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Dry oods, cool
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements e
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Missoula Mercantile Co.
to 1
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Mercantile t
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on (
A Returned Traveler Talks stll
.Interestingly. No
The Japanese Intensely Worked Up adv
Over the War---Better Drilled Wi
Than the Chinese. and
Some interesting facts about the por
struggle between Japan and China alrc
over little Corea were brocught.to this and
city, says a Philadelphia paper, by Cor
Mr. IRudolplh lilanklenburg, who re- stre
turned home yesterday from a voy- abli
age to Japan. He left the realms of
the Mikado on August, 4, when the Jar
country .was.in the very midst of the flee
.beginning of the contest. thm
~No one can imagine," said lie to a stoi
reporter, ''how deeply interested the wel
Japanese are in ithe war, and bhow dri
confident they are that they will de- for
feat the Chinese in the struggle. An
The Chinese do not scemnt to be so ins
zealous in the light. They have not
the individeal personal interest that
the Japanese have. The lntter are
fighting with deep haltred of the
Chinese urgiin.them on.. They are
better drilled, better equipped and sl,
.more intelligent than their enemies, t
butcthe Chinese have the advantage fin
of tenitimes as many men and much' St`
more money. Still, Japan is now g
raising a large sumn by a voluntary qu
fund. To this every man is willing eV
and anxious to contribute, from tu e
$50,000 of the rich to the mite of the
poor. Even the poorest laborer, who E
receives but $12 or thereabouts a
month, gives a large part of tlhat ti
freely and gladly. 'The outllook now he
would seem that Japan will win the
struggle at first, and by the time its' Le
resources give out the foreign powers
will be likely to interfere. It is a oli
growing hbeliel in Japan that the Un- to
ited States will eventually be inviitedi Cl
to settle the dispute as arbitrator. es
"It is not a question of annexatilon v
with Japan. It is a bitter ight ifa
against having the Chinese such close re
neighbors. We \who live in this co
country lave no idea of the aniinos- co
ity between Clhina and Japan.l i
, There is one cause of the war that be
is well understood by foreigners ill
Japan but not by the world in gen- L
eral. Japan is riven by two greati
factions. One is headed by the emi- a
peror and the high otlicials, wiro lt
vort foreign progressiveness and for
eign ideas. The other is ciomposed
of the old dainlios, who were depriv
ed of their feudal powers by the
present rulers, and they and tihe Si
commuon people are opposed to the
foreigners in toto. Iissabtisfati(o11
had become so strolng.alld noticeable ti
that unless the thoughts iof all were, ci
diverted to somle other channel there
was every probabililt, of an iternal ti
war, which would be a terrible blow a
to lthe country. Corea gave the ocp
portunity andri that is one reason whvli
Japan jumnled so eagerly into thei
"Of course the present war will in
jure the country, too. The dcprs- r
sion of business at this time is gen
elral, and as the. collltry at beit is 4
anything but rich that means ia great
deal. Japan is suffering fromn lack
oif ipotection to her home industries.
It is a good example of the great
blow that low duties strikes againstL
her manufactures. When it mallde
the treaty with foreign powers it
was exlrcessly agreed that nol tax ofi
more than l5 per cent should be levied
upon an imnport. So now Europeani
goods of all descriptions camn be pur
challsed lthecre at cveni less than they
can be made at lminse."
ls there incltl excitement ill Ja
pan over the war"'"
'On the streets there is very .little j
indication that anythinlg unusual is
going on. T'rhe .Jalpanliese are IIot
very excitable people. Yet indilors
when you associate wiit U t1he iii ives
You lind it almost the solh, topic o1'
conversation. l'he new;spai.ers aren
under tile strictest cosirshipi a ndI
news is carefully suppressed. .J list
before ..ieflt two editors of neWSpla
iporsniill T''okio were seIIntencedl . to) six
months' imprisonment because they
published news of the departure of a
Japanese Imai-of-war.
,.There are few distulii rbance there
between the native: and the Chinese
residents. Yet the insranllce. ageits
have cancelled all polcies on Chinese
houses for fear of incendiary lires.
Most of the Chinese residents are
leaving for Chinma. Just hbefire I
sailed a vessel took 700 of thenli out
of Yokohama. There are only 10,0)00
foreigners in Jap n' and hal'f of themn
are Chinese, 1,800 are English, 1,000
Americans and 500 Germans. Mlost
of thllel, of couse, are in bhusiness
there. Thle lapanese government is
doing e. erythinoi' ]i s'ible 1.io r'oltect.
a, for inlstance, the IInumber of till ;
)lice otlicers was doubled and i.; kept
a duty day and night. Not.with
anding this none of them feel safe. II
o other foreigners lare lmllested ill i
fy way. 1)1
Iu tlhis war the Iapallnese ave the hie
ivanLtages of their progressiv enss. II.
Vi1le China has a larger population hi
(d larger army, it cannot ml!ss its pr
Irces owing to the absolute lack of (o
ailroads. The men caunnt )he traus
orted. Japan, on the other hand, 11
ready has a network )of railroads, w
lid can get its lien togetlher in to
urea, so that its army is really the 1i
tronger .because more of il. is avail- 1)
ble. dl
,"I met.Admiral Skerrett while in n0
apan and lie said that tlhe Chiuese nii
cet was much moere Ipowerful 1,1han 0
itt of Japan and the m111u unde)r- hi
toold the m;nagenent (of it very I
cell. Japan troopi , are much1 better C
rilled thanlll tho- of Cllhinai, is thell
irmer lvelo employed meno froIt n
merica and Germany to give in- t
nstruction in latest military tactics." I
Exploring lncle Sanm's D)olmins.
Special ordlers 417 and 121, issnedt I
y Gen. Ewell S. Otis, commanding
he departnlut of the Columbia,
;nggest ll:lt it is not necessary to g.o I'
o the Arctic or to Africa ill order to
nd regions that require exploring.
itates.'lready in this union cont(ain
great tracts thalt ive ) L tol be al,
u;ately nlippedl, even if they have t
1ver felt the pressure of the white
ma1n's 'foot.
Under these orders, Lieut. C. P.
Ellio.10, Fourth cavl;u'y, is to investi
iatl( 'certain unknoll wn country ill
he Clearwater river section of Idia
1i0." The general directionllof his
expedition is frolml Walla Walha It
Lewiston; thence to W'eippe, and
over tile Lo Lo trail to Indian postl
)llice; thence in a southerly direcl tionll
t;o tilbase of e 1 t middle flork oif :Ih'
Clearwater. There a ,camp| will le
est;ablished, and journeys mamlte in
various directions to "determine, as
far as practicablle, the solrllces anl.d i
1 ctionlls of implllortntl srl.eai sIII the
conlignlrationl and character of the
country, imid feisible routes of tIravel.
f any exist." The expeditiln may
be iabsent aIs locg as sixty days.
At the same time Lieut. ,lam ,s A.
Leyden, Fourth infantry, with a sinl
ilar outlit, his, mTelI beini_,' lmonIltedl,
llarmel, Iland fulllrllished with Iral ait
S.....~~i l oLt " lO u e , .. .....
adjoining region. Tihe main direc
ilthe llullii trl ail to smom p(1oint, near
Superior. and acrs ss Ihe divide to the
lheadwaters oIf th1e norIth fork of the
Clearwater, and. so down lhl Ie L Lo
tralil.lo Niew 'Mission, onll Ilam'l ' nli s(
lcrck. cIoming out i ain ;it ,'Iorl.
Shernian. lThis is to o t )ain i formIa
tiou iof the topograplhical features of
a1 reionll 'co'ncrning which little at
lpresent is lknown.':
lThe adv'enturious iIays whlen expe
ditions of this character ran so)iI
risk of conflict with wild Indi;uls
ltyV have passed awayi, ibut the
CllrlIllS oIf dliscovery V a le 1nt. exhLllsl.t
ed; and when enougl i:s km wO a o i tll
Idilaho, tllt ntion ll all he .turn'ld to)
other h0 litii es. Altska, for exim
ple, is likely to furni:;h a region for
investigalt ion far along into tihe twen
tieth ceel'ury. -New York Sun.
'releplionini g Throughl the Watentr.
Thei( suICCess tlcllt Ila; ati~tendcrl the -
recenlt attempt~t s in Iuela~iiil to estah-1,
ihClt r1pir:allsttica i actl, a t tier~ hot`-j
51111 1221(11 io i wiX doorlirets iLc
tilil slhi ls at iatt iia (ci't frml t ea I
othe real rnthed fby I itt i-h t twoipi
I ts ill \ Io itn A tmtiln Siiv itt 1 ir.
h i-it ii; lIIIr ,sce 1(d thu .2 Ii illl
o 11 iw i i i itl iiit sl 1 t ii-cis til Illjt ilt
tll t rojecin 1512 i llt l;cr ies tiill ex e i
I-lt in deel til t elldll i ltill in Fil 11.,
ii isov rcti l. iiIll t 1hIe lI iI I t'e-ll .
not, Ia e ti Pu1ilt t the lit de ice SliIi ii
them. 1ii ioicItltll:A show l~iie ini.
tensiy of he so nd an 'ý2;ve al
" dto h itac fteoje
catilý 1 er. T e e lrllw i-c
tIcsud ;m old s jeie~r
t ie . T estttl ih nt es i
weeeitirt',an l e taw u
noie; ecoded Sundwavs cul
1'. (:.itclling, of I-c.r.....ut1h, Meets a Ci
T'Ierrtiblhec Fate. TL
A telegr'am was received hy A. t. Kit
1lllnn nll d thi s 1 ll t 11,11rli 1' teolltllali i. tllo
nflo'nuittio to tle effect, that the lint
>tdy of lJoseph P. (';atihiun , the well of t
oiw1n saw, mill mall of Ilicrmout h, the
lad been founl near Rock erelk with den
is temple cru'1 .h d, al] id(icati'ons fre
xTinting" to the facl. that 1ie had been and
lead for soml timlll. e
The lirst information received in the
hi.is ity tlha, stomethin" had gone de
vrog' wilIt Mr.,(Catchiung was con- n1
ained in a letter receiv(d h)" C. 11. up
\lAL-oud, wrillen yesterdtty at lmita to 1
v 1i. F. b.troin", a 1rother of ter on
lecat.i:led, statill tha11 tllhe 111'nor11 1- il
la;t mnlltL hal d (1l't l11n1e 1; lnd11111 1e 11
olurnin lastl for 1) . da1 v'. lishing' on r(
Rock creek and thi n lthing" had
)uee11I ll.l: of (11 f'roI hilll silnce. iutl
litt,,le ;tttn ion was paid to Ur. s ,
latclling"'s extended absence, as he
wls :.kow to ( be an ardent sport
man and it, wI s ll lieved that he h ill `
'merely '11co1ulterd 'll( txt.raordi- I
'nri'ly rg'o d ishlilu anl ti ll t .ing and n1t
had contcluded to prologuh his outing.
Yieslerdaly, i lowever, lth sa1ddle lt
ir(se lhtichll Mr. Catlchirll1 i ili ridden i o
mie'l' into 11 11it 11. w lurilng1 a lall'er at
and bridlet but wilthout auy s( hl. ill.
T his ircul, t Iite (ilused intense h( n- fI l
e a s i ,e ss :'au l [o n( t e h t- ssi d g u ttt 's 0l l t
Iatly i friends and caused ..ravc fea( s fil.
for his saf'elt7. .A pl(o.se of abIout
t 'l tlly Ille'l ll W (I itlji. lillted W it1.h
tl IITI rrou dii-g (ol Itr1 w has l tily
o t'g llll Z ( ' m il a ltho rou h Setl e ll o f1"
the1 ctuntry lying between C;Irl]L , a u
little stati l In lthe N orther l'acilic le
ei ht :,iles w e; t 01' o llllarm oito h, and t
lR(Io . ('reek I 11(I hil t 1 11 side, was at.1
onel ilnsituted. 01
'1" tlef;' llns askilig for " it lanc, Il'
weOre-tl o01ce sent. Lo this Cit:,. m111d 1
rcliel' party of thirteen under the di
rection of C. II. Mclel td left. for u
]l li tl tintn th e Resh e ( I1' (h e sei rch ins
Oil this 1ltlIill s, , ,'rlhltl(d 1 'ill. The 1'
p:ult W+a; tll urell iodll t, lIoll 1er b})
live additional scircllers, l(d the b
S c t l f i l lr " o f t h e c ( l l tlr t l i l l ( t 1 t8 1 ti1) l
w as , lit;ce taken tip vith il vigor t1
anid etar tlls Ile;; n co lulr u us l'a tle w ith ,
ilt t,rrlI, +';ke1n ill willch th1 1111iss
ing uIatlt. , h hld h,. a(ll who k11 W
hi t. l,
The result of the `rlforts of this
posse is too w ,ll told ill the shborL
Ieleg'ram forww'rded to this oity by 1v
Mr. Inttlet it. 0:;, this naur'ning.
1" romI whai, call be ]+'arn't at this
tihe 1o I " I' 1 t ; 01H, III I iI. , ,tt
(daltilh WiIs hllstllitI lentstl a till Was thel, 1
Ire 1sut. of I Ire (cruel Wv,' 1( s in the vi
(. itiy of tilh templ e . It s i r e)?0lr led f
that, .MI. 'f lUl'hlilt, hll,( htt Y been I
thrLuf 1 b'; the hi orse h i' Was rirlil;.
f'alling, heavily oil hi-; hlead and st.rik
ni, , of thie shirp rocks which are
iltl!u fl'll"s ill Lhltf, pa-1't il the cOurll
try, causi,_ thie injury which result.
ed ill his death.
ItL hts cast hben leturned a;s 'et 1
whether the reulllinls Vw;er! f'I' llt d ill
this or (lrufittlP C'<lnlt , o' wh tPther N
in inq e'st will h'i hld upn he110 1.
'il dle',sed ýe l rlntI II VII otlholl
.;a Fetrs ill' aii ,itt ILh :iino of hit
d( ttt0 h, 1 Oli "'_11 L! ;ip +l!'tI lit lll'l
",ouncer. He Ila'; b)ell aI ri'sidentL of,
W Ev st l .,i I lll2" 10( 0 a 1 illrt' lllld
lilts for ' l.ea s (' m ille td Ihl >-'i,' Itlil!
WV" ich ] a I)P iS mi te 1: 111 , L lt, i l t il h.
Ir. tath tl leav t- ii. w ilfe ,t d t.wo
childreh, otll'e a dtulI.ht('r of athrtilL '1
\'tIs of age, a brother th d a lot- of
Sf I'I'PP Ail g r'Ii r to llIo tl...i- ]li.; - lr1 8. ,
1TMi~s rillian Ml..:ILh.
hilt : had n tit all'; 'I a ri1ll I 'i . f 1
A it i to" fl. i, 1 ,l' I I l X iiit+' iIt 'I r thic
t I. ii Lill I I' ill I r+li(Vlvi 1, 1111 t It
-I ' jill i a a(111(- :in ll iii un 211 p I!
nllil I ll I Ill-(i I111"1n1 o ( '11 ,1.0 111. f (
r ii hu ail of l II nt ll.Ii It"- til p- hi I
II i~. iu (Iii r t lint 1 ti n Ivnll :r (11111 ii .i
i Ililil11 'l. ll f( liil 1. 1I(.;.! :il ('
Eggs we linld dutiable at three
cents a dozen. That's fairly godd.
True, the demc rats did i josh Mc
Kinley uliunertifullyi' four years ago
for "priotect.ing the Amnerican len."
But here tlhe come, and witlh a duty -
of lnhreeo cnciits a dozen they sl!ow
their love for the motlhers of the
de(llcratie loostelrs. Tllhen on tle
free list is fround "eggs of birds, fish
and(1 insects," adl the poor Americani
hen dolesn't liknow where s1he is at, for '
the entire Idemocratic congress have
dechlaied that she is ntilther bht. ishi I
nIor inisctl. ,ut such ;ia ouItragiL
lupontnlll 1 :11h Illl alsll . Of tlheir rooste.s is
to be expel:cted of the crodid that had
ollnte .l.o e iii lformed that there was a
diltl'elue: blIeitweeon 'linenll h lydraullii
hlos''e" and government soclks.--live r
Skeleton of One of thc Iargest of the
'Tribe Found.
lii'.FALO, Aug. 30.-T-he skeleton
of a lilige mrastolllon was uneartled
v(es terdat orn the fariluiof Guy I Huvelli
Inear( Sheridan, ('hIIlaunuluIIIa countII y.
\ Swedislh laborer dug uip onie of the
tleeth of t.lhe asltodolll, anid l'ostlnls
ter Ired Shelly iiniiediatlely set iniiii
at w\ork excavating 'l' the rest. of the
skeleton. He lilts beenii ve'ry siccess
ful and inearly all the skull has beeni
ilaced togetheir iii.tlte Itiarin of the
farmiii. It, rn as. res five fel , six
inhll(' ls lc'iOS, aiin is ill n excr ll n11l.
stalL of prc, ersc '. titL ,. At lI.lt i' X ior
seent of the tltih l d iwhat Ippal'rs
lto be tilecioll ri'bone lae lt;-o duilg
iip, . No traces iof t e liie iii's ioft ti e
lg's J.tiave beien discovered ias vet. hbut
it is thought thait more of' lihe skele
ton will be found on furt her serch.
Ilne of t1he Icit..h, all f Iwhiclh ailo i
perfect crndiltioni, iitrd and higihly
polisihli , weigihi s just fiourL ' sel(i1i's.
measures four inches otel wa, twol
S( I i : I hail iclihes icolllh'lr atild si e nVa
inches i iialn her. 'il'i t rest of the l eeth
arlie inotl, lich stalli''er.
iA vierteoh'i les biOn tlineartlhied and]
iliS lnorO n1:s size indicates t iat the
a.liiI al n l hi i''i e of i e lrst ea st of its
1. tribe. 'iT he il uss iare boith i the
IB rii and are in lirst-rata conditis h i.
\\ 1 hen fl i id t ihey Wel'e ilea'o' og'th
'l', both sl uck down iltoi I h.' rol l ,
Ihe topis being iabotllt eighteen inch
's below tihe SUrfie, :ild whcl, is
left, of thlln is at least four feet,
The only of bier nutstodIn ever
is found in this slate waIs discovered
..... is. o;lt~''41iD.1 tiiIe y'ear's ;11 o. I t
have m easured liftn' ln to t1igh lteen
d feet ill lengith, lid was nearly as
t high. Local scientlisls Ij'r - ;o'o Ill
it1sko a full exnoniliaiion of the lo
"' i' :\'
ntiii d ,tlit ii d rs.
h0 1ationai dIii ulmliiatit p1 rl it. l
ll o.i "bucsted wnrders" at the pr"s- l
Flt day. t irs tri the list is t r vit lr,
"chill ,f destiLlv.'' Two t ears
,it this prodi.'_!y was ekclted by i
1.. horful .1 jorit.i, l _l 8aCp l tic
ti 1er wixxli7 Wii 1, ciiii 1ti I a tionx , ii
e l hl ltiet whip liver the ital-g 'for
tiell title, :11!d so oLt1nL wVis (r -
lr', ; Utl i m ctuii t iSi' I at ]is ("ll ) l
Tress ipatssedi a i ill alm us t annihlli it
ig silver, ll his i desires werue latw.
u it iee's uII I lid. Iltx"r t ic.red liilp
tpains , i it i ll trust n a p1 t ui liof
iT ,reinc r':ardnI a tarill bh ill;, i
ind tliholgh i iinftrdiCId I) tlhe hwto' itiu
Ii r iver was not a fruluih to viuig. ie. tir
' Vei rl.ii. i r ct. tl r h 11 rl tlllrt
noi lo lgl er, a ult Iiln: dil :ti.,,l" of 1',13, i
Moth dlOF it i rrti r " wii lllt'r who lu
has biet laid n hiii li shelf is 1 ilaoni,
of Vest ','lry.inia. After the lpa~stal
of his bill thrum_,h l.lt house. \ils.n
W ·s ltla ed by i a;ll Arili' f('le llt r; -;
lItiridlcuu. but the Smnatou putt
up a tariff bill of their w\n arod
,oar ,elv informwid t.he WVest \ irginia
r'formlu r I hit. he could play duck
wihl i his ill. Even the a:tsistaance of
('l.velanld could ont make Wilson a
winner, and his; rfrowets nau.ished
before t hat of ulormanl. Wilson, the
wond'r, the leader of tari. reforIill
rr, lei. too, is Intloriouisl\] tusted.
David S. Iill, of New York, is st
,llr h uflenlCTa.tiC YV, 1dP'r who }hI S
1-passed h}' as a power in politics. All
can renintrber whel Hill wa. .p lit
ical phenomtenon, and how, on the
ltckikhanl and ]]rblolt]wer occasion,.
he ,welted it to Grover. lut. lill
isn't. linalrallilg :malty (lutuurrals
under his banner .jist HOw. Poor.
mnes 1Mrplhy faithfully follows in
lvte's ' footsteps, but, aside f.am hIim u
Hlill is without a fullowing. h., too,
i- blusted. and the l"four time wvin
iIr"' from New Y(t.. is.no longer an
electric wiloer.
i 5o,t o, Ill] down the democratic:
ine, are busted political wonders.
icThe rng, of their name has depart
eid, and it is ,oubtful. sifter the clus
ing record of vacillating'. anud coward
cc, anld silbservilency, arnd ''perfidy
ind'tlishour."' whilether there will hbe
ine on thie entire dieniocratic list at
Washilstol hlo Wii "ill clowseitis'uareer
is hihly honored as wlhen lie began.
-River Press.
low lie Tried to Influen.cc Legislation by
"Jilocklis of I'i tronllge."
]low are those wio who were the advo
altes or hell apoilogists of the pur
llase of o'.lle.s Iher tariff reform with
rilices pleased witll the resultof their
har.,ain? (u'rinimn Maiid his fellow
iiemlocratic corrupilioinists in tli sen
ate have their lienlchmein in office,
ibut whati, lhas blecome iofi' tail ' re
fr iln? The very menn lwhioln Mr.
Clevela:ind appiiited, or allowed his
subordin:tltes to appoint at Mr. fGor
imai's demand are now supporting
lie latter.in his thus far successful
light aglainst ther administration.
Mr. (C:levland. whether lie likes it
or not., imulst divide with Maryland
democrats thile criedit of having made
Mr (; 'or t in's pre.;enti position antd
influlence possile. i' auned iagainst
hlif by lthe eperiic:ie of his firSt
'teru. Wxii ilv:aireo of lie part. ornial
played lp'ieir to anld at the Chicago
conventolin nl' lf 12. there was no eX
cusel fr i'r. (flexilanid's failing to
(cllt loose froi'i himi alltigethler; cut
l/ooe tri iii, ihowiever, the presi
dlnt dlid nit. Again withl the hope
of iprei l''i vig "h'll'trniiiio ' in thle par
I, ani d of iivaning ti 11h ca Sue iof a
sound c 'lren'lil anid a reformted tariff
hii surreere'' d icn Gcrmanll all thei
li'led ral p itrona'il e ini MII iryliid, ex
cipt he' posl inaslter at, ialtiiincre arid
lthei districtl, atl:or el . Mr. (orilan
lprouplit.;.lld.t his friendl s coniill riie
anld lies iii khept the ul inall tion for
the district attorni'iie'y li ' up for
inllh ii lthe; s llnat. Iisg :racefutl
as ltis teen thlii' itoiry of tihe Cor
rian ii ll, ree'kiig wit' h coirrupltionii as
hl s l'i ee ' very i ' st (1 of its progress,
we icannot i'pretend'll to feel iany regret
that lhe' attempti: ito biluy vfrmani and
hiis pals with ollices, id toi keep
I heii hought lll ngI , iiloii hil to count
thtem , hl S i'tiilll toi llui - Iiht,
The SlUier 11nLt is believed to have
boiilil'ht wilth i oeli. otiies for the
sugar :+chliiedul it wiianted. Mr. Cleve
lid. his irilends ad ilti, boughtlit, or
suptpioh hi' hbad liiitili, with oiluices
vie;s fior lite' r'pe' l ii' lithe Sihermani
act aild the piteige iof I tariff re'form
Bill. 'lie shi-r; I1rust uscid its own
m o V. alli. Cl, vilanId .l.,sr.t a sc'ess
which hcloht, nio Io ililm. but to tlhe
Lt ioliiui ;ls;s i ,v il ;t tarill' refirmuers.
M r. f'levciu:id ru ,.tl hiis iliate rs"
with the uil ;oil reI;ultl . Fromi the out
' ine, it is ]r ball' ich, 11 it 1 ht trust took
lni chil iii' ;'alil ntdlid e silir of the deo
live'ry of Lint ' ods lbeforet' it paid tile
price. In no othier re.pets do tlhe(l
lira'ilns diill'er in essentials. One is
vry wilit ts had as th olther', what
ever lifl''re e t.hre may be in t'he
da;iracter of the mion concerned in
th eir .--- . lid i nl il'l ol is C ivil ,'S '; . o
Sieeintg 2711 Miles.
Ai Ohi~'l Isilli k '!1i17101 rill Ornoinu
Its I ii w dotlic1 i'lo t 1 1 0>t1 in Cali
11!e oil a ilirtro wind loCrltly climlbed
bId a insislts that lie saw 1110 othicr
1.)11111. i Iii WIlli i'i. U 1lie lie is flii
was at iin1t -I.ut, tilli- li iii ii iunap
heiu~la i~iarld" lii ((11w 1111· I:('aati! iall
tIh.l ie -f 1 ii nlIIru oilus' tlol the
!i. II' In Is' Illline iill (II. . ),i d
c ii· Tliili\.0ii ýl an iiid Jealmas2
z I ie115o 1 1 ! (ll IC _U fr> et. l
31Illiitii t liiiiil winilin s unrtoin S ta
(I 1.1.10 1 f I 'r iii h lii 1 h-1 l 11t 1t 1fat a
mI liesi I Ii 1 1111 liI lilrell o u111111 obser
I'd this10 iifwol s1ee that theveC
a 'ii Iir ,t11'011t (orizo linenturm
s-ntutlil uit (if Ilo ld would stripe thie tops
of `BastaIlia wwcrr tha~~l lt ium bctai one
statd 01 1ou 1. 'i( dl ut h c1 1 putl atir s,
ll It 1, liridlt whe i.iw r I on t a CIII it;
ItIl l1 hien o11 MolllItt hd whith 11 dr-

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