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The Proteus Court of: Inquiry.
WASHINGTON, November 22.-Secre
tary Chandler was notified to appear be
fore the Proteus court of investigation
to-day. He said that the acting chief
signal officer informed him that it was
not necessary that the Yantic should
carry any supplies for the Greely and
Garlington parties, but notwithstanding
he directed that the Vessel's guns be
taken out and she filled with provisions.
On the Yantic's return to St. John's she
had three months' supplies for 129 men.
Gen. Hazen was recalled and read a
letter in response to inquiries of what
he intended to prove by the witnesses
he desired to summon. The substance
of the letter is that there is testimony
before the court showing the conduct of
the chief signal officer in connection
with the expedition to be of a careless
and incomplete nature, and tending to
give the impression that he was guilty
of culpable and almost criminal neglect
of duty, which would deservedly sub
ject him to a general court martial. He
therefore claims the right to have wit
nesses summoned by whom to prove be
yond a reasonable doubt that he neglect
ed none of his duties, and that the work
was well done to the last, in every detail
and in all particulars.
Dr. Harrison, surgeon of the Proteus,
testified that the crew acted in a most
villainous manner; in fact, they were
perfect pirates. They did nothing to
ward saving the provisions. Capt. Pike
told the witness he had no power to
keep the men from stealing. They were
a set of scoundrels.
WVASHINGTON, November 23. - Ser
geant Lamor testified before the Proteus
court of inquiry that Capt. Pike told
him, when the vessel reached Cape Sat
bine, that he felt disposed to delay sev
eral days, but Garlington, discovering
land to the north, urged a forward
movement. It will be remembered that
Garlington was ordered' to take advan
tage of every lead and ppsh northward
as rapidly as possible.
Sergeant Kenney testified that the
crew of the Proteus were good for noth
ing as sailors or anything else. He be
lieved they intended to steal Garling
ton's boat. He had been cautioned to
look out for himself.
A Desperado Hung-.-atal Row.
LONDON, Tenn., November 23.-Andy
Taylor, the last of three notorious broth
ers, was executed at 3:15 p. m. to-day.
He maintained the same indifference to
the last and refused to converse with
his minister. He ate dinner with much
relish, and at 2:30 was taken from the
jail. He ,mounted the gallows with a
firm step, and when asked if he wished
to address the crowd, said that he did
not, and was entirely unmoved on the
gallows. After the noose was adjusted
he said to the sheriff of Hamilton coun
ty, "G-d d-n you; I could drink your
heart's blood." The drop sprung at 3:05
and he died of strangulation in nine
minutes and was cut down at 4 o'clock.
The crowd was orderly and the gallows
screened. It was the first private exe
cution that ever took place in the state.
To-night, three hours after, the hang
ing of Andy Taylor, Bill Williams and
John McKee, both whites, became in
volved in a quarrel with some negroes,
and Williams was struck on the head
with a stone and his skull was broken.
It is thought that hlie will die.
Wholesale Murder.
JACKSON, Mich., November 22.-This
morning four persons-Jacob D. Crouch,
a widower, aged 74, Henry White, soh
in-law of Crouch, aged 38, Eugenia
White, daughter of Crouch, aged 33, all
of Summit township, Jackson county,
and Mose Polly, of Transfer, Mercer
county, Pa.-were found murdered in
their beds, all having been shot behind
the ear. It is supposed they were chlor
oformed first, as no sign of a struggle
was apparent.
Foul Play.
PITTSBUn G. November 25.-The re
mains of a young man named W. G.
Elliott were found at an early hour this
morning under the trestle work in the
12th ward, his head being cut and his
body bruised. The evidence elicited
before the coroner's jury was to the ef
fect that he had fallen, but the facts as-'
certained to-night leave little room to'
doubt that he met with foul play, as the
watch and valuables in his possession
when last seen were missing.
-- .....l-----
Murdered and Robbed.
GALVESTON, November 24.-The News'
Giddings special says: Mr. Kniffel and
his clerk were murdered in their store
at Feoder, last night, by robbers, who
obtained $15. Officers are in pursuit.
Convicted of Murder.
WILMINGTON, Del., November 24.
The trial of Lewis List and his son for
the killing of E. B. Taylor was finished
this afternoon. The jury rendered a
verdict of murder in the first degree
against the son and murder in the sec
ond degree against the father-'-death
and life imprisonment respectively.
Terrible Tragedy.
LACONIA, N. H., November 25.--This
morning the residents here were startled
by the story that a terrible tragedy had
ocourred. At 4 o'clock S. S. Andrews,
a neighbor of James Ruddy, Aged 40
years and emplroed at the Laeonia ear
works, was alaried by the satean of a
woman. He aroused s son and hur
ried to Ruddy's house, from hde v the
screams proceeded. They f.und Mrs
Ruddy, aged 38 yama , ├Żng'g on the
ground beneath a front wiLuow,
which she had leaped. be..w1 -
ing profusely and said that she
cut all to pieces. She w,
oared for and assftand ob
the door df Reddy's ho wa
open, when flames` bau rt and
alarm of fie was Esou)deL n Zse..
were sown extipguished l4n4
4Ruddy's only bild one and
old, was found lying, covered with the
contents of a feather, bed, which had
been saturated with kerosene and set on
fire. The body was so disfigured by the
flames as to be nearly beyond recogni
tion. In the bedroom was fend the
lifeless body of Mrs. Ford. One of her
limbs had been chopped off and the re
maining leg bound to the woman's
body with a c'othes line. Bed clothes
had been saturated with oil, placed on
the body and an attempt made to set
them on fire, which failed.
NASHVILLE, November 23.-A spe
cial from Hickman, Ky., gives an ac
count of the horrible double murder of
Hillsman King and wife, an old and re
spected couple. Their son Arthur this
morning visited the house and found
his mother dead in a pool of clotted
blood. He gave the alarm and the
neighbors found the father in a barn,
covered with shucks and partly eaten
by rats. A German peddler is suspect
ed. The house wa :robLed of $2,000.
An Editor Shot.
CHICAGO, November 23.-A special to
the Times froIm Brighton, N. J., says
that in the newspaper office of the Dem
ocrat a politician named J. L. Vausyele
shot John Chessman, editor of the pa
per, in the breast. The wounded man
threw his assailant to the floor and
pounded him in a brutal manner.
Freight War.
CHICAGO, Nover┬║iber 23.-The war on
freight rates between the Missouri river
and Salt Lake continues. . The regular
rate, $3, has been cut to 50 cents.
Thg Speakership.
CHICAGO, November 23.-A special to
the Times from Washington says that
the contest for the speakership is grow
ing warm. Randall was yesterday clos
eted for an hour with John Roach, the
ship builder, and W. W. Eaton, of Con
necticut, and declares himself strongly
against the tariff as a forerunner for the
democratic defeat. McClellan has writ
ten to Wm. Springer expressing sur
prise that the Illinois democratic mem
bers should hesitate to support him.
There is considerable talk about Mr.
Morrison as a compromise candidate.
Mr. Carlisle expects to receive the votes
of all the Illinois democrats except
Messrs. Biggs and Meece.
ROCHESTER, November 20.-The Post
Express publishes a letter to-day from a
man who says he knew O'Donnell, soon
to be tried in Dublin for the killing of
Carey, in which he says O'Donnell was
once chief of the Mollie Maguires of
Pennsylvania, and that in conjunction
with Dan Kelley, Jim Carroll and "Red
Shirt," was in several mobs.
Strong Language.
CHICAGO, November 23.-At a meet
ing of Irishmen to-night to commemo
rate the death of the Irish martyrs, Al
len, Larkin and O'Brien, who were ex
ecuted at Manchester some years ago for
shooting a British officer, Congressman
Finlay made a speech, in the course of
which he said that he would be glad to
hear that the dynamiters had blown*
London off the face of the earth, but
was sorry to hear that they had attempt
ed to do so and made such a miserable
butchery of it. The Irish people would
be justified in doing anything to avenge
the death ot these martyrs.
War on Oyster Pirates.
PETERSBURG, Va., November 25.-An
order was received to-day by Captain
Vaughan, of. the Petersburg artillery,
from Governor Cameron for one of the
company's guns. It was sent at once to
Matthews county to be used against the
fleet of oystermen engaged in illegal
dredging in the' Rappahanock river.
The gun, a Napoleon 12-pounder, left
to-night, and a large quantity of ammu
nition will also be sent to the sheriff of
Matthews.county, to be used in protect
ing the river against dredgers.
The Cyclone.
LITTLE ROCK, November 22.-A dis
patch from Catesville, Ark., says: Yes
terday's cyclone in Izard county de
stroyed Lacross, five miles from Mel
bourne. Every store and church and
the academy are in ruins. Three per
sons were killed outright 'and several
seriously injured. The latest reports
from Melbourne of the cyclone there
states that seventeen persons were in
fired. Miss Sheffield died to-day. A
citizens' meeting here sent a relief com
mittee, headed by Drs. Lawrence and
Case, to both towns, and $150 was sent
for immediate relief.
GALVESTON, November 22.-A cyclonei
last night struck the town of Coleman
ville, ten miles north of here. Several
persons were seriously hurt. The
amount of damage to property is un
CONCORD, November 24.-Immense
damage has been done by the recent gale
in the forests near Chatham, in this
state, and in towns over the border in
Maine, Thousands of acres of va~uable
forest trees were wholly destroyed. -All
of the old and a great deal of the new
growth were practically destroye~d.
Where the timber is not broken it is
torn and matted and tangled in such a
debris as to be alinost worthless. In
nany cases the homes of the wood chop
Pes a~e ruined and much su~berng.will
ensue this winter.
PIaTSuRG, November U--Rev. J.
W if (colored) bapgrepared papers for
r and efation of
tiett t Revs. MI and
ka rs
LONDON, Novein her 22.--The balloting
for rector of the University of St. An
drews resulted in the election of James
Russell Lowell.
PARIS, November 22.-Orders have
been given at Toulon to prepare two
transports for service in case of necessity.
The question of preparing supplemen
tary war material at Toulon is being
The governor of the French in Cochin
China telegraphs to Admiral Peyrou,
minister of marine and of the colonies,
that all the French reinforcements and
provisions had landed at Haiphong and
been forwarded to Hanoi, and that the
health of the troops was excellent. The
governor had no special incident to
communicate. He said that several
gunboats had been lightened to enable
them to ascend the canal.
HONG KONG, November 25.-The pos
sibility of a war has caused a great drain
upon specie at Canton. 'The wealthy
Chinese have withdrawn five million
dollars in the last three months from the
Chinese banks in Hong Kong and'prov
inces. The Chinese mercantile interests
in Hong Kong and Shanghai are par
alized. In regard to the tight at Haid
zuong, but for the aid of a passing gun
boat the position would have been lost.
The French garrison had 150 men killed
and the town was completely destroyed.
Haipong is threatened by pirates, who
are encamped within half a mile of the
town, and their number is increasing
daily. No advance has been made yet
at Bacninha, the troops lying idle at
Hanoi. It is believed that nothing will
be done before the first week in Decem
ber. Extensive recruiting proceeds in
the Haukois district, where 30.000 men
have already been enrolled. The garri
son at Haidzuong have taken refuge on
board the gunboat Lynda, waiting the
arrival of 1,000 men from Hanoi.
SHANGHAI, November 25.-The em
peror of China has given instructions to
the viceroy to begin hostilities against
the French in the event of an attack on
Bacninha. The emperor says: "The
fact that Annam is a vassal of China is
known, yet the French have dared to
invade her territory. Moreover, Bac
ninha constitutes the gates of the celes
tial realm, and yet France has repeated
ly sought to encroach thereon. We
therefore command the prince and.min
isters to inform the French envoy that
if France dares to encroach further on
Bacninha China will forthwith dispatch
a large army to fight the French.
Washington Notes.
WASHINGTON, November 20.-Medi
cal Inspector Kennedy has been dis
missed from the naval service.
John B. Furay, post office inspector at
Omaha, has been removed.
Secretary Teller sustains the decision
of the commissioner of the general land
office in refusing permission to certain
citizens of Leadville to bring suit in the
name of the United States to vacate the
placer mining patents issued to Stephen
E. Leiter and others, which are typical
cases of the titles by which a great part
of the land in Leadville is held.
WASHINGTON, November 22.--The
secretary of the treasury has authorized
the payment of the three per cent. bonds
embraced in the 124th call whenever
presented for redemption prior to Feb
ruary 1st, with interest to date of pre
WASHINGTON, November 22.-A court
martial is ordered to meet at Fort Snell
ing for the trial of Capt. McKibbin, of
the 15th infantry, for duplicating his
pay accounts.
WASHINGTON, November 23.- The
strained relations between France and
China, and the effect that hostilities
have upon the interests of United States
subjects, have received the consideration
of a cabinet meeting.
Surgeon Robert Murray has been ap
pointed surgeon general of the armiy.
President Arthur and Secretaries Fol
ger and Lincoln will attend the evacua
tion day ceremonies at New York.
Butler's Thanksgiving Proclamation.
CHICAGo, November 25.-The Times'
Boston special says: Ben Butler's
Thanksgiving proclamation, owing to its
irreverence, was not read from Protest
ant pulpits.
A Dishonest Preacher.
BOSTON, November 25.-Rev. Winm.
Mitchell, the newly installed pastor of
the Westbrook Congregational church,
was arrested this morning and is charged
with stealing books. It is stated that
when arrested he offered $1,000 to keep
the matter quiet.
Run Into.
NORTHFIELD, Vt., November 23.
The Chicago express demolished a wag
on last evening, at Danesville, and Wm.
McIntosh, wife and daughter and Rev.
Joseph House, of Berlin, were killed.
Gone West.
HELENA, November 23.-Vice Presi
dent Oakes and party of officials of the
operating department of the Northern
Pacific left here this morning by special
train for Portland. S. T. Hauser, presi
dent of the First National bank, went
out on the same train, a guest of Mr.
Suit for Divorce.
CHICAGO, November 23.-Ellen Reed,
wife of Clas. Reed, counsel for the as
sassin (uiteau, to-day began a suit for
divorce. The grounds for, divorce is
failure to. support her. Reed was for
merly state attorney at Chieago.
LITTLE . o.K, November 2.-.rIn the
United Mtates: court today 0. :- ovae
ind G. HEpsr, oni:trial for intl~4dating
alU. 8. witness in Montweeonuty, were
convicted of ieloeiy.
safe and te $8t5.
The undersigned has bought out J. A. MASSIE and will " continue business at the
Old Stand," being fully prepared for all demands il his line.
I have Reduced Prices as follows :
Board for Animals in Stable, . - - 35 cents per day.
" " In Corral, . . - 25
Stock will be given the best of care and attention.
This hotel is a new brick,just completed, with comjorftWtee at( LcomrUmodious rooms.
Board by the day or week; rooms with or without fire. Special accomwinodations
for commercial travelers. First-class bar in connection. Coach passenger.s wishing
to stop at this house will please inform the driver.
Fort Benton., Montana. . R. S. CULBERTSON. Proprietor.
Parties intendiug to buy Merino Rams this fall tare
invited to examine our stock of pure bred Campbell
Merinos, brought out from Vermont early this seas ,n.
We claim that they are the most hardy race of pure
bred Merinos ever brought to Montana, and we are
prepared to show that as regards q,:ality the wool of
the Campbell flock has never been surpassed in the
United States by any spanish American sheep.
We refer to the following gentlemen or to any oth
ers who have bought our rams: 4eo. D. Patterson,
Peek & Lacy, Hay Bros., Fort Benton; W. B. Edgar,
Utica; Dent & Tunlock, Wolf CreeK; Brooks & Hil
ger, Andersonvilte; Poole Bros., Stanford; William
Williams, Deer Lodge.
Correspondenee solicited.
Fort Benton, Montana.
$20 Reward.
Lost--eeven miles above Benton, one span of
work horses, one black and the other brown, the
latter branded C and blind in one eye. Both had
short ropes on. Will weigh about 1,100 pounds. The
above reward will be paid for their return to the
Montana Stables. Address
C. N. DICKINSON, Fort Benton.
25 Thoroughbred Merinos,
50 High Crade Merinos,
30 Crade Shropshire Rams
The latter are by imported Engl sh Shropshire Rams.
Prices reasonable Apply to
FonT BENTON: or on the range. Shonkin creek
These bucks consist of thoroughbred Merino and
a cross between the thoroughbred Merino and the
thoroughbred Shropshire Down. We invite all per
sons who are desirous ot purchasing bucks to look at
our band before purchasing elsewhere. For partic
ulars address or call on S MITH B OS.,
Martinedale. M. T.
The undersigned desires to purchase
Parties having such for sale should address
Fort Benton, M. T.
2,200 Wethers, 1,200 of them coming 2 and 3
years old: 1,000 coming Yearlings ; 1,000 to
1,500 Breeding Ewes; 50 First Class Grads
Rams. All are tree from scab or ticks, and very
choice sheep. Will sell whole lot of wethers at $3
per head, ewes at $5, and rams at $10 per head.
Utica, Meagher Co., M. T.
For Sale.
Fifty merino rams. Inquire of R. P. Walker, Su
perintendent Dearborn Sheep Company, Sun River,
Sheep Wanted On Shares.
Will have good, warm sheds, 100 tons of No. one
blue joint hay, and fine range. Apply to the RIv-.
Came to our ranch at Utica, M. T., about July 15th,
1888, two horses, described as follows: One light bay,
branded 0 herizontally on left shoulder, under a
blurred brand; oie dark brown horse, branded with
a J inside a circle on right hip. Owners can recover
the above by giving satisfactory proof of ownership
and paying for this advertisement
Taken Up
By the undersigned. a bay mare, branded J A on
left shoulder; also a three-year-old and* a two-year
old colt, not branded; also two black mules, without
brands, one of them having split ears. The owners
can secures the animals by proving ownership and
paying the expenses incurred by me.
Cora Creek Station, Barter Road.
Hay ranch for sale on the Shonkin. eleven.miles
from Fort Benton. A good cabin and two corrals,
%-mile of fence, 120 acres of good hay land. Wilg
give good title to same for $1,800. Ten tons of
bay wm go with ranch. Address
Horse or Dairy Ranch
A. pe Hosr or Dairy Ranch for sale, four miles
fem-the Basrker Mines. There are 5~,100 aes under
nce-.sevi miles osfood tence-as big b ain for
Cattle branded 7 on left rib and hip. Ear mark
Swallow foot on Iest ear. Wattle under jaw.
Horses b-ai.d d ame on left shoulder.
Range-Upper Teton.
P. O. address-Frenchtowu, M T.
Monts na Cattle Co.
R,. B. Harri.on, President; E. Sharpe. Vice-Pre>i
dent; W. I). Wheeler, Treasurer: L. A. Walker. Sec
retary; IR. P \V:lker, Superintendent.
Addres+ of Compa y--IIelena, M. T.
Address of .'uperintendent-Sunl River, M. T.
Range-M arias to Sun River.
Ear mark--talf crop off r'lbtt upper elope in left.
Also owners of cattle branded:
0-. S 2 1I X X
.ou~'s brand(d( t.s, n on) sh/.oui .
Hra I & ROWI1
Post office address
Fort Benton.
The brand is on left
shoulder. Vent-Same
brand on left hip.
Post office address-
Fort Benton.
Range-- Vicinity of
Fort Benton.
Horse brand- C C
on left shoulder.
Vent - C on left
Branded W on left
Range Month of Deep
- Creek.
P. 0. address -Ulidia.
M: T.
Branded M on left
Range on South Fork
of Sun River.
P. O. address- F!or
_ _ . ence, M. T.
lorse brand-S 3 on
left hip.
Vent-Same on left
SRange-Between the
Shonlkn and Belt creek.
P. O. addreses---Fort
nton, M.T.
Malcolm 1oim, vr,
Horse brand---N on
t shoulder.
Vent-Bar over brand.
' P,. O. addressa-- Fort
.., , . .neon, M.T'.

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