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The Harlow ton News
The Contlnution od The Musselshell News
Young Couple Elople From New York and Come
to Twodot on Honeymoon
Parents Wealthy.
For the past week social circles in
the hospitable town of Twodot have
been taxed to the limit to pay hom
age to Mr. and Mrs. Gillette Wells,an
eloping couple, just arrived from
Corning, New York. The romantic
pair are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Baxter, who are old friends of
the family of both the bride and the
groom back in the Empire state.
Parties, receptions and balls have
been run off in rapid and endless suc
cession, and it has been many years
since the town has been so stirred
with social pleasure.
The story of the courtship, elop
ment and marriage of the young
couple is truly romantic. The home
of the bride, who is about 18 years of
age is in Corning, near the east end
of Lake Erie, New York, her father
is a wealthy glass merchant. The
groom, 20 years of age, also lived near
Corning; his fattier is a well known
banker and financier. For several
years young Wells has been attend
ing college and during his course he
has been able to save about $5000 out
New Tailor Shop.
L. Gotleib, of Butte, has erected a
building on Cent ral avenue, and will
immediately open a tailoring estab
lishment. Mr. Gotleib is a man of
experieice in his trade. He will be
prepared 1o do all kinds of tailoring
work including cleaning and repair
ing of both ladies and gentlemen gar
ments. The establishment will be
known as the Modern Tailoring Com
Sunday afternoot, Feb. 21, at 2:30
there will be a meeting of the Catho
lies of Harlowton, at Mrs. W.Galvin's
residence. This is a business meeting
and all who are interested are re
quested to attend.
M. W. of A. Will Give a Ball and
Banquet Next Monday
George Washington's birthbay will
be celebrated in Harlowton. The lo
cal order of the Modern Woodmen of
America w ill give a ball in the Har
lowton Opera House to be followed
by a banquet at the M. and W. Res
taurant. This is the first ball given
by the local M. VI. of A. and efforts
-.re being made to make the enter
tainment one of the enjoyable social
events of the season.
Mr. Ed. Jenizen will be floor mana
ger. The following is the committee 1
on arrangements: Ward Bealey, J.
D. Hicks, Bezin Wesley.
Start With Large Number, More Appli.
cants at the Next
The Fraternal Order of Mountai
neers of Harlowton have started a
booster cabin. Sixty-one joined the
order last Saturday night, at which
time the local cabin was organized, E
S. Pease, general agent for the order,
was present and aided in the initi;.
The following officers were elected
and installed:
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U q
"" ~ ' P. `'
of his school allowances. Strict econ
omy has enabled the bride also to lay
aside a snug sum. The young people
were invited out one evening to a
party given at a neighbor's house, On
the evening of the event, the young
couple were absent, on being asked
the cause, young Wells informed his
friends that his sweetheart had been
taken suddenly ill. Late at night the
happy pair hied themselves to Buffalo
and from there into Canada, where
they were married. They left on the
next train for the west and arrived in
Twodot the first of the week. They
were looking for a small town in
which to hide while spending their
honeymoon,at the same time to enjoy
the hospitality their station demand
ed. Twodot has proved to be the
ideal spot.
The parents of the elopers are ig
norant of their whereabouts, and it
is believed that the state of New
York is being searched for the miss
ing children. Mr. Wells will leave
for Helena shortly and it is likely he
will pitch his tent in Montana, and
try his lot in the land of the cowboy.
Directors and Stockholders in Montana
Lumber Company Have Merry Time
at Banquet in Lewistown
The directors and stockholders of
the Montana Lumber company gath
ered in Lewistown Thursday night for
'heir first annual banquet. Here
after the banquet will be held each
year, either at Lewistown or Harlow
At the feast Thursday night, each
guest gave a toast which made the
occasion enjoyable, and one to be
long remembered.
Lee Hash, the manager of the local
Montana lumber yard, said the bunch
were in the best of spirits, and all
joined in the toasts making with
hearty good will. The toasts given
by Al Shaw, of Roundup, and O. W.
Belden, of Lewistown, made decided
TiThe Menu was arranged with artis
tic taste. Each relish was so named
as to be a pun on the name of a guest
These little witticisms took well with
the lumbermen, and provoked many
thrusts and humerous jokes around
the festal board. The directors and
stockholders will look forward to the
event next year.
Miss Crawford, niece of Mr. Ralph
Broderick, visited with friends in
town during the first of tile week.
She left for Lewistown Tuesday even
Astor Company has Crack Bunch of
The Astor Co., of Lewistown, gave
a splendid performance here Wednes
day evening. This show, like wine,
seems to improve with age. The per
'ormance given here two weeks ago
was all that could be desired in the
way of entertainment, but tie show
last Wednesday night eclipsed that
given here previously. Mr. Tubbs
makes the selection of the pictures to
be run here, and his selection meets
with the approval of the people.
.Yhe Choru r
Of the ear I
CopyrIlht. 19009 by Amlaeaan Pr Amsoelatlon
L0NG, loud and clew the chorus swells-.
The voices of the years.
Each ringing with achievement grand
And calling to the spheres
To look and view
One loyal, true,
Who snatched from Tyranny a land-
The fairest neath the sun
And started Progress on her way
Brave, noble Washington.
IN him War found a champion
Courageous, dauntless, true.
His heart of steel was tender, too%
And sympathy it knew.
And friend And foe,
When lying low,
Alike to him were brother men,
His fellows, every one.
War was but Mercy's path when led
The soldier, Washington.
T HE chanting years sing Peace today
Sweet is the theme and grand
And sound the praise of him who first
Enticed her to this land.
Her light more clear
Shines forth each year,
To all the world a beacon bright,
Hope's never setting sun.
All nations voice their gratitude
To our George Washington.
THOUGH first in war and first in peace,
Yet more than this was he.
We call him "Father," for to us
He gave sweet Liberty.
Lift loud your song,
0 years, prolong
The anthem, and while time endures
Proclaim the victory won! l
First in the hearts of all true men
Aye lives our Washington.
Great Interest Manifested in the Foembling
Grand Larceny Case at Lewistow.
More interested seems to be maili
fet.ed at Lewistown in the trial of E.
Arthur Froembling, charged with
grand larceny in stealing some $60
from the Power Mercantile comprny,
than there was in t he linton ,,ase.
The court room is crowded every day
and :ludge Cheadle has been com
pelled to refuse admittance to any
more than could find seats.
Froembling was formerly c hief ac
countant for the Power Mercantile
company and handled all the cash It
is claimed that his thefts will amount
t o several thousands and extends back
over a period of se\:eral years. Mr.
and Mrs. Froembling were prominent
in social and chu'ch circles, and were
popu lar with a large number of people.
Froenmbllng is represented by
O('Dell, McConnell and E. F. Smith,
of Lewistown, while Ray E. Ayre
and O. W. Belden are condtc:ing the
prosecution for the state. So far
nothing has been heard except the
evidence of the state which seems t4
fa&ten the crime upon the defend
Grade to Be Cut Down For Twelve Miles Near
Summit, Twenty Eight Miles West
Of Harlowton.
Contractor A. D. McIntosh, one of
the big firm of railroad contractors,
of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wasin town
during the week looking over some
contract Mork. lie states that as
soon as the frost is out of the ground
a big iorce will be put to work at the
Sun, lit. It is the intention of tile
company to cut do wn the grade at
that point for a (listance oi twelve
The contractor says that it is a big
undertaking and will require the ex
penditure of a large sum of imoney.
Tlhe ascent at the Summit is much
0oo steep at present, and necessitates
the loss of time and power. This dif
ticulty will be remedied by tie work
on t he grade.
Mr. McIntosh does not anticipate
much other mltprovement in tile road
tJed from Ilarlowton west. There
will likely ie considerable improve
ment inl the yards here, but tile threat
of I'resident-elect 'Talt to reduce the
taiitf on rails, ihas put a crimp in
railroad conlstructl ion. aanlly. and es
pecially the C. 1I. & P. S. Railroad
company, who are ilier('r(sted in tile
steel rail inrn.luty, are also interested
Weather Eum eau I ih tin Indicates That
Good Gcartity of Snow has
Eeen Gitil ued.
The latest liuiti iii ii tl' Montana
weather bureau shows thlie fall oiifsnow
in t he Iiurl.ntl a.ls for J.anl uary greates
thaun tihe t 1(wo preceding llmont hs. l)ur
,rg the firsl tHw, weeks the fail war
heavy in all sectionll Aloi t tll iin
middllle of I lie inhlt t he chinook
Siiids mel. 'd lt'I l('w at t h. e lol el
,e1els. 'T'hese Iwarin windls onIly par
tially reltedl arin I, hlped toI solidify
lhe snow higher up. 'l'h'ise drifts
o hich are higher utl, are ILw in ex
'Iellent condill ti n (to consell.erve the wa
ter mlt lil lale ill l ilt ' sllllllller.
'lThe repolt tdoe lnot show t hat tih(
drilts are deeper than thlly were last
vear at this tinme, but what hasfalleri
has becolmie IIImuih imore solid alli icy.
hence the water stiorod in it is much
greater proport ioniately.
'I lie report gives the following con
.erning the Musselshell watershed:
'lhe drifts in the Little ellt Mount
tins are from 15 to 20 feet deep and
irozen very solid, The snow)\fall in
January M as 2: inches and t Ilrcountri
is coiveredl wit Ii ice aiid harl cruste:
.now. The October and Novemiler
snows in the Snowy range have be
come very s ,iid, and the water supply t
will bei above theavetage. Thledrifts
are very hard in the ('razy lmoiuntains
and will give a supply of water until
late in the suimmier.
;oes to Ashland in Mercantile Business.
Mr. Van Dyke Comes
H. A. Pierson, wt l has been em
pl)yed in the Iiarlowton Meat Mar
ket, left Thursday for.lnditih Gap. lie
will take the Iillings arid Northern
it Judith Gap for Iillings. It is Mr. c
Piersonl' inltelntionii to go to Sheridan
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e -.
- ,../
.,. . !
r in railroad building. The proposed
I policy of Taft has had a tendency to
a limit the plans for the building of
new lines. The construction workon
ithe division west of here, will be
I hurried as soon as the ground opens.
The Mcintosh brothers built most
of the Milwaukee road from Miles
City to Lombard, and for some time
the road was operated under their
New Warehouse.
Carpenters have been busy during
the past few days laying the founda
tion and erecting the frame of a large
warehouse, which faces the alley in
the rear of Frank Swim's saloon. The
Stevens-Dreyer Hardware Company
is putting up the building. It will
be used as a warehouse for machinery.
A large amount of farm impliments
is already on the ground ready for en
closure. The building will be 25 z 100
and is calculated to hold 4 cars of ma
Miss Caine expects ier sister to
visit her in the near future.
Letter From Bob Lyons.
Word has just been received by L.
I). Glenn from genial Bob Lyons who
is spending the winter in Pasadena,
California. Bob says the climate
there Ibeats that of the banana belt
of llarlowt.on. The oranges are ri~e
and there are lots of "purty" flowers.
Hle says it is enjoyable to see the
little boys playing in bare feet and
the ladies going around wearing sum
mer dresses. lie isn't particular it
lie ever comes back. There must be
some other attraction beside the
weather for Bob.
Jake Knapp, Car Clerk for the Mil
waukee Will Move to the
Sunny South.
Jake Knapp, who has been employ
ed here for some time as car clerk,will
go to Panama in the near future
where he will accept a similar position
with the Panama Railroad. C. F.
Smith, formerly an employee of the
C. M. & St. P. R. R. at Miles City is
now car accountant at Panama. It
was due to Mr Smith's influence that
Jake got his new job. The Panama
Rlailroad runs from Colon on the
Caribbean Sea, accross the isthmus to
Panama on the Pacific. The line is
short, but Mr. Knapp will have a bet.
ter position than he had here. The
railroad boys are glad to hear of Jakes
success and hope to hear good reports
of him in the sunny south.
Definite Action Taken as to Park, Band,
Highways aid Public
Another live and profitable meeting
was teld in the Urner Hall last Mon
day night by the Musselshell Valley
Lusiness Men's Association, Presi
dent Anderson being ill. Vice Presi
dent Glenn occupied the chair. New
topic:, were discussed and definite ac
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