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Butte and Helena Papers on
Our Fruit Exbiibit.
The Display in the Windows Draw
Hundreds---Nothing Like It
Seen in the State.
Already the fruit of thlle fair at
StevensvilI ar week an- arc ieing seen.
Tihe displays shipped from here are
now on exhiit at ilutte. Analoinda
aind I elena, iand are holn i i much
oomnmetltel on. The' Bulintt corres
piondeilt of the Anaconda stldalrd
st..nds Iris paler the follohwin. in rela
tion toi the exhibit tiihere:
The linest coll(ection of friuit aind
vegetables that ; ever eiltered lttte
arrived today inl ea ' direct fromi t e111
Bitter lHoot valley fair at Stev\ens
till(e. 'iitil a late hour tncight mnen
were engagced in inipackl;inri the boxes
Sand placing the Icallirvelolls eollectiion
of fruit on the tables of the Silver
Dow market, Nio. t0 East Park st reet..
Dlurhin t e eveningii huiildreils il'
wonderinh people F;izted at;! tllre 11a;
moth apples. thle lusc'iouis pears anid
the temiptinlg' plunis. apri'oets. etc.,
and the ilarket will tundouiiitedi
prove tihe ,a popiular sipot ini lhutte
tomiorriow. It is ;i ispis i the eiliil!
of whicllh was nvr before seen in
'lhe .litter 12oot frnit, is lot ,i niew
thcin"g in Etalc. hac_ year tlhe pr(od
net, of that fllt ile vtiil found ;t rf'adi
sale ill this cit , lhe ionly ri.rorile
being that thie supipl has mout ailwavs
been equal toi tihe denan.ii a 'ii e rich
alley is ni kini strides i' i n tIhI e 'Cay
of iproductt i'ness , o liwet'er, ;ilnd ll le',
i no d ilbt 11hat hel'r:aftcr butle
tpe.lile will be Ai le to- l cet all tl e
Hitler on..1, fruit. Ihev \ ant, and it is
equally cei'rtain that theot will warnt
all lhiei , c(ll
null cretlil ci'l ot n ll t he donil e to the
nmain lficienll disil y Iit ih' will be b lt l
exhibition lllll llorrow ill the necell(''s
strily li nitl'd spuc e of a i:ewslcaper
article. A detailed descr'iptioIn of the
endless v.'a iel ies of frui.tIsi , veete lies
and c'lreo ls I hat irt e- btlin ced in lithe
exhibits ,i'ould +fill a inrltĂ˝ )Ciie liand
then thlr e wvi ti l s\iii , iei t ilelinii's thaiii
hnid. .,nt i-ctln noiticet d.
UOlc otf Ihe lllniu1 fect (ure if tili'
display is aii exlibit oif IiInha .ci withili
viias raised on the 31' lintin i ;lich.
'here is hleuip acicld bo corn four'
teen feet liilih and cat' ;t'il wheatl
fully six ie ii tall. ''The 1 I i nco.
henltp alnd browi oe,,I wl(r e oill pl(tued
this sprilc int dfilti'e r i lt parts of thie
valley as Ixperil' .ent s ait.n 1.11 suelll . ss
wi ichl atti'ided Ihe vent llu'e ias tx
ecteded lthe best e1tlih iast ih exiperta
tiolns. i-'-clmtrts Il"ci ve l iriono n 'ed the
lier p to ,ic fully l as ood ali s thli
grown in )li.so.t'i, whichh is the
greatest h l clp distrite in it t t'u itled
States. The btroioml oi is as good
as couild bi ncise w ,ntl ere i nd il ihe
same could lie said oif thei lbatc'co.
It is safe Iio predict that within ai
yenr or two Montana peopltcr t e will ie
sarokiorg- eilg r. made ill S1uliitau
from tobccon irown ill Mutuiilnui.
A box ofl itnir ise Alexanderinpplies
whtich averi'age -144I inches ill di;irieter
will creatl stirpriste land el t 1t1r t grat
atitenolil. In Nw Y'orl aid Micii
gan these aipples grow small and gel
erallt tnreo' nd'nnet., It f the easttr11
people could sin the apples I hait are
one exhirbi iion here it wotld ihe dilli
cult to onvinc litpen that thoy .iare
of lthe sa.ti e viariey as the little ionles
which thei- raise 'back oine.'" The
largest 'cri apples are the' Whil ing,
No. 20,. i they l ei '' fn lly as lirg-e
the avera'tg' aitpple--thlat is, tire ver
,ige outside the liitter loiot eillte.
'The Iargestl phlnrs acii fully lit
irrles iu cirt'ciuifereii ei and aru e i' i
the Pond seedlinig variety.
Tiriie in' eight v'arietits of u'eai's
of which the C (lcrfs._!:'avcrite acrd
Rartlett nre- ch.re. test cunrongh the fcll
varieties, while itt -l'emisti I e(luiii
anrd Biuerrt d'Alrgiln ai'e tirhe flin'st of
tire winter varieties.
A. Carve has r allexhitti eribracing
eighteen dcil'erennt- varrieties of wint er
apples. W. B. Iharlan, oi the Cturrrtt
orchard. shows lifty-six varieties of
apples and thirty-fouref pilus.
'Fire ve'gt'tcrbht exhirituit iviilt rcakei
people operr Iheir eyes in wonder..
There are potcttes weighing- fout',.
five and six pounds. turniips weighing
eighteen and twenrty, and ecabbages
that weigh ,35 and 40 pourids. Trlren
there are rnritister punmpkirs arrut
numerous squashes and wcutt'rneleons.
cantaloupes arid mtulreleons, that
would make anvbody'ti rrroutrh water.
Some white clover honey that can-not
be beaten anywhere on earth is also
Taken altogethrer, the disphly is
one of marvelous richness and rntro
beauty, and it must be seen to tie ap
And the Helena Independent ofi
the 4th has this to say of the exhbuitii
that, was sent to that city:c Tie
people living in [eleona have lonic,
known that man-.' varieties of fruit
were grown cn the Bitter-Root valleyv.
but as to its quality, size and extent
to whirh it is grown they had only a
vague idea. Yesterday an oppor
tunity was presented which gave in
, rer'' realistic' manner an idea of
,\il'ht c0an be dune inl the way of
raisini fr1uit inll the ,itter roout
valli'. 1:i tile display window of
(Ga1s & l]ein's stlore. corner oii I .oad
'way and MTain streets. is a fine dis
play of fruit 1s iva::..ever semi ill the
west. The collect icll.s rich ill color
ml contains many varieties. Under
the electric light the exhibit, is sim
ply beautiful, while in the sunlight
the varied hues, of luscious p1lums,
apples and pears presen it picture
very enticingil to the beholder. The
prize dozen largest apples are as near
alike las so mIan egui gs, yet so large las
itoi aIstonish tihe beholder not. familiar
with the r'mlairkable productions of
itaialli countyl ruit farms, llndredsi
of people stoppLed to view tJi exhibit
durlilg the ail ftiernoeo. lidf (f Velit; '
aawl 1the ieneral verdict of people
frit l all sections iof . unilllion was
that they had never seen aI liner dis
play. The fruit consists of miany of
the flinist exhibits at the Citrus fair
lately held at, Steve, lsville, Ravalli
cunte . alnd wlts i Oruiht toe cra tlise
reuiluiit.'. MliiiI Ci t a xi lit er, Pu/. " lx'sl
bl F. S. 1'. Li dstay. In ilhe FHitter
loot valley where the fruit was
igrowIn, it is l i s Iaid t I ees are actuall
bIreakillng down with the ablulda nce
they contain. .
The exhibit is composed of the foil
,lowinl" Varietie;: ] lumls ipeacii crabs.
firstt prize dolzen iar.esl Aluxan.ider
a s, pearirs, first prize f"auuous ap
i'les, first, prize best ei ting apples,
liist prize ti Cesrt W e:ilthy, i (ill itit wer
oiu lirt iprize at il a alli county fair.
Thleni' there il'are len Davis apples,
Sloihe and Snow, Alexander, HIld
wini. l'nknown, Waldridge, Northern
Sp., (reon lie d. uall. QueelnWillow
TI't collect Lvn of 'raph a pples is very:
lline and consists of lOrange cras,
I1'sl.'l. 'l'rJlnscel !dent, Mi ontreal
ieality. i liiilnnce ta wintier, P ,ow' er's
Hedl. Aker'i Winter's, Lfooker Winter,
Amxerie' :cn lite. Iowa Winter and
Th,' pluims are splendid, consisting
of b(th lame and wild varieties.
there aire lll tite alI Inlls;, Tomato'l
plum,, (hJlutmrbia plltus, 1a11(1 others
with 11o nialleS gi''ell.
( f pcll's, therl e arc SeveFrl variet ies.
a cin.ts iof pples idi 1 a l irai(x h oif ai
l ir , and of plliu s likewise phlicked,
pa il'd i ot0 lit'' clii llieFs t07ile cop '
hsi wiink the milhliv bofiiuld poitie oi
ti ihere ire r titw kinds of ipotato es
tLite Hnliy of liHerni andi the .Aner
i i iit'hiue. llt 'i arie wonders.t
iOnc ex hiibhilct,1 Yelloiw l)unti rois onions
ati ' t ircd lalrtiic lar latt ion, as dild
alsho a 1c;' ipounld t'cabbage.
Last, but not. least, in 1ol estima
Lion of an ? critis, is anil exhibit of
pe'aluits. Taking ci it altogtlher the
display is It'l elt y beali tiflil, but in
st allut itli soig it l a xx 1vincit h I
Wialone of' the t y ii resour'es of the
tlgreat staate of Mlntalia. e
MuLST xi rl r:liCg Wavil'GES, i
On Account of iei i f Legislx tionl .ti eri
tcan worktien .Must Suffer.cl
Ihrooklyn Special,--The employes
of the A.nmeri.anl Curdage Maliufatur-.
itn cilpany, at the nl foot of bNotle
sit'ee. Greeiuplint have received the
fllnowing notice:
"'The gv erninent l of the United
Statics having removed tohe duty on
hitgging, ita ct now ec imported free.
I ;ui giIda is mnutufactured in Indial
c.i'veban and S111 othleirid. \tytes in
tlese counllltries il as followrs: For
weaver sin A ers f ianda mnen laborers,
ten ('elits per day ill India: thirty
cents per daly in Germany: forty-five
ients per day in Scotlin; and other I
classes in proiportion.
"in spite of these very low wages
pa'd in other countries, the company
hopes t1hat it ,miai be fo1nd possa ble
Lee oncre nlid a conferecd that under the Po
mwill ot be posble to continue to
Extracia,F'romt the Platforml. Adopted tby
the State Cows'ion.
'The platformnl of principles enllnnci
ated by the replAllicall state conven
tion is well worthy the thoughtful
cinsideration of voters. It is a
whllesomile anrd patriotic dllclruent,
andI touches upon every vital subject
for the welfare of the nation. It is
plain and unequivocal and cannot fall
to attract the interest of every sov
ereign citizen of Montana. We here
with give a few extracts which are
timely, and alone sufoicient to;show
to voters that their interests wilt be
best subseerved by voting the repub
lij:lli ticket on November 6:
W\e declare our renewed and in
creased allegiance and devotion to
the Iriinciples of pirotection to Amer
ican labor to the end that the hIotne
market may lie preserved for its pro
ducts, that the American standard of
wages may be mnaintained, and that
our workingmeii n may so share in tile
fruits of their toil as to be safe and
worthyl depositories of the privileges
and responsibilities of American citi
We denounce the present tariff
law passed by the prisent demriocratic
conlgriess Is a monstrocity that can
be reconciled to i. principlle of econ
omic science aniid can lead to no con
sequence but disaster. We condemn
especially the ruin which it inflicts
uponl the wool-growing industry, the
denial of adequate protect ion to bar
lv :11d lead, and the sect1ional spirit
swhich it displays ill its assault upon
northern and weslterninterests.
We espleciaily denounce the hostile
atllitude of the democratic palrty to
warildythe wool interest of the United
States whereby one of the pirincipal
interests of Montana lhas been ruined
and l lose engaged in it bankrulpted
b tllhe depreciation ill the value of
all their prolperty and lproducts.to tshe
extenit of miore tlhan i.ne-half, and
tihe consequent loss to the state of
millions of dollars.
We alprove of the .iolicy of reci
roc ity wvhicli had its origin in the
peniuslof James G. Blaine, and its
fruition in the enlargemenrt of for
eign imarkets for the products of our
industries and the establishlnent of
closer relatioiship witi.t, friendly
powers on a basis of inmutual advaun
W1'e invite attention to the contrast
be;:tween tlhe content and the pros
lerily of the American people under
tihe infllence of repubHilean legisit
tion and auldministration, and the
conditions iof hardshilp, distress and
dlisiorder that have resulted from
efghlleen months )of democratic rule:
and we call uplon the citizens of Mon
tanIl to) arise above the prejudices of
part isanship and join us oni the plat,
fornu of a common pc)rtl'iolini in the
reitlniptioni of the land from ruin aind
'hie relstoratlion of its welfare.
We belie ve that Ilie conrsistetnt', 'p
Ilictl ion of the principle oif prutec
Lioni requires the regulation of im
poirted persons as well as imported
products, and that tIhle tinue has now
comle wlhen we should enact vigorous
Ina.iisres (of legislation to proevent tihe
uciirsioil of tunderliipaid and ignorant
I[ l)o'ers from tile oldl world, aind so
re'cosll.ruct our laws respectling nlitu
rulization as to place additional
sa fe'goards around Ameiricani citizen
We delnaind the strict enrforcement
(of the law for the exclusioin of Chin
ese from oun r shores, and denounce the
action of the president in practically
nullifying this wholesonie legislation
by treatics with the goverlinment of
.We demand the free anrd unlimited
coinage of silver at a ratio of 16. to 1.
and lthe making of siver as well as
,,old a legal tender in the payment of
dclebts, both public and lrivate: and
we pledge our senators and represent
ative in congress to the support of the
policy expressed in this resolution,
irrespective of the action of republf
(il luembers from other sections (if
the union. We further deimand that
this policy shall he established
forthw\it h by the inedependent action
of ouir 'governlment, regardle.ss of what
an. ot ler coulltry may or iniay iot do.
We hereby pledge all republican
candl idates flor the legislature, if elect
ed, to votlo for only such candidates
for tihe United States senate as are
lknown fromn their recort and past
utterances to be unccmprmmisingiy in
favior of such free coinrge.
We denouniue the action of the pres
ident of the Uniuted Staites for failing
to execute for the period of four
ilmonths before its repeal the provis
ions of tlhe Slherman act requiring the
lurliaclile of four and oilo-half mi llion
lounces of silver per montlh as a flagrant
violation of hIiis duties anlld a usurpa
tion of legislative auitiority.
As Adopted by the HRepublican Convention
of iRavalli County.
Iesolved by the republicans of IRa
valli eounty in convention assol0-i
That we send greeting to the party
throughout the state, and pronlise to~
do olur parit towarcd the goluerai: vic
tory which unlldtouhbtedly awaits us:
iThat We depirecaite the unrfoirt.unate
conldition of the country caused hiy
eilghteen moinths of democratic mis
iiThat we deniounce the present
detniocraitic admninistration as utterlv
inconlpetent to coinduct the affairs of
the InatiUni at liomne or abroad. It
has closed our silver mines, ruined
our wool growsrs, injured our lead
mines, paralyvzed our manufacturing
industries, destrcoyed the marklets of
our farmers, thirosnt millions of men
out of emplouyment, and brought the
country to the verge of financial luin:li: -
Thatl we denounce the Wilson billk
just enacted by the democratic con
gress,as nmakeshlift legislation, franmed
at thle dictuation and in the interests
of trusts aind foreign mIanufacturers; t
That we reaflirm our faith and be
lief in the pirinciple of protection to
American industries and labor as ad- i
vocated by the republican party:
That we are emphatically and un- i
equivocally in favor of the free and U
unlimited coinage of silver at the r
ratio of 1l( to 1, and we pledge our F
candidates for the legislature, if
elected, to vote for no candidate for
United States senator who is not
known to be in favor of this prop)osi
tion and who will not work for it at
all times regardless of the position of
other members of his party in any
other section of the nation;:
Th'llat we denounce aniid condemn as
ntterly unworthy of confidence and
respect those menmbers of the Iegis
Slativ e assembly whose conduct; justi
lies the belief prevalent in the minds
of the people that bribery and cor
ruption were resorted to ini order to
inllueince votes in the last senatorial
election. And especially do we de
ilounce a nd reipuldiate those traitors
of our own party who proved false to
the trust reposed in iinem, and who
have earned the scorn and contempt
of all loyal irepublicans, by voting for
a democrat. who has ever been firlst
and foremost in opposition to repub
lican principles;
T'hat we Iheartil endorse the course
of Governor Rhicka;rds in refusing to
call an extra session of Ilhe legisna
ture at the deimanid of the defeated
senatorial aspirants. believing that
it would be little short of infamous
to have aillorded a second opportunity
for the re-enactment of those dis
graceful scenes which marked the
'1 1ier sessic n:
That we takpe pleasure in endorsing
the loyal and effective services of our
United States senator, 'Thomas C.
IPower, and o ur conglressmlan,
Charles S. Ilarmtnin;
'.That we demand as a simple mat
ter of lj stice anid in the interest of
the fut ure harmony arnd success of
our party, that one of the United
States senators to be elected at the
next meeting of the legislature. shall
be selected from what is known as
the west side.
That we believe in a wise, and
economical administration of county
affairs and pledge our candidates to
so manage the business of Ravalli
county that each dollar expendled on
behalf of the county will render its
equivalent in benefit.
Judges of Election.
Florence, No. ---Sam'1. Miller
(demn), S. Wagner (rep), J. F.. Wilson
(rep). Election to be held at city
Eight Mile, No. 2-N. J. Till
man (rep), L. ). IReynolds (pop),
Johln Mayhew (dem). Election at
school house.
Stevensville No. 3--R. Gwinn
(dem), Am\os Buck (rep), W. E. Bass
(dem), J. W. Rtibble (rep), A. M.
IIightower (pop). Election at G. T.
Ilgugs' oflice.
Victor No. 4-A. Rleckwith (rep),
T. M. P atty (demn), Wi. I)allas (rep),
iI. C. D)odge (dnem), Jonas Johnson
(pop). Election to be held at school
Corvallis No. 5--W. E. Gleason
(rep.), J..1. Simpson (denm.), E: S..
Kentnter (rep.), G(e. Million (dem.),
J.ohn Sears (p]op.). Election to be
held at Masonic 11all.
IHamilton No. (i--Jos. P Kerrigan
(diem.), I. \V Nicol (rep.), J. D.
Watts (rep.), . I . r 'hrien (dem.),
A. II. Bradley (pop.). Election to be
helud at school house.
Grantsdale No. i--,Johlln A. Sumn
mers (rep.), lIenry Cihambers (dem.),
CGe. M. Steele (rep.), J. A. Horn
(dem.), lThosi : heavers (pop.). Elec
1t.ion at town Uill:
Derby No. 8--W-V. II. McCoy (rep.),
1V. .. Teidt (dem.), Frank L. Cook
(rep.), John McClintc. k (clem.)..lacob
Goff (pop.). Election at school house.
Ross hole No. 9-1W. S. Sherrill
(dem.), 0. I. Jones (pop), 'I'. VW.
Laird (rep.).. Election at school
The Rankin
- _Of Missoula.
JOHN RANKIN, Proprietor.
Steam Heat,
Electric Light,
Bath Rooms on Each Floor.
Prices Away down.
Front Street, Opposite MI. 31. Co.
Money to Loan
Room 4, 1st Nat'i Bank Bd'g,
First-Class Boardowo.
ovJoBy the Meal or Week.
(.l1)rosite "Reitublican."
Notice for Publication.
[Land Office at Xiissouhi, Momntana.]
Selitember 13, t189i
Nisotlce is hieretiy giein IOti I Le tollo -
nmcii settlir ihs fiili nsotic of llhis Ilnt ioull
to mlonke liuli proif in sUlOl'ort oL uis ciaimn,
Filali thnlt, S:Mii irtnif will hb Il'ai ievf'Os I ille,
egister mmiii[ ceierU. U. as RLit Office at
Mlissosl: L, Miiut.. dii Oct. :ti, It-t, xis:
Edmontd C. Whhalcy, wiho manic Hi. F. No.
is8t1 omr ciii' s5 sen4 see 2m ims, Swtf etC 1
ii1 n r 2i w.
liii nmisms tiue foiiiwing witnesses to Dliove
ies ciifltillliOns 'cesitiet.c, ulili miimi clltitia
ciiii iof sdid lail, vxi:
Iluflus I hniiiiig, of Stcvcnsllle, Mont. Louis
tiole, of Sl'c.c'ns'ie, Mlont., ,oill iiVass, of
F[Olrete., loJlitc,, EniochI Ey, of StevCIisVi e,
JiOHN Ii. EV'ANS, ItegCS.le,
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings, Balusters, Newell
Posts, Scroll Sawing, Brackets, Etc.
Storm Sash MIVade to Order;.
We Have a Large Stock of
On hand, and can supply the trade on short notice.
Our Stock of
Pickets, Flooring, Ceiling, Casing, Base,
Our Motto is: "Good Grades!, Prompt Shipments! Welf
Manufactured Stock! Low Prices!"
Interior Finish Pine or Hardwood.
Price Lists and Estimates Furnished on Application. Write to us Before Purchasing,
TB. R. D. CO.
Republican i
Job Rrintiqg
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Note Heads,
Cireulars, Dodgers,
Candidhtes Cards a; Specialty,
We have .just received a lot
of Ruled and Flat Paper, Cards,
Envelopes, Etc., and are pre
pared to turn out First-Class
Work at all times.
Hauilton House.
UHL & PAGE, Prop.
Fine Rooms.
-Excellent Table..
T lnl l kinlg aI Ol I runl for
To.get a
Fine Wines.
Livery and
Feed Stable,
Finest Turnouts
A. T. SILVEY, Prop.
Ladies' Hair Dressing
a Specialty.

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