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The Ravalli Republican. (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, September 12, 1894, Image 1

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Mis. Mer. Co.
General Dealers in
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements
Missoula Mercantile Co.
This Space is taken by the
See the Next Issue for their Announce
Democrats Awakening to the
Value of Reciprocity.
South American Countries Insulted
by the Administration's Treat
ment of Their Concessions.
W lashiington Special.-A group of
republican congressmen whose atten
tion was called to an article in the
New York Times on the subject of
recilprocity read it with a great deal
of satisl'action, and the comments, ii
they could have been obtained ver
batim, would have made interesting
reading. The democratic tariff bill,
which became a law without the sig
nature of the lresident. distinctly
repeals the p1rovisi(ns of the cKlin
lev act under which the reciprocity
agreements of treaties were neg'oti
ated. In this way it takes away
from the president any power to im
pose retaliatory (duties, and of cioulrse,
by plutting a duty on sugar destroys
the basis ofi all the recilprcity treat
Secretary Gresham is already in
possession of diplolmatic intimatiolns
lfrom Germaniy, Spaini. Gulliteiala iand
iothler countries, that duties whicli
were renimoved on Americain prod lucts
imported into these countiries under
the reciplrocity agreements will be
reimposed when the new tariff bill
becomes a law.
The New York Times has been one
of the democratic newspapers whichli
has bitterly opposed the reciprocity
agreenlents. Niow, ]lowever, just is
tlie new tariff bill becomes a law, the
Tinmes suddenly discovers that, the
repeal of these treaties. or of the law
under which they' were framed, will
be of grent injury to the United
States. The article i tilhe Timies
which amused the reptublic;an cion
gressnell began inll these words: '"Un
der section 8s of thle new tariff bill
the 'recilprocal tr'iade arraneenlellts'
existing at present between tlie Uiin
itel Stales and the Spanishl-Aniri
call coullttlies lare dcestlrloyed, andi bus
iness nuci of this city have already
liegiun to show anxiety as .to what will
suppaint the present conditiiion iuldcr
which American goods have n decided
aid\vantage over those from in tller
COilll tries.'
As (il of ill these COngressm1e (
marked, this democratic organ has
been lpretty late in waking up to tihe
fact that the business men are aix
iolls as to what will be the resullt of
the abrogation of the reciprocit y
treat ies. This anxi vy has eein
mani estt for a giood time. Speaking
further on this subject the Times ar
title says:
"It is sare to say that all thle 'con
mercial arrangemnents' will be die
nounced by the reslpective govern
imeiits coincerned as siiin as the nxew
tariff bill becomnles n law. Existing
trale conditions with the coiuntries
to the south of us will be entirely
changed, and sonime new basis of iqop
eration w\ill have to be determined
"What this is to be is the question
that interests almost every nilllanu
facturer anld prodllocer in the count ry.
The aggregite of' the exportl, trade
between the Uniiited States and the
Slpanish-Amiericia countries is not
eirmnormius. but it so hiaplpenis that it
is distributed aill iover thie countryv.
mlid merIelats and m(llnullllll'iact uers
have learned to look uponu it as af lield
he flulturec. U'mder the iounielrcial
arraingemeuts of tihe existing bill.
oiec-sitlded tliiugh they were f'r(mii the
hatiu'l tiuisiiiess stanilupliinl the ix
I't trade iiilriinii this (oiintry hals
gi'owu vei'y cunsiderably. miid reci
priiciv has e i i a lxeim l very fctcilin.
cry. The unian xh'io is doiiuu inillv
$1.1)(J0 worth oif ullusiless tlodax feels
thaliit \xih iu'rpiier ii'ursilig aiind ;i coi
tiiuance oii reciiiocity his trade will
scoiiOi reach *5i.il)O0 wxithi tlhe Spanishl
.\limeliiaisiiii alini tiie nuixlii who is send
iog $50li.ilii wxvirth if goigids ti1 hiiisi
nllarkets at luresent louoks ciillnidciitlx
fiorwxurd to tlie time whlen hle will send
$5i)ii,0ii0 provided lie cmiii hle asSutried
Iu c nllt inut lllce oi thi e al dValltuges
whichi eniable hinim to lhud his pri
ducts uider the xlower rates of duty
or withluut aniv duty alt. ;all, where
his ciiulpetitor ill Eiulhiuid or (hr
illliV Oi Iiaii c( iiniist hira ill iili)Ori
Tiilise loisinieSS Illell Wxxii mii( tii
suffer from the relieal Iof these tieat
es. accirdinig l thle Tiues. are look
hlg for Secretaiiv Greshanm to megu(
tiate regufllur corllniercial treiat ies to
lake thie lhiace of thie reciprilritv mlr
rmiiigeineiits. If thiis is not doime. iii'
'lTimes says. this country xxill sullier
nimitelrial Iv. Thlit is xxhat hitis biein
1o011. lint there is n1 hlanle or
probability llf n'egot lit iu!' suchl mcotin
inercial trealies. l'le Siouth Auleri
cailn countries are very indi'n lalt. as.
privately statel here b thlleir diplo
maitic represenlltatives. lver 1 le ('coursei'
ifi our 'overnmnent ill repeali g' these
reciproc t v itty agreements.
Those governments were invited to
ia ill-A. lerliclil coiTiess. ais Ithe r'e
sult of the joint ationl of repubhlican
and democrutieanministrations. 'tihe
recilprocity agTreemenlts followed tihat
congless. 'The outh American gov
ernlmelts were led t, Ibelieve' thluat
this would be a permanentl arranlg'e
Inent. and some of tlhem abrogal'ted
treaties with Eu..opiean gopvern melnts
in order to enter into these a gree
nmeints with the United States. Now,
withount evel so mlucl as counsultt
ing these goverl'lliuentsi5 this extraor
dtinary democI'ratic pall't' hals ilbrogat
ed these trelaties, put , iliuty I ol stu
gar, andi thlns practieally insulted
!every 'go el'llllltenl. that enlitiredl into
an arra'tgei.iiel witih the thiited
States. llucause, withiot giiving
them notice iiunder' whlich liie could
reimpoise ldut.ies r'ellmoved ill returnlll
for the free aidlliissioin if their sugar.
to take eleclt Ilt tihe saiin, tile ;as
the sug'ar becomes cdutinlhe here, otul
g''overnnieitl, has glone IIheaL and liil
posed sugarli' duties. A very' plromin
e ilt. diloatl relnlarked in conviirsa
tion herle on the siubject, that ill
tLin ii'i' jist such a icourse would have
bIeein regila'ded ias suflicient li for brealk
ing oil diplomatic relaltioiis.
Secretaryi ( i'sluiin could lint.
undler thle circumstancelis, negotiatle
lew treaties itf ie wanted to. But
hie ciould not pill. sigai'r oil the Ii're
list under any treatyv 'i' forthe 'reaslln
tlht, it lou 'ty could not be restored
by treatyv arrani;ioement, ;iiil ,wit out
a bliotunlty the selliate wollid lOftise' lto
a;7l'('e to( I'0 suiI'aI' even ill treallie; .
,peakin,'1 further oil this subject, lhe
T'ines ill its larticle says: ''liliess
soiile such t r'eatlies are effected wi.th
out deliay after the new larilt bill he
comes a law. there will Ie a big' ill
il' oil' ill exports to counltrieis af'
fected. Already' it, tlas beelin ru' l1(ored
that Spain is about to lev''i' duity of
ill preseilt is is ilitild l it iir ve low
rate into (iliubl a(1i 'illo 1ilco, lliIder
the-it c'l niecial arranlll enl t' intolli
whliich sh(, entere uiinder the old lIaw,
or lbecallSe of its existence. Ihm;,il,
tilh. wh11:1h t pr(Iseil , takes il ii
700,000 bar'rels of flour per nliiutm,
admitted free of duty. will reimipoSe
lhe tatx of 115 per cent. levied undti r
her' tarili law. lraeizil hills. oi the
whole, giVell perhaps, tihe best re
suilt:;s under the collllllm c'i;l Irra e
ilient., the onily possib.i.e exceptliioli I)'
iii Cubalil. to which little I outllril y ti rll'
exportll s icllrllisecld from I 1'1,2917, 1i ill
188!. to $2fi . 0(i 14.094 ill 1 3. I n, li -ra
zil the ligutres gi'esvIw fromi $1.5,648.525
i ,188 , toi $2:t.2410,4-S; ill 18l2. The
revolut ion, vwhielh pa'alyz(d 1t0 hconl -
try's trade ill 1893, of colrse, makes
it impossible tio comilnpare theil liigires
forlll thisi yur witlh alily deiree of ius
lit'e. hut e'ven with this revolliut ii.
the ],r'azilia1 1 im portll s fromi t111his LI -
I tr a 'lied $18.(1i75.-t57 ul during 1801,1.
aui iltlc'rlese I0' over ' 3.$1,010,000 ovel
the figiulres of 18 !. whin there iwas
11I Slip cial flivrlv ' shiOWsvi to i ito I' ods.~i.
The' Tinies quotes .Mir. Clharles 11.
Flint. 'who is promlinently eni.i'agaed inii
the Suitth i lAmerie'il trallde'. sliviluig:
"11'f we are only willing ito cultivate
it, the Brazilhinisol- 'or is l miarket
hint will ;'row stea ,iily. 'T'o-day the .
get prac'tically all their tonl' from u(s.
iut we c ian only sell 1.ihii billeause' of
'c'gtilar 15 per cent. u'iisteiris duty.
It this duty is re-inmposed, 11ll' iiilli'i's
will iai' to atbaii doi' the hi' li Io the
liss is ill siih 'i bi d cut eidiiiici . the0
Suihitti .\iiiericaiu imaiir't'ets Iire I f i s
"'icii l ixt ri'taiciii lie' tl i u '. ()nll the
lit huiiikir'., N. Y. 'this hilillS ihalt
the lhic'lilol is'e Wl ' s Wit 'ii'llt ol'ite
is tci te ixeicuted will li(' kepi ll . i,.n
with 1 lfull 'lvi''e for six liilililis li I1
h i ll m ne iligh l e I u ii f ~fi ' il , (l lh l ?l' , l it0
woi'ks wll ld I rli icably l, eilther shlit
down e tlit' liii ' or lhtll gnin i il'l] I alf
lill ' bc'l ,i'ti very lit till m I l ('S illno iiv. s ali
h'al tri'ade. i'i ll thl li' imi-i ii'' h
I'ltiit sil' thai this clililtI' rv iil-t
llatios- is the v'lv llih y 1.11110t ite
dem'iiocratic' plarty hl;is' its Ialrif' bill
1tIlk n alW\ il ' i'ir ni F ii { i'r opli] e I' (ioi
lpriveC1i th'iio 1 (1 a1 1 di l aiii ltx 'e of.j
A inore slh;mi, e'ul bet iaval of tilte
interests of th' cou r llul l " has lnever'l
Ibeen known ii its iistory. Over
$30,000,lix of exporli'ts. will' probablyl
be lost as the ,resiult i' this infamous
policy on h(1' pillt of the d Il'mocl'i tic'
party. T,, e fact that a prominent
ldemocratic orxan is xiwakexing tol t
importrncl'iie l' othese commerc'i il xxh
iilliii i'iin ts ct is t ihey are ai lro''tuil -
ed, is ''e 'riled H'l ere as oflii i viery great'''
si'nitiiance. A good deal ioie' will
be heard withlin the iext imonth to
the samei eReel.. livy electioni lime
the coi.niitrl willN heu'ili t i lla reciili
this hetrai'val of its iinterests liv thie
clemocratic palrty .1hit ithis is ionly
one ofi thIle mixixiv infamlies in th e t11xr'
ill' bill.
of the uili iffalo i M,' i'i'f.
T ih l 1 1 x Is' il' llln ili' 'l liig'li s, eip
r 'ight, s lraighti.l'or i' r i 'iizen of thei i l'
l'llitd Sdalte;-, we Velll Losav.who
does not prooinullly regret tll'eurse
of I' resid int ('l'evehiill wilh referenceI'lii
hi thlie Iw l il' bill.
T rii ee 1 V Vilrs o' pel' ni}ltI 1o hin. .A
veto xiouxd have been ioneis aiid
brlive. II, 'woiuld have v.'r'iliIld Ih1
I'stiii I'mli liv ll i'ial 'it 'ix i'. e ,vh'ii'llx his
worl ipersi' hii' i v ll t ixip l i ii sll i -
icopil aliii ' ili'iingui i' and whici h i is
political opponenlits tl{v, bl en glild in
acept as isixiint ii ' x 'iiccurate. .A
sil'tilllrl would xx x lxl It proved his li il
liing uiess to nn ledgx 111 hex resp. ii
hlilit \ which I 11 wIs di st ined to l e r,
dilll Iii li'xl Xo liex i , .ll1 x illvxi he 'x l ii
rI''.lsx'l liih . H is nnsinx'ii lt ll thelI ' 'll -
ac il it by l refus i' al tol silin or v' io
lthe bill is 'coI iile ptile cowx di'ct
whiiell neiiilhier iilprc':tiolls nor ;i -
inii ti.ions c;ii disguise. 'Tl'he lp'xsidhli
;t I 1he I . ' ik.
T''i it is ii the sim ple i d pl;i nli' l.
iHe has o pil'sxled a singile i in li
Io'ili llot. hV is s be llx or sei'l' . lliil
1e 11a i lis,1i 1 0 {,ver ntle Wll hnwu;llis
o i'r Siipect'l, thlie iilit ciii llii of till.hi
reit lliie Those whoi liav hi l
his eager eulogists in the past arc
(liliii or repro;' hli'ul. S.milie of ihieni
i l t ly hoped that I ii lie wo ld sixi
ih, ill., while' ol f'i r.s x a i.s i r liii
limpld i lii he .ollhl Veto it. N{ow
bI speech or Silence tI1ey prodhline
thir cHli 'rii. Theli will proha. ll
iiSlilll, their for0l1l plos urllll i ill 111{
rhu, e of txxix' . iill' ( I r 111 ' 1reseii i
ltei lxxxiii t s1 reni'it 11 to swinxi' (hti
I l i lV ". i l i'x1Ill \\'ils i.ip Iis II I si
siiu ,llx i. tlilxy Itlillied h' thei' ' i h
\Anld lie sign. -'hi is iway dlislon'
lie's." vwas sxi plain.---Nev Yx'ork 'l'ri
.ATTENTIOI N, lii'ZZ.IAI)'S h.1'
'T'here is no Hole Smiall Enoglh foi a Ctll
lL rd lto lr'iilg himself Througi' h.
'i . (' ' le e la d k.xilmv iii'i'l'i' ly thatv li
the' (h ri'mlxl bill xwas dichalx .i' lI' liiti
,iliI rixlixx. Ile knows lih:tl it 'was
this 'ilx wvhich ilhrii led i in'xý ,ress
allnd co plielled its co sill's. lie (' low'S
hail i.s town e ortll''ls xiid tihose of liii
fldl'iioii ' s i n i' x r.1e'ss 10 1;1x lahiw
fol ih; re',li'ef ofI' the' iioilhix liixve Ie nii
illeihd h x ih ii llniae llit.sions of l iis
l ar rii' ' il liid by its ahilil v to cor
l]l li iii mi l 'ds iof s lallt s cailing
them i xe s ideitxi'r;is.
tl il .,l r. (' l velandii i' s li seill i rx
i i l' xfor t i'he exis i'ixe oif t hi
riing ' l 'or ii s t lls iii i l.litat li i'.
i,, Iht li. le inly r,,v, ' 1i ls'ln l.thlxiv x i
spi xt-rs i ilae 1t ie xx market havix g
lii I ii ..xillx' il .ii xi'x ixx hxii' ill 'N iii '
lxi xix , l I1 ' lii. i i 0xl ii -iixxi ]'1 'i x''11 'l
i ll illi i " -.lii''lilii - 1 1xii ' ili 2i-'
h i x xixini i'dix''ll ii.;' itt lrn xl'i i
ii luiix'-. tim lxiii ( libi'l xxxil 'iit ilix'
11x , ilii ix i ''xi'i' xix t xx i x' i xl. i 'l iX
xlii' x l'.' ,xii Ii'' iii l lix 11rii " i'x iie' -'x
11 i~l v 1hx h hxIxr'i'il li' f xx 1' lx .10i l.
' xi i i >Jill ' ;hi' , 111 hl2 rl 'iEl1 l
"i w- i I 0iii l ii rii xiihi. I xxxii
The Campaign Committee at
Variance With Itself.
The Differences Between the Senate
and House May Result in a
Shortage of Funds.
'Trher are str 5 ll!a" i lnli Calionls thai
t ll, dI m cr tlll ll i' con(l ressi)l mll c n-il
p ignis cll t ittee is lbit t t )o ' isi ' V(111
ilnlo two i h di(e' . ' llt'r is ai sileriio
iquaitrrl with re iartl ito lhi mnIpaig n
poliiy itl treating the t lariftiti est ion.
This contnlitt( is ( l) II(posed of dell
tlratic I (neiliei' Iont i lellch ';ill' of
nil lres .:mul ll I s for its c(hairitin
Senator ei' aulkulir, iii W\est, Virg;inia.
Hlis bein'in il.thaitlt posilto l and rn-l
trolling' i hl (rguex(,l('enti Ih poliy1of1'
thii, 'ill ( itt l.s t l uIla led tI theii 11' lihle.
T c'h necssily of gnil tilgit so iintl hlin
before l10(h' lc et'l ir c V' tl'rs (' thet'
cMlllfr as itit 111il )li 0 ssible ilt
p lressetd itselli up n C(lairinm 'I I aulk
uI(''r se \'('"l l weeks ' 1!1, 4 . 1 He it h 'll re -
ii 'i ei tih' ll, f l' ll i ti ll slll itI- ' (' . i ' tll
'imII uII I t'te is Ihit cn( lsiide ih' l lit
o iraitur ha-, betel tll itri ult ( ill 11.
districts Llat. will ha(,I , to he foIluit
.ll thillt is 110l . ill (colll.llll l \i ll l w it
Ithell l lilde 'a I e II (Ic;u III'ne iIIh rI l h l\ll' I:I'
the 1 trilf' qul'est.o, dul 1110 ('v it
(tiltilt(iii 11 'I ii I llil f1111li)( I I
hotuld I 1 h ;i dih' d ill the C 11"11'i,,'t,
The . l)('1.h 1 of r \Ii \ lt i l at hi
Ioi( lll i nig i 'llV tionll I1 Al it;lll l.rtins
hur ' ysterIny I is supposed, to 'iv'
Ihie k I nt" l1' i of (' ('h m lpn ain1 from
hli ti-illstl i i t. It i- dalticltl inttl i
( Ie. li dii I IIh s said aLin.l, (h1i hill
which ' i s nI W ai hilW. Illd is till , lall h
rotinn of t. 11i Irtsider t h ltllter to Ai r.
(1at1hin'1 s. The evident pur)p:ort 1f(
M r. (I'h'\ (httn atil M r. \\'ilsm:. ti
his I']I\.,m "'-cuck s" is to (co)tilIne
the lighl this fall on 1.11' theoV'\ thl t
lhl t -(,ntu e hili is a tr 'l h 'erlus : lttd
btilt er illl ( ' t Ili l (1 ' itt ll (I I I'I(ill ll' t
Il o(ther (ortds. it keep, tLh1e it i t '(ri
a litati t1 e itpatl t ie tly to the I'N' t
;lt ,I I ttio aul l 5 1. i t i s,. 'h ptlitr i'; a
0i 11 e' llr 1 e illu u I t i P (t h ll -
CHria iln the . 1lll i. ; ti( C it iiIIit:ll
L i I'e l 11 ) )' i lW I t il t' s, lillt i1ltlt
H s :!tilt( 11( 11;,1' 1 l 0'l- ,i 1(l'i it ti
a II i lt lnt tilj tei ' is 1nI t Ils I ll(li1( t
Naturltlly lieuH;tnt' 1'atonlktr dhk -
siri' i tiuph til tih work ofi the't t (t1 i
wTi llI itlt isoln ii i h i l l i' it P iibr t l.i
tit( 11 111(11 eyl' h ltV" I d ne u l( '
wt ,ll, u . 11 s la . i ckit ( h 1 is p l .A k n ked
l'l'iaice of \1r. ( 'levlli t ;iit ilitl is
a1 loss wvhaiI t.lod , Ith iis .,,1', o s(i1
t 11. Ile (Vill lio . ;IS h ,he hel dt (l' the
'ilIII H i, il n ' 1 1 11i L ('', illin fls th( '
pili y nlairl flwn h}' .ilr. \Vilson., whou
is ;t1 n(.(ht) f'lr M r. (hlevel;tfnd' idea<.
aid 1u-less 1hI , renmainll r' (1' h1 he r ll
nlitil a Li'ree Ino follow hi< li e <lf
cutn ti,, a there , will (d uht .less he a
split. in till- ro'0nlnitl(,e.
Ili t i1' (,vent 1i1' a break. 111' drle n -
rl'tls will lose ?miId*ra lh of 11w0
sill"ws (d w;I The s'' ul1 rial
embers of Ill this colllim.t'e' tie Ihhose
itsullal looked to for Ln(. r11ll'ribli
t inns tIo IiI1 (1 (i1',l . alld Iht1 y ;Iret
ui1ull :111 very active ill pr)oVidiu(' the,
i1e,(d d ( 1111ll11lli l inIl. i (het ore1 ill
'itd to take plmrt in their o<wn (h.
i1lll1'iaiit ln. which is ,Ilombodied ill the
'ilnn poiiy. il i,' )m ut ral it sup
po,1' d ih t the( will dr lp ,ut Ill] lt.1
ti; irpi ale i1 I r iu(11 11( r1'-;,lrctr d1,ti
o' l":,y Int 1 h n, M uIe. T his (ill, inl( 1l
n of~lt~~'l 11 , * t'lni e tic+. m...lnlg .1,1:
scI, x liJ's I(MitW)Iif) ;CA rcil.
holds a lHal1l I Iroiii tfirom tile lop of the
Wi'Lashington Mt(1on i nt.111I
WisitiXo'iON A uge. 3 .--tilly
S('ihriv(,r, the| 'stai ' ratchlIer of the
(hli'ci l o ll 1s h ;ll (libt). VIster'dlia
cnaIig'ht ;I11 ;ll irl\ow' frontI the t lop of
the W asl'.ll in 1lgt(o i noll n( lment. t"h]ll-s
performig na teat 11 ait has never bie
shaIt was' erected hI il'e tried to do
what Slt'river did Veslerdav. anld itl
was )'nranly supposed that. it was
ycoid ;n1 i> ill ' power 1to e Ii'lc l a
)ill hli i Vll o m'r)1 l s ii ; reat hei Lht.
Yeiuar al '( 111i' r. s rtilii rl'l i lasthe
WindI C(ity 1to d u)p the i.al hclub.
aii 'olutr( ii'sV \ 1 liou 'aisi )(tw0tHi
ii iiil if* i ll Wa I lll ttiii ii ii lii ls l itW II
•"'l.ei'lc .\ns(," a di I1. '. litarney a
~ii'i l h'il l l . (I ' ll ; ' \Ii ;irne i t ' Iw s w int
io 11 iiss r! tha 1 no h se h:ll t i( n earth'|
('re IIh1( or ever couild Batcill n reit i
It ion lle hill lo ssI'ed froIli i allo o') t he
winIdinws of Ile \\l I shi ili.tl n i nlls l
I 'lenti. adII; lit I '1i sl li s. Ch lie
till( hler. Ihtlik i ii " inI ,. l lrdii) I ich
;Irdian wll oth rs t ried i tu i ll (J s of
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;ll)hý,ie it' .Alison, in hin br l' hlll) up.
1th w% t) crowd. v v lld hf l '* h)et wv(W )
to oil- n111 ]i ';li ill_. ;Illd S0 I() WV ll
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i IIn til WVilin.\. ý. hlI 'V'l" nerve f'( r
S. 1 !!k 1i1t ;111 110 th*ll' 1 i e 1'n 'rt to
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It trv, 1''. the si ]nl w ,;,iv; fiPrint
;a!ove n :ll ( in" iit 1i a1 ll ;I s pilt ('h d
f'( rl11. H(,hriver 'caIu' it it fair an(d
;qliart,. aumid ihe, ',pplause of the
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It rl.peni 1 , ;nil,. for. 1)v 11ik time
( , Il1im llII]Pill ""'.]p" !'(1 {11(Io th
'-ono, ;I l \,a;'- h!iuhll\ ildii ant;i1 thlat
inl such affair hadl ( (lrred. Ito
Iik !:I.1. 1 "T. R";; ill)R\! " T II 1:F,

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