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Edltl reees Culled by the Detroit
Free P'rcss.
nWe cull tih following trom the last issue of
e Arizoa Kicker:
.p n ._With this issue we suspend
. 1:r al dcipa'rtent, established five
1at inititute'l this feature as an
-l, to hec1p out a literaryv
S. te e. who was lare
: ,, i ý, ut Nho was fertile of
.,: .. l: , r e!'ilnt was a failure.
:}. t l. etderfoot a l.rma
i. . u., and we now hid fare
i, a:l a set thing. We shall
S ,r .e subject in a reckless,
'ihances on results, but
.. ':rt i'er studied attempt to
l . i:nj got iup and hump
fiells of waving corn, and
t,.-. rtck hillsileý, hereabout
rI .. . i hs of deccptive buck
,l,, t 0t"rfot--wod-hy, agri
T! 0" -iUTOi:S.-W-S, oe cflilnnot
+. rutiuit Is. If not accom
I,-:: uso them to lillt th
ti :; . , are saiit i useo them
, . . , ;ors. If th., iait, ior of
i 'f liid, or i~,- IC.'c .>'-rew's
·i --. . . , -i .il her n, adi:, tro l t, his ftlice
-'"ir thing to hr1 advantage,
S.. : . ketch eiuitlted "Bo-
4ta. , , E, , bers of Lubber's Hill,"
.i i-h on -eoipt of the au
:." r w- 0) We muit resp~ectfully
rms enntft l "lr Father
,i "A w Ai lien.irei with In
-, Ti.. ''Tey sePl to - ,ve an im
T !! ; I:'Ptil P.OrO.-Sinre o1ur last issue
S i". i, 1c:, hadt three ri , is ( f" beauti
:i , ! ,reticed in front of his adlobe,
a tl. t (; -i '-ioii hon Ias rfceived three bar
S- i . and a new pier gla.-s. \Ve
, r, rnai,;, ti, impro)vemlents iIn no ionatful
,ris, i,iu: i'ly that outsiders uav kinow
: i.,t of liro';ress is not dn".-I Vwitbhin
\ ,in right to the front as a
-10 W DL':T.--We regrest to la i that Maj.
.ts( li, one of the ioneer rest ninlts of Our
i ity, ki-h' at his dog last Saturday
i,,i , i,' his big tic back into his heel by
iu' 't1_ :h, corner stone of the new Masouie
The ij :ljr was our second subscriber. We
- ilm- nt hiz- with him in his dark hour of
t-'iali, ani trust that he may soon reappear
i!,n''' us. Should his condition become
critical a.- 1haih issue daily bulletins from
Gi i': \';--A correspondent wishes us to
x -.lain 1le meaning of the term: "From
A-lpha to Omega." We shan't do it. We
:ave Il'l politics enough for one season, and
Sr, .o ,to let4 up on the machine. We never
)i.d of A1lpha, anyhow, and as for old
n'-,-:, ni-ay he be durned!-Detroit Free
Hie Had Tried It.
Mi'rs. Fitz Noodle lad company to tea.
Little Fitz Noodle had been told just how to
behave. :and a good big bribe was promised
iml it h.e acted out his part of the pro
raimnne. lie did very well until he saw the
ompnany beginning to eat some jam that was
-.erve(d in small dishes. Then fixing his round
..yes on a majestic old lady opposite to him,
he bawled in the sweet tones of childhood:
"Did yer taste the pill?"'--Detroit Free
Hardly Prepared to Criticise.
Young Writer (to friend)-I say, Fred,
i:;ave you sen nmy lbook which was published
:, little over a year ago?
Fred-Oh, yes; I bought it the first day it
came out, Charley l
Youn g Writer-Thanks, Fred. Did you
ihad it interesting?
Fred--Well-er-to tell the truth, Charley,
I haven't finished it yet.-IHarper's Bazar.
Stone A pplied.
4- .
The effect it has on cloth.-Life.
A Compromise.
'1P oney (entering hardware store)-The
boss sint me down afther a pane av glass, tin
be foorteen.
Waggish Clerk-Well, Pat, I don't think I
can give you a ten by fourteen, but I can let
you have a fourteen by ten, if you think you
can make that do.
Pat (struck with a bright idea)-Be hivens!
.ist give me wan av thim, and Oi'll jist turn
th' sideways av it upside down, an' Oi don't
,elave the boss himself ud ever know th' dif
ference.--Toronto Grip.
A Safe Conclusion.
A New York judge says that if a man was
mis sing 100 years he should consider him to
be dead. It would be a pretty safe conclu
sion to arrive at, especially if the missing
man was 60 years old when he disappeared.
Norristown Herald.
A Sign of Cold Weather.
Mrs. Bliffers-Here is an advertisement for
a man weighing not less than 400 pounds. I
wonder if he is wanted for a dime museum?
Mr. Bliffcrs-Dunno. May eo they want
bread like that; you may want it some day."
"Well, mother, should I stand any better
chance of getting it then if I ate it now?"
New York JournaL
A Dark Game.
It was a pretty mean man who, when
asked to umpire a baseball game between
two colored nines, immediately called the
game on account of darkness.-Yale Record.
The "Lost Cord."
A horse in Dakota has eight feet. He must
bh the "loet cordl" we have heard sung about
so much.-lowell Courier.
Profound Ignorance.
Mistress (to up stairs girl)--Jane, the down
stairs girl is sick. You know how to cook,
dons you?
Jane-No, mums I don't know anything
about cooking.
"But you told me you'd beenS cook for
ten years."
"Yes, mum; but it was in a railroad res
taurant out west."-Philadelphia Record.
It Was the Cat.
"Pheney, come yer an' tek keah de baby
awhil. Poo' 'ittle feller's croupy, I know by
do way he cry. "-iIarper's Bazar,
Only Waiting.
Housekeeper (:. cr dining a tramp)-Why
don't you go to work?
Tramp-1 am not able to do hard work,
madam. As a boy I was obliged to go to
Sunday school) in all sorts of weather, and it
made me very dceicate, madam.
"Oh, eii; seems to me you might get
something indohom, cleaning out offices for
instance. \ hy don't you seek a position as
janitor of an office?"
"Madam, I ant a m-nan of high principle,
and I hold, madam, that the office should seek
the man, not the man the office. Thanks for
this banquet. If you see an office hunting
for me tell it I've gone up the road."-Phila
delphia Record.
Unde.irable Acquaintances
Miss Batrir'e Binks--The- co me the Jones
girls. Pa owes Mr. Jones money.
Miss Bertha Binks-Does he? Let's cut 'em
dead.-Philadelphia Record.
tý hý Y dtl m ha h o~cesold8~
th nn o lena h fie hns a;J
fHandling Babies.
An article, "How to Handle Babies," ap
plicable to young mothers, is on the rounds.
Some advice suitable to amateur fathers
might not be out of place.
Never get careless when you are in a hurry
to go down town, and throw the baby across
the back of a chair like an overcoat; it is
hard on the spine if it has one yet.
Do not toot it like a pile driver to make it
stop crying, as this only jolts more yells loose.
Don't trot around the room with it at
night when it has the colic with its head
down and its feet up; see that you grab it
right side up and with care.
Never be so thoughtless as to carry it by
one arm or one leg, if you do not want any
more noise in the house.
Do not let it slip through your hands on to
the floor, though you do find it as hard as an
eel to hold.
In handing it to your wife do not be so
glad that you will let go of it before she has a
clinch on it.
If you stand it in the corners to get rid of
it be sure that its feet are down.
Never lay it upon the mantel piece, even
for half an hour; it has no wings, but may
have when you come back.
Do not be guilty of tying its feet together
and hanging it on the hat rack.
If it jumps off your lap, always try to
catch it before it hits the floor.
Avoid lifting it up by the ears, as this pro
duces enlargement of those ornaments.
Don't bounce it up against the wall like a
ball and catch it; it may not like it.
Do not balance it on your head with your
hands in your pockets.
If you find you must lay it across your lap
to spank it, see that it is in a comfortable
If you feel that you have to sell it, don't.
A. W. Bellew in Yankee Blade.
A Terrible Sentence.
New York Judge-Have you anything to
say in mitigation of your sentence?
Murderer-Nothing, your honor.
Judge-You know that executions are now
done by electricity?
Murderer-Yes, your honor.
Judge-Then it is my painful duty to sen
tence you to work as a lineman for the Over
head Wire Electric company until you are
dead, dead, dead.
Murderer faints.-Detroit Free Press.
Overheard at the Club.
Litewaite-In mourning, Awthaw?
Ponsonby (mournfully)-Yaas, my Uncle
Litewaite-The rich East Indian nabob? Is
it possible he-
Ponsonby (gloomily)-You have guessed it.
He has recovered.-The Idea.
One of the Mysteries.
Mother-And the serpent, as a purJ4hment
for tempting Eve, was made to crawl all the
rest of his life.
Bobbie-Well, mamma, how did he get
along before?-Babyhood.
YWhen They Open Easy.
Now that the freezing cold weather is at
hand, nobody seems to have the slightest
trouble in getting the car window open to its
widest extent.-Somerville Journal.
A Natural Mistake.
"Say, mamma," said Willie, when he saw
a picture of Pegasus for the first time, "is
that a horse fly '"--Harper's Bazar.
\_ Pleasing Sense of Health
and Strength Renewed, and
of Ease and Comfort
Follows the use of Syrup of Figs, as it
acts gently on the
Effectually Clieansing the System when
Costive or Bilious, Dispelling
Colds, Headaches and Fevers
and permanently curing
without weakening or irritating the or
gans on which it acts.
*'or Sale in 50 n.rld n1.00 Bottles by
all Leacng s t- Druggists.
COUiSVILLE, KY., aNd Foe es
ith rirei l ati'nal Bant
W. G. CONRAD - - President.
C. E. CONRAD - Vice- President.
JOS. A. BAKER - - - Cushier.
Authorized Capital . i250,000
Paid-up Capital . . 100,000
Surplus . . . . . 75,000
We are prepared to make
Advances to Merchants.
Stockmen, and others,
at lower rates than
any western bank.
gW Exchange sold on the principal cities of the
world. Highest cash price paid for County
and City warrants. Interest allowed on
deposits left for a specified time.
National Bank
Of Helena.
Paid in Caoital - $150,000
Surplus & Profits, $125,000
President-L. H. HERSHFIELD.
Vice-President-A. J. DAVIDSON.
Board of Directors:
Exchange on the commercial centers of the
United states and Europe bought and sold.
Collections and all business entrusted to us
receive prompt and thorough attention.
Deposits received and interest allowed on
the same if left for a specified time.
Buy gold nd silver bullion, gold dust, ores.
territorial, government and county securities and
Associate Bank:
Bank of Northern Montana,
Fort Benton M. T.
Corner Champa and Seventn Sts.
N r VO Debility, Spermatorrhlea,
RV OU S Seminal Losses, Night
Emissions, Loss of Vital Powers, Sleeplessness,
Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Lassitude,
Gloominess, Depression of Spirits, Aversion to
Society, Easily Discouraged, Lack of Confidence,
Dull, Listless, Unfit for Study or Business, and
finds Life a burden, SAFELY, PERMANENTLY
BLOOD AND SKIN Diseases. yph
ilis, a disease
most horrible in its results, completely eradicated
without the use of mercury. Scrofula Erysipelas,
Fever Sores, Blotches, Pimples, Ulcers, Pain in the
Head and Bones, Syphilitic Sore Throat, Mouth and
Tongue, Catarrh, etc., PERMANENTLY CURED
SU RINARY Kidney and Bladder Trou
bles, Weak Back Burning
Urine, Frequency of Urinating, Urine high-colored
or with milky sediment on standing, Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, Cystitis, etc., promptly and safely cured.
Charges reasonable.
A SURE CU R U The awful e-f
fects of early
vice, which brings Organic Weakness, destroying
both mind and body, with all its dreadful ills, per
manently cured.
U 11,I N [fl A L ently cured remov
al complete-neither knife, caustic nor dilation
without pain or injury. Proof indisputable.
/ ( S Address those who
1 . ~ S. B 1 TS have impaired them
selves by improper indulgence and solitary habits,
which ruin both body and-mind, unfitting them for
business, study or marriage.
MARRIED .,,EN. or those entering on that happy
life, aware of physical debility, quickly assisted.
Is based upon facts. First, practical experience.
Second, every case is especially studied, thus start
ing aright. Third, medicines are prepared in our
laboratory exactly to suit each case, thus effecting
cures without injury.
,YRSend 6 cents postage for celebrated works on
Chronic, Nervous and f)elicate Diseases. Thous
ands cured. gA friendly letter or call may save
future suffering and shame, and add golden years
to life. .iNo letters answered unless accompa
nied by four cents in stamps. Address or call on
Corner Champa and Seventeenth Sts,
Ursuline Convent of the c oly Family,
Boarding School for Cirls.
Terms-Tuition free: board, $10 per month. For
further particulars apply to
st. Peter P. O., Mont.
We have this day, March
31st, 186., had recorded at
the office of the territorial
auditor, .
upon right or left rump, as ,
our sh:eep brand and t ade t
mark for wool.
CLARK BROS. & Co., Choteau. M. T.
M. S. & J. R. Coc.krill.
Old stock branded on left
th'gh, as howun.
Increqse branded
on iLit 't g11.
A Broke saddle and
work horses for sale.
Rlange on Marias river,
25 miles below Fort Con
rad. t'.O. address
Fort Conrad, M. T.
S C0. Barr Smith & Son.
Brand as shown on right
Vent: No -tock is rold
awithout venting on right
Also own horse- branded
99 and N- on right stifle.
Cattle btranded 96 on
left hip.
Range: Between Cotton
wo.od aind Rock c+eek.
Post ofjice addres.t: Cottonwood, M. T.
J. P. M'Caii;
Brand as shown, on the
left shoulder.
Vert: B and inverted
on left shoulder
Range: Dearborn.
P.O. address : Dearborn,
Win. Ho,,we.
Brand as shown on left
Vent: Same brand on
left shoulder.
Also owner of the half
circle heart on eft shou'
der Vent: Same brand
on left hip.
Range: Between Shon
kin and Belt.
All stock vented when sold. Address: Fort Benton.
Chas. S. Itoth.
Horse brand: 8SR On
left hip.
Vent: ame on the left
* shoulder.
Range: Between the
Shonkin aMid i'elt creek.
P.O. address: Fort Ben
ton, M.T.
No horses sold without
Also owns the following brands: WR on left hip;
n on right shoulder; M on left shoulder; and W
on left hip.
Horses branded KlP or.
left shoulder.
Vent: JIH
Range: Marias.
P.O. address:
Dupuyer, fM.T.
David Morrow.
Brand as shown, 0 on
right shoulder.
Cattle brand. 0 on right
ribs and right thigh.
Vent: Same on right
Range: Belt creek to
Arrow creek.
P.O. address
Fort Benton, M.T.
Chas. Fish.
Brand as shown,
on left thigh.
Ear mark: Crop
off left ear.
Vent: Same brand
on left shoulder.
Range: Shonkin
and Highwood.
P. O. address: Fort
(Formerly Davenport, Bay & Co.)
A. W. KINGSBURY, Superintendent.
Range: Between
the Shonkin and
Arrow creek.
Ear mark: Smooth
crop off left and a
slit in same.
Horses branded
w'th a circle O on
left shoulder.
P.O. address: Fort
MTilner Livestock Company.
M. E. MILNER, Manager, Fort Benton, M. T.
Brand on left ribs
as shown, called
"square" brand.
Ear mark: Both
ears cropped and
Also own cattle
bought from other
parties with the
"square" brand on
the left hip. Since
1886, calves brand
ed with the "square" on left side and the left hip both.
Also own all cattle bearing
the brand shown in small
Horse brand on
the left thigh.
Range: Deep creekto Ar
row creek, south of Missouri
Brand as shown
on left hip.
Ear mark: Crop
off left and round
hole in right.
Horses branded
same on left shoul
Vent: L on left
shoulder blade.
Range: Shonkin.
P.O. address:
Fort Benton.
W. L. Lincoln.
Brand as shown
on right side.
Vent: Bar over
original brand.
Range: On north
side Milk river.
P. 0. address
Fort Benton.
E. F. Mowrey.
Brand as shown
on left side.
, Ear mark: Two
splits on left ear.
Old ear mark: crop
off right ear and
split in left.
SRange: Judith.
P.O. address:
Utica. M.T.
Walrond Cattle Ranche Co.
D. MuEACHRANE, Montrea', Gen. Manager.
Wx. BELL. Clerk. ID. W. FRIEL.Ds, Local Manager
Brands: WRI ft
ribs. All this year's
calves, bar on left
hip. Half circle S
on left ribs; JH on
left thigh: Bon left
hip ; U on left hip.
Horse brand: WR
Vent: Bar across
Rangee: N. fork of
Old Ntan's river.
P. O. addrenss: Fort lMacleod, N. W. T.
(Overfield & Churchill.
Brand as shown,
on left hip.
Vent: Same on
Ear marks: Over
slop)e in left ear,
and split in r;ght.
Also owners of
cattle branded R C
onr left side .nd a
wattle on left jaw.
Range: Shonkin
and Arrow creek.
Old stock bran'ed O vented I on left hip.
P.O addres. : Fort Benton
CG ' 1EENEAF & (O.
Brand as shown,
on left side.
Ear mark: Two
bits out of right.
Horses branded
same on the lift
Vent: Same on
left shoulder, and
horses left thigh.
No cattle or horses
sold unless vented.
Range: Shonk'n. P.O. address: Fort Benton.
JaLimes Ml. Devitt & Co.
Brand as shown
on right side.
Horses branded
same on the righ;,
Vent: Bar under
Rarge: The upper
P 0. addrels-
Fort Conrad. M. T.
Brand as shown.
on right hio and
Ear mark: Unde
slit in each ear.
Also owners of the
toll wing brands:
U2 on right hip and
side; ES on right
side and hip; mono
gram JD on left
Vent: X on the right boulder.
Horse bra:d: EK o, shoulder.
Range: Teton .ind %; arias. P.O. address: Ft. Benton.
E. Keaster.
r ~. Cattle brand: EK
on left side ; also K
on lett side.
Horse brand: EK
on left shoulder.
Young cattle of
EK brand marked:
crop off both ears
and split in right.
Range: Shonkin.
Post office address: Fort Benton, M. T.
Benton & St. Louis Cattle Co.
Brands: O onleft
ribs, Z on left ribs,
JH on left ribs, A
on right hip. -
Vent: Z on left
Range: Marias.
P.O. address:
Fort Benton.
-Manager .
P. Murphy.
Brand as shown
on lett hip.
Also owner of P
on right hip, and
TS on left hip.
Range: The lower
P O. address:
Fort Berion.
Morrow & Son.
Cattle branded on right hip, as shown. Horses
branded same on left shoulder, also M and T
on left shoulder.
Vent: Cattle, M on right shoulder; Horses, M on
left thigh.
Range: Between the Shonkin and Arrow creek.
P.O. address: Fort Benton, M. 2.
Brand as shown
on left side.
Vent: Bar across
the brand.
Cattle are marked
with wattle on left
Horses branded
84 on left shoul
Range: Dupuyer
Post office address: Dupuyer, M. T.
Brand as shown,
on let t ribs; also
same brand on
right ribs.
Ear mark: Two
under slits in each
Horses branded
(F on left thigh.
Range: Shonkin
P.O. address:
PFt.Macleod,N. W.T.
Increase of monogram T5 cattle to be branded bar H.
Vent: Bar H on left shoulder.
Range: Crown butte, Moccasin mountains, Judit
basin and the Shonkin.
Also owners of Ton left ribs, right ribs, left hip
and right hip.
Post ofice address: Fort Benton, M. T.
(G. W. SIMPsoN, President.
J. Hl. KIisAL, Vice-Pres. J. C. MELVIN, Treas.
ANDREW NIM3o. Secretary.
P. 0. address-2.9 South Market St., Boston, Mass.
Trios. B. M'SIIANE, Foreman, Judith, NM.T.
Brand, half-cir
cle block on Jeft
Range'- Judith
Also owners of
following brands:
LS on both sides, with ha'f-circle block on left hip.
x on left side and hip, with half-circle block on
left hip.
on right side, wih half circle block on the
on lift hip.
Horse Brands.
SQuarter-circle block on left shoulder.
-C on right shoulder. O 6 on left hip.
J-D on left shoulder.
Sheep for Sale!
Of any kind, a.ld in nurnmers to suit purchasers.
Purchase l can select straight ewes, ewes and
lambs, stock sheep, or wethers.
Fort Ben'on, M. T.
ventt Blrand inverted hleft shulder.
Mark - Wattle on riht jaw.
Mo tana .red,
Range Win: ered.
I have thirty nood yearlin shnrt -horn hbulls for
sale at lifts dollars lper head, deliver a" my corral
in May or J1une, liS8. from cowse that stoodl the win
ter of 1Sti-7--the test of hardiiessI . First come
first served. 'ome andt se for yourselves or write.
W . P.P TURF ':..R , JR.,
Ranch ,n the Marias, tw.nty mil-es below (onrad
Post )lti(', M. T.
L.RANK BAIN, Proprietor. Address-Fort Ben
i ton, M. T. Importer and Breeder of
Percheron, Clydesdale, English
Shire and French Coach H rses.
J A number of imported Stallions for sale, at
prices one-third less than other importers. All
stock warranted to be as represented. Terms to
suit customers. We make regular imIportations.
Correspondence solicited, and visitors always we!
The stallions offered for sale can he seen any time
at the Montana Stables, where I have opened a
regular sale stable for imported stock. Address
Frank Bain. Fort Benton, f.f, I.
Great English Remedy.
T'rade Mark. JIlfra y' ,Specific.
A guaranteed cure for all nervo:;:
diseases, such as Weak Memory.
Loss of Brain Power, HIysteria,
Headache, Pain in the Back.
Nervous Prostration, Wake
fulness, Leucorrhcea Univer
sal Lassitude, Seminal Weak
ness, Impotency and general loss of
power of the Generative Organs, in
Before Taking. either sex, caused by indiscretion or
over-exertion, and which ultimately lead to Pre
mature Old Aga, Insanity and Consump
tion. $1.00 a box or six boxes for Trade ai-a.
$5.00. Sent by mail on receipt of
price. Full particulars in pam
phlet, sent free to every applicant.
We Guarantee Six Boxes
to cure any case. For every $5.00
order received we send six boxes,
with a written guarantee to refund
the money if our Specilic does not
effect a cure.
Address all communications to AfterTaking.
the Sole Manufacturers,
Kansas City, Mo.
3 hII. M. PARCIIEN & Co., Wholesale and IRe
tall Agents, Helena, M. T.
Who has made many wonderful cures in the east and
through this country, is now located in
Butte City, Montana Ter.,
On the southeast corner of
Entrance No. S East Broadway. References
given of many cures made here in
Butte City.
The Old Reliable Specialist of many yearn' expe
rience, treats with wonderful succe-s all LUNo,
Su'ltuie cured without pain or hindrance
u from business. I rents all forms of
Throat, Lung, Nerve and Blood di-eases, all Chronic
diseases and Deformities far in advance of any in
stitution in this country. Those %her contemplate
going to Hot Springs for the treatment of any pri
vate or blood disease can be cured for one-tthird the
cost at our private dispensary.
Ladies By this treatment a pure, lovely comn
S plexion, free from sallowness, freckles,
blackheads, eruptions, etc.. brilliant eyes and per
tect health can be had.
II'That '*tired" feeling and all female weaknesses
promptly cured. Bloating Headaches. Nervous
r, stration, General lebility, Sleeplessness, De
pression and Indigestion, Ovarian Troubles, nflam
mation and ulceration, Falling and Displacements,
Spinal Weakness, Kidney C'omplaints and Change
of Life. Consult the old Doc'or.
Eye and .Ear Ac'ute or Chronic Infl. -
Smation of the Eyelids or
Globe and Far or Near ,ig'ltedness, Inversion o:
the Lids, Scrofulous Eves, Ulcerations, Inflaimma
tion, Abcess, Dimness of Vision of one or both eyvs.
and Tumors of Lid.
3 i nflammtion of the Ear. Ulcerat on or Ca
tarrh, Internal or External Deafness, or Par. lysir-,
Singing or Roaring noises, Thickened Drum, etc
erous Deiiiity, Spermatorrhtra, Seminal
Losses, Night Emissions. Loss of
Vital Power, Sleeplessness, Despondent y, L ss of
Memory, Confusion of Ideas, Blurs before the Eyes,
Lassitude, Languor. Gloominess, Depress on of • pit
its, Aversion to Society, Eaiy Discouraged, Lack of
Confidence, Dull, Listless, Unfit for study or Bus>:
ness, and finds life a burden, Safely, PermanenIy
and Privately cured.
Hlood s tid skill Diseases, Syphilis--a
disease most horri)le
in its result-completely eradicated without the use
of mercury. Scrofula, Erysipelas, Fever. Sor,-s,
Blotches. iimpies, Ulcers, Pain in the Head º id
Bones, Syphilitic Sore Throat, Mouth and Tongue.
Glandular Enlargement of the Neck, Rheunimtisni.
Catarrh, etc., permanently cured woen others have
U Trinalr Kidney anl Bladder troubles,
Weak Back. Burning Urine. Fre
quency of Urinating, Urine high olored or milky
sediment on standing, Gonorrhrea. (lt er. Cy-ti'k,
etc.. proinitly ann safely cured Char'ed re tson
Private Diseases net'loo m ve
nereal 'T'aint, (; eet,
stricture. S rina IEmi.ion. lt).s of sexual power,
weakness of ihe sexual organs. want of desi'e it.
male or female, whether from imprudent habits ot
young or sexual habits in mature years, speedily an,
permanently cured.
Consuitation free aHti stri, tly confidential. Med
icine sent free from observation to all tairts of tht
United States. ( orr.sp rildence recedve trominpt at
tention. No letters answered" unles' ac.:nmpanier'
by four cents in stamps. Send ten cents in stamp
for pamphlet and list of questions upon Private,
Special aundl Nervous Diseases, seminal Weakness.
Spermitorrhota, Impotency, Syphilis, Goncrrhluea,.
Gleet and Varicoce'e.
Terms strictly cash. Call on or address
Dr. Powell Reeves,
Roomae 1 & 2, No. 8 E. Broadway. Butte, Mont.
C A $33.00 premium and the RTVEE
PiEss one yearl, for .350.

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