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TL;rirdaV'a daily.
1 a'al-tllta are a drug in the
Sin Ohver.
Ed. Levis wad at Stl River onsl
atturI4 :1. "t
Sis wel~l ad~valuc l:. t~UL,
A i n c.A] '.r a s c a n b e a s ce rti li nlW ' , J u iu
T, IPuw\Vir ii marrieud.
Da)ve ('1 u rub il ha x3chlrgr t i ii c
±r0..I iard at Siurgllid.
John iL4rg'l± buas dlico erF'r .:1 Il
#,udy 1(-'. Xt hq if a IWPV Coal f
.1"11r ' 1 l j n itc II10 Il t eli d t . !''rt.; +
fLi te ! I il~-ul) 01n the 5(1111'.
{ i;t ? n UIti II- lu 1u (111 o the ut
Vr l Ilt C' I1tL'It'l ltl(_ l on at'
. l. il 4, it(" l iter QVU r
1'!i ttt X 'it~i~y e peti ed.:
'111t 6 11 Of May i. thie [linc.!. .j.' !c- i;IiateI
(41.,"I lit'-nut rulnn~l-liP andt their itcta2
, a:r' r-i "T hteat Bentoni.
(t41 IAr .; l`t'1I i a paid $2(t() ft p lLll far
diitr Ut,ý (1 ii 1i 10 hi- hotel. A lit. raic
'jj#. Win's 1 VI!! e 4l th tc,-1 thai n 1 ; 'i `
.Ii I ul !.r r the ( jijillia;n I >t jib rail a *ýv
IThe'itISiX ill efjfort that if : 5).OOlO Iý
C,1t-ie lionil the Suili RIive I"iiiltl
Wil !he 111 li ttt itili lUO111 lilt. ltl'~ti 1,
+rtirt' i he (11t1tO(11i11
'I. t I t i-1ib (ti . ti le I t
a ti' '\tt , ;l "+ :I t f i t+ \ L ' ll ' I tl . (I
t' ;t t ;. : l It. It U 1
lip rv htitiI t Ii' '1. V
1' -
1 1
ilL -
'" i ( .. v . l: < 41 . ..^ ý 1 4 y 1 .'!ý ,i} ý ('ý
1 ! 1v o ": 'p ~ , 1 . t If '1 i
V 1 t lll- i: I·I:t
'it- 01101 tig~j, x
l :i . I It
ii:ii ;itLt Il'I
T' = Ti- lilul t o'. IN t' 1'(? fllfllO 011
Ii Ii i i.,
ii Ii i'j'ri~:· ·.. : j
l .' t-h Nip wi ll
11100 0i'' 1-t4 I ;l'''' k''
II I - I: it Wh im Jjltti[
- i I
1; ''i'lII : '."! i\ ' , W o in g :i`
I I cetl ? ; of Ire Sun River Stock Grow
ers Association.
t 'iTh qun Itiver Stock Growers' Associa
tif,,t held their annual meeting in Murray O
I,:1, ii this place, on Saturday, the 3d
A li the ra:i;es in this section was repre
'E.t d .,', ex:-iCpt Cl;:stnut. The meeting was
ey .iarmlonious tad all the memberspre
[ -. a 4t 1 p re tIl svei tish'A with the re
n na eriingt to ,their ' efits from the
UTi fllo.,viiki g officers and committees
, (ele'e;I ir tl he ensuing year:
i. J. IlI t tu(, of Fi Crence, Pres.
ilm. i .rnll, of Sun River, Vice-Pres.
S.: Ford, of Sun River, See.
;eo. Steele, of Sun River, Treas.
\tlV11. Rf I1toll. (Cioteia. o
.. ..1 El:is, Sun River.
1 ."n. Wyatt, Sun "v"r.
0 i n uni y, Ciioitu. I
\ I ....l , Siu River.
1 :I : I:urt1, ulChoteau.
e 'iTnas (..ary, Sun River.
IB rin Strong, Sun River.
Tl T'lh;as IDunn, Sun River.
Wal\t','e Taylor, Choteau.
it was a:greedi that the time of holding
o!(- ail: m-et itig s' oull be changed
r I 1 ,I F Ir.tarx 22:1 to tIe livsr Saturday in
t 1e ., , eh i ytar.
nA 4.t,.io, ";rt c(arrietl to the effect that
tu riie !procel:"- 1ft the saie 01 hides be turned
' r t t) t, i' : t.t -" of the association for
ii .ym in ( l o te: -tla diln debts.
'i i.e x.(.tii e mtIlltnittee wvere instructed
'to I ('eie. -wii a d vent all hides. It was
t'0 jie Ltj .I mpiloy a detective this
Lt lret ,r, , that tile citair appoiint 1
i..! . i t-.e a, t a!:eriiates to re'pI e'r elnt
;. :-- tto! at; the Te.rritorital conveln
, ,n , , ,vne in licli:., July 28th, 1884.
i xi x si I, at l t (, i ,hyates anid altern
Ii J, AAi:T E:s.
.ise 'I l, l:r. J. 4. Ford and R. P.
` , ,lker.
A Li EINAtl.-.
Sawn l1unt, lI:,n l.'ta eree, and Ucorge
It S
! i ( 11 . i::A ve : ::! v e " 'l} l Ch : CoU1ni-
h l' s'Žs a `+ 0
.'., . . t!he H i a ij 1 thei a
' 1 . {. 11; . iv je t :if +ti,_ nt sir s thea red
!' li i!l Shonktt in .ar at 111 t
S. t a. s -it.e a f-at for
i1 i ti ly ' om it, ti to ri. C
~i " t. n l "r, "(i e c.r 1 , it of
t-tr, K' nu iVm hofu b u
I. ~t f f ( it 1 , :. ,, j- il,:.) r, td to tIeo cc trr l':ct
',,1' { th t[!,.: .?.tn { ,.,::" !i Hootu e.
"TV I I O'NiuL at BInioI at fourl
o,'- ,'t hiI.: ati.,ln.( . anid was grcetedt by
a '_,m,:i Li".nol and flags fluttering
Ur ,.:' T. I '. w , ,r' & Brotheri- store ,:id
Si:;i:n :I t pl 0 " ,to floati troln
A :o'lok i ii s morningll ini the old
I.,,igot n ui1, a bold and successfulrob
ei y :. It p etrated by which the cor
I..x lost about IO) pounds ot amnalgam
v.~at'ud at $000. ViWhen the pans in the mill
Ie chrged a td,_uw -oteam arises so that a
',:n above the o,, cannot see the set
0 t i's. It "xns vliiho the, pans were being
c']:u irgeid ]oi lik''!y that the robbery took
1h1'.',. and it i u'vidcItt that two men in
Ssome way t.flectedI :I1 entrance during that
time and exec-'t't ld tlheir! pIrpose, carrying
ofl a kettle filledt witn amaalgamnl. So far
thtre is I1,O 'hUe t to Ut robber'.--jinIr.
S(: d, itO if Stit Al NQ s {,1 on' the Teton
mini'rs ilnVstigtl ion. It was lirst stated
:!: 1 the il L' idit i"l"lite 1 the wound
a,:t it I n ha:ads of the father: alaterre
loIt, at' lint : 0to th' (;ol]in's organ. says
th::i t,. I -i t iel :l was held by the boy.
'at the ,) w:,, i lell by the knife which
I !e f:r "l: :i t{' l' i. .! S 'e ms conclusive.
L: t; w '0 , 1'tiher tl. t Wier, who is said to
ha', , Ih t t.. i n--tvatit,. a horse at the time,
or theI boy o' tthe htorse did the killing is
not certain. It occurns to us that this is a
i .Nj"tesjttiln for Ihe unusually intelligent
r:'ail juriies i h t sscnmloi e in this county'
to decide'.
T'ile other day our reporter met Mr.
i:.ar'd ( ray, :ite'it ot the Northern Pa
'cit' Rlc!igeratur Car company, who is in
t1.:t0e pIrts 1on thie somewhiat surprising
,I nn Nf scllin (;hicagob'eef. It is well
k]o, it ,r'e that tlhre are no corn fed beef
,.:0!i i' iiont: dt.:uul at this se:son of the
o o,.utr but,,he.s (,:tutlnot get " ood beef.
't', thte "utply.X'. and H-s a re-ul
- : than :- iu. R n I.: : ,
i;,tS 1' ,,..
twith articles ,.f plothice to be sold at Ben
Manifes by tae oPas tngr List of the
HelIen a.
KPASSENGERS.tie P. Kuiz, tl by t we late
Catllen Nixon andy, who ife, J. B. Stocking, hvve be
Owen Stocking, John Terry, E. 1. An
drkilled by the twholenet, A. Adams, A. D. li
Lathfor boa stes, aGit bbons, . D. Graham, fll
Morris O'Brien. c
T. C. Power S Bro., 1,820 packages gro- aY
300 pkgs beerf , 157 kgs dry goods 20 pkgs go -
statio, er, 300 pkgs coattl oil, SO pkgs hides all o
teand furs, 1 car galvanizes ld iron cornices, c
Sof Bentgon. Ceaptain lra ie t
ne bOpening of Navigation.tio f
The r:steamer ab Helena of the Power linetir
arrived] at the Coal Banks last night at 11
o'clock anid is expected i, B(_-!: til to-day. - '
tThis renlnable steamner has d011e good] work 1tf
in past years and is to-day the best boat of
her tonnage on the upper river. She was'h
built in 18766 under the supervision of the
late Captain M, arry, then one of the
proprietors of the Power Line, and she was c,
constructed with a view to lightness, Ca
pacity and strength, at tihe same time amf
sfording ample a fccow modatiot for passe-dets
:gers. Nearly a:ll the old boats, and la rfe
of those built in the same year as the -
ena, were ui.ted.d for freight only. T'he
General M,''-:-me. for exapl . e, was little
more than the hull of a steamboat; air P
Sany man, not to mention ladies, was indeed ti
Iout of hick when he took passage on this
r cheaiiy and foolishly constructed hulk.
left .ivur.
But there were others that dese-er t yequal h
l condemnation. Hardly a boat belonging ii
to the Kountz line was fit to . t travel in, and
even as freight boats they were so unpopu
thl that mnet.i of those Nthat came to Bei
ralilro:ul in 1'q0(l: 000. ,.'-+ liui thi:t fiv,.
tars later, o iged to cole et their co letions
t. with artlitl tn (fdace to be sold at iBen-o
ton ib y othe O"yit'rs pAthe vtel. ti' m(
K!i,,ti . of t ie rl+, . c n e beli( ve I by that let
Ca ttill imaie , who is s id o with thatbee
iof ITd, vy i the InWholesome food I [iientol
rfolro boat pstojest fallst one t e brou gt a h.
cargot (ra Ots~, calm ied goc~k ei >Imoi s, ov~a m-K
,;.'. e, "... :ini iltutel~, a mld sold~ threm ,,lt Or
thre Ic v ee to th hoI telhs :tmill private hmouse,
0! o B7ello). (pltaiii l 1l'ltrta incre (1n irhe
'n ilne b o at n ul i(' ~ d ado ~ a l i l t o l o fl i ' v r a b y h f ii i: 'xl m t i~ l t r ti i at!1 01
3 e tii 1n ; +t o. ?'t li ct1 Ill 1')1 -
- 1I p'ti ): . I,' j , + tt l "
TRhe SparritW .x:hibition.
tlhe glove contest at ;-tocking's h:ill on
Saturday evening last was quite a stecess,
considering that it was iumlromlptu andi
about the first of' the kind that has ever oc- I
cilrred in Benton. Both imen s owed ,reat
gameness, strength and skill. McDonald
seemed muich the heavier of the two, but
claims in a coniunnication published in
Sto-day's issue that lhe has but seVenteen
lpoundis the advantage in weight. It was
a fair and squale light. at :li evelts, and a
npjority of the audience were probably
better please. with the referee's decision
thanl if the light had been given to either
Of the men.
A Correction.
'To the i l' i u r of the jltvcord:
Will you have the kindness to correct
the statement made in tiunday morning's
Press regarding the sparring match be
tween Symons and myself. There was but
one foul or accidental blow stuck and that
was not called by the referee. I am but
seventeen pounds heavier thanii Symons,
instead of thirty as stated. I may have
got in lly work by main strength, but tile
absurdity of whipping my mall through
awkwardness is too apparent to require
co(!trad iction.
iChallenge fronml cDoiaid to Synioels
I h:ereby give notice that I have de
positel in tho hand- t i' , :i. "tard.?o
1'rietor o( thle Overland o.-e1. tio stu {f
fifty . r t.o the i.= , i
ltn y fri(en,{ I tr"s , V ( i: t up ti, i
!lOOlleV at (t il.'.
Conventio.s Ended. ta
The Bozeman Republican convention, ltn
which ended its labors yesterday, was in
every respect a representative b: dy of that Fra
party-although we presume his Excel
hlncy, Governor Crosby, thinks otherwise; ;o
for in all the ballotings tie highest vote
cast for an Arrhur delegate was seven; dci
and Sanders, who conducted the fight
against the Governor and his methods,
goes to Chicago as a Blaine delegate, while aft
Mantle, before the balloting, had to de- T*
dlare hiaself an Edmunds iman.-Indepen- Ro
dent. Cr
From Monday's Daily. the
Torm Devarnion has severed his connec
tion with the MOadisculan. int
The paymnaster's esxoi t returned fron. th4
the Twenty-Eight-Mile Springs at 3:30 stc
to-day. Ti
The Independent states that corn-fed evi
hief is arriving in Telelnii from the States. in;
What must eastern people, acquainted It
with this fact, think of Montana as a stock (1do
country ? ev
"Tomfelicia" is the name of a new per- b
fume recently iintroduced-. Benton dealers
should be careful not to invest too heavily
in the article. Felicia is good, but we
have our suspicions about the Tom.
The smart Alex of the Itter Mountain th
publishes the followiwg, probably copied al
from the morning honeysuckle: to
A few d(lays ago the first bet s ever im- in
ported into Montana were delivered at
Benton. the nighl afterwarlds all the tu
I honey in the hives was stolen and the bees lit
have scattered all over the Lord's creation.
We are indebted to our old friend John bt
Glass for copies of the (ceur d' Alene ft`
Pioneer and other papters published in his re
vicainiry. John w:as foi ier!y located at N
t Bent oli lnl - till holds sen.e of the most th
v;aluable property in this town, also in se
SDer Ledge. He writes us that he is mak- th
in monel(y and that the mi ties are promis- th
iig. m
A (I'hlilnam:tn wa killel coming iupl from m
Silver RBow Junlclion lon the 27th tilt. The I
1iner '31 s: The (hitnanin l resented a r
gaia, y a tplearaclle, his I~read being inash- f
IdI aluli every ounce of tbrain- knocked out
.f it. Two or ithree dollars in silver was ti
f;, ,rl in (ione i ket and a vial containing
' i (r l filu " .r '-nlin. was tak( bi
S·:i; her. An opium piil e w:ts also 0
.1 ia IA ': oltp oithit whlichl he c:rrirned
vitli him. 'ITi. stUup''sition i- the China
Ilan wa dtlen or sO `t!tupilhcl with op)ium n
lthl; he teiilat r heard( the ruinbl)ling of the t
tra;in ar til; scretch of the whistle. lie
I i :faliiU't warniting to have imoved sate- t
!V ir.d-t thi tIa'k h:ul he heeded it. Ili- p
; a t'-lits ,re buried 3"cAtel,.day 1y t'unlel'
! ,:+:" ;:;:ýitiry al,,c,+ m .+, M-r. +'+[tr+,hv,
;, i 1t vie\we this afternoo' n re:ai'din
I. rce;it co:0t di couvery. It l! hi be
Itt l v curtaini l).t'ties that the tquality
ofit tihe coal was 1mch infl':ior to to the bei
itait i:has yet been found in Montana, but
knowiniii that no one, I't di.isccoverer of
coturse excepte(d, has !halt an ol)uorttnity
t. t. xinine the mine, we were not inclined
to aiccept their assertions as facts. We
regret to say that our interview with Mr.
ºMurphy i has not produced facts of much
greater implorttnce than have already been
published; yet it is proper to state that
this mine, if located cn this side of the
river and within fifteen miles of Benton,
:and proves to contain as good coal as any
yet discovered, it will unquestionably be
a greater benefit to Benton and prove
more remuneratiye than any mine yet
known to the residents of our city. The
foilowing are the replies to questions ask
ed Mr. Murphy by our reporter this after
Inoon :
"Mr. Murpllhy, at what time did you dis
cover this mine?"
"Well, (hesitatingly) I think about last
"Were you in search of coal mines when
you came upon this particular deposit ?"
"No! (with emphasis) Certainly not.
i We came upon it accidentally."
"\Vas it visible to an accidental
"Hey ?"
\Vas the mine so conspicuous that any
one traveling that way was likely to be at
tracted by it?'"
"Oh! beg pardon; no, ,thoughtfully)
we came upon it accidentally. You see,we
were obliged to dismount, and while en
gagred in other business we found the
'-Vhat other business?"
'Well, I decline to state.''
"The public would really like to know."
"Well, the country was covered with
snow and we were looking for the road."
"Did you find it?"
".'What ?"''
"The road."
"Oh, I thought you meant the coal."
At this point the reporter feeling that
Mr. Murphy did not desire to give any in
formation regarding the location of mine,
said: "THE RECORD is not interested in
the matter farther than to furnish any in
formation y"ou wish to have convveyed to
the public.
. b"' i not ' nwil2'iig to give .Iv iinfrl a
tion r1 artiln the ii-ality of tlhe coal or
i it t . to ' e Ion.. I
1'- U" 1 ,. e ' ' 7 i. ' ( º.
,[il s.tat+ futher th.. tie .. - miie
:s- bt nc i diil xer l an
i:<i , t~can I 0 Iil, vnco :.i.3, . r. ,
- )th \L- hf ' ., work it. T :" ' ,
!;of th: .! 't i jll , ,,o far .s t.sti, a
IS U;s: o b" toe t a. e :pcri-2'; to aVltlyiu '
state the location of the mine for reasons an
that those who have taken up any kind of evi
land claipms will understand. thi
From Saturday's Drily. pe;
W. C. Swett, of Chestnut, sold his band a;1
of cattle to W. G. Conrad, Cha;s. E. Con- w«
r;., and Chas. W. Price to-da:y. It is un- sh:
derstood that the consideration is $100,000. bey
Mr. JRowles of Sun River arrived this bu
afternoon with Helena Railroad freight for ki
T. C. Power & Bro and other firms. MIr.
Rowles' regular trips two and from the
Crossing are of great advantage to Benton
and her sister city, and he has well earned A
the name of "Old Reliable."
The Neihart district seems to be coming
into notice at last in a way that encourages
the belief that its value is fully under- na
stood. It is more than a year ago that tel
THE RECORD predicted that this would S'[
eventually prove one of the greatest min- to
ing locations in this or any other Territory. qu
It will soon become so, without a m:
doubt, and it will be to the interest of wl
every Benton merchant to encourage the th
boom, as the country when develop- fo
ed and populated will certainly he
be tributary to Be!.ton. It is realy of th
more interests to the business of Benton at an
the present time than the Helena & Ben- us
ton Railroad ever was, for the reason that
the latter enterprise has had but few if hi
any sincere advocates who had the means ml
to build a half a mile of track much less
invest millions in an enterprise of doubt- on
ful utility. Give the Neihart district a hi
lift. I
The morning gooseberry says that the hi
business of the telegraph office increased w
five dollars worth last month owing to its l'
removal to the Grand Union Hotel. 1'
Nothing, of course, is allowed for the fact bl
that the business always increases at this
1 season of the year, but how will it size up -
the same month last year? Alpropos to
this subject it is evident that this govern- ml
ment telegraph does not care to do any
more business than it can help doing. It ln
could earn as much more than its present "'
receipts as the Helena papers are payhing '
for press despatches. Several years ago a
t 'HE RECORD offi'red double rates, in addi- t1,
tion to the Western Union rates. or the li:
, same as the lelena papers were paying,
but was relused oni the ground that thie r
SOperators we (iire tunable to han'dle the des
Spatches. The linie is for the trans.,uiI-n h t
Sof weather reports, but could he madle ot tl
only self-supportiii g, but even profitable t
to the govern!meat if the ofiicers in c:harge o
e had ally other object in view thlan
to draw their pay with the least
possible lal)or. The eper:ato:s arc
not to blamie. We have foulnd thmi L
uniformlv oblirit." amid wiliing to tranismit 1i
any press reports, for whili they could ob- 01
taitl authoriiy. 'I.e oli.ers in llchar (If
generally a set ,t 4 useless duiles, built on
'the latzen [I !a, and( it is i~,nlra:ly no 1
i frellit t th, Llir " !!tie.C t.
T ih lCzueit (;uar , rc' iak;ils as 1)1
lows: "T'he gran;t juray anl for hioteau
't'eceiti ill esisio)n, llia. e a volu in ous
Oand ver'y critical report to the court
Sstriking rig;'t and Iltft at the carele-ssles
and recklessnes of county ollicills, and
recommending radical refornms in the ad
ministration of co unllty:'ollials, as they
appear to be catching "llail Columbia" in
several hithereto mismanaged and system
Saliclly swindled counties in the Territory.
The tax p'ayers in Montana appear at last
to be waking up to their own tinancial in
toreste, and giving their reckless :1md dis
hoinest public servants to understandl that
they will not put up with any more fool
ishness. This is a healthy sign of the
times, and should meet with the emphatic
approval of all good citizens.
The morning squirt, plublished at thel
other end of town, never had the pluck to
directly accuse the county oflicials of Cho
teau county with dishonesty, although the
experts backed by the grand jury aff;rded
it every opportunity to do so. It makes the
cowardly eilbrt, however, to strike them
over the Acarat Courier's shoulder by pub
lishing the above. Iirds of a feather liock.
All.rson, oft' the C(.uri,:r, was a elergy
man until he becomes an Indian :ageit and
consequently a thief. Previous to his ap
pointment and while yet a Iergyinan i i is
said tha:t the stockmen ,f (:Gallatin
county caught him 1 n the act of braunding
other mein's calves and c':lloi within :il
inch of sttechling his neck. This is the
party that our esteemed c.ontep.-!c:1ry
(iquotes as aiuthority for thle d islhonesty of
the Choteau ('cuntiv ,flici:s. A goot one,
isrn't he
Thlose who think tlihey hve reached per
feetion ill chicken culture :are reterred to
the fact that a chicken was born in Mlis
souri recently with three heads and four
feet. The mother, however. to.k in they
situation without coinsultation of the inted
ical authorities or other ceremonyi. ad
proceeded to tramp her abnormal oil~!ri.
out of existence. The chicken i. l -,i
fore dead, yet it furnishes an ,.x,:,t.,
what may be accompli-hefl by ,er
effort. In time no doubt it may 1
ble to discover the art . breed ,ing gee-,
who lay golden eggs.
An interesting a:f.ir" I tuk place tlhis
mlorning just as the stu'g' coa'9t botHn; tor1
Helena was leaving ir . A\ pa:ssengrc
who had already (epoitId r.k , su'rlut
W. tlfilm e to r vthl . %1 l rt. bu d 0w `'Ei!''a
red l'ai ' lloni ntiti t'. :' of iy I
l`.. p'Laem.it' e t - , . l tr! f,
<"i th;,. parti:s :`,_'O-.;.st .'n i ,'i t for tl. : full ,, i,, I
reason' : 'lhQ passmenerr w:I tol?: d alton 1
e v e n to th e e x te n t c(' i i11 ' 1',11
third parry WakLact~i.itui nt~ t' ?,
to sepa~rate the Comba~tants, 1ill his po'tt a,
peace-in] i,.' l'ill. tie -*lrtti tt Ic ac ui e hh : t t;81da' it g n
wvhen te t a ie pt We
shall not T'. i the i.i . Ira iv
becaus~e ;. '!re un)[r (10;'t -, 1i) iil,
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tory, says Clara Beflt in a ret tint letter'.
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