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All letters and commul nfications containing matter in
teiuled for publication in this paper, should be addressedt
to "The Ricer Press," and the namte of the writer imust
be .riven to insure attention.
Local adcertis -ments wtill b, inserted in these columtt.s
at the rate of fifteen cents per line from transient and
le u rents per line from regular advertisers.
rThe ~etlpubilicu'.m of Mo.ntat:a are requ'isted to send
delegat S t1,) a Republican Territorial Convention to
he held at I;utte City on the 13th day of September,
18a3, at 11 o'clock a. in., for the purpose ot nominat
ing a c'aindidate for DIelcgate to Congress, selecting a
Terri orial C(entral Committee, and transacting such
othler business as may be deemed proper. The several
,.(, iuties are entitled to repre-sentation as follows:
cteaveri ................................ .............12
('hoteau .................... ............. f
C uster ........ . ......... ....................... ..
Daw-son .......................... .............. 2
Deer Lodge .... ............................13
.(a llatin ....................... ....... . ............. 14
.Jefferson ...................................... 9
I.Lwis and (Clarke ........... ... ...............2'
.Madison ....................... ............13
Meagher .............. ...................... 9
Missoul......... ......... . .. .................. 6
Silver B w...................... .................20
Total........................ ......... .137
The Committee respectfully invite attention to the
t olowing resoliuticis adopted by previous Republi
can Territorial Conventions and still in force:
Resojl red, That delegatcs and alternate delegates
shall be elected in the future to Territorial Conven
tiont, and, in .the failure of the delegates to attend,
the alternate delegates shall cast the votes of the dele
gate. whose alternates they are.
Re.olrcd, That in the absence of a delegate and his
alternate, a majority of the delegates in eMtendance
from their county shall cast the vote of the alternates.
.'ecsolred. That in the absence of the delegates and
alternates from any county, nl vote shall be east for
such county.
lIrSuol rd , 'h'at. inl the county in which the conven
tion shall be held, when any delegate and his alternate
delegate arc a:.beitt, there shall be no votes cast in
their behalf. J. P. WOOLM1AN, Chairman.
It. E..FlsK. Secretary.
IT will probably be known as the
c.tucus ticket.
'Ti E Itfeople are anxious fiora new deal
in county affairs.
MEN, not 1)arty, will be the shibboleth
in this camlpaign.
BENTON will have water works. The
ball has been set in motion.
No town in Montana can show more
rapid and substantial pt-ogress this year
than Benton.
TI-E republicans of Arizona have nom
inated Judge I)eForest Porter for dele
gate to congress.
AN extensive paper mill is being
e•rected at Fargo. The northwest needs
such an enterprise.
JUDGE TATTAN should pray God to
deliver him from his friends, particularly
his fool friend of the Record.
''tIE 1Record crank ought to name the
"'unsatisfactory" candidates and not give
all of them the benefit of his opposition.
THERE is serious talk among some
leading democrats of calling another
convention for the nomination of a sec
ond ticket.
THI: ticket nominated Saturdlay will
be scratched more liberally than any one
that has ever been before the people of
C'hoteau county.
THEui democrats of Beaverhead county
in convention assembled thanked Dele
gate Maginnis for his faithful services,
etc., but didn't indorse the sixth term.
THrE anti-monopolists will hold a state
convention at Saratoga, September 13th,
and many of the prominent men of New
York will attend it. The anti-monopoly
movement is spreading.
THERE never before was such a dis
position.manifested to ignore party lines
and vote for the best men. The scratch
ing brigade in November will make a
very. respectable display.
THE central committee ought to send
out Tattan's speech (as reported) and'
the editorial in last night's .Record as
twin campaign documents. They would
be irresistible. The are, already.
THERE are some good names on the
democratic ticket, and some not so good.
The common opinion seems to be that as
a whole it is a weak production, and will
be slaughtered, even as.some of the can
didates were in the convention.
THE congressmen who voted.for t4:
river and harbor bill ,are now ke+ bu
explaining why they did it: Int a few
oongre.smen to be relgated to the walks
of private life by their indignant a d*
dM'~~l4th au ~
IF a direct daily stage linen from Ben
top to Illings were established there
would be a great aihount of travel by
that route this fall and Winter, while
next season the line would have some
thing in the we -<L of a booming business.
The Northern Pacific authorities should
unite with others interested in securing
daily service from the railroad to Benton.
INDIAN AGEN.T MAIiES has given notice
that he will, under orders from the, war
department, eject all cattle men and their
herds from the Cheyenne and Arapahoe
reservation. Secretary Lincoln has or
dered the employment of troops if neces
sary to rid the reservation of stock men
who are there without autthority of law.
The work of removal is now in progress.
.1 uD oE TATTAN'S speech as published
is word for word the report furnished us
by the stenographer. We have Mr.
WVorthington's manuscript in our desk
and any one fYho wishes can compare
the two. We (lid not read it until it
was in type and the "fornms" nearly
closed, and although it struck us at the
time ais supremely ridiculous, we let it
slide, placing the blame on the sten
TIHE people of this county do not pro
pose to be carried off by political excite
ment. The contest is purely a. local one
with no issue at stake except so far as
men and merit are concerned. On every
hand citizens are declaring their inten
tion to vote for the best men without
any regard for politics, and such a course
will be pursued more geneially than
ever before in Choteau county. The
scepter has departed from the political
A \VASHINGTON special says that Maj.
Thomas F. Barr, judge advocate and
military secretary of the secretary of
war, has stated that he intends to resign
his commission under the terms of the
provision in the appropriation bill by
which he secures one year's pay for
every five years' of service, and having
been in the service fifteen years he will
draw three years' pay, amounting to
nearly $10,000. Major Barr states that it
is his intention to enter on the practice
of law.
THILE icket nominated at the demo
cratic convention on Saturday evening
last is not in all respects strong or as
satisfactory as we wish it could be or as
we had reason to believe it would be
If the candidates are not all satisfactory
they are at le'ast good workers and can
carry: the (lay against all oplposition
ieco~od. .
That's pretty roughl on the ticket,
sure. Candidates that are "good work
ers," and have no other qualifications,
ought certainly be pl)ermitted to remain
in private life.
TI denmoe'ats of tlhe upper Teton
wantedl one of the candidates. for the
house of representatives, and presented
the name of one of the best men in the
county ' the wanted a delegate to the
territoAil .eoAvelition, and offered as a
suitable person a:i leading citizen of Mon
tana; they wanted a place on the central
committee- and they got absolutely noth
ing. " They~ were 4mitted to the caucus
aid tolerated in the convention-only
that hn4d nothing more.
IN speaking of a number of proposed
republican candidates for delegate to
congress, the Imnter-Miountain pays the
following deserved compliment to Mar
shal Botki .
"Col. A. C. Botkin, our efficient United
States marshal, would be another excel
lent choice. This gentleman is univer
sally esteemed for his faithful perfor
mance of duty, his official integrity
which has .never been breathed upon,
and those solid qualities of head and
heart which go to make up a foremost
citizen. He also has ripe experience ip
men and public measures, and the prom
inence he has won in the field of jour
nalism is convincing evidence of his
intellectual powers."
GRAND FORKS Herald: Collector Mc
Murtrie, who has been in the Forks a few
day=attending tJ o(nteetof a4 ee lah,
stated to a l1rcd reportr tat .ham
made a requisition on the United States
government for troeps to enable him to
enforD ithe cuitoms J ws in the Turtle
mountain country, soeth of the Inter
national lne. Half-breeds go over from
Manit9ba and refuse to pay duty. He
prop toe egouit with the troops him
self, as he never compelled a deputy to
owhere he dd not He expected that
th re would be somb lighting, and i
ea.d~o eet the b debjectioa to
ax sie it- Yviou ai
y e
adjutant general with Gen. 0. 0. How
ard, who has been ordered there Sept. 1,
from West Point. The charges against
him are insubordination, and. it is'un
dierstood that he declines to obey orders
because he does not wish to be associated
with Gen. Howard. General Sherman
threatened some time ago to court mar
tial officers who sought to interfere with
the action of the department through
members of congress. Taylor is the first
one to aseertain that he meant what he
The democratic ticket is is in the field
and the republican nominations will be
made in a few days, after which the
campaign in Choteau county may be
considered open. While, perhaps, all
have their choice for delegate to con
gress and for district attorney, the selec
tion of county officers is of more iinpor
tance and should receive closer consider
ation from the voter than anything else.
It comes nearer home and to some extent
effects the interests of all. Politics should
play the least possible part. Because a
candidate is a democrat is no reason that
he should be elected if his republican
opponent is a better man or would more
acceptably fill the position sought, and
rice versa. This thing of carrying party
prejudice into a contest for the local
offices is an illsighted policy, and the
RIVER PRESS hopes to see as little as
possible of it this fall. There is nothing
at issue save the candidates and their
merits, and no other consideration should
swerve the voter a hair's breadth. The
time has come when the people of Cho
teau county should be exceedingly care
ful in the selection of men for the local
offices, and we want to see the.line drawn
between men, not parties, at the ap
proaching election.
The democratic ticket does not start
out under favorable auspices. It is the
pioduct of a secret caucus, the delegates
having nothing to do but ratify the
work performed by the political bosses.
Theie are some men on the ticket who
would make excellent officers, but they
go into the campaign with a hard load to
We trust that the republican conven
tion next Saturday will not be trans
formed into a ratification meeting. Let
the delegates selected to nominate a
ticket meet and do the work, naming
candidates that would best serve the in
terests of the people, if elected, and they
will meet with fir greater favor at the
Short Horn Cattle,
Northern Montana.
Transact a General Banking
Keep current accounts with merchants, stock men
ai d others, subject to be drawn against by
checks without notice.
We buy and sell Exchange on the commercial center
of the United States.
And will make such loans to stock men and farmers
as are suited to their requirements.
Local Securities a Specialty.
Collections and all other business entrusted to us will
receive prompt and careful attention.
FsOnT SEanXT, FORT B~rTox, M. T.
Fort, Benton.
W. G. CONRAD, President
Jos. S. HILL, Vice-President
R. A. LUKE, Cashier
Authiroded capital.. .............. ,o
:pital (paid in)... ............ . ..... , MOW[O
ýurplspro~t...............,. ........% OOO
W W eene 8AVcA V rc Trn"er
R be.,at 4 ds
otheadamentamasseen 'Iass, _an sldan
The Leading Clothiers
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Saddlery Hardware, Etc., Etc.
Agent fobr Hill's
Cash Paid for Hider, Furs, Peltries, Wool, Ec., Etc. Repairing
Neatly ~iC Promptly Done.
Harness and Saddle
Front Street, Benton. Mont.
I keep a full line of Saddlery Hardware, Collars, Whips,'Blankets and Corona1.
Saddle Trees of every description, including the celebrated IRON FORK
and LIVE OAK TREES. Particular attention paid to the
manufacture of
Also all grades of Harness, from the Lightest to the Heaviest, suitable for Stock
men, Ranchmen, Freighters and others.
No Machine Stitched Work in the Stock I
Ladies' Saddles always on hand. Highest Cash Price paid for Hides, Furn. \', ,1
and Peltries. Prompt attention paid to orders by mail and
satisfaction guaranteed.
F. 0. [email protected] VELT & CO.,
Sý te n tr of Main and Bond sts.,
f ife. PIneit Turkey Sets,
w i =k.. velvets, reps,
n tttiom sets. Bed
}ahrmper then
} 1 i , it ars

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