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The Benton weekly record. (Benton, Mont.) 1880-1885, May 10, 1884, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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4U Pi3J I l'TION, Fl VE I)' LLo.AIS per YEA U.
~. Pi. HiC, ~Edilorand V'r.qprIeEor.
Loga,.i; is i li) long;er ;r.,i lieuI by LiiictliUl.
Li rcoin i5 itow :t c;niitl '1tt l himueif.
?\1r,. Fr;ank 1is k. n iS l'w l:c~ l ( J1ý IE'h
to mlarryv a l;I qmis
±'r !3,, iiit (t clr Ill l" land Iit; 1 i till- an: -
.'catt' t i ru'.-- (Th ira M Ill`. 1idn
/_ (j l}ti ;ni'iitt ý111111:I( win ia e oitt td
hA':.! · i
Iý ý .'1 l ý I ii Iil : 1 , ,tI t . 1 ; " .f ý
4'l 1 ' ilm
.·1. - f · ,l 1. ' 11 1 ·. ' ,' 11 i .l" . t t l
I 'i i' 'ate
'.r litI i t i' "
1. b a ~ he
ýcI 14i\ t'rc · (l!! * ett' ' I
*rs ii: . . [ft j)g i4 h t t ' f'{ 1 !l:l(
*i)i l \ Iu't :::l h~tI'Waii i Jo akn )n is CO i and
It1I ti ,ntrv'h it. SItIrllv.
h ticub I Rhi~*i ii 'vii·i (1 eoiiir e be, engagedt~i
tIlk "th ilhjublnf i lleIailY Jtko anc i his't
firce I ii ! ( i Oia io rs at te s I) Wr i lcir ts d ir
jog~ ti~ce 1negerr tt ui;"iiai~in. '1)h,, fotr nvords
t X I I II~nll~er V ý1' ( ,l Fm oat it I'llbrs
t AIt is;vh hif:('F (1te t"'11 of
1' I i f(. s ti Iai''lv iit. j giv
t+i Nw 1 I rk ers i ii(r ho -ea beQ0ngage
It nl litr:~\ * Ii ;i'eij ve:lj $O ,QI~l) liptr IO m ~e
t he 1part.y to i ilil' his
Berk t J'ilefiP I sa ti~~h e Demorat I ,w i ur-l~
jtýo 010, wai lire Ire them( !a
I )."ý(t h Itýý V am ibiyi has justr gien
- i it lt.) ifr ('. irt1 a nt iiii 9,t0 ur ifro
((ii hi (1-. lt N. iI (iaririr F, Emore d hn ise
Tt! 'In hi; `.ti I'i;) i t hett :l 1ll en'it of
Itnlr wiI- el ( ill do 1''r(\. 't is or i
111 II' "i . ~ I oilalle) d ~ r"iiv to11 ju l st o e
;niihr .)"t+) ',t' I t) 1li 1i IL' who r e l tho bettr lha
t11 llt I ;Itue goo) l a ;rk.~i go( on1( L-Y. Y
j'ii'- j~l~::4i' Ijeakh i+ rt.cocrded of ;he
<lýiý `ý( (ýit :In )aytoii and live miles
gou1tI t '1 vik ýt :Iiire rxn ain and hail,
xv~ii:ie stifl ti:'ili¶J -ýtiii tlhere raiix and
iiý h5il, illii'rt'r s "110 Latil and 11o
l~eE f11 ;!"( 1::xIetit er rain mur ~n~i1.
I 1'it'((' a (ý((m't*rrc p )Iden t' it;
T ' (-i: i
( p PI i & ii fr;
- ~;t- :
:u -
A n excursion train over the Queen and
Crescent road has made the trip between
Cincinnati and New Orleans in an actual
running time, including stops, of 19,
hours, the distance being 826 miles. Many
of the miles were run in 45 seconds.
A current item reads: "Of the 1,000
Japanese in this country, it is said that not
one has been charged with any criminal
offense." But one was lynched the other
day in Ogden for murdering his landlady if
that be being "charged with a criminal
otfense in Ogden."
Charles Reade had one grief-failure to
get into a certain club. "I was proposd by
Collins and seconded by Dickens, but
they wouldn't have me," he often said.
I- When asked why he so lamented the fact
the hale old man replied : "Because there
wasn't a gaslight in the lionse. I do like
o read by a good sperm c:inile."
'l'herc is no denying, too, that the talk
"of nmodt people in society consists of gossip
albout persons, and that to a large proplr
tion of those who have anything that can
0 be called social life, personalities are the
o'- nt interesting tolicof conversation, and
that atny circle from which a heroic effort
i n:avie to exclude them, is apt to become
very dilli.
A Brook ýt crank siretched a rope
across the, s~Oret. tied to the centier of the
rope aot!:her short rope with a nttose at
lthe erli. pmi trhe noose around his neck
and sýwit htu.,.elf off. When the now.e
tightened Ie gra-ped it with his hands and
p,evented it trti choking him. Some of
the Qpectatoirs tcl him down. His itch for
e notoriety has been rewarded by an arrest
for attenlpled suicide.
W\hat M r. PI'helps has none-and done.
as it seems to us, in a very incomplete and
is unsatist:etory way-for his trienid, Blainie,
I the Republican party would have to do day
after day through a long canvass for itt,
caniliilaes : to wit, defend his personal
t eharacter against charges of corrlption
which, to say the least, are plausable.
rNewe York 7eleqram.
A New York wedding in the city hall
was queerly interrupted. The bridegroom
foul nd they had no wedding ring, went out
. i Ii his brot her to buy one, and accused
t.te brother of stealin g one from the coun
ter. An arrest an e.xa.n1in ation before a
ia i l-ir.. wolwd, biut not the finding
,. ri. Wein the bridegroimi and
tbir ot .,. I : k'i : ll to conclude the ceremony
kumti \ lI it .o'e.
[iT hei vandal is active in W as lhing to: a,
bronze ,:ors and i' a lit;e statatels ihavye
b it, chtlu .el ol, thie (ireainoughi statute
o0 Wh lington ' a Iot a fire, :amzd, worst oft
all, . in t i n of the ,tatltmte of M1larsI, which
stan ] to the le ,t t ii 0c t _..- tern portico of
Ixo0k1.n o;V. a.l u'. statue tics (I
Otight to it. ":!i'- to S~l~it't-oss fihe vandal.
" t'rots L: .l lii;., " ay " New tcr!
Fsociety coreq'-,.]dent, commenting o.
S:Capel ri-ent coliversion to Catholicisn
(f a' "youia, rich ,ind beautiful widow,'
"will probailly throw utp their hands aun(
eyes at this new evidence of Jestuitica
arts and wiles, but if they would stol
their polemical and doctrinal altercations
and turn their attention to the more prac.
T tical work of their calling, they uight oc
casionally bring as big fish to their nets, or
at least keep what. they have."'
At Piedmont, West Virginia, there is a
bridge which is between the Srates of West
Virginia and Maryland, out of the juris
diction of both. It has long been the cus
tom for runaway couples to have the mar
riage ceremony p)erformed on it, thereby
making it unnecessary to procure a license.
A false lover recently took advantage of it
to use a bogus clergyman there for a sham
ceremony, and now it may not continue to
be so popular.
Logan is said to be no longer on. speak
ing terms with Lincoln. lie claimes to
have secured Lincoln a pi1:ce in the cabi
net and received a promise that Lincoln
would permit nothing to be done to hurt
Logan's strength in Illinois. lie expects to
be able to defeat Lincoln's nomination for
the vice presidency. It is said that Logan
is inclined to regard all persons :s personal
enemies who oppose his ridiculous piresi
dential aspirations.
The mother, 89, of deceased Miser Wil
son, Goshen, N. Y., had a great horror of
dying in the poor house, lie told her that
he would see that she was taken care of.
Hle purchased her a new pair of shoes,
and then walked her twenty miles to the
county almshouse. Taking the shoes from
her he left her at the poor-house and went
away without a word. She survived the
disgrace she had long fought against but
a few days, and was buried a 5auper.
"Boy Preacher" Harrison received this
welcome from an Evansville (Ind) local
editor "IIALLELU.JIA ! ! ! -Brother
iIarrison Gets Here in Fine Feather for
the Fray-Satan Trying to Find a Hole in
the Ground That lie Can Crawl into and
Pull in After Him- But lie Will Not Be
Allowed to (;et Away with ..n I:nabbre
viate( Tn-.eezebui i( i se LI.id Out Too
D)ead to Skin in No Timre-'i tme acket to
li g 'ie i at ( l'e.'
ci who fought under Lee, that Gen. Lo.ga. c
n has long represented Maine in Cor gre.s, ,.
l and that reconstruction i. the main isue,,
Sto which Boss Kelly and Tilden are unal- I
y terably opposed."
After describing how, at the recent i
0 bachelors' ball, New York, Mrs. F reder-i
Dt ick Neilson wore cloth of gold, so rmade
al as to resemble a glittering suit or armor, i
er and how Mrs Van Rensselaer Cruger was
if swathed or wrapped in Canton ncreyc,
al with row after row of gold beads, extend
ing from her throat nearly t, the but
tomr of her dress,-a society correipondent
goes on : "Neither of these , iaei, co.id be
said to wear what is utsunil i cruel a , own.
dt They were simply draped li.e statue-."
t A southern correl : o, ant tes '.? foi
re lowing to illustrate "a" a c.1 t wrk
ke Tilden is: "When Gc-n. i,., ( on
Mr. Tilden, Gen. l'ieo.c You:.,, . w: p I"(
1 ent. Mr. Gordon, : te lite in. to I .
Tilden's statement: .out his p1y.ical cul
dition, said: 'Ah, 1r. 'TichIn, I wish baxit
I could give you a i(o1ion of myn ow:.
he physical strength and vigor.' 'Yes,' si(
1(1 Mr. Tilden, in his fam,cus whisper, 'tat i
rt just what my poor i;rothler said to nme
ne three years ago, and we buried him yVster
Rihebard Giai . arrains ' ithe
immortal Shatke .. . .: ii, a('e(pt' d
teacher of the world, this belove,1 nw,-ar
t of its heart, is of all writers of high ,is
tinetion the most ia+eking in hurt te I.,
any kind, the most indillf 'renLt to truth ;rii. :
right, the most he, dle.s ,,, in ,:: ani i
the use of language, The ii st . en:rless (f
or consistency in his ownl td'-iris, the m)s
flagrant violator of the rlie, whi'ch ii
himself laid down, tihe -+ -t 4 i.sregardIitl
,t"f decenicy-a writer xn ho, hayvi:g tie
ft finest moral perception that hea- et lei.n
emanifest in words, and bte. cai ;able of
intellectual life in the tlihest ijiorni at
Sniosphere, could do his daily work pis if he,
al like his own Lago, I mak .d tine nria -en -m.
n A recent issue ur thi New Yrk ',
chronicles the follow i.;.g oid n-ei, i i :t
"George Martel, who Ivas at thte (r:~ i
Shotel and weighs 2?0 lo(in,:-, 1dil, du t
Li Monday evening at I'l le.icio's a . Ih
t dozen other gentlelnn. At I o'I -
Sthe morning Mr. 1!artel not ,i0 t1 Iak., a
sp.'eiii. Hlis rig!ht iou, n , , i in - ; ft
; nkle, which was i. ,
aiil all camine to ti, . : r, "
tI ankle ls lly, spraiin" '1 in
lthe I're'st:i. atilt i:!. f i
mist ake was IIlin a : i ,( i ' ; .; \V
p)olic(-n ap e rcl . , , ii, ,'iir-t
instinct, t(hey drew thi (I ,, , ! st on,
btt eu ar t exjint)O tiUl ;i --i d t it i
• anldt 31::id was v~ take.n. .,o com. ic; in: the
i (G ratl l;"-:- 1." O m-~ in thi i --. , lat
I O 1:: ei tht , t e ? ; (t ' y , 't,, : nt,
11 l 0tlc :iJ\ I: vitli lu i'
' r % t . ~ \ v ; i ; ' l 1'. ' '' ` : Pt 3ý: ', ' Ai . (
kcon icted nit :a 1 n ik, 'i
a S3o far an· 11, .."%;i ` . ' s
t) Cilan ~ gl " N"'I:.. "':
,' wh n.1'r, i least Mris Ho " o-;t
.1 ina le 1fl1 C a &, 1_ I liI I v
bee n U) 'i;l iin lr t '* 3i3 a'+ 3u
enru otleil i ;!)- ,-(., I ~I:" o;,, I;: ii 4 . ,l·· : , i;
v1hi pped out :h t i.i ' (, 133(31 11 Y's - 33t
112113S 3(il31 )::t: i t'' *ie i . 't' til: 6' 1% 31'
r iF. ii 10 ; i': ii' . , huli 3-i !Mitt I3"*,:i
Eli dill VAN to x"v'o3'ii t'l'V pri: !
slaligiltel . In;t h' 1 -ii 'I of 11 1
3~ju1'~ Vr 131 liii 10 '\ \[-11ilUI '' G'i'"13 ii
1 ,
t tihe OJ in~;f' cit hii' th .uy toO w h - * t.:-'3 *
- sentence, 1- ii& J . : d
lIe Iino t~ n (htii ed wna (311 Ii A Jft'' ic~a
" says the~ Y' -'vc Yr)k it'it,s,is '~M i
t (,osgrovn, (i' al:t 1 : t". An i i ar' C'
.ilijes (o.1`i'1v.' *jr'., ' ' -';i'.; 3 (). 'fit
venlt ilto C) if T `"h'` 131 w nI~f-it( il d he dt'I3 N' the~ I V'v)i'. ii'!yr'~
tier enltjire tIl hl e Lio f $41 5. 003 ) a'~zt Iia; ioji
him. 1'inall; :;i:, 'gave li o 1'3ii,
still younga and pretty Ani ha q b'. t'i
tbeaux, and Un1:idv nlari'; ' ' ,i i' : I t i::)'
freq. le mai' inl a 1' xV lli-i'i 0: 01 K .3 It,3
years :am' 1Wi' .t1i'~'~;I';
sr*., th ti the ofII3 he3 04t3 )i ty 1 3 331 .E I,
the other dv~ r~haia evillei~ v- UI 'i' Idtal
her first 1)i l b i 11: vItiOi :I. a ;!"l"% 3
husb~and il 1); a mm joi \\''lii3c3i an I i li fi~i withl
lbtii. Thoit' i 30(3t U'C101;. i, t.t !:+']' ' p
Mrs. Jlaime.s (-;O.=g O-,:, Lt-~i, .- '
ziedl as to V1i1)t'it 3 'r ca ( 3 tight 331b\m
by a 'jr."
,Th e f o r ern iau t o f' it V'o ra:n k I l i
comipanyv les becii131' lieed ov'erI ie coals
Ifor using' profanle language.~( III thet ail
Cielnt day.; o'f the _New' York 1 ic1)emaa't.
flieft. AN'iI('iI the 'jjts'ir':r 't )nm"ginvl lIo103iI-.
I and Old RLooks li-al sw'vx " Iii their rs~
tiVC e fciliaorlioods,; 3'i 0vt. Ne~s 5~ hý 1 SPIIc
the ('l.' -ic31, '~ -miai.t o 11,'I ti Uilb '' :I 1,
it iW'S 1)01t. e il3)1 ' S'( e' ' C~iit 'lT'Vt (3 -ide Ore
fireimeCn to ijlc1333,'. ;;I theC a`:; 1n L ,ie of
3 -t )dlil i'en 1 a W l lt.: 3,'1.; '' io' a
warlike 1' n-'l'I ýf3
3though1 it ''t:!'' ha e' I (3 'I) US '' w l "o
to thelU 3 IX j.I ;:d i ".' , . 1111't..
past, :'1,41 ,f"' 1
t`~ s(3 1'3 W Nt IA V1. _t
tile to1r' IN !%' ' L j ''' . ` , l`i'ec,
t,~ '3 ey 1 1 i n ;L -.;" Or1 0 Q
catello, Idaho, on Thursday night. The
Utah & Northern train had just arrived
from the south and the passengers had
passed into the office of the hotel, when
1heir attention was attracted by a cowboy
in the barroom adjoining the office, abus
t ing and threatening Mr. Kenney, one of
the proprietors of the hotel, calling him all
SMintis o.: bad names. Mr Keeney was try
Sing to put a stop to the actions of the fes
tive cowboy, who was dressed in the fa
vonrie garb, and loaded with the usual
j arsenal equipments these cow-punchers
delight so much to display. Two men
it tepl-,ed forward to disarm him, when he
' opened ilp by knockin:g both down, cut
ing a l.-rge gash in the head of one with
his revolver. In a scuffle which ensued,
ii roili';g over on the floor, the revolver
I was discharged, creating a panic in the
crowd of passengers who rushed in th.,
Idi'_ Iomrn for safety. Another shot was
l~red i, him, mi1.si;sg the person aimed at,
a:d p..sing through a partition. Abeut
ts time the Oregon Short Line train ar
ni ivbd from the east, and W. II. Homer,
herifi of Onedia county, stepped in from
the train in time to arrest the cowboy, but
he got awav, mounted his horse and went
Isk.t.-ila' over the prairie and was soo1n out
of .i-t. 'The passenlge'rs think it was a
very close call for them, and are not anx
Slouý to hIive anotlier cowboy turn iloose in a
i c'rowvd.-Salt L I.'e 'rii,cne, April £Tlth.
( c inn unicaredt(1 In 1851 or '53 a paart%
0ý cif J'(end dt'Oreiile IniliinM, who hall cint
S(i.-(-s tilli riage on oiie of their periodiic'
2!1 iiniri , w'erv ' eieawlpui (111 the Tetoni. Tfl(vx
('I 'ta0 si2( ('(hY]e li 1ob~talining; i1 :lge Se ~iVil3
Is, ioBait'i, acid were i kitir preril;dratin
Wv'! o at rall~y return home, when (,le d;ay
inii Mir mpi i wl a W ,tS I iil]ted by a. p.arty of
IrackIet. Several of' the Yeti Ti illes inert
Ali led anid ai number 0f them12 wautot-d.
(I1' A tie g the latter was a -otilIg \1art i02
1t- VIr hadII. be)en l ot Ilirougli the leg in ~uei1
4,'a 1i.ne'im'er thi'it thle a2t2teli]22g to thet wot)lilt
I i the hio~iic ot ,.,i~ th iitll fr evne1
tlim' 1i1'1,ec uced LI( (:ild the AlM (f- hi;
10 (ride. Ihe pa evaiing Lot. ýý 1'eat lt w
a; !.iii tw!i.~ to 111t ul 111(12 his 4)4) 1 n , antia
-c i te nI01) 1 it] 'E th x at Iii" life wx (.hill have
to be 102 Il ileci 1, 2:] t4a~i 11a2:ltýs the
I)'it '(K 'it V A h 1i; 0 1 tit" a I it: Iii
i't. ,.
h ' `.'i e . nii
''i i i i1'it 1
11 1
ii Li ' 'ne
4l' 1'2'v am 'jh" V ' t+ i~ee O
;" t 1 t i I i i
ii' i
.. I .';; ,I l t.,erl ti . ul ues c 1p.'(i
1. t .f l!) 1:1:.h1'l ~ t I c ily I ::l "j S,'-tom :iuns o -
at I
-,di ,a 2
\-, 't', i~cs It+ON ; h Iii. :lArt 1'E 110 I04"l1-i' all~lt
- ;1 tit i"(:11 , to ll., II: -
in"d ja \. e" f 11 0 in 2 4) F'1 , 23(E .1U1)t ie
(." 2 i 211' t ntl " :. "E 1 theC .1 A lai: -
ln'n-1~i'if, ii
I'1^` tiel 1 i u is ii' d .I
ii bi e lis with We
u'I Our la) s 1l be ''Ic'"l ;'-I Li' the Seiiidv~s
oft a' l rI'at n at'o s f I II' tol LII' O~ .trot il I'-.
(1',15,jd tilieinmost c have thet jiiie eo-t
goveI aiet. saIt isl1.1';:i t 2 to- be v tinh ut'
(hel~l-thes msthatitiso w~iji~iE'h~ oni ciJ4meO
i' T02]ti tii (Ol~i)S I])Illl402
l '' ti a ne ofii taiti sines . d si irbig jis t' lnl
t S("I checkd, iotrth I hilii:.it i3 COer tUh in
t.:tv S ail('lt il :to Ieg i the "i~ ii) (It. of
C on~ressmore rit teind no~rea thcane
fsih h '1i of'( l liaft(', tlt in Ic~':g n
t ~5 ~a 21tC k ii mte i' U) the PI'iiI`'ltiatif '
111.11 tt lia Itll C il ohfea
whisky, the eggs, the sugar, and the milk
I -setting up business on its own account.
I The result is confusion and chaos. The
3 liver and the lights also become involvedl
in the demoraliza ion in the neighborhood,
and ultimately the blood and the nerve
f centers. The patient, in fact, falls in to a
1 stage in which he would be liable to tbe
called drunk ordinarily, though, in fact,
he is merely the victim of overfeeding on a
most treacherous soup. There have been
l more useful inventions than this soup, but
s we wouild not censure the inventor.-
n Louisville Courier Journal.
e --
The San Franciscan a new CaliTrnia
paper, and, by the way, a most talented
journal, p)ublishes the following corn
mnentary entitled "Punlpit Science:
"A tew evenings ago Rev. E. 1. I)R. ille,
e in a lecture at the hall of the Youngi Men's
Christti ial A,\sociati[on, gave his view\ s onil
i the origin of nian, the length of time thlat
has elapt-el since lie made Ills aplpearanrie
It { pll.'n the earthli, anid the c:au:e ft tilvesl- it
ol race. Mr. Dille told his audience rlhi;t
ILl wa'S creatted in the (;ardern of Edell
live thousand,years ago, .tan ll that thlie di,,
SI)er .-i(li of the sons of Noah after the IFloodl
ttaccounits for the existellce of while, yel
h Iw adI black en. 'Thie newsal)ipers of
it th (ity, thie In()rning after the delivery of
It the ivelture, printted 'ynl ptliceal rel)co'ts uo'
ait. 'these repo'rts were grave :and re'-t, iect
ful. Mr. L)ille is a pastor of a ciurch
here, anin the newspapers could see ni(
a proit in o(ff'erllitlng the religious cninuiity
tv ritlictulil)g. even gently, a preac'hr of
Iitlh respectfuttl standinrg as , 1r. l)ille.
v A te.w y.ears ago Rev. Mr. Jisper, a color
e ed pre):I tier of ichitill)onil, set the w hole
coun)ilitry laughiiing by insisting tihat "the
il Stil dio move." Mr. JaSper's belief that
y ithe siri swings a)ronrid the earth ev('ery
twenty-forir thour's was not a bit more ridi
col(,ioi than Mr. I)ille's statemlients, anid hie
hai l Ias (ro(i scril)tural authority for it.
Y Mr. J:sper was nit farther away fro)l a-
It (ertatined fuacts thi:il 3r. I)iile is. Ar'
Sther'e no elrcryInel i!1 San Francisco w ith
i know ledtge eoiinh (of the results of scien
t tlic in(liitry, and wiii sulfticieilt respect
r ')r , t. ,ir ;r'of(e--ior i, to rise .i) aind tell ini
i tellilt i t i peoplle that it is niot liece°ssary in
I '' tider to i(e a ('htiristian) to believe l i inch
r1 t:ltl' )rt'n lillrýt'iF-e a't the Jaslers antrd
D)illies in-ist that we shall have inaith in ?i
.\r(" the ntew-p, a!'pTrS w lihh 1"p'Iorte'( Mlr.
s D)illie's 1cele t'e -oi regCleltvdly ri,,'ht ill
( thiilkilre tliat tlie eh'ir''h-tioiers of thie t'iiv
Swoui l lel tha:it their reliit)n wa~ lt i'"
a-sI il ,I ift' A im n atlIl the FIti)to weltr
t u.g'., at a ? ('tiilaipl int is l:lde hby tih"
S (.l:,;trl(e t, tieverywhe('e that it is hard to .'et
ilr' l to eliter the minli-try. Vhlit
m. II
u , : " t . t '1'.' ,1 : , 1 '(t:`( . - (', ' tvi i t i I rt -
. ,: ; ", 1:i r ofI . ' h- ' \ Iit')i l i- , i -
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SCorre~pondence Tinsley's Magazine.
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'l'ere was Mr. W4 . : e
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