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Tnle .iooi is bi iminlig tverhaed,
The pair are pariing at the door;
"'Good night," they' v to each other said
Two solid hours and more.
¶lthere hi.ltat resptollding unto heillrt
They stand beneath fair Llunll light
at.ls.too lbad that they must part
dintil tomorrow nighi..
'The county seat has been very livc
Ily for the last two days.
W" J. Teidt was a prominent Como e
wisitor at the county seat yesterday.
If C. Stiff, the Missoula attorney,
wvas a visitor in Stevensville yester- r
. :Henry Buck & Co. will pay the
.highestrcash price for county war- e
rarnts. 5 tf r
"Anaconda for the Capital cigars.'
at Malley Drug Store. They are fine,
:try them.
Ben-zo-ine Cream for the complex
!on, rough and chapped skin. Valley
Drug Store.
The Club Rcstaurant announces a
chicken dinner next Sunday at the
regular price, 25 cents.
May Bros., Stevensville, are pre
glared to purchase all hogs that are
tit for market. I tf
(I. C. Cooper, the republican can- I
didate for state senator, is a welcome
visitor in the county seat today.
JIons. Charles S. IHartman will ad
dtress the people of this county on
Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 1
;Geo. W. Reeves, popul ist candidate
for associate justice of the supreme
court, was a Stevensville visitor last
Messrs. Weed and Largent, the re
!publican orators, held a good audi
*ence 'interested at Victor this after
.Joe T. Sawhill is again in the em
giloy of the Northern Pacific, much to
the satisfaction of his many friends.
Wt.. A.. Mentrum, head of the big
ihottletng and liquor company of that
name in Missoula, was visiting in
e.tciensville yesterday.
A fine boy of' regulation size ar
rived yesterday to gladden the home
of Mr. and Mrs. John Treece, of Etna.
Mother and child are doing nicely.
The Rocky Moultain IHiusbandman
prints a splendid article on the recent
fruit fair at Stevensville. It will do
the Bitter Root valley a world of
The county seat campaign is open
ing up, and the friends of Stevens
ville and Corvallis will have their
ucoats off from now until after elec
tion day.
Last Monday on the application of
J. 11. Uh1 Judge Woody aplpointed
John B.. Catlin receiver for the tirm
of Uhl & Page, proprietors of the
HJamilton I lotel.
.iTudge Woody has been kept busy
td.uring .this term of court in tmalkintg
full American citizens o(f peolple who
,wish to support the constitution of
.the United Staet 's and of the state o(f
WANT'rED- ainches to sell, rang
ing front $1;000 to $3,)00. 1 ust
have good water rights. Write full
description and price toE. A. Win
-stanley, room 4, second floor, First
.National Bank building, Missoula.
If you want a good, solid and sub
sitantiatl meal for 25 cents you can get
it at I issoula at the Rankin house
restaurant, whIiclh is unlder the man
.agement f i. . .Kitchling, one of
rthe very best caterers in the state.
Attorney Calkins went to Ilamil
ton last night and spoke for a few
minutes on the same stage with lion.
li. I). Weed. Peiople from lIHamilton
say Weed's speech wa;s ta masterly
,one, and made votes for the republi
'can party.
lion..l . A. Largent of Great Falils
spoke to an enthlusiastic audience at
Corvallis last nighlt, and made many
telling points in favor of the repbbli
can state and county ticket. Aaron
Connor, reputbliean candidatet for the
legislature, also spoke.
Registration is now opened and
the registration agents are being kept
.busy. The indications are that
'Stevensiille precinct will cast a
larger vote than tt the last election.
legister Batrker has lhis oflice in the
store of Henry Buck &'Co.
J. M. Johnson, democratic candi
date for statte senator from Ravalli
county, was in towny).vesterdaty. "J im"
says the darn rcpulblicatns of Ravalli
are all wearilng pleasantt smiles this
fall, and wants to know the cause.
Well, it is because they feelthat tlhey
hold the top hand.
Messrs. John Dowling, Lew F.
WVilliams and George T.. IBaggs, re
publican candidates, have returned
from a very pleasant cenmpaigning
trip in the upper enid of the valley
and reiport things looking very cheecr
ful there for the whole republllican
Every matn, and every lady, tou,
'hould go to the hall this evening
and listen to the eloquentt addresses
that will be delivered by HIon. E. D.
Weed, mayor of Helena, and Ibo;. J.
A. Largent, of Great F:alls. Thell
gentlemen are two of the best spettk
ers of the republican party of MIon
Any person knowing the present
address of.; lady whose maiden naime
was Catherine cllyv, and whose
nmother's 1anme was ilose )ownevy-a
native "of reland--v:ill con'fer a favor o
by comm unicating With Sister ,Iose
phine. St. John's hospital, Ilelena,
or Mr. Kelly, agent Great Northern b
railway at Great Falls. h
Last Saturday evening an indepen- ii
dent capital club was formed by the b
citizens of the Etna district for the 0
purpose of discussing tlle situation Ib
and arriving at a conclusion as to the ii
most available candidate for that o
honorable position. The club has a
about fifty members, and will meet ct
every Saturday night to look into the (1
matter in all its bearings and decide I
as to which place will be supported e
by them. t
According to reports made by Carpt. r
!Iolton of the British steamsliipi
Br:raga nza, the northwest end of Cuba n
was on September 23 visited by one d
of the most terrific hurricanes that P
has swept that locality for twenty
years. All banana plantations were
either totally destroyed or badly 1
damaged, houses were blown away,
trees uprooted and other damager '
wrought. The cocoa oil factory run
by American capitalists was badly
Williamr E. Smythe, of Chicago,
editor of the Irrigation Age, is
among the guests at the Florence
hotel. Mr. Smythe is. investigating e
the water supply and resources of s
Montana, and will deliver a series of
lectures throughliout the east during r
the coming winter on thie "Conquest i
of Arid Amnerica," .with a view to
fostoring proslerity in the west. The
principal object of tllese lectures will c
be to provide homes for the homeless
in the irrigated valleys of the west. t
About 150 men Of various national
ities appeared before Judge Woody
yesterday to renounce allegiance to
the countries of their birth and be
come full-fledged American citizens.
Judge Woody was very strict, and is
to be highly commended for the
searching manner in which he con
dlucted the examinations of tlhose as
piring to citizenship. In this case,
however, it was no hardslhip, as the 1
citizens made yesterday were a fine a
and intelligent looking set of men i
whomn anyone could tell would be a
cI.redit to tihe country of their adol- I
'iThe result of tile vote for the state
floral enliblem has been otIicially an- I
nounced, and our own native bitter
root. sc"ientilically knlwn as Lewisa .1
redeviva, is the winner by a lharid
s(llme majority. The vote was as Oil- I
lows: (itter root 3,021; evening 1
primrose, 787; wild rose. (i88; scatter
inI, 781; total. 5,857; giving thle bit
ter root ai majority over all other can
didates of 1,365. Ilavalli county
cast (i-I- votes, of which (508 were for,
thie litter root, 1 for the evening
primrose, 12 for tile wild rose and 23
A. special train cnrrying Mri. . IfW .
Phlliipps, land commissioner of tlhe
Northern Pacific railrload company,
Mr. P. C,LDavis, general agent of the
department. and 1 r. Potter, a Chri
cagio capitalist, came in from the llit
ter Root yesterday, where th Iey halve
been visitingg at the .Riverside ranch
of' Iarcus Daly. Mr. Daly accomnpa
nied thlem rto this city. These gen
tlemnen are touring 1he country (on .a 1
pleasure trip, more than on .a brusi
noss onle, and express themselves as
delighted with it: more particularly
Mr. 'lhipps, whose first visit this is.
They went to.lonner ill the after
noon, accomplanied by Superintend
ent Ilrimison of the Rlociky Mountain
division. They leave lthis mnorl'inrg
for the east.--Missoulian!
The grand republican ralluv di Red
Lodge Shorday evening at New Fin
Iland hall was well attelrded byl, the
People of this little city. Milton W.
Potter presided ias chairiman. .Iudge
iesyser Browlr, M. M. Taylor. llenrlry
MI. Price aind Alonzo V. Edick were
called 'fromn the audierlce to tile
rostromr. IHon. Charles S. Hlartmlaln
I received a cordial welcome and r 'reet
ring by tie enthusiastic thlr'ong and
Smade a brilliant slpeech of two ihouIr's
I duration upon tile principal issues of
tile lday amidst the greatest enthusi
iasrl. Tie spealker was interrulpted
nlrrny times during tile course of Iris
Sspeech by loud applause. There is
no mlan in Montana who has tile
ability to come in slIlch close touch
with tlIhe rmrsses as lion. Chart'les S.
Hlaar'tman. His course in congress is
clean and his constituents feel tihat
hie rhas accomplislned .as much as it
would be possible for any man irr tihe
state to do. Thie editor of the New
Idea is a good friend of Mr. Hlartman,
anrd will always lrave a kind word for
him private or in public.--New Idea.
1\ airrie bear \was r1u11 over anlld
killed by an east iaoiund Northern I'rr
a citic trlaiui oDr 'Tuesday near Bless
ullrg. HlrllilI wars big, allnd in lhe
Sparst had tackled arid killed stI'eers
g with impunity all oIver Deer Lodge
s county, irnd tllrs ]ecamell' liver cont!
. dent of iris ability to hrrrdle almnst
arrrthinrg. \Wher lietackled tire ex
e press train tie animal shiowed nlli
:- utter lack of judgmelnt. and was
- ground fine enolughr to grace a first
clIsss s.llgsrre f'rlt .lry.-Mollnta inseer.
Crisis of the Cihina-Japanl rWaIr Looked
for Very Soonr.
SASiiIN(iTo.vN. Oct. 8.--The crs;is
of the Clhini-Jai;put war is looked for t
within the inext ten days or two
weeks by those most interested or
best informed on tlie contest. The
legations of both nations are expect
ing daily to hear that the decisive I
battle has been fought. This is based I
on the fact that the Japanese havre
been closing in around Pekin and the f
invading army is compelled by force
of circumstances to strike their blow I
at oncte or not at all. The intense t
cold which comes on about the mid- I
dile of October makes this imperat ive.
The Japanese climate is very mild,
even in winter, and thle Japalniese
trooips are wholly unprelired for the
rigorous climatte about Pekin, whlicrl
is due withini two weeks. The Chi
nese lo-ok upon this s s one of their
defenses and the Japanese fully ap
preciate that it compels them to con- t
centrate their camlpaign for this year
into the next few weeks. tFor that
reason theyi are preparedt to macke
heroic efforts to decide the contest at
once. They are without heavy cloth
ing etc. for a campaign in tlhe bitter
TrTEN TiIN, Oct. 8.-The steamer
AWencihew reports havingl sI'pken seven
warships on Sunda-y. Some were ten
miles south.aind others were north
east of the promontory. The Japan
ese were inquiring for the Chinese
southerrn sqcuadron.
A. dispatch fronl Shanghai says I
Shierg' Tao Tai, or the district mag
istrate of Tien Tesin, had bought fromn
(erniany 3011.000 discarded rifles, for I
which he paid tvwo- taels each, and
charged the governmentr nine taels.
lie also ,onughti a quantity of ca'
tridges which were found to be uit
terly worthless. Li Ilung Clhang
discovered the fraud and sunmmoned
Slieng to him.
nii tihe interview Li lrung Chang is
said to have slapled Slheng's face. (
Sheng later made application for it a
leave of absence onl the plea thatt rie
was ill and the reiuest was granted. 1
School Report.
Followingt are tlim names of those
pupils whio have not been tardy nor
absent during the school month end
ing October 5, LS114:
Grammar D)epartment - Florence
IDougiherty, !Maude Hmith, lRobertt
MteLaren, Tlerman McGlregor.
Intermediate Ihepartnlent - Ellie
luker. Lucy 'Williiams. Itta La idrain,
.gnoes tJohnson, 1 lorence Franks,
lTennie 3litregor. Leter Chaltpimanro
Primary !)epartment---Earl Cal
:insi, WVilber Cookl, Iien. Cook, Clein
umic Ilotop. 1Irank Ilotop, Ellen
White, Alice White, D)avid VWhite,
battlie 'aiulds.
IDA L. i"Is:[, 'Prinlcipal.
Ani I o01id Asto. Teachiers.
Ana e -uiclcewick. -I
Thie litter Root Exhibit Attractinlg Great
A.ttention illn liutte.
The store of the Silver Hlow ic0at
company on East P'ark street has
been crowded all day with a throng
of visitors attracted by lhe dislplay
of the Bitter Roiot frluit and vegeta
bles. The display was arranged for
inspection last night and all day
sightseers hlave beenl passing ill anll
out. The expressions of stlrlprise
have beeln numillerouis, and it real es tate
idealer could do ia land ollice Ilusiness
in Bitter Root farms if heli had a sup
ply on hitnd, so nuIIcrroris have been
the inquiries regarding the landi ofi
tlie valley.
The chief attractions have been
thle big Alexander apples and the im
mense peach il,.w lotatotes, tile ltter
from tthe Wagner .rancih neror Ilihr
ence. .Mississil-ppi valley icpeople ihave
expiressed surprise at thie litre quality
of hempl sihown in tie dlisplay arnd
eoverybody ihas marvelled at thie size
and quality of thie fruit.
The rmarngerls of tile exhibit ltve'
been obliged to refuse hundreds oft
Srequests ior samples of the fruit rind
0desire to st;iate that none of the fruit
will be given awayr until thie exhibii
tion closes, whiic will not he for ten
days. A\t thalt tine, however, there
will bIe a free distribution ocf tihe'
r Prayerres for tlhe Czar.
BRi.SLAU, (ict. 8.--SeChilisiie e Zeit
sung publishels a dispatchl fromn St.
0l etersburgr which says a suiudrni
i Ichangte for tlre worse has takein laIce
"ili the condititin if the eart and tire
s minister of war lilts orderr'd prayiers
t for tie lpre'servartien i(f thie czar to
t be offered uilt)n all garrisons and reg
Simnental clhurches. I'Railltin rg, fits are
rv reported to Iartvx sulcperverdlle render
i, ri air oper;lation imlnlediately necesc
r sarv. Iiussiian oftlicials ihavie Iur
. iriedly startedt for Li\vidia.
S Interested parties in tihe city in
-iform tire lissrnlian thrt Jim Mr'
- Clrre, a pr'spector and miner wxr
n hlIs ber''r wrirkihg ill thie irilres o r
iNj nse cr-oek, in lltire l(:h:earrvater, is
-missint'. It is feared that he has
-tmet with foul phly, as lie is knxwn ii
t have left for .Missoula severo l c-t xteks
- rago with betw.;een L3.000 and $5,000
i in gold, and has not since been heard
is ftror ir. X,'. i. Parsiis and other-s
t- in this city are initerestced in tile
r. claims hie has been wxcrkiine.
The new1 towll of Li\ver)pool has 1
been started at tihe mouth ul'of L mp Iut
'1ul1th. It is said tilat at big' c1n len
ItralI' w\ill be erected there in the Iv
nlearl' fituri'e.
Irl. Davies. of T'hre Forksl, son-in- A
law of Mrs. It. Creek. of HIlzeman. C
lIs bee n appointed overseer ofI a large
plantation in India. lie has left ft r
his new station and his family will
follow latter.-Courn'ier. h:
Treasurer Shannon hI;s receivet d a w
letter f'rom a friend in New Mexico L
Who states t.halta party (of 11en is
now out, searching for the remnainls of n
.John V\ipond who, it is supposed was tl
murdered a few weeks ago.---Dlillo- n c11
Tribune. (;
T'lhe Anaconda base hall team went rl
to Mlissoul last week andl played two
games with.l tle local tosseors. They 11
won the first Fame, 18 to 5, b)it. ll Ilm- I"
miond's pitching proved too much 1 for tl
them the second game, which resIultled tol
1i to 19 in favor of Nlissoulia. Thle cl
Anllacondas beat F'ort 3lissoulal oll f
IMonday. 1.
A carload of wood workilnga1d itron
working machinery for the shops of I;
the agricuilttural college was received, tl
this week. It is being put in posi- 11
.ion ill the basementt oIf tile experi- a
ment station building, where good $r
light, and every facility for wo1rk will cI
be enjoyed y tilhe students.-Colu
The bottom has dropped out (of the "l(
potato market, and the C. L. Cargill I
Co. and the o0enepe-Owenho)l se Co.Io
are only paying 40 crents per hundred i,
for them nIlow. I rowever. so Iu(1ll' c
carloads 1have been shipped east, the
surplus, if arny, has found a larket, t
and what are left are certain to lringt \.
good figut'res later in the season,.-
A queer frea k of the weather oc- it
cuirred aIt 11elena Friday. Up to 7 ,l
o'clock p. m. it was like a summer
day, then care tihuinder' aind light
hing'. One bolt knocked JludgIe FI. P.
Stelrlinig down aiit tihe corniei' of lod
ney street and Fifth a(veniue, blut didl
niot injure hiim. Several other people
were prostrated also without daht i
agoe. Shortly afterward a heavy rain '1
fell and theIn clleO a heavy stlorml
with a stroilr' wind1. Iw
Vord wa0 s re('li\ved in liele1na1 yes- I
terday of thle 0tiatlh in Tacoma wt
t'atll'day iight. (of (leore G. Clluld- -
ier,' gielleral aIlglntl of the Northern i'll
IlPacific in 11ha1 cil y. rom 1111he liea11
gelr details received it is ,:lil1rned that
IhI was on hIis w;,V from thie expsi- -
t ion in a crowded street car. The 'ar(
11hee n1 I lllll'llllt'0I t t )t ( I ' ill lunm 111 so ' ,
way Igot 1 be1vo11 .lihed con1trol of t1he o
pilot, and crashed into, n llloter lcar.
Mr. (c'handler was killed outright and t
a I~lldn:- 1 n lmlbcr oat Itier pertl'5 sll seri
uisly injured.-I ndeplendlent.
.'August HIubner, a young (Jernii
employed at the arrott selter atll
Illuttle, omnnitted suicide it Ii o'clock i
Monday evening at, the residence of
Emil Noes. .Monday wars pay day at,
Ihe Parrott.. lie cashe d his check,
went up towtn anid galmlhled all his a
mnoe y away during the afte'rnlol. ,
le (owed a 1ollint.ll's hoard a11 four
ionlllis' roon rent, and it issupposedl i
he killed hitnself rather than standl
offi his crediteirs alny lonri er. 1le put
Srlevolver to his bieald land killed lhin
self instautly. l!e 11was i iar11 i'ied.
llld iis p ii'e ,ts live "i S ile sia , i le r- I
Theilre is con sideora ile tilk of a .bi I
wolf l11nt in .Montii.a. WV vring and 1(
Nortl D Iakota. rThe '1new 1ide;a was
first S<_'ggesteod by StIcll''kgrowers Jotll'
nal, of Miles City, 1and the stockliieiin
in elastern M. nitllii and the laper"s in
T'iheii ro l'sitionl is tI have thl 11un1 it
after the --slilpptilg seasoilIl l. 1n In
(onl," o h11ve tilisee i lllhe stelO 1 )1lI- I
joilt , the 1(1cal peoplh iro'idiil I eaml ,
cllrmp outits etc. If carrihd ohlt t ll'
ililit will lnot 1ltt' d a re011. deal
excitilg sport,.--New Idet.
NEIV'S OF "I E 10WOllI.i1,
O elver W dil olmtei., the Ill' t
111(d lutthol'lti' d1 ltl ,
'Pihe Chinese i govel'rnllmelnt tIa. II
tholrized tie li'aisilig of 11 ]oliim o(f £10.
000,000) sterl in ,.
the fIblloll, \V'Ill' w 11'l'llltr'r o l(f Peniiys!
vaiiit, died IIltst Sundey.
]I'Pofessorl L(1ydcln whoIl has jlilSt re
tullIlrled fromi iutlSSiall SilOS the 1:0Z11" 1i(15
lBrig iit's disease ald eanlnot r(co'(i'( .
lllmtl'ch rlc olwe01 Alix ald Jir
ecttlmnl it My.stic pllirk, Oct. 12, for a
side stake oIf $2.00 with 8$4,000( added
by till traclk 115s5L0cationl.
J la ,s' r pll' ' I1 r|1 ald wat hiS 1
h('('e been itlt.'l.d iil the (l((f ,, P 1,H
Chill. I Thie ('0'w . 1a( caOlilISld 12ro(t1
excitemenlt at Sloinglhiti 1l11d ('1' e
1 ee0l 'tilln. Tihi Msenitttl'S ill ]ieatlth is
i .11eee9so1..
1i is IH he lltie i;tl ' r i' nal al tlht P:i -
p)l consis.tlorV s(oon ito he bold is de
1'.ixght snow (inmlptainll sultl'ag.. (Hhs
ha'e been orp!nuzed 1)V Mrs. Ilhth h.
Iiurgau and Miss Ilelchn ](imher in
Attchis tn, l ),nipinin ;111(1 ( 'heroke)
Countties. K'111.
l)'r. Vincl(tn 11 ] t 1)ti, author i l(1
scholar. who fell from al t hird story
witl w iw ll New '(t ' nll' 11st, Tuesdayl
has since died I''rom his injuries. Ile
wis once (llll( eside't l(' ll (Iof' I lhe l ll ilt 1
L n.gutl' cllub.
. tilt'e ltllllor has deline d the i
no1 inlilltil for th t e 'Oli' e of ud e of
the court l' of ailet' als onil 1 1he1 (1 lO
crl'tic tickeit liI New York. Jtiiulg
I( l Viino (iltll , l.l reconcIile hiii1self to-]
r'I nloll n ll heiie t'ic et., with h ill.
lArt i'let have been sii'ned for iiti
fi!hit, 1It a finish I)(l'etween l 'I( nl\
rivyal( of Clicah1o ml and lu(ck Demlpse(y.
the "N( lipatreil.w" The men will lmet
ati the a iudi l trin of the athletic'
club of New it'Orleans Dcembei r 12i
for a purse o('f $5.0tI00, weig.' hint ' in at
114 tounds at'i i the rlip' ,idle.
1 otn ( l)l O'Rourke, I tln iliOv of (Orl.e
Dixon, tlchamtll)iti' feI 'thl we ,ll i iht, of
the' world, utI WI1lier Cnill' ell, II Ie'i
reserting' Young (IriTo, have sig'ndI
articls f'or ; Jit ht toI a linitsh 'ol'
$5,00l0 a si tl l 'at' weigihtis. The
I li(i+) ' .t It) tiill ]IIh(lli 1iiII' I , 1 1 li (lilhl' l
contest to take pliae efl r o the ltub
of rtilg the lai e't, p rellr .
tr'll lt'ls from all hil't two <of 1I
to;ns in Co(nectirnt thil hheld ,lW
'io s l'llltondat ,.i i li ' ; r tll'lii .l '~;in
o . f 21 S Mt', to he retl', I ll nfIL
complh'te yet. h til i mlieate a rpubli
call m1a.j1ority \" flfll l (n to 'hle it kvo -
ernl l' without the elec('t.it heilm
thruST S into the le'islature i No
Vtl i i)('tY '.I' t'
ina. .s ll' ra l'cid New YokI, RiI1
i1."on hoard Captain Forbes. Mate
the A Kmerican bar .Alhemnarle.utr'ed
at, "O Se ttte ler 15. ''h(I crew to.ok
to I he hot; and were picked 11)p on1
the 10t~hythe lhritish hark lre'ehill
and EnYled at l erntlutla
T'he, New York Nat ional Im'i.le
Temple (up, iven fMoir, the liu lend
in' teams to contest, for. The. woVl
four straightt ,ainle, frl'om t he hlalt i
,ew York p)la1e1 V iluidt' al( ho1,
$16.000 (?at(' l' e . lce i (( n1(14' ih oil1ll
while the !il~t inlre 1)la ,rs d(ivhh
Hele aris ,f r the i,;t'l] *Oi ulie n (oll -
H llll(lit " the X's:.t of . he 11(,rill2' s a
p1ltr'l our and all p)r'etsei ;t t lr, dis
(oilllw ill 1(' l o1) \ I'm. the filll m e of
our seal f],hOi riis. ()In (oi]l'k+r V(on
t( res the ; ('sortill hI at ill the ]'('+Snll
rate of slantht" Ihe seals will 1w i x
I(c .llill t('(t Wvil Hill !i\,( Nlea rs r+g il -
less of ail", ;('t i I b)' wl' "u oV 'erallll nt
ill tlhe dilr( tia l of s. sppl tdi ll ' the
ilal~ilp of se;t< Irts ' llt V ill('//
is ul'.'s.
.MiHinstr lR nihm r.,. I'of .exico' :;Its
of the recent, rep(ris lIat. Mexico
contempItlates the estahlishmenl, of
it nlew \ I i, lhli', aIkill.;' ill \ I 'ilu '2i' ll .
SalvaoIr. (Iatntillht alnl+ all the ter
ritlor'. down to I he l i blh ufs: "(h'r
lililly ,Xeximo would it! in "Io l i'at
ulch ;I poIlir3c" a I" n t the wrishes . . f.
these g.goverill llentls. I'ossblt, it miuiht
corm ;ih 1ut. at I.he l(r)eq t. fir' a ,nex
ital< . o .Mexi'o, blut it w\ill nIP iP he
,l E(t N ] s SilS e ,Plln O Pred a illl
p)or'ItInt de(ision at Lh s A. lg.l. s in
the case of Lee Y n.nI , a I'',. istered
Chinese who wen(t' er the Mehxinr'a
liue far it few 'y.; and on his return
W\' .; 111 5 M i ; I -( 1 ta( ,c ll before i ('1(111
mtissi-(ner who oderle' lhint de'arted.
B. ®i m oll 0m
In hildren's Suits__.
The a"Catain" and " Governor"
Double cavalry seats and knees, cxtensHin waists. Are well
w\orth consideration.
BOYS' Jersey Sui[s,
And Novelties in Prof sion.
An Extra Bargain in Scotch Tweeds,
UNDERW R Stock full ,and complete, and
EA lcolmprising goods from the
cheapest prices to thc' inc,-it ti ryods.
Hats and Shoes Our Hobby.
We carry, and propose to eCnti nlC to carry, the BEST line of
Clothing and Furenishings in the countvy. lRcni iher, we are
dealers in 'EVEIRYT' I I N , and other , ines are as well repre
seintd as t(Iii.. a:;".e li tionel d.
Our Prices are RIGHT.
Our MrAIL O)RDER DEPART I 'ENT is hecoming an important
feature. We are at all times ready to send ,iods and samples
on approval, mail oIr express prepaid. Come and see us.
Bitter oot Eeve. Co.
V lI l;N N N I': I) ()1,
Pure Drugs and Med1nlAes
CIGA., -S and TOB1CCO,
E. C. sMa lev s Dru Sto re
PTV1N L. 1F1.N. I LNT.\NA.
moap scL MeB er c nteil
Ladies' and Gents' Feurnishing Goods,
Dry Goods in Endless Quanitites,
Hay and Grain in Car Lots.
(:(r. Main t and 38J Sts.
-The Favorite Resortý
Fine Liquors and Cigars,
Pabst Milwaukeo Beer,
JOS, LITTI. , . - I' 10 ICTO .
PIR'C IC'.. L.
Carria.ge and
NVagon Makers.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty.

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