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From Wednesday's Daily.
Hermanl Brinkman has three teams
ready to work on the grade of the Hel
e la and Benton railroad.
\V. Cowan, a former stock grower of
Beaverhead county, has located a ranch
on Froze-to-Death creek, and will stock
his ranch with 1,000 head of native cat
rue people of Big Timber want the
Montana lumber company to build a
toll bridge across the Yellowstone at that
plafe. The company have the project
under consideration.
It is pretty hard to find anybody who
will acknowledge that he was "taken in
and done for" by the historical swindlers,
but they got a good many thousand dol
lars out of this county, all the same.
Desert land filings are being made
HOW at a pretty lively rate, and it stands
in hand for those who desire to get land
in this way to make haste. The act is
(-ertain to be repealed before man d
Gus Senieur isgetflT iready to resume
work on the new court house, and with
in a week or two, if the weather per
mits, a full force of bricklayers will be
at work. The house will be finished be
fore Apgugst 1s , x.. _-.
The popular sheriff of Meagher coun
ty, William D. Cameron, arrived in the
city yesterday from Barker on official
business. Sheriff Cameron reports Bar
ker quite lively and the smelter doing
better work than ever before,
J. E. Graham, of the Tuscarawas
(Ohio) Chronicle, accompanies Agent
Allen to the Blackfoot agency as clerk,
aud hope to derive in the territory ben
cfts to his impaired health. He is a
pleasant gentleman whom we are glad
to nmeet.-Herald.
All cash orders received at T. C. Power
& Bro.'s from Clendenin for dry goods,
clothing, bats, caps, etc., are filled at
the lowest possible price, and the goods
forwarded to destination by express free
of charge. This certainly .is quite an
inducement to buyers.
A. M. Walley has leased Billy Yard's
ranch in the Missouri valley, and will
operate the same on a large scale this
summer. The lease includes the horses,
farming implements, etc., everything
necessary to "run the ranch." Mr.
Walley is a rustler and will make farm
ing in the Missouri bottom'a success, if
anybody can.
Some days ago it was'reported that
the high water of Tongun river carried
away an entire band of sheep owned by
Ole Johnson. By a card published in
thIe Miles City Press by Johnson, we see
there is no foundation for the statement,
and that it is all a "josh," or, as he ex
plains, "a practical joke" played by him
upon another. Mr. Johnson ought to
turn his talents as a funny man in some.
other direction.
The Helena & Renton railroad is a
grand scheme, and the people of Helena
and Benton can build it if they will. It
is estimated that a narrow guage to Ben
ton can be constructed for $1,200,O00, If
no one else will help to build the road,
'ie must have it, even if we have to
build it ourselves. Agitation of the
question is good, and it should not be
allowed to slumber. "The gods help
those wvho hell) themselves."-Ii depen
From Thursday's Daily:
There are twenty A. O. U. W. lodges
in the territory.
Dick Otey left yest rday morning for
the Cteur d'Alenes.
M. S. Wearley proved up on his pre
emoltion claim yesterday.
Work is to be resumed on-the Canad
ian Pacific railroad April 1st.
The wool growers of Miles City and
vicinity had a meeting at that place on
the 8th inst.
Black Hillers are daily arriving in
large numbers at Miles City en route
to the Coeua
Judrge Larkin, Mike Hendrickson and
P. Monyhan took their departure for
Barker yesterday morning. -
has just finished a neat plat of the
White Sulphur Springs townsite.
Maiden was without a single mail the
first week of this month, the raging
streaus leing thhe cog a A
Morrow & Miller have a full fprce of
mieil. at work on their ferry bot,, and
they propose to have it running jut as
It. P. Walker, of Sun River, manager
of the Montana Cattle company, has re
turned home after a visit of several
weeks in the east.
William Lyons, a soldier of the fifth
infantry, stationed at Fort. Keogh, was
run over and kiled by a Northern Pao
itic train IaL
Aleap year party at the resid * of
Richard Brennan, Monday even '**
largely attended. All present
aving had a met en
Lieut. uy etp6, ty
has been ordered to pF
Maginnis to Fort , a, for
temporary duty with tro4p seod
cavalry. .
The net indebtedi1ea6 of 1) dge
county March 1st, as wil be n by
the annual temest was ,
being a rewuotten of nearly
the year. -.
Sergt. W. H.
18th infantr F {a
been ord t
amining OI$f
stand his
second In T d4
March 1, 1S8*,y
report, was
of $3,225.14
showing fo
thCi n
Deadwood to and r<ºsi surrfunding
towns, and noted otr tit n ry noid strict
performance of duty. w:t swonil m. Inst
week as deputy sheria a Belknap.
The Northern Psc i'a. E; perfecting
arrangements for ) he :siitpme.it of cattle
during the coming " se;s n. Already
contracts havebeen wade for the west
bound shipment of 2.5,M) head of youn
cattle from Iowa and southern Minn
iota points.
W. A. Burleigh, of Miles City, send
us a pamphlet containing a speech d
livered by him before the committeeo
public lands of both houses of cong
on the question of taxation of the North
ern Pacific lands in the territories. Mr
Burleigh seems to have a grievance with
the N. P.
The people of Townsend and White
Sulphur Springs are laboring hard 67i
secure the construction of a road across
the range, connecting those towns. Ex
Governor Potts and Henry Whaley, of
the Missouri valley, appeared before the
commissioners last to urge the
e enterprise.
W. J. Minar, who was nominated for.
alderman at the first ward meeting last
evening, will make a good officer, and
whether or not there is an opposing can
didate., he will have no trouble in "get
ting there." Mr. Minar has been nomn
inated against his wishes, hut his friends
propose to make him cub it to the in
e' 1orherin PN f c'ie taalroad cos '
pany is distributing advertising "flyers"
in variegated colors arnnoutinclg that
there ara'plenty of $200 nuggets In the
coeur d'Alene country, and that men
can make $100 a day. there. If these
statements were true the majority of the
Northern Pacific officials would resign
their positions and go to Eagle City.
A. P. Logan, who was 'ested. on the
charge of stealing a h e at Maiden,
writes to the Argus, plaining that he
is` not a son of the late Capt. William
Logan. He was adopted by Captain
Logan flfteen eat ago in New York
city. The writer cos Iudes by saying:
"I do not think Mrs. Logan will be
shocked to hear of my r ealfty,1 as sA10
told.me to travel, long ago."
Mr. B. C. Kingsbury, of Butte, who
is now sojourning in the city a few days,
made a visit to the Montana district
last fall and has rather a favorable opin
ion :f that mining region, considering
the amount of development that has
been done. He expects to return to the
camp in May and possibly will make
some investments. If so there is a con
siderable boom in store for Neihart.
Gov. Crosby telegraphed the Indian
department a few days ago, that the
Indians of the Blackfoot . agency would
be entirely out of supplies on the 12th
inst., and urged that temporary supplies
be sent to the agency from Fort Shaw.
Inasmuch as George Steell's teams ar
rived at the agency recently with flour,
ainteams loaded with several thousand
pounds of flour and bacon are now on
the way from this city to the agency,
the exigencies of the case are not, we
judge, so great as have been represented
to the governor.
From Friday's Daily.
M. S. Rosencrans has retired from
the City bakery.
.Judge Conger proposes to engage in
the practice of law at XVir~inia City.
T. C- Power, the Sun River Sun sa~ys,
is putting up a stone barn, 70x60, at the
The session of the district court at
White Sulphur Springs begins on the
7th of April. .
Jack Waite, one of the prominent
wool growers of the Judith, arrived i
the t0
D. G. Browne's train of four teams
left for Helena yesterday loaded for
Kleinschmidt & Bro.
ine iN ew a Ntt-Wesi 4P:tWH thatN.
J. Bielenberg, of Deer Lodge, owns the
finest residence in the terri40rr.
Lieut. Rucker, who is in thje city en
oute to Fort Maginuis, is a;br;ther-fin
aw of Lieut. Gen. Phil Sheridan.
Frank Damm has been awarder the
contract for cutting the new channel of
Sun river and is preparing to begin the
work of excavating.
First Lieut. Frank Barnhart, of Fort
Assinaboine, with an escort, arrived in
the city yesterday on his way to 28
Z il-es springs, to meet Paym ater BIioe.
Delegate Maginnia should now movee
for the establishment of a 1aed offe at
Fort Benton. With the reservation
opened to settlement it will be an abso
lute necessity.
The price of warrants is no very stiff
notwithstanding tte sacrif ie of $7,800
in perceutage to getithe county bonded4
Financiering in this county is one
pie Setoer, o? Highwood, delivered
e last o` his l o fº ts to LG.
maker &o. yestreay, and is now et
thk rNady for another big rop. He ýwill
sow ovr 1
The exataaiona of th Iina ow
la: jail an hbo are" so to ve
n 44 ewas tertday
ha4 J
I~ tlr..
tw. 9
The finest msso t iens of jewelry ever I
brought to Montana its now displayed at
G. P. Reeves & Cd.'s, Uelena. Anyone
visiting the capital city should not fail
to calland view the display of so many
beautiful articles. Whether you wish
to purchase or not, do not f .lthto aa
John Mofflitt, formerly of this city, and
Miss Pink Duer, sister of Mr. Chas. E.
Duer, of the Bank of Northern Mon
tana, were married at Galena, Ill., last
week, and on Monday last arriveti at
Helena, which is to be their home.
The bride made a long visit with her
brother here last summer, and is well
and favorably known in the city, while
the groom is one of the popular old
timere of the territory. The RIVER
f you have a fine watch which you
wish cleaned or repaired send it to Gee.
P. Reeves & Co., of Helena. Only the
best workmen are employed at that es
tablishment. If you wish for any gold
or silver jewelry, isilverware, or a fine
watch or clock, remember that the above
firm have a full and complete stock and
re selling the same at a reasonable fig
re. Orders by mail receive prompt and
areful attention.
Sheridan & Barker, the merchant
ailors of Helena, will have a clear
ng sale at cost from this date tntil the
15th of March, to make room for their
spring assortment, which will arrive
abouhat . mw, Their stock is made
upMi? the latest productions of English,
French and German looms. Also a
superior line of gents' furnishings. This
is no humbug, but a genuine offer to the
public, as this stock was bought during
the winter, and is not an old and moth
eaten one.
A RIVER PRESS reporter interviewed
a number of our most prominent citi
zens yesterday in regard to the reserva
tion bill and found all well pleased with
it and confident that it would become a
law the present session of congress. It
is a better bill than many expected, and
the opeinog of the, reservation in ac
coidnce with its provisions is certain
to give Fort Benton a boom of the old
fashioned kind. When the bill nasses
there will be a stampede tp the Bear's
Paw and Sweet (rasa hillyl hIt will at
most rival the Coeur d'Alene :u*si, ac^
it will have a good deal better founda
tion to rest upon.
City Council.
A special meeting of the council was
held last Tuesday, acting Mayor Roose
velt, and Aldermen Dunne, Collins,
Sullivan, Coombs and Cummings being
The report of the police magistrate
was received, and referred to the proper
A special committee, consisting of
Collins, Coombs and Sullivan, was ap
pointed on the revision of ordinances
and the fixing of salaries of officers.
T. F. Healy presented his resignation
as marshal, and it was promptly ac
The resignations of Aldermen Roose
velt and Harris were also tendered and
William Rowe presented a petition
claiming damages to the amount of $2000.
for injuries sustained by him last fall on
account of his horse falling in an un
covered ditch on Front street. It was
referred to the auditing committee. Col.
Donnelly, attorney for Rowe, made a
brief talk to the council upon the sub
The petition of the members of Cho
teau engine company No. 1, asking to
be duly recognized as firemen, was re
ived and the wish of the petitioners
The petition of Chas. Sheridan asking
compensation in part for constructing a
r4aday through the ice to the river
was referred to the auditing committee.
The council, then adjourned, subject
to the call of the acting mayor. One or
two more meetings will be held befbre
the close of the present administration,
to finish up the business.
Indites aurn Claim Shanties.
B-LLiNGs, M. T., March 5.-A band
of Crow Indians, under the ,leadership
of an employe of the Crow igency, t4k
ing a.vin tageof the absence of the
proprieto s, on Ma4h tie second,
burned down the mains whici Hamil
ton, Macdonal and others had ierected
on their mining claim at the head of
Stillwater creek. These mieis are said
to be i°e famed Lost : Cabin `a , and
are of unquestona be value. A number
of eastern capitalists have sent pros
pecting parties into them. The mines
are said to be in t:hye portion of the Crow
reservation segregated in 1882. Mueh
Interest is felt in the matter here, aind
considerable ladignation is expressed at
the ation of the Indian , with the
pra ble cnnivance of the agency au
The Montae History.
The, 14 ispatch, which we find
tbe 'ae papers, would indicate
therjip qlepat omewhere:
N,. Wyo., March 8.-The
of the ontana: bet w o
a . t ;Thermls not a wor `.
r. It bw publish
T POW0ER &8,0.
arming Implements,
Sheep Men's Supplies,
Miners Supplies,
Dry Goods, Groceries.
Being agents for the celebrated WOOD'S FARMING MACHINERY, we have constantly
on hand
Wool Sacks, Twine, Sheep Dip.
Dry Goods, hats, C ., Boots, Shoes
Our stocks in the above lines wil be conmplete on the arrival of the first boats, and is large,
¢ýlcCL. with gre .t ore, and shipped direct from Eastern markets. Being large
buyers, otr goods ome f irm , which accounts fo -
btation we have fof
Low Prices and First-class Coods.
We can furnish low figures on application on all kinds of Hard ware, Glass Ware, Queens
ware and Wooden Ware.
Sun River and Illidia, i. T.
Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements
Hand Plows, Sa ly Plows, Cultivators,
Harrows, Mowers and Reapers,
Sulky Rakes, Etc.
181 1418 8 AXOUST YXIULX.
Department hasreoente addedym d uuder tn-e
chage f an opPecddu
r:, {ryiy ia

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