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From - aturdayt'1 Daily.
Lee Smith has rented Mike Foley's
saloon at Barker, and will take possession
of the same at once.
Rev. D. L. Leonard, who has been at
Billings a few weeks past, has a good
,1ieal of confidence in that boomed burg.
The 1ltah & Northern reached Warm
Springs on the 22d, and will probably
he complºet'ed to Deer Lodge between the
tle 5th arnd ll 1tl prox.
The TºtiLgue River irrigating and ditch
c(-oilN.oany filed articles of incorporation
with the territorial secretary August 22.
('apit.l, . l(00,.00; location of the ditch,
'T'ongue river: ,pr!icipal office, at Miles
Th'l'hre liha beeni something of it stam
lpede to Siiow ereek in the Montana dis
trict, where several very promising leads
have been discovered and located. Dan
L)utro was the first prospector in this
field, where he staked off" six or seven
goo(d leads.
General Freight Agent Vinning, of
the Union Pacific, announces the follow
ing rates for special contractors: Canned
goodts, green coffee and rice from Chicago
or St. Louis to Dillon, Melrose, Silver
Bow or Butte, $1.50 per hundred. From
Omaha, $1.25 per hundred.
The republicans of Beaverhead have
nominated the following ticket: For
eouncilman, B. F. White, of Dillon;
house, Jas. I'Parbet, Hecla City; sheriff,
I). F. Reinhardt, Dillon; clerk, B. H.
Cook, Glendale; assessor, 0. Willis; pro
bate judge, A. F. Sears, Bannack; treas
urer, .1. C. Metlin, Glendale; commis
sioners, George M. Brown and John
It proves that the reported case of
smallpox at Wickes was in reality the
searlet feiver. Mrs. Yaeger, wife of the
engineer at the Comet, is the person
aftlieted. )Dr. S;teele was summoned
front Boulder Springs and pronounced
the disease not simallpax, to the no little
relief of the Wickesites. The doctor's
three patients at the Springs are now so
far recovei'ed that he will return tJ Hel
Prom Sundaiy's DaLiy.
John Bowman was quite badly hurt
last WVeinesday by his horse falling on
him. 'he animal fell across his hip, and
at list .aW(outlis lt was laid up.
'The lria'nk ]iall dramilati company
1 layeed1 to a f'ull House last night, and
again won11 the coIunlmendation of the
uhlie. 'They .leave for Fort Assinaboin
to-day, :andl o their return will favor
lienioln witi ai few more entertainm-ents.
T. A.. ( Cunllirings' building on Bond
st.-reet will ic ~eoillileted in a few days,
and will he quite a handsome structure.
Th(e west room will be occupied by
( riflith z& Ingersoll, civil engineers, and
the east roomn by. Mr. Cummings him
self(.The ini(dle room is yet for rent,
and will m Ike a desirable office.
From Tue'-cday's Dally :
The mininug ;ad ssmelting colmpaniy
and Oscar Olinger have purchased the
May Wilson and Amnador leads, in the
iBarker district, of William Rowe.
The First Congregational church of
BIenton, organized Sunday evening, cx
liects to Ibuildt a church before very long.
A favoralle start has been made.
We understand that the Masons, at a
umeetin, held last night, reconsidered
iheir aclion in the choice of ground for
the erection of their hall, and decided to
buill on Front street, opposite the new
JI. W. Caldwell, assayer, inserts his
card in this issue of the RIVER PRESS.
Mr. Caldwell has given every satisfac
as an assayer in Maiden, and will, no
doubt, have his hands full of business in
his new quarters at Clendenin
Rev. Mr. Leonard gave an interesting
discourse to a large congregation at the
court house last Suaday evening. ,.At
the close of the services an organization
was made which received the namae of
the First Congregational church of Fort
Benton. A constitution was adopted
for the management of its affairs. Let
all the good people of Benton welcome
and encourage this enterprise. Institu
tions of this character will help to pro
tect us against the perils of the frontier.
John Neubert, who sold 150 head of
cattle to Mee Bros. when he had but 52,
and got the cash for the former number,
is mad because the RIVER PRESS pui b
lished the facts. We are not likely- t
get offended at what a man of that
calibre says of us--not more than :we
would at the frothings of tBo A¶y r
crank. We wish to ay to M.. 1 etriih
however, that if the RIVER PR
him anything all he has to do is to w. i
Ilaiden Mura tsw.
North Star, the Silver Tip, the St. Paul
and three or four other mines. The
officers of the company are Chas. Wil
liams, president; C. L. Eaton, vice-pre
sident; Chas. BoiAsonneault, secretary,
and, L. Belanger, treasurer. The Dun
can Bros. will go east shortly to attend
to the business of the company. The
other is known as the Consolidated
Silver mining company, which will de
velop the Monte Christo, Mother Green
and several other lodes near ?ieAdow &
Dexter's. We are unable to learn the
officers of this company.
A new strike is reported in the Mon
tana mine of a large body of ore, three
feet of which assays $165 to the ton.
It is reported that A. M. Esler has put
on a force of thirty men to dig the foun
dation for tlhe erection of the new twenty
stamp mill which is expected to be put
up this fall.
Word has been received from C. C.
Snow, part owner of the Collar mine,
who is now in St. Paul and Minneapolis,
that the prospects "are very bright for
placing the stock of that mine and erect
ing a mill this fall.
Maiden is rather quiet at present, but
expects quite a boom when the mills are
begun. J. W. Caldwell, the assayer, has
moved his office from Maiden to Barker,
and will open up in the latter camp in at
few days.
---- - ---~~* --~----- -
Water Works.
A meeting of several prominent citi
zens of Benton was held a few days ago
to canvass the subject of erecting water
works at this place, and a committee
was appointed to have , survey made
and determine the probable cost of the
same. The fundsnecessary for carrying
out the preliminary work are guaranteed
and in a few days the survey will be
made by Mr. Griffith, who has had ex
tensive experience in such work in the
east and judging by the enthusiasm mani
fested by the gentlemen interested in
the movement, a water works company
will be organized in Benton in a very
short time. It is estimated that the
works complete will not cost over $35,000,
as the situation of the town with refer
ence to the river and bluff is favorable
for their construction. If the cost would
not be greater than this estimate a stock
company can be organized without the
least difficulty, and next season will see
the water works completed.
The Benton Branch -urvey.
The B3enton Branch Survey.
A. K. Yerkes, writing from Stillwater,
M. T., to the Yellowstone Journal, says:
"Col. Pike, resident engineer located at
Billings, arrived here to-day to make ar
rangements for starting a preliminary
survey to Benton from this place. This
will be a matter of surprise to many, as
it has long been conceded outside of
railroad circles that Billings was to get
this branch of the N':)rthern Pacific rail
road without a doubt. Col. Pike informs
me, however, that several routes will be
surveyed, and from what can be learned
the route from this point will be the one
established. The Indians in going to
the northern country have made large,
well defined trails from here, and for
several years buffalo hunters have trans
ported their hides to the Yellowstone,
down the valleys leading to this place.
The proposed route will follow up Keizer
creek and strike the American Fork; it
will pass directly through the center of
the rich Judith country to the famous
Maginnis mines, and from thence to
Benton. From a glance at the map it
can be seen that the route will be con
siderably shorter than that from Bil
lings, and we are assured by the old
settlers that wagons can travel with ease
from here to Benton."
Letter List.
The following is a list of letters remain
ing in the Bentonpostoflice for the week
ending August ,41882:
Buckman; Geo H Lawrence, John
Brown, A M Lange, Gus"
Boatman, W I Larance, 3 R
Bowfkea , Ed Mhiller, J B
Bowerg Wit MDoioe, Miss .M
Bte~ , jS G M&Ier, Miss Mamie
Browne, Mr&J- W McMillan, Joseph
Casey, R J 4 MBceil(d, JI
Farmer, Wiley P• e , `i:..h,
Fields, Miss Jose 6 Ryan, Thos
Greenlaw, J3. 2 ~obb,Edwaarr
G rifn, Cb is e; Tea, W :
Godfrey, A 8mithl, Wnm,
Gahan, Mrs Era Ste, Step
Gomani , M# Ada $f fiss Annie2
Hoyt, "W' MS , .
. .Leee
The Prairie on Fire in all Directions-250
Tons of Hay Burned Near High
wood-Sand Coulee a Coulee
of Flames.
For the past two or three days prairie
fires have been raging in almost every
direction about Benton with most dam
aging results. On Highwood the fire
has been burning since Saturday and is
moving rapidly toward Belt creek and
the Missouri. A courier arrived yester
day afternoon bringing the information
that 250 tons of hay, cut and put up by
Messrs. James McDevitt and W. H.
Wright, has been burned to the ground,
and that nearly all the good hay land
has been burned over. The loss to
Messrs. McDevitt & Co. is a serious one,
amounting to probably two or three
thousand dollars, and the fact that the
hay cannot be reproduced renders the
calamity so much greater. If the most
desirable hay fields in that section had
not been burned over the loss could be
soon replaced, and Messrs. McDevitt and
Wright have the necessary pluck to do
it, but under the circumstances there is
no such recourse.
At Sand Coulee we are informed the
fire is licking up the grass and as there
are no streams to check its maddening
cot .rse it will probably do great damage
to other property as well as the range.
No personal losses have as yet been re
A fire is also raging on the Marias, and
Sunday evening its red reflection was
plainly visible from the city, presenting
a rather sublime sight. But when one
thinks of the damage being done the
range he would much rather seek else
where for the sublime in nature. The
fires to the north and northwest of us
hdave oeen burning several days, and the
damage will be very great.
It seems useless to warn the people to
be careful with fires on the prairie. All
these fires have doubtless resulted from
the carelessness of travelers. Men seem
to forget what havye may be created by
neglecting to extinguish a camp fire, as
in most instances this is the origin of
the destructive prairie fires. Although
the territory imposes a heavy penalty
for the offense of starting a prairie fire,
and stock associations have offered lib
eral rewards for the conviction of any,
such person, arrests are rarely, if ever,
made, and year after year the destruc
tive fires rage about us. An example
ought to be made of some of the careless
ones and2 the effect wvould probably be
most eslutory.
.. ...... . . wA· l I.-4 .q l . . 1 m- ..... ..--
From Saturday's Daily.
-Ed. Dennis, of Old Agency, is in the
-Jamnes (Cochrane and Mr. Browning,
secretary of the Cochrane ranch com
pany, are expected in Benton in a day
or two.
-Mr. Ira-Myer , of Old Agency, is in
the city, and will mix politics with busi
ness by attending the democratic con
vention to-day.
-Bob Blankenbaker leaves for his
ranch on Box Elder this morning, and
in a few days will take his departure for
the States on a short visit. Rumor has
it that he will bring back a Missouri girl.
From Saturday's Daily.
-Adolph Odenwald, of the Judith, is
in the city.
-J. W. and Ford Caldwell and Chas.
G. Griffith camne in last night.
-H. D. Burghitrdt, manager of the
Clendenin mining and smelting com
pany, arrived from Barker last evening.
-A. E. Hummer, formerly in the
Benton post office, is in the city, repre
senting Greenhood, Bohm & Co., Hel
-Perry Westfall, B. D. Phillips, J. L.
Root, E. F. Tuttle, Ole Thorsen and
Jews: Phelps, of the Juditro.tnd uip, are
at the Overland;
From 'tam'eds Dafy:
-The mother and sister of Jesse
Philp, t( Arrow Creek,. are on their
way to pay him a visit.
-Mr. Chas. T. Weidman and Miss
Ftene , Marston .were; united in the
bonds of matrimony a short time ago at
IQtden. The RIVER PRESS sends con
--Major DangerfieId€ P ker, accom
[panied by Mrs. Parker and Lieut.
Henry, arived in -the city last evening
by ambulance from T.ort Shaw. The
Majora beetorded et od
- I -71u;4
been selected, and to render the RIVER
PRESS one of the most complete news
paper offices in tle territory. The paper
will move along as heretofore without
change of management.
Admitted to the Bar.
Judge Wade has issued an order that
on the filing of his certificate from one
of the:Iowa courts, Prof. E. R. Clingan's
name be placed on the roll of attorneys
in Montana. iBut few in Benton, out
side of the legal fraternity, were aware
that Mr. Clingan was a lawyer, for, with
the modesty which ever accompanies
true merit, he has refrained from blow
ing his own horn. The fact is, however,
that he has not only been admitted to
the bar in Iowa, but has practiced his
profession there, and has creditably filled
the office of city attorney of Vinton,
Iowa, a town of over 3,000 inhabitants,
to which office he was elected by the
votes of his fellow citizens. We take
pleasure in chronicling the fact of his
admission to the Montana bar, and feel
confident that he will be a credit to the
UTIC.I, ;IO.4'T' A`0.4.
Hotel, Stables, and Billiard Room run
in connection.
In the Judith Basin.
Three thousand acclimated sheep, on
good range near Benton. Will be sold
in lots to suit. For particulars address
S. N. Dickey, Box Elder, or
WMV. H. TODD, Fort Benton.
At Fort Benton, from the noted Hill
hurst herd of M. H. Cochrane. Can be
delivered at once. Apply to
care of I. G. Baker & Co., Benton.
Crockery and Queensvyare, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Bar
Furniture, Tents and Wagon Covers,
Wagon Timbers, Miners' Tools, Scutts' 4 point Barbed Wire,
Tinware, Horse and Mule Shoes, Cooking and Heating
Stoves, Iron and Wood Pumps, Sheep Dip
Tobacco, Wool Sacks and Twine,
Buckeye Machines, Harrows, Drags and
Plows, and the Genuine Singer
Sewing Machines.
Tin Goods of very Description lade to Order.
Our stock is complete i every deneartmet, andi we ase prepared to give our cuatomess
everry advit. t oe mer at Ier in mind tbt we eoary the Largest 8toe~ of Striely
PrsiQ.7lathe Terrfity. A full suppl o otfesmbrated Carlisle, Hume, and
woY soUR ASH wHKm,
an io 'se Ribto. "0. K." Wsky, a d 8eit's Milwa. Beer always on
and. We he the
t 1~ty R es
All work in our line executed
with dispatch and in
workmanlike style.
Freighters who want their wagons re
paired or animals shod, will find
it to their interest t4) ctall
and see us.
A general line of blacksmith
ing done in the best style
of the art.
Corner of Main and Arnoux streets.
And Billiard Hall.
Main Street.
This popular resort is always found stocked with the
choicest goods, purchased in the East and shipped
expressly for this house, and comprising
the very finest brands of
Whisky, Wines, Brandies
and the finest brands of
The bar is the finest in Benton, and you can always
got any kind of fancy drink you call for, mixed
in first-class style, and with the choicest
and best variety of liquors.
Grand Central
Opposite the Court House,
The only first-class Restaurant in the city where
everything can be had in season.
Board by the Day and Week;
also first-class Lodging.

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