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The Ravalli Republican. (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, December 28, 1898, Image 1

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Helena and
....Business C0ollege s
Bookkeeping, Penmanship,
Telegraphy, Assaying;
We are pleased to inform our patrons and those interested in Shorthand
that we have ucceeded, at great expense, in securing the services of Miss
Mary T. Williams, of Detroit, Michigan, who for the past seven years has
had charge of the Pernin Institute of PIhonographv located in that city and
has been closely associated with II. M. Pernin, the author of the system.
Miss Williams is without doubt the most accomplished teacher and expert
verbatim writer of the Pernin system of Shorthand in the country, and has
met with eminent success as a postal or mail teacher by her original method
of instruction by mail
Students Admitted at Any Time. No Vacation.
Boarding accommodations at Student's Home, Helena. Instructions by
mail in Penmanship, Shorthand a anBookkeeping if you cannot attend the
Colleg e.
Address, I Address,
Profs. Englehorn & Dehuff, Prof. If. Z. AUSTIN, ,Ielena, Mont
Spiokane, Wash. liesidhut Prin. & tus. Mgr.,
(For Spokane Colleges.) Helena, Mont.
For Men, Boys
and Children,
While House GlOifinq Store,
F. L. DARBEE, Prop.
See Before Y6u Buy, the best line of Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes, Neckwear, Hosiery, Gloves,
Etc.. ever shown in Missoula.
The Stevensville Hotel
Stevensville, Montan a.
The Table is Supplied with the Choicest Products of the
Far-famed Bitter Root Valley, and the Country Surrounding
is noted as a popular Hunting and Fishing Ground. Visitors
may bring their Families to this Hotel and Make it Head
quarters while afield.
The Home Health Club.
Cut this out and forward it with one dollar to the Inter Ocean Pub. Co., Chicago, ill,
Ilherr|y iCctt the Ihvitatioi l to o ecorlnie a mionh li of tire IIome Ile ilth Cliliu.
-it I erllclose hnrlwith lnlle ldollilr to liiiy foir (rIn yr'ts rIiiSrll r' iit ioni Ii Tlii \V.'rkly
lirtr' O erilr whitch, I rIllldrH 4Irslta , etiLtls 11(' 111 a life mI'iI bri Isi hir , in Ii'i'I)Il r irri num
beii. and a riorly of Vohlr ne L. of liih, Ilme ll al h i lub I rrris (unlit l1.00) firr of
TIrown Of iCity .
Street No
·r ------ -*-- ----------- - --- o
One of the most practical and beneficial courses of study
ever offered to its readers by any newspaper. Not only are
there a series of practicail lessons in paper each week, but
the subscriber is presented, free of ekpense, with a beautiful
cloth-bound book, wortli one dollar, besides a life member
ship in the great club. Subscribe at once and get the
special lessons now being published:
"'Tihe Republican" and the "Inter Ocean"
Foi" $2.40, Cash in Advance.
Annual Financial Statement.
DECEMBER 6, 1898.
To the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Ravalli County, Montana:
GENTLEJIEN,-In accordance with the provisions of Section 4294 of tt
Political Code of the State of Montana, I submit a statement of the R1
ceipts and Expenditures of Ravalli County for the fiscal year endin
November 30, 1898, together with a statement of the standing of sai
county on said last mentioned date, to-wit:
To balantce, D)ecember 6. 15i7 $ :1,354t By amount paid to state treasurer $ 8,9061
'" amount of property tax collected " balance December 5, 1898 2,585
for 1,918 6.112 51
' amount of delinquent tax collec(l
ed for previous years 271 57
" amount of penalty tax collected 29 87
" 35 per cent. licenses collected 1,912 06
$11,531 67 $11.4 31i
Ti bIalatce DIecember, 6, 1897 $ 472 40 3y anmolt paid state toreasurer $ 1.3
' amount of(f lproperty taix collectedl $ 9 balhne Decemberl 5, t18908 .3i
for 18118 1,187 81
" amount delinquent tax collected
for previous years 32 38
5 per cent. licenses collected 182 41
S2,1io s1 $0 ,0531 (
To balance December 6, 18 lt7 S0I 1 i By amount paid to state treasurer $ 83 1
"' atount (if lroperty txix collected { " bIalallce December 5,1898 58
for 1898 " 100 43
" amount of delinquent ta.x collect
ed for previous years 2 74
8 143261 5141:
To balance December 6, 1897 150 57 i y amounlaitpt ld to stalteo treasurer $ ".8 8
a"tmllontt of lproperty tiax colle'cted1 balance DeCLicemcr 3,198 20:1 8.
for 1898
" anLount of delinqiuont tax collect
S 431 i_ 1 4:34
To balance ireem tr 6, ollct1897 $ 9 1 ly amount paid to state treasurer $ 15 i
aornt of property tax (ollect Ilncu December 5, 1898 35
for 1598 4. 74
$ 5:3_ 971 531
To baalseit Decemer 6,I. 18117 $ 9,01941 53 Iy nm .oll uit of arts id $ 9m,247 7
" iltllltllnt (If prIopIertly tax collectel " iaolllt Of Interest 01(hl on slame 43 o
for 18198 1077190 tranisfler to state examniiner's fund 75 II
it (lt (of del inllent tax collet- " alollnt of taLxes Ir'funded : :71
li for pre'-itus years 598 8:3 " balance I)ecelmber 5,1.918 11,:0 5
" annitt lof pr(it'lltly tiax colhected ,I0181
" anliuiellt (of r 1'etiSlsuler'S fees for lie
renses issu4ld 27 001
X21,070 12 ,. 1. 11 I:
To al liance Dtl)imber O, 189'7 $ 9,111 00 By amout f warrants paid $1.4:1 1
I" L(L0(LO[t If plroperty tax collected " anllout interest paid on saite 413 ii:
for 18118 .327 04 " (anlotlnt paid olt expense orders of
" Intonlt (If tdelinquent tiax eolleI't- COllIlly cler 843: 7;
edl for Inreioulis yetlrs 494 60 " balLnce I lecentber 5, 1898 10,18( :
S" tlnou llt of pIenalt I y tax collected 14:2 04
" 70 per '('t (f licenses collected 5.t3.:3 78
" itll(llnt of fees paid in by county
(lrl( 1,79725
(" amIloUutof fees piad ti ilny theelerk
of the court 683 75
" illnlltllnt iof fees p1aid ill by 1-1ti
slcherilt 21811 0
827.1, 8 41 $37.-ii90 41
To tbalance eCetlber 6, 1897 8 li,li6 i By amounlt of warrants paid $ 6,380 Ii
a"mnlonlt o)f iprolperty tax collected" "a oimlunt of interest paid on Slame 541 u 1
tor 1818 . ,f1 29' atnloltlllt of special tax refunded 1.2,It III
" anmtt Of deli luentt tax collect- "" amount rebate o in laxs N
ed flor previou ersel :"1112 7 " balance IDecember 5, 1898 7,530 t7
" anmunt. lenalty tlax colhet'l.d 935
Santount slpecial tax collecteid, 1898 1,3,9 00
amnloullt of speelita tax collected
for previous years 130 00
$1.771 :32 $15.771 ::i
l)Dt. POOR FUND. Ca.
To IbalitIe DIecener 6, 1807 $ 91:3 09 Ily amount of warrants paid $ 1.994 51
"'mlnIlllt Of spetisal tax collectl- ai" ttitint of interest paid oil sa.ne 83:
edl by tllhtessesstr 1,117 60 " mnllltI of special tax refunded 88 01
"atnllunt (of special tax colhlect- " balltoe I)ecenlber 5, 1818 1,134 01
eli by the treatsurer 1,578 40
" aloulnt of delinquent tax ((ol
Icetedt for previous years 1 310
1" 111etunt o(f penllalty tax collected 1 49
" alnloult of special ttx collected
for previous yea.rs 188 00
8 3.7991 8 $ :1.7939 88
To btlitncee ]icember 6, 1897 $ 5 ,18 28' I y aImount paid on interest coupons $ 4,500 Oil
ti al(unt of property tux collectedl ' "toulnt reba:te oi taxes Il
for 1898 4,763 51 balance December , 1898 6,101 50
r inlonutt oIf dlinquenlt tax collect
edt fIor previous yearts 241 38
Ilntoulnt (f ptInllllty tix colllected
for previous years 06 28 1
]10.1 11 410,89:; 45
To bialace I)ecembert 0, 1897 .5,0,3 22 By aInount iapportioned to district
"itinlount of lprolperty tatx collected s l:hol funds 812.11 01
1 Ior 1 u98 9,527 114 ' balI:nce December 6, 1898 4.67)) 12
StImoll it Of delinquent tax collect
ed for previous years 411 54A
amount of penalty tax collected 78 38
alnolunt Itf lines aldtl i y Iyjus
(ices of thell pa(: 1' 1750
am i onlt eceived froln tlhe state i
treteastnrer 1,094 3oI
417,281 98 117,'181 18
To 1bilat nc I (en mltber 6. 9897 $13.677 ii By amouint school orders paid $18.711 84
" ,l.nlntlt (f llroilerty tix telle.tlell "(tnltullt ,ndsand I:oipons paid 2.11:1 "'
foIr 18!18 t 10,364 " Italanice Jecember 5, 1890 11:.8:0 I
el fot telri p uis y'ta's 513 87
inlolt d(f s i t(I fort tlluin alldy
a"nlollt depositel lfTrr sale of
})on(tls 5(Il 00
tt anlount at l iiorl ntled fro m gehertl'a
I'in110l1 fnid 12,ill 911
,.817874 454:17.8:743
Toa tltlc, . I')ceeni (Ir II. m1817 4 2 70 By aImoUntiof tax sale CIrtiflCates te
,i lItulnlut 5r'l'eiv5'l' flr~t redetnllttillnl deetned(l $ 830 0:1
of tax stalte l:tll iltiattes 404 18i " ]atlaltc:e DIecembr 5,18980 iso
To tiIllnlnllt ndalt lsfel'LIred from IontltIln- ii iy i I h tlil paid oni orders of eounty
ln. TAX ItEFiUNII FI 'N). Uii.
TIlO anln ll t rislf.re r rlll tOn 1bnd I By ainltoullt of taxes refunded 8 1
attd ilit 'ees, t (1(14 ,5
8 0 i 4
Top aiont trallSferrd from general I ly itlount paid to state treasurer $ 71 III
To bahatce teceniber 1897 4 1.07 97 By amnountlt pasid estate of Josepll
ti" aonlitilt depositcd to tll. Irellit (If lumblte, dceased 4 ±110 13)
thle estite of .Josephl Iiliubllet, te- " Ialt tlcre on hatnd Jamnes Kanes
ea·usftl 30" 08 ('SttlO 1,127 )7
" haIlan lll haltnd ,loiteph ilumble
tat* o (81
To lmittIll of 1)ropelr8y tax tolltitnI(ll 1 I tl R 1(CCu Decemiber5, ,1818 I 417 7
S1.417 7 4 1.417 .i
AmiouInt, is Ires'n, r"i'y Dei. It, 1117 :1:I)1 II 1 O5 1 Anion Il o nlillleal fiiiid llrraInits
Amouit olll i elll' l lix llt'i l, I1 ,-i!I5 I, I paid il 9,217 17
Anltoni.t'l f liitilm ll iltl .Illtiei ll d Aliinil oI f interest paid oi same 4ii 5631;
fo' fCesI iis V Ii i il roh's 1: i1 Anlolln L lllilzrll. f ll fi) d WI a 1 Ln I"S
Amo nio t iif'i'i t ev t 0 Iin xhl olorS' he fir'l 151,4:14 13
A r . 'iilso yil'oe.s .11 s i4 . lilli oIf Iiili'ei' sl it Iid lI sa11 e2 415 I l
A inio IIl si ni l'l l po ii' 111s n1 I i A fIII )iiA ioi'sld f l' lllll d :IIIII S e il 1 3d i
of tliii' ro' 1,4,00 AiiiiiiiI if I :lii I i iiiids 4,Sili, Ii!
A A m o ns I if f i li ti o n nd 1, 617 i i A lii if p xioo fo n txiii' p d f lie:
An i)111it . 1 fl I', paidil ill iby h. utsl y A il lll lll e r r h sI I l llslj . 1:II3:
o) hlo ) l 11 0 'i) " »1ii7 fl .1 ll li ll''l iof il r st pal id on i tllsi 14,50 )
A l1 ll nt I sl of es i 1i l i' yii i i t I iii IA n of lt 1 'tl fit I( I o ih i f.' 1 ,
A u i psiiiiii(Iliii i ni i t iiliil lul nI iiiin'li , 'isih eri s, Iisi's ln
I l fi I :3'I I 8\40 10 ti IRi li 11 01 2 i., l
A 'ml n III tsll (1(1 mon ys lad'lll , liA m'o.lil i ii fu rroa'd fi rf ndid1i4 5h
:\-t i 18:1111 iii:1 t 0 ) 1111
iCntjll pr t perrtyd 1::1 i I Ills un e :I(: I11 ,
x.ln lIreas t r.(l.h IIII 'I·t'. Ili i''l lllti' III llllll ' 5, 995ll"' fln d 7152 I 'l , 1
iun t il tl l 1I12,I9 1 oifI $ 8I, Ii ll lll.'i f tlllll I rlli1
l iS1'1(1 11Illi' o I y Ist m IX Is I'I: l fuNl 1 'I Ell 1:1f1 18 0!
1 Alllilm nlf I)o.pI tl,<dl d n P ril l hhill Ith e II\ I l i0 l( p 11 I y uh e llll t Iti o ,
r l l i "i-, i 2211 fund
12 nllbig i l ' 1.2 1 h1; i''i f I$L1, I ',11m n
o i filll n I i'I lli , iiI ill Il ! lU;i' lfli I i :', 'i <l' l hil fIs l
. UdIe h ll'l w illlS Ii:x i
i_ '%Iv'IrA 'I IN'IN III' \V".\I:l.\NT' 10°I'lI! +%NiI IIEII[I;I 1'(111 TIlE 1 I'::L\L.
l lit. (+It.
Gtenera'll fundlt X ll'll l.fsllditlh 111~t'1 1 ftlllld Wnri'atlllslplll (] ;i0IIl
1111 ' f iihi r I, I 7 0 !,11 30 ilt'h d '1111durit t y1 11Jr 1) 13
8o61 . i v 1 111 t 1:t Id P u in 0 11 ]11(1 W ar· e s 1:
N(ilme ifld Wmii mli e'l lll imli ' ' :l'jl I - 1(h Il lll vII
U I 1ln : itei lllh + 1 II,'ll ' i1'»l 1 47 I' 11(1'11 ill lllh lli ellll i 15,41 4 183
(l il' l t h yt';ll 10:,N'0 o1f I b .li, N ve lllll' , Ions. 7i0.57: l
Kloserd fund Iw1'l':l ' ' l' n 0 ' I ,(,Ii 1111e ) 111i11i l : 0rill l aid ll)111 e 1
00 1)el'llnhuq, I, I,'!)- 11,,0 »0 1'thI d ith e yeai 11,3011 07
thle ylll 10 17 ::' elil lT lliI' , 1,1 18,17 .'
'ms,;i ii'' ,
Pool: fuy nd l m al'ty? lli'( 1 (hag P llll, f d li'li i il ild
5 I 11_ .1!5).i :,' 11
TI.\ I11,el'l00 .111 711o' 11 1:.,.
{fowled in ,h TA'I I' . 4.11,T ' I.I IIILIT1E. A, |) l in _1.0 )01 f nd .1.
.9i8Its91o[A I I1r I ' 'i,.
ASl7'ii l d i fi . Ills i lli') h~i7,, ti 11n 0' Ill 1 'iiihis',l ''xi'II 111,if10 !::9 i
(;ewri~ll~q foodl~l wValll';(llll. lllsll1 ll llhl( 9,9.!1, 1 1;.' l nee ill 'oad fu d
luon ill ifid rrll l ll a d- 1llllll i fond 1.: ii
linr1. ½ ' 'x I 117 it , l f ili( I ii, )
Imoand fu dW :ll~l'lloll~il 1idin I0.:I19 N,.t' hidhl',llas . .
Poorn n flld w1iilr Illl leels):) ()dill!; ,,10:) : 1i:i 0,,r i -
A ' l '' II"s on 11 , 2,i,, \ 1i-.
ra1in ts I,,S,', 51'+
_19 1 ' 1 ;11 . I !'SIII i ;
....7.. r
l l l llll ll ll hlt lll-l l 'l l' .yltl
ShI'h ll' ll' . ll' l r , '....lil ill.
N t n 1 i 1 11 1 1 x1 '
I IIlTe I lllfil l I 11,11· I th 111" I'>
y ( 1 T Fllliy ll,1111\. \. •'1 1111
0 L lts l'lll'nr i 0i 711 . I
f is `Uimi) Ill. :" l i'I ' ihr l 1. -'i
-1111,1 , hil 8
El'st l '. . g1 11 1
1'. . 1111 Id1 : 71
10)1(1~ : ,hd "I a l (o ill :,11 :,0
1 i1.1"11 1101
IAmou til, flft'x 0.1' I00; 111
A li ri[ll l o l to , ':\l 'r I', lo:ht'i ' l , i \,'1, , ( I
1i 1111(1 p)1 10
I'll (I',+ , ll ' -.'I ' I i
. .....Si '1.II11Z 711
ASS. I+:,<>511I ;>,' t <N' .'- !11 - - -
A mountoii l ()hf I'r oplll' asi rl. d fl y ,\,,,o",,I , "1, 'h lo,. Ii o
rl ' al 1 1 10'l l l l 0 1i ' .0 ; - 0 5 0 , 1 0 0 1 0t l J
A nlounl1(I1(I or I;:l ilrol ld -r1r -14 ~ 1 ILJ,:I ;.111:i )11,11 1 ,:)
I o. T I'; I" '' \'1 A [ UN T I N 1 ,
Folr Slatel' PII'l ),+,,:
\\'11 I,',rl." .t.10 0
:\ T.1''I'%(I"R .\L if t
Count i (Clerk's (tlie.
II ,tttilton. M nt..
Slbr ntli(er 20, I 9o
Notice is liretby given hii:t 111i
I uird f ( t Cortrii-,ion ers of i .ti allii
c('iou ti , :lilout;in.win ill nP meet ill ;l.c'ial
I-c . < i l l o r, 19 1 1 c ' !; (If ;I lll i ii i I
I ii , R lt l:r: s ' tlan k. i. i ii., It t ii
Colnty Clir, k l I ilice, i IIij ilt it o
iMonta a, f'r ti.i 1( lirlp s itf trt-i'
altii g thi following busin., viz,:
1 it. To organize..0 and elfect a in-wy
geirt and ti:ii agent iof te emtiai
stolers iin all ratt.ers 'ri iril ie it
tentiton when lIhe boardi; ld i o ii -
3rd. T'o i<sue: ani oirder; (lielreil
(ece+sary re gun+linl I1 fali l+'i", of t ho
coutlty, tin rind'.t of its burinie'
arind the duties .tf its , fli'i als.
4th. To 'i ai;r' n and l( iernl;itur nt
arrrangermentsl ivith trhe tV.i ,f ilam
ilton for th1e ust, of h 1e town j;til.
5th. A nlt l ithl r bu-ities orw!Jiil
riruy Coni Ir' llarly be tfo're tihem.
iVy order (d I lih iioril(i of ('llumir -
(Gov. smith hias s.(t tto Con(i ''rr;
ntin-ele( t Ca(rultbell, Iudilue lIrunt Iv,
Judge Piggot and II. (. litilekert
their certificates If ele'ctiun.
Arid anid Srtate (, ranrt,.
1WIasll itrti,. I tie. 2. l --S.enatiri
. (:W';Ll'l.'t fJ~iil. l- r;lllt' i] "il Il),t)Ii l ooo
arS; of lari Ito Nevadait was amnlle.iltd
by the ;mate l ( ornulittee on irri.,a
Siin aind reportedl ht V riatltr Warren
l+ lt '. It arlaI t; ,3,( nllt l acre, to
et lh it' the ari' latd l t;lt e< for lih
plurl'p , tif bilng use'd extllu-iv'ely f,1r
ir 'i, tl i<ill pl re ,o ,';
"The ob' tit- tr" (if itht hn lnittee
-et, fort h the pulitrpe of th e bill to
be to enathleh tihe ari ald st.ites to
IrecIhlilil their dei.it in s. It ptro
tiei- ll titi, ha hi lr; s whii h are II not
ai tiiatle fo.l' 1il 0 ofr mlli elPral. of
a r121itl iiture w, it hlut It irriJation, shall
he pr;alted ( uilim r the lp'npoid law.
The lands are to bli patented to the
ei'vir'il stlte., anId fl'" art' il turn
to ie rtiled, lehaed or sohil ti the
ttI' uinder su-ch 'ws ril(] rmtiulatiolls
SIml libe' pre'er.ibed by tlhe Stiate.'
he ihlature. Thie prceeds of the
hail .;les are to ie divuteit by each
-1l:te to the lecl;atliation of the arid
Land- left undi.po.ed of.
Indorse'd thle .4peiuch.
-eattle, Wa.ll'h.. lie. 21.-At a
tieetitng' of Milhler list, (. A. It., it
was urtartilloul.st ,i, redi that a nies
'tae |e sent to the president indhr
-ing hii atl, atld .sperches in the
outlh, . tspei;lly with reference tot
thte care of the confedetrate dead.
IT F. i~i tots- I ti. Lee Mlint~e, Buttc; Hon
't' u. If ( prlpe, Itel 111
IRepriseit'llivle -tion. C S Il.Hatnman, Boze.
i1 II· fll: l ll. '` i: (lll) 5
(:ieiriiiie u I~r I t., i i i Fl.
rll,il Ot governor--:A. 1:. '1,; I r s.\ CLIloon
"r'r."tIl lI of i-Oat,"- 'I. ý111. II T. :III. t
""t1lti .\ nlli4 or"- 'I'. \1. I· I irll,- t't*
'I'r;":Iliov -'1'. l:.Colin s e h.
\t ieni y I .itiit -- t. I. Nu it.
ni~t if Iti ii ti~nlulil 'A Cltleton,
Iii, ittcl'lnl \\.'' Pk U lott
i'lrl ntl Iii'it Cour -I:1. W le'SeriI.
X it~ t IIdn" i ii ti I I f.i oo v
utlityI o D istic line --:Il 'II. 'ee'.
lI;"ile lli'1 II. t 11
It~t ý'~ i"iiii-hi tl oertvr
IVAS I .II.I . 1 I) Itll) lit; .
Sheriff (Cvanalllghl otf Dtawison Killed by
ait A sus,. sin.
(;eItlive, linhit.. lD,'c. 24.-Domi
Iliikr: (, Caivata ilulh. whli was finishing
his siOtld te11 ;i shelriff if f Dawson
nntl r, wil) w-, ele.htedl for a third
terlll. was fonndl fIilly nmurdered this
nmriii4g at davlilht near his barn,
within it) feet it' hi' lih ise. Two
fractures were fi'utld (I toll of his
skull Ittile wit h :I shovel handle.
Ilis hat and a: small parcel were found
within 15 feet of the bodtly and all
indlicationlls ]p tint tIo) the deed having
I (b e e nI c( ' lt l it ( t h .t \ + ,le e t `i a n d 9
o'lock 'l. t. niai.2 t. The cowardly
iliuridirer lay in wait for the sheriff,
lho was: knliw\l t visit the stables
(every liight beforet lit retired. His
siofl fell hal shiwe.,I t he iarks plainly
of li he wire wrapp) dl ;ii ourl a split in
fle hI;in(Ie l)' I( 11 ho.-h el V, ilh which
i- wti, "I retek. II' was kinlown as a
feaclIe, oiliier in lie dii-,ll' Irc'e of Ilis
lltV . .A il iii if n ll e(' tlllnder
s 'picin. \\hiin 1t-l seen- i Iisteven
illi was eti-'1 _ I ielli\\l(d by a man
\VhIPo - WV l. Ilin ,\ l. he .l tl SUSpic
rll (lr 'll lriil ri Niis, u t ii l' r i---i
c lfllir f jl Ill i lI 1 III ll,\ l l). i ft l Ii
I'," IIItitii lil I' 11'i,"- t I s, ie l ] tWO
'hihi lrr t ;tr o tl a I 't llt .r ti l sister,
\ ii ait Ire ul(,\ -il itlli ill the east.
lThe cri.I, rIu\ ,l t e 11 itizents of
Wh utliv, t,, Il l,_al ine onitel should
IaI-( IlI' -l 'i I triiiitr It' " I- II' -l' (t t tothe
Its il l' el t. I ('lI; t, hil ,. i .. S i l leti andil
A. Ih. I'.I p .I .ll . i -ll'i r leit lie walls
illf"+ I jI ril. l i' ,. i!l j. l t 1 le
whlil.h ih le hli , tllit .ir nill . l l t e
t I XIpI l '+ ll .r IIn ' ;l l f; , l ;w d rl . .l ia ll. e .
i iun.rf ll t\\ill lie . I ,lld iv the
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You may rclt ui.on it. lJ. Miseor.

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