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The Ravalli Republican. (Stevensville, Mont.) 1894-1899, December 28, 1898, Image 2

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The Official '.npor of Invalli
JAS.'E. STEVENS, Editor and Publisher
tioll'slould E:tSDlA(l ssdrd to tile REPIT l R i(A,.
The legislature of Montana meets
in bi-ennial session next Monday. and
ode of its duties is to elect a United
States senator to succeed Senator
Mantle. The assemblly is overwhelm
ingly democratic, owing to the split.
in the republican party by the cry of
'free silver " which had been taken
up by tile democrats in order to
secure oflices in the silver producinu
states, and which is followed by a lot
of people who could int tell if they
were asked what - free silver " meant
but which they have been led to he
l;ve would be a panacea for all
ttoubles and permit the majority of
people in the west to live and grow
rith without working. These peophl
have followed tile demuocratic batlner,
forsaking thos' colors behind which
floyr formerly ma rchelied to the refrain
of " Protectionl, Itimetallisnl and
Prosperity," inot forgetting that the
democratic party never slid do a sin
gle thing or pass a single act when
inr powcr that would enlhance the
price of silver or even keep it at thile
price where it was left lby the repull
licans when that party surrendered
the reins of governlment to demo
cracy. They had beett told that tonlv
through democracy canl silver uine.s
again be worked in lMontalina,ad lost
sight of the plain fact that it, was
uitler a democratic administration
that silver mines were forced to cluse
gnd tIhat many of these said mines,
like those of Granite county, harve
been re-opented aud are now success
tully running since the republican
party took hold of allairs. They were
told that only through democracy
could good Itilmes coluie again, anld,
like natuial born d'ots,.a great mnanyt
just opened their mioulhs and swal
lowed the elatemnent witihout inquir
ing what ingredients of truth there
were ill its ncoclltion.. Thleye han:
seeni in the past eighteen. nit.ot hs
times growing heitt er atnd rilre! prl
perous; have seenii It(ioey easier to
get iold of, molure mines working and
more labor etupitlyed ill the state ofi
M\iontana; have wit.essed tra itns
loaded down with Ierclhandise, pir
.dutce and passengic1s come into ato
go through their stale; have haI;
more eniployienit ant gootd wages andl
have had more miotne and lived bet
tel thia. through alil ti.e' four year's
when demicracy ran the busiless of
the coun try. They had realized, scoin
in their owni persons, the harid ttie,
and the sufferings; t.h armny of
tramplls and the shutting down of in
dustries: the bral Iing Iof tantks and
the closing of busilne houses undler
democratic policies-aitl yet, with
their eyes open, wenit and voted to
put that party baek in charge. Anil
because a lot of such people temponlr
arily took counsel of anything be
sides their own commnon horse senise.
and followed the ignis fatutll iof
,'free silver" into tiie democratic
swarit}, the Uri' io il)en protm
lse., illtilled pledges aitd general all
round failure in making practice
"jibe", with theory are once mitore
on top in Monitana, and will C(lon
htrol, without opposition, tile selec
tion of the next United States sena
tor. •
t.ut we did iitc, start out to make a
political article of this, but rather to
speak of the (oitning senatorial con
test. As noted at the first, the
democracy has its wiwn way in the
matter, and that party alone will
have the choice of senator. (ttie
copsolation in ,ill this to republicans,
wto ,are, citizens of Montana and
desire tile welfare oft heir state above
mere party sup!remacy, is that there
are, after all, a inuiber of good men
armong tile leading.demuocratsof Moin
ta-na wiht ace also gotod itizens andi
who ithl people of Montanai wonld not
be ashamed of if any of these were
sent as their representative in the
highest legislative body in thie land.
There are various names already sug
gisted by tile press for this high
hoor, and we presume there is a
dark horse or two in training: The
uames mhost prominent at present are
W.. G. Conrad of Fort BIenton, one of
the old stand-bys of tile democratic
party in tile state, the tirst mayor ol
the city of Fort ilenton and one whi
has represented his county in the
legislature. Mr. Conrad seemnts te
have hopes and is already in Ilelen
looking over his fences. There it
William Wirt I)ixon of iButte wlI
has already represented Montana ir
cougress, who is an estimable okl
gentleman, a goord lawyer, but hardlŽ
of senatorial timber. There is ex
Gov. Toole of ielecna, genial Jo(
Toole, who has the experience gainec
in the lower house of congress an
territorial legislature, has ability ant
fine presence, and of whom no Mon
Maoan would be ashamed. There it
W. A. Clark, the Btitte millionaire
twice the choice of the senatoria
caucus of his party and twice withir
a-few votes of thie coveted honor, buti
wlho, unfortunately for his aspira
'ions, is at present at outs with thl
as notlll lll e I' l h' tri' ( ,ly onsi de l' l ia
lllthan a mlent"l'onle from Anacondav'
Iconib the L In n ies n itll two utle ten
Vho ;lareel it lets to srrioI s conlsidera
tCin)). ()nt is .1. 11. liurstin, the able
editor of hil lli(' ll tInda l lardl
who wouilld llak'e a;i able sienator if
knowledge oif alflairs, ilntimacy with
leading nl1)l) of Ite lnation anllld uln
do bteil l ahilityi were tlhe ml\' con
sideratii o . hl o'l h th,) is i lhl . E. I).
Ma 1lc, one stal; Isle ator flrom MIii i s
soni'L ut i til . il n whic h )l al)a citl he
acilihived Ili< priclipial reputation by
tlhe brilliant and scii hing speecl that
knitoked the la l leg from Clerk's
senatorial light. of 1ý93. Mr. Matts
i, it natural orator and has other
gifts' thltt would enable him toi creed
ita1hly repllrese..ll t l .latie. altihouih
manyl people have Inot ah idea lthat
his 'oire is 1lll thl crel is to the 111;11a .
All i'f the f Ilii II hletiuIdl havell I
frienllds lllLand chall pin old t nless
l1he winner has alre'ly been chosen
by t.hnoe whol are able to swing the
uenil er, to their way of thinking it
promises lito be ais pretty it light, as
one would like lto witnliess, with the
flieol d1' r 11 cho1ice agains1 t any onLlle.
i. prolonged deadlock, it would be it
very iple mattililler to ltrh tirnii ithe
whole hunch ;iliid call on the real
leader of Mointitna dlil'emocracy, the
uiu i t ,o l.tu I lie chief credit for thle
de oiu cratic leg'islalire majority is
diOue, a111d c'lear lhe whole atmlosphere
without leaving anly rankliingl SoCres
by unainiiously centering oi Matcul
I)ly. We 'believe that would he the
best solutlion tlo the whole aiiffalir, and
we are certalin thalit his selection
wotukl i;hlese ilore people in Montana
tlla that of any other, Mr. Daly is
vitally iintere;tcd ill the welfare of
Montanaliii and lie has 1 1done more than
any ither one maII to advance that
welfare. lie hailts ilnot spenot his wealth
)t 'iile Iof the atte,', likle sonIO, nor
lhas he oliirddl iti. like others, but he
has put it ill circul'ati on lit a pracli ticail
way which has gi.vei thousalids of
'other me Ii chance il oi . iprlove theiir
icilrui ili'ta 'es. Ile knoil ws lihie needs
ofll e'ery sect' ilnl lIof 1 lie1 state, and
(coli hIt' dependel d uilpoln i keepthern
all in mind. Ilis selecttion woul, d bie
hiltaile l w ith satisfa1 ion lh ' roeplubli
e;ns ais well 11as democrats, land it
would he the happiest outioe(of the'
willie contest.
.oohl s Ifyru, ' taro nll spll cto o'f (Ir)-.ll
inl I.s i ti mt00ll report Ictilo e oear
hve donlle a, only tieml l prarily. On
lduclers lh ve res-,il(d niatie (oper-il
tion....' The .n(IIe irtlmpression that
|paplers, buit i here cones soime evidence
I;n rt lit btt;al from an unexpected
,uriie. - 11r. Iyrne evidently cannot
tell a lioe, even to favor the ridiculous
contention referred to.--Yellowstoune
Miles lHomney, lhe sage of the
Western News, left, yesterday to
attend the ineetint of the Montana
State Presi association, which promi
lses to be an imporl ant onte. Miles is
about the ionlyl newpaper man ftromt
liavalli county that will attend.
The publisher of this paper would
have liked very ntouch to go, but an
overplus orf work just at present pre
enlted. tHowever, lie will be with
the boys in spirit, and hoipes their
meeting will result in good to both
the editorial and business ends of the
various papers of the state.
SenaLtor hilarris. of K n.is, attrib
utes the defeat of tile populist party
in that state to good crops, good
prices, g(oot times generally, and at
good national administration. A
party that de pends for perpetuity
upon the reverse of these conditions
is certainly n()t entitled to come to
life very otften.---(lobe-enmocrat.
NSar Death's Door.
iHelena. )Dec. 2it.-Mrs. DI.W. Iisk,
wife of one oit f th le owners of the
Hletn IHerald, and ahdatghter of' the
late Major Walker, U. S. A., and
niece rof the late .lamee G. Blaine. is
near to death's door from a complica
tion of Iroublles that originated il
stomach troubles. It is feared site
canlnot survive many hours.
Helena, 1'oe. 27.-Mrs. D1). W.
Fisk died this afternoon. 1Her sis
ter, Mrs. O. J. Salisbury, of Salt
Lake, was with her.
A Biroken Leg.
M issoula, l)Dec. 26.-Charles tudge
is lying at the Rankin hotel tonight
I with a badly broken leg caused by
I his horse falling upon him this after=
noon. Dodge was riding down lat
tlesnake valley when his horse slip
iped onil some ice and fell heavily,
striking the rider's leg. He was
I found by Will Edwards who brought
hint to town, Dr. Ilu'kley was sum
mtoned and the fracture reduced,
Dodge is well known here, having
been a sergeant in trotop) F, 3rd U.
S,. volunteer cavalry.
Delinquent Tax List
FOR 1898.
- -8
Oli,,' of !nI o' 11min1 Trv'e ur'ltrr of Iltav\alIi ('Iounty, I
Notile is hiern-, given t i that tit oi fllowist I 1lt1tlil t pll, it. 1' lt t .i)lN5 and a des
vripitiol o'f th( rta1l piropery situated in tihl ('unt11 } of ' itrliattlli, I ( whic1h is dt linquent for
lst.x, du. tile fCounty oit tra lli, for' 1Ith y-rt:l 1l, 1h th(II ai ouir nllt of' tines5 tlue opposite
I:iles the taxes, so delillsnqu nt :is Lfor i n idi i. titIL r i- p I ii lth ih ; Intfll persentage, are
paid, h(: -r:ll property 01x111 IV l ll . h1 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' t (' 0 11 twill he +)llI 1t put li( atu(tlon upon
ilvlent, under my hand thiist;lst ltday l1i' Itl"mller. s115.
I. K. n ll II- S,
(lintlrly Tretlsulrepr o(f RIavall County.
Anderson, Robert............ Nosr ihw ;is i1it-n? r 1.f iion 31, township 9 north
o)f ru i-r., a i,, 1, 130 m'rS ......$ 3 453
Artl 'ersonl, Anna ............. (1.1 :3l.IIl , hbul+ k I;, nolb)billr ' t(hliti rlll to) .I .vens
Adair, T................... (O1 u sit 1 ,t1 t ortt est tarter of sie
tiot 1" 1,1 , I 'Y', ,1 ,"1 of ( :"21 west,1"40
x(..... 16re;
A F & A t1 .................... Lit 1, hlulk I, . ': , t. , ilh l...... 1 9 10
ilIg lllnackfoot Milling Co... Southw st 1 iit0 hrr i f-p ( tutio i S. townsship 9 Inorth of
1:11,:1 24 1 ititi-s, Nirtphi:-sst sits1.??? of
se''til l :;1, 11 11,1,1hip) 9 io0"h of ranger 21 w11(s,, 160.
Ilayi. .. ............ Lots 1, 2, Indl : iln . 5s, Steve sviill. 4 50
ltiu l I, . C...... ....... .... Lot 1, bl i, lits l t11 ari d I:t , blo k 13, lotsix
luiraly, Jihi .. ..... . East hfilr ,t lth- nrtth? t5 quat rter",-t tl. . soutshwsst
i(l t' Isre1 1 .lt h t11111 l, I liti ll'o.ar ',11ti11 e II, tl 1r
l t iof t t oti n l7 tnt- I r, sel tio 10, -iw-ship
i . tth sit, i1s-lt itt1:11- st 1, t i tt -res ...... 23 14
Ii..ougl.h.. 1~f . ................. w t111h '11 l, )1;3 f h1"nl(ll L( (.lll '0ti l , iIthe (list luI:tf o
tilt-st( it1s-tilt,*' ,I 1lit lhi"i sI o SititIs-t lo-I-P)i itt tue
io0 h of 1iP n. l ,, , I; . .. ....... :0- h
tllrto. Willam ...... . I()lU e-1t11i rh 1 st1t(' lu s i lotsi 3ltandl 1- block 7, S'it \
i\Pis 1i . ...I. . .... 11
lltul.ha ltn . AI ........... ....... I. I 11:111 lf o '11 t lh u tltlh:st uarter , titi ill th Ihalf
ofI lh lth1 , 1 q u .11 1, 111 t11' sit hl lll ofi.-tht
othwI Il li 'ht. l Sl Ils- - - glarlell of l
tiic ..imitt..at q.l'rsts otf 1vto i t i s 1 0, t owlns.ehit
0 n11111 of 1:1i1)t 19: IA Ml tltwsetst (tuart.er oft t ihe
Sou t1\ P 1 11 r': itir o sf 1(I :t1) township 8 Inort4hs I i
(laker, It 1 .................... Soutif hl ll oif h1 ,outlw ist-ls? qull ster, hless 2 s icPes,
tof s t1ti ts ti. tis to si. Pit II Ioish of Prange 19
w i'St , 1 t'1, t...... s1 67
lIaldw il, ............. .. .. .. EastIIII h luf (f 1 1( .fitll h ,t' 111rtlllr'II I 11oI h11 1 5t' (u tif ri '
Ist> IIIt ( lilltls it itl 1111:11t'11" t 5 stttitstll Its ItII -I lint
11orth of 111b_1':21 ws(tI, 110) .. . . 9 G2
Iltler. Johl ................. SPoutllheastlL Ilull 1(,I' t of the nortI3.hs\v(t u(IaI*IrI' [ofse·
tLl si :t, )t .'llsltip 7 111o1(h of ltlllge 21',estLI ,40
liartholonlmtew, A M .......... Lot 191, h11s , :i, l la1iltl . . . . . .
lurk , tRichardt ............ lNostlls1 St s ' ~l itI' lst , sI 111 -iS t( I -lllsat s', tlsI lots
1, 4.3, t- i itt1 s t1. !, i s tinolt s 33st, -1townshipt1 4 inortis t of
r 1i2ig 1 i . 1 v, 1 . .. .. . . ...... 7Il l
Itam, \Valla e B....... .. . iWestit l of Imir olht 1111 s 11s1t i s lstuni l(l, il1 .southei astl
ItI islist1 t - ll - 11oJft1ili-s1t lilurler, ltld tilli north
t siltli lis tl.' t1 s5 th1its 1, quarlslt r of slcspios
-4, Iow11nship:! 111"(10 o f a'n egse t[0 w 1 't acres . . 1 ,3I
litowni , LiV A .................. Inttlltrs its Ih, 11 l Ins' 1 the i othe, st ( uarter,
t11 tni1t''1s0 itt the 10 ti half ot t11 sioutteim st
- -(illl " Il ito 51 V1 it , wnlhip t it )til of rangetn - - ,
lit- isute, 5:1 n(I, xt n stl s t.... sit i 4t' lt
ean, 'Mary E .... ...... .. Sou ifeast 1 tlt t'int o -,ti ti t :;:I, township notrti oft
, :0 ( t1 i, 1 tilt,, - . .... tt. 11 01
hlotdgett, ili' Y ................ hllt 'lis ill .t 111 11 orth\. 1 t 5 l:tIltl'tr of tll.. southt 'ast
lusl 1.1ss of roxt iol 7, towll-slsip 5 so -h ellf range 20 I
west, i. at '1 4i;
litla kenshiip, p, J ............. South h t of 1 lh s, hicat ,u. ter, Ii 50s uth ifI f
of tl h)ltI,\e.t (lua rt(l of Sectionl :4, towniship
5 "110(1If h )1 112a 1 2 115 , 1110.1n0 5. ... 20;3(1
IIal, Lizzio P ............. South lia " s, I h i orlthw -st luarter, eastl lii t of iTi,
soutlO ]IWet+ (! 'te' o 3 .ti(n 21, townsIhi1) 5 nol'th
of r1: ll l1 :'I \1 1t. . t,(O 1I101( . ........................ ........ ..... 6 54
11n s5n . D L (est,(..... .... West hatll ul' Ihf l nn lllhw.,t qualrter, th'. no(1111hast
lultrl l ' o -i, 11I I( \Vl.rl Iquartel, t111 Ilo't west
t t\iVii l h - -11,111ii Il'l t11 ( !1 Wlstt I It0-ilt -s- -.... . ...... 1 07
Iiinr sl , illiam .............. Intinestt i i f in s1Pll<rth st.
(IuIH i rq, ti" 1 '¢iora31, towvnshi)p 6 !iortiof lunge l
ltll th, A I5 ...t - ..... uL-- l It , 111(1)1 1. it t ii- lh ht-sit sll l s-pi ...tt xi i.1.... l.s .
8Ilu ri. W I{'r s ............... .. L, s lls 1i. h81111 . \ .7(.7.
li l sley, A If ................. Lot Isll tl (1 I i .l i t ilt , i Il tlll.t sitti ( i. l - ( Il i .s( h 4
Sf it.111 :111 if 111 1.t1, t I ll itlis I til ts 1 i iiO lC1iiontl
I l c. l ..i.... ....... Juot h eI 11 , s if . .f l s t I l 1, t 1t .s i. t e, l.t.(i l.i O-,ll .. 1..
h - tilt t.ftit- t Illl " '11111 1 i- It11' t e I1 p --( 1-.', 113 2ti. +.(;
tliiltt oA 1- list lxii1 10 wt-st, l,0 lires .. .-in - - - - - 1 t 4
i(' li\ln. 111 .................... L i ft i9, (l 7.1 I -i\' tsr\i ,t-w.. .. t
(':ti plnl,. 1'' W ................. ILots i tttf !I ill 11t,,t n 11. ( lortvllis ....--- s i h. 1o
('lark. \\'illitamn .............. Lot 3 in 111111 3, il ilt, l ... . ... ...... 02
('tlonollllll\ wealtiiL Ti to, Ins.
tlid Tru st Co .............. Etast 11half : of IhIle ,)lltI t.il(tulsarterilt o- f se('tiotn 1 3, the
l 1 011 11 Ill 11 111, it')1s it 2 II n slt-'I s hwirst 80l' 101t
t11 t t a't iifti 11fi, sl 111111"11 1 5tl11' 11' l1 f l thillll l Il1tltt 'it
ist'er(~tills 1 , Its 1,-i it ) tt I tnotih t lltt s iss - - - 4 19 west,
IlTll , , .. ... . ... . . .. .... I .1 : I l
C iapps, Marion ............... Nolllhtt : lf r llht itn lhl s Isii Ualisters stilhe utheass t
l airttl f th1I- 1 . , I i t ll r' 111d the north- 1
east pllatlt' rof t111' soUth , :st uiItri rof slrti()on
tow1, 1 1 h)\V i not I( I)i . o h 1161. . li 21%vwest, 11:11 ArOs .... ...... 8 9
ongdlol, E '................ East htinlstf I t, oputi: it iu- it lirofs(-Section ieltowlr -
sh l s t111 l th s stl ts Ii I i i t i ig - ... s.-.. 4..............0
('se s15. O S ................. Lot i in hlt k 1 1. " I lon . .. .. .. . 6
iatlin, Mrs lt izzi- . .......... South 1hatlf of I11 i s.-oi s wef l ,st q tlll., srl, oif s l 23, the
i111('hwe t tlsi i t-ri ?f the nitiltlt iest ill irter1l, lessi
14 a res, of titon siOll. W lshipI north if rlllge
211 11,'1, INli nttS: aind one-half of Iots 1::1111d 16
i s 1., ott , (stfte) t....... 0orh halrl, t h it i.-l t l s t .l ......t... 27 89f
eist I tllpf o I s 111 1s tio h ilist iiii.terIl' settion 27,I
to\11llship i' 5 1 h (1r111 of r'11 n( 3t ) \.iS1, 1l61ll ( '(s . ...... 4 37
Cooper, Thos, .............. S tuth1s:l' t 1311:111'1111'f ,tit't)llo :L1I , ow\Vn1S}h! I (:1 '(rt of
ral ll l ' \t ,. . 1 );c ,r s . .......... .. .. .... ... ..... 18 . 1
)i.xion, (G'o IW ............... Soitihst ttt111111s iIs of tl i-)- norl- we-st ( -u --lter of
sell.stsos :3, I1i1s5 Ii.,)1s nortitfh si' slan e t20t west, 40
Dow, Alex ............... ... Solthw ,est l tt l :1.l, ol thl, so() lthe11''St (IIuatl r o'p f Set
tlssll 1: Ch13, ts lllll (tsti t i I i ttil'ru f it11, h otI iltist
lillsitter tilt l th11t' st il l h 'oft sit I11 ittPillst7i St 1 uLItr
ter- of Sete ion 11, lowonsil) 7 north t- riang 21i , 160
-hll: :i, i-st-Pil I tith half of i ll' ItOnsihws t sn t qluarter
of I tliol 21, ositu ihi ip 7 north Itf s nsg ,1 21 west, 0
1130() . I ( S ........... ... .. ...... 3o 5
Donley, N ii (estate)......... Lot 18 l i11111 I12. lRiver tsi de ...... 1 0
il)elsrmot , hn tmuelta......... .. East his lifs ' of i itP,, to .s11 ip 10 oit- .h of rt gts 20
D)avis, II G ............. .... South harlf l' tof t1 nr tlwsl t quarter, the nl2 ort-sii
.ci|st tt Iiii 1st I lts .I s I' i fi , i ittti()l- - --'- --, tlll/tlt t li
s ih iio111ivt, i II t'It the nortthest t u aiitt (i nlltr
lasiant, A ...... ... of.. Stit l I illt t 11lIPi's1ill (It 1 1i l s lns it of l altn. .it n estI
DeNiye.. lrs Julia......... West half o if th southw.st i uar'tt'' and the sonth
(east lisfti l l S'olil 1s? west iitipio' , ati oif Sectiton
It, lo? sip i northi if tirlige 2s 0 west. Ie 211 eS ...... 17 09
Downing, Ell s........... ..... Lots I, tuild 3 si ltt ionts P, i, s t)w hip . r th oif si lte
1 of 20 u-st s... .... i-0 4
Daw9ton-1 John C (est, te).... South h i l of 11" I hi nls stthi tstI luarttlll and lots 3 and 4
of so-t-(I hi- - to 2ship! nortllh of rainge 20 West, 100i
cres. ... ........................................ 4 0.
)ent, os..2..1.. .Lot, 1a ir b 1 3 . Isltil-on ...........
llykemaln, Mrs Julia.... Ws.... outhi if of 1t1- southwest quarterof lsection 124, tihe
nolirth half otf i tis nourtwPP st s uallter of sectioin
-tit i p t o tli i) i1 1111rh o1 llngl west. .1(0 ittacres .. 1 01
iDunhllam, A I .. .............. Soull lait 4I 1;I ltrl of 1t11 northeast n qutiartel of sec- 1
tion . lu is, t Otwt-ship s7 ii1 ..h Of r g( ?0,1) lc'P ...... · "
itss inport~? A ............... Lot i, Iltkti II. Itiv\ . .. ... .. . 1 0
I)iaon, tI T ............e .... . st n.is-s- lf o Ihe .tiinl si lws r'it sl.-p it, thts sousi'tisseest
tiota i, it lpsu itsi 1 ,Or'h Of i l'tii ge :ii1 West, 1(0 l
il.... 1. . .
o-ln, eirW L S.. . ........ We N el lst of - ihe I tlintiP si.t ouarti , iolrth half of then
lsoulihstl t Iss teI it f siest ios 14, townshit 8 no 2th2
rsost, ,sllths.... .... si I ii... se-t i thI nutn-t q sttdo f t isit si ssitit
sll ir of s it' sit en, ltwl i hiss - il t rth of range. i .t
)onaltdsonl Ed......... .... rWe ,st. hii lfi' s tIf i ~llhtlnti st ui s ll'ltt ', i th t t-nIst hltlf)f
thi-piollsiustms t. sattrspit if se tiio t s7 townsts ip 2
t h of -i- - - - 1) 391 .. ... ... 16 17
I)oltid ioln, Ail.t - -.. i.. Noistlihw s. t ulmill stlir t f tlli solltlii st nlutln er oft
ths , -silts e I mi sti . t al' of lti, NOuthwosss, tuaitCip
f' s t'io)1 5 ml ii ) 1 sit1 24t. l lust rfits ltluilst' :1i 014
Thades&cl 1, ......... t ...... l lNor tist It ishr ? I P s itf iisp o t10, towishisstl ! IlsieofIt
Slutist, still es. s I si ...,sss- tiI
Elliott, A E... .... .LotLO, lo I, St'v n ......ilh. .".. 1 o10;
Ehh,, At ].. ................ hot6i, hhb'l.c , IH\'ti'\'hw .... ) . )
Erway, E B................. Lot i, 7 lhsk 11t, I)tlry. .'n.- 10
I lslanitla n, Mrs Teresa-....... intelstsl i thsl? -iolluttliiu sti ( nutii s? Ilf I northwItI sti
na-ts-i of i tipr ot hi , ttwiinshii( atIet h cu f spiingt
10iL lS i stil sI't' st . .ts . .......... .......tnt-st .e t
Fortener, W 8 .... .. .. NortlSwiu st- xli i lrltsrs il f i hth noii thwst i l etl'.unatel' oft
ttswlshiptil7 siirts h lif s ait iisit 21 w t, sslld the south
hnssl iif I hi, s tsliltT, s n prtq i o f etl io n -I, ow f
Thilt I iirtt l oi ni s'tills 7 mtist, sit 0 tl'ti es liSt1s lee st.
ei thli stsI iii hwisit -listst of the 1oslnss lsp tuti i t
tp sti s s. itr tillhw shtIs s i orth - - r - 4i 0
w- stis2, Isn I' ur" . ..s.. I......t. 13s5
Florida, l lton............. Ihltit i ui' t l llst its i\vpu st it Uil'hri tll" the no)rthitiist
q itius hrteul hi s e siti n , itnt-sthi) :2 l lrIe nit ras- gi s 20,.
(unther, Kite............... ILot I1I, loI I. Gr nutsid iil .2 .s s...... .s.t.... ........i 4 s1
(Gowaln, R I.... .. Lota I itIil a . blh ck :it, I;raiitlsdil eh TowlitSie Co' 's
I i.tlldd: l s p is illlid :1, i l t in )le 7 hi ltlOe 5,Victori ...... 14t
Gritfotn, D (', (esta te)......... loutl liw pst slliu st i t t it- illrtl tst leuirtetsr, te
snorih\ei-t st Iisirth ot the s ssots lsp list dingtor,
iithe \\w'st l h:ilff 1 i1it soluthllwi st ultlirt ro tsectionl
o7, towilhip) I iirthi'll of ailngel p 1 ve.St, 16l l'es.. ...... 4 4!i
(ilimer, t hile ip Ao ..... ...... Loi , h udsk ,, i v eriw . .. ......... .............. 1
Gill)pttric k, ('iatatrinl .... .. outllhv t, m eitiii' ri' f theo rt( ' h\e.'t'sI (h ll:l'ta t'l , no(uth-I
wvstl ( II1 I'rter oif tht .ou)tlthwtest (tu rtett'tr o( f sectlonI
iei x, sowi ahia) 1v l ,rLh ot r iagts ,tlc-tsn, - - - - -r -. --, ...... 4i2
Groff, tlrs N E............... Isoutl- llt quilsri r f i. i lllthwpn St u- - , - i-tld lot
Wtst , 11 i s s......... .............. ..... 8 7
Otrnett, Gecorge H... . .. Stouth ha;ll" iof thl southllwt,.t (uartrltl ct ofs'etioil-ln +t,
to\wldhip 1 1i.llls of l'llgt: . W1 wPSt; the southwt st
quil'lrte' oif' t1Il nllirthvw .st quailltter, and lot, , of
( e.#er i A II ......... ...... tSot llF:1iM /qtaiIrtI ' of se('ctionl is, townIshlip8 nol'thi of
ri t wet. 160 i t . . . ... . . . .. .... 47 30
Greenup, D E1 .,............... Ilouthlict.t qiiailrtrl lt. Iith )R n thtenist quaIr;ttr of see
t lion 2, olwnshipll ;: IIorth of iilnge o1 west, 40 cres .... 7 3i
GlIInt RO in.... .. . South hIal f of llt'othliel t qiut rt·etrl, the soutitat
• uat Ullr'tt o f th1I houtllhiwt'st, ( aill'ter Of sertion SI
ealstu.airtle'|r off the nltllrhwt, st quarlter of section1
3:1, tlownsrhipl ) noi'ih oIll range" 21 west, 100 acLres... ..... 14 58
Graymirm, iD)avld.;.... ..... inters',t hi lithe slw (It qUarttr if the northwetst
qlualrtet r oif sl·l'tihnl 31. towliship Ii nlortlh o)f rlange
.°( w ~st. I ltl'e .. 5 0
Grate, Mrs Rosa.... ... Lot 2O, Ihlockl; I, ivr i . .... . .. . ......... 10 t
(lrush, Wlll am ........ Lot 11, Ilhclk , Rivervhw .. .. ...... ' 77
Graves, ChirleS r....+. ........ 1 olo 4, block 11, h er\'ihw . .. ...... 7 17
(('atoii wisi~ oli l.' ytllll Piigl
(;EO. McGRATH, M. D. C. M.
C :rduatt of Queen's C'ollege,
Med..list in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics.
Office ove\'r Rovalli ('ounty Bank.
lamilton. - - - - Montana.
Specialist for
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and
First National Bank Building. Missoula.
Opposite Court House.
Notice to Creditors.
EI.:1tate of Wm. R. Cleek, deceased.
Noti (' is h('l' by givenl by the undersigned,
il ihliin istrilor of the estate of William RI.
('h" i, ideceased, to the creditors of, and all
llo.lns hIving clainls against the said de
•-.iniu, to exhibit them. with thle necessary
vol 'Ir'i's, within four mtonths after the first
ubliication of this notlce. to the said A. H.
Iiwe ning at the office of B1. A. O'Hara, Ham
iltll. lltntalna, the same being the place for
liih ri ansacitin of tfile business ofthesaid
.tatI, in tlie county of Ravalli, State of Mon
lDated at lHamilton, Montana, Dec. 24, 1808.
.\Aininistrator of the estate of William R.
('leek, deceased.
(First publication Dec. 28, 1896.)
Notice for Publiceation.
LU S. Land Office, Missoula, Montana.]
December 22, 1898.
Notice is herelby given that in complir nce
witII the provisions of the tact of congress
oi .1 ine 3. 1878, entitled "An act for the sale
of li uber lands in the stater of California,
Oiregon, Neviada and W'ashington territory,"
Lf D)arluy, County of Ravaclli, State of Mon
: ti:n. has this day filed in this office her
swvorn statemnent No 184, for the purchase of
te Inortlhwest quairter of section i4, town
hip 2 nortlh, riange 20 west, anld will ofler
Iii'l)f to sihow that the land sought is more
vluablle for its timber ort stone than for
Iriiulturail lpurp'nses, and to establish her
,laus to said lanld before the Register and
I(leilver of this office at Missoula, Montana,
or Tl tursday, the 2d day of March, 1899.
l(e .utnames as witnesses:
t. L. Shook, allatice B. Beam, May Doin
aldlson, Edtlwar Donaldson, all of Darby,
A\iiy and Iall Ilersons claiming adversely
hII above-lescrilleil lalds Tre requested to
liii I heir ltin is this oilice on or before
:sail 2d day of M lrch, 18l9.
Notice for Publication.
i[U. S. Land Office, Missoula, Montalna.
December 22, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that is compliance
iviIth the provisions of thle act of congress
if .Juie 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the
I: ', of timber lands isl the states of California
Uigoni, Nevada antd \VWashingtoil territory,''
lf Darby, County of Ravatlli, State of MIon
nI, lhas this day filed In this office his
'iwi rlll stuteneltt No. 1.83, for the purcllhase'
oi lots ailld 2i, Westl alf of hoe eortheatst
quairter of section 30, township 2 north,
III ec 20 west, and will offer proof toslhow
lt iat tlhe'ltud sought is nmore valuable for its
iinllher or stone thl.nu for agricultural pur
uses, and to establisli his claim to said land
t,,o irlie tRegistcr and IReceiver of this office
It Mlissoilai, Montaina, on Thurisday, the 2d
hisy of Mairch. 1899.
lie nales itls witnesses:
\May I)onaldson, Alice M. Ream, Edward
tiiaildsoi, G. L. Shook, all of DaI)itrby, Mon
.\ iy and aill Ipersons claiming adversely the
:ilove-desclibed lands iare reqlested to file
I ieir elainls in this office on or before said 2d
ilny of March, 1801..
lRcad the Republican for the news
., .. ... ... .. ... ... ... " -,-..9, ýw. -4-.: ' 4"" yA,. kk, ."- , * - L 4-." - '. *Y. " - I l ". ý ". ". " " ,"".
(Ceylon Teas!
ula M antile-Company,
Misol Meranil Company,
Late Register ['. S. Land Office. Land Office
practice a specialty.
Office in Daly Block,
Notice for Publication.
[U. S. Land Office, Missoula, Montana.]
December 22, 188.
Notice is hereby glven that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitlel "Atn act for the sale of
timber lantis in the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington territory,"
of Darby, County of Ravalli, State of Mon
tana,has this day filed in this office her sworn
statement, No. 188, for the purchase of the
east ialf of the northeast quarter of section
25, and the southeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 24. township 2 north, range
21 west. and will offer proof to show that tihe
land sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural piurposes, and
to establish her claim to said land before the
IRegister and Receiver of this office at Mis
soula, Montana, on Thursday, the Zd day of
March. 18090.
She names as witnesses:
W. B. Beam, Alice AM. Beam. Edward Don
altlson, G. L. Shook, all of Darby, Montana.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said 2d
day of March, 1888.
Notice for Publication.
LU. S. Land Office, Missoula, Montana.]
December 22, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
timbler lands in the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington territory,'
of Darby, County of Ravall, i('ate of Mon
tana, has this day filed in thils office his sworn
statement, No. 187, for the nurchase of the
west half of the southwest quarter and the
southwest quarter of the northwest quarter
of section 27, and the southe':,st quarter of the
northeaist quarter of .eactiou 28. township 2
north, range 20 west, tnd will offer proof to
show that the latnd sought is more valuable for
its timber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at Missoula, Montana, on Th'arsiday, the Ad
day of March, 1888.
lie names as.witnesses:
W. R. Ieam, Alice 8I. B.'m,m. My Donald
son, U. L. Shooh,.all of Derby, lontrttna.
Any and ill persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requestetl to file
their claimsit this office on or before said 2d
dlay of March, 1899.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Edward Maloney, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
sxecutor of the will of Edward Maloney, de
ceasced, to the creditors of, and all persons
having claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit them with tihe necessary vouchers,
within four monthls iafter tihe first publication
of this notice, to the said executor at the office
of Geo. T. Baggs at Stevensville, Ravalli
county, lontana, the same being the place
for the transaction of the business of said
estate, in the County of Ravalli, State of
Dated IhecemberS, 1888.
Administrator of the estate of Edward Malo
ney, deceased.
George T. Baggs, attorney for executor.
First publication December 14.
Notice for Publication.
LU. S. Land Office, Missoula, Montana.]
December, 16, 1808.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his inteRtion
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said iproof will be made before F.
J. Morris, United States ('ommissioner at
Hamilton, Mlont:iaa, on January 30, 1890. viz:
who made Adjoining Farm lHomestead Entry
No. 567 for tile north half of the southeast
quarter, the southwest quarter of the north
ectst quarter of sectioh 22, township 4 north,
range 21 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his contintuous residence uplll and cultiva
tion of, said lantd, viz:
Jamtns Tabor, W. B. Itrlan. J. F. Logan,
Eli Wait, all of Comno, Montana.
Wheeler & Wil~son
Sewing Machine.
Rotary Motion and
Ball Bearings.
Agents caB l c inl all unoccupied
those who
want the best
the 13urlingt:n's St. Paul-Chicago
Most costly, most beautiful, most
luxurious traiin cver placed in service
on any railroad west of Chicago.
Pronounced by Mr. Pullman the
"finest train that ever stood on
Lighted by electricity. Heated by
steam. Compartment and standard
sleepers, buffet-smokin g-library car
chair cars, a-la-carte diner.
No Extra Fares.
Leaves St. Paul Union Depot at
8:05 p. m. daily-after arrival of trains
from Montana and the Pacific Coat.
Tickets at offices of connecting lines.
H. P. RUGER, T. P. A., Helena. Montana
II. B. SEGIR, G. A., Billings, Mont.

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