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The Ravalli Republican. [volume] (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, September 05, 1894, Image 2

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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JAMluteM E.rt klSYi:, al(L itor.t t f
Il,' ttii ii ul t;)!) 1ltn11::1: 1
OI~lVEI( (. (i'OOJ'EIJ.
Of Ij:lltl illo.
Li':. E. \\'IL\.I ['fi ,
(if II:(fl~iftl
JOHN I)fI L1.`N(7,
"F.\NIK 'j. NiMfIMUS,
1 'II . .5li l
V.if. ('.\LNl INS.
(ot' ntltf S'(vrli I.:r~ itt
(If Vt i l"i
OHI. 1). N. I fnlI;if,
(if ,5, 'linn
(I O .A AI Nt 'II,
Ii I' Iý Nul ";" .
N II. A I'. 1 (I '
(Icon Lo te io ,it tlllll~
X'rn .i ('1Cl control X I LIIiitl I'e en
lLILIoed II ( It er ' i ('IwI I
5 ti '' LtI11 II] .LI-. II 'll IluL 1111
I'LL stikILIL'! It did LI: L(IILs~a ZI
sin. ('ILIIl' t!Lrs-I cI Lii's had1 II hILl':
iCILLLLint o li ii. LII lUh iiL LII II
ILtr'Le( c'aLr LLI'.L ill I i'' . -I LI kl I 'l I.
LeeC:L'L' 11115 -d 1 l. SILL' 'ILL' ILL
'Ito I g n r'I t!, LL' iL ~-I LL I'I. I LI ' 1)1 LrL
XX'L~gLs. 'jIL ' Io ItI f
Loet' L cS1L wL ''ll,' I LIII! I, LI I'' hit e1
IL 'e na ' (151 !< LII" XLI' !LII I' III'''t
o[ItLLS to I w ILk N.,' !,:,' I I '1111 i' L
Thi sle (IdISSIL 'lif gotSLL'.Shl
thle whipII If the ulj~iy udo lI
11111 l'5 . tI LL I 1TIII it tI S l LLI C. ll i'r.tn I
our dele til ttll ti in rut' re cs . Their1
'bilitie :tII' iLLII'ILug'I 'h lL IlaLL'LL tI .
~ ' Lt " wI e l I L I e oI ' ` , u t t l e u I m u r t i u ' 1 1 1 11 l~ II I ' s pL I o vaL 1 1
ILand L'L' iLL LII I I, LI- - '', ILL
ller n ' Is. 1 we inls i I'I'l''I' ''1 I III IL
from th iiie n'i!io li:, `o lie r Ii
Iiilts, I'iLLIic dP i ll vI ' hi I vsLti'LLL t Li
Ij di ci'lal dI' tti c I ''11 1nt1 LII I Iii' LILtln I
Lc 1at115s n n . XlIe 11a1. It, t Ih LIIIaw '1 'I'ILi'LoL
[Lin Ltratr III' (11115 1 itt'1 1ti tI'LhL IL:
publican we do m st e rnsly ree
wmndhittoth e pblcns or1
jit Im l eL i~ t t h L rII I , l l l n , s i s u t a l a n d a v t l L II c ~ n i daI f o r
theI'L~I( po iLLo 1.115 as1(1a e Jsic fLII
tiiCle LI ILL1IL I s1111 IX'tr 1i 11t 1-I I-f
(L1XL'LIIL'I ILIL 1' 1111 II II 1 '111 I I
Dee~rLl Lcite tl'ep 'Icar V 111Late 1"ne
[io.10 LL itIL LI LLSi'LI' LII( IIl
IF the object of the 'J'inies he onli
to reduce the erllciii msslllet of the
president in the existing ('ircuin
st:ances or lessien the dliilicullty of the
representlatives of hlie (lemocratic
plrty seekhllig (,-elect iiii at Ihe hliiils
of the people], Ihat object l should tail.
The period is one for lluiiiationl;ut
that must 1)be impartially- distributed
and manfully and ,iuill] borne. The'I
president must bear his ratable quotai.
of such limiilit ion. Each replre
sentative must hear his. E\ver- seln
ator must bea,' his. E\'erv nermbl)er
of the cabinet mult bher hIlis. The
proportions differ accordin' to the
responsibilily invoived. Between the
president, with ii the denmlcratic htouse
on one lIaid. iand t he orilid demo
cratic selatorls .n the othllr,. intelli
gent public justice can be trusted to
make rightful discrimination, lie
tween tile honest and thlie dishonest
senators of tile democratic party the
~,ue discriminations will be made.
Iii ti l s itar ii as iS whole. ;iled 1t11
lan!·. 1iI(r I'i' n it. a "'hole, suhjl i 'l : b
Sls iii ind i v id ittal lit(' tlu m ii
]])lllist! liI tIr c' i r ' ' Ia o I he C ii h t'
is no;. (n ll('liohi IA i i) ' ti W N T. l
mid ig sw-a Vti-i. iiitt Sintoitheitii.d
iha vast- outyli Hiitti I- li tld li b l ing tI
him. hat I Ilit tres 1[o w hich hi e 24 li
I liii ii.
a~vttue.- iro1esle-i i-s itt l'aissl~m)
i~li'o I I :M a n .
-a , h ](re id int lice iti l ut Si ge
it In Iwa Fro hii sint IIttu itl
l If tii ii niii (I l I 't will Ci tiiliti
tatu tait (.ie;I S I hdd t s i-for icoigriss
o l i i-Il git lilt't.-lhi it h si nt
'iii stilt jl' it ite.- Lo \tliti rald~
Ilv ri l is cleclei' It
l 'i'('t'l In th ref il t ll ('of t ;ll ill
t t ai cut ;1il
|l Iut 'e Oft ii' el ' iven ('Itil(' i ills, tIll
pill ' -ll il i(i 111 11111.'. The till)l! i ).l
S iy i. hillel tll ll W 11. il It i cllltrie thi
wi ll~erd.
Il I'; ....... i till' l ' I 1 11ll' IIrtL t I
a. (t it lh tlio l, wh liclh lillt i j (hl' 'l;ll i
I I til:1i , I ir tt. i ittl ih i , It 1 1ke rs'p r lp
.,it i vit w ieh conu ehed a cut, of 20
i ll r el llt.L T h il lllal tl'l rlt' iinsist
uponli -10 per ceni ut.il ill s isi 'listlsti llle
of the prosperily (7) which is to fol
t,0tW the pilt ,lR c. of h.,c deilLOCrtlil
trtii il ti';U il l hill.
; ug;i will be dIi arer frtlt ' lt is day
otl for every lmtlttilv illt sI lulnd, bil
the 'lhiladelpht i lit i ord i ues that
hIlls is ;,' I10 eo('l l:.t nll 'e ho ilulse
i': s is lt 1 a leeesssI ty f' life. The
I people are likely to exple,; a difl'er
Ieo t olpinionll 1. the )(r olls lnext Novell -
her. coil( Ih next republblica ll iress
will nililt free su,' r.
t I asid ll 1 1110p aiol . a tdi o julls, in
revelnues iu titfle i the g uvllelit. and the
Iari l pilit y ic f the ii ll.ti', v . .i nd for
thir c;i ns u lh atioilo the de. nocratic
It is no ' t lne for '.( erl, l aor nesiv.
It is lo timn" for that kind of liar
Juolly wii cit involves the toleratior
of party dishonor and pnrssltl cru
rulptiail . 'sthte senatirs w\h. sold
i hihselvu s t st ltt he tutaredi till carry.
1heir ha ugin cto the hilter enud. 'The.y
beloi- to the mhen and interests to
which thly bo.nd thctllselves.-\ew
Hlaven l'egis.ter (de(n.).
In spitie of Ihe lievv 'alling' off in
Shei productionu of lead during' the
first ,ix ll nIlli, of thel' present '. l. ar.
reported b) lhe United {tates g>eo
lol'ineal slrve\-. 1he democratic tarirl'
auts down the duty on Lead and
lead products one-half.. This will
still further rteduce the home product.
and increase imports, hot so much of
lead as of lead products.
Eix-C-onlgTessmnri E. N. Morrill. re
publiean celndidate for governor of
Kansas. is out with a letter in wichl
he declares that lie is in favor of- the
fl''ee ciniTage ot' the silver lanductt of
the lnit-l.. St'tctes at a ral io of " .11i
to .I.. The leaders of the republican
Ilrty this Vear are fast takii_, ground t
t'ot' silver. The republiean party c.all I
alw.ia the depended tponl to se tli i
ni-eds of the coinltrv and meet then,.
IPresident Cleveland went to G(ra': s
Cables just after the tariff bill was c
passed to enllage in a wrestling match w\
with his Inu llch-lnuded backbitne. and riot
lthe ii:iki.oiie rit lhe hworst of it. a nd
a o;. tr' hik Imlbone kept hint
fromn sieniiiii I he bill Iw li;d Iclr ;aie
1 PriZed ia. 1 ;il- .ln l' eo "perlidc alld
rdis onir, " lie 15a1s al'fraid to veto it.
The 1b'mkl ioe has !!one inlo wý"inter
,Iu tr;u c,,ls. and it is a lquet tionu iI' it
will eVrer dhre to ',iie out alter No
.itlaIni;. whic'h electvs lie Se'll
tors, will unhoutftedly !,o repuiblicnu.
• is r lr ll il HI fl;ll liCudnl r- Of the
state his bWleei ll it lby (lh deoi''ratic
l.rii' bill. Special plains have been
take'n to strike a; blow at Alar.M 'lis
D)l c], iie oif the democli'ra lie louilers.
by puttinge copper in its vairiouts forms
oni the free lislt. lthtlv leid one of the
'idemocratii lati 'lons whihel prii'evu'ied
lire 11ioii'i l' a ;. Setallo' hv Ile eeis
hilure.- Eastern Ex.ch;u.li,
E' x-(-over I l.i s le vd: ;i ,of N -i'
braska as b i noauiinaitsi fiti casi
i'irssiIi i'iine dens li lin;ts of 'ie oI
ri'ssiol l .ldistrict whiihi iincl' tle s il '
cit of 1' eusla . 'lh is in al i-silver
mneu. Ne.,'ska is a \vwestern sltate:
{)t1H ] eolit{ ilni v'l'(q l Mll{u.ll:il " alid
reduction work"s whiclh dlraiw ('ustoil
lni.ost enl.irelIv front the silverf inres
rl il10 West. .*PI rhte O](llofr( li{;
party ot ti" hat dLis trit even go i 'llr hi1 1
Lithan the de{i iera( is iistatoe onve liti
of C(alifornuia, whi'li vioted hiown a
I'[00 coinage. pIla k. al(d ItiIns Hte{ a
well-known ait i--,iver mant I'f' con
Tress-. The hdemnorts (ilaiim 1il
,nlv thltrough their part.l aIn silve'r
lie resLorCd. Wow!
The Silver Ifew re'putlientns lauded
the governor that i p'evente'ld: the
grea'uitedst tof sil\'er l iiininc sa.t. From
sendiniil a freei silcer' s latri tor ~,W~-sl
ington. --ilehma I nd'Iepeneh,l.
If our unetnorv serves us irin'lit, it
was thc delunerl;ts lnd populists of
1.1. last MoIntlana legisinliture. the
filst bIy acting as tools oif diiun.'eratih
illioniair'es, ai l the |ill r' I}' join
ilrg thiem to ie1t somnie of the itiodte',
who "prevented Itse greatest of ailver
mining slta es fliomt sendiin a free
silver senator oii Wasiiintii rit.''
What had Gov'. Iticlvarils tio doi with
fhlu lisgracei:'ful e'xhihi.tio whiilu lh ,
'l'represent;tives of thosei tvwo part ie';
iiade of tlhemselvei s in 11he ,joIit bal
lii i'lr?
()N ) .i l, .u , 1 Au-ti. _l.- (n ;:
i' ivin ' ;It t i t he e:ulti'll l li'i l villa 'e,
ali t I. c. e . lcon e fllli'. i ll prit e iiv t
S ini their lli:!:iilies. l c' ordi i't-ir v, n Ie
c iolpiliit Iite kintd ili vita itio i of it
i fri'cit \ is e ; il;i ! h htw itl 111 ii t seIa I;e
h i t 1111 1t1 pat it'd: oI f lt t . It t w lit
e l tiei ll. i el tillte li i t hl e (l-tili itl' l
iin I(Ill iutll t. Threle tlell t hilee s 1 f11
Siti Ilte ' tl'rkli g waters---itt li . It 'vrotl -
atil-,l Ia ii-d s te lliilla", ( 'i i ti re ,ent ei - -
Ssl a.tivux ldcr :--of ile t il ( L ilel ' eep
in, C i ildi, with thie inpid t wa ters of
l-the l til'tt,, lx it . i
S 'l'urtiin h at rupti i lv Ltt h e ast.i we
pass over a well kept road, threading
t il,, the sturdy efforts of the ranch
e tle. lilThree iles ill the anLul i it
Snarrowsii aid We leave the Ii .r1cihS
- bt'ttlit( us; we ai're atlltarintlv i liii; ed
- into the rause solitude of the wild! r
S Itt S. ]1t0x lt tilt SCt . It s t 0 (tilar i
I\ I'ti' . pine-L t'll i tn ll l tiltiil , li towerin
nmajesticfllly hei!avt'!lnw 'rd lhousan- ds
ht fetul, wo tal(' i ever ;LIt tI (Io f ;t
Ilectinh vista of patches of eteurnl i
snow, il aingling its puri e ' eust' ialt
Swhiteness with uthe varied tilils of
thie til iy-co-lored i l it alnd wild
Iflowers, with the (tlt e blur sky itI
the lbackgroui.t ti a. tl l di ci" ltcilt Si
boaitas playinii merrily on iihe lsraiv
intxed botilldcti s-it--tiita ilaki.tg a.
picthure wtortlhv lile isiriation of
'I l it r', tand osit n te c tell hl i b.itit'
tdeeply i irt.essd wit h tlhe awful' ,
itpeaceful 2ruandtutr of ialt are il heJ .
-lprinteval state. C
We are now p]ssing h.etwee wall V
of sullen, forbidding- c t'lii's; ri ini i
perpe-inlioularly hiun,-Ireds of feet, i- i
fatcttually shuttiiul' t.l lit ;Ia ( oll thile I
Slinl the lgreater pt. !i. of ialeu da.
tlhrowinhl.4 all ill the deep., cool sh:a- t
(10)Nv. It was f'r'tmll oue :il' the:-e cliffs t
that ":Shiner" ,-e,, will the aid of c
Major )Iatt . ullivat, doseloied 1liti r
feet with a rtpe lpassed aroulId this
body, and swiligilir into a niche un- f,
der the ocverhaln.ing, 'lilf aurmed a
the citadel of one of those tnag.iifi- o
cent. )-,taill a_-lea auld Iriuinphalily (d
carried. of.t a luill-ri.,.wn youllgst e ', L'
now oil exhibiticon at Ilamliltoln. !et
is a.lnonster. ant! ,,wtll worth secing,
this king of the feather\ tribe. "'i'-.
a d(iriii f ,at. but , " iner" 'atlherl
delight, in lhat ser. of thiig. (
Thus threutlin our w\a v, rapidcl' ti
rising' all the while in elevation lai 11
foltinually refrshed I\ th.i!e de..te, i- I
in- breezt. hc;trily lach!i with the i
d( li'cioutts 'lerf'iln s of thle co'u tless'li:
myriads of wild lld;(,rs tiand tlit' 1):il- I \
sa i l w viul,., s ,.o th ed by t .ilt w ild , d is- ;t
ertiantll lilusic of It le waters dashiig,' t
over the catrnacts ;tad falls, the in
sportsrilan'. el e ever aVil the alert and ti
olintlally ',.recwardedl b,'; Visions c"f in
vhirri l" l ea llSa -,, io'llu (, e: ., I;11
w\hile cli.'ci';1 ,illatll\ ;I l~iti'l ,i"; o ~r ,w-IN;i dl',
heatr wil rise up in the ro1.d offor.
defiant, salulth.iian and retire inl
thick Iidd:rbrlal.l.
At i ntervals the (at.ers pause i
I'll(' uwII' IushI W ll'.ied. W[.withl 'or
tita al uifttetieg with the enormous.
boIIlers, a cnd4r. s (in f' ill the deep
quiet pools. of11fer a mOVs invithili
proposl. . it n i I r tho illeriltln's rold.
n lli ilStrel'ic ll ( i'and olow I Hra' l t in
til wei ai i ve, apparently. al i itie
jimpit g ill place. It wlould Ie im
possible t, asce1nd 11 ' rlher. We are
il l a lilt :ii I tural park. surrounded
on all sides hy hu_,e, impassible
arriers.. The view Is positiver.
grand. m;'ililieent. '.e are ati a loss
i't adjectives to desc'ribe the t scene,
butL as we stand (drlkirn.- it in we
reatlize llhat li'e are a iply repaid for
the trip. I V Ihaive peeIa trated the
un tlin flitlnlt e es, har t ;ti 'i1ved ti l
oler hest lini'ti1on, hItail] are acorded a
|most luopitable wel(llllme blf Dr. See
lud other frlicnl(s.
'After eeded 'rest and lrefreshmont
we thread ou.r wayl thril.lt the little
"while ily " oi tients clustered to
gether, nest ling under the Eureka
mionuI n tI;I,. a natural tower, circular
in shape, rising; perpendicularly a
couple of hundred feet, and observe
the implronn venents,. cn sist.ing,; of well
kept hill houses, a neat, little hotel,
etc., wihich1, althug'h soie whait
primitive on n('count of tile difficulty
of t Iilllsportll, Illutterials, are re
makale],] ill the cleanliness, comfort
and ,god iRi tontioll per\'adin. In
con, verlsation with 11'r. 1B. F. S'ee,
whose enterplirise ]as placed this re
sort at. the disposal or an apprecia
Live public, we learn tht he con
temIpl.atte a pln.ge batlh and other
ilprovements, that he has expelnled
in actual cas l tlav t y 'or .$4.000, in
building' roads, etc:.
U;pvard'., of 2, 00;lpeophe have vis
iteed this resort so rar this se.son.
One of 1the peculiarities of the waters
is that when pleutil'lily sprinkled
wieh irpop.lr and salt the laste is
identical with chicken broth. .It has
Iheen su!v,,,ested that wil.h the ,(di
t.ion of Ialhtiers al) ideal feathery bi
p::d nmi:4'ht he dev'eloped, and, as a
cincher, reputable' witnesses assert
lillai souinds laive ise,lld forth front
that \'i]lde'rless str.l'tln lyv su,,,,stive
of 1the c('a olii:;:;s of ti_]l tender, in
tried r08t.ss'er. ltu'stin. fourth in the I
'11(t 1 (! *ti i s t: l ' ' i l le l '1 11 oi ' lt li
l and I'l'.lir l ;1ilm d stolitsc of advent11lll(
aniid (iii l i miis iadvent i re I re pife lentiful.
'Th i' l 'eful Jlrth l'ir, of ii hart'y 11
lktcsI. was recently distlurlhed by tih
S ill 'l i'ru 'I (l' it l'PociIIS "l iPg er i ( SllIIke.
I l;ot, l oll;:J. C(J ells l ill.ia ll 'ei;'io l e
iu sil 'i pr , aid with wild , r'ieks a d111
s ni wflt t'V il UStl -dif S re' ard oi attire,
ill t, ldies :ouitl'' cover ill nJig'hi for
S ing' tall l nibI(
I .A relief' iart .y t intlliui'l(i reconl
uloitc' ini aut d lhiali;- dis,'-ovel ing te, he
. ii':ent little snatke, dispt atched the
. veno rils illvader wCith willillow wanl
iand s.IoU the white-w'inned dove hovo,
(elld over the ecanmp ag'aih..
llThere ar li i e roc(ks scatterled
Iar i d thii is vic iliy reallly tih'i' e arcll!
10 Irelmllr while extract in;i. l uameI lts
the greit arichitect of the ullnive.se,
ol coitlt eti i if hisI laboirsi and finding'
t1 hat lie had(1 uitte a large over-supply
oI f hilhder;;, ordered the byvstouduinp
I them ill this vicinity. TJhle order
w\;ts obey'ed.
T-ie gentl hm1nl:1 further comforted
1inc0e!l[ hy ,igliIi l';1r a llore per
fI'aled Sifa' of balloon lavligation.
Hlis oversiiin to chairis was illite re
miarkable aind the sad, firaway look
inl his l i tl1 f ul'll i ye Wil ull lf'e l'c e
was !uid<, to eivilizatioi waS tin cll.
eo lnlelitltd ifl. llt waIs heIilrd
'I w'arlble i I tlfoyt' with iimournfulI
mi;;h'tlce the' old fanlilliar ]riln
"'Ivel' Tie'"'' whether withf refer
encel to ithe itter Root valley far
dillow' below, or il'ot, We icannot ven
. re''llarkable opti:cal illusilli was
that ofi 1111' ?h e 1tlein l who inlit illed
the beheold a' flock of illm tlil'lilids, re
c'lntly. 'fientists claim that Stuchdo
Ilot exist.
(Our beautiful valley is specially
1i1vo'1('' with JlIior'ulls 's resorts Such
;t, Ih' l' ' ' ,E flia spri. l.gs, ii the wonlders
il' wilieh, whenli g.,enleralily knlOwn, arell'
d: tiiled lto tili tace lithoJSuolds fromi
Oh erow( ded cities il 1he, vtact.ionl
td i l .Jirdrc.
,,TJ. ... A,, M11.-A dlot
to the -1a1h with knives occured in
( l'a li cout ", near li ,on cbl'ro, yes
tclri, Iover he scandial foeture TI
1 hi .\ Ilaid coiil reTio lull c'ontest.
Jh ili ai'z, lhreckelnbrideo'i maul ,
1ivi - il a .cett e nu t\', ll.et on 1t,
hichw;v a ni, ,hlt friend. eor.:ic Cook.
lwho lives i hi ' ('iii ':kctolly'. Cooks'aid
iall ;t W nill whio wIellt tio hearl' lirepk
enrides sl;eeeih wa11 noI bei ter tlhan
iia courtlan. Khil dislountellltd 1fron
his lhorse. 'aving his wife and daugh
ters had heard Ir'eckenlr'idge. Cook
insisted it 1',1I, it shlllIe. lie also dis
mounillited. lith cdrew their knives
and t1loc)d flowed freely until Cook
lldroppedl deal'. King hills escaped.
Ioxie Chlquette, of ML~sola. cnt
victed ofr involuntary manslautghter
in killing his wife, was sentenced by
.Judge Woody to five years in the
penitent iary.
Addle Collins, tlhe woman who
threw her newly 1,horn babe down a
water closet a few months ago at
hlutte. was acquitted, the defense be
ing insanity.
Samn T. Aru'.lti l: proprietor of the
Spokane hotel-and an old-time resi
dent of the (Girden City, is visiting
his friends.trler en rouIte home from
the Helena :iaces.
Private Knott, 2ilth inl'antlv. left
for the insane asylum at Washi ngton
in clarge of liandmaster Hlopkirns.
Knott lhas been troubled mentally for
several weeks and has been sent to
Washington in lihopes of restoring his
'The troops that have been guard
ing Muir tunnel, eight miles east of
Livinigtlon, have been called in.
Companies A and I), thatt have been
stationed in the railroad yards since
hlie strike, have ret.urnled to Fort
A lishl cannery is one of the new
industries of Mladison county. It is
to be conducted by Messrs. Fouts &
Wilsey. They will ioperate on the
Madison valley this fall, but perma
nent heatldquaoters will be on the up
per Ruby.
The M[am1moth Gold 31ining com
ipany, near Stunset, wViicl is com
poscd umosttly of Deer Lodge citizenrs.
will begin the erection of ta nill on
their propecrty at once. They lavo a
tin e P-ii 0 a n d ia re w to rk intg' it ib e a
busiiness-ilike noinner.
A lire starited in Loganl's livery sta
ble atl Elliston, at 2 o'clock Wvednes
day morning, and burned everything
in its path-about lifteen buildings,
mostly saloonlls-to Ed. .Illt'nls' store.
There is no correct authority as to tihe
origin of the lire, but it proved a de
structive one, the citizens beigii to
tally unable to cope with the lIames. t
\e learn that Iherty Irorr and
Dlave MclFall, the northwestern is
phaltumi kints, have leased their as- t
phaitooum claim on the Stilking Water r
to George Van\ Camp and associates,
of Cleveland, Ohioi. The Ohio col- r
piay iproposes to work the claimt on I
iii extensive scale. The prilopertly
promises very rich rlettuins for the -
parties who have leased it.--New
Idea. t
Il. T. irtfers, better known as n
'Curley:" IRogers, was st.ruck by I
Iightning last, Monday while acting i
as guide to a partiy of tourists in the P
Park and instantly killed. His body c
fell over it precipice, but was after- I
ward recovered. Ro'ters was well L
kinown ill eastern Monltanla, Where ihe
f'ollowed the occupatlion of guide for p
tonrists iald hunting iparties for a t
Dnumber of years. o
L. Rt. W\ells, a brakeman on the
north bound. f1'eight of the Montana
Central railway, was brought to Miel
ena Friday night and taken to St.
Pl'eter's hospital, suffering' from in
juries which are thoughti to be seri
ouis. Wells was coupl ing: cars be
tween Butte and Boulder. lie was
caught between the engine and the
first car and was badly crushed about
I the body. Dr. Treacy, who attended
Wells, thinks ihe is injured internal
ly. lle is :14 year. of age.
Advices from the Blig Sandy state
that the Sweet Grass and eastern end
of the Marias range (tnat part be
tween the Ma rias river.and:Big Sandy)
are greatly overcrowded1 owing to
the reduced range caused by recent
pIraiio tires, and also by the fact that
some 7,000 head of cattle have been
forcefdin by hunter, Spencer & Al
lerton (YT') and others. Home of the
old proplrietors of the range talk of
moving some of their stock to the
south side of the Missiouri.
The offiters of the Livihigs;ton ,'air
and lacing associatitn are actively
engaged preparing for the il'st meet
ing of the association, which will be
held Sept. 10 to 15 inclusive. The
premium list has been completed
and contaiins a large list of preni
uinns and and all excellenit ircing pro
grain. Work on the buildings 'for
the atgricultural and nimilig displati
is completed. The racte lrack is ini
excellent condition aind is pronlounced
among the he.st tracks in Montana.
A number of: ntoted horses are ex
pected to participate in the races.
'Thle state board of pardons has ap
provetd overnoe RIickards. pardon of
a prisoner ill the penitentiary named
White. White was sent up fromn
Yellowstone county for aidilng a pris
onhr to escape fromn the county jail
at: lillings September 0, 1893.. The
men he tried to set free were his:
brother. Frank L. White, and A. L.
Moore, who had been convicted o I
stealing horses near led Lodge.
White held:a gun on a servant girl at
the jail and denmanded the keys. Tile
girl screamed and altarmed thle neiglh
boirhiod. White mounted a ihorse c
and escaped into the bad lands down
the Yellowstone. The sheri:T and
posse pursued the fu itive Imanyi
miles, buit tHully had to give up the
chase. White returned to Billings e
and was afterward captured.
I uenr ran a mile in 1:3) at Sheeps
head P ay last week. This is the fas
test it was over run in a race on
circular track.
IRobert J., driven by Ed Geers
paced a mile at Forl., Wayne, Ind.
last Friday in 2:03-. going the lass
quarter in :30 seconds.
The prohiblitionists of Colorad,
have nominated a woman, Mary Jew
ell Tel'ford, for lieutenant governor
The platform embodies most of the
points of the populist platform.
Frankie Watllem, a member of tih
noted brolkerage lirm of Wathem &
Mearthal, of Chicago, became the
hulsband of l1iss Mattie Chapman, a
chorus girl from Of011 the Earth'. com
Iany at, two o'clock Friday morning.
A new counterfeit $2 bank note
has been discovered by the redrnp
tion agency of the treasury dtepart
ment. It is on the Commercial bank
of Providence, R1. I., of the series of
The retirement of Gen. O. O).
I Iowar(1 wi thin a lfew weeks will prob
ably result in t.he transfer of Gen.
lTiles to Govoernor's Island, and a
number of other importhnt military
cl l-lng's.
Forlvy-five menr of the Fourteenth
Siexican 1atallio were ambuscaded
by Yaup-ii Indians near Los Guarimas.
lTwvelve soldiers and the wife of one
were killed. Four Indians were
killed and twenlty-seven taken pris
Ti'e great wine deal, which was to
hav r..evol u tion, ized the wine business
in Califlornia and enable everybody to
operate at a profit, has been de
clared off. Th'e grape growers re
fused to uncelpt the terms olfered by
the wine dealers' syndicate.
Orders have been received for the
evacuation of the Island of Cyprus.
The British garrison is preparing to
leave. The news has caused a hpanic
amlonlg the Christian pepulation, who
believe (be island is about to be res
tored to the possession of the khe
s- lelort:; received from Yukon show
Is- tlhat a great mining boonm is in prog
or ress in that region. The sum of
s, $100,000 is in Alaska-awaiting ship
i- ment to San Francisco. Miners in
in large numbers are goinl into the
y collintry front Sitka and southern
10 Aiask-l
\V The governor of Indo China reports
that one night 27 Chinese mirauders
as murdered Mt. Cliallet, the I'rench col
Slector of custolms in Tonllkin., antld
ig killed his wife and children. Troops
e pIersued the outlaws but failed to
v capture them. The French govern
mo Igent has demanded indenmiity from
11 Pek in.
e lilly Plimlmer, the bantani cham
1 pion, and John Miurphi', the little
ti boxer of i',tston,.have signed articles
of agreelellnt to meet in cOlltest un
ie der the auspices of the O(lymp)i club
I of New Orleans, Sept.embler i2, to a
I- finish. The match is for a purse of'
t. $4.000--$a,00 to the winner and $500
to the loser. Each side has posted
i- $500 to weigh in at not less than 115
- Iounds at the ring side.
s Advices from Waldo, Texas, state
e that a settlement of families a few
t miles from tlhat 1lace, was washed
I away by a terrible Leona fhlod yes
- terday, and it is thought all were
drtwn\\ed, as nothing llhas been lheard
e front the place. Three Mexican fam
1 ilies and six other peoplle were
- drowned in a ilood at Uvalde. Thir
Sty miles of Southern J'acilic track is
under water.
A terrible lire has occured on Can
t on river., hundreds of flower boats
1 being burnied. At least 1,000 natives
- perished in the flames. The flower
boats were mnloored stem and stern in
frms, and a lairge nuimber of persons
lived on thiem. The spread of the
con:lla:.rat in from one btat to
another was so rapid that tie unfor
tunate Chilnse had no time to cut I
tihem fromn their moorings, a strong
wind materially helping Ito increase
the fire. iMan luHndreds of persons
leaped 0oerioartd and were ho illOed.
Hold I'p a Saloon.
HELENA, S-ept.. 2.--The Atlantic
beer hall, on 1M ain street below Sixth
aveute, was visitedby two highway
Imen1 about onie o'clock this mornini ig. .
They madte a rich laul,probably $3(00
or more. Both men were nmasked.
One stood at the main entranlice with
his gun sweepiii, around so as to
cover about twenty men who were
seated at the dill'erent tables. The
other kept moving Along the bar with
his gun also ready for action. le
called "hands up,") and about twenty
odd pair of hands went up.
W\\hile one of the highwaymen kept
his original pesition. near tile door
the other walked behiind the bar. The
latter rang up the cash register and
proceeded to scoop up the money -
with onell hand, while with the other
lie keptI his gnu on the barkeeper,.
le,1111 i Wol!l. The register was soon
cleaned out, the robber in his hurry
dropping a dollar, which hlie wouldt
not stoop toi pick up. lie then asked Fl
W\colf what lie had about him.
"Nothing,', replied Wolf?. The man
evidently discredited the statement,
for'hie thrust his disengaged hand
into the barkeepe,-'s pocket and ex
tracted the month's wages which lie
had just received. None of the other
people in the saloon were distiirbed,
the otbber evidently bein_,' satisfied
with hil,s haul. Iothl m(n backedout
of the saloon then and. started down
Main street.
As soon as it was deenmed safe to do
so the ieople in the saloon lowered
) their hands andl:an to tlhedoor. They
- looked down Main street and saw the
mimes disappear up L.awrence street.
1 The alarm was given and within a few
minutes the police were after the
The republicans of Aiissoula today
nominated the followi n- ticket:
For the senate--W. I. Smead'.
For representatives-E. f. E. er
sheC, .Uolensteiner, C. H. Musgrave.
For sheriff-Geo. \Woods.
For aleCek and recorder E. A. Win
For assessor-- E . A. Ken ne.
F'or treasurer--Fred C. Stoddard.
For auditor-W- . RR. linmilton.
County attorney--Jos. Mi.Diixon.
As we go to press the convention
is still in session and the above are
all the nonlnations up to that tinme.
The populists of Missoula have
placed the following ticket in the
For sherif--lI. L. Shallard.
For county clerk and recorder-W.
II. I1. Dickinson.
For county treasurer--. . if. Gar
For county assessor--A. M. . Ste
FIor county attorney--l1arry 1%,
For county auditor--Jolhn Iuck
For public ad ninist.rator--Ernest,
For county commissioners- Gas
pard )Deschamps, Neptune Lynch,
sr., and M. M. Macau.ley.
For superintendent of public
schools--3liss Sarah 11. iMac.ia.
F'or coroner--J1e . P. Smih.
For state senator-- l T. Nesmiith.
For state representatives--T. J.
Burke, E. J. Powers and .I. I. Lati
Justices of the peace. Ilellgate
township-'Frank C. Ives and P. Z..
Prince: Cedlar township.-J. W.
Hughes and W. Mleliride.
IFor constables. 1lellLatL townslmiip
--Malcom GC. .'liaculev and .1. E. Mars
den; Cedar township: Jlack Mc
Quaid and ivyron Wilkinsol.
I- d . J. DAVIS, M. 1)D.
to Office, Rickman !Hilding.
il ls pr'51 lp1 ly Wcr1 , d::y o r lit[.
Opposite ( 'ourt IHous-.
U. S. Con lnissionller Nolay Public.,
Real Estate.
CA I IA ILTo . - - ; loNTANA..
cll -------
Money to Loan
oo11m 4, 1st Nat'l Bank I3d'g,
1 Inl naltk i a I:o:c run fol
To get a
Fine Wines
Second St., tal;iion,.

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