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Published every lc' d . ~sdayr morning
by the Ripe-,' PrlXs Publish
BAR silver 1', 91. 4
MRs. CORN EI -'A A ti e wife of
the late mill,,i: . .'d- merchant,
died sutddt,-ri ... t it residence
on Fifth Av*. . the 25th
CUTTING, , : ,:.,,itted! war
between the U!ir.: t .. i \1 xico, has
come before the -:,,. i"c.=te,ýliý:sý with a
voluminous but.d . - ,-ontaering
hiscl'dm ag ii- .+ ta t., an ii, o' Mexi
co aid f .r.r f* $50,000
prlm aitive "I- . :,x- - :... t.t" ts
directors of the N, -t :. .: 1-':,: fi,., at their
meeting in New YV . : s 'i!t y pre
ceding, author IZt, titrlilC
tion of the foit,, !.. - Mc i Mon
tana: Missoula 50 miiie.·
Helena t, Mair vi, 12 . rhil,-; Drlum
mond to Philip) h'- 26 itidles; total, 88"
miles. Surveys I:r." :rady been made
and the con ra,'t- 0 i.i t, let at once. It
will be observedt ": ii, Bet-lton branch,
talked of for' ti ..rs i. again left out
in the cold. As i ,' ,.y i.an keep out
the Manitoba the N`== twit,'<; Pacifice has the
'ieinch"'' on this part ti tle wrri'itry and
they are in nto hurry alto,!l hailding into it.
A Man's Breath Catching Fire.
I can not do better than give the facts in
the words of the patient himself, who
communicated them to me by letter. He
writes as follows:
"A rather strange thing happened to my
self about a week ago. For a month or
so I was troubled very much with foul
eructations. I had no pain, but the smell
of the gas which came froin my stomach
was disagreeable to myself and to all who
happened to be in the room. About a
week ago, as I said, I got tip-in the morn
ing and lighted a match to see the time,
and when I put the match near my mouth
to blow it out my breath caught fire and
gave a loud crack like the repcrt of a pis
tol. I burned my lips and they are- still
sore. I got a terrible surprise, and so did
my wife, for the report awakened her,"
From the above occurrence it would ap
pear that the conditions known as "hali
tosis," or diseased breath, is not only a
source of misery to the sufferer and those
compelled to associate with him, but may,
under certain circumstances, become a
condition of danger to the unfortunate
possessor of it. In the present instance
the gaseous results of the imperfectly di
gested food had their atoms of carbon and
hydrogen so arranged as to give rise to the
presence of carbureted hydrogen, the in
flammable and explosive : qualities of
which came into play when mixed with a
due proportion of atmospheric air in pres
ence of the unguarded light of the burn
ing match. I may add that the patient to
whom the accident happened is a most in
telligent and observant man, and that the
diet I prescribed for the indigestion from
which he suffers from time to time has
alcohol excluded from it, and I know that
my instructions in that respect are,acted
npon,-Dr, Beatson in British Medical
, Railroads in Central America.
There is much in the region and approach
to Isalco to remind one of Vesuvius. It
is the most active volcano on the conti
nent, and its whole, appearance, its tre
mendous power in throwing stones, scoria,
and lava to heights estimated at 1,200 and
even 1,500 feet, render it the most interest
ing mountain of Central America, if not
the western world.
The railroad mounts up steep grades at
a distance from the volcano of only five
miles, and bends about it until it reaches
the village of Armenia. >This town is a
place of Spanish days, and is in. a broken
region where coffee comes to great per
fection. A few miles further will carry
the road to the capital of San Salvador,
and another projected branch bends around
the volcano to Santana,; a city in the coffee
All Central American railroads are nar
row gauge, and generally have Americans
back of them, though some. English capi
tal has been invested in them. They are
generally well built, excellent masonry
and iron bridges being the rule. Many of
the ties are made of lignum: vitae -and an
other kind of wood equally chard, and to
'fasten the rails to them hales are bored
for the spikes.
It is easy to see that when completed
from the Pacific ocean to. the Caribbean
sea as the projected lines contemplate,
they will prove very remunerative as well
as opening to commerce new and undevel
oped fields; moreover there will come sari
awakening of the native population out of
a lethargy inherited from the cruel op
pression of the Spanish rule.-Gautemala
Cor. Kansas City Journal.
An Eccentric Citizen of Moscow.
A Russian novelist has published a biog
raphy of Prokofl Demidow, a well-remem
bered citizen of Moscow, and probably the
most eccentric man of his nation. His
wealth enabled him to- indulge a mania
for the strangest kind of brieO-a-br;--
broken swords, .knouts of -all si eaind.nd
ages, stuffed Cossacks, skul botled
imonstrosities and reptiles. His iimu
seum of living curiosities -was equally.
unique. He kept bears, and: wild-boats
and had a stable full of unmanageablel
horses, some of them so vicious that they
had to be fed by stratage ;' and Demi
dow's favorite anecdote was the advin
ture of a`horse-thief who imne ight entered
the den of equine monsters and never
afterward questioned the eistence ,of a,
personal deviL: To such as, knew how to
humor his personal Whimsi his liberaiity
was nbounded -Dr. FelitL Oswald'
State Documents as Waste Paper .
The authorities at Venic. have disc v
ered that ex-Commander Sandr, o- th'
arsenal, to keep up p a supply of iina
change, has been in the habit of selhling
limportant state documents as waste pa-=
per. _ _
Big Sales and Lrge ,rodts.
MarkTwaln tol, Id e nt . i.tor that
he could prn le cen. Grans
book for 55 cents each. The selling 'price
Sb i dive a ew Yrare id
ashihas , e *weed *
-da. -t4- ,ig y.
A Decoetion for the Purpose of Sprouting
-Wings-The -`Human Galvano-Soldero
meter --The Mysterious Ingredients
A -Lunatic's -Wsart Cure.
"Tell me about queer ideas, in patents."
"Queer is no name for some .of- them,"
replied the patent attorned.r to whom~fdie
request was addressed. "You can't have
any notion of -the: phenomenally strange
ideas that some people. have that they
want to put into the shape of patents.
Sometimes I almost fall over in my chair,
they are so queer."
"For instancef" interjected the reporter,
who was in a hurry :and who saw that the
lawyer was about to brancl off-into-iilong
dissertation-about.cranks. - ....
"Well,"'said' he, hckng down to the
subjecta "'llvejDuA smei nstances. One
queer crcuk was Thomnas .Tw.eu, - who
representediimisel a Tejn nave & ?aef
the eastrn~i shore: He had-iA elp for
what he called his Aigols' g' Egikit'
He usually carried s sample tearo nd
with $imii. The bottle `:w '
like that in - which th
sell soothing syrup;, and iit hald`a bik
red cork with a picture on it of a mtpan with
wings" flying over ` the horis6toos The
angels'. wings. elixir -was" 6f" a greenish
color, witi little white floats -on' its sur
face. bhbmas said his elixir would make
wings grow out `n the hubiai o0dy4 in t
months. The doss -sulicieitr td ac~om
plish this wonderfil : end" as, two tea.
spoonsful every third day, aid four 'za
spoonsful- at the end- of each week* -as an
extra -does,- to make it more binding,' he
explained. .-He wanted to-. dispose' of ;the
recipe -fore $1.,0,, wi h- a ;roya ty of $ an
every pail of wings that grew..out. . The
felow. was..such a queer, .g nis .that I
tQok quite an interest in him,.a&nd Itried
to.tind out of what he made .his 'elixir.'
Finally.I succeeded.. .He coiflded .to `me
in.. the stricvest...confidquce,' that .it was
composed of three parts .of dog-tail oil,
three parts of the extract of boiled duck
feathers, three parts of' fried pig's liver,
and one part-of 'moon -juice. -The-latter,
he explained, he dollected by brushing
the surface of the full moon with a broom.
'The moon juice,'he said, "'infuses into
the wings the essence of eternal life. -He
gave me a bottle of his elixir, and I still
have 'it in my office closet stowed away
"One of the queerest cranks I ever met
was in August of last year: Iwas sitting
in my office on'e rainy day :hen there
camne a knock on the door. , I said, 'Come
in,' and in, walked a fat, elderly man, with
a red face, a yellow mustache, a goatee,
cross-eyed, bow-legged, and leading a lit
tle dog by. a string. The stranger, seated
himself in a chair by one of the. windows
'and pulled out of his pocket a stick' of
what looked like ordinary solder. It was
covered with a chamois-skin cover. Pull
his chair close up to mine, he proceeded to
unbosom himself.
""Here is the greatest = invention of 'the
age,' he said, yanking the dog up: into his
lap and patting it -on: the head with one
hand while he extended the solder to me.
with the ohehr.
"'What is it?' I asked, spotting him for a
cran'k right off.
", 'The human. galvano-solderometer,' he
replied. 'It will solder on amputated
limbs so that you can't tell they've been
cut off. A teaspoonful poured on the neck
of a decapitated criminal will cause his
head tostick to the neck and grow there
again as naturally as though it had never
been cut off. I've tfied it on several
white men who had their heads cut off in
-France, and I restored every one of them
to life in less than three days. .I had an
engagement to go to Persia and sell out
my stock to his nibs the shah, but I
-thought I could make more by coming to
America, and here I am. Do you want
it?. Can I get a patent on.it?'
"I told him that in this country Criminals
were hung and not decapitated, and when
ijople get their legs cut off they didn't
usually want them back again.
"'It's a splendid thing in time of war,'
he continued. "A general with a bucket
ful- of this salve can restore all his
wounded soldiers to life and strength in
in twenty-four hours, and on the next day
his army will be a good as it was on the
day before.' -
' "I iiimored him by pretending to under
-take -his case, and I got him to give ine
.the recipe of his salve..
"'He told me it'wrasmade of two parts
concenitrated extract of civil 'service re
formtwo parts refined gingerbread, two
parts of the essence of a comet's tail, and
one part each of terrapin's toe nails, um
brella-handle sioup, stewed type metal and
pulverized cerebro-spinal meningitis.
"He told me thait'without a - smile on his
, face, looking at me so solemnly nnd earn
estly as though blufling me with a small
pair atpokerl. Iwrote it all down just as
.he gave it to ine, and I tbld him to come
again iri two years and I wolid have his
patent ready for him. I expected he would
Sget mad, but he didn't. He just smiled
-and bowed himself out, and he: and his
"Perpetual .motion .is the will-of-the
wisp.that draws a legion of cranks unceas
ingly.. There are some very amusing at
tempFtsmade to obtain this motion. One
crank came ,to. m n not long ago and
showed what he confidently assured
mide was a positively 'certain scheme for
poipetualt . notion.:i He had soldered two
Waterbury ,·,watches :to a thermome
ter, and around them all he bad/..
wound a piece of India rubber string.
One end of the string was fastened `to
tlhe spring of-one of the =watches and the
tnher end. was -tied to the spring of the
other watch. He claimed that the com
bined tion of the thermonreter and the.
rubbers e pt the watches in perpet
nal mion;and with a horseshoe magnet
he propo oncentratew t he called
the 'spirl energy' :of the two watcehes,
thus producing power that coiuld be trans
ferred toany kind of machinery. It was a
ray notion. I afterward:learned that
the fllow ,was, a watchmaker by trade,
ndthate had. escaped afrom an inse
' 1noth1r e*8tik rn0e to me withi box
full ofgraypowder' that he ssaid iyoa
*h1 poy"i' i ae-fo bien
A Lobster ana a Dragon.
Lovers of the curious in art will be re
Warded by a Visit to the Japanese depart
ient of one of our business houses, where
may be seen a couple of ipiece Of wori
manship of the most unique character.
The ones referred to have quite a history
attached thereto. The patient: care and
accurate handiwork of the Orient has no
better example than these two pieces of
iron, which have so remarkably been
worked out into representation of a lob
ster and a dragon, that are reproduced in
such perfect manner that one wonders
more and more at the talent of the Japan
ese artist who fashioned them. About
540 years ago a mechanic by the name of
Mio~Chin made a couple of similar pieces
of work. One of them became the prop
erty of the mikado, the other one of the
daimios. Both of these august indivi
nals handed them down to his successors,
they thus passing on as .heirlooms until
the then daimio of twenty-five years ago
sold his id an American merchant.now in
New York. Since these pieces were first
made many; attempts, have been made to
copy them but without success.
-Whe.- Mr. £usufaro TPana- was in
Japan i three years . he came across a
very ..le mechaý c, and U e had such'
faith in' his tauent that he em lyed him
to maketdi paces hey now has.; Working
sthadily for itnree years::he has made just
four pinees --two-lobsters and two dragons.
TT e{first Mr. Tanaka &sold in New York to
a Iparty. there. for .$6 .-Who ih turn sold
them to.. a: Boston t~erCth0nti and `con
ndisseur for $1,500...'. hey are. exact dupl-"
cates.of the two now here.. The peculiarity
ofd the Work: is' that itBwasd' aidone in a
siunihar wanner to the- Yankee process of
w.ittling-thet differe ce being: that the
,mt.eril., pperated. oo Ais iron, iw the.one.
case rid =wood in the other. ' It should be
sti.ttd that they are. not. mere carvings
the joints. are..perfectly. articulated, with.
the result of making? the 'work muore.life
lile. and smore. wonderful.--St Paul Pio
n.er Press.
Pen Picture of Senatorial Dignity.
As- I sit-here-now-it is -curious to watch
the actions of some 'of these senators. Cul
loino-of Illinois,- is playing with a" string,"
and'" Dolph,: of Oregon; is tapping -his
kziees with his spectadles. Eli Saulsbury,
asitall as Jack's beanstalk, is walking
al=out the chamber-with his hands in his
pickets, and--Senator Geobrge, of 'Missis"
sippi, has one of the ends of his gold spec
tacle frame in his right ear, and4 he is using
this as an ear pick. Henry B. Payne is
picking his teeth with his knife, and as 1
Look in I note that another senator, who:
has been performing the same operation
upon his molars, has taken the blade out
Df his teeth and is cleaning his-finger nails
with it. The knife is often used as a
toothpick by senators, and a half hour
rarely passes when one or more may not
be seen touching their teeth with the cold
steel of the penknife.
Evarts, when he laughs, looks very much
Like the American eagle on a broad grin.
I have noted that Senator Hoar reads a
great deal in the senate chamber, and that
the books often cover several different
languages. Joe Brown, of Georgia, sits
very quietly, and one of his gestures is
stroiing his long white beard. Beck, of
Kentucky, is always busy, and Logan now
and then seems to grow a little nervous
and at such times he keeps his hands or
feet moving, arid often walks out.into the
cloak room. Gen. Manderson,"of Ne
braska, has a way of putting his thumbs
in his vest pockets when he walks about
the senate, and Van Wyck is continuously
moving here and there, now' gesturing
violently, and always ready to make a
speech when he sees the government in
danger.-"Carp" in Cleveland Leader.
Who Sets Faslhionz for Women.
The Gainsborough hat is again coming
into style. Some four or five years ago it
was quite fashionable, but was driven out
of vouge by the ridicule of the press and
sarcasm of theatre-goers. It disappeared
from street and parquet for a time, but
has become again the rage. The other
day during a brief interval of sunshine a
lady wearing a Gainsborough nearly
three feet in diameter walked on the west
side of State street, from Lake to Adams.
She was stared at by 10,000 curious eyes,
and was the object of 1,000 remarks rang
ing from sarcasm to wonder. She did not
seem to mind it, but strolled leisurely
along with her parasol at an angle of 45
degrees, and hummed an air from the
"Mikado." She was in no hurry, but
stopped at every other shop window and
gazed therein. She had not walked a
block before the universal feminine com
ment was: "The Gainsboroughs are com-:
ing in again." And so they are if that
ltdy is as good an :advertisement as she
has:been in the past. She is uner salary
from a millinery firm on Wabih avenue,
and I have seen her walk more than one
article of head dress.into popularity in the
self-same way.-Chicako Newsj
..The Toothpick and the Teeth.
The toothpick 'is an imlportg t instru
ment in taking proper! care ~the teeth;
it should be brought into requisition after
each meal, and a thorough use madle of it
in removing 'all particles of' food or other
foreign substances which may be lodged
between them; The best to~ k yet in
vented is a quill from the wing of a goose,
.sharpened so as to readily pass' between
each tooth and its neighbor.: The vigilant
and thorough use of this simple little in
strument 'would 'almost insure an average,
set of teeth from the ravages of decay.
Too mucti importance has bleen 'laid upon.
tooth-powders and washes; ia t of them
are harmless and somie beneficial Precipi
tate chalk is the principal ingredient of
nearly all the powders and .ablets in the
market, aid isi meiasurably beneficia--Dr,.
S. H. King in Western Journal ofHealth.
0sTawBUI AB'I I vi au ,j.
Of course, inu this ity of cheap houise
rents, you would oed thast housekeep
ing would be a pleasantad easy matter,
as khelp gets only an aerage of $12 a
month. From personal experience I can
say that nowhere in the country is it so
difflenft to get goodY servants a it is here.
The best help is blc. There is plenty of
l but very little of ltisgood. All the
women are "ladies,0 and 2know of one
houseke who lost her cook and wash*
ewman two days ago in this wise: She
wanted a'h extra womans fer some pur
pose and. upoke to her coolet the subject.
SDinah said she couldrfeco n 5za lady"
ho-w iuld answer. S ho usekeper mid,
shj did, not wan an lady;" b al°a"wouanu"
whocol, bundles; and
are rv'teld threatenea
hae-t lady. - ýt~b ho, boycottedl,
Helena, _ . ,
Eye. Ear and roat Surgeon.
Recently attendant upon the large Eye, Ear ani
Throat hospitals of Europe-Vienna, Berlin, Pa
ris; London andEdinburgh. The eye, ear and
throat a special and exclusive pract ice. Specta
cles scientifically fitted to the eye. Catarrh of
the-nose and throat successfully treated.
)fiitce - -Tarskeon street.
National Bank
Of Helena.
This bank succeeds the old established and well
known banking house of L. H. Hershlfeld
a& Bro.
Authorized Capital, $500,000
Paid in Capital, - $150,000.
President-L. H. HERSHFIELD.
Vice-President-A. J.-DAVIDSON.
Board of Directors:
Exachange on the coin mercial centers ef the
United states and Europe bought and sold.
Collections and all business entrusted to us
receive prompt and. thorough attention.
Dep.osits received and interest allowed on
the same if left for a specified time". .
Buy gold nd suver billion, gold dust, ores,
terr torial, governmeit and county securities and
Associate Bank:
Bank of :Northern Montana,
. Fort Bentonr MI. T.
Beware !!
There are imitations of the cele
brated and old reliable
The Genuine has the FULL NAME,
Don't be deceived. You are imposed
upon if the initials
J. B.
Are not on the Tin Tag.
Trannaot a General Banking
S Business.
Buyandsell Ei-change on the commercial centers
of the United States.
Pay Interest on Time Deposits.
Will give special attention to the business of North
ern and Central Montana, and will make such
loans to stockmen and farmers as are
.suited to their requirements.
; t~dLocal Securities a Specialty. '3'
Collections and all other business ent;ruste ito usg
will receive promptand careful attention.
COLLINS, D U~E~ &, Co.
FArst Class .demoime dat.o#s
for the Traoveltng Pzblitc
A good Stable run in coniection with :the Hounse.
My new ferry boat at Fort Benton is now
ad.'sy for Dies !
The wants of the . traveling public, day or
night, will be promptly htteaded.
peial attention give to the ferrnatagof
Stock of all kinds.
. L. s.117. P.Frprietor.
ShepBou lt . o Smi
ýý Ctý YIIT,ý ID'Rýl?133D4C @ NP
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
gg' Our stock in the above lines is now full and complete, and we are
offering special inducements to Stockmen and Ranchmen in the shape of
reliable goods at bottom figures., We are enabled to do this by buying
largely from first hands, at inside prices.
We are sole agents for the celebrated Wood's Mowers and :BInders, and for these
machines have always on hand a full line of extras.
The Best RHay Rake in use. Walking and Sulky Plows, Etc., Etc.
Wool Sacks, Twine, and Cooper's Sheep Dip.
-We keep a full and complete stock of
Both Imported and Domestic brands.
Special attentiorn is called to our stock of HIarness, S:ddles, etc., which are of the best
California and other celebrated makes. We keep a full stock of every
thing in this line required by the Cowboy trade.
Our Dry Goods -Department!
Is the largest and most complete in Northern Montana. We have recently
secured the services of an experienced Dress Maker from the east,
and are now prepared to take orders for Dresses and Ladies'
Garments of all kinds. Satisfaction guaranteed.
-- : Inspeotion invited in all Departments :
T. 0. POWER & BRO. - - Fort Benton, ., T,
A. C. LORING, President. ' PARIS GIBSON, Vice-Pres. H. O. CHOWEN, Sec. and Treas.
CREAT FALLS - - Montana.
Manufacturers of the following brands of Patent and
High Grade Flours:
- I l il- I i i ] t I 1i
S Has now on exhibition a fine, large assortment of
Mirrors, Work Baskets,
Chromos Statuary Vases,
Panel Pictures,. Croquet Bisque Novelties,
Oil Paintings, Sets, Fancy Stationery,
Picture Frames, e, Musical Instruments
Wall Pockets, Etc., Etc Bird Cages,
Whatnots, - ' Doll Perambulators,
Centre Tables, Express Wagons;
In fact3 the largest and best selection of this class of goods
ever shipped to the City.
.. ..-:Harnessand Saddlery '
Buggy and. Team Harness Of
S every description.

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