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mOly 51x(fore Week 5to I¶ke C
Prepar tious for Jul 4tb g;
e(jjfle Summer APjreI
T HIS Store is now ready with all that is new and styl
ish for men and' young men. We specialize "Adlers' w"
Clothing for men and young men. The name of coT
"Adler" or "Collegian" on the inside of your coat insures
you of that quality, style, fit and workmanship that cannot ne
be excelled by other ;clothiers in the country. Lend us net
your presence for a tIy-on, no
Exlusive Styles in These Models. thi
LOT 11879 Men's Tan sack suits cut with deep lap
els, lined with silk alpaca, center vent, coat s eeves -: ;
trimmed in buttons, pants with peg top and belt $23A ` ga
straps, all sizes. Price lie
LOT 1813 All wool, light tan three piece suits, coat
cut on new lines, silk alpaca lining, center vents, a
real snappy suit indeed,, pants cut full and roomy t.
have belt straps. All sizes te
LOT 11731 Men's all wool green suit, stripe, coat
cut three button sack suit, deep lapels and center
vents, pants peg top, all sizes. Price W:
LOT 1845 Men's all wool, blue serge suits, line al- :45 R
paca lining, center vent and deep lapels, pants cut I blo
one-half pertop. Easy worth $18.00 but a lucky pur- L
chase enables us to sell these suits at .
A lot Men's wool hlaak or gray three piece suits~coats i* *A
3 but ton sack, full lined, for men who want an inex- p
pensive, yet a good suit at. the price, and its worth tl
Five Dollars more all sizes, price. ti
:-: Smat Summer Oxfords for liIN Wone and (hildren. :-:
W E are daily receiving new instalments of our new Summer oxfords for nem, women and a
children, and if you will inspect them you will be convinced that they represent the lat" t
est and highest art in Shoe making, The word "Guaranteed" goes out with every pair sold S
Our reputation of selling Shoes of quality stamps us as the leaders in this line. We cordially,
invite you to come and inspect our new arrivals, just for comparisons sake and whether you
wish to buy or not.
Men's Oxfords, Tan or ox blood $4.00, $4.25, $4.50
I Woman " " " $2.00 to 5.00
Children's" " " " $1.35 to $2.50 .,
mOen's & Young Aea'sfruisbiIgs, Everytbigg Tbht's
flew is round Here.
Summit Shirt Hosiery Swell Hats
Magnificent line of all the new We keep the kind that wear Stetson and Patterson Hats.
Wein kooig e h e ep When You wear a Stetson or
spring colorings. See the new and unhesitatingly recommend Patterson's Hat-well you have
banded and bordered effects, a hat that's right in every w.
white ground with fancy cuffs. to you The Wonder Sock $1.00 a Many, styles Stetsons, $5 values
Big line in all the $1.25 boz-4 pair. Guaranteed. at $4.50 Patterson hats$3 00
latest shades, at . . 25 Each pair 25. C $3.50 values, always
Neckwear Nea's Trousers
Immense showing in four-in-hand ties and the If you need an extra pair of trousers. We
i'ew tiowing ends. They come in stripes and recommend to you the famous Summit line.
so of fanc shadrsing lin to isselxe sea We have them medium peg top, witheQ3.00
f run at 75 cents & 50cI belt straps and turn up cuffs at $6 to~P
MARSHALL S' [Val Orders
PatrnsJ The Busy StoreE y
em gl
Minors not Allowed Minors not Allowed
To the best score bowling To the best score bowling
B UEFor Gents a Gordon Hat For Ladies, a silk parasol
In the future valuable prizes will be offered to all who are inter
RIBBON ested in bowling. A board will be kept to show standing of con
testants at all times. The pool and billiard tables are still running
and after the first of the month, cigars, tobacco, confectionary and
soft drinks of all kinds will be on hand. We will be glad to see
you during your idle hour. We must insist upon keeping minors
John English, Manager
Mr. and Mrs. Hogl and two chil
dren Journeyed to Lewistown Sunday
for a visit with Mr. Hogl's brother.
These gentle rains every two weeks
are about the best ad this section
has had for some time. If the far
mers are happy and cojtented, the
rest soon will be.
Bead Marshall's ad.
T Robert Lyons left for his happy
home in Pasadena, California the
fore part of the week. The evening
before he left the boys got together
anrd gave him a merry time in the
way of a charivari just to remind him
of rthe more strenuous days in old
Harlow. Bob returned the compli
ment by a generous response.
The rains during the first of the
week put a stop to the street grading
for a time. The side walks have been
laid out on the west side of Central
Avenue and work has already begun
on the sidewalks. The plan is to
build up one side and down the other
and have all the work do'ie by the
middle of June.
Base Ball Talk.
A little more ginger in the out-field. tean
The line-up appears to strenghten A
as time wears away. chis
Catcher Sprague has a "bum" eye M
which incapacitates him for a time. sligl
in t
Attorney Glen Bills and J. W. Atur- A
geon of Judith Gap accompanied the Jus
ball team to Lewistown Sunday. clea
Dr. Campbell, who managed the Jen
team last year, went to Lewistown
with the bunch, but returned on the
noon train as sopn as he saw there B
was no possibility of a game Sunday. Bil
If Sunday is a nice day the team bus
will again go to Lewistown to try qui
conclusions with the hired men. S
Glen Bills was out to practice Wed- Th
nes day and showed pretty good form. thi
For a long time there appeared to be wa
no available material to work behind
the breast pad and mask, but now er
there is more than enough.MI
Manager Lewellin has arranged a ha
game with Lewistown to be played to
here on the 3rd, the local .team will rig
play in Lewistown the 4th and 5th.
Captain Willard of the Lewistown gr
team will not play at the terminal er
city all the season. A
Roundup is now after the scalps of of
the Harlowtonities, it has been pre- .
dicted at this end of the line that
Roundup may anticipate some trou
Lord showed up in good shape in
Wednesday's practice. He hasn't ex
ploited his wing very much so far
this season, but it begins to look as
though he could slip them over.
At each practice during the week
the team indulged in a little batting
practice. The boys appear to wield
the willow better than they did at
the first tryouts.
Ed. Knoff has speed to burn and
his curves are quick in breaking, but
his weak point so far is control. The
ability to put 'em over will come
with the warm weather so he says.
With Attorney Husband on second
and Attorney Bills behind the bat,
it doesn't look as though many will
attempt the grand larceny game with
out being caught in the act.
Both have good wings and get them
off quickly.
Shortstop Cooper has a mean habit
of putting his left foot in the water
bucket each time he smashes at the
Relating to the speed of Automo
biles and other vehicles, and defin
ing their limits of travel.
Be it ordained by the town council
of the town of Harlowton, Montana.
Sec. 1. That any person who drives
or propels an automobile or other
vehicle or causes such automobile or
other vehicle to be driven or propell- a
ed within the corporate limits of the
town of Harlowton, Montana, at a
rate of speed exceeding ten miles an -..
hour, shall be subject to a fine of not
less than Twenty-five dollars or more
than One Hundred dollars.
Sec. 2 That any person who
drives or propels an automobile or
other vehicle or causes such automno
bile or other vehicle to be driven or
propelled within the corporate limits
of the town of Harlowton, Montana,
except on the streets and alleys
thereof, shall be subject to a fine of
not less than ten dollars nor more
than fifty dollars.
Passed by t he town Council of the
town of Harlowton, Montana, this
20 day of May, A. D., 1909, and ap
proved by the mayor of the town of
Harlowton, Montana. this 20 day of
May, 1909.
A. T. Anderson, Clerk.
S. K. Campbell, Clerk of the Town
of Harlowton, Montana,
Respecting Vagrancy.
Be it ordained by the town council
of the town of Harlowton, Montana.
1. Every person (except an Indian)
without visible means of living,
who has the physical ability to work
and who does not seek employment or
labor when employment is offered
2. Every healthy beggar who soli
cits alms as a business;
3. Every person who roams about
Ifrom place to place without any law
ful business;
4. Every idle or dissolute person,
or associate of known thieves, who
wanders about the streets at late or
unusual hours of the night, or who
lodges in any barn, shed, outhouse,
Ivessel or other place than such as is
kept f )r lodging purposes, without
the permission of the owner or party
Ientitled to the possession thereof
5. Every lude and dissolute person
who lives in and about houses of ill
fame, or who lives with or upon the
earnings of a woman of bad repute:
n6d. Every common prostitute and
common drunkard is a vagrant, and
punishable by imprisonment in the
town jail not exceeding ninety days,
the or by afine not to exceed Three-hun
the dred dollars and costs, or both.
ling Passed by the town council of the
town of Harlowton Montana, this
seen 20 day of May, A. i)., 1909, and ap
ýtral proved by the Mayor of the town of
gun Harlowton, Montana, this 20th day of
to May, 1909. A. T. Anderson, Mayor.
Oher Attest:
the 8. K. Campbell, Clerk of the town
of Harlowton, Montana.
LO N* t
George Bell accompanied the ball di
team to Lewistown Sunday.
A big majority was cast at Lewis
town in favor of the electric fran- ti
Mrs. C. N. Friday, who sustained a
slight accrdent recently by being shot
in the toes, is recovering rapidly. 81
Another secretary was punished in 1
Justice Hodges Court this week. The n
cleaning process still continues.
Wm. Jenizen, brother of Edward a
Jenizen of cement fame, has been in t
town on chrutches during the week. C
R. H. Holly, the land man from
Billings, came in the fore part of the
week and while transacting a little 1
business, shook hands with old ac
Several farmers from the Cruse
country were in during the week.
They are especially well pleased with
the late rains, and are looking for
ward to prosperity.
Robert W. Glenn, a younger broth
er of L. D. Glenn, has arrived from
Minneapolis and will locate here. He
has taken up a claim northeast of
town. His wife and family will ar
rive in a few days.
Lewistown will celebrate Memorial
Day with appropriate exercises,a pro
i gram has been arranged, and the vet
1 erans of the Civil war and Spanish
American War will participate. At,
torney Frank E. Smith is at the head
f of the program committee.
Capital $50,000 Fully Paid
ir One Price to EveyPody"
Just Arrived
A Car of No. 1 Oats
A Car of No. 1 Timothy Hay
A Car fancy Idaho Potatoes
of A rket Prices
vn We are receiving daily, al the .
e11 that are on the Mail ret.
,n) O r ' nt 0
0k "rol (00D0L"
'ed The Best FLOOR in the world
Ricblieu Coffee
m, Made from selected coffee berries
ho just the steam from the cup malt.
Tor es the appetite eager to taste
se, , the elicious brew.
)U 1 Pond Cia 40c
( r 2 Pound Cui 75c S
t 3 Pound Can $1.00
te: You cannot afford to pass our window because they
mfd always show something appealing to the eye and ap
dhe petite, that the ordinary grocer does not carry.
W* W Ask Your Dusiness becaus 1 of Our auilils.
Tne failouton roresy (o0 any
Mr. Eendricks, Mrs. Lewellin's
father, whose home is in Kendall, has
been visiting with the young people
during the week.
Geisser and Weston opened up
their new saloon Monday night. I
has neat finish, and the furnishings
are among the best in town.
George Pirrie from Rothiemay tran
sacted business in town Tuesday and
Wednesday. fie also took out some
more men tc work on the. ranch.
It. is not every town that can boast
of a grocery store so thoroughly up
to-date in its stock, and with a win
dow display like the Harlowton Gro
Johnny Spring representing the
Royal Tailors made the town during
the week, and as a result many of
the bloods will be wearing some nicer
Mrs. Johnny RBseman. returned
from Lewistown Tuesday with Leo
- Simonton who was accidently shot at
Cruse two weeks ago. At first it was
thought there was grave danger of
- blood polsoning, but this danger has
e passed away. Leo is not able to walk
yet, but he is able to sit up in bed
and is not suffering as much pain as
r- formerally. The bullet entered the
thigh and lodged below the knee pan
i going the full length of the fleshy
)- part of the leg, and when extracted it
t- was fiatened on one side making
- sharp edges which caused the lacera
t, tion. The friends here of Leo and
Ad Mr. and Mrs. Rossman are glad to
know that the boy will soon recover.

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