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H. F. Doughlas Telln something of the I
Plans of the Park Improvement
Company, Whioh will have
H tels Built for 1883.
Henry F. Doughlas of Fort Yates. t
Dak., and one of the prime movers in i
the company which is to furnish tht I
Yellowstone park with hotel and trans- I
portation facilities, says no time will be I
lost in making the most of the facilities t
granted by the government, and already {
saw mills and supplies have been pur
chased and will be put up at once, so f
that the company can take care of tour
ists during the summer of 1833, when a
very large number are expected from all
over the world, the fame of the wonders I
of the park having been sent abroad j
more than over throughout the last year.
Three hotels are to be put up at once,
and the site of the largest has been fixed
upon at the Mammoth spring. One of
the others will probably be on Fire Hole
river at Sheridan's geyser, known as
Hell's Half Acre, this being the nearest
reachable point within the park to the
Utah Northern railway, as the larger
hotel is nearest the Northern Pacific.
The site of the third hotel has not been
fixed upon, but it will most probably be
on Yellowstone lake, upon which Gen.
James Briebin has secured the privilege
of placing a steamboat. He is to be al
lowed to own one steamer on the lake
and the company will own any others
that may be placed there within the next
ten.years, as also the row and sail boats,
of which a full completement will be
ordered at once. The Northern Pacific
intends to run its branch line from Ben
son's Landing to the edge of the park
early next spring, and the Park Im1
provement company will immediately
lput on stages to connect with the rail
way, which will be sixty miles long,
over the route previously and several
times described. The stage rride from
the terminus of the Northern Pacific to
the largest hotel will be only ten miles
long. - Stages are also to be run to the
Utah Northern which has determintd
to build a branch to the edge of the park
very speedily. This stage ride will be
longer than the other, but the sec.fncry
throughout is said to be enchanting. It
's believed that arrangements will be
imade for the issuance of round trip tick
ets reading via Utah Northern and
Utnion Pacific coming into the park and
Notthern Pacific rAturning, or a reversal
in the order.
Rolnteana's Bovine Wealth.
Unole Dan Flowerreu, of Hielena,
lMont., one of tie bes:t known ca:tt!e men
in the country and especially familiar
with Montana rlazing, was in St. Paul,I
Src~ently, supervising the arrival or' a
couple of trains loaded with HA4 ift t
t : eeveIs coulignced to tt hb h 'i g -'
Set, nost a 4.hem, bht 41'". ' . Iie.
stock yards iMere fdWi: sh ordt.rat.. A,
number or peris)n viited the yards,
and one butcher wad; ' c~ nthusi:astically
pleaed .wih l th l ookti of one of the
i tleers that h , qi: "Flo- - ree 11 - ve
you $403 ri' fthytl feliow", ' wheretwou
.Uncle Dan said",:.'"Take :him rig].
along,' and lie did at the price named.
A relporter seized an opportunity -or :a
little cattle talk with Mr. Flowerree,
Sand the gentlemnan, confirmed the state
ment that the last year had. been the
bett Montana had ever known·ias to
grazing interests, and the winter and
spring couldn't lhave been better if the
at;'eir hld ben:.m:ade to :the oAgdeI of
Sthe beef owners. In oonsequenx-, the
animals were fat before the grass turned
green, and have been gaining in solidity
ever since, so that the two and three
Syear olds are. abnormally heavy. Owing
to the mild weather, also, the percen
tage of iaved -tilves has been very largE
•and the increase consequent has bedt
pleasinpgly great Mr. Flowerree also
said that the increase in Montana vwas
not as great as further south, by seal_
per cent, and explained by saying that
wherxehin Color C~0do igty of the i;~aves
dropped 'fromn a hbrd of one huidM&I
cows were saved, andl in Texas even
mione htp pg eigl ty-five or ainety. ia
Montana seventy was a good saving,
and ini~4i weather ewclnced to his4dvere
a Smailer perCentarg was nosaye4 Lqt
year the saving'as: seventy,' id some
Natianoei mo#te, bt it was not'o be cx
pec*edMat in Miinorftxei- a athituile the
yield wotid ever be as g~od as ·-eter
" f9f*4 |sipvo
cmlea 3K~::
by":tT.~· Ie
-.--~----( -~
Kittie carroll, 0ne of,4(r at the
'"Pale," Attempts t"3Bh1 Off
This Mort&r1oi."
About twelve o'clock night before last t;
there was an unusual stir at the "gilded
palace" on Main street;, caused by the J
fact that one of the inmates attempted 1
to commit suicide by taking morphine.
Kittie Carroll is the namie of the unfor- j
tunate girl, and her life kwassaved simply 1
because she took an! overdose-nearly s
whole bottle of sixty grains-which ]
acted as an emetic, and by the assistance
of a physician she was soon, brought -
about all right.. 1
An eflort was made yesterday to keep
the affair quiet, but it soon got noised
aoroad, as such things will, and was a
ruitful topic of conversation on the
streets yesterday. Theogirl was notlong
in repentingof her folly and is not likely
to attempt self-destruction again very
The circumstances connected with the
case are of the stereotyped form. There
is a "lover,' of course, jealousy on the
part of the latter, a. little quarrel, an al
leged final leave taking--and then, in
despair, the morphine ottle ! It would
make a very nice and pathetic story
with all the details and heart burnings
worked in, but we have no wish, even
if it would create a sensation, to go into
particulars. No harm of consequence
has been done and probably sonmebody
will be benefited. "All's well that ends
Forty-Three Tons of Ore from the Wright
& Edwards in Five D)ays.
We were shown last evening the regu
lar report of the operations on the
Wright & Edwards mine for the five
days' preceding the departure of the
coach from the gulch, or of five days
work last week, showing that a total of
83,778 pounds of first-class ore, or over
43 tons, were taken out in that time.
When it is remembered that the mine is
now only in process of development, and
not worked.solely to get out ore, this
record may well be considered an ex
cellent one. The mince is reported look
ing better than ever.
:Meagher Count:r Mfatters.
The following it'in; f-,rom the pr ced
ings of the Meagher county hoard of
cormmnissioners, as puid1ished by the ju4 -
b,: ndma.n, will be of interes;t t o many
readers (f thti RrIVEmR. PRE',ss:
Report of vlewers, appointed to chIugs
the road from Ches-tni.t valley fto i),eep
creek, wa-I accepted and the rtoad U':'
Sclared a cmnty r1.(iad as located.
The petition of*tioe citizens o; 1lughe;s
toy'nship fr the apipointmcot pi' viw
eCs to vxiew a road frorm tLie town :of
Hi ghui e aerosthc diyivtc id a north
:eMi idvreiasty y eopyr A,,sJ ranch,
to iictrsa..the :old 0atoty ioAd at Lea
Vitt's ranch, was conmider.ed, and John
Kilillay, P. Hi. Huzhes and RI. :G.
Wight were appoointed to view and lo
c .ate said road.
:: In ~aicordcnino with a, petition from the
eitize~i on Belt creek nlear the Choteau
c8Utntfs'Tine, the superintendent was. in
s-tructed IC act in concert with the Chc
teau county school authorities in estab
lishing said joint district, and it is here
by ordered that upon the Choteau county
authorities° taking the proper action in
the matter, the ordelr for establishing
said district is to take effect.
T:Wh superintendent of public instruc
tlion was ordered to establish the Maiden
school district No. 14, including the fo!
r lowing territory, commencing at a point
, two miles due northeast from the inter
Ssection of Main and Montana streets in
Sthe~ town of .Maiden,. r~uning thence
.:'. t'. four imiles." thdace *~lathwes,
k~,liep; -thence northwest twelve
es; thence ·ioi.teia..kA six. miles; thence
3 southeast eight miles to place of begin
:Yani4mln sona'ethe Cottonwood school :dis
, trict No. 15,commencing at Mrs, Fifle's
S|on-Big Casiuor running. thence north
weaterly down the bianch between Big,
1 Spring and Cottonwood creeks to the
. nouth of Cottonwood creek; thence
aukerly t the Judith river; thence up
r sdsidger to ty mouth of Ross' Fork on
t the Judith; thence up said Ross' Fork
Sti: JO tdith gap; thence easterly along
- the Snawy m;untai :to a place of be~
'r River ~ews.
c qe th ~PC94 iiag of the
ATbi~ilirt vot there FJpig
SElejcridge for Belts Crad Juagek.
At their meeting laso t evenii thner
comis.t evining estabid.s iedr the orection g
piecinets and appointed judges of elnet
tion ais follows:
anFor th Bentoct .at the courteawarded to
.1 ,,.-," . G ri,, ith & C a ld w ell, t e r p i
Judges-Jerein Sullivan0. There were three bid
W. H. Todd.
Sun Rivtther, atone of them only use- litthol oves
Dunn, neuy iowles and J. B. Trax
Carroll. : Tyvler & F-,ev'si--J. M.
Macross the -main chand l, which t.S
Sboardd i not ri egm a.Ile`quate. Thi
-.n .nd specificationders reseitand Mike
HMessrs. (riith & Cldwell were exikn.
cuted i n fthh beout style of the art, and pro
Cvide ft, a bridge242 feet in length, to 1gel,
-built about 303 yards below the o~d saw
mill and at of" neatf the present ford. :I
Sai to b constructed in the best mannonn.
Marisa, at ,Moe-e ,olomou's-Jas. 112.
Sthroughout' D, and completed Jacoby the fi Un
L of April, 183Teton, the contractors agivinth?
rabond in the sum of $4,530 Danir the faSith
and Mr. Grmane of the am. ntra
SFlongrat Coulee, ate the people of Belran creek ans.
Ritter, J. _,. Blackabee and Ed. Hogan.
Sabeyond upon securinge, at Roblankenbakest this muc
1 needed public improvement, and
S-Joseph Allen, Nation of the plans and J. Jspec.
Afentiony. fully convinces us that t
Ol brid Agency, will be one that will stay fzlett's
store-Peter Trudo, John Billings andyears.
James Gibson.
Fort Conrad, at Joseph Kipp's-Hst.i.
UpThe follow. Spencer and Hirast oflettem remaike.
Depuyer Creek, at J. C. Grant'sr-O.
G. Cooper, J. Burd and J. C. Grant.
Highwood, at in the schBenton potofie for the weH.
ending Sqpteniber 23, 1868:
BoyleApgar, Charles Fish and Win. Thomas.
Allisonkin, at Joseph Cobell's-Daiel Mudge, J
O'Reiley, SilM. E. Miler and Thomashn
.Beaudry, Valmore Marootte, Lewis
BfingtArrow Creek, at John LaMo t's--Wutt,.Johnney
C. Carownthers, John Buckwalter and S.
G. Bowman.Marg O'Glesty, Jaes
::roft, Ja~ckt. O'Donnell, John.
Eight Campble Springs, at Rutherford'sd W
eCamlpbell, D A 2 Peak, ET
Chute, Chas . Pottle, Frank 5
stColeman, WC. Ruteriord, John Eldridge
@At .--. t, Oti.' P ' rudboum, Jos
.Campbell, G e( Smith/jdos 2
and John Ripley.2
The Apportionment., FrW
HELENA, -ept. 29.
Specai Diap ttchi to thc. Daily Ri er Pruei.
The, At)portionnicent board have fin
i.hed their work. Choteau 'as Joint
(Moune~ihiian with Dawson; Lewis and
C i.r:k two. and the rest oneM.'11Uh
and D.: wscon, one r epre,,sen tt Ui ve Lewis
and C!,ai'l. i.nud Silver Bow, hree each;
a! tro rest two.
A Blridge for Belt. Crackor.
At he meeting of the eoJliaizssIoners
i last evening the bids "or tale erection ofi
The Leading Clothiers
JL/.L".B. V JL8.0L.A
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Saclileiy Earclwart, Etc., Etc.
. • Agent fbr Hill's
Cash Paid for Hider, "xrs, Peltries, Wool, Ec., Etc. Repairing
Neatly aL.' Promptly Done.
Harness and Saddle
Front Street, Benton. Mont.
eep a full line of Saddlery Hardware, Collars, Whips," Blankets and Corona.l
Saddle Trees of every description including the celebrated IRON FORK
. and LIVE OAK TRE ES Particular attention paid to the
manufacture of
A ls atl grades of H.aress, from the rLightest to the Heaviest, suitabiC for Hiock
mencr;anc.men, Freighters and others.
No, Wachine Stitched Work in the Stock I
La es' ~~.iddesalway oanjrndi Highest Cash Price paid for Hides, Fui+, Wol;
aid Petlfi, P.pt aaten~tion :paid to orders by mail and
- . -- : factinguaranteedv.
} l knd Bond st9.i
F4.i-nst iTuarkey sets
... .... b..t Bed"
c h.ePpe then
aggaC allg i and

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