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BUTTE 5:45 p.m. De .... issoula ....Ar 7:45n. m.
MINNEAPC:LIS 5 ...... Bitter Root...... 7:37
ST, PAUL 6:06 ..........:. Lo Lo .......... 7:1
DULUTH :2 orne.......1rn .. 6:57
AND POINTS 6:43 .......Stcvensvilrt le ....... 6:42
E T U H:Ir. ........AN O S 6:1 uil.... ...... ( 6:26
EAST & SOUTH :1 ..........orvalis......... :10
. 7:22 ...... t l .......T 6:00
SPOKANE 7:3 ....... Grntsdal ....... 5:0
PORT_!.N 7:0na.. )e...... Missoula...... Atr 4:15p. m.
ALIFORNIA 7:37 ....... itter Root........ 3:55
JAPAN 8:07 ......... Lo Lo .. 3;,5
CHINA 8:4 ........ Florence.......... 2:55
ALASKA :15 ........Stevensville....... 2:0
KLONDIKE :44 ..........Victor ......... 1::3
10:12 I a........ (.Vn llis........ 1:08
. R. Wilson. Agent, Chas. S. Fee, P. A 10:30 ......... ......... 12:0
Stevensville, Mont. I ST. PAUL, MIIN. 10:10 Ar . Grantsale De 11:10 n. m.
Train No. 5 goes through to Butte, making cnnection for all Ipoilts west at MIssoula.
and is known as tile "Copper City Limited." Above trains run ldaily, Sunday exceptetd.
Train No. 1 leaves Mlhissoula for west 8:10 a. m. No. 2 leaves Missoula for east 5:40 p. m.
Pullman First-Class and Tourist Sleeping Cars.
McCrackin writes fire insurance.
Appropriate services were held in
the Hamilton churches on Christmas
day (Sunday).
II. J. Kelly, late of the Times,
left this >,. ning for Missoula and
other parts of the state.
The indebtedness of Choteau
county was decreased last year over
$19,000. That is a showing to be
proud of.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Buck and son
Charlie, of Stevensville, came up last
week and spent the Christmas fes
tivities with the family of her brother,
L. J. Knapp.
Late to bed and early to rise, pre- t
pares a man for his home in the skies.
But early to bed and a Little Early
Riser, the pill that makes life longer
and better and wiser.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Powell, who t
reside on the west side just opposite
the Bass farm, near Stevensville,
drove up Monday morning and helped
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Crutchtield cele- o
brate Christmas. They returned home o
the next day.
Sergeant Searight of Troop F, and
one of the star football players of the
state university team as well as its
coach, came up from Missoula last
week and is spending the vacationt
with Sid Ward and other friends in
this vicinity.
Many a household is saddened by
death because of the failure to keep
on hand a safe and absolutely certain
cure for croup, such as One Minute
Cough Cure. See that your little
ones are protected against emergency.
J. D. Miser.
Louis May and family of Stcvens
tille came up on Saturday's train and
spent Christmas with the family of
Sheriff-elect Chaflin, Mrs. May being
a sister of Mrs. Chatfin. Lou went
home on Tuesday morning, but Mrs.
May and the little one remained for
a' more extended visit.
Miss Winnie Squiers, sister of
Treasurer Squiers, and who is warmly
remembered by the people of Ilamil
ton through her former residence
here, came in Saturday evening and
is spending the holidays' with her
brother and her friends. Miss Squiers <
will return to her present home in I
Philipsburg the latter paft of this
A letter in the Dillon Tribune
from' Manila contains the information
that Sergeant Cushing of the I)illon
tompany of the 1st Montana has been
discharged on account of ill health
and is on his way home. And that
Corporal Dick Wells, formerly a
printer here, and whose brother is
now one of the REPUBLICAN force,
has been promoted to the sergeancy.
Senator Myers leaves Friday for
Helena to represent this county in
the upper branch of the legislature
for 60 days from Monday next. Rep
resentative Crutchfield is expected to
reach Helena this week, and Repre
sentative Woods will likely go on the
same train with the senator. In
point of ability Ravalli county will
stack up pretty well with any of
them and ahead of a good many.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Newell, of the Cottage house,
died last Sunday afternoon and was
buried Monday. Tile little fellow
Was ill for some time, and at first it
Was thought to be a stomach trouble,
but it later developed that an abcess
on the brain had formed. lHe was 1
year, 1 month and 23 days old when
lie died. The family have the sym
pithy of the community in their
With this wieek the rush of courity
ti blicat'itis incidental to the close of
the fisdil1 year will bd' dver in this
office, and the pabli~her willl be en
abled to get out and interview the
people on business. After the next
issue a much better paper for readers
*ll be gotten out and an endeavor
made to make the REPUBLICAN a
Worthy exponent of the resources
rid advantages of Ravalli county and
Its county seat.
'Etphrates iotlcihei', editor and
~hiblither of The Fountain and Jour
bhl of Mt. Vernon, Missouri, was in
the city last week and paid his res
pects to the fraternity here. Mr.
13ouche' has been inaking a tour of
the northwest and came to this sec
tion to visit sothe early acquaint
ances, among whom are the Coopers,
Wards, Wanns and others. HIe was
velry fiavorably impressed with this
'settion and pramises to give it a good
sendoff in his paper.
The annual statement of the
ounty's affairs as reported by County
Gherk Fitzgerald appears on our first
"ptge this week. It shows that the
B~fdebtedness of the county has in
'reased $2,152.34 in tile last year,
buit the showing is not so bad after
:ll, when it is considered that the,
"cdunty is possessed of an increased
"9aluation in bridges, particularly the
ioge at Grantsdale. The increase is
principally in tie road and poor funds,
and with.thedecrease in the cost of
the care and. medcine-s for the poor
by the new contract the poor fund
will be a saver for next year. The
affairs 9f Ilavalli county are in better
spape tban some 'othe~s in the state,
though .n~ t yet wlat threy Sho'hilid '1:
Give us a trial order for job work.
The Missoula Democrat-Messenger
has suspended its daily issue for the
present at least.
L. J. Knapp of the Times is spend
ing a couple of days at Butte, on busi
ness matters, and incidentally taking
in the press meeting.
IT. S. King, the Stevensville shoe
maker, drove up to Hamilton on Sun
day with Mrs. King.
Elmer E. Hershey, register of the
Missoula land office, with his family,
spent Christmas with Mrs. Hershey's
parents, Major and Mrs. Catlin.
Christmas was observed by the
Hamilton stores on Monday, all of
them closing on that day to allow
their clerks as well as the employers
to celebrate the day.
IT. L. Kemp, representing the
Greeley nurseries, came in from the
lower end of the county Monday
night. IIe had been interviewing
the farmers of that vicinity.
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
hazel Salve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There are more cases
of Piles being cured by this, than all
others combined. J. D. Miser.
Ed. Buker, the range rider on this
portion of the Bitter Root reserve,
rode up Tuesday to confer with
Supervisor Weber. Ed. rode up on
the west side and returned to Stev
ensville on the east side road.
Miss Ida L. Fisher of Stevensville
is in Helena this week attending the
aI~nual meeting of the state teachers'
association. Miss Fisher always keeps
abreast of the educational world and
is a regular attendant at these annual
Overcome evil with good. Over
come your coughs and colds with One
Minute Cough Cure. It is so good
childlren cry for it. It cures croup,
bronchitis, pneumonia, grippe and
all throat and lung diseases. J. D.
Revival services are being held at
the M. E. church on Sixtha street
every night at 7;30 p. m. to which
everybody is invited to come. Bible
talks are held daily at 3 p. m., except
Saturdays, and Christians are espec
ially invited to attend.
I)r. Minshall, who has been seri
ously ill at the hospital in Missoula,
has sufficiently recovered to remove
to the Florence hotel, where lie will
remain a short time with his family
until lie gets strong enough to return
to his home at Philipsburg.
Clyde Corlhy,- who ;L s at one time
stenographer in the Anaconda Copper
Mining company's oftice here, has
been appointed deputy county treas
urer in Gallatin county by Henry
Davis, the treasurer of that county,
who is Clyde's father-in-law.
Constipation prevents the body
from ridding itself of waste matter.
I)e Witt's Little Early Risers will
remove the trouble and cure Sick
IIeadache, Biliousness, Inactive Liver
and clear the Complexion. Small,
sugar coated, don't gripe or cause
nausea. J. D. Miser.
W. HI. McCoy was in from Darby
yesterday buying from our local mer
chants and attending to other busi
ness in the county seat. While here
le made one of his regular visits to
this office to drop a few dollars into
the publisher's hands, and this time
to extend a welcome to this end of
the county.
Commissioners Wehr and IIend
ricks met on Tuesday and passed
upon the annual statement of the
county clerk and attended to a few
minor things incidental to closing up
the present county administration.
The new board meets next Monday
to elect a chairman, select a purchas
ing agent and attend to a few other
Charlie Dunham, who has had
charge of the bar at the Ravalli for
some time past, has formed a part
nership with T. J. Burns of the
Southern, and went to Missoula this
morning to look up some matters
connected with his new venture.
The firm of Burns & Dunham is
bound to be a popular one, as both
have nlany friends,
ThM Greeley Nurseries of Greeley,
Col., have a force of men in the val
ley interviewing the farmers and
fruit growers. The nurseries have
an excellent reputatioli and there is
no doubt that trees purchased from
them will give satisfaction. Mr.
Speer and assistants know just what
growers of this altitude and climate
The REPUBLICAN takes consider
able pride in calling attention to this
issueof the paper as showinig the
facilities of its plant to do any kind
of work that it liable to come to it.
It will be noticed that there are in
this paper over eleven columns of
solid nonpariel type, set up in matter
that requires an unusual amount of
what tis termed "sorts," and yet it
has been handled without straining
the fabilities of the plant. It is safe
to'say that no other printing plant
in either iavalli or Missoula county
could handle the matter in one issue,
aind it is doubtful if there is one on
Sthe west side outside of Butte and
SAnaconda that could do it. The
HEPUBLICAN will always be found
prepared to meet all requirements of
the trade. Try it and see:
Miss Etta Landranm of Stevensville,
who is a student or the Business col
lege here, is spending the holidays
with her parents.
Jailor Mitchell was under the
weather a few days during the past
week with a slight attack of ]a
grippe, but is now around town
The postoffice department has or
dered the free delivery system for
Missoula, and it will commence about
the first of February.
P. B. Steele and C. Valentine,
representing a big New York dry
goods house, spent Christmas here as
the guests of D. J. Donohue.
Fur Constipation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier.
Cures Headache, Nervousness, Erup
tions on the face, and makes the
head clear as a bell. For sale by all
W. L. Murphy of Missoula, nephew
of W. C. Murphy and familiarly
known as "Spud," had his nose
broken while practicing in the gym
nasium at the Columbia law school
in New York. "Spud" is well known
in Hamilton, having played baseball
here with the university team.
The sooner a cough or cold is cured
without harm to the sufferer the
better. Lingering colds are danger
ous. Hacking cough is distressing.
One Minute Cough Cure quickly
cures it. Why suffer when such a
cough cure is within reach? It is
pleasant to the taste. J. D. Miser.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Newell desire
to return their heartfelt thanks to
neighbors and friends for the kind
ness extended to them during their
recent trouble and bereavement.
Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures
where others fail. It is the leading
Cough Cure, and no home should be
without it. Pleasant to take and
goes right to the spot Sold by all
Senator Allen has introduced a bill
for a postal telegraph.
The American peace commissioners
have reached home from Paris.
The battleships Iowa and Oregon
have arrived safely at Callao, Peru,
on the Pacific coast.
Karl's Clover Root Tea for Consti
pation is the Best, and if after using
it you don't say so, return the pack
age and get your money. Sold by all
lion. Ethan Allen ITitchcock, pres
ent ambassador to Russia, has been
nominated by the president to suc
ceed Secretary Bliss, who has re
General Arolas, Spanish military
governor of Havana, has delivered
over his command to the American
military authorities, and has sailed
for home.
Gen. Merritt has arrived in Wash
ington from the Philippines and
Paris, and will next week take charge
of the denartment of the east, suc
ceeding Gen. Shafter.
The captured Spanish gunboats,
Alvarado and Sandoval, have arrived
from Guantonamo, Cuba, under the
commands of Lieutenants Blue and
Anderson. They will be repaired at
the Norfolk navy yard.
It is feared that A. W. Mahon,
senator-elect from Valley county,
will not be able to attend this session
of the legislature. IIis physician has
advised him to get out of Montana to
a lower altitude and lie may go St.
Paul during the week.
Gus Nash, who eloped with the 14
year-old daughter of Sam Thurston of
Big Timber last week, was arrested
by Sheriff Young, Monday, and will
have to plead to the charge of rape.
His preliminary hearing is set for to
morrow before Justice Rose.
A cough is not like a fever. It
does not have to run a certain course.
Cure it quickly and effectually with
One Minute Cough Cure, the best
remedy for all ages and for the most
severe cases. We recommend it be
cause it's good. J. D Miser.
Gen. Andrew J. Smith, formerly
surveyor general of Montana, and
since then governor of the soldiers'
homes at Leavenworth and Santa
Monica, Cal., and whose life has been
attempted at each place, has sent in
his resignation at the earnest request
of his family.
John Henry Collins, a divinity
student of Topeka, Kan., has been
convicted of murder in the first de
gree. The victim was his own
father, who lie shot while sleeping in
order to get a portion of his life
insurance. lie had previously tried
to get two negroes to do the deed.
The amount of the delinquent
taxes in Valley county is the small
est it has evea been in the history of
that organizatian. It is only $328.55,
and of this sum $213.18 is levied on
property on the Indian reservation
and there is considerable doubt
whether the property is liable to tax
Lily Mor-:;, a denizen of Chicago
Joe's place on Wood street, Helena,
while re-overilig from a spree took a
dose of la idanum with suicidal intent.
Regardl ss of the efforts of a doctor
to resuscitate her, she died early next
morning. She was aboutl 9, the wife
of a prize tighter in Tacoma, and had
worked in Elkhorn and Pony.
Karl's Clover Root Tea is a pleas
ant laxative. Regulates the bowels,
purifies the blood. Clears the com
plexion. Easy to make and pleasant
to take. 25 ets. Sold by all drug
Adjudged Insane.
Helena, Dec. 26.-George CGedes,
a well-to-do ranchman of the Galla
tin valley, who has been undergoing
treatment at St. John's hospital here,
was adjudged irisane and icommitted
to the Warm Springs asylum. lie is
about ial, and came to Montana 34
years ago. He was possessed of con
siderable property. Some persons
living at Willow Creek, Gallatin
County; survive him.
Cnrtcr's Resolt tion.
Washington. Dee. 24--Sena or
Carter is recovering from an attackl
of grippe which ontinlled him to his
room for about a week. lic was un
able to attend the last sessions of ilthe
senate prior to adjourniment for the
holidays. On the closing day of the Q
session, however, Senator Chandler
presented on his behalf an important
resolution, to the passage of which
the senator proposes to drevote a great
deal of effort after the recess. Sen
ator Carter is something of an icono
clast on the subject of the rulesof
the senate. Ile believes that they
operate to retard rather than to ex
expedite legislation, andl is ill favor
of their ra-lical revision. Tile reso
lution which he now proposes to
press contemplattes a dl'cided changeI
in the manner of reference of app ro
priation bills. It is being considered
by the committee oil rules, anid its
chances for adoption seemn excellenti.
It proposes blhat the consideration of
each appropriation bill shall be byi
the committee having charge under
the existing orders of the senate or
the subject to which the applropria
tions in tile bill relate. Th'lis (order
would leave only the appropriation
bills fir legislative, executi\ve andl
judicial expenses. for sundry civil
expenses and for all deicieencies, for
the consiideration of the appropria
tionls comalllittee.
Chief Justice Pemberton has gone
to St. Paul. called there by the ill
ness of Mrs. Pemberton.
Senator Morrill of Vermont, the
oldest member of the senate, died of
pneumonia at Washington early Tues
day morning. lIe was 88 years old.
Be Not Deceived! A Cough,
Hoarseness or Croup are not to be
trifled with. A dose in time of
Shiloh's Cure will save you lnuich
trouble. Sold by all druggists.
Larger Yield Expected.
San Francisco, Dec. 20I.-A special
front l)Dawson City, dated November
20, says: Rieports from all creeks in
the vicinity of I)awson indicate that
the winter's product of gold will
exceed that of last year by more than
100 per cent. Several per-sins are
reported to hlave been frozen to death.
One was found in a kneeling posture
beside his sled and dogs, between
Hunker and Dominioni , at the sum
mit. Several steamers are in winter
quarters on tile upper river prepared
to take advaitage of the first rush of
Horse nacing in India.
Calcutta, l)ec. 2(i-1In the race fTor
the viceroy's ,llp here today \anit s
won, Keeni, second aitd Leouittis -
third. Eleveni horses started.
The Ameritan bred horse Keenan.
by Lisbon out of I'atrimlonty, was f'or
merly the property of August I1el
mont and in May' of last \year won the
second welter handicap lat the New
lmarket meeting, England. Kee(nan
was tihen purchased by Lord William
Beresford, who, in turln, sold the iui
- mal to the Maharajah Aga Khan,
I who took him to Ilornbay.
__________________ ___________
Offlce of h CnIIIy Trasureasurer,
IRavalli ('ounty, IIltnilton, Mollrlta a. I
Notice is here by given Ithat thle following I
warrants will Il, paid on prirlsetation n:
Contingent Fuid--All warrants reclsterel
prior to ),.i'iem r i'i, 1090.
Poor Ftuld-All wairrants Is rgistl "eed riorto
and includig ] lne 7, ad wairrant No. :2,
registril.l nlll , l8, i. g i
encr:al hF'und- All w:irrlt lts regish.red
prior to and incluling Dec ti, and wirrants -
Nos. 21t , :111. 272, s71 iandl 3;7, registerel D - I
cem.i er 7, 18118.
troand und-All warrants registerid prior "
to and including Septembel. r 8, and No i. 1,
recisteretd liS teni her ,. 18117.
No intereslt will loe paid on the above war
rants afiter e l etnilt r 2ll, 1.98.
.f. K. SQUIEI.IR ,
Treasurer of tavtalli onni y, M1on ilt.
General Banking Blsiness Trani
W. W. McCRACKIN. Cashier.
And my stock of Christmas goods
are arriving daily. A finer line of
this class of goods never shown in
Stevensville. The assoirtimentl is ton
large and varied to list here. You
are earnestly reqiuested to call and
inspect the miost beautiful C(hristmas
gifts that ever were shown in Stcv
I.e isi ,r.i 1 Cl L -li ha 'rilnacistl..
VantCd on
Improved Lands with Water Right,
Rooms 8 and ,. Iialy Block,
The leading Dentist of West
eril Montana,
The Big Store's
~HE year 1898, which will soon be only a memory, has been
S the banner year of this business. Our sales for the year
have nearly doubled those of any previous year. It is true
that profits have been reduced to almost nothing. It is true
athat seasonable merchandise can be purchased from us
Scheaper than from any mercantile institution in the state. But
Sthere is much satisfaction in the knowledge that we enjoy the J
confidence and patronage of the producers of this county--the
farmer, the mechanic, the logger, the laborer. 4 a !
Ourt increased sales hlave been i-i llcello by i irill fidelity to appl)roved business
Smethods (l Honest goods. hol.n.est pri..es, al'\:ty .-ollrtells aind obliging to the h]un
blest of our patrolls. a11d a fair display (a' go(nod American push and hustle. It
Sshall be our aim in the hu'ure (as it has htn for snott litni past) to merit the p)at
orunage an(1 goo(l will of the 01 e le of this county.
g We offer for thle closiLng mn101th] of 11(" years s taort s hrling bargains in Woniem 's
and Children's Cloaks. LUorvwear. Wiraj. ,"s. )ryv (holds, Shoes. Clothing, M1Ie n's
Furnishings, Carlpets andl Flurniturie.
Sla IAL I.)i I--'LAY OF
Womenes surnishingst
Balk Cleviot anod lae ver (' s. ("( ' Ililrrined with fir
and b~raid. re(Inee(d to 8:1.an.)
Very warm t11( al atrative ('ayes. 1ialIe of hellavy heaVer
clothl, 'iunomned with Tliili.' ful, red.iled to $4.SIu.
h. eavy Seal P. ' sll ('apes. ri"'jll\ rij 1n dl with jet and r.
ea1sold evelduleld rob' :;5.S'. 1 rellced p1i('e (l)l $5.00.
Jackets a~de of rich ioulc, ('bui. filk-linl throoehout.
Fi Kersey ackets ae i the Very newest styles.
colors blue, bla k. Iro.n li(,rm '. an d Nl avy, to I1 .t10.
;l isses' l tc a nkt lHo i Âștol i . -A to 1-;5.1 1.
Chi bltdrenl's loll-) ('oais and( J k. 1:k -. reduced front onte-third
io oDe-hal, forer Dlries
t lh'<'(.ats l all v. we .(' l.u in. huw at .1,
A4oaatts h i f 11bau \(.1er h.. nmi = ;,.0 . r
('oats that were llHU owc SO.5.(
SGreatly Reduced Prices
e On omen's and Childrein's Underwear.
W oHer 's aenry Jersey Hi ,h(< It . V il ls a ,""a1. ;i f -f 4 ints.
A great variety of ('lIililr 's l Wi llr ( ql's'r\,cIe ,. ill ua l l.sal w Io l r1 rcamel s
hair. all sizes. 25 to 5) ("'l1 a rarinw i.
SIn Dry Goods Department.
S Soft, fleley Outinlg Flainiels. l colors: . i" 'elld 5 o I lts a yard.
An attractive sho'i' ig of t11 hll-vi( r i raei . l s, " 1 l, the rihllerIl s 11y VI' rie goila
9 terns imaginable; prices,-,' to 121" cents !v iard.
toHere's aI Snap: (goodl hlary Shior iy.. full l yard wid, , onlay 5 ay mens a yar d.
isHere's a Bigger Snap: 50 pl,i.- iol Dress G. ods. :t to 42 inches wide.
sold everywhere at 4 1.. to ,,lc. a ard. dinl- reldul al le(lrie is Duly 25 r. a , yard.
bet o attli
A grea Storm ill Wo. n's. alI il ( 'l s ce-led lo , 2 pairs for 25
i* Waard Prints, Wiahir Slp s Wark colors, atly 5 cents a yard.
)o I- ArLittle riro ery lChat. - I
Do Not Overlook Our Grand Dislaya
inur y Christmas Novelties. b.
Hamilton, - - - Mlontana

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