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S.abnion Rep.n4.o.. Pr+,osp .
+NeW York, Ap+ilt10-Atle reulai
monthly meeting of the Union league,
this evening, which was largely attend
ed, addresses were made` B; iI. w:
ley and United States Satr o
Minnesota. Judge Da.i [email protected] d inr
the absence of Mr. Evarts. Among
other things, Senator Sabin said :
. Much travel of late, severe bpsiness
duties and slight illness have made me
nearly a wreck-a wreck in all but my
hopes for a republican victory this fall.
Eighteen months ago it did not look so.
But when ever I go over the eountry, I
findlthe same spiritextant, and the same
belief that the great republican party is
again risen to supremacy. Not only are
states in the Northwest sending us good
reports, though the democrats have ex
pected defection there, but there are
prospects that we may carry Florida
North Carolina, Tennessee and West
Prospects in Virginia.
NEW YORii, April 10.--Gen. V. D.
Grover of Virginia, a warm personal
friend of Senator Mahone, in referring
to the political outlook in the "Old Do
minion" to-day sata that the candidates
and the platforms of the two great par
ties would have a great deal to do, so far
as the vote of Virginia is concerned, in
November. If.the democrats nominate
a free trade candidate at Chicago, backed
by a free trade platform, then he had no
doubt whatever that his state would go
"President Arthur," he said, "has
hosts of friends in Virginia, but the del
egation will not go to Chicago pledged
for him or any other man. Our dele
gates will go uninstructed. If it be
comes evident that Arthur is the man
who can win, the Virginians will stand
by him. Blaine's followers are many,
and very enthusiastic. It looks very
much as though there would be two
delegations, the liberals or coalitionists
and the straight-out republicans. The
tariff will overshadow all other issues in
this canvass, It is the only issue on
which the republicans can hope to win."
Fined for Contempt of Court.
ST. PAUL, April 11.-The case of the
deputy sheriffs of Custer county, Mon
tana, arrested at Brainerd last night,
was heard at St. Paul this morning.
James Conley was fined $100, Frank
Conley $560, and Smith was discharged.
Their fines were paid. Their prisoner,
Lucius Stephen Taylor, is held here un
der arrest by Sheriff Henry O'Gorman,
awaiting action on the writ of habeas
corpus. It may take ten days to settle
the question, as testimony will probably
have to be procured from :Texas. The
three Custer county deputies remain
.. ' "More Blaine Delegates.
AtTooNA, Pa., April 14.--The repub
lican convention of the 17th congres
sional district met to-night and elected
delegates to the national republican
convention. Resolutions endorsing
Blaine were adopted and the delegates
instructed to support him for the presi
dential nominatioi.
Lost at Sea.
NEW YORK, April 14.--It is reported
that the U. S. & Brazil company's steam
ship. Reliance, running between New
York and Rio Janeiro, has been lost
with all her cargo, including 7,000 bags
jof coffee. The passengers and crew are
j reported safe.
LATER.-The Reliance was lost off the
port of Bahia. She was valued at $350,
000,'and whas fully insured.
S General Rain.
ST. PAUL, April 14.-A light rain fell
here all day. Specials show that the
rain extends from the slope of the
Rocky mountains to Wiseonsin and
frorý, Manitoba to Misso~fl. Many
parts of Minnesota and Dakota have
been very dry, and this rain renders the
grontid in fine condition for- seeding
yev where.g
N Yoi A--Arill 14.-John C. Perry,
iwo :a Jekgo accepted the position of
just . 6r the supreme court of Wyo
was stricken with paralysis to-day
-n e public streets of Brooklyn while
+,insg with his daughters.
After the Riot.
a" cmIN.TATI, April 14. -- A marked
i`r(ence in the method of conducting
al trials was noted to-day in the
aon pleas courts. There were three
ions and two pleas of guilty all
pda y.,
. ;. '' Burned.
K, N. J., April 14.-The works
luloi.d brush company burned
Loss, $20,000.
A a.ryolone.
`1aORLEwS. April 14.--The Plea
pedare Orts a cyclone on the
1 thfternoon. The tele
tp Ass asination. ,
A..April 14.--An .atemptm
Trday to assassinate the i
l He was ony
riix; that (*8R
.::z sd:
CHIcAG9,Apri 12.-Rev. Henry Ward
Beecher A te~ i& Daily News reporter
ndd ,efernce for n
ecl por the republicans than any other
mle they could, name. Asfor Til.ep
he has been dead thesethree years. 'My
sentiment.qn tartifl are for ;free trade.
I dbn't wiat it to come tod suddentiy,r .
but grqduall. If we brought it down
a cuttaft agiot t eetC year it woildi
have no evil effects. Silk merchants ind
New Yoitk hate told me they did dho6t
feel the twenty per cent. reduction on di
silk goods. I am in favor of a reduction
of tariff to the absolute needs of the
government for expenses. I am in favor ar
of more direct taxation by the national st
government--.tation such as is made
in states on personal property. If the
men have no personal property there m
should'be a poll tax. Robert T. Linco,.n
will be a fool if he allows his name to er
be used for the vice presidency or ac
cepts the nomination. If he will wait
four years he canbhave-the presidency.
Beecher will preach in Trinity M. E, to
church to-morrow morning,
Postofoe for tbkaag, Ti
--" un
BrLLKNAP, Apr14 12.-A postofifce has
been established here, called Enterprise,
with E. D. Baker as postmaster. H. D. col
Lyman, . assistant postmaster general, to'
telegraphed Mr. Baker to employ H. C. l
Chapin to carry the mail daily to Eagle
City via the Belknap road, mj
Pauper Emigrants. ne
NEW HAVEN, April 12.-Connecticut an
is flooded with pauper emigrants, forced dit
out of Castle Garden by agents of steam- cat
ship lines. A gang of men was recently gi,
at -the depot in this city, making the
place uninhabitable by the vile edors of Jug
filth of person. They finally went on Ju
an early train to Meriden, where they vis
were sent out of town by the authori- cis
ties. Another motly erowd of Germans
was ticketed to Mieriden a day or t*,o
ago, and the tax pay3ert are indignant chi
over t.t prospect of tramps swarming trih
over the state, for
Indians on the Warpath.
St. Paul, April 14.--A' Fargo special
states that George ,Ohrmer, dof Dayton,
who went into the Turtle mountains a
few weeks ago, returned this evening. def
He states that his brother Michael to a
Ohrmer, whose troubles with the Indi- tini
ans have been reported, is safe new, but J
trouble is anticipated as the Indians
have been reinforced by a large band ber
across the boundary under chief Little I
Shell. The Indians refuse to allow a mu
settler on that portion of their reserva- F
tion, which has just been thrown open
to settlers by the interior department. mol
The.Indians have not killed any one, A
but they destroy all machinery and kill .mei
the cattle belonging to the settlers. T
They are increasing in boldness every
day and trouble is feared, as the settlers the
are to few to protect themselves. Me
S- pal,
A Death Knell to Miss Hill.
San Francisco, April 14.-In the
Sharon divorce case to-day the deposi
tion of H. M. True, of Santa Cruz, wa
read. During the progress of the trial
Harry Wells, witness for plaintiff, testi
fled that Sharen had in his presence
introduced Miss Hill to True as "Mrs.
Sharon." True, who is. on his death
bed, deposed that Wells' testimony waE
a "put up job" between Miss Hill, Well
and himself. It was arranged that Miss
Hill should testify to that effect and
Sthat he and Wells would coi.flrm It.
-He became a party to thi arrangment,
believing he could make taoney out of it
but being on his death bed he wanted t
tell the whole truth befor.i it was to itbe.
He aid: "'I wnt, to g to the
*ra He said
te tupsel rar elsji was not a
paUi t to e arrangmeet, -but that he
a6~fterwards:. Tr ~e's deposition
'created a sensation. i ie s 6'T years old
and his death is momentarily expected.
District Court--Second Day.
, Court; met Wednesday morning at nine,
Judge D. S. . Wade on the bench. The
following grand jurymen, for good and
sufficient reasons, were 'excused:. Jos.
Allen, A. C. Johnson, J.R. Wilton and
Jos. A. Baker. T. E. Collins was ap
pointed foreman of the grand jury, and
after receiving a lengthy `rtid excellent
charge from the court, that body retired
to their room. The judge then called
the docket, and the following disposal
of cases was made :
The following cases were stricken from
the docket: Jane Gamble vs. J,'HGam
ble, Marsten vs. Marsten, J W Patrick
vs.*N W Transportation 01o., I G Baker
et al vs. D A Jenkins,
Cannon vs. Payne,.judgment for plain
tiff for $150 and interest at tkle rate of 10
per cent.
H R Buck admin. vs. J W Armstrong
et al., dismissed at plaintiff's costs.
John Anderron vs. T Fj!innegan, dis
missed at plaintiff's costq.
Meloche vs, Meloche, dismissed.
Jplia A r vs. M Foleydefa~lt.
'The severL. cases against the : len
denin. Mling& Smelting Co' were -oo
tinued Vor service or b consent, and
gita $ll n $ d W snaissedt a
y Wetsei vs. Land ky m
WJ;WWetze %s, Wd B*r, =dirniss.
/ TC Power & Bro vs. Ford Bros., dis-.
rr missed at plaintiff's costs.
: '-s K.16 vs. Frank Lewis, de
Jor s.O Sullivan vs. R J T Muckle, dis
missed at plaintiff's costs.
T E Collins et al. vs. J C Lilly, de
I J K Toole vs. Leavit, default.
, J J Donnelly vs. Leavit, default.
t Chas E Duer' vs. Benton Hotel Co.,
' default.
Territory vs. Richard Mee, defendant
r arraigned and pleaded not guilty ; trial
I stt for 17th.
Territory vs. Louis Riel, dismissed on
motion of district attorney.
The four Indians were arraigned and
Qrdered to plead Friday.
During the afternoon several Motions
to quash summons, etc., were heard and
argued, but no cases were disposed of.
The trial jury - was d~ischarged at noon
until nine o'clock this morning.
An interesting point came up in the
consideration of the case of the Terri
tory vs. Richard Mee et al., which is a
,case brought against Mee and his bonds
men to recover $5,000 as bail, forfeited
at a former term of court. The attor
neys for Mee brought him into court
and asked release from the bond on con
dition that they pay all the costs of the
cause to this day. The point was ar
gued by McIntire for the defendants
and Col. Johnston for the territory.
Judge Wade took the matter under ad
visement and will probably give his de
cision this morning.
The Indians who are in jail on the
charge of cattle killing will have their
trial to-day. Several other cases are set
for to-day and the trial jury will prob
ably have some work to do.
Li District Court--Third Day.
Kleinschmidt et al. vs. M W Endsley,
defendant granted thirty days in which
1 to amend answer, axd the cause to con
tinue to next term.
s John M Carothers vs. Henry Lam-.
3 bert, set for trial to-day.
e Lavina Sample vs. Richard Mee, de
' mur submitted and over ruled.
Edward Brown vs. James McDevitt,
motion to quash summons granted.
A M Walley vs. J M Arnoux, judg
I ment for plaintiff in amount claimed.
Territory vs. Isaac Mee and W Young,
i the sureties upon the bond of Richard
Mee, being in court with their princi
pal, offered to surrender him and be
released; thereupon the court ordered
that they be released upon payment of
- all costs to date. This, however, Is not
3 the end of it. The defendants must an
swer to the civil suit in the usual way.
Chas Gabisch vs. Helena & I~.ntSon
Stage Co., motion to quash thesiummons
was sustained. ,t
IDG Browne, assignee, vs. John S
Atchison et ;.l "otion to quash the
summo )listained.
Benj d ebster vs. T C Power & Bro.
I itnissed at plaintiff's costs..
" Territory vs. Allen Cecil. Defe.tdanit
pleaded not guilty and the cause set foi'
trial on the 21st.
The grand jury returned six indicto
me rits, as follows :. Patrick Harmon,
grand larceny; two.against Jacob Henry
for assault ,with intent to kill; ;Chas.
Bryer, assault with intent to kill; T.
W. Thompson, forgery; William Moore,
horse stealing. They were all without;
means to employ counsel, and the court
appointed counsel to defend them.
The case of the Territory vs. Spaniard
and Cream or White Antelope, for kill
ing cattle, was called the first thing up
on the reassembling of the court. Col.
Donnelly defended the Indians, so far
as defense was needed. Two witnesses
were examined after which the prosecu
tion rested. Col. Donnelly, without in
troducing any rebutting evidence, moved
that the case be dismissed on the ground
that there was no evidence to sustain
the charge and for the further reason
that the court had no jurisdiction.
The court then instructed the jury
to return a verdict of not guilty, y
which was done through their fore
man, Peter Macdonald. .On motion
of the district attorney the cases
against Snake Chief and Big Young
Man, for a like offense, were noile proved.
The case of the Territory vs. William
Moore, grand larceny, was next taken
up, and a jury impanneled to try the a
cause. It was allege that in February
last Moore stole a horse of John Evans.
The defendPant clalmedthia& he had pur
cbased the animal.: RTie veadict of the
jury will be reeled thtmorning.
. .. .. i .. . . . .
At Lower Prices than anyother
House in the County,
~.S SIG.'EE.
For TEN DAYS only.
Opposite the Grand Unionvflotel - FORT BENTONr M. T
Manufacturer. and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Chaps, Bridles, Pure California Spurs,
Bits! Etc., Etc.
rw" Warranted Not to Hurt Maw or ,Horse. a
All kinds of Saddles and Harness made to order. Send for price list and eatalogue. Mail orders a specialty
and attended to as well as if the parties were present.
WM. CLASSMAN, Practical Saddler, Fort Benton.
SEASON, OF, 1884.
J. H. McKnight & Co.
Post TRDE~
G zeea Merc handise
We are in receipt of a large stock of Goods bought for cash and
which we offer at Bottom Prices. Our stock consists in part of STAPLE
AND WAGON SHEETS. We carry a full line of AGRICULTURAL
IMPLEMENTS, oon isting in part of the Oelebrated Wood's Self-binders
and Mowers, Tiger Rkes, Sulky, Gang and Walking Plows, Harrows,
Wheelbarrows and Pump... We are agents for the celebrated 000PER
W `f, i ~rhilc aDoniedd to be the best wagons made for the west
e oountry. We rspectfully invite our oldh iends and patrons to give
So and exane goods nd prioes before buying elsewhere.
Jan, , 1884. I, . I.oNIGHT & 00.
SleftPost office addrees-
Fort Benton.
s .",¶The brandls ib l ef t
' 9 - brand ri on left hip.
.. . .- - ,. . k ,.:.) ." -. % . ,-;. ... . , . -

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