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General Dealers in
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Implements
Missoula Mercantile Co.
Carry an Imm~ense Stock of
Jersey Worsted, SlIlIT
Ul 6 Cheviots,Scoteh Tweed GUI TI
Buggies, Carts, Wagons,
Harness, Hardware,
What a Prominent Populist
Says of the Party.
The Secretary of a Populist Union
Renounces His Party for ,
the Republican. d
Another promineniit populist and
a once active worker in tile eause has
seen the error of his ways and re
nounced the party in this state and
elsewhere, says the Denver Times
Sun. W. .. L. Crank, secretary of
union league of populist clubs, with
a large membership, this mlorningll
announced that lie was no longer
identified with the party of anarchy
and ruin. but henceforth was a re
publican, and a firm believer in re
publican iprinciples. IMr. Crank is
one of the many populists whio has
been convinced tila the return of con
fidence and prosperity in Colorado de
pends entirely on the success of tihe
republican ticket in November, and
to this end 11(e ias determined to get
in the middle of( the road and lend his
aid toward redeeming the state.
This afternoon lie wrote out his
resignation as secretariy of the union
league and gave his lLnimer(' s reasons
for severing his co nnection with the
patty, and toiorrow lie wiii offer his
services to tile repult. iicn state; com
mittee and inll all robability will
stump the state in the iilterestof the
ticket. Two years aguo 31r. Crank did
valuabe work toward the election of
Governor Waite. He spoke nearly
every nighlt during the cami paign, and
made lots of votes for the man who
has since brouglht disgrace and hun il
iation on the state. lie was this year
elected a delegate to the state con
vention at Pueblo fromn Arapahoe
county. [Mr. Cranik lhas been some
what of a labor agitator, and in this
line has quite a large following.
His renlarks, showing where the
populist party instead of being the
workingllan's friend, is his most de
cided enemy, are interesting in the
extreme. In the (ollrse of an ilnter
view with a Timles-Sun reporter re
gardting the cou'se e i had taken, this
imorning, Sir. Crank spoke as follows:
"Two years ago or a lit tle over I left
the republican party and allied my
self with the populists, or the move
mlent which afterwal'd grew into the
populist party, with the hope that
conditions of the masses would there
by be bettered. I l'et then as I feel
no(w, that we are in great need of ,
remedial legislatiou. We have wat!ch
ed the course of the populist party in
those states where it has held the
reins of government with the great
est interest and I am frank to say
that it has been anytlhing but satis
factory to me. I have always taken
great interest in any measures which
had for tllheir object the elevationl and
betterment of the. conditions of the
laborinig classes.
"The populist party stands, as it
claims, the clhampion of the rights of
labor, and yet lalbor is suflfering mire
in Colorado today than cver before in
the history of tile state, and pray
what does the future pIromise in case
the populist party does again tri
'umph. The stand which they have
taken is one that is deadly to the in
terests of labor as any in the world.
Their fight on meni who have and will
in the future invest their moneyv in
the state is (onie of the most aLomina
ble faults.
"We, is a st'lte alre young; we are
not self-sustainiing: we are depend
ent upon borrowedl capital yet to de
velop our' resoI'ces. No state has
ever been known to be self-sustain
ing under from 70 to 75 years. In
order to make better times in the
state today it is ntecessary that all
the now idle men be ait work lit good
wages: We need a good nlarket for
tile products of our farmnlers, lwhere
they. can receive fair prices forl tlhe
things tlcy iprodutce. We need every
car and engiine on our lines of rail
road in aictive service.
"Can we dlo it wlthout the assist
ance of capital from without the
state? DIoes the populist part y fur
nish it? Will lnot their success plro
duct directly thile lopplosite rsutlt?
"The 1iarty that is a friend of l;
) bor is the one that gives it.; elihilaly
nrit anrd good wages," said -Ir.
Crank emlllatically, "aud the party
that shlould succeed in Colorado is
the party that will bring about tile
development of our resources an1d no
"It has always been a problem with
me incapable of solutionl, whyi tie
populist party: has alhvlwys kept iup a
tirade of abuse iagainst the monied
interests of tile state and at thle same
Stime claim to be a friend of labor.
fit the state today the only soturce
where labor Iinds employment is in
enterprises where men of moans areh t
iltaatrding tlheir mtoney. and et t. e it
populist party would drive fronm the s
state these people.
"The most vile and ullnserupuhlous
politicians that God ever let live have c
come into the party for the purpose I
olf what? To elevate it, to (Ielp 1ilte
tdown-trodden htmaniity or toligliten
the burden now carried by the toiling ,
masses? No. But simply to feed at I
the public treasury. This is as I see
it. 1 know the wide c:ircle of friends
I have in the populist p:irty will con
demn me for the course I have taken.
I know that I will be chiartged witll
being a traitor, but even these vile
anid unwarranted epittilts shall not
deter me froim doiiig what I consider
to lie lmy tuitY.
"The step taken is upon the side 1
of humanity, law and order and good t
government, on the side of hoe,.
country and friends, my position is
InI conclusios 31r. Crank stated
that he was ready ait any time t1:o de
fend his course, at all times and all
plaees, and would in the future duall
in his power to restore Coloradtlo's
niame andl prosplerity.
AI.LIti sA3tIE DtEi10CLATs.
The Populists in Congress Vote for Free
Wool, Free Lead tand Free tron.
Although the popullists in the west
ernl mining ' ateis are as good friiendis I
to silver as the relpublicans and (ieim,
crats in the samine stt.es, in all taril' I
legislation the. vo\le with the demio
crats. lesides, the party is chin
tittedl to the linal retirement if huthl
gold and silver as nioIney and replacing
themn with irredeelable palper money.
The following frimu thie D)enver Times
Slni lnhows themll p ill collnradistlille
till with the republican rept'esenta
iives from thle satne states ill the
If tilhe miners of the west anid south
west exercise thile vigorous intelli
g1ence which they are known to
ipossess it will speedily become clear
to thorm that in their oaid utishl aflter
piputlisn two year.is aio they were
fl'(ll'owing' off il' fter false godis.
A siobter secondit thoughlt will con
vince these men that a party misera
bly in the minority in the nationi
andl whichl diuinig' the past twventyl
monthls lhas lost rath.er' titan gain et
in strength, cannot be f'ruitfl'ul (f
(Io a little' deeper Swil a i lispas
siniatle i nvlet igHtlion tn(1 the Workitui
iliner will discover that whiei che
Omaha platform declares For free
cOilm.iteC and in the silver stacl's its
apostles pretach ite doctrine. it is
equally true 1that th 1 liat-irr.edeem
able-papei'-ler-mley heresy permeates
the entire platfourn to such ail exte t
as to nullil' any hotest haurd mtone
lproposition, and that el;tewhe're tli to
ill tile tllountain reg'ion the hih
priests of populism openly decide the
use Of l'othl silver and gold mlolley as
Pursue a candid investigiation still
further and it will be iappirent. Ithat.
wtil' lotpuulist repiresentatl ives iln and
utit of Cot(ngr'eSs h111tvO tiietl Iti ill
their pi'otestations in favot'r of a full
use tf te t.he white metal, thll' have ill
esvery otheir respect proived r'eCl'tii.
to ltthe interests of those itn whose
si revi tIt thit . W're.
'This has lbteon especially true with
respect to Colorladu's mli(i'lt]irs ' of'
To be siure Jludg'e Bell voted iforl
freet silver. so dild .1 udge iloweit'en.when
- in the senate. So did thit two relpub
lican senatorls. eoll iaiu tes il C;i .r'es
of Pence and H'ell.
liut Judee (;ell voted for I'rce wool,
fret lotdi. free tacil and fue'e ilntui.
Notice of tegistration.
Not ice isihereilygivin thiis of . Nt
0 hitk & lo.i at Stue'tisville oit Tt''
tbitwsein the hours if 10 a. ii. anid i(i
p. m., l'or t perihd t f 1i I days.' {
Notict in he'elie given that thie
t ti ie for the ienss' ' ifa 1ivuitnn '
b iof the qualitied ,leutors in ele iv iif
district No. 't , l teS rinet the followi
ine named pitetct t t t, t tit: itet ten
vilii, prior to Nhe ienerat election
ber, A. d.. 18ti4, for the ('ontr of
H. N. 'tAi K.s or egitry A,,et.
r Ning ]Pn rh-er,
Ilrazil infilo'ns the tIlited States
that it will abrlogiate the reciprocity
treatly. Alnother tally for the Wil
son bill.
It took ouly a year of derlocraey to .
convince tile culn)try that tile G. ().
P. really deserves its nmnle of grand i
old party.
(11(1 11111 V.
The November elect ions will surely
result in a large extlenlsiol of tihe free
list. that is. of democratic statesmen
)out of a job.
It is said tliIt Editor nnd Candi
date Faulds relies for his election onI
the l'great gobs of enlthllsitsn1 calsedI
by his newspaper's able lidvIEa'y of t
dlellnocracy this year.
The spectacle of thirty-seven men
Wet iling o11e 11111 cut, a1 hole ill a
brick 1wall is convincing proof that
tile dolliO(r'l'lti( boom )111 s struck'ti
SWheelilng ha'd.-Wheeling Intelli
''0 democratic Ilcpapers and oratorstH
of MontIie pr1 e (f o t e.lerso111ian
princ'iles, and tihe deln.ocralic slate(
Sollventiolln elldor'se (roverI ClevtelIllad.
T'lha i a di st1in ti withll a greatll
ideal of dil l rr nce.
Th'y conltinueto ,odlerd in \ai-ll
in'ton whIy the gold that, is shipped
fto 10. lIatd groS Slower everyt year. I
in cominip ack. If they will notirlc
I ies Tlil ) ill illcretSO in itrll t ill I
bearing and dividend-paying Entlish
i llnvest;l ents ill his cotii ( y \othell y 1
find it way to account for it.-New
l)emocratic, papers are complainin.g
o the l(ck of party spirit, this year.tll
The conditions t hat obtain ato presetltt
lire 1ot1 conduciie to any jubilalting
ples. 1he Ilnlebers of that partyi
will awake on i he 7I L of I.November
next. to lind the public spirit, i the
republican rakls.--Inter Lake.
(Some long''-liladeld ldel o ctl liit liIiust
have beatt it ilnto tihe Bad of the, ' rold
11111ll" of the Northwes Tribune that
thle best 'ar illn which he c(uld help
1his puarMy in the present aunil ign
would he to keep his mouth strictly
I111.t The political silnce of thtll
,1 ii 111r, in t ie ray ol ' }t il'ml n , t ('ill
po a lm ost ite he(ard. Biut t ll 1 . lt . d. is
right, and his advice is good.
ihad el 'l ther Ie,'rt in twain he r(,
plied: "lO. t l row ;Il'wl;Iy the 111orse1
p l;ti l ' it. , al I li 'e th e l ril r iL i ll t Ie
ot h(l' liTil. tthi dem1oCr [as appearI)
to lill ado1 ptd a sim' ilar re1' dy111 .(11
T 'hey arll' endeall.'orin to dtrive oiutll of
h 111I' pl rllyl the Vil OS 1p1rt. allnd while 1
,they hiave accomplished 1lhat, they
IIy 1 ive the il pli el' , )being out of
olice.-li ' tladelphit i Ledlger.
The Philadelphia Timnis, whitch iS
a lro1l'Iounld auit iloritly on w I c5t. ' s 1I(
1hid "tnder the new tarifft it will hIe
a perf"ctlhv fair proposition to reduce
wages precisely to the extentll, 11'
Kinleyism raised them." So it sect,,
that tOe McKinley ac't did raise
wage's and the deatfocrati' tiariff bill
will ret ce l' t |llel. This is (IPlllOIi(;tl io
C' l'fession anlti aill e Xcedin 0ly ilinter
esl.inig" fact fur workillign('e .
The populi,-t. idea was popular', for
;tl it 11', ill the' days of lri'id, fur in
flhe book of ;amuel is a p]ra',TIph
which s1-: ".And (very 0110 l11(1
fiwas i11 distless, said every nor t 111(1
was ill debt. tlod !Very one a lht1 was
I' d ;i0 1 (on 1it 'd. Iltt ier 1e P ] llSt ,'S
11(Ith illt : nll ! h 1 , p'I"';tIC :i cul ittitll
ov+'r them.' I1 5(01115 1o fit the ctse
of Life lnt) 0ff] l p))p) ( '1 t i il. " 1nl1
l PIe " l '' h v e n Io a v id t o l oa d 1 1( l h , till]n
tlei: dt :ey enn pi rsuade ) I:nv.' hill ti
"ihy 10 h'e 0 10ln0 (ll'ata.'_' ill h
paninen ,,.th xdemnenrait' ialiv"sainoni a ;
1(1)fl'O rl llt, i l ft -cli~l.l.lf 'Hlf ti llfffl'tllll~u ' ,
"-and Uhal is \-ou ear find anlything :(1
\ou want in their' pla'fll rmn if yof 11nly 1 (
kilin w f\h el'f' ill h f flt l'r ii: re'..' ilV.l',
illlti-fteV silver. fr' iade. al ti-freo
tr'adh. labotr. untii-lab)or. A\l)!'it.rica p,1- b
i 1y. ifnglif h p oliec' . iu l I act.,!.tl f lyi g a
\'oul \waln. If youl onl] knowl\\ \vheroF! 1.
look f r i 't. "--- lly st i hfl]. ..
.l ("Ik 1 he I ' pulll tlifi p 11 I
pre,,. a ltng i m'|ile in finld oull lhit
.loh1 ll i fh (fllf lll Of ()liil . f' W ' . it " Irl'
2OE(10 11110 If' ( idff11 f'lf ))(lf II I (f
i.f( ff' tI IlS lif'lt, (f1 r lh l ('a li i l' .. if /l l..
Coill l', fl'O l' l'illl hill.--Tribillll ,
[[ did..n't lak.et the c'(ullnt' r 1 .q :ll'
ft fhi( lfL(' th1' il (W roverf Cf 'ev. inal;' lit '
h (f ( lli )(l' 111 if ' .iff li it 1' \'Irif' ' 11f' 1f ff11.'S
I( ('Iell'f tiIstiV -I(xfl tif thi Suf:'ll" maI
w\hisiky trusts---and the. 1peopl1e of.
Ii ~l I. Ill i11 1ff ll 111 ,¢l l'!ll 1 +1'- tiff Ii'-,.
ff11' lilke th" wri'llit,' of thi. Ill'v' iIal ,
til'TI 1h.f (Ifl fllt, \ll l! l' "'itIfltlf 11I"
s l'latol's ffi sltlI i l ' w il fl thi tl
A lll (fittl 11( Ilf llli fif. Il'i l f if,
T.l'he Cl hlaid h'd l'i' itsl ii hfr'
iil ti l (lnsilrit' illllitl''( ,ll,.
thllif iflll1 . T110 ff I ll('fft, l. 1ail"
Loader, i t i - I ll dllfin'l e rfttif dally
new~slptlain in \\ mulilnS, has l,,1t the.
thaniuaral ii palrt y, Tlh,, d!a,! hbefore a
C 0 iil~l cl aily lie, p,' .il tr J!l N , l'ill-a
ci't' i ll ti rl II - 'f l ru. ckI 1 I (fill
lhiW il', l ' ( t1 .l'ffil ti Of h \ii f WI L
''11 t(I i -ll'.HCi \ (ff i Ii i t f Ul f fS f1'11 l+'
tea . (1 1' 1h : 1)irfl P OSpril lls h l'(1i' ilfl'
hellihlli h l. ] lii l'l f If I Lii li S
fl'l'rlll i I- fi ' (lli fts a ir lifhcfllif l'l'tl'' r','
The i\S, -11lt fl'fls effl'l t'Liyid nIL thill
1.11irr liiill f lhdl i ll', -l..,l t i ( ill a
1ri 1. T hI f il .h hli llf ) I 1 1l i I',l
,(I (iI I flUllff','l I 'illfl. nii 1( thi. I
p ' i ct 1 11 f I l lsI t Ilf s ' i i l l t -If
't 1 I JV 0. TI' 1111 l)1 i ll\ }I l . i )(fll
l i f, l.t 5-1 I 'll'.F S i ('1'' tit '(( lt' |iff l 1 f
);l III , ' I ,' ll' , T llh i ll (),
I iff' Tl ''l 'fh fllf l' l- r tll'a 'llf'fffstf ''
M I Hiq l i 0 ' I I ll1( 11,r 011 I ,
il f' ICUlli'" lit I' lli I l fi\' i i. \ ' IJO I 0'.' 11 Vi'
in E gilln' ifi ll titf'ia'i ll'tif i' lia'
ht i I t fl ' i ll fllol'.- 4list 'ii (. 1f'
\\if'ft'i'l l 'ill i fil 'i
'Tlhe dllmli.'l't il' t iliidule for ,_,t.\
1111 II " ',filllfi'i" lih t lls I11 I I'fIt rs2
I Ihis l' I' '1 il If ihld if1hin "!ri i'
',% ! 0'r Sl'; illi fl !U''(i'lls. TO'll
, ltllllS ll Xl f 1,V 1 (1: 111 (il fItI, (' " 111h
Irss Vo. li r('l 'III " lile ou t ' t'l. l:'j,' l
lindh 'li tlde 'd ur'- thati Tl' nli i- "I li t- 1il
th' fakir of Lorn';ili." 1)lMl ni r atcr li
;il.,i Iil i'. " t ] 'i M ill j)Oliih'[ , 1u " llif
.'al tralilto ', .\!m l il distin u 1" i h.'d
fhl iil.(loff l 1 ill s lh i. l., i ill I ,! o ,q ,,c l I
w li 'l i 0 1 )] 11lil0l !J ( il rl ._, l-t rife E rrfP(I
l( l Ih1e ()i',- (l ll, 0l "lh1tl 0 1l1111i!(,l'
frttlli lililll;il.."----( h,'eh l 1110 E C ileh.r.
(.anadall~ is litI, . e(allyl;i3 giv.IIll t11
rerrdit of beingl~ alllll to grlow~ h i),li (1san
fiill>l. I, ,p!,' W\'. dlh <-;I 1hll flit?
6 1111i 11i L H' \\.-. /lil'.ilii I) H' 1', 1' . $UT]ll
t'rl ll'-i. ll li' l. Wl l e\l V '' Sill' l l ). f l'tf i I
fl i'i li ll (:3 , lt lil l 111 \\ .r Wpill . ''l Ir
M~iil li ]a l I l HOW llill l ;!ill - < 1 I1 W .'lI
POWliii. i' ll l\ iv llr ilip 2 l11 i- f V-ie ,rll
il(!'ls Lhil \,q ll ( (0 9 ll( ii q - i'_ ) 1. fP'.
100lw 1.\Vc ld ,lI' I. I l i''Pll l' 1 v 't'
10' W ill hlt '( 10 ) .li'l'l.- II11111 0 fl o h~ll .
T he( hO~lv t 1lfril]' lli',ll> Uu ll IO) h, 61,
Oh ,lif Siif - l'\ t, lS i i J i' li i - t li
Jt!,l 10 MPf l f'!'l !' 1 if !; L Oll OIlil . l l ''[ i !
i 11;l( " ill OLl f :\ llilM C'i(' li Ii ,ll 'l';l' ..
('r l.ll]11 l'- u bli fi'llis f'or ;ch1';'il] 111
..':,i, WV. 11. Mckui{ bt , h a.s..: ilatq'i
I'lfe-hling an(nlocrol' un11 t.\. w ,.,il.
;l n 2 11 0 Wi( i l ; 'i Iil ! h11 '11 li - l ,l 'dit
i t ,!'iv disgui-ted w\ith (]loin.lrl l
ladmillis -trat ion <f Iffai't H -il!v >ic
Ki dli li .lr!, up ill thi. CiiitLn! 6i
trid:, hin 110ll,? .\ i r-s ,l i valle~v \i tl
.llfi'l \Olilll. (l ill J ill*l; l 2H. *Ft,'l' ,' }Il
nitll ., iOW \v Alt M n-r il;l. ttl~lf \ 11!. (
W h'1al,3' 'nididhi tH i for - 'l, iill
Oill 1 h t, h i- (t lill!!'lillit' l l, i '. , .
i [ill Ih'S( . ilfhf _; .,I PG 1 11 - (' W ,ilil
\llll rli '[ll litr .\ +,1" illf iL_.l .. . I"
I1+[)( lie w il 1 h,> c r.,clu., a" h,' Ila
o+vtri' -millith'nti~m fH t 1!-t i
Thei. ch]llni'l' niow\ poinli2 on! in i_110
, l l It in! 1 ht'ir polli i;',-(fo l;< tica ." t r'tmii
i00011il 1he0 di Ili tiih ll! 1}I. The lid
] 11it Of FUfl~l ifP0', 110 I ('li li''~!! . lilla titll
.i111] i, ' lluliiv* pro'.r.,.. . T h,, tim1 1
P i l'fl' illy2 W\'lili Solli him i'll 11101.1 i
SW holqli (leliii ert'l' ' i; fluil~l ill, !i tI (
Sntlh 8l (1]! 1 .l 0t-tj)01 71 l 't1 i 11 00 (11 ' 11 cl?.
are iiilininig tht, in l.o <\.- unde! tile
Srepultblim.lit hialiliie f,'or ill! (!ll !'lhm
canll inl th. worhld lhai thaL Ihevat
conmpeli,'d t, takeo thi.. -top fo" self
j pi'.,> lv;.I ioni. ,Thi- i.. t ie tru"i n h -
Shibit ion ill Lithe )li-issitp i d-lla aind
' :ljaci(ent bott1..ii hiiids and flrinii it.;
admlili thtilL >1l3 tfin republicat S.,
(elii ati'l., iandi pupl li ts are unlni
uloius Inc free (enilnl.ag. Then what is
.he u,; (, ' tlalkinr Iboiut s;ilver in
Mlontitall Tihe democratic partty has
biiee! tried aitil has proved tireacher
otis. (; ivo the 'Opuhli'iil n 1 laichanc .
t rllidenl t HIat ' i nt 1 Va1 lii il- i the0
WI y ll ' l .lill iol f,1' l il, kt QUe.
iw l wol t i.o a l S tiil I (11) Iilvel[ ildt
Iii iii w ii" ' I lll):1 iitXp iid a n i n-i
tead .of ii ol wini it iup. C'leveland
ivi thi caIiai i the p;,eniplet a knllck
( 1111 1, 110. 1T1e1 pnpullg t"N teen-.
i !I 1 ) 1 r IIn I orl i L . liTle w ll.lte
oi lt( ' t",ll i',llll 'tl II l :I iP illtlEll
h < ill r with li ; I ull ( ,t .-. i lip aIri
)I iu lit Ict ci t iiiic i l;.-rtv \ ulip o
V';l h n l he ,l:Ii I ht':: hill it -; Id
Ii Il'i'' tllt l - ul] },l I i:W I) li ,i'.
tlcr, l-ll5- d wil) ,r -.v suhlinc'itiol
;l] \/14I !( llI I i' 1ll t IH II1 · illti
of tIrhe 1 oii oIw'l o l I hh . Tillll i co rs
of' Mr. \W -il;,n. IIi ia noi only lauded
l l".Iii'upe~i : I PT1 t .\1t 't hul SiliM
I ihli, t 1]il I , ii i ', lill t i Vii ti leion
t ( 11iI ,1r. 'IllP i.!l, rI l ('hanii l'e cf
('lltlh r' t il l t) 'ii C 'r Ml il i l :l Ii ll l-l t 1
ill which lIthe ai itte inl En:land
v'ire' pr el'-il It: i'r.li , l. t illt inli
g IIu) e tI ui l. 'l ' l th p . -I ;i l'r tl ti ofl
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