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The Harfowton News
The Coatianse d th M..Idh.Ill N.w,
Bedy of Murdered Womam Fouad in
the Ruuelshell liver Satur
day Afternoon.
The body of a woman, identified as
that of Mrs. Franc Kopec, of Round
up, was found in the )dusselshell
River near that place Saturday after
noon. Upon examination it was dis
covered that the woman had not
drowned, as the lungs were still filled
with air and the body showed signs
of strangling or choking. The body
of the woman had been in- the water
apparently for about 36 hours.
It is thought that the woman was
murdered by her husband, Franc Ko
pec, who is now in a critical condi
tion as a result of attempting his own
life with a knife. Kopec was tried
at Lewistown and examined a month
ago for insanity and was committed
to the state asylum, being adjudged
insane. However, he was released
by the authorities after a two week's
confinement, and every indication
points to his having killed his wife in
a At of insanity, after which an at
tempt was made to commit suicide.
F. H. Knopf, represenative of the
International Correspondence Schools
is here this week. Mr. Knopf tells
the News man that a large num
ber of the young men here are taking
up courses along different lines of
professions and trades.
C. Barrows Takes Charge of The
Harlowtoe Bakery Mr. Schoet
tier Leaves.
The Harlowton Bakery, which
was bought from Peter Winters by
Engineer Bostwick several months
ago, and which has been under the
management of Rudolph Schoettner,
was leased by Mr. C. Burrows on
Tuesday. Mr. Burrows is well known
in lTariowton, having been employed
in the shops here for some time. He
is a first-class baker, having had con
siderable experience in that line. Mr.
.Schoettner will leave here in a few
Ladies White Lawn and wash
skirts at Marshalls.
Miss Mable Patterson from Wash.
came here Wednesday afternoon to
spend a few days with her brother,
Harry Patterson, at this place.
$500 reward will be given to any
one that can tell who got the most
paint, the telephone office or Mr.
Look Here
Low fare tickets from stations on
this railway to Seattle, Tacoma, Spo
kane, Portland, Victoria, Vancouver,
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver,
Salt Lake City and dozens of other
points West and Northwest, on sale
daily until September 30. Tickets
good to return until October 31. Stc p
overs and choice of routes. Complete
information regarding train service,
railroad and sleeping car fares, routes,
and descriptive folders free.
F.A. MILLER, Gen'l Pass. Agent,
Chicago, Ill.
The best Binding Twine "Deering"
at Marshalls.
Miss Lida E. Allen is visiting at
the Home-Crest.
Deering "Ideal Giant" Mower-the
best at Marshalls.
T. and Joe Kelly two eastern par
ties were in town a few days this
week looking for some land.
If you want a self heating sad iron
"Talk with Swanson." The practical
J. H. Freeman from Castle was
here Thursday. He stayed until Fri
F. J. Cameron and wife from Irene,
Montana, visited in the Pride of the
Musselshell Thursday and Friday.
The goodness of goods is more
important than the poorness of prices.
irner Mere. Co.
To be well-Dressed Buy Mens
Clothing and Shoes at Marshalls.
Taken Up.
Gray Mare, weight 1200 badly cut
with wire, branded po came to my
place the N. W. 1-4 of 26 R 9 T 16.
Owner may have same by calling and
paying expenses.
J. A. Raitt.
On Central Avenne en Lets eirth of
Dr. Campberls New Offcee
The Harlowton Opera house,
which is owned by the Harlowton
Grocery Co. will be moved on to the
lots north of Dr. Campbell's new
office building on Central Ave. Work
on same will commence this week
some time. Wright & Kremer have
the contract for the work. The new
location will be a good deal more
desirable and will be more convenient
for the public. Mr. H. B. Meyers the
manager expects to get some first
class troops to stop off here as soon
as the opera house is moved and in
condition for use.
Special to the News.
Hensel, N. D., July 29.-W. C. Hus
band, formerly of this place but now
of Harlowton, Montana, is in a very
critical condition. Just as the long
expected thing was to happen and the
minister asked him to step up to the
alter, Mr. Husband, from sheer
force of habit, protested and that he
was not ready to proceed and demand
ed delay. The bride, whose name is
withheld, in a great rage chucked
him. Mr. Husband is now under the
care of a skilled physician, who says
that he might possibly pull through,
but that he will never look the same.
A Slight Accident.
M. I. Caine, who is a freight con
ductor on the Milwaukee between
here and Melstone, met with a slight
accident the latter part of last week.
He happened to be near a chain
which broke and struck him on the
head, resulting in a scalp wound
about two inches long. Mr. Caine
is now at his home here in town and
is getting along nicely.
Present Immigrant Rates Sufficient
ly Low--No Chauce to Secure
Eseteft Far .Labor.
The Lewistown Daily News says
that the question of farm labor in
this part of the country has been a
vital one for the farmers in this sec
tion, and all efforts so far to secure
extra help in reaping the large crops
of the country has met with but little
Secretary Croft of the Commerical
Club has been trying to secure some
special rate and inducement from the
Milwaukee and Great Northern roads,
whereby the thousands of immigrants
from the east may be brought to
Montana and given employment in
the harvest fields, but from present
indication no special rates or trans
portation facilities can be secured
and the prospects of much imported
labor is not very good.
It is claimed by the passanger de
partment of the two roads that the
present rates for immigrants is as
low as it can possibly be made. The
rates, as they are 72 cents pzur hund
red miles from St. Paul and $1.15
from Chicago, while the regular first
class rate is $2.10. In comparison,
this rate is apparently sufficent, but
the prospect of foreigners or aliens
coming this far west is limited even
at the present rates.
When others fail "Talk with Swan
son," The practical mechanic.
Mrs. Flora Ross, now located in
the Bazaar building wishes to an
nounce that she is ready to do
all kinds of facial and scalp massage,
either hand or electric vibrator, also
hair dressing. Her prices are reason
able and work guaranteed. Phone 7.
H. 0. Hampton of Mobridge S. Dak.
Buys 480 Acre Tract of Laid
Near Harlowtoe.
Mr. H. 0. Hampton, a wealthy
merchant from Mobridge, South
Dakota, who for the past weeks has
been in this city, bought a small tract
of land near Harlowton through the
Graves Holley Agency, this week.
The tract lies about 15 miles east of
Harlowton and is a most valuable
piece of land. Mr. Hampton has
been in this vicinity for tite past week
looking over different land proposition,
and thinks that an investment in
Montana land is a sure thing.
Ceretana Flour-the Best-is also
a Montana Flour-only at Mareballs.
Is the Name of a New Theater, Which
Will Be Opened Here By
Local Parties.
A company of local men was organ
ized this week, and the new A. C.
Graves concrete building, north of
the Musselshell Valley National
Bank on Central Avenue, has been
leased by this company for the period
of one year. The company consists
of T. F. McDowell, president; C. E.
Relif, secretary and A. J. Dreyer,
treasurer. They will open a high grade
moving picture show in this building,
which at times will be turned into a
vaudeville theater.
Harlowton has long felt the need
of such amusement, and its citizens
and the traveling public in general
will be greatly pleased to hear that
their long felt needs along that line
are about to be filled. It is now hop
ed that they will show their apprecia
tion by giving this new project the
hearty support they deserve.
The Majestic will open up with one
of the best moving picture machines
on the market, and will be operated
by an experienced man, whose efforts
will be to produce a clear and dis
tinct picture that will not tire the
eyes like those in the average moving
At The Local Depot--Chief Operator
Magette Transfered to Butte,
The past week has seen many
changes at the local depot. Geo.
Magette the chief operator has been
transfered from this place to Butte,
P. B. Mosher taking his place here;
Operator Gullick has been transfered
to Forsyth, O. Hollandick relieving
him here; Operator Robertson being
roleived by J. Mclntier has been
transfered to Baker, Mudtvs, sand
Ed. Colliar, the baggageman has been
transfered to another place on the
Milwaukee line, I. Hines taking his
place. Mr. Robert Glenn, brother
of Att. L. D. Glenn at this place has
'just accepted the position as ware
house foreman. Those that have
been transfered as well as those that
steped into their places are well
known to the people of Harlowton,
having been here for some time.
A bunch of the Lewistown state
milita company passed through here
Tuesday on their way to Helena,
where they will take part in the
state shoot.
L. W. Curtis went up to Lewis
town Wednesday. Mr. Curtis has
several jobs of plumbing and steam
fitting at that place and will perhaps
stay at Lewistown several weeks.
Mr. Elwood, a land man from Seat
tle, was in town the latter part of last
week looking over some land proposi
tions in the vicinity of Harlowton.
He was well pleased with the country
and will return in the near future.
Subscribe for The News
Miss Shafer is now ready to give
lessons in music on the mandolin,
piano and guitar. $1.00 per lesson.
Studio at W.B.Galvin's residence. 5-8
Mr. Geo. Farr, J. Prentice and J.
Souer, a traveling salesman for Ward
Candy Co. of Aberdeen S. D., spent
Thursday forenoon fishing in the
Mr. T. P. McAlpine and Mr. C.
Jude both of Maple Lake, Minn., were
here the fore part of this week visit
ing with Mr. Whalen of the North
Whalen Co.
E. M. Jenizen started the erection
of a five room cottage on his lots back
of the Marshall store, this week.
The entire house will be finished
with oak on the inside and when
completed will be one of the most
comfortable little cottages in the city
Mr. Jenizen expects to move into
same as soon as completed.
In publishing the picture of the
Musselshell Valley National Bank
last week we forgot to make note of
the fact that Mr. R. R. Lea is the
architect of the bank and that Mr.
A. J. Dreyer is only the architect of
the plans of the picture published,
which is a close resemblance to the
plans of archietect Lea, from which
the bank is built.
picture show. The building will be
arranged in regular theatrical style,
and no money or pains will be spared
in making this theater the most up
to-date and comfortable of its kind
in the state of Montana. Only the
lat t films and the best illustrated
sotm&, accompanied by a good singer,
wi be shown, and an orchestra of no
lit a masical ability has been secur
ed, which, will play at the Majestic
every night Occasionally they will
have audeville troops of superior ex
cellhee6 stop off here in order to give
theif patrons t ochange. The com
pany tihfopns u tiat their one aim is
to make th Tome of goqd things.
Ins of tile company are
weW Harlowton and will
0 ucetion. The News
sin litat their efforts will
reee hearty co-operation of
I~HrlQwt gionity and that they
will meet w ig but success.
The Majesti cts to be ready
forkhe first ent ailment about the
15th of next naopth. The exact date
will be apnotinftd in a subsequent
issue of a News.
President Staffek, of Billigs Coun
cil, His Little Daughter
and Two Women.
Billings, July 25.-As a result of a
boat capsizing on the Yellowstone
river, four drowned here this evening.
The victims are: Alderman John C.
Staffek, his daughter, 6 years old, and
Minnle Wagner and Tressie West,
domestics in the families of Herman
and L. C. Lehfeldt.
The victims and four other persons
were hr the boat, which w: s over
loaded. The craft began to dip wa
ter, and one of the young women be
came frightened and jumped out,
causing it to overturn. Two of the
young women secured hold of Staffek,
as did his child, and the four sank to
Joe Buller, who was in the boat,
succeeded in getting one of the girls
to the shore and the other clung to
the boat and was rescued. The 6-year
old child of Ludwig C. Lehfeldt was
carried down stream and was rescued
just as she was sinking for the third
time. She was resuscitated and has
The catastrophe happened above
the dam of the Montana Water com
pany, and the body of the Staffek
child was seen to go over the dam la
The body of one of the young wo
men was taken from the river near the
headgate of the water company's ca
nal and the other was raised a little
below the point where the boat went
over. The body of Staffek has not
been found.
Mrs. E. Rorvik left for Miles City
yesterday afternoon, where she will
visit for several weeks.
A. C. Graves, R. II. Holley and C.
Brooks were business visitors down
at Cruse Wednesday.
Sam L. Hodges went up to Martins
dale Wednesday. He will stay at
that place for several days.
Ben Randolph, manager of the
Threeforks Hardware Co. of Three
forks, was in town over Sunday;
FOR SALE-One bed, two rocking
chairs, two plain chairs and one wash
stand. Will sell cheap for cash. In
quire at Wilder residence.
A young woman, high school graduate
would like work, where board is in
cluded with salary. Can cook well.
Address The News.
Miss Mable Miller a school teacher
from Lewistown has been visiting
with Mrs. E. F. Ross since Thursday.
From here she will leave for her
home in Wisconsin.
T. Hanzlik has rented his barber
shop for six weeks to Ed. Jaekle of
this place. Mr. Hanzlik will leave
for Seattle sometime this week to
take in the fair at that place. On
his way out he will register at some
of the Indian reservations and before
returning from Seattle Mr. Hanzlilk
w ill visit several cities on the coast.
For San Diego, Cal., Where He Will
Jel His Family--He Will Return
The First of Year.
On Sunday morning of this week
Benjamin ITrner, of the Urner Mer
cantile Co., at this place, left for
San Diego, Cal. He was accompanied
by Miss Burk a sister-in-law of his.
Mr. Urner has been here about three
months and while here he looked
after his interests at this place. He
will visit with his family at San
Diego until about the first of the
year, he will then return to Harlow
ton. Mr. Urner has many friends
here, who regret to have him
Return From Trip.
The party consisting of L.D. Glenn,
his father and mother and Misses
Edna and Beatrice Caine, who left on
the 21st for a tour through the park,
returned the forepart of this week.
The party made a tour through the
entire Land of the Geyser and they
cannot say enough in praise of the
grand sights there. They were in
company with about twenty-five
other sight-seers, and were taken
through by the Shaw & Powell C'amp
ing Co.
F. M. Melin, Supt. of the Rockey
Mountain Division was in town T'ues
day and Wednesday.
G. II. Tenney from near Judith
Gap was a business visitor here on
Tuesday of this week. Mr. Tenney
Is a brother to Miss Helen Tenney,
who is opening a music studio at this
Mrs. A. M. Zeiter of Butte arrived
here Tuesday to accept a position
with II. E. Marshall as bookkeeper.
Mrs. Zeiter comes here highly recom
nended as a bookkeeper.
Near Moore--E. H. Murrphy Buys
1040 Acres From Dr. W. L.
Long, Lewistown.
A deal was made at Moore t lie lat
ter part of last week by which E. II.
Murrphy, a land man from Ill., who
has been staying around JIarlowton
the past month, became owner of a
1040 acre tract of land, which adjoins
the townsite at Moore. Dr. W. A.
Long of Lewistown selling the land.
Mr. Murrphy has been in and
around Harlowton the past month
or so, and while here he has been
looking over the land with a view of
buying. He isso taken up with this
country that he says this is the only
place for him. Having traveled over
the entire west lie has tinally come
to the conclusion that Montana is
the best state In the west.
J. F. liumphery, one of the wealth
lest land owners of Aberdeen, S. I).,
and his brother, C. I. a mail clerk on
the Milwaukee, have also bought a
tract of land consisting of nearly 500
acres near Moore. These two gentle
man will perhaps establish a blooded
horse farm on the tract they just
Notice to the Public.
I hereby wish to give notice that my
wife, Mrs. H. II. McMahon, has de
serted her husband, Mr. If. Ii. McMa
hon, the undersigned, and that I will
under no consideration pay for bills
which she may contract.
Signed, II. II. McMahon,
Ryegate, ;Montana.
Dated July 26th, 19tiO). 5-7
We have still a number of souvenir
issues left. Send one to your friends
back east.
Mr. and Mrs. L Fitzpatrick and Son
Start on a Trip to the Coast
On Wednesday of this week Mr.and
Mrs. Fitzpatrick and their son left
for a visit on the coast. They will
also take in the fair at Seattle. Mr.
Eltzpatrick sold his ranch near liar
lowton several weeks ago and will
now take a long needed vacation.
They will remain at t he coast about
two months, after which they will
again return to make this place their
home. Mr. Fitzpatrick owns a large
number of resident lots here and he
also has about 600 acres of land
which he kept when he sold his ranch.
Their many friends wish them an en
joyable vacation.
Affairs of the Montana Railroad
From Chicago Hereafter--to
Be Independent.
The Montana Railrroad, including
that portion that thereof included in
the Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget
Sound system between here and
Lombard, as well as the Lewistown
extension, will be operated in the
near future from Chicago instead of
Helena. However its operation will
be independent of the transcontinen
tal system and Mr. Gunn at Helena
will retain the presidency. All ac
counts will be handled at the Chica
go office.
This change necessitates the remov
al from Helena to Chicago of a por
tion of the office force of Auditor Jer
ry Welsh. Treasurer Mapes has re
signed and will be succeeded by F. G.
Ilanney, of Chicago. Auditor Welsh
will be made traveling auditor of the
Milwaukee and Puget Sound lines
west of the Missouri river, his terri
tory extending to Seattle. A. J. Hill,
at present chief clerk in the auditor's
office at Helena will go to the Chica
go office permanently, while Paymas
ter F. 11. Smith is transfered to the
office of 11. B. Earling, general super
intendent at. Butte. C. M. Trout,
car accountant, will be sent to the
division superintendents office at
Three Forks. L. G. Davis, the travel
ing auditor, will enter the station
service at Ellensburg, Wash.
Judith Gap Citizens Will Hold a
Grand Celebration the 15th
of September.
It has been decided by the citizens
to celebrate the first birthday of the
town on September 15. Arrange
ments are being made to secure horse
races, ball games, roping contests,
bucking contests and other typical
western performances.
The first sale of the city lots was
made July 28, 1908, but it, was over a
month later before any buildings
were completed. The 15th of Septem
ber was selected because of the gener
al gooI weather at that time, and
also because t he farmers have then
about completed harvesting.
Everybody put a shoulder to the
We still have a number of Souvenir
Edit ions left at 10 cents a copy. Send
one to your friends back east.
Fishing Tackle-the right kind
at Marslalls.
Gets Literature.
The Northern Pacific Railway is ex
periencing such an extremely heavy
demand for its literature pertaining
to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposi
tion that in addition to a total is
suance of 7 ,000 copies of its elabor
ate booklet and many thousand small
leaflets, a new edition of 25,000 copies
of ad attractive sixteen page pamph
let has been struck off and provided
to its passenger representatives.
This makes upward of 200,000 pieces
of literature which the Northern Pa
cfhic has issued and distributed during
the exposition and every indica
tion is that further supplies of
the matter will be required before
the Fair is over.
Buy I)ain Stackers and Bull Rakes
at Marshalls.
If you need a Heating Plant, "Talk
with Swanson," The practical
When you are in the market for
an Electric Sign, "Talk with Swan
son," The practical mechanic.
The services to be held here next
Sunday by Father Artz has been post
poned unt iI a later date.
For Sale after July Ist-One Per
cheon Stallion 5 years old, weight 1600
call or address.
C.M. I)uRand, Delpine, Mont
Miss E. Phillips, of Groveland has
been here the past week visiting
with friends.
Work on the side walk from the
depot up to the Graves Hotel was
commenced this week. The lower
part of the sidewalk below the hill
will be of sinders, the part going up
the hill will be of wood.
Mrs. Ethel Folwell shot and killed
a small eagle this week, which had
been carrying away some of the
small chickens belonging to Mr. RoEs.

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