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The Ravalli Republican. [volume] (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, October 17, 1894, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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General Dealers in
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Agricultural Imlements
Missoula Mercantile Co.
Carry an Innmennse Stock of
OYS'Che1 Jersey Worsted, UI
f)U 0Cheviots,Seoteh Tweed o UITI
Buggies, Carts, Wagons,
Harness, Hardware,
3f the Populist Representa,
tives in Congress. o
Some of the Greenback Flat Iloney
Bills Presented by Them
in the Session.
In his speeches in the Bitter Root,
valley last week, and which are yet
fresh in the minds of those that heard
tlhemi, Mayor Weed of lelena. iade
the assertion that althousch the pop
ulist platforms called for the free
coinage of silver at the ratio of 11 to
1. the party', in its national platform
and through its representatives in
congress, was convicted of being the
wsorst enemy- to silver of any of the
tihree great parties. And lie made
the statement thait it was the same
old greenback pirty ts hat labored for
a short time and then apparerntly
died a dozen years ago, or, as lie put
it, "the same old donkey-, the same
old ears, and ai new hide." And it
should always be remembered that:
the growth of the p1opulist party,
with its so-called principles, which
if' carried into effect would lead to
the destructionl of the government ill
a .very few years, is v"er largIely dcue
to the assistance of the denocrats.
Colorado would not be ill the hands
of .bllood-to-tihe-bridles'' Waite and
his followers if it uhad snot been f'or
tihe denlocratic iational committee,
acting under the approval of Mr.
Cleveland, ill assisting the populists
of that state. The same is true of
Kanllsas, where populist success lhas
beern such is bliglt to the state.
So poswerf'ul hls become tihe popn
list branch of the democratic part
that the populistls were able to dlie
tate 1ice of the most important parts
of the tariff bill, the income tax.
It is now qtuite evident that the detn
oerat.s callstost constrol the senate, nor'
the house, either, for thait matter,
after the 4til of isext tMarhl without
the said of the Populists, and, there
fore, we nisy expect further i con
cessions" lto thait parity. The course
uof lth e demnslot'ls i l onl I ill cols bill
inp with the populists densoristrates
iagail tihat there is \'esry little differ
enc.e betweeni the democral ic and
populist parties.
t' ' lld ' these circis'i tl aellSt sl . sd lo
retris'ss to the silonetarv diart'n fiool no
tions of the popl ilistiilllcliembers's sof
conit ' i'<. in this is i hsse list' HEIr iInt I
CAN iotes (isot of i h' i e' l l :sihs1s w what
would be the result if 1hie populists
should hold the 1aliance lo poswer ins
'coIsTress and he able tot dieS I'te the'
()ne of tihei populist bills was introt
dsuced by l1epresentalive lavis. of
Killlsa. LU nde its prIvisihos anyll
del'slllting l.ort.g;pa e ldelor' is de
clared a bankrupt, ani i his creditor
cannot collect the d'hlb duess' him ex
cept in the f'ollowinl , manner: The
mttl(tl't l t1te i de to(' is to procure i at' at b
strac:t of i it le and certificate of value
of land asnd iIllprou'Veilents ftrons the
're.isler of deteds of ilhe countt' t', uponi
presentl ti't ol of w\'hitch l o the sllcountl
tresasurer, the latter silicial is to
draw on the re;asurer of the United
States for' the alm uintsl due. isilt1dinsis
oflicial fees, asid wvh1en paid shall con
stitute a lien upon the propert'y, lithe
conity r'ecorld lto be tmar'ked. 'Settled
iby the Unil'ted lttat'es goh'ernmenlt,.
and the debto.r to be allowed l `,enty
'ear's to pail. th lie assnussl inte rest
elirgt'et beinls I per cent. TIo 'provihde
the fitlnds ntestsars y for' the pIrpo' e
of the act legal lendetrs iare tso be
isrilted aisd issuied froms l inse to time
as 'sluirod. 'J'lTat is tsh 1be the sisi
mtetlh ld by h whiti s sstss'ot'"s'e' solis
csillect his d'lebt, sit' until su'h tise
as Ihe Ilwftil (,'tt'culatitli oiif sntisey
distll reaich ald as lols'g is it shall
(sit st tstse ll't'5sent tine three and a
third billions dtllhliss) tnot etosssstisg
lawl'tfl s'se'ss'vs iss hltsks and other
hixed asid suisss-cirs'tlsitiusg prIssis!lits
r'e'ulrtt by law.
itel'rt'seultlnta ive C ,'liv't, (if h'hsaiSss.
anss tt 'r populist, lroit'o sed in his hill
in the ins-t costal'ess to issuie legal ten
dlers tos assy state givinsi," bIotds to thse
treasitry. 1tayabltlt' sit the sptsissn sif the
stst'. its asy si' stis t extt'etdits'" f50
per ves,5 sf I t1e as.;.',sed value 5h l1t'
taxable lsr'operl y t f th,' state nsakiu
in nicipis itists stt exc tdii" tist000
to aly sitij s l nitii citst lityx Tis provide
tLfe mttneIy'i' ftst' this liolrnlp se' of s'ousrsse
the t'eis' ry I 'rintiug presss t'-,''' ti
Ite st'l it. \t-irk.
Il..pmrn'sesentativ'' I udsont . of EsatiSas.
w\liti s''ass e]t (led t the 1 )lt',si'tst Ititiuse
lie s eins hi:'itliot l of hmi'soets(irs antd
shillisis. has instrodileed a hill pro
pttsing to set te all pestsi-ous hiy the
puf ls et i t oitlote Its each ussil lSi'tlt ('t'
I tiiV bols'se is i Itsi' tills l ' 1 Ihitt riiiy
be Ilhereafter placcd 1pon thllell. .1
lump sum, ten times the annual
amll nt of such pellsiol. ''This would
require the immediate expenditure,
as fast as the money colll d be printed,
of $1,500,000,000. This money is. of
course, to be provided in the usual
way by the governmcnt printing
lepresecntative Davis, of Kansas,
who also received demnocrat.ic suplpor.
introduced what might hle called a
graduiated service p]ension bill ilunder
which pensions are to be paid ac
cording to the length of service. The
commissioner of pensions estimated
that if this bill became a law it
would requlire an annual expenditure
of 5400.0100,000 to beg in with. (rf
coulrso glreenbacks are to be Issued to
meet the purposes of the bill. Sena
tor Allen, who also owes his place to
democratic support, introduced a
somewhat similar pension bill, but1
the first year's expenditures on his
bill would be only $350,000,000.
Senator Peffer inlltrodluced a pen
sin bill known as the cent-a-dal bill.
It placed every soldier, sailor and
marine on tile pension rolls, and pro
vided ror tlhe issue of a peculiar cui'
rency to be known as service pension
money. This, of course, was to be
issued 1ts the result of putting the
printintg presses at work.
Senator .PelTer introduced ia bill in
the senate to establish a huIran of
loans, with local agents wherever
required, witih discretion to loan to
each individual oll'ering real estate
security not exceeding 1li0 acres, a
sum not exceeding $2,500. Another
bill of his provides for public store
houses, by which the government is
to loan money to imlivtiduals havin g
storelhouse certilicates. To pl'ovide
money for that purpose Mr. IPelTer
proposes an irmniedlate issue of 04701,
0010,000, and vwheni tlhat is disposed
of the balance of the imoniv in the
treasuill is to be used for i(,1 saillk
RlepIrC'eltative ,i'lerry Simpson. whil
was elected lto congress by the ;aid of
the democrats. who eudorsed his
nomination, inltroduced a hill which
provides for loans on traict.s of hlad iof
tenl aIreS. lThis also lprlov\'ide: I a' it
blureau of loans with n algenllt ill chill
conIlgressionalll district, anlld the trle'as
ury was direected to issue .leagl L'Ii
i0ers to all' llni ol'i.1k h.t, iit ilght hei
ecessalry to melllet the riilifelllitnl:
of the bill.
I,l'preselltative Keiln. of Neb, rska,
olTredl Ia bill to esltiablish a systell iof
ion'l\llIent, bank i under which
Itherm( is i Itn e a govelr'lnml ntl. hultk ill
elch o1n1 t, sucllh blllk to 1I i nll
aged by directors. having salatie- as
high is $4.000, ail who are to oian
tonne:, ill sums no(t 1to OXcee( :.$3,0)
without any seeurity ifl the direct.or
so (h,'ilies. '1To p(r'(r( nIOule to
make thlse loans thll nilted Sate's
v .as itoi issue legal thilthlrs vairiiously
:;ltillltledI in ll t at11 from one bii
ion to one a ld one-qlllrtl.r billio f
dollars. I he bill also lpro idhcd 11nt aill
o.'ild alli silver certilihat's alre tiet
reidCle lllt' ill those l(aOl fO r:;.
f ,l l . i, I tI lr lceM l th- ree hii which1 )
were approved by ilthe pn111li t part.
Ore oft hlhee provides for the estah
li~llinil.l of0 a. sinl-r0c1 ur1 y il elO ery
coutlity in the United ,tates. Ill
1Ill. ;illb-treaSuries1 illy petrsO ll coulid
Lot'V'e cotton, W\hiat, (l0t. iand on 1i
ttc l IllIud receive in g.l telll1tlC 1 0s l
per cent of the value which the local
0 11 1 1 1 Ill r t il tl iIf t I lI Hll)-Ž.I f l 'till'
shall place Ip1 1 tile produce. A-ll
other bill' tIoposS the a lpplintIlent
of, illectuo rsol's 0 1h [ ,h t me'im nt for
each c1unt,'1 or parish or district of
cI'Ialt1i !il 11111'0 111005 illsp ctor: I r10
the Sto II, O { f 0l. 1l t ld w heatlll all(
i\ive curliticate' o f tim ility and v,'h lf
to the perso( n 11 III III'1t same. 11Ilte
postmaster" It t 1w Iletrest past oflice
is to reteive silhl certillc;la lollld
i lxi1 to il0e h10lder; hi0iri of it 11stal
mnlny order for two-thirds the cll i
lied value thereof. Another bill ili
troduced by 1t lie s;,lle p pillisls pro
vides for t1 c \vernm'!ne t alenT , ill each
conression;. al di tlrict in the I'nitel
States h. is(e ,li..v it would he to len!
Iltlf! l' a11 IIl tl .T;/I (S T'e pl " nt i;ll
1 w o-l hiil l l th e , est .i iiiate 1d v ia lle o f
th e lhi lld o'wi e t] b y a u}y p erson ) "- I t()
(o-ire: to h)or'',t\v mnoue, of thus ! ov
erllll . Tll , ' earnr. out th1 provis
intl; of ,hese 1lhner' artS th. priln ill,
p r e ,: ,s o if t h e . ' i\' ' lllr u (e n t , o f {a l r' l.
were to he kept -ni.g to provuld, legal
tender .l nd were 't he kept ..in
Nexl. Week \Wvv will 'rive ai I','w 1i10l'c(
populist biill for erilidin1ouil in uev.
.A dispatch to lne. 1',ll M~ull t;,l
ZHLl.e I'rnomi .lm,!nilieshb ur sall' ite ýit
il;tti ) ill the, 000 (1'I1 11€.s ~lfll w
Illmtl'qlll' i, l t crit il and 1 lh dinii
The Scarcity of Money in the ,
Hands of the People."
oorhees Says That is the Cause of
Hard Times---I-How Democrats
Are improving Them. I
(S ll"tror' Vo 1huhries I(tS(l'14i)t1 tlI4' 1111' )1
int11(' Ii i( 110 4 '" 11(4' '. ( 1of ll(l(eV i
tihe 11 (lMli of h111 people.t 'i ht it s
IrrecI t and lie rea ls44)1 it i is lnot i
e1( 111(ads of the people is hec)luse
ir. \ oturhlies and his party have
(fade it i ,mpossible I'or 1li1e ('11 l' to
;'L hold of it. (i4 e the people ut5 - t
TIoll id4 (i(t ald good I v'1('l.,s, ; s 1 I. 1 h( ,"
tad iiidor rPt: llpuhli ll i Ill is .1lio til ,
li( thie mol ,eV will lill d its '(way into
heir hlnds wilthout tr'ouble. A tii l
Ili'e p'41ople, esplll'll (' illl} Ii se of tI e li'h
vest. reim millJer that it was oo4rhees
'ioi hla( c(1111 i e. ill the soll0l(4 '. 1,r (l 11
.ill repealing . tle sil\ver lp rrhasin:.' 6
1lll.Se of the -Shel('11 all ii(t1. ;ltd1 1'1d
lie assilll t o11 the silver act1 . llt( iws114
n)' of ithe priemrl 'e 1'0(11'0s ill till' work'
if 10 k n(il t'1) "S;iI "' iIf ' of 111 11 V ill
le hadudlos o t4 people. A\nd thii v
still noL t, f r' t.'l 1illt 1 11 1 r. Va'otrl4 i es,
l'tI' g'l;illg' to he' ;1 f'rienld to silver.
1ntl hl -nl talli.t 111 . r11 (,e1 urin. ti l 11
lebate(1s in 11' , 4e('1 Ile. lit t11 11 're'
peal would he i4 ' i he' I ,ths in, 114 ' t el'44' h1 '
il'er intel rests: 1ha1 . t1 1 1 11' ,ler itt
11e.1 ' W((5 41414' ( (ilv 4 4111 ilies. 4( ll'itt ri.
l1d 1 oe of 11k d'mc4'ratic l' ' leu'e; '
l )o1 (' 1.i1 ' (i1144' 1i +tll1 ;ly l l I'l l ' 11]ill -
sp 'J ai; s(1ession lljl u 4n l '. I lilafter dll
li iini (p 41 ('of (it ( 'ster'. Cleveland.1
44d 4'n41 'reI s r4'4's5 il' led' in rei ula' r
!l;i( i il the lir h s1 1 4 11 4II, I '1 4ill
her. hil.and was it (io1 il s sesoion
hi'r ov( Id i ln ' r114i tus. 'i'ull ( 1 h ,(,12h
was d41 ll4'n1 l i('( 14 ' i ll 1, l) e 'li lles. 4141
4it:1. 1111 1 4 ReI e' 1 '"of '.(ll il (llrR 1I . lll l
('AN 1h r('1 4' ('(,4tl of' 1114 I'''e ('4 ll4 I t'"
bills Vo ulrhP¢ -. o i is en-('mill ir;';
(t's V(''' w e ti"0 . II ill Ir'(1 I ll'.
t1114 n111ne Ih 1 4mn il s of th ilt' ' _ L'' !
s:101i(ll, allmimsl, ll( on1 ly ' ('lortl'. for1
Silver' 'l . e ll l id( ill 111(' 11 .0 1 )\ I1i1111
;i i till tc il yer (I(,iI l ' f r rlill i ,
[)so1i . fi t k" m il l Chrit'-, hill -auI' ( Iill. 'h '.v
1l1r( l4 ltm , <i' . (ll4t (4l;u .
' lli;nt 's P( \'0 ,1 t1 llin tln l;i. l)ll
l i). of lodllhn. ; ll a 1t 1)I 11le;' reiub
11c\V wi ter4 ' n''4 041141' t' '.4l4(4'44 111:1,114' ]
f 're (40 1111 ' ' il('00 ll'lul ll4 ( t4 ' 1. ( i ;'
hills. lt. ' IIli] were promlpt lv 'a
1o n1 (ip1 4 1ll4 : ( 'i'' e((''e;ttI'l . l4(,11'.
1id \o 'rlit',es 11 hi; t1aI.4 make ;
single t'] l',rl, 1',l.r silvtsr dturil.Z Ihlit
1ine l (!'i)ia( l . m( n' ni'y ll H; in w1 ireh
the( \vwer ,riuvilr, I Ill. nc'i sed ill
com pleting 1l1 ruin ,.l' .\t.eri';t;
pros.)perit .v Nyo.
1 1.i l Vhlx l' \4le welt'(4 I ' ,s((oll lot i l (i il- 1
vex d 1( 1iiterat 1 I ' sena ors w lh ) Felled
s ' 4lull4'll fo' fr'I'o 111iu1 e l '< r a( hilh'.
alld 1lh'' l ' lhlap-,e'' d .u1 d.l ..11 like ai
pu1 ct4.1 l l v Iih l lll on. no 11h l xa44 It;
l'romll taet pr'l : o1 ' a pinl, hill F,''m hIel
)ri"ck of (i(1 ; lat1 ilif( Ir.! inlm I (tr( 'l
a:.c spur? ]lurris, l)', ihl. Gord< n
a ill ol 1h'er. who deI4,'-l, 1 i,,ir 1 w ','
(er:1 silver :lli(ts ill h1 , ('0 1xtr ('l ' li( t':'
11 ' 1 (i ' t (41. h ed willh Il ( 1 h I i , il.t' l
h(t h d ,re n ot), in ht. i 1,' t of 1 heir
lp a t'1Y . h t; t l ' ;ll'n h la 4 "'l' fn t r 1fo (','r' ,
It s ---'Wl('(' w('ere I ll v , 11 ]'"' 11 ('
1(l i4 Im (1 ' ' Trott r4 i ' e al (' f 4'
e)f h 11 44 l 4(,t' 414-'. 4(1,4 l''t l th!'i( , '1 ';l( I'
.j ss,' their 1',reheud. u otd< lh illinc. I
p1 ro( 1144' 4 1( 1 11 i l('"( l] . il 4 n(tI' l l r ii".'
DIl k I'((' Ill '.1'(' 44" 1' ( iV4 ' I4it'' .\ ('(1
(' 1 'l h I l il a 41' ](4(44 Ill( ',V al ' 1(,'!
(t44'44 4.4(44(l'' 11. ,1 111 '.4n 441' .I.4
v (wrllc llt( 1 (((( ('4 4 <4 I4('I", 4l4i.i4
1 4 I(.'p l ((''( ' lh i. il 4 -p'( r'-1,'od l..i'' _, (((t'
t.O 1,1(r4 ;144.\41' (l'4r' If(, 114 ) -
44()lh(4 \. h ioS' ll. I 1'14 '.1(41' . . ' Ill,+
'1h' bidlin.4 (4I' 1(4 (l',\'r I Ii. (; (,IIt.
l i ' , , I ai l . ((' ' 4 1 4 , I I. - 1 4 4 ' l ' i r ,,
rept ltl.Z','" (('45 f 1''( ( ('4 si44l
1(4.11(4' iJult' i htill.4414 14 4 f 11'( ol' -
('leve land1 Ilns pr)i~Ii5 Io lie prs
ent al. harbaecue ii V`.ilsini's clis
liic-v_ It wVill li a relief' 1(o himi toi
See Sulei io liit" e se jietI iii ' astedi.
liam L. \\iisni is X~ilniiiig goldoii
opiiini5mr ill El~lanlild. Thai~t is thei
d i ffoioiioo.
11l those eia i a gloat (Ieal of
xwaste liv iiuii l l - in t attaili aI
hoces' a XV --Cl cago Ti' liure.
It is lintelist iii~ I-i rote that tillor
t hat biti if a hizzi iea' XXals ableto In al~e
a i'iisidleiahihi' imprel'.'ssioil athe
IXn 111 Itrnp hil' t i'shirkliu Vh Irll'
''lissio bis i i ii'' ihu slt'''he isur
e Ii'S5w.;i'p'l''.'h lire Seeking, to u
lii.v Irt thei Iii' ii ibil ii fo Xviihei
deadl Iork hichteria I I;II I iilIs i i
lii Ilililil' i111 tilli til' 1111il iinr'i111111
( ien i;i k nIe ebu tt'. ' ;
Ii it i'( II i c iY li' 'i' J (ii lii hil wlill.i'
Ail c e l'',i t ineici. wi ( ii H v w'ult ii " I
S n iIii 1i l h ir) i e ( lrl."ii( ief tlil
iid I i j 'i('(lr * ;;II I (Iii I ' ' I I i'
11' ii' 11'j1' 11111 Li' II1' i ii
iiuclr; "v' Car II i iI. . S 'i lii' i' (ii i, iui II
Slii'".l ''(('I' '.l( c . ha(('iii s uiel i( l
(11(1(1\\ iiilti lrii iiii2'li ,iii( I. lik
I i(I i. Ijs of black wIi l ;I :(tll! illli
I:' e nd t h I ii'I l _
lI~:iii''. i' i. · ( ill HIi'X il'l '! ] '(ii)' ,!:
I I lw h,1i ir I ' ii IjIi' inual clu'- il' 11'
rn nitc L
chlinlin'u'. ;1 huh. t~ h(.r h:I, 1,1.1.11 on ill
crease in (ll , 11 r iiie of ":1 na l'. i''li'or (
i Ii'Iii i jllniilul l' \ the ! i i ;11! t
1(1I ei QInrcis nd in o u lit, \,li vi -
1'51' t wzgrnil rnlnih ···l;~ · ira tnact:I l v~l~l
for ·ii I' ,I l tile in 11i V \ it,
i I'''''"ifll the\'; 'Ill; ( Til;!l Il l'l InN'tl'~t'
t Ilit l he i· Illll' ;f ll L'nt tw i (Ii in a tiiilr"
rolll enMuOh 1o polnlpt, hi1 to de(-linle
it honor 11011 hich lla lll ee ll thrust, uloll
hil. His position is one which no
eO,'lnvin of his .,tutld desire to St'(
'hiinged. If h' shall d,-i ide to riin
his defl'eal is likely- to he o.\erwhelni
ino: if he shall declile to run his de
clination will destliro hotl. himse lf
and his m l 'hin I' liby tr'!i;ilin ll u li lhis
xri'it utLer deni m rliz;i t i I nd dllite
el't. ]I( h;as ecoll'e the v'ic'tilm of"
his o iwn pIlit ' i t.lid the resp llnsiil
ity fol' hi r1'1ate ret.- 'ntlirelw 11.1;tit
himself'.---New "tor' lost (nrlu .)
Olii ' l' iIII i'v'O.tut S i 11 ' LAIx':I;.
T he foihlwilo- s,, o nll ip\r]oph'tic.
words wthere' i lllire hi v l hlt l lilo .
liniies I ,ii t ilin iln t)ictoi er.i i l1 )0l.
It lla ti tl in i l 1 It li tt I " ti ' x ,st it,
dal' exp rien e.l i tl seel if' they' are
Inollt, ei ill t Ili lled to the lettert I }
ti, ailllt i lI h of the ilu rai liII lpartli
tioW Ill (pioi. ; i
'"1 loliv i lii') lli tl tlll '11( llV ;t ltll' -
W rIe n . I ;la l i tll A iilet'r im' li. Ill re -
. i., i V ' l.-y . ill . of i i' life t' h t 1'i 1 111.
I ie'jo tilt' ,_ :l pr.osperi' llitnly'
eioiltr · il a ' ll;'nlWt 111t11 1 lh 1 Wor"inii
i 1t cl i ' - i ]il' t l l s ll n Iire 11 n i t t '1 fed illl
lt' tes1 clot' hell of atil itti 1 0'i s Ott
lit 1 i0 t 'ilt t l' i Ill it'. llM I titll'
thll f; n','1 i i 1 t1 t It llt i. ' ll li illt.'
I h 11 h a w e ht l li ;it 'o i" h ieir l iti. Tih i ..v
li'd I; ll ll llt'i' lit i ll ' l h il i llf i
1 1lll ll!ii" l if I li ' i 'tt111 t .t'iit't . l Ii
WOrhklinlh i e I ni tv i tt' xil .1 I who t it
W sIlOiW-, o ip i',olP roll \. w ill li) l y 11.' i
1i' ] i 1. l'i ' tl h 'f') il i', ' litil t
111:li 'el .nl l ( i i 11 i' l ' 1 ilth ( n t ll 1
1Vl l.;8 ll i11 ll( (Hil etorinl s (1i' th is
lUi w ill ll tnt t ' i..- i ll! 1here w illt
be l w tilen l t'r1 i ' n ih. llrd i he
itt11 it i 1t i Ii i' its he t;o is xIbis:
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