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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, May 10, 1884, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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r talltllý 'was N1'E '" '''''! ' '1
ofth J fill I II- I
io i k iýt :t- t(i
Nof tLem jH II P I
!I;lttII brik. i- 1 t
PIt1 tL -":
i WI
t oo ,¼ \ t i t I 4 1 l It
: ii
:c' " - :1 _ <t .f~f ,.:a I +11 !t f itt It-tt
I. \ r
" ~t ''Vt11, I 1 I I I t-; ,! It
e ' L1 ' 1 ? t . ,(
P ~ * ittt f
iii','tt t , ''- a i ( ii ;)· : i "
l U!r -·I. i·j -¼ V- p.;. t t~i l:t
. .t /~ p-I -IiwlA 1aI itt~h
-p' i I l ,t It e r t t. I:.. ;1 i l l!
* II t
'ý " i . . i . - P . . I t 1
I r : ' ,
pp.ý1_ , i ;;{t 1' \ 1'1 lF V '1 , 1I' +
ll l itet i'f (PI "
I11 1 I(.;! lt¾ ro' Itherr t
* Ii.
11) 11!('m *11%
; 11;
'.ili:~ h 7 l oft' 1 . i X'
"' . 11.111' - .:l'i ve "'( ý 1ý 1 0 1 1:tt 'r ,'iit
I a ''` 1 1 1tl 'i i :I 1h
ii tft it'll :1i1 k oul ar e ri -
11 ' I I I`I 11150 t111 when a
(I, ~ ~ ~ tl( theII'fj!~iUP
1 + i' - i, ! e ': 11 h c t1i1 : ý
l~l··'' 11 w ei ('.!11I 1'tilc: it in 'c\ 11111 e'
j:iBll J'I)c:ljf t~ lI t('III
ilt. in i~t r1o'2I(' to 01O
,1ý C -.iýjhj4lt V1" jIli T1IOSBý
p' J' t it 4
Ph I((ý"( njde (10no
ni ir I i ol
r· l f r "l' 11t :eII(11t11
I ý t:LnWI})aft'tl1g t:IlI'V
<rolod. tiit tart' :tl'':ys 11n (bltiliaill and if
I reight-,'1 at anything near the ol d rates
Via th V`r ill connl"ttioii with bi:11 an]
f its'. I.1 K r:i1roaI 1? cunininI e'nou1ghj
how \ c.1 t:) ri. w: 1zites Snfflcicntly low to
t (li<iii 0 1 i~v M1) ht Witi~ L'Oi to not ;je
SILlt ijtI vuJ -? 'u.rned at reasonable cost.
For 444n4;4:L , )l m* ti'ito~til,V guida e ore-.le
Pi .' 11 1 '1 :11 i 1411th (1 Ii itcr4o otr
4 - 414 o tI. 1ifl1 the On1 iner rate.
''4 ,,( wk 41)toi -oin('tl.4i1)4 \1'!` t 4'i "
S '4 4 11 V)4 I.
1 1ý 1'a 11 (41."1 t [O (ti :1s it 44 : .4'
11141 )1)4 S21.4 12 44 '
1 T ~~tl~.¾.01:I '
-! 0i`1 li.i 1 , 1)1, 1111 511' ' ((44 e ý'_"
J-'" + 14 t li t IUilti~lt) 01) I'ifl'4' (1 OItaY1.
1(4Th (41 its 504(14 14s the lowest races viai the
r~irtt(4411) lit' ob4tai~ed, l)4)j jiig that. the
1 4441 4.4 (1 W01d41l thita favor 114141~. will al
Teti 4.)11at). ' 114 te.
VatittU for the Ct'i6.
4 ..± ' 4 if !r[ -i `irt7 A 1 iii$4) t e~i'(
4lrV i~ ý.a o !' \rill ' Mtdlt`.ý ont. 'h it`
4. J 4 . P4au)l (1', c h.4t; 4.)l- ij
4, 444 ." NI 41 .l I'4 - 4i' (1) . \ tiaverl, Ioi'4l.:¶
'-444 '4 i'. :14 . 1. .. w1Nt' loul, Lt Ali>
1';. ,, .O t tý tl414r was L.. TI. Evan;:, oft
?<i! . '4\ pt1 11,id $31 &OtIiC1 Iit;' ('OW>'ý 11
;. +.1' i h nl. i 'n ; i t
O)P-: UIO'C'H ,TIC: VIC'[r(3H I'.
Lfsu tie illl lel r tic~eeina~ Leati ant)red
E;i V4% tLhe Repubi Icaun the Knife.
li E. Noy o.-1i elect ion issed ti'
11011 trio) IvaL~ i'v :1 light vote Xva Je4')ltc.
ý, t , 1 , ri 1, . i
t- y.
i- ~ ~ ~ ) i' Z7¶~~r~i~ 1'ink-4
maolrity.) , l11.
.P mli _ , . tel.
(1, -ii t \ t ;uri v I 1'! 1 )en i. , 87
r X,: . L ')-t t e *'' K (y~t~t((ai Leland;' inL the~
LL I 'X 'IL 11ac id I 1l ? in the iit
.r Xyl-o'urt ILtc tl iL1 Ir~fc :~ias.l~u a ill tjn-e s:ot tOOIid
Illvrce"t 1 I)1i~a~i: tic i1L~:l Xird X ith (a
ti1~ I i
i ý: o4.'lii L%1 ºi U **I *
I-' :'. 1Ht . . t
W ily, it it HOC,- n.,.t I111 ~atffit ~ e
I 1,'
m il \V . ihI''r"LL il
.r ., .". ," ... I1 lc I. e t V', .:I p I ! I 1t d it.
i:. "t t'**i 11'.'\ .): Z . 'tiL \\':t
iI; t<Jý+ tCI1 ore, I i, LIi
Ž I\V:itIL dli' 0181 l
C('ar IaHtd (''pi n ictt d
LI) I ut I '1cv Iiil (t W .,t~
in M e,'V I Lm (II b(tieP ir ' t . tl-itIva at'-I
\i t t , - Ic ~ m g o ' '1 ! l t - lli a V .t h i t ( ' hark : s
1'L lV i IL.-1I. (L t'r'1"i~i, I )Ii'V' then
jI'('aI t rL' (If.' ] ` i it) IL tIii t i( Xth e 'H ri 'o]
l-UJ)ILlratO llL. ~llo \ t. I:trla1I'i :IILLU:Lrcd
ai rto uIcItt~e IllaItl to ((w P:W as, W~ordland
l 'ill na-.eri :15-rt' 11 Iitlll Ic to icfItlLd tile
e ('oiitx-t 10 ce(rtail taIx nilts then p~ending,
- iI 11 the jprosut'' Iti lot :-et ill) that C'atland
f 4-onsI)Ired to d~ra1v thec ilne oiwy n1b) pa it1
F ortty heai4i of thre e andc four-ear- . _ nles. 13 to
In i 1 iieh. inbrokeýn. A io one Jay ,k. , fineas
I I in the Territory-. W 1i1 be so1 cheat).
JOS. _. BA1KER., fort Bentn, M. T.
- I I~
Situation Wanted.
_A respectable widow lotlv d I
o1)to lun as cook or Ltit tICtt- ''tin r in d'I
or~ country. A.'Lr e C Ltq .2.ice
r ! ý j ý ý g --F 1
.__a .ýQ Jam
Conr .l i i " re .
ý it i sy ý{ ý
Iot tulut irrt' 1' -' Ptatte, it ,O ile
l, y- . 1, r in. '
tt I
N 1 I ' . t
'j Oh d th e a Fi' *l t r inont
4d1'in:tato Li.C n1 t * IA 'I;& fLint rae
V~l '"bep Ic 1. e. tie~~ I ori-ttoof the
Pr' 1ttoi e
c:! - -!: I~t lion N ~ I . ' j . N It t. L~l -i.
~Votlc i·, !;,-r~lrn tl 24'v 4
ort3. T.,-1 t: L.,t -n cgl., .r-c.<r',.,:l 1t7 '' of eigh.
I1: tlii l , 'tri i t I c,u' o' ti> it ' J. u' ial 10 t. -tic t
, th'(iel T r.ir1:yto: r of I - ,ntin,,l a in and r - the
, : L it , '12. (otr i '' Ch t . , .tl l. ta'..
•0.th , 11e hd _ '.t,' '\l'4 T' . ,>.,
uA. D.i i s .I, t th - h ur' o. 1 a. I. ii a fi cs a
XI !! of' I P11.":,4 S_, I( l 0
• nt y . l ri C hate.... he fiu ll i . i a ribt e dt ro -
( ty ~ ,tl o-int: Lotc:.umbe rl 1 ]andsixten F.
I,' Font .loc n num 'er iir =ti-n [: il 1n hel t ot en
Fin t J'ntO!, , Mo tan t To iror, aefe rind t, t. )
r cofh-0 pl; a '·c7it id c fýbl e Fortcen to: n ' e l e i r t
Toie abl l ait terl'S ,- r the re thrde of .ce 1L;t
A. ). C l . l tte the lier ,ithI L. ,he. ef said iao, n'
• at ttip ,'Nu.-t -olsec" Xi t i of 0[' Bent on,
,'m it y ty i ,fCh) telt, thel i',,l, dcs,; £ie prop
,'rt ae. t-w t: Lots t rIi obning oii+tren I and sixteen
Fot i;ent.l ,t I ir, r : cl wn t o t ina hlg rl tN ,
re'l't c ut sid f ort ettol n onr liet y if.
thM e tli-, at tia o-ferk asks recorder of the utnf.l
tof (te ' n te Oli t'- with the telemet n te. T(,
h) ,I, teal tnl toter(.n tho bel nging d i Pol r i t why ie
.erniA iEt Me I)e+' I T , Sheriff
1)sctt+:d cA1 n til _ e r 1. nm.1. . i:J w
No tic' , i s tihe " gi'ven thaten tis e schoolt
truosees of school district -No. 1, of (.ho
teai county, Monta4 will on 3est t laty ofd
alty, 1S8-4, oiler for salet at thei school
house in thecitiV of Fort e1,nton, M. the.
the following de cribed bondid;.
Ten bonds, one tousand dolls erstlS.
teyei per )tilt. her alnuo . Ni bond1:.
tyable in live yers aiter dhate and re-l
dee oshoe in t t Noelve yetrs. i
The said bonds hae been isstued t r thle
purpose of erectingt a school house in said T
district. The lew requires thdt sale bonds
shall not teesotl for less than their pitt
rsylit to rej'ec.t per\ anldl ll bids.
aln 'tiiun'ar Board oft d ruteatee.dr
ATe t s-i i( .thve I) be . I]slsOi -" 1.t:.
rslerke Scchool o )istrin'
Cow BUoYS! Attention!
I :am tmalu fiictuiiig stock snmlI I, ww-lici
I xvi'ii Nvarri i!- supterior to ainy ad veIrtji (I
4 ~ o CiciI~e c (:aliiforniai ýidd les, or
1U01tnyv r1etIhIctd. Efvery sLadle wvarrante~d
to be imiade of ' iad wood and. of thle bJest
( alifornia Oak taiine'1 leathier. PThu'Ucltl:LI'
attention p~tid1 to the manulfacture of line
sadtdlesr. "1 i'..·N
TC ----T---hT-- -- ~-. eP _--- _-- -
Pentr e t MaI rk t
KENNEDY & KELLY, Proprietors.
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Veal, Sausage,
Ham and Bacon.
Delivered to any P-art of the Cit-y.
Deliveiredto any~ Parv 5t of the C'ity.
ITn dev the uevs'mca:tl rnaiiagenen t, ol
lThe Best Iay and Feed to he iad Always oil liaild and
Careful and altentive ho~tlers ini attendance.
CARD.-Thaukilng my many patr.,ný i,;- . f! f i._ r'- hi!e in the busiuess, I will be glad to meet threm ag
r nd as many o'.w frier Is aa my tu:me, -:.i F v!i iV y ,u r'-2,4rve tuatir patronage.
alI'd!.4witt CHA LES C'H AWFORD.
• . ,. i ;. ~~i i -;; . . '"F-. ".
*~ " G' " " - - - - - _-ta';y ýýý i. ,ýý . p . ,....,,. ..l
:"., . ..a ýý.. A.."'n.ý ,,ý, - --.= .- -\\.'.,:g ,. e . , ..^ m
". . - , . fill._ . : !( -
. I . j. ., . ; .
..... . 2r4? .:.. .. ' .
...- .r _.+ .;!
K~g++I 0 L , P;roir
'J O*"-? --: 1..
". p " . + - gil ': -ý ;+,J V ý1 19 1.
tLHL.er ., L I Liv I
Livery;~ Fee dal~P~i Sa tals
HARRIS & LEWIS, Prourietors.
,t ."-::i.v tipr.,r a L-:, rt E : t: l : . ettr . eh(.l ion ' ( ) , ,OT S, tI10 . I PP!E I
AND 1lJ'IlBB I: (' )01, r tin any ,ou,' in . e , an making a
.<i:cia y , '.f ci' . l . hn S.. we c.i !oar:: I; ," prie
{ than e-ewvhher .
IVe ; : . .ve a fu n a c1 .o;io )it }tEe -oc t k o
Snuff, Toys, Notions, Fresh Fruits, Confectionery Biank Books, and a General
Assortment of Everything found in a Fancy Goods Store.
(;N :.:t (door to Maso ic u 1dillii. '.tUI' I;EN'ON.
Iv l2tt
The Ilndersiglet has opened u, tl: 7eton!ll
Stables which have been refittel in coot
style, and is now fully prepared for
all business n his line.
Sale, Feed and Livery Stables
The stables are centrally located, with a gotil
corral, and parties wishing; to buy or sell hor:ses
will fii it headquarters for that business
jef HEllNRY WRIH iT.
Cu i.t G. ( iivIT1i. L. f.
City .En ir eer.
g Oflice: Fr.nklin strebe, tween Bflk-r and
Power sts. elqcridtOl
Fort Bf=enton, X. T.
CASH CAPITA 1,, (Pa3d up t 100,000
SURPLUN, - $1 -00-10
W. G. CO`t .AI), Prt'.ei i lint
JOHN %W. POWER, Vi'c-Prest
E. G. MACLAY, Caltier.
R. A. Lilii'E, A l (';c!tier
S. T. 1 L', .E . I i.i, :i
trA.a 1n i' 'N
sprea itd r tt - a a , :,
a te ti m il o: " ,f tw the ,n,. ti. !t n .t' . - tlk
men (,f thei jt, thd i ,i hii " r lia-if;
OF.. t f' t i l A' I, 7i., ', ! '"/,
past ar Dh i i n ' 1r 1.2 , ,,t'r 1't '
l raac !'r we:r.
g .Jtai "l', ii. il. - i , ..
-t' t
DliLriarH IaH I
Ili ]ProbV te,( U 1 T]t. .i' rrr ,.
In the m itter of tt' i -: i ' I, ,r n Ln
nolly, ileceioase.
Pursuant t ,I' an irv"r I -0 1 ,.i . miai
on the 29th day if April, 10 , itic(, I
hereby given, that Saturday, the ltith day
of May, lSSt, at PD o'cloc]. a. in ii -ail
day, at the court roolil o .. , 'i u r t tlIi
eity of Fort Benton, it the tiont; o int
teau, has been :uppointed :t. e t tin .. ,
place for proving the Will ,f .aid 'el (
Connolly, deceased, andt f,, hea.ari t 1 .i
application of Martin Contn!a y va I l.Ua il
O'Rielly for the issnutnce to lth_. , tierl
testamentary, whezi and vhur, : Fe .,on
interested may s appar an,] ,.,t -. (,
l ..... ... .t
Benton Meat Market
l.roneaet ;MI., M.'i. H+E+ atP<+..
!' r,'t - .i t ! I~f ., :ti i 1 ;r ' t
Il I , P o, t r , ,, ., /. *.-, :' ,.
('(J . 't. ,JIo Jj) . ill .t F ,l St:.
Open Day and Night.

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