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The Harlowton News
The Continuauon of The Musselshell News
Shelby M. Cuilom of Illinois is the
only member of either house of con
gress who was there when Lincoln
was president. He served in the house
of representatives from 1865 until 1873
and has been a senator since 1883.
Eleventh Assembly Stormy at Times, One
New County Created-Some
Bills Die.
Senator C. P. 'F ) ley, of Twoiot,
who represented Meagher county in
the upper house in the Eleventh As
sembly, returned from Helena the
fore part of the week, and passed
thru town on his way eastward. Sen
ator Tooley took an active part in
shaping legislation for the state this
winter. He was busy all the time.
He states that they had some stormy
times in both houses, but that on the
whole the session was devoid of Ill
feeling and jealousy.
Of all the county division schemes
1 hat were proposed, only one got to
the governor. That was the creation
of Lincoln county out of the western
part of Flathead county. The fight
on this bill was three-sided, there
were lobbyists who wanted the new
county with Libby as the county
seat, some who '-'anted it with Eure
ka a the county seat and those who
didn't uarnt it at all. The first pro
position won. Montana will have
one more senator and one more re
presentative next time.
Among the freak bills that had the
knife applied and were buried with
honors in tihe senate cemetary was
the anti-cigarette and the whipping
post bills. The bill allowing limited
ring glove contests before recognized
athletic clubs died a natural death
having expired in the garbage can of
the committee room.
Rev. W. N. Sloan to Be Here.
Rev. W. N. Sloan, the pastor at
large of the Helena Presbytbrian will
be here Tuesday and Wednesday of a
next week. He will hold services on d
Tuesday evening in the Urner Hall. d
Town Lots $25.00 each and up by R.
B. Stephenson, Office Main St. East d
of Post Ottcl. 37tf I
No Show Wednesday. V
Owing to the fact that the opera a
house was previously engaged for the t
St.Patrick's Ball on Wednesday night, P
March 17th. The Astor Company
will not perform here on that night.
March 17th was the regular hi-month
ly date. A. E. Tubbs sends word
that he will be here for a perfor
mance on the night of March 24th.
Catholic Ladies Will Entertain at the e
Opera House Wednesday evening
March l7th. s
A benefit, bali Neill be given next
Wednesday night in the Harlowton
opera house by the ladies of the
Catholic church for the benefit of the f
new Catholic church that is in con- t
templation. This is the first time (
that anything has been done in as
beneficial may for the proposed
church. A large crowd is expected
and a most enjoyable time is assured.
St Patrick's day w ill be well cele
Fred Vermnilyea, formerly a resi
dent of Harlon ton, and a partner of
Mr. Ferris in the saloon business
here, came up from Three Forks the
first of the week. Fred says Harlow
ton looks good to him. lie is now en
gaged in the well-drilling business 1
near Three Forks under the firm
name of Vermilyea and Moore.
Webers go to Seattle to Live--Nick
and Lou From Bercail Will
Come Here.
Henry Weber has sold his saloon
and rooming house to his brothers
Nick and Lou Weber from Bercall.
Hereafter the saloon and rooming
house will be under their manage
Henry Weber will take his family
to Seattle where they will live during
the fair and longer if they like the
climate and surroundings. He ex
pects to get away in the near future.
Many will regret to see the fainll3
leave, and hone they will see fit to
take up their residence in Harlow
ton again.
Henry Weber is a pioneer and came
to Harlowton in the early days. Ht
was on the ground before a lot was
sold in the town. Hank has always
had great faith in the
future of the town, and has stayed by
it, untill he is now possessed with a
large amount of this world's goods.
The host of friends he leaves in Har
lowton wish him and his family a
happy life in their new home.
Sale on Men's Fur Coats at Mar
The "Patterson Hat" all styles
$3.00 Marshalls.
Attorney E. E. Wagner, of Sioux
Falls, S. D. and Mr. Taylor, of Chica
go, transacted business in Harlowton
Wednesday between trains.
H. P. Proctor, Jr. city attorney of
Viroqua, Wis., is a visitor of Attor
ney Glenn and other acquaintances
here. Mr. Proctor, is interested in
lands of the Galletin and Musselshell
and is delighted with the country.
Wife of the governor of Illinois, who
is a social leader in Springfield and
was prominent in the social world of
Chicago. Mrs. Deueen is a farmer's
Railroad Officials Camp Here. t
A special train on the Miiwaukee t
anchored in the yards last Wednes- s
day. It srrived from Butte on Tues
day evening arid after breakfast had
been served took its departure for the
Among the passengers were Presi
dent A. J. Earling arid his wife, and
H. B.Earling,general superintendant.
They have just returned from their
winter home at Pasadina, California.
C. F.Lewis superintendant of bridges
and roads and W. I). Collins, a direc
tor in the company were also in the
Everybody's Business is Nobody's
Business. For best results list your
property for sale exclusively with IR.
B. Stephenson. Office Main St. East
of Post Ollice. 35tf
Next Wednesday Saint Patrick
Day Souvenirs vv ill be given free of
cost at the Boston Store, Main St.
East of Post Office.
The L.test Spring Shapes Patter
son Hats $3 at Marshall's
Notice of. Election.
An election will be held in the dif
ferent wards in the Town of Harlow
ton on the first Monday in April.
Officers to be elected; Mayor and two
alderman from each ward.
Telephone Company Moves,
Manager Mif. H. Graham, of the lo
cal telephone company has moved his
office into the building previously oc
cupied byS. L. Hodges. He has add
ed severil rooms at the back and
will use theseas living room4. S. L.
Hodges will occupy the old telephone
building. Mr. Graham found that
his oftice was too small, and decided
that the change wotld be beneticial.
A Dp T I
VA .
A Foreign Dispatch Says Teddy Will B. Lionized Abroad.
School Costing $21,000 to be Built--Assessor
James H. Stewart Here.
James H. Stewart has been in and
around Ilarlowton during the past
week, in answer to a hurry up call to
letermine the assessed valuation of
the property of the school district.
lie thinks it will reach over $750,000.
This valuation will enable the dis
trict to build a school costing in the
neighborhood of $21,000. The statute
provides that coupon bonds shall not
be issued to exceed :3 per cent of the
taxable property of the.district.
At the last meeting of the school
board it was decided to submit the
matter of bonding the district to the
full amount allowed by law to the
voters of the district. It was gener
,lly expressed that by this means a
good substantial school could be erect
ed this summer to cost about $21.000.
Che election will be held at the regu
lar school election on the first Sat uii
day in April, which will be the 3rd.
The judges of the election have not
yet been chosen but these will be an
nounced later.
The citizens of Ilarlowton and es
pecially those who have families, are
much interested in the project to
build a new school. The building
bas been needed for some time. The
rapid increase in population in the
town seems to make aagood sized
school imperative. The trustees
John E. Wilkie is chief of the secret service department of the govern
ment, which was the cause of the recent spectacular fight between the uresi
dent and congress. His agents have been very successful in securing evidence
against land thieves, lottery sharks and other prominent violators ci the
federal laws,
have gripped the matter in the right
spirit, and are endeavoring to carry
out the will of the citizens. Ever} -
thing now depends upon the outeom e
of the. vote on the lonlds, and sinec
every person wants the school thter
seems to be no ground for doubt that
the bonds will be voted, and ilia
Ilarlowton a year hence will be til
proud possessor of a first class school.
At the election on the 3rd of Apli
t , trustees are to be elected. One
to -ucceed id rs. Harry (.osgriffe whose
term shall be for three years, and one
to succeed I.S. McQuitty who was ap
pointed by the count' superinten
dant to fill the vacancy left by the
recent resignation of M rs.Fitzpatrick.
The trustee elected to succeed I. S.
McQuitty will in reality be tilling the
unexpired term of Mrs. Fitzpatrick.
It is very likely that both Mlrs. Cos
gritTe and I. S. McQuilty will it
elected to succeed 1 hemisel yes as t he}
are both excellent school otlicers.
having education and previous train
ing to fit them for the positions.
Miss Elenora Anderson and Miss
Glendora Clark spent last Sunday up
on the Shaw ranch.
Judge Cheadle went through tI
Lewistown the latter part of last
The Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget
Sound Offers One Way Fare-
Plans Excursions.
The Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget
Sound is holding out. special induce
nients to eastern people who are
thinking of settling In this section of
Montana. During March and on cer
tain dates in April, the road is offer
ing a one way settler's rate. The
single rate will be especially beneh
cial to those who have already looked
over the country and intend to settle
here. 'T'here is no doubt but that
new land seekers will take advantage
of the one way rate, although the
round trip fare will still be in effect.
The road has also planned to run
seven excursions during March and
April. The dates of excursions have
not yet been set, but railroad officials
here say that the first will begin
about the Middle of March.
Sheriff Wllliamis camie in from the
west Sunday afternoon, and returned
Monday. Hle had made an arrest at
House for rent, By Stephenson. 37tf
Adler Clothing--the nobbiest made
at Marshalls.
tTue t he Best John Deere Plow
Kentucky Dise. Drill--larshalls.
Charles V. tenizen, of Shawmutt,
brother of our geniel Ed. spent the
latter part of the week in town.
It. E. Marshall made a business
trip to ltoundup during the middle of
Ilie week.
Miss Edna and Marie ('aine have
rented the M. I. Graham residence
west. of town, arid will begin house
Able attorney and politician who
rose in less than twenty years fromin
the position of an obscure criminal
lawyer to that of rovernor of Illinils.
Milwatckee & Montana Roads Join
League, Merchants Will Have
to Pay Demurrage.
The M iilwa kee and Montana roads
have made arrangoe:its to join the
lemiurrrage bureau. The league will
take effect on April 1st, after that
date demurrage will be charged on
coal or lumber left in cars unloaded
on the tracks over 72 hours. I)ernur
rage will attach to ether goods after
24 hours. This new regulation will
effect local merchants who are not
prompt in get 1 lig their goods
away from the depot.
Mrs. John it'rs returned to Lewis
town Monday.
.Mesdames Ross, ( riss, Hoyvce, Srague
and Mtss .1ennie Turney, and I)r.
ainpbeil went to Levi itown Mondaý
evening to spend an evening with
Mrs. Hourbridge. Mr. Hurhridge ac
comipanied the party. hr. (Campbell,
Irs. ioss and Miss '1u rner returned
Tuesday, the rest cite home on 1he
morning I rain W\ednesdav. They re
porta delight ful tine.
You actually can't afford to nmis.,
the Spring Millinery ()trening at lie
Boston Store. corinencing next Mon
hay. (Rt t lere.
Mrs. Sprague Wins.
Mrs. Sp raogu sciceeeudlr in winniing
the tine piano Tered by the E. F.
t0 os CO. as a lcrike for the person
having the large-t no miler of tickets
represent ing purehases of rierchian
dise, she had 73. Mr s. Good was her
nearest competitor withi 3.
Miss Laurttta Ithelow has a splen
did line of millinery at the McDonald
sister'. Miss Ihiieeio had a millinery
I establisihu.ent iu .loore last Spring.
Wealthy young woman of Spri: g
Lake, N. J., formerly Miss Helen Ma*
loney, daughter of Martin Maloney,
the Standard Oil millionaire. Her mat
mhnonial difltielties have filled much
space in the newspapers.
Letta Shoemaker and John Jacob
son Married at Twodot
Last Sunday.
The town of Twodot a few miles
west of Ilarlowton is rapidly coming
to the front as the favorite haunt of
cupid. Here it is that the little elf
holds full sway, and ever and anon
comes forth on his stamping ground
with a new victory, and greater laur
els, leaving the love shaft quivering
in the heart of some fair maiden.
Last, Sunday evening Miss Le'ta
Shoemaker and Mr. John Jacobson
came in from the Shoemaker ranch
near Big Elk and were secretly mar
ried by Rev. A. M. Kenney, pastor of
the M. E. church.
It was the avowed intention of the
young people to steal a march on
their friends in town and hurry home
after the ceremony without any pub
licity. But cupid, ever proud of his
triumphs, must tell his tale to some
evil spirit, who cut the noose which
held the bog, and the cat appeared.
Then the noise began. The boys ap
peared at the church and indulged in
an old time charivari. Such a clhari
vari has not been pulled off since the
good old days, when the "Pumpkin
Rollers" shot up the town and hur
ried away with the happy couple, til
ling the air with shouts and merry
laughter such as only the deep lunged
cowbhov can give. When the smoke
cleared away, the church steps and
the street in the front ground were
strewn with empty shells of various
'PThe young people returned to the
ranch, not alarmed but disappointed,
still feeling that they were well mar
tied according to the custom and pre
(edent of Montana. Both are well
known and popular in the vicinity
of Twodot. All their friends and
those who took part in the jolly send
off wish them every success along
life's journey.
Celebrate Silver Wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gannon went
to Twodot today to attend the anni
versary of the wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Shoemaker. Mr. and
Mrs. C. W.Shoemaker are hlie parents
of Miss Letta whii \as marriirJ ýt
Twodot Sunday night. For sot e
time it has been a continual round of
festivities at the Shoemaker ranch.
Small Appreciative Audience Greets
Miss Bigelow a the Opera
The readings given by Miss Lor
etta ligelow in the opera house last
Friday evening were enjoyed
by an appreciative audience.
'T'hose who enjoy the beauties of good
literature were pleased with the en
tertainments. She has the close at
tent ion of her audience throughout
the program.
1iss Bigelow has splendid enuncia
tionand being possessed with a sweet
voice,pronounces her lines with effect.
The words came "tippsingly on the
tongue," there being no forced ex
pression. It is her aim to make the
voice the principle factor in reading.
Miss Bigelow is successful in her line
of work and all who heard her
feel satisfied that they have heard
something of real merit, something
that appealed to the mind.

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