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Boston Capitalist Visits Site at
Kootenai Falls. ---Work or
First Uuit of 20,000 Hcrse.
Power to Start in Near Future
Jos, A. Coram of Boston, ownel
of the Kootenai Falls power right
visited th_ p operty last Friday
to inspect the work which haw
been done recently by Woody
Williams with a crew of men, and
was met there by Engineer Pau:
Pratt, tinder whose direction the
big project is being developed.
Mr. Coram was acommpanied by
his son Chester, and his legal ad.
visor Chas. W. Wood, also o0
The work so far done has been
of a preliminary nature, but has
advanced to a stage where active
work on a large scale will soon be
commenced and this it is expected
will be during the coming year,
when several hundred men will be
Under present plans 5o,ooc
horse power can be generated and
it is proposed to first complete a
unit of 20,000 horse power. Be
sides covering the local field, trans
mission lines will be built to Flat
head valley and the Coeur d'Alene
mining district of Idaho. It is not
improbable that among the pro
jects to be furnished power from
this source will be the electric rail
way line from Columbia Falls
Before returning to Kalispell,
where he is the guest of his
brother, Mr. Coram visited at Lib
by, the townsite of which he was
former owner. He was naturally
very much surprised with the re
markable growth the town has
made since his previous visit and
he predicted that we were but at
the beginning of the substantial
development of the many resources
at our doors from which the town
will reap such material advantages.
The Libby district is fortunate
in having such heavy capitalists
interested and it is pleasant to know
that some ot our great possibilities
will be exploited to their fullest
extent in the near future and not
the least among these are the great
latent power resources which are
available when harnessed for use.
Kalispell Takes Series---Three Straight
Iallspen swept the series from
Libby in baseballdom last Satur
day, Sunday and Monday, but iu
two of the games there was a
struggle for supremacy, and it
might have gone either way until
the last man was out.
Saturday's game was a pitcher's
duel and went a full thirteen in
nings. Roseburrough and Cort
right were in the points for Libby
and Jones and Skinner served Kal
In the first inning Christie
scored from 2nd on a two-bagger
by Price. Kalispell tied the score
in second, Williard coming in on a
three-bagger by Vaughan. Libby
made another score in the 4th,
Johnson's two-bagger bringing in
Libby kept her lead until the
8th, when Willard's two-base hit
brought Trekill homle.
Both nines settled down to a
runless score until the first half of
the i3th, when the visitors put
two men on bases through errors
by the home team and, one out.
A hit over center brought in a run
and a hit to short and another out.
Another error .et t, man to Ist
FINDS 1010
Gains 70 Per Cent in Little
Over Year.---Civic Improve
ments Also Keep Pace.--
City Now Goes to 3rd Class,.
Libby is growing at a comfort
able rate in population as well as
in the building line. The official
census enumerator, John Kuklin
ski, oppointed by the city council,
has about completed his work and
has found a totat of roio names
living within the city boundaries.
The federal census in June of last
year was 636 and the increase will
compare favorably with the growth
along other lines. By this enum
eration the city will advance to the
third class and will give the addi
tional power to create improvement
districts, which will give those
further civic advantages to the
town that have made such marked
strides during the past year.
Natural conditions are such that
Libby will be one of the most
beautiful cities of the state, and
her residential features will appeal
strongly to wealthy visitors who
will be , attracted by them and
draw many to our midst who
otherwise would remain strangers
to the place.
Real Estate Transfers.
Prepared by the Lincoln County Ab
stract Company.
List of transfers for the week ending
August rr, 191I:
S. J. Dahlberg to Henry A. Asthausen,
w d to w hf nw qr sec 26-35-26, $490.
U. S. to Della I Young, pat to se qr
sec 31-36-27.
U. S. to Thaddeus B. Lawrence, pat to
sw qr se qr sec 18-30-33.
U. S. to Sophia F. Lawrence, pat *to
sw qr se qr see 6-30-33.
U. S. to Inez Lawrence, pat to e hf sw
qr and lots 6-7 sec 6-30-33.
U. S. to Walter L. Lawrence, pat to nw
qr ne qr e hf nw qr and lot 2 sec 19.30.33.
Wenzel Frye et ux to Joseph Husek,
w d to 6.86 acres in sec 20-33-38.
James Stonechest et ux to John H. Hill
et al, w d to lots 3-4-5 and nw qr sw qr
and s hf nw qr sec 16-31-30.
Fred Marvel to Roberta Downs, w d,
land in sec 15-36-28.
I~ichard Jackel to Otto Kienitz, w d to
se qr ne qr,e hf se qr and sw qr se qr
sec o10-30-3-3r, $5.000.
Otto Kienitz to Libby Lmbr Co, same
as above, $r.
Thomas Walker to Ruth Clark, w d to
lots 3-4 h1 13 West Troy, $300oo.
Ruth Clark to Jos. Regensberger, w d
same as above, $200.
Chas. A. Hamann et ix to Leonard C.
.Tewett, w d to lots 9-ro bl 24 2nd add to
Eureka, $r.
M. D. Rowlanl et al to Englbert Ofeum
nocher, w d to lot a hl o S. Libby. fr.
anci ne returned home betore the
side was retired.
The Libbys had but three men
up in their last half and the game
The score by innings
Kalispell....o o 0 0 o 0 oo I 0 0 0 3-5
Libby......... o o o o ooooo 0-2
Sunday's game went to Kalis
pell, the visitors taking the lead in
the 3rd and were ndver headed off
during the remainder of the game.
Each side scored a run in the Ist
and Kalispell added two runs in
the 3rd. In the 5th this was in
creased by 4 runs while Libby
secured 2. Baker for Libby was
wild and ineffective and was re
lieved by Kukilinski. Raasch, the
former Libby twirler, seemed to be
steadily improving and with sharp
fielding behind him allowed no
runs. Kalispell added one more
run in the 7th.
The score by innings-
Kalispell.......t o 2 0 4 o I o 0-8
Libby ......... o o 02 0 o o o0-3
In Monday's game Libby started
Soff like winners, scoring four runs
and blanking Kalispell in the rst.
Munro and Cortright were the bat
tery for Lihby and Skinner and
County Levy 2 Mills Und
Last Year.---State Tax of
Mills on Live Stock a Ne
Thing.---The School Levie
The county commissioners ma4
the tax levy last Monday, the tot
being x8 mills, or two mills le_
than last year. This is exclusie
of the state levy of 23 mills.
There is also a levy of 4 mills ol
live stock, provided for by the
legislature last winter. The school
levies of the different districts
varies from naught to the max
imum io mills permitted by law.
The various funds are apportioned
as follows:
General fund .................9 mills
Road " ....................3 "
Bridge " ..................... "
General " ....................4 "
Bond int." ..................... "
State redemp. fund........... mills
State " ............2~ "
Stock indemnity for insp.
and protection ............... mills
Bounty fund....................3 "
I. Troy....................... o mills
2. Fall creek.............. 4 "
3. Bull Lake................. 5
4. Libbyv ............... 5
5. Phillips Creek........... o
6. Jennings................... 5
7. Warland................. 3
8. Black Lake-Rexford..... 5
9. Gateway ................ o
io. Glen Lake ................ 7
i . Swamp Creek........... 2
12. Iowa Flats.............. o
3. Eureka ........... .......... 5
4. Fortine ................... 2 "
15. McCormick........... o"
16. Kolln ...................... o
17. Terriault....................o "
1o. Pinkham..................o "
53. Thorn Creek-Trego..... 3
Seeing trainloads of ore coming
from the mineral belt south of Lib
by to town is no longer a dream
a start has actually been made,
a 30-ton car of Snowshoe concen
trates being attached last Saturday
to a trainload of twelve cars of logs
Willard for the visitors. Munro
was tight-fisted until the 5th, when
the Kalispell pros. fell upon his
offerings like a band of hoboes on
a mulligan stew. All nine took a
bite and five got square meals be
fore they were chased away. Rose
burrough finished the game. Both
sides went hungry for ,the rest of
the game. Kalispell 5. Libby 4.
These games demonstrated that
Libby has about as pretty a bunch
of ball tossers as were ever gath
ered in amateur circles and it needs
only practice to cope successfully
with the semi-professional nines in
this section of country.
The Libby Reds will play Rex
ford next Sunday on the home
grounds. It is understood that
Rexford has a greatly strengthened
team, including Pitcher OtinAs, the
ex-city leaguer of Spokane and
lately with Whitefish.
Copper Strike on Parmenter. Newcomer Goes to Ranchl
A. LaCharity and Frank Bryant
came down this week from their
copper discovery on Parmenter
creek, about six or seven miles
from town.
They have opened up a fine lead
of peacock copper and have had
some flattering returns from assays
Appraising State Lands as to
Agricultural and Mineral
Values.---Likes Libby DistriCt
and Wants a Home Here.
State Land Appraiser Dickman,
who has been in this section for
two weeks, returned. from Troy
Sunday and has resumed field
work in this vicinity,. Mr. Dick
man is appraising the agricultural
and mineral value of the state's
land. That being chiefly valuable
for timber is wanted as such and a
timber cruiser will follow to deter
mine its value. At Troy he found
several sections of good agricul
tural land, and he is now going
over the ground south and east of
Libby and will work over the
range to Thompson in Sanders
county. He says the object of lis
work is to bring the land intc
market for settlement. Mr. Dick
man has been in the northwest for
30 years and nowhere has he seen
such a luxuriant growth -of all
vegetation as in the Libby district
and it is his intention and desire
to secure a home, and that thi"
will comes to pass in the very neal
future, as nowhere from the coans
to eastern Montana has lie seen r
more likeable place in which t(
live from both a climatic anc
home-building standpoint.
Forest Supervisor Dorr Skeels
was a week-end visitor from the
Yahk basin country, where lie hay
a large crew surveying aind class
ifying reserve land. The work i"
well in hand and will be completed
within thirty days. He has alk the
men put on that can work to ad
vantage, the intention being to
finish up the work during the fav
orable weather conditions of the
summer season.
on the oibby Southern and the car
of mineral switched to the Creat
":.rthern sidetrack in the Libby
yards. The Snowshoe has nearly
2000 tons of concentrates now on
hand and the mill is running day
and night shifts. About roo men
are employed on the property.
of, the same. They contemplatc
pushing development work the resi
of the summer vigorously.
On Tuesday they went up witll
several pack horse loads of sup
plies and provisions.
The industrious prospector is
our best citizen, and this new
strike several miles from any pre
viously known mineral belt is but
an earnest of the untold riches con
tained in our county.
W. E. Reed of Spokane, an ex
pert tinner, arrived this week to
take a position with Fleek &
Fleek, the hardware merchants.
Mr. Reed will remove his family
here as soon as he can secure
a dwelling house, a somewhat dif
ficult thing to do at the present
G. L. Benton of Great Falls
who recently purchased a sectiot
of land south of Iibhy, arrivec
this week to take up his residlctcc
here. Hle is shipping in his house
hold and farming tools. Ilis fain
ily is at present in New York, an(
will join him in September.
Judge Cuffe Resigns and Berth
Goes to J. W. Scott of Troy.
---Old Newspaper Man and
Lawyer of State and Nevada.
At the meeting of the county
commissioners held last Monday
the resignation of John Cuffe as
county attorney was received and
The republican members of the
board forthwith proceeded to elect
Jas. W. Scott of Troy to the
vacancy caused by Cuffe's resigna
tion. Mr. Scott has been home
steading near Troy for some time.
He formerly practied law in Ne
vada and later in Butte and did
newspaper work there and at
Helena prior to coming to Lincoln
Mr. Cuffe found the confinement
of office life too trying on hi:
health and was obliged to go back
to his farm.
Mr. Scott, as a newspaper man,
has been one of the most consist
uet boosters Lincoln county ha:
ever had the past year or two anc
has won for himself a host o:
fi icnds all over the county.
He and his estimable wife wil
ma.ke valuable additions to Libb_
official circles.
"See America First" Tour.
The first of a series of "Be loya
and see America first" tours
which President L. W. Hill of the
Great Northern is inaugurating tc
attract attention to the wonder
spots of the Pacific northwest ha"
arrived at the Glacier national park
for a two weeks' visit. It is coni
posed very largely of prominent
newspaper men of Chicago, Minn
eapollis and St. Paul, The party
will explore this famous resort and
is accompanied by the Great North
cern geologist and the company's
moving picture expert, who will
take a series of action photographs.
'l'he newspaper men will thus be
given every opportunity to gather
material for writeups of this great
natural scenic resort, now so little
known to the world at large. The
moving p)ictures will also be shown
in manyv of the cities of this coun
try and JE-urope.
Expert Visits Howard Placer Ground
Mining Engineer W-. Dickerson
of Helena visited the Howard
placers last week in company with
Senator Leary and A. V. Howard,
to make a preliminary inspection
and examination of the Howard
hlAiers, consisting of 840 acres of
ground adjacent to Howard lake,
south of Libby. He was so well
pleased with the nroposition that
we may soon look for definite re
sults of a very favorable nature
upon what it is beleived, will be
one of the big hydraulic placer
propositions *of the state. The
The appalling toll of humi'aid life
exacted by American railroads iĆ½
reflccted in the fact that the inter
statc commerce commission re
ceives daily from officials of inter
state carriers an average of thirty
telegraphic reports of accidents in
volving the loss of one life or more.
The rcports are made in response
to a.n order of the commission
which became effective July ist.
Gradually the railroads are com
plying with it.
Petition Filed for Special Elec
tion, Goes Over to Regnlar
September Meeting.--- Tax
payers Have Tired Feeling.
A petition for a special election to
locate the permanent county seat
of Lincoln county, in accordance
with the provisions of chapter 136
of the last session laws, was filed
with the county clerk Monday and
by him presented to the board of
county commissioners.
On consideration, any action on
the petition was put over to the
regular September meeting.
This county seat deal is getting
stale-a stench in the nostrils of the
taxpayers of the county, and the
clog in the wheels of progress for
our county. It has been injected
into the routine administration of
county offairs from time to time in
a way that has left the burden of
the trouble on the taxpayers and
the profit, if any, in the pockets of
a few non-resident trouble breed
Now we are to have more of
such unnecessary contentions, and
the people' are asked to pay the
freight. We trust that the com
mon sense of the taxpayers will
make itself so felt before the board
of county commissioners as to
render impossible for the board to
make so egregious a mistake as
shouldering the expense of a
special county seat election.
The taxpayers know how to
protest effectively to the board, as
has recently been shown. Now is
certainly the time to protest again
and in real earnest.
J. W. Hooper has been having
some views taken of his home two
miles north of town. Mr. Hooper
has a five acre garden tract on a
sightly location and has named it
"Cabinet View,'' the Cabinet range
being plainly visible from the site,
though thirty miles distant. For
scenic beauty the Kootenai valley
rivals the famous Alps, and when
the movement "See America first"
gets under way this section should
receive a goodly share of tLe
wealthy tourists who are now
dumping their millions abroad.
Owmbv drilling machine will be
taken to .the ground this tall and
a series of holes sunk to give a
through test before the machinery
to work the ground is installed.
So confident are the owners of fa
vorable results to follow the pros
pecting that plans are already be
ing made to instal four monitors so
that the property may he worked
on the scale which present indica
tions seem to warrant. The corn
pany has unlimited water for pres
sure and all the conditions are
favorable for economical and suc
cessful placer mining.
There are no new developments
in Cechlovsky murder case and the
affair remains as much a mystery
as on the day the tragedy was dis
covered. The sheriff's office has
followed up a number of clews,
with barren results and several
suspects closely answering the
description of the alleged murder
er have failed of identifization by
the wife of the murdered mnau. A
reward of $750 is now out for the
apprehension of the guilty party.

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