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i. Law Makers Will Hold Night Sessions Un
til Time of Adjournment.
H elena , Feb. 17.—Night 9ession9
are now to be the order of the legisla
ture, at least for the house end of the
assembly. This has been decided on
by the republican members, who are
working in harmony together. The
■ work of the senate is delayed some
\ what owing to the absence of Senator
Durham, chairman ot the printing
committee, and the consequent failure
to have bills printed. The early part
of the session today begun at 2 o'clock
and was given up to committee re
ports. It these reports S. B. Mo. 85,
relating to the conditions under which
foreign corporations shall do business
in the state, and H. B. No. 96, relating
to estrays, were killed.
S. B. No. 90, was introduced, and
referred to the judiciary committee.
It prohibits the carrying of firearms
by Indians off a reservation. The two
deficiency appropriation bills for the
state penitentiary, under a suspension
of the rules, received favorable con
sideration in committee of the whole,
and later were read a third time and
In addition to passing the Allen
county division bill the house did a
large amount of business this morn
ing. One of the features of the session
was a statement made by Everett,
chairman of the arid land commission
investigating committee. He asked
for an appropriation of $300 to enable
the committee to employ a lawyer and
a stenographer, and in so doing he
stated that the reports of experts al
ready employed by the committee to
investigate the books of the committee
leads the committee to believe that
$30,000 of the funds of the commission
have been misappropriated. He also
declared that a shortage of $4,600 in
the accounts of the bookkeeper of the
commission has been brought to light.
While On the face of it these facts ap
pear sensational, they created no sen
sation in the house, for the reason
that the facts are pretty generally un
Two bills introduced by Representa
tive Miller early in the session provid
ing for the repeal of the law imposing
a license tax on merchants and pro
fessional men were killed this morning
in the house. They were Nos. 4 and 5,
and a majority of the ways and means
committee reported them back with a
recommendation that they be indefi
nitely postponed.
In the afternoon the house killed the
bills providing for the election of the
state mine inspector and the state coal
mine inspector and amended the bill
recommended by the judiciary commit
tee giving the supreme court exclusive
powers in disbarment cases. As
amended the bill excepts pending ca
ses, but does not preclude such cases
from going to the supreme court de
The governor today signed the Tew
ey bill allowing railroads to install
interlocking plants, and the Word bill
repealing the law requiring the publi
cation of ocojpation license moneys.
H elena , Feb. 18. —Signs of the im
pending end of the session are in the
air. Though the house was somewhat
sluggish in its movements this morn
ing it put forward a number of bills on
their way to final passage, and this
afternoon it passed a number on third
reading. The flood of bills now
sweeping in upon the senate from the
house will make that body sit up o'
night, and forego its morning's sleep,
even though it is a swiftly moving or
The senate made quite a slaughter
ing of house bills today, killing the
bill reducing the board of prisoners
from fifty to forty cents per day, the
bill increasing the number of deputy
county attorneys in first-class coun
ties, and the bill requiring signs to be
placed at road crossings and junc
Bill No. 8'o, which allows sending
orders for blank books and printing
supplies out of the state to eastern
houses was favorably reported from
the committee.
The house passed a lot of bills to
day, among them the one to consoli
date the clerkships of various boards.
The initiative and referendum bill al
so went through, not a vote being cast
against it. The house also passed the
bill limiting the number of days coun
ty commissioners may sit during a
The state fair bill reported back
from the committee favorably and with
a recommendation that it pass as first
introduced, carrying an appropriation
of $10,000.
There was a large number of com
mittee reports at the morning session.
The committee on labor reported the
Maddox fellow servant bill back with
the recommendation that it be indefi
nitely postponed, and the report was
adopted without debate.
The same reported back with a fav
orable recommendation the house bill
to prohibit employers from forciD
employes to board at company board
ing houses. The bill went to the
printing committee. Bills were intro
duced as follows:
H. B. No. 29t>—by committee on cor
porations other than municipal, relat
ing to the fees of the secretary of
H. B. 297—By Swindlehurst, regu
lating the manner in which foreign in
surance companies may do business
in the state.
H. B. No. 298 and H. B. No. 299—
By the ways and means committee,
amending the laws in relation to col
lection of personal property taxes in
conformity with a recent supreme court
H. B. No. 300—By Vagg, to pre
vent fires along railroad rights of
H. B. No. 301—By Allen, providing
the manner in which the county treas
urer shall send out tax notices.
H. B. No. 302—By Conner, to print
25,000 state maps.
H. B. No. 303—By Hafferlin, pro
viding the manner of adjudicating fire
Measures Enacted By Legislature.
H elena , Feb. 18.—The following is
a list of bills passed by the Eighth
legislative assembly up to date:
House joint memorial No. 1.—Re
lating to the Crow Indian reservation
being opened up for settlement. Ap
proved Feb. 3.
H. B. No. 16—Appropriating money
for members, attaches and officers of
the assembly. Approved Jan. 21.
H. B. No. 17—Appropriating money
for incidental expenses of the assem
bly. Approved Jan. 22.
H. B. No. 24—Doing away with
boards of appraisers. Approved Feb.
H. B. No. 112—Appropriating money
in payment of the claim of the capitol
builders. Approved Feb. 5.
H. B. No. 75—Prohibiting the dump
ing of refuse in streams. Approved
Feb. 14.
H. B. No. 50—Providing for the ap
pointment of a board of sheep com
missioners. Approved Feb. 14.
H. B. No. 59—Relating to the keep
ing of public funds by county treas
urers. Approved Feb. 14.
House joint memorial—Relative to
opening of Absarakee forest reserve.
Approved Feb. 16.
H. B. No. 45—To prevent the dump
ing of slack in streams. Approved
Feb. 16.
H. B. No. 29—Relative to the ap
pointment of registry agents. Ap
proved Feb. 17.
S. B. No. 18—Permitting railroads
to instal interlocking switches at grade
and other crossings and thereby obvi
ate the necessity of bringing trains to
a full stop. Approved Feb. 17.
S. B. No. 3—Relative to the com
pulsory education of the deaf and
blind. Approved Feb. 18.
S. B. No. 4—Changing the name of
the deaf and dumb asylum. Approved
Feb. 18.
Looks Like the Train Robber.
A naconda , Feb. 17. —Notwithstand
ing the innocent looks and good ap
pearance of Napoleon Savoy, the au
thorities say there is much reason to
believe that he is really the man who
held up the Northern Pacific train at
Bearmouth, rifled the mail pouches
and killed Engineer Dan. O'Neill.
Whether he is the man who actually
did the deed or not, he will in all
probability be put on trial for the
Savoy has the most peculiar hands
ever seen on a man, and it is on this
peculiarity that Mail Clerk Otis bases
his positive identification. Otis
claims that he cannot be mistaken and
that he is willing to swear that Night
Chief O'Brien nabbed the right man
this time. While he is a small man,
his hands are very large and the fing
ers ate of a peculiar shape. The
thumbs are of immense size and his
nails are only about a sixteenth of an
inch in length. They are so peculiar
as to attract attention, and all of the
trainmen of the train who saw the rob
ber agree upon this point.
May He lieariiiouth Robber.
Washington , Feb. 18.—Franklin
Baer, alias Joseph Meyer, alias Meier,
who was arrested in Baltimore Sun
day night on the charge of robbery,
told Detective O'Dea that he had been
concerted in a recent hold-up on the
Northern Pacific in which he secured
the larger part of the sura of $11,650
which he says is to his credit in the
Drovers' National bank of Chicago.
He added that he had to spend $0,000
to enable him to leave the locality
where the hold-up occurred and for
that reason had assumed the name of
Meyer. Baer claims to have a home
stead 70 miles from Butte, Mont., and
today sent a letter to his wife under
the name of Baer at that address.
British 1'arliainent Opens.
London , Feb. 17.— King Edward,
accompanied by Queen Alexandra and
surrounded by the court and all the
officers of state, opened parliament
this afternoon. Early in the morning
the vaults of the houses were searched
for imaginary conspirators, as usual,
by the yeomen of the guard, carrying
ancient lanterns and useless halberds.
The movements of the troops taking
up position along the route of the pro
cession followed, so the crowds which
had been attracted by the fine weather
and desired to witness the royal pa
yant did not lack entertainment dur
ing the long wait.
A Danger Period Through Which
Every Woman Must Pass.
Owing to rÊodern methods of living, not one woman in a thousand
approaches this perfectly natural change without experiencing a train
of very annoying and sometimes painful symptoms. At this period a
woman indicates a tendency towards obesity or tumorous growths.
Those dreadful hot flashes, sending the blood surging to the heart
until it seems ready to burst, and the faint feeling that follows, some
times with chills, as if the heart were going to stop forever, are only a
few of the symptoms of a dangerous nervous trouble. The nerves are
crying out for assistance. The cry should be heeded in time. Lydia
E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound was prepared to meet the needs
of woman's system at this trying period of her life, and all women who
use it pass through this trying period with comfort and safety.
" Dear Mbs Pinkham : —I was sick
and nothing seemed to do me any good
until I began taking Mrs. Pinkham's
"It was Change of Life with me
and falling of the womb. I had severe
pains all through my body. I had a
a terrible cough and people thought
I had consumption.
" I took six bottles of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
and two of Blood Purifier, and two
boxes Liver Pills, and I am now stouter
than I have been for a long time. I
can do all my work now, thanks to
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
" If any one wishes to write me, to
verify these statements, I will gladly
answer their letters."
Mrs. Clara Ciiezem , Jewett, 111.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham : — For seven
years I had been suffering, was pass
ing through the Change of Life, and
my womb had fallen; menses were so
profuse that at times I was obliged to
lie on my back for six weeks at a time,
could not raise my head from pillow.
I ihad been treated by several phy
sicians, but got no relief.
" I was advised by friends to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, which I did, and after
taking it six weeks I was able to be
around all the time and ,do my house
FORFEIT if we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
above testimonials, which will prove their absolute genuineness.
Lfdia K. Pinkham Medlclue Co., Lynn, Mali,
Creditors Want Investigation.
Helena , Feb. 1".— J. E. Hample, of
Butte, today filed objections to the
petition of A. J. Davidson, of Helena,
who has recently been declared a
bankrupt before Jud^e Kuowles. In
the petition Hample declares that Da
vidson tailed to put in amongst his
assets a valuable ranch which he owns
in the northern part of the state. The
liabilities of Davidson amounted to
nearly $400,000 and Iiis assets were
placed at practically nothing.
Referee Balliet at once issued prae
cipes summoning eight witnesses to ap
pear before him next Mond ay, Feb. 23,
and testify as to Davidson's holdings.
The application was made by Edward
C. Kussel, attorney for J. E. Hample,
of Butte, one of Mr. Davidson's cred
itors to the amount of $2,435.92. It is
alleged that Mr. Davidson is the own
er of a large cattle and sheep ranch in
northern Montana, and that he sold
cattle to the value of $74,000 last year.
Tenileney of the Times.
The tendency of medical science is
tow ard preventive measures. The best
thought of the world is bein^ given to
the subject. It is easier and better to
prevent than to cure. It has been
fully demonstrated that pneumonia,
one of the most dangerous diseases
that medical men have to contend with,
can be prevented by the use of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. Pneumonia
always results from a cold or from an
attack of influenza (grip), and it has
been observed that this remedy coun
teracts any tendency of these diseases
toward pneumonia. This has b-en
fully proven in many thousands of
cases in which this remedy has been
used during the great prevalence of
colds and grip in recent years, and
can be relied upon with implicit confi
dence. Pneumonia often results from
a slight cold when no danger is ap
prehended until it is suddenly discov
ered that there is fever and difficulty
in breathing and pains in the chest",
then it is announced that the patient
has pneumonia. Be on the safe side
and take Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy as soon as the cold is contracted.
It always cures. For sale bv D. G.
Lockwood, druggist.
Fine Book and Job Printing a spi
cialtv at the River Pkess office.
work. I know your medicine 6avcd
my life and I cannot praise it enough."
Mrs. Lizzie Roecap,
519 Smith St., Millville, N.J.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham : — I have
worked hard all my life, and when the
Change of Life came I flowed very
badly for weeks at a time. I would
stop for a day or two, then start
again. I went to see a doctor and
went through an examination, and
spent two hundred dollars for medi
cine and doctor's bills, but I did not
get the relief I expected.
" At that time I saw Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
advertised and began its use. I have
found it to be just what I needed.
" I wish every woman suffering
from female trouble would try it. Ï
recommend it to all my friends."
Mrs. Wm. Daily , Millbank, S .D.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham : — I feel it
a duty I owe you and every suffering
woman in the land to tell of the
wonderful results I have found in
using Lydia E. Pinkliam's Vege
table Compound and Liver Pills.
" Passing through the Change ot
Life, some of the physicians consulted
said nothing but an operation would
Bave me. liut your medicine alone
cured me."— Mrs. Maonolia Dean,
1441 First Avenue, Evansville, Ind.
Desert Land—Final Proof.
United Statkh Land Office,
tin hat Pallh , Mont,., Kefo. 1-, l'.MteJ
N itice is hereby given that George Garrett of
]>ig Sandy, Mont., has Hied notice of intention
to m 'ike p roof on his desert land claim No. 0200,
for the ii^ SE *4, section township US north,
range 10 ast, lot I. h.- % SV. SSW H SEH sec
tion 30 town- hip 28 north, range tl east, before
Edgar 1». Newhall, l T . S. Commissioner at Big
Saiiuy, Montana, on Wednesday, the 2f>tli day of
March, l»i'3.
11»* names the following witnesses to prove the
complet, • irrigation and reclamation of said land:
ltoherr L. 'Jhompson, .John <». Thain, Krank Gar
rett, M .reus Meis"r, all of Virirelle. Mont.
J. M. lil T KLINGA ME, Register.
Desert Land—Final Proof.
I"kite» Status Land Offiok.
(■heat Falls , Mont., Feb.7, 111 (13.
Notice i* lieuiby given that (»forge A.r'urter
of nig Sandy, Montan , lia* (lied notice of inten
tion io make proof on Iiis desert land claim No.
4631, for the \VJ* NE ü, W> j SKy, V.y t N\V*4, K\i
S\VKi section 12, township 2? north, range 12
east, before Edgar 11. 'Newhall. l T . 8. commission
er at Uig Sandy, Montana, on I'ridav, the 27th
day of .March, 1004.
lie names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrigation and leclumatlon of said land:
Frederick (J. Dunbar, Stewart Carter, George Jt.
Porter, l'eter C. Carter, all of Big Sandy, Mont.
J .M. UUKL1NGAME, Register.
Desert LancS--Final Proof.
United States Land Office.
Gukat Falls . Mont., Feb. 18,1U03.
I Notice is hereby given that Lillian E. Kaglin,
! asslgt.ee of Fannie Cook, of Gold Kutte, Mont,
has tiled-notice of intention to make proof on
her desert land claim No. 4H09, for 160 acres un
surveyed public land in Chotean county, Mont.,
in township 87 north, range 1 east, before John
McDowell, (J. S. commissioner at Gold Hutte,
! Mont., on Saturday, the 28th day of March, 1903.
She names the following witnesses to prove the
I complete irrigator! and reclamation of said land:
Willi h m Farrell, Ole 11 Wareham, Charley Per
kins, all of West Hutte, Mont., Charley 11. Far
rell, of Gold Hutte.
J. M. BU KLINGA ME Register,
Notice of Contest.
U nitbo States Land Office,
Gukat Falls , Mont.. February 2, 1903.
A s iitliclCLt contest affidavit having"been Hied
in thin ollice by Charley S. Wattere, contestant,
against h imestead -nrrv No. 117",K made Dec. 1?,
lüuo, for SW'i SWÎ4 and NW54 S\V»4 "
nd V
. of section
ecrion 20, town-hip 20 north,
'pi. ...... a p \r:....
r.iriL'* 1 s »'ttst, by Th »mas E Vivian conteste^,
in which it ir- alleged that, sa d Thomas E. Vivian
abandoned said tract and changed his residence
therefrom for more than six months since mak
ing said entry; that said tract is not settled
tipo i or cultivated by said party as required
by law, and that said failure still exists, said
parti» - are hereby notified to appear, respond
and offer evidence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. in. on March 28, 1903, before Charles
II. Hoy le, I". S. commissioner, Fort Kenton,
Montana, and that final hearing will be held at
10 o'clock a. m., on April 10, l!K)3, before the
regis'er and receiver at the United States land
ofVce in Great Falls, Mont.
The said contestant having, in a proper aftida
vit, tiled January 29th, 1903, .«-et forth facts which
sho * that after due diligence personal service of
this notice cannot be made, it is hereby ordered
and directed chat such notice be given by due and
proper publication.
C. H. BENTON, Receiver.
Oe3ert Lan d—F inal Proof.
United States Land Office,
Great Falls , Mont., Jan. It), 1903.
Notice is hereby given that John T. Sneath, of
Fort Benton, Mont , lias Sled notice of intention
to make proof on his desert-land claim No. 4692.
for the N'/ s SW^, SEii S\VV 4 , Wy, SEM, SK^
8Kü, section 13, township 23 north, range 10 east,
lot 4, SEy 8\V!4, section 1», township 23 north,
rang«» U east, before Chas. II. Boyle, U. 8 com
nissioner, at Port Benton, Mont., on Thursday,
the 26th day of Febrnary, 19(13.
He names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrigation ■ nd reclamation of said land:
George Sherry, Havre, Hont., Warren Barr,
Luther Bain, Carroll W. Thrailkill, of Fort Ben
ton, Mont.
J. M. WJRLINGAME, Register
Notice of Final Proof.
United States I^ni» Office,
Great Falls , Mont., Jan. 21, 1903
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler s have filed notice of their Intention to make
final proof in support of their claims, and that
said proofs will be made before Chas. H. Boyle,
U. S. commissioner, at Fort Benton, Mont., on
Saturday February 28th, 1903, viz : .John G. Thain,
who made homestead entry No. »852 for lots 1, 4,
5 and 8, section 16, lot 4, section 9, lot 8, section
10, township 26 north, range 11 east.
Also hnrrison Crisel, who made homestead
entry No.*12,266 for the NV4 NW'H, SW14 NW^
and N\VV£ SWV4, section 15, township 26 north,
range 11 east.
They name the following witnesses to prove
their continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz: William Kingsbury, Wearn
Howe, John G. Thain, all ot Fort Benton,Mont.,
Virgil F. Blankenbaker, of Virgelle, Mont., Har
rison Crisel, of Big Sandy, Mont.
J. M. BUKLINGAME, Register.
Desert Lan d—F inal Proof.
United States Land Office,
Gukat Falls , Mont., Jan. 22,1903,
N otlce is hereby given that Sarah Ann Kirby,
of Fort Benton, Montana, has filed notice of In
tention to make proof on her desert land claim
No. 4077, for the K>/, NEK and E'^KEVi section
IS, township 20 north, range 9 east, before Jere
miah Sullivan, U. S. commissioner, at Fort Ben'
ton, Mont., on Saturday, the 28th day of Feb'
ruary, 1908.
She names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrlgationand ieclamation of saidland:
Benjamin Mandeville, Frank Morjjer, Carroll W.
ihr.u.Kill auu Hubert Pendorf all of Fort Ben
on, Mont.
J. M. BURMNGAME, Register.
Desert Land—Final Proof.
United States Land Office,
Gkeat Falls , Mont., Jan. 22, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that Francis II. Kooney,
assignee of Daniel McGowan, of Highwood, Clio
teau county, Mont., has filed notice of intention
to make proof on his desert land claim No. 4548,
for lots 5 and 4, section 34, lots 5 and 4, section
33, township 23 north, range 6 east, lot 3, section
4, township 22 north, range 6 east, before Chae.
11. Boyle, U.S. commissioner, at Fort Benton,
Mont.,on Saturday, the 28th day of February 1903.
He names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrigation and reclamation of said land :
John W. Smith, of Fort Benton, Montana, Ira
Winey, Francis H. McGowan, Bradford Murry,
all of Highwoed, Montana.
J. M. BUKLINGAME, Register
(No. 717.)
Forest Reserv e Lie u Application
U. S. Land Office at Great Falls, Mont.
February 2,1908.
Notice is hereby given that George L. Ramsey,
whose postoiHce address is Helena, Mont., has
made application to select tinder the provisions
of the act of June 4, 1897 l30 Stat. 36), the follow
ing described tract: SEViN\V>4, E H SWH and
W;4 SE H seciton 34, township 20 north, range 11
east. M.M.
Within the next thirty days from the date of
publication hereof protests or contests against
this selection on the gr und that the land de
scribed, or any portion thereof, is more valuable
for its minerals than for agricultural purposes,
will be received and noted for report to the com
missioner of the general land offlee.
J. M. HURL1NGAMK Register.
First publication February 3, 1903.—(108)
Notice of Fin al Proof.
Un'ted States Land Office
Great Fai ls , Mont., Jan. 30, 1903
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to mako
final proof in support of Iiis claim, and that said
proof will be made before Chas. II. Boyle. U. S.
commissioner, at Fort Benton, Mont., on Thurs
day, March 5th, 1903, viz: Charles M. Moyer,
who made homestead entrv No. 12929 for the
SEM NWM, li'A 8WJ4, section 10, NEM NWJ4,
section 15, township 28 north, range 7 east.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: James S. Cox, Thomas Meredith, Jas
per Maze, George W. Moore, all of Fort Benton,
J. M. BUKLINGAME, Register.
Desert Land—Final Proof.
United States Land Office,
Great Falls , Mont.. Jan. 20, 1903.
Notice is here y given that Jnrgen Messer
Big Sandy, Mont., has tiled notice of intention to
make proof on Iiis desert land claim No. 4485, for
the WV4 SWM, section 24, N14 NWH, section 25,
township 27 north, range 18 east, before W. S.
Towner, U. S. commissioner, at Chinook, Mon
1 ana, on Saturday, the 7th day of March, 1903.
He names the following witnesses to prove the
complete irrigation and reclamation of said land:
Herman Lehfeldt, Julius Lehfeldt, John See
mann, of Chinook, Mont., Paul Schwartz, of Big
Sandy. Vont.
J M. 11URLINGAME, Register.
Woiico of Final Proof.
unitkii statk * L ani> offic,
Guisav Falls , M out., Feb. 5 # 11)03
Notice is hereby given that, the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Chas. II. Hoy le, U.
S. commissioner, at Fort Benton, Montana, on
Saturday, March 7th, 1903, viz: Henry Hurgiu,
who made homestead entry No. ?!»3!> for the
\Vy 2 SWJ4, section 28, W'/i NVVVj, section 33,
township .il north, range 7 east.
lie names the following witnesses to prove Iiis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: Peter Tasdall, Kdward S. Reming
ton, Perrin Epperson, John Mansfield all of
Belt, Montana.
J. M. BURLING A ME, Register
Notice of Final Proof.
United States Lanj>'Offiok.
Gukat Falls , Mont., Feb. 12, 1903
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support, of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Chas. II. Boyle, U. S.
commissioner, at Fort Benton, Mont., on Sat
urday, March 14, 1903, viz: George W. Sample,
who made homestead entry No. 7185 for the
lots 1 and 2, R Vi N W hi section 31, township 23
north range 10 east.
Ile names the following witnesses to prove his
ontinuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Pres Lewis, Oscar Johnston. Charles
II. Ragland, Carroll \V. Thrailkill, all of Fort
Uenton, Mont.
J. M. BURLING A M E, Register.
Notice of Final Proof.
United States Land Office,
Gkeat Falls , Mont., Fell. 10, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intent.on to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Chas. II. Boyle,
U S. commissioner, at Fort Benton, Mont., on
Saturday, March 21, 1903, viz: Frank Hal la
day, who made homestead entry No. 13025, for
the S l /z NVVfi, section 27, E!4 NE^, section 28,
township 2<i north, range 0 east
lie names th»» following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of *aid
land, viz: Theodore Faller, Powell L. Smith,
Uarrv Gilmore, all of Fort Benton, Montant,
William P. Turner, Jr. of Beatri< e, Mont.
J. M. BUKLINGAME, Register.
Desert Land—Final Proof.
United States Land Office,
Lewistown , Feb. 12, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that Amity L. Kvers of
verson, Fergus county, Mont., lias filed notice of
intention to make proof on her desert land claim
No. 95(3, for the unsurveyed land along Cayote
Springs Creek, in township 21 north, range 15
east, before ("has. II. Boyle, U. S. commissioner,
at Fort Benton, Montana, on Monday, the 23rd
• of March, 1903.
I.e names the following witnesses to prove the
:iplete irrigation and reclamation of said land:
Henry Nelson, of Denton. Mont., 1 rank II. King,
Albert Johnson, William Klitzke, all of Everson,
Mont. EDWARD BRASSEY, Register.
Water right blanks—only correct
form published—for sale at the RiVEB
P ress ottice.
Desert Land--Final Proof.
Unitbd States Laud Oracs,
Gbbat Falls , Mont., Feb. 16,1908.
Notice Is hereby given that John McDowell,
of Gold Batte, Mont., has filed notice of intention
to make proof on his desert land claim No. 4882,
for tha E'/J NEK, E'/, SK54, eection 17, township
85 north, range M east, before Maurice C. Price,
U. S. commissioner at Whitlash, Mont., on Fri
day. the 10th day of April, 1903.
Also that Annie McDowe 1, of Gold Butte,
Mont., has filed notice of intention to make proof
on her desert land claim No. 4834, for the lot 4,
section 18, NWü NWÜ, E'/i NV7y, section 19,
township 36 north, range 8 east, before the same
officer at the same time and place.
They name the following witnesses to prove the
complete Irrigation and reclamation of saidland:
Robert Christian, Robert Reid, Frank S. Scalese,
Edward Christian, all of Gold Bntte, Mont.
J. M. 8 U RUNG AM E, Register.
Raised on the range and thoroughly
acclimated. Ewes from the most
aristocratic flocks in America.
We have bred to the best imported and domestic
rams that money would buy. Our flock is of tht
Von Homeyer-Garnier type so popular at the
present time—great size, heavy shearers, remark'
able vitality. Flock headed by Samson 3d, whose
sire sold for $550 at public auction at the National
Wool Growers' meeting at Salt Lake. We alw
have an imported ram strictly of the mutton type,
and who carries a Merino fleece with a five-inch
staple. The tops of this flock are good enough to
breed in any stud flock, and some of them are flock«
headers of the first water. They are well wooled
and have. great size, weighing as high as 160 lb*,
in field condition at twelve months and all eligible
to registration. We have some grade yeaning
rams, as well as registered yearlings, for sale.
Correspondence promptly attended to.
These sheep may be seen at the ranch of Strode
& Dorsey, near Whitlash, Mont., until September
1st, 1902. after which they will be kept at our
Shonkin ranch, 20 miles south of Fort Benton.
BENTON SHEEP CO., Fort Benton. Mont.
J B. LONG & CO.,
Opposite Park Hotel,
Great Falls, Mont
5,000 wethers, coming twos and up.
B,000 ewes, good ages, well wooled.
5,000 mixed yearlings, desirable lot.
All for April 1st delivery, in bands to suit, at
right prices.
1,000 cattle, May 1st delivery, cheap.
Write for particulars and prices.
List your stock with us, we will find you a
We have some of the finest register
ed thoroughbred Delaine Ranis ever
shipped into Montana. We will sell
them at right prices, and will ship a
sample ram to any responsible ranch
er for inspection.
Montana Co-operative Ranch Cd.
New Conrad Bldg. Great Falls, rtont.
1'. O. Box, 1647.
Cattle brand ••
shown on cnt; alio
JL on left hip onlr;
RC and R-C on lu
right rib*.
^.Increase brande*
o on left rib* or
~~thigh from tell
of 1894.
Ear mark, o'
ope in left
split in right.
Vent, J. on the left shoulder. Horses branded
R on left shoulder. Range, Shonkin and Arrow
creek. p. o. address, Fort Uenton.
Cattle branded
^ monogram MP aa
j|shown on the left
ribs and hip.
Ear mark, right
ear crop off and
Also the brand
shown on ailjoiu
i" cut on either
ft or right ribc.
Ear mark, left
ear crop off and
right ear split.
Range— Marins anil Teton.
P. O. address— Fort Benton, Mont.
M. E. Milnku , Tn's. and Manager, Fort Henton.
Main brands Ht?
shown in the ac
companying cuts.
Also own all
cattle bearing i!ie
single "square"'
brand, and «lî
rebranded cattle
bearing only the
cross F.
Also own brand
on right hip called
"square 2."
Range from Bear
Paw mountains east
ward to Fort Peck
between the Milk and
Missouri rivers. Also
south f the Mis
souri er, between
Arrow sek and Belt
creek, ISlionkin range
Horse brand as show
on left shoulder.
Cattle branded NV on
left side and hip and
also on right side.
Vent, AN on hip.
Range, Teton.
P. 0.. Fort Benton
Great Northern Flyer.
Going West
H :35 a. m
10:08 " ....
10:45 » ....
12:10 p. ni ....
1:27 " ....
3:10 " ....
6:20 " ....
9:45 " ....
• Chinook ....
• Havre
. Big Sni'.dy...
• Great Falls..
.. Helena
Going East
..... 1:55 p. m
10:08 a. m
8:30 "
7:20 "
.... 6:00 "
4:15 "
11:55 p. tn
8:50 "

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