge e r e ti t to ; " r "1 11 e a; . i ii.
ti;;.:c;tof i tt i ( ' !in ('.; y ;cit ,th .._]. B . w' f tL
P. I 'l-I fltiiu:- ( 'r i; t ,-i r an
' !,itt n--' V L:' f til,' . , l iti iin . V l.
IIulerosa in Noa : Valn hi e-1'± wlined
SIt~lt'Y,,i ['red ,, he>( cai n ir 11". . ile pe"- ItitI Vi. I,
,r the. Lieutetnan':it G;,nt rul niui .r fm- l[!i lithe
!.-. landing of !:i- ,oun,.ry-wc:,<,v fi',n, II ei
in -!ippting on 7 :1 n ;. p.]retcxt. ]e hope,,,,,,d, to be
r forgt'ri t ti, 1 h a:' lay. , wr sthe gr'- she
x , tchl f e ~ !, ii , be p,,e n itta d cag er or
il- ti-ipat,,i t: n;tit t i'l t hiis c nlI", h ie i, not
"al ieit+ in the s. n ('-.,. o- f ,the t leah:st disc(r<+tioni
1t -- 1: r atLbl'i weit th e r t r,: lti \'-tol 'f,."
, W . un.l Nordil Fallonl iha, rea,,. thi.s(' lines
Id i (, r.,aired 1to her abin i -ilenirce, and was
u Ilt sC;d n i' aini tth'.t day. h 11 the b fext she
*: c' ii: 11 i ' freq'eknt nl, d i e' er ie on
' rt ! -, i' whiii.;r e Hlir x t ano e, with al
in d a,1, ;. ,< h fu}; 'i l b o u rii e l', , r a y- ia 'a r id e d a n d
it n--ntav bt. t ',mi ni-ied dlemeaior, who had
lCnV i b- ,n ii n ftir :n oie idnci's of her hb ds
b'! talitl- il',dl .. , ;t , rti o f[ h u mltnl b uc. tl fath er
} l, 15 .ua~rdia~n t., ti, v itig, inexperienlced
i a, : n:, i m pi n dldr i p- i r,:l r \ h o) , \ w i t i t ih e i r
:.t- ,i:,rlii,,, b e)i,[, vi t h ll ,i, l ! wi e rl ;i l-ill-a ll to
:'[- tealh allwi(r, :,lit! wetlle..s (f all be,.ides,
ni. Tti' ill fIliiiiloo hi'd fruinrle lived several
ni \ir-i :tt Pramne. ,, hitll r it, hindt c1 gone in
. i'- , :r'i.V of l'a.itr to ait i':iiglish .ommnis
i, - - 'i tr. le kn the Biurmnese (-iihlr tIrt
well, and could sp eak the lainguatge with
tL- t',h.rable tfluelnc.
There were many "fri ndlmly" Bruinese
at .:anugtoIl at thlis time, deserters from
D_.all::h. :hrew d fellows who hadi foreseen
sa:et y in British :seenidancy, and being
mostly ii.herimeni , had offered themselves
for "Iigilee" nuskets for the nonce, with I
a sh::rl rp ey. to protitable nets thereafter.
I t.leet, not a few o(f thetse c:alcIlatintl
r11it,. I;iol taken to their old trade at
reatdyi and busily plying their poles :and
hooks fronm crazy canoes at the mon1.th u. f
1i i: dedine creek. It was not lon, before
some i' ( at ma, 'nailed bv old ur.S..oo, the
i :, n r, :n atl;igsi(e with, as he said,
tis fo' K: .i etm shib. ", his mistrtss. i
},,> these .casina he (:onv ersed with tihem
in Bru mese , and v,.t11 ever watched nar
rowly' the :astonished tnd anxious faces of
the flihernmen must hiave observed that
I neither the freshness ..or the price of their
finny prizes formed any part of the dis
CIt SSiOil.
It was dark nig4it-no moon and a
cloudy sky; all hInds had gone below
and "turned in" some hours since. Tlhe
officer of the deck, night-glass in hand,
paced the "bridge" or leaned over the rail Ilic
and watched the lights ashore; while the
quartermaster patroled at the gangways. L
But these were not alone on deck; on the phil
bullring of the alter-gun the pale and tear- ore
less widow sat, still as a shadow, and peer- tlen
ed through the darkness shoreward to rews
where the Eighteenth's lights gleamed a ga
from the Great Dagon. Such was her seri
nightly wont, and officers and men had be- lati
collie so accustomed to it that she some- and
times sat tlh're till after midnight, uniiheed- am
('(1 and for,'ott'n. it
The yotu.y c!e'.er still chased with his vil
eyes the Ir(eti°es lightsl, and drleaed of
dreams the while of hoiice and of a sweet- Wit
heart; the gruff old quartermaster paced wh
up and down and thought of prize money wo
and the "old woman." Neither had (ye ord
or thought for the poor lady-they were the
so used to her lonesome ways, d'ye see- the
else they might have found something un- for
usual in the anxiety with which she watch- etc
ed a singular object in the dater astern- the
only an empty canoe drifting toward the pal
ship! Not drifting either; for now, that I net
point them out to you, you can see two na'
black heads, with long hair twisted in a er
barbaric knot behind, peering warily above lot
the water in front of the boat, which ali
seems to follow them. ie
The love-loren youngster, or the gruff old h :
quartermaster on prize-rnle ec intent, ditl
look toward the bull-ring i:a itite later :int
s saw-nothing; the lady was gone. Wtiitil
er? to her cabin? No; she cou(li.i at ':.'v
passed th1n un;observ,4.. But that w' to
t easy to deeidle; her light still burned, her t
s tate-roo. w:as o en a;:i vacant. XWhere
I then was she? )o,l h,- (.vns! it could not
Ihbe-and yet it un1 st--lor tlady ! lior
balb ! They gave thie ta:rn .; they roust( Ii
the ship; a guln wvas tired; a. earchi was to
r mad(e-ii vain. Alas, it must be so. '"Shei
Shas gone to joIn herll hisbaIllt."
True rl hut 1, l hi t " tO y, rtrtiIff o ,l iuair
t(,r's mate. Smit)1 th!i:ýkin)... abýolt li-
have ear(.s anid brair,,x ,1our dluty. Whai
Sai- that -hot ( ,l s1hore? Ail, hark now v
t iiothl", a'., al!tlh.er, nd:,i another! 'T'i, , t
Si l' is given ill tile lli:ish lint s; the i)
sentrit have di-ci:arg? tl i"r piece, s and i
t i . t ! thei piae i a'll ib iz,/ i 1
it t,., ,V V. ir.pola e-i u-e is illtumin
a te d1 y o u t a ill d is (.e rl l t e t;. 1 1' jt [ e11ofh ' oI
0 ie (1lei. 1) tigoi.wi!h its griifti u' wor s,
<' i':ii here. 'ley are beating to a'm-;
1i t;t' .rt',uiiliet sounds the '`assembly." MA 1it
,udl that firs'.t and solitary shot mean:tii ?
XAl. ray Iuautical f'rienlds, while youri
t supieit ;ates \\were bu-y ,i(n.ssiltg, that I::ir
1 of Iarbaric black heads have drilted ult
de-r the it(''stern again, and the sane calt:o0
- has drii'i' with ten;:---not empty th:i
I time! for, look again, t ilt y(o %v :1 ,'
S that ,r irht is ,o lo'gtge ', ir:n ig,:i.al
, iy h t :t kes se o Ilich of tllaLt. '.it Ier I.
1x: h ite ros .
S Gn;e'r:ta (Lodwixin's 4lxt dhipalt( tii ,i
11, I f'og : r O thellt'':l n ghe(ti , h 1 hc,. e vi jan
II tojnn1:i ,a \\Clr trwllt'll ito dtiser thder bly a
t . ci r ,e tto' a ,il It the taitor or o '
Swhicht inc oucs tlie gi'i'r lo tl e !ate Aj -
i tant \hon e whu fI.ll orionlx iri the a -
o tack on tle Dagon l'Pagoda; tihe spot is
a clse to the sepoy lines of II . 3. Eightieth.
My men inaiutained good order, answer
sing the assembly call with rematrkable cel
s crity, and in complete equipment. At I
e daybreak a sepoy of Major Ainslie's picket h
n found a dead boa of great size, and evi
n dently just killed, lying across Fallon's
d grave; also suspended to the cross by a
tld blue ribbon, a gold locket contained two
i- locks of hair-a lady's and a child's; and
I fastened to the cross, by a short Burmese t
ed poignard through the paper. the inclosure
i marked "X."
to Iuclosure X contained the following:
"There are no 'Regulations' for the heart
al of an Irish soldier's wife. N. F."
lii----t - i
Many worthy Americans who have been
for a season in Paris, and who may be
blamelessly free from pride in all other
particulars, are exceedingly sensitive to t'
any hint at imperfection in their mastery a
of the French tongue. One of these gen- it
tlemen was recently introduced at a great a
Santhering in Washington to a distinguish- a
ed foreign diplomat, and immediately as- ti
sailed liin with a flood of what he consid- n
ered tc, be the most exquisite French of a
l'aris. Taking breath for a moment, he ii
aplgiz.ed Lwith an air of bland s, lf-con- a
ceit for hi- imperfect command of the a
Fr':ech toiigue , but he was a little taken
aback when the diplomat, with what was r
I an'ailt to be a: comilp)limtIentary smile, re- li
plied, "Not all. not at all I can under- j
sta:nd you (juit(e eil." AIother of our t
Galo-inaiac. was scarey! lss fortuatlle
in inqluiring of (in:- f the Irench legat:ir I
with whom he was conversing, "Hlow
much would I have to say before you ,
knew by my pronunciation that I was not
a Frenchman ?" "One word," was the
prompt and decisive reply. t
His Hatred of Americans and Jews. ty
u Th
Lucy Hoofer's Paris letter to Philadel- is t
phia Telegfaph says: Ilately had the pleas- jr
ure of conversing with an American gen- dis
tleman who for some years past has been we
res;ding in Germany, and who has taken wo
a great and patriotic interest in the recent pei
series of events that have rendered the re
lations between the Imperial government
and that of the United States anything but hn
amic:.ble. He tells me that the American pa
Minister to Berlin, for some time to come, go
will have a decidedly uncomfortable time
of it. Bismarck hates the United States st
with the vehement hatred of a despot for ou
i whatever stands in the way of the perfect us
working out of his will and pleasure. By in
order of the police all display of posters in he
the taverns and hotels, announcing fir
- the date of sailing of the emigrant ships inf
- for America, with the prices of passage,
- etc.. has been strictly forbidden. Since A
- the L.asker incident our officials in various
lparts of Germany find themselves shun- pt
1 ned by all their old friends amongst the
Snatives, and especially by the army offic- B
a ers. Our Ministers, too, area good deal tb
e looked down upon by the haughty imperi
r alists on account of the very simple man- w
ner in which they are compelled to live by st
reason of their colmp:r:atively small salary, f
SN lcieh c)ntrasst uii:vorably with the ti
-.:y.l. i:,tali i,1 the Ministers from b,
( retr ;it ain., .l-ia and France. Ameri
..- ii,'i, in (e'rmanty for some time n
( to com(e us ill iiave a hard time of it, owing
tt the tacit un:derstaniling amongst all e
SGerlaian (Aichiais to show no favor to these A
ietested vi-itor's, ::ni to give them all the b
i. trouEb;e lo,-sib'(. A to Prince Bismarck's a
(1 .lre of the .' w-, it amounts to a posi- tl
Stive iu.ai::. ?'I\ ilend gave me an in
3tU' ot t ls d(, :t ation. A young Prus- p
ai ar!my 4 flierr 1:'rely became betrothed r
Sto tl,- heire-:s o" a ',eallby mnanutfacturer. y
ihe la "..:i,. -" .i ewisii extraction, but o
:a1 (i i4. s ,:im .: er, including the young
S,.y '., ,:. "' ,;,g since become con
vert s 0' Christiianiy. As soon as the fact
of his enri:,enkelt became known the i
t,,e .....,!,. -klc: t wt s cut by one and all of
1i is irct 'er oti(0e:% , who would cross the
l sit et vi tci ; :-w a him coming to avoid
e ,n i,. s t .t:ias with him. IHe :ip
S B .*d to t;e a' :ipýai ted to another post, but
:. - fhe if, ,e of the ('hancelier
,i- ,iai, s v, invariably re-fused.
lie. v -::- from the army a:n t
, aw. referring to relinquish
Sr :, :: i i:y 11all r1ather than to
i k 0l, . t' i- 11i,' ement. In fact it is I
r, a taii :l to be a Grmnan citizen
, ..-ahe ruile t .hat prince of despots
: 'nii II!' tit .= !t :it ' ace., the German
i'a! exj eiial: t. .Xa very '(1a:r an. . inti
I., frie;d ,-f .ine; wose name 1 have
a nt'ortuiitiley fotrgotten, was lying very
sikk i11 hi-. 1oardig house. The poor fel
low was in ha'! 'lck, and became cmaci
:ted almost to a skeleton, lie was in ar
rears for liis board, and was too weak to
ibe remoed to the hospital. At last the
ni doctors said that the only thing that would
. save his life would be to transfuse blood
4.1from some "nimal into his veins. His
At landlady heartlessly refused to dedicate
ct her cat to this purpose, and I offered the
doctor the use of this elephant. Well,
gentlemen, we took the beast into my
va'friend's room-never mind how-it x( ould
o bore you and embarrass ime t1( expladn it
1] and lflaie ani ii4e*il-ion in its trultk n114d
transferred the blood mrom it into his arm.
It had a positively wonderful efteet, gentle
men. My dear friend revived at once, and
* the curious psychological feature of the
ert case is that only three days afterwars lie
was discovered letting his trunk out ot ..e
window. If that isn't a fact I hope I may
never drink another milk punch."
Cheap Literature.
"'Gath" moralizes on the cheap liJ) ra
ture bl in- ss: A pbi)st(her tai'led in I'hil
adel)hitia for a iot $300,000 and a'crihctl
it to the dillice.iyv of se.ling bound b ,k
against trash reulrints and the absenc' o f
any originl and striking literature during
the past few years. This last is almost a
new idea, but it is a part of the transform
ation that has long been going on of mak
ing the central idea of literature not tihe
author but the printer. Sir Walter S'.ntt
alter long and careful preparation h.eg,~'
to produce his great books, and in order to
receive his due proportion of the returnt
Iie had to enter a house a: a lartii:'. andi
when the house failed without :~ly brain
this one man's brain had to carry the debt
:Ild he broke down, under it. No man in
lhe 1i'nited States can affolrd to be an :ii
thor uilless he is incapablc of fllowilu
any other busiiesvs, or is contentl to bia
loor, for "art, or is indeplendlently rich.
Yet it would be nmch better for this toutn
try if au ituch money was spent in en
couraging authorship as is spent on law- har
yers, who exist to the extent of about thir- Iv ii
ty in every country county of America. T
The competition in the law to get practice rose
is the cause of so much sharp practice and acce
jury-fixing, and incidentally of mobs and Tet
disorder and disgust with justice. When riet
we set up the dollar as the only thing ,1
worth living for, we must pay some of the sia:
penalties for it.
____ S
It is said that Mrs. Frank Leslie's new of
husband-elect, the Marquis de Leuville, "P
paid $6,000 for his title to the Portuguese Lo
government. the
Artificial lips for moistening postage
stamps have been patented by an ingeni
r ous man, and the invention is said to be
t useful in business houses. There are times Liv
in the life of an engaged young man when
he would cheerfully walk six blocks to
find a set of artificial lips for his own im
s erg
mediate use.
eA Night Encounter with Pathers. da
s gil
I- Pall Mall Gazette, March 28. fol
e We have received the following from M. cal
Bombounel, the renowned panther slayer, "
di the 15th inst., Bouria, Algeria: de
i` "After the departure of some guests, sil
w- who had killed some panthers during their an
Y stay, I found myself alone, and very much OU
J' fatigued, when an Arab came to me from th
1e the mountains near-this was on the 3d- ht
rn begging me to go and look after a lion that
'- had just devoured one of his cows. As the Ot
lemoon was not sufficiently a:dvanced I se
ig waited a few days, during which two oth- t
ll er animals placed there expressly by the at
se Arabs had been killed also. (You must m
le bear in mind that in this case one animal li
's is sacrificed to save the entire herd). On ai
- the Pith day between 4 and 5 o'clock in the
a- iafternoon, I settled myself in my hiding *
*- place, or affut, amlid the brushwood. The t(
•d rain pctured down in torrents. I was soon
r. wet t!li,ugh, and also very cold. At 10 e
it o'leh(ck tthe rain ceased, I heard the bor- "
ig rico I hid put lup a a bate suddenly roll tl
'- over, and a noise of something being b
ct dragged. It was a panther that was try- tl
he ing to carry it off into the thicket. I0
of could see nothing. The little open space r,
he in my court of brushwood through which U
,id my gun pa.sed was stopped up by the tl
P- weight of the rain bearing down the i
'it branches. I very gently made an opening,
'rwhichl caused the panthcr to lift up his o
'1. head. I could see its Nwhite throat, and c
S tok "iin. It '11 don, r, e.'ýse byv. 1 re
sh chargcei my gun, for I could not see if my
to panther was dead, the moon being hidden i
is by the clouds. e
On 'II"Half an hour later I heard the noise of t
ots some huge aninmal eatieng away at the bor
an rico, 1 lifted the branches as noiselessly as
po sible, but the intruder took note, and, 8
risin,, passed within 200 yards of my hid
in l)ce. I only saw a lhue black mass, 0
It mhich I fired. ,,f,, lofctuallv.. At break
of day, en issuini I',rth from may thicket, I
flif.id withiin a f-\w yards of each other
. w. .m..i.. luent pJ,,lthers, a m:,le and a
:it. I-m:de. I hearl7y ti ii:tnked Si' f luburt for
,to- ].vi" s e. t m , ,t!ith \t orst wetkherin
Sthei cro!, a i ht ~vat :u all a h luiter
tl- c ,illl h sir'. Thms is the liith paI n.ther
-et rkiled t y m my sely t a ld :uezts withinm a
rI mont,. I .e , great joy ofth'le Arabs,
el- whose flocks ad hu.s th .y hunve been de
to Her Wedding Cake.
ald Philadelphia Call: Arabella-"HIow
)od kind it was of you to 1)rint such a nice no
lis tice of my wedding. I told you, didn't I,
ate that I made my wedding-cake myself?"
the Editor-"Yes; but it was unnecessary. I
, knew at once that it was made by your fair
my hands."
l Ara(elh rltlla-"'flt.e tte piece I sent you
*arrivcdt safely. Idl ) ,ua take it home and
Ildre:n over it ?"
'n. fEditor-"Well, m(,. You seŽ, I need it
le- in the oflicc."
t Arabellat-"Whv. what for'?"
th Editor--" It makes a lovely paper
l we i[f.
News Items.
The Jonlr:1l .of Halth jays the worst
cold may be cured if the patient will,
Soot aflter taking it, keep warm in bed and
cat nothing l(r : day or two.
Mir. Lat,.lt.'here say. the Latin inscrip)
ti(n o0. the )uht, ,.t" Albany's colfliu i
w rett.htd stuff :rtI hadtl a school-boy wri
ten.i it he would hav:- been deservedly
"whippied for it. It is full of errors.
'UsIed you pretty rough, didn't he?"'
rtinmarkel a sympatlhizing by-stander to
time ftlaln who had just got a most awful
itkinig. "'Well, no," replied the subdiued
one, "I t.hough o!t Ite oili-h4ed uie) off very
A the hbt r--"'l this the t:ue razor
I had yesterd:ty. ' ( c' : y ir.'" l'Then
brig lne the chtlortffon;. "
Theic vearly r co't tiI e i' itch Atnh amy
to the Sta ;ittmaammtý t.o li,0(0U() frane...
Ltadv llr'det-( t, ; It ;`tie the gtat po
p!l)..r iin Entgi:tui l. :aniul n.w a ,tfat fatrm
has been started.
Lord T'enryMson lIas v. i itteik to an old,
blind Sheffield workman who sent him
.vnlie verses :--'.I should have a heart
harder than your anvil if I were not deep
ly interested in what von write."
Tea-cups are now made to represent
rose petals, and all, very natural, and the
accompanying saucers imitates the leaves.
Tea-pot, sugar-bowl, and pitcher are ca:r
ried out in the same style.
The South set ins to care more for arti
sian weills than for polities just now.
Smalley writes that there is some variety
of opinion as to the right p)ronunciation of
"Pepys." It is commonly pronounced in
London as if written "Peps," though in
the lifetime of tne diarist it was pronounc
ed "Peeps."
Two.Women Hanged.
Liverpool Mercury.
Yesterday witnessed the grimi closing
scene of one of the most atrocious of mod
ern tragedies. Catherine Flannigan 'and
Margaret lhiggins were hanged at Kirk
dale jail for the murder of Thomas Hig
gins. Though only convicted in one of the
four cases gt up by the t rosecution, there
cannot be th i sal:lest doubt that these two
women were instrumental in causing the
death of three other persons, and very pos
sibly of many others besides. Husband
' and child and friend were sacrificed with
h out pity and without compunction by
these terrible sisters. They-. appeared to
_ have died as they lived-callous. It has
at been repeatedly rumored that one or the
oe other had confessed to the justice of the
I sentence, but the Roman Catholic chaplain
states that though Higgins was disposed
at the last moment to make a formal state
ment, Flannigan-always the more reso
al lute spirit of the two-refused to divulge
)n anything.
he There is, however, taik of their lhaving
lo implicated other persons in .imilar crinies
he to those for which they have suliered the
>) extreme penalty of the law. People of the
10 evil disposition of these wretched women
> would be delighted to see others caught in
oil the same coils as themselves, and we imay
ng be sure would not be very scrupulous in
their statements. Nevertheless, a review
1 of the case forcibly recalls the suggestive
1ce remark of the assize judge in his sumnuii:,
ch up the jury: "flow many people may
he there he now lying in the burial groun&d,
he who, if there lives had never been insured,
mi ht be living at this moment?" In this
his one sentence is reveable the motive of the
nd nurder or mutlrdrs ini qutestiel. No dili-
re- Ciity was ( p("ieii.el by l). h i,5io t i.. -
ny ,rstri' ng the lives of their victimes, : i ia
en itiost iustance%, too, without. the knowi
edged of the insutredt. T'homnt4 li.,,!ir-:,
of the hlnuband, of the culprit, Margaret l i g
or- gins, was insured in several pliices frn"
as ums alllounting in the aggregate to o-
siderably more than ot.e hund(red uoind.
d- Only in regard to one oui'ce was aliy di1li
Sculty met W.ithii. After the scientilic (evi
1k d cit giV e at the trial, no doubt cai ll
etcirti i"ed that the oI0lion was ibulit ,
.cfr o !y-'it"'.
fo ' 'the cditors if T"'' c'Heiic , . - a ,
.in L'rt";r? ' h'Uvt rtBVOtc[xeLI lled the tinks of tho
. , e 'n in for tl yv nipathtetic .,vie w ,' ,-i
book itn ltiat jOurnal.
s - - Nt)CIE'T"1 CARID
CU KO. LA i'l I, L(ODGEI, No. I 1, I. 4). O. IF.
A reKular mieetlng of the :tbv Iidge will be
oW nl1l on Woenedclavy eveninlL of eoat h week, at the-r
no L'odge room in this city. Sojourn.ng brotheres are
corda:. . invited to attend.
i Cilxs. (I.lAWtI ,I), N. G.
'v' JA.MEl 1)·. IR!t 1, te-ertci trS
7rsJ`r ; orrai idrd5.
Ffort Bentoi", Misntana_
('onvaaeyaný"icinc apc bý`.ciaLt y
Uijit C nrit
i . J. Ufd, L(, C~iirt litiu
Fort Fenton, Mvlontana.
Prompt A ttlelIti(,1L 4.it CII to (UilCCt4jIoio.
rou t Benton, Moutant.
(Allive on Fraiiklin str-(et 0 posite Publi Bu"hO4)lý
1W. BI. SvTTI.E. t. W. SErTLJ{.
Will pmatctlec in all Lime onur:,, r! tie erritmry
bus, 8e1l andi convey lhal Elt~cta, Mmtnmt m imuui
STowin Pro rerty.
; 'U~Collct tionof all kinl. sproulptly attend
Attorney and Couinsellor at Law.
Specj·ial : ttction givtlu to collections. WmiIA
riauiticeei all of the Courts

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