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The Ravalli Republican. (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, October 31, 1894, Image 2

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Pubhlisheid \'eekll :iI tle l'o lllllty (ca of
ha"alli Ci'itutyi , (m1 al(.
For ].ti)presentutl I !; ()o ,.r. ss.
lION. I IAS. . I.! 'l'IT3AN,
Of Gulhttin C'uuny.
Four Assoc(la ite Just ire Supremne Court,
Of Lewis and Clarke County.
For $t:lt' % n'll: tor.
Of ('Grlanti :u l,.
For It, pre(s 'ntal l ives.
(GEO)R;O E T.'..I;AG(H,
Of S'tevcnitvlh'.
(If Dua rhy
it. S. IIAtI FI, .
iOf ('oi va lli. ,
Fur Cl( rk :'!(d Ilr ede(lr,
LI'\1W 1. WILLIA.\11S,
Of Halmiltm.
FIor Trc-'asurer,
JullN D)\VlLI NG.
If .M, e n'is.
For 'hci rkof tihe ] t'ilI ('il,1111
FilANK . J. MOlililIS.
of li antilliti.
1,'or . s , )'r.
flOli' ( NEI1SON,
Of V 'iT c r.
I'm (',r Uhluny A.ttorn.y,
1f .tewensvillN.
otf Vii'ioi.
l iO t ,li, Aii iiri.
. 11'. IEN IE AniniCES. r
I. I,. L.N(.STES :
8 Ill. 1). N. 'LO tEI' IR.
(f lhi illou.
F-'or' ('OU II1y ('aml llli lle trl',
.1. F. I ('ENI)t1 i ,:S.
or IIransilln.
.IriS. r "WAiN\ Il.
Of Fh n,(l WO.
. . ". \VIKIIs SON,
Of o(ur-hy.
STli EVENS iii ni' 'O', NSic ii iP.
li'' . ' , ii'a s of ( it" I i ii''ii.
V. I:. 1 ". \ (' .1)U .
W. ).1). (' NNIN(Ii 31.i .
('.\ l. ('(A) K .
('li.ii . C . i.iii 'l l, i 'I '.
T ihat is ini I ii 'kl, \V!h ? lI,
cause he ih s ; , .()d lniI. iI sIle\
iknown!I h liI in l l w r ij; ilt r l la t 111 '.
.11;"ays mulm. lhin 'tItile suuam( kitnd.
'u'tour sll' (' t l, ll trol frienld. I't' ll. s
lil is well ' iiti litied f'lor thiu pi siti, u .
lu 'iic s lie is ili nutifi(id witlh the
countr' . li hit i s iiv,d in lll tlitt er
Pol ' is= hit ;, li- 1st h ard w Irx.''
li(.t i ..I ' h larilwi ; i lr s Iliu is' itivh s it
bernefi I111h' I)(,oll'. !Hi inl ele:ts
lart olt" ili lele'sts. Illi lllsi. h lltel 1(I
huil cl p 1 tiihe whi(tle(, rul!P'Ii. We ore
intle'do't to .l; is' T. Farrlis li lore
li:t(n1 alrlv(r 1I',1 tile'W laioattd(1 whif
will Iiei:' ti s IIe stith''er t :lrt of ou1
IV i ll. i ' il l f 0 nili ' lie Ie ti l) i
of Idaho, drsP ver 1I) (iii1'e all a'O iFCI's
' emal:e lie' is notli l ifraid )t f liall d
work-, ti 's ' lint i'l.e l ll to 11ti t' pper
lrllst of sic'ite v." but g to the 'nit
hi8 llggentn Wlo. Itl('t- rby liu'ntlhi' lihl t
il s olur l ri'ld.---1 4'(thi tI, l N\ts.
'Tiih ahii;v art ihehr, w'ihe reatd in
this vi'inily, cllltd ;i V l'V broad
stll '. I l(t (t I 1 l(lt'il rin lil t lind lill('01
r'to l'et'd ti l1ntlr, t Si(l: eY tes, .lif
1-:!trim ]li". !io t.' a I 'll 11 th' fifter
liaI t i' ()it rlct'.inn ay \:vwe will
511i11' hitim .' hat hi' hiltler linolo rs
will (hl to hitn.
• I'l pa x (:l xi: here.- All 'xatm
hitllilint of IIhI' co'(1 holiS' hunks.
l he si 1\'er u. ill n i '4 11t(,1 ies, as prlopose(d
by' Mexic: or whether thl:is countrv
shall clnllclhlde to f'('rce the i;~le by
indep(, ndeni. Ltl ionl--1y simIlply re
st ring fr l'lO inat.' ('---whicVer and
whaltever plan is adpted. that plan
will be t'forlnalated ;latd olcarried
Slt'oIl. h 1); the rel' .llilitcen t party.
t'I' deletlocraltic party ----lways stu
pidly' p'coldt atl . 1V e 'r li incoherenI t
i: rly incapai le of orll iiss ting or cir(',
P.in , I'lirwalrd atlirmative t const'uc t-I
ivc ]etislation. -- New York li,
('Ol'ductill (If Wal.Cs whICh Iriii Ut'
The president. of the United Stales.
i 1 hiis ian .l ] Ia(ssagea to co.lit res,
t:lks very alibld about the reduced
Iprice of t.4ods cill'ompensaIting f(l'or any
red((cti.lon of \wales which li i']gt be
b:'lli IIt aI I lt by hills II 1(ill p'lia c .
.\4d Ihis is. to a great extent, the
tookl in 1trale Iof the freer Irde iho
O1h, yes! Cheap goods and cheap
prouctll. of the workshop and fll ar(l m lll
are the t'lhines to make, l(en happy
Sand colltlenled with their lot in life.
'Ie d( ,lY it. utterly. Adultsi with lno
(iile' del'enidin( upon thelI , may be
a 'isfild i('llll abarelivin g. 11 n{ the
w:.el ' woirker, the1 toiler in llsll n ltl
:lssitlde and1 winter's frosts and
tows, 'an1ls more than a living. He
wilnts smethling for his old age
Stmnthint, for his children. Dlesides
lwin. fed and clothed thov want
b!aks to read, and lpens and ink and
pencils. They w:mit an education
with which to light: life's haLtle.
ho talk to the toilers in the iron
hills aInl o'al motto talis in Pe'nns'l
vanui and Virginia, or th1e bitumin
ous 'a;tl delposits of the 'reat west
tu t thle l idva .ltgeS of Chleap food
and ctntp clothing.l', a1 lheap com
Inodities of every descript.ion.lnld they
will tell yon very quickly that what
I is,, w;nt. is steady employment at
good wages, and they will take care
of the tod and clothing part of this
whole business.
1'e are OppoSed I, cheap !g(oods and
chieatp ag"ricultural products. Cheap
g'ods and ('heap produc"l's means
'heal) habor- ;tLiri tion \v'.'es for
i.,lin" slaves, willmout hope and
withl',t, armlbition 'or l .ohe futullre.
Inits and hovels. nud nakedness and
pauperismn and crime folllow sadly
after the pn'ocessiot oil' cheap ]llolr.
D)on't, vote fol cheap labor. Don't,
Vot ',11' Corbelt or Hl' b Sm5 ith, who
wo bld h rin'g" _l-Ierican labor into
'lImtpetition with lhat of lEurope.
hiu'L vote for a dh'nwcratic lerislat
lre1 tht would elect twiv free trade
>:selatoIrs to vote to fasten 1'1)(1p( this
•mutry the bli-ht of free tralde and
more ant i-silver legislat ion.-trnter
'ti 1 nttiin.
1 hulniiatil ing Con r 1st.
'l'he present adiniistritionll and
congI'ress iar'e dleilcra;tic leriuse it
was suppolsed that hie partl ., in fiul
tillnient of its own ipromlises, would
lake it impossible for a trust to live
in this country.
Thi, l:aws ilagaist tI usts are simple
and ougtilt to be effe(ct iye. The denm
eritic president, and attorney get:n
oral (coulld enlforce them if t hey would.
"f Mr]. Cleveland \wer(e sincero in ]isi
ideliiiiiracy lI wouldl c'omlpel Mr. ()1
my oI enor( e , tlhll.
The first law Iaainist molnopoly, was
t e wl:rk of a republictan senatlor, Mtr.
i'dmmiids. The violations of this
tIll were open ll. not'orious when
lMr. Cleveland's ldminiistratito he
II le, and lthe coH inue to he openo
anli dnotori,,ls Ior l t Mrl . Cleve( land'
at tome,' u elira' , \,'ho is a 1 rust, a(,
Irnelloy, hs lnt tiaken a step to pre
vent oir restraiin suchl violations. On
tlhe (ot( rary, lie has done his best to
'lelnlura.ge tihem : declaring' in Ian
ofhtfial relport lthat t Iti i'law cannot be
ien forced.
Ia order to meet his ohligations
er'latoir Mor ani moved and coigress
adopted an iniendileit to the Ed
nutnds .law w. which is plrt of the new
gI'rit'" act.
This was ldesigned t.o meiel thericse
of the snar I rust. It did meet it.
The sugar trust is guilty under it on
the lestimouny of its oVwni president
ioit treaslnrri ltakei before the seionate
cmulnittee. lint ALLtornely (ieneral
(liney lots ilne odlhing to bring
the guilty parties to justice. The
administratiion has exibited nothing
but laxity and lparalysis ill its treat
ment of the bsusar trust, btt ectre
Carlisle. who has ostentatiously be
friended the suguar trust, turns all
the miglihty energies and power, of
the governmen t. against the poor
unfriended, helpless Englishman,
lhoward, because hlie dared to come
here to earn his livelihood in the em
)loyirnent, of IMr. Morton, who has
since hecoine the republican candi
date for governorof NewYork. What
a shameful conltrast!---New York
World (dem.)
Miss Anna Blond is not making a
personal canvass for the oftlice of
county superintendent, leaving the
handshakiig and interviewing to her
male opponents. ]iut lier friends
ire worlking faithfully aind earnestly
for her klnowilng that she is worthy
hid competent for the position sihe
seeks, and every indication pouints to
her elertoin,
a o
L 0
Statements made Iy I)emocratic
stump1) orators and editors relative to
the existing Iries of commodities
must be taken with some allowance:
Two years a:o tllese smlne teachers
were telling the wage worker how
shamefully they were being robbed
by their employers-hiow the tariff
was maki.g them poorer while it was
adding to the wealth of their oppress
ors, and all that sort of thing.. Now
they are taking most rosy and enucmr
aging views of the situation. They
flatter themselves that the McKinley
law has been repealed and that as a
consequence "everything is lovely and
the goose hangs high." One of these
free-trade editors affirms that now,
under the Wilson tariff, the cost of
living has been reduced from 10 to 25
per cent as compared with the Mc
Kinley prices of a year ago. "One
dollar now," says this authority,
"will buy of the necessaries of life
abl:out as much as $1 10 or $1 25 would
buy a year ago," and it is added:
"These are the result of tariff re
It may be conceded that the cost of
living has been reduced since the
work of tinkering the tariff commenc
ed. Everything else has gone down
with such 'fearful velocity that it
would be strange if food and clothing
would not also decline. But the
cheapening process went on quite ac
tively under a protective tariff. Tlhe
same quantity of fourteen articles of
daily household consumlption which
cost (;2 in 18~i can now he purchas
ed fr 830. Deuring the last quarter
of a ceitury, under ghlli protection,
the cost of staple food products has
been reduced so that $1 now is worth
in purchasing power $2 as compared
with 1i86i. It is not claimed that
tihe cheapening process has been
wholly due t.o protection, but it was
an important factor in producing tihe
There is one point which the dem
ocratic vote seeker carefully shlns in
cennection with timhe prices of com
miodities-thait is. the great reduc
tion in wages and the scarcity of
work. No democratic editor hasI
ever yet attempted to figure out how
much better off the wage worker is
now than he was in 1892, when work
was abundant and wages were at
their highest. They have been hold
ing up for the inspection of the toil
ing, masses the most superb bargains
ever offered in clothing, blankets,
etc., but they say nothing about the
workman's pocketbook. What dothm
It profit the wage. worker that he can
buly household supplies at from 10 to
25 per cent less than a year ago, when
his wages have fallen 25, 30 or 40 per
cent and lihe cannot find constant em
ploymeut at even starvation wages?
The pledge of the democratic party
in 1892 was to better the condition of
the working classes. Has this prom
ise been redeemed? Let the working
men answer at the ballot box.
The indications are that the cele
bration of Thanksgiving this year is I
going to be a piece of tRepublcan S
partisanship. t
I hope and trust that in the coming
election they will send us such true
and tried friends of silver as Charley
ilartman of Montana.-Lafe Pence C
(l'op.) of Colorado.
It seems pertinent to say that at
present any definition of dlemocracy
is, like the iouse tariff bill con- 0
structed on the democratic national d
Ilat form, subject to about (i00 amend- t
ments. .
The Colorado miners are begi nnin,
to realize that by electing Waite they
will be closing the mines, and thum:
killing the goose that lays for then
the gold and silver eggs of so lnanl
dollars a day.
Those who know Lew William:
and J.1i I'arris know there is no
comparison in the capacity of thi
two men to run such an importanti
oflice as that of county clerk. There.
fore Lew will get their vote.
John )owlinig, the republican call
didate for coulLty treasurer, is mak
ing a strong c'nvass rand winlini:
friends wherever lie goes through the
county. A\ind John will be the next
county treasurer for the next two
year s.
Henry L. Mleyers, the democratic
nominee for county attorney, is like
11al Corbett, the democratic nomince
for congress. Eact. wants the peoplle
to give hiill an office before he has
been long enough in Miontana to cast
a vote.
With the closing of mills and fac
tories tihroug.hout our land, begin
nling most abruptly after thne election
of 1892 was known, multitudes of
laboring people were forced into idle
ness.-Senator II. C. IIansbrough of
North Dakota.
Sig. Chafllin has lived every year
of his life except about one in the
Bitter Root valley. Every man,
wonlan and child, almost, knows hir.
and his record and know that they
can trust inim in arn, official capacity.
lie is honest, fearless and temper
ate in habits, anld would make an
ideal sheriff, Vote for him on No
ver6ber l6.
Vote for Calkins for county attor
ney and have a conservative man
there who will not run the expenses
away up for the taxpayers to stand.
---If you want to vote right place an
X oppositc every Itepublican on the
o~!icial ballot. l)on't cross out any
1 name or make any marks on your
I'ticket other than the simple X. If
you d'o your ballot will be thrown out
as the law requires.
I came here believing that the con
gress of the United States was elect
ed to legislate for the people of Amer
ica, and I find here a bill advocated
by every prominent paper in Canada,
by every trade journal in England.
lion. John A. T. Hull of Iowa.
Why theorize when the air resounds
with facts;? A McKinler bill clouds
the sky with smoke by day and lights
the clouds with fire by night. A
Wilson bill, even when only pending,:
carries gloom and ruin in its very
promise,-]Ion. John F'. Lacy of
'The republican state and county
ticket represents everything that is
decent and patriotic in politics. It.
is worthy of every good man's sup
port. It is made up of well-known
and representative citizens and it
should be elected from Hartman to
Frank Jl. Morris, our candidate for
clerk of the district court, is one of
the most completent mnen in the
county for the position. He exem
plifies the expression of "a gentle
mani and a scholar," anid his nominia
tilol was one of the best macle by the
republican colventlion. ,
]lob Nelson, republican andilidate
fior assessor, is honest and capable.
lThe loss of his le!g incapactates him
from doing hard manunal labor in the
fields or mines--as lie used to do
and lthe honest old timer oushlit to be
given the place lihe is askilng at the
hands of the people.
A vote for (Grant, Pope and Blond
is a vote for two United States sena
sors who may possibly vote for the
free coinage of silver, but who will
vote forl such an unlimited issue of1'
irredeemable paper monev as will ul
timately retire all gold and silver as
curreincy alnd close up every mine in
the west.
A vote for Johnllllson, Faulds and
Chambers is a vote for two United
States senators who lmay possibly
vote for the free coinage of silver,
but who will yet endorse Cleveland's
financial and tariff policy, and who
will vote for free wool, free lead, free
lumber and a protective tariff on sugar
and peanuts.
Reciprocity versus free trade. Re
ciprocity means more products and
manufactures at home and more sales
abroad. Free trade means less pro
ducts and manufactures at home and
more i)urchases abroad. One wayr
lies thrift and prosperity ; the other
way hard times and distress.-Senu
tor Eugene Iale of Maine.
A vote for Cooper, Baggs and Con
ner is a vote for two United States
senators who will positively vote for
tihe free coinage of silver, and who
also will vote to protect the wool and
lead interests of Montana and the
general business interests of the
county, which have )een badly hurt.
by the enactment of the democratic
tariff bill.
We hereby call attention to the
fact that from th.e day of the passage
iof the McKinley act to the day of its
repeal, the price of wool continually
decreased; and that from the day of
that repeal to the present the price
Ilas continually advanced.--Montana
Democratic Platform.
With materials CHEAPENED by
their freedom from tariff charges, the;
cost of their products must be cor
'rspond i ugly cheapened.-Cleveland's
letter to Catchings
Ilob Smith says the populist mem
bers of the state legislature will vote
with the democrats in electing United
States senators. Therefore, all good
citizens who do not want free wool,
free lumber, free lead and taxed
sugar; wvho do not "cordially en
dorse" the administration of Grover
Cleveland will vote for Cooper, B3aggs
and Conner, and help send lprotection
senators to Washington.
Two years ago Judge Dixon and
Bob Smith were stumllping the state
for democracy and tellimng the work
ingoien that the M3cKinley bill raised
the price of their dinner pails about
3 cents. The workingimen of the
United States voted for Cleveland
and the free trade party, and now
they have saved the entire cost of the
dinner pail, because they have no
work to carry their dinner to and
nothing to put in the pail.
Is there a man in the county who
is better known tllan . W. Lancas
ter, republican candidate for public
administrator? And is there a man
in the county who is more respected?
Is there any comparison between
him and his opponents? The people
of ravalli county, on the 6th day of
November will say, and tley will say
it emphatically-- No And MIr. Lan
caster, whll we all know and love
for his sterling honesty, will serve
the people for the next two years in
an office which calls for the very'
qualifications lie possesses.
General Merchandise,
Dry Goods,
A liberal patronage in all lines is solicited rand satisfaction is guaranteed.
RIemember tile place.
Stevensville, Montana.
0. C. COOPER & CO.
Dealers in
Dry Goods, Groceries and
-- --o-
WVe carry a Fine Stock of General Merchandise, consisting of
Rcady-Made Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots and Sheos,
Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Pocket Books
and Stationery.
Grain and Ranch Produce Bought and Sold.
Since the populist nominee has
withldrawn, of course the populist
papers rush to the support of the
democratic candidate for treasurer.
The Valley Advertiser, in booming
Mr. Landram, says he has run his
oflice without a deputy, and would do
s- again. if the treasurer has not
had a deputy it is not because he has
not asked for one. In fact he asked
the commissioners for a deputy for
three months last year and they al
lowed him one for one month. Arm
strong, of the Advertiser, is as good
a democratic as ever at heart, and
desires the success of democracy.
Is it possible that the people of
this country can again be deceived
by bokl defiant lying? Evidently the
democrats think so. Senator lill, in
a speech on Wednesday night, said:
"Since the passage of the present bill,
in n hich wool has been placed on the
free list, wool has not declined in
price, but has maintained an upward
ten e.ency." That is a lie out of whole
cloth. Ohio XX, the standard grade,
has sold 18 per cent less this month
than it brought at the time the bill
became a law, and other grades have
gone down in proportion. In Eng
land wool llas gone up 2_. per cent on
some grades. The bill helps the for
eign wool grower and hurts those of
the United States. lill is the same
dishonest political trickster that he
was two years ago when lie planned
the theft of the state senate for
which Maynard was punished last
"Anaconda for the Capital cigars."
at Valley D)rug Store. They are fine,
try theni.
IIELENA, Molntana, Sept. 28, 1S94. "
Iotlowing a:tLe ti lla ints of thle cities Born
iliatei fo tlhe place of permtllneollt location of
the seat of govertlllttnt of the State of Moll
thle halving received tim highest number of
votes at thlle general election held in the State
of Motatlle oin Tustlday, November 8, 1812:
City of Anaconda.
City of lIeIlcna.
StaIte of Morintla, SSl .
I, Louis itotwvitt, sl:ecreta.,ry of state of the
state of Moiit:aia, do hIereby cerify thait the
folreguoig cities hIave bees platccd hi normina
tioll for the place of permanent locatltiOll of
the seat of gov'erntorrt of MOlltana, and that
thelt snaute laal all thereof were ?lprestl ted.to
amld filed with me prior to SeptemberC 8, 1M2,
iind tlhat each cetrtiicate of omnlatoitn, eon
tllaliig the alont ofl the city nominated for
the Illce (of permailenlt location of the seat of
overl'llnllet, conllttilled thlae a of tile coun
ty wlerein the samne is situated, allndt wtas
signted by at. least twelnty-8ve electors resid
illg withil tile clnllty wherein such eCity
nt:med wlas situated antl contained witlh each
sillmature the plLace of residenllce, busiless
:till lusilltess oiltress of cacti elector respect
1 utller certify that the state board of
(allivasseI'sof thle sthate if Moilllntalaa, oil the
lst day of Decelulber, 18I2, duly canvassed
thle eleltitoi returlis "ForI place of location of
thle perloalllollt capllital of tilhe State of Mon
talla, " lind deterlllield from the abstracts
tLanlslliittecd to lilt, is secretary of staite,
ill said year, the votes cast at such elec
tiol, alid titat tile statement made out
iby me ont said day, as secretary of state
of MIolltllna and secretary of said board,
slhowed tliit tlheru was no choice for
place of location of tlii iermltenllt capi
tal of tile state of Montana, and that
such statement furtler showed that of all
tile cities anti towns voted for lt the general
election ii 1852, tile "City of Anacondra" ani
tile "City of ielelna" were the two cities re
ceiving'the highest number of votes.
Andl further certify that at the general
election ill the yealr 18.4, to wit: oil Tuesday.
November 6. lt94, the question of perm:anent
location of tilt seat of goverlment of Mol
ta la is hlereby subluittelt to tilhe tqialified elec
tors of I tie state in :acue'dltne with the pIro
visions of all act eitlitled "An Act piroviding
for tile submission of tild questionl of the ptr
mnalLent location of tile Seat of G2vcerlnlent t
approved March 6, 1691, and Section 2, Article
X. of the Contstitutlio.
in testimnony whereof have
hereunto set my hand and af
lixed t hle Great Seal of tthe State
L[EAL.] of Mont' Ita, lt Helena, tile cap
italt of said state, tils, tihe 28th
daiy of Septembelr. A. D. 18t4.
L. lrtOTWiTT
Secretary of Stare of the State of MoJntata.
Drug Store
And Patent Medicines of All
and NUTS of all kinds,
Dye Stuff, Combs and Brushes,
Toilet Articles,
W/linesc & Liquors
For Medicinal Purposes.
Prescriptions and Family Recipes
Receive Prompt and Careful
J. D. MISER, Druggist.
Main Street, - Stevensvile;
First-Class Service,
First-Class Meals,
Elegant Rooms with Heat con
nected with Restaurant.
U. S. Commissioner. Notary Public.
Real Estate,
I have for SALE or TRADE a
Band of
Clyde and Shire
Horse:s, consisting of Colts
and Geldings. Will
self for
Corvallis, Mont.

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