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The following suggestive lines were
handled us to-day by a subseril'r, and
they are certainly appropriate lir this
kind of weather:
Oh, for a lodge in the garden of cutcumblern
Oh for an iceberg or two at control :
Oh for a vale which at midday the dew culmbers
O(h for a pleasure trip up to the pole.
Oh for a little one-story thermnometer,
With nothing but zeroes all ranged in a row"
Oh for a big double-barrelled hydrometer.
To measure this moisture that rolls from my brow.
Oh that this cold world was twenty times colder :
(That's irony red-hot it st;emieth to me) :
Oh for a turn of its dreaded cold shoulder :
Oh what a c6mfort an ague would 1,h:'
Oh for : grotto to typify heaven.
Scooped in tilhe rock under cataract vast :
Ohtt for a winter of discontent even :
Oh for wet blankets judiciously c:ast
Oh for a soda fount spouting upI boldly
From every lamp-post against the hot sky'
Oh for a proud maiden to look on me coldly.
Freezing my soul with a glance of her eye:
'Then oh for a draught from cup of "cold pizcn.'
And ch for a resting-place in the cold grave:
With a bath in the Styx where the thick shadow lies on
.\ ndl deeplns the chill of its dark running wave.
The Fffect of Evangelist Barnes' Labors in
Kentucky's Capital.
About six weeks siltce Barnes, the
evangelist, declared his illtention of
making ta grand w~sault uponl the state
.capital of K entu(cky and icapturing fori
!Ihe a.-nr of the TLord the ittelmllrs oftlhe
state goverlLmlellnt. He has only beenlt ill
Fl1rankfort about two weeks, and his sue
cess is wonderful. Fully one thousald
c(olnverts have Dee utmade 1y his power
l'ul and elOllluet appelpcl. While the
governor of Kentucky is known as a: big
hearted and kindly p)an, yet lie has
always I)een cofnl'i(lered a worldly person,
so( wl.en it \V\-t$' tilcuouced yesterday
tlhat le had surrelnlercd to BlVother
lBarnes there was mucht surprise amolIg
his club friends ill this cityand thllrotugh
out the Ilurl)oin districts. It appears that
after an eloq(uelntt stl'iio, l)rea'e('d from
the twenlty-sceondl chapter of the First
Chronicles concerning the mbuilding of
Solonmon's temple, Mr. Barnes invited
atll who wished to confess Christ to collie
to the front. A few' minutes after,
a•tiolIg the throng could 1e seen the gray
haired head of the governor-of Kentuclky
moving toward the evangelist, who sto od
with outstretched hands to receive the
penitents. UGrasping the hand of Brother
lBarnes, Gov. Blackburn, with his whole
frame (quivering: withl em(1otioll, took his
reat on the front row of chairs set apart
for the penitents, and there made his
first public confession of his Saviou r. It
is well known that tlhe (.overinor has
always been a believer in Christianity,
but until last night, though .te has
Iistened to sonic of thie ablest ministers
ill the United States, he .never unitedl
with any church, or even cared to imake'
a public dleclarationl of his fait l. Mrs.
(reen Clay Smith, wife of the Re\v.
(Green Clay Smi,h, a Baptist ninister of
col.siterable reI)ute, also madte a confcs
sion. Cov. Blackburn will be confiirmed
inll (hrist church, Louisville, 1Sunday
week. Assistant State Auditr (rlGren
an d Assistant Secretary oi State Hlarris
lhave also 1)en converted, ad tll.te work
goes ott.
A Business-Like Answer to Prayer.
The latest case of literal answer to
praycr-and a very. business-like answer
at that-comes from Northern Montanla.
The facts were related to us by a gentlc
naan who] camne up fro'in Be]nton last
week, and are as follows: "A widow
whose husband died list sununer, and
who has since been brought to very re
dluced circumstances )by reason of ill'wss
among her children, sick at heart and
full of sorrow, turned to her Maker for
comfort. She prayed that the friend'of
the widow aiid the fatherless would hell
her an(1d her children in their (lire ex
tremity. lThe supply of provisions was
very low, the lanmily was living on starv
ation diet, and they had no near neiglh
h)1rs to apply to for help). While she
plrayed, a terrible crash was heard in the
yard. On opening the door it was found
that an enormous meteoric stone had
fallen from the sky, narrowly misnsing
her lowly cabin. Having heard that
these stones were highly pIrized by as
tronomical societies, correspondence was
opened with parties in the east, and at
iatest advices it seemed quite probable
that the poor widow would dispose of the
materialized thunderbolt for $55. Thi3.
beats manna all hollow. Verily, 'God
moves in a mysterious way.' "-Iade
up fromi Bentohki hd: ."rapers to subi,
stantiate this meteoric filb?
William Kane tend 'Tuck" Lambert
arrived in Benton f`i the Montana dis
triet Sv$~44 ;~klv i. They britn
ino~t cen g A reports from the
selr ,opiutns are worth somtething j#
tazg "Joutziin Chief"t ie,
maniseit behrybst
lind at the lottomi'a vein of ore eight
and a half feet wide, and some of the
a1ss)ays have exec'ede(l 1,0H) ounces to the
toll. They are not yet willing to admit
that there is a finer prospect in Moii
irna. :IMr. Kane inforIms us: that there
are prob)ably one hundred men in tilhe
(listrict, many of wh110111 are out ill the
nmouiltainis prospectilg.' A majority of
the lead owners are dilligeutly at work
developinlg their property, and it will
iot be long until a good showing w1ill be
imadle ill the (aullj). The lle\\- discoveries
ricentlv maill(i are really iin this district,
b)eing' not ilio)re thall four ite.- ftront
Seilui'rt. "
------- ýý "" arº' ý ...--- -- ---
Commodore Walters.
IMr. Walters, the genltlclman whl1_ ex
p)ects t, put a steamer on thue uipper Mis
souri river, bIuild a railroad arP)uilnd the
faills and all of that-il his .ind-was
ii Bieniton Thursday, lhavi ng made the
trip dow)el~l the Missouri' to this )point
fromu Three Forks, a distance of probably
2.5i) miles. After having lma11lde the trip,
'even. in a canoe, as iar as I he falls he is
not so sanlguilne aout tlhu upper river
beirng _navigable by steamers, and it i"
)robable that le will not put o.i his boat
right away, not this season at least. MIr.
Walters, however, is a pleasant= ZgenItle
manm, and has other extensive interests iii
the territory, which we, have 1o doubt
\ill render him mutch better returns
than would the project of running a
steua ter.on the upper river. Of c)oulse it
would )he a nice thing to have a railroad
front lHento n to the faills as s uggt'teti
the itlr1'rnm lot)f to co')lnec('t wittl I thIe
g'reat W\Valters line of boats oil tlhe ulpp(er
river, lnut, a, a: gelitlkeuain asked to-day,
what the (deuce woutld tlhe railroad (Io
d(luring tlihe eight mnonthis of tue year that
the boats cannot run. This is a coulln. -
druun that pro)babl)ly 1114 imlrt'jde( t
nmiaui or Mr. 'Walters had n ot tlioiight of.
The Fourth in Benton.
We are not sure that tlhe al)bove caption
i- corrc('t, forl virtuially thlerm, wa no
IFouirth ob)lservable \wort II speaking of.
The dlay was opeledl with a salute, and
nothing was (lole to fully ,elel)rate the
dav. Tlle.. was 110 col.iinetd Iulove
{ltiellt O.l the part of our' citizens, and
it was more like a Sa)l)atlh iday than the
Fourth of.July. Thle ladies of the Epis
o('opal church were busy (during the after
n )(oo0 prep)aring for tlheir ice cream festi
val, and when thie cool of evening fell
the (lining room of)t the ('ew hotel build
ing was throunged with .young people,
who evidently enjo tyed the refreshments
and dancing providedl. .A few tireworks
were used up (lurinlg tile e'veining, but
the people tof Benton should be, and no
dou1)t are, ashiiio'l of tihe way in which
the day was obserl'vei ini t riv'er mn
'l'ie Ileela colu'pally or (lelctale ' dis
tributes 850,0it0 i iolith.
Helenia expeccts5 to Ic lighted lv the
electric ray within thirty'days.
The Coulson /'o.0 has caugiht, onto the
boom and moved over into Billing--.
The Butte dailics have reduced the
size of their shee(tsm ani the widith of their"
As a rile the l,'rass oll th'e i'aiges of
Monitaa is b1etter than it has beenl for
several years.
The (ears ipassedl tlrough the Big Horn
tunnel on the 22"nd ult. The N. P. s
ilovilig Oil riipidlly.
W.I,. .llewtichl, seniteieed fronm Butte
to oneIC year's uontillemenlit iin the peni
tdntiary, has lbeen )ardoniied.
'r1'.-'=re are fifty telephliones in use in
Butte and the exchange is pron!ouncmwed
indlislensable 1 y the patronIs.
Thie Mulllani tullli is 0now ilno the
miouiltaiil 8S0i feet and is progressing at
rat.fe of nearly four tfee per day.
c.,'arroll and Venor, the otlitters who
shot andl killed Keel inl the recent bloody
enlcouniter have been honioralyv dis
ev\-. ,L. B. Stateler, one of the old
tiime Methodist Episc.opal mi nisters of
Monitania, was drowned in the lOhio
river recently.
All ilenl ill the eliiplov of the Alta
Monultana milling company found pa
tronizing a saloonl are discharged in
stai.nter. It seeims that the Alta Montanal
i iunder the niallilgenllent of temperance
lwh e- ~getalry of th.e Interior has re
voked thc. orlr With regard to the ac
eeptance of Itegiste. Moe's resignation,
requlig hipr to0 "iold on" until his
suie r otis appoinited. Mr. M., however,
suces~,or w~iLtetnamed.
) t th MIIwho r ,t o1we of a
".h nY' h Ye a --.
: i -ha We Accepte to
A. : ji ib r ii
. 7 ti
Mr. Black, the novelist, is seeking in
spliratiol by holnlobbing with Arabi
Bey in Egypt.
'rThle Belgian government is about to
adopt pulverized nieat for an army ra
tion. One pound of the article is said to
be equal inI nutritive power to six pounds
of fresh bheef.
Mr. Anthony Trollope, who has been
very much out of health lately, is about
starting ,on a tour through Ireland. He
intends to write a no1vel descriptive of
Irish eoulitry life at the present time.
Mr. 'Trollope is well acqluainte(l with
UTlster, as lhe was stationed at. Belfast for
many years when he was in the post
The flact that a quart of pills, hair p)ins
and needles was lately found in a mouse
nest at Newton, Lower Falls, in pulling
(donll the piazza of an old hotel, may not
be a filct of ilmportance in itself. Never
tlieless, a partial solution of the puzzle
.,' genlerations as to what becolnes of the
pinils, is furnished ,by this Massachusetts
I tl,01l '.
ý'tatistics appear to show tihat Ger
lany surl)asses all other countries in
the conlstlumptioln of imatches, the num
her used there daily being as great as
front tell to fifteen per head of the popu
latioil. This fact is attributel to the al
imiost universal customl of slnoking. In
Belgiumi the 1onsUlp)tio0 is albout nine
per head, in lEngland, eight; ill Fran.e,
The etliithsiasmi of the .Jews through
oult Btussia and ltoluniania for emligra
tionl on a great scale to Palestine is daily
growii.' The best test of the genuine
ness of the (ldsire is thle fact that in Rou
manlia .0'25,100), and in Russia a very
nmuch larger suitin lhas bieen subscribed in
ali(d of il, iV\-elmidt. These would be
emIigrants arh:ll eager to eligage in ag
People w\vho eat sarl'lines .shioil l btly
them of first-class dealers, who have a
good namle to lose, fir the brandl of long
established fitirms are forged and imitated
an(t tile \oirst qualities of all are ex
ported(. The Itbest are p)reserved, when
fresh, in genuine olive oil, while the
cheap are lmadle of fish that have been
spoiled iin salting oli the smacks, and
the oils usedl are of tihe cotton seed or
the .. lardl splecies.
Guiteau's Will.
'Fich \ 101t')iii., is ( " uitcui's last will
•n.dil tes-taeint, written by hinmself on
the dlay p)receding the execution:
VASIIINOT oNx, J UNI': 29, 1882.-lTo
?crc,tend 11E . ].Flics: I, Charles Gui
tcan, of the city of W'aslligton, in the
District of Coluiiibia. now uiider sell
tence of death, whviicli is to 1)4, carried
illt(o executio)lt betwveen ilthc hourts of 12
and 2 o'clo(.k on the 0t;h day of June,
A. T). 1882, ill the United States jail, in
said district, d.) hWely give and grant
you lly body after such execution; pro
vided, lhowever, that it. shall not be used
for any umercenary pu'lrpos. And I
hereby, foi'r good and sufficient c nsider
ations given, deliver and transfer to said
Hicks my b(olok entitled '"The Truth and
Removal,"' and the copyright thereof, to
be used by hilt in writing a true history
ofmy lift and executiol; andl I direct
that such history be entitled "Tie Life
and Work of Charles J. (Guitcau." And
I hereby solemnly prl'oclain and an
nounce to all the world that no personl
or persons shall ever in any matnner use
my body for any mercenary purpose
wlhatver, aind if 1t any time hereafter
any person shall desire to honor my re
mains, they cani do) so by erecting a
monuitienlt, whereon shall be inscribed
these words: "Here lies the body of
Charles J. (uiteau, patriot and Chris
tian. His soul is in glory.
[Signed] ('HAS. .I. ('rITEA .
Witness: (C.s. H. REE),
A Live Camp.
A gentleiiiaii who Ihas been engaged
in gathering statistics in Nevada for the
Government writes from Knoxville,
Tenn.: "Auioing the statistics I was
gathering in refeirence to Pioche is this:
'Pioche has the graves of 119) murdered
m-en---4 ini one row, called Murderers'
Row,' Colorado clainis that thil above
is incorrect and that P1ioche ' has been
overrated. ('loratido claimlito havext the
'boss planting ground' for men.'' Pioche
has been underrated rather than, over
rated in this respect. ''There is no camp
that will compare with it in this respect.
During the early days and lively times
the mni e'rs employed by several of our
companies never thought of going to
work without the six-shooter by his
side, and companies . employed
i ......y labor to
'tasion re
.uifred a once took
place btwee t Phoenix
=n-d Raymand &. E y: c ties in
drift 40tt feet below the te.
c.np hatl SUC;th bloody ina in earl
hi.af t i(t4 $tte but fwat the people
4 'ildt beasts
ow ha
Crockery and Queensware, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Bar
Furniture, Tents and Wagon Covers,
Wagon Timbers, Miners' Tools, Scults' 4 point Barbed Wire,
Tinware, Horse and Mule Shoes, Cooking and Heating
Stoves, Iron aad Wood Pumps, Sheep Dip
Tobacco, Wool Sacks and Twine,
Buckeye Machines, Harrows, Drags and
Plows, and the Genuine Singer
Sewing ~Machinies.
Tin Goods of Every Description MIade to Order.
Our stock is complete in every denartment, and we are prepared tso eive ('ur customers
everry advantage of the marKiet. Bear in mind that we carry the Lar.eat Stock ,: f Strictly
PURE LIQUORS in the Territory. A full supply of the celebrated Carlisle, Irnum, and
And O'Donnell's Blue Ribbon "O. K." WVhisky, and Schlitz's Milwaukee It.er always fon
bhand. We have the
Largest Store and Warehouses in Montana,
Our Eastern buyer purchases the entire stock for four large wholesale and retail establisih
ments, thus enabling us to meet the closest competiton. Don't tail to come and see us when
you visit Benton.
Highest Cash Price Paid For Robes, Furs, Skins and Peltries,
Receivers and Forwarders, |Jentoii. )o1'nt,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
The Finest and Most Complete Stock of Fancy
groceries ever brought to Benton.
Murphy, Neel & Co.'s old stand, cor. Front and Benton Sts.
Broadwater, McCulloh & Co.,
Fort Assinaboine, Montana;
Branch House: Connection:
C.' A. BROADWATER & CO, I Broadwater, McNamara a~ Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers, [ POST TRADERS,
enera Merchandise,

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