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..The Libby Herald.,
G. E. SHAWLER - - BusinessMgrr
Application made at the postoffice al
Libby, Montana, for entry as second-class
matter under the Act of March 3, 1879
Two Kootenai Roses.
Not exactly a case of putting of a mor
tal body and putting on immortality, byt
rather a case of the rose being just as
sweet by another name.
We have many pleasant remembrances
stored up of our existence in the neigh
boring town down the Kootenai, where
we lived, moved and had our being
nunder the name style and designation of
"The Troy Herald," none but pleasant
memories of our friends and neighbors
there and the vital interests of that
lovely little burg which we endeavored
as best we could in our humble way, and
with some success we feel, to represent
and further in every laudable manner.
But we heard a voice calling which
seemed to tell of a larger field, of broader
usefulness and better opportunity; so we
cgme-came from Troy "the Pearl of the
Kootenai," to Libby--"Lucky Libby,"
the metropolis of Lincoln county. And
here, in the very heart of this thriving,
hustling, growing and prosperous little
city we have established ourselves. It is
not that we loved Troy less, or Libby
more, but that from the civic center of
our county we might the better keep in
touch with, represent, and serve, the
Democracy of Lincoln county.
We have set up our Lares and Penates
in the very forum of the city, next the
Temple of Justice on one hand, flanked
by the county bastile and over against
Temple Mamnmon and Marts of Trade on
the other hand. The latchstring hangs
on the outside; no locks on doors or
windows, on duty twenty four hours
each day to glean or purvey all propes
matters of mewspaper publicity to all
who call, or send the children or write.
If you can't find the policeman, come
tell us your troubles, and be comforted.
We have no troubles. If the baby cuts
a tooth or falls down stairs, let us know.
We are skilled in administration to all
such ills-have had several sets of teeth.
If you have a grouch at anyone, or a
choice bit of scandal, tell it to us. Not
necessarily for publication, but that you
may have some one who can patiently
listen while you unburden your soul.
If you want to lick some big duffer
and can't, come around and kick our
dog; we keep him for just that purpose.
We are a plain, common sort of person
ality, something over 99 per cent
human, We Ilke our neighbors; we
want then to call and see and like us.
We want our paper, The Libby Hearld,
to be your paper. You, beloved public,
are going to be the most important fact
or, next to ourselves, in making it your
Boosters Should Organize.
No one can say that there is not a live
bunch of real boosters in this city of
Libby. The rec,'rd of growth and
achievement during the last two years
bespeaks the efficient work of as capable
a lot of publicity artists and two fisted
up hill fighters for mnunicipial advantage
and progress as can be found in any
town of twice our size In the state.
All this we know; first because we ad
mit it our ourselves right off the bat, and
there is no going behind the returns it
such case; then, all our friends tell m
the same thing, and some who are nol
so triendly grudgingly admit it.
But-all this energy, enthusiasm and
public spirit would accomplish still more
if it were more formally organized. Oni
old Boosters club, so-called, did a gooc
turn, but as a club it has lapsed into in
occuous desuetude.
We feel that it, or some other club
which will embrace in its scope of activ
ities all that the Boosters club organized
to do, and perhaps more, should bi
placed upon a good footing for imme
diate and active work. A business men';
club, with suitable quarters that wouk
he booster headquarters for all thingl
making for the upbuilding and develop
ment of our city and community, ough
to commend itself to the live wires of on
We understand this has been inform
ally discussed by quite a number o
We should like to see it pushed along
Progressive and Millitant
The political news that comes fron
Washington these days is big with thing
that are doing.
Democracy is in the saddle and is rid
ing a winning race.
This we gather not only from the cur
rent press reports sent out day by da,
and hour by hour, but the sober secom
thought a'nclcarefuller statement of thi
more conservative publications such a
the World's Work, Review of Reviews
Literary Digest, and such organs more
than corroborate the general tenor of thi
telegraphic news in declaring and main
taining that Democracy as represented
by the national organization in congress
is millitant, is fighting a winning fight,
is wholesomely reflecting the sane,
thoughtful and aggressive citizenship of
the country which in an underlying, fun
damental way is the controlling Public
The organization in the lower house,
under Clark, Underwood and their asso
t ciates, carefully formulated a program of
s legislation that fulfilled their every plat
form and camnpaign pledge, as far as the
exigencies of the special session would
admit. They have had substantial help
- from the Insurgent Republicans of the
house, and have presented to the opposi
tion an organization as impregnable to
attack as the best machine ever organ
tized by Payne, Dalzell and Cannon, but
with this difference : The Democrats are
organized to put through a program of
a legislation in behalf of the people ; the
Republicans were so organized for years
to thwart this will of the people and
serve the special interests which "came
through" with fat campaign fees.
Senator Martin, the senate leader, has
his forces similarly organized. True,
there are a few Bourbon Democrats like
Bailey, who line up with the Standpat
Republicans, but the fighting baud of
Insurgents under La Follette more than
make up for them, and co-operating with
the progressive democracy control the
r United States senate.
Standpatism is more than doomed; it
is now morilund. But strangely oh
scessed of its own greatness, fatuously
thinking that its power and sway of the
last half century cannot be broken, ut
terly unable, as such rank Bourhonism
always is and has been, to read the iaiid-:
writing on the wall, to appreciate that
Sthe world does move, Aldrichism still
sits back and sneers; IDenocracy tri
umphs. Congress is working the peo
ple's will.
Reciprocity has passed. It is now up
to our Canadian neighbors to ratify at
their pending elections the reciprocity
program of Laurier and Taft, which out
Democratic congress has made possible.
But, alas, for Taft ; he is between the
r devil and the deep sea. The further tar
iff reform measures-the farmer's free
list bill, the wool schedule revision, the
cotton schedule revision and others-will
be sent up to him by the Democrats and
La Follette. He is damned by the
stanupatters, in whom he trusts, if lie ap
proves these measures, and damnned by
all Progressive Republicans, all Inde
1 peudents and Democrats if he vetoes
All this ,pells Democratic ,access in
t the nation in 1912.
The signs are writ large.
And how is it in our own state?
Here, too, the signs are propitious.
The old-line Republican majority is
broken. We beat Carter last fall and
sent a stalwart, progressive Democrat in
the person of Myers to the senate. He is
four-square and stalwart for the people.
He will be the large figure in national
politics in Montana after next election.
lie will then have a junior associate
Democrat in the senate with him.
The split that shows nationally be
tween Taft and La Follete in the Repub
lican party is no greater than the split
between the Carter and Dixon hosts in
Dixon is doomed. He was an accident
in the first place, and has always been a
mediocre ; ever a trimmer, never a stal
wart standpatter or dependable insurgent.
He tried to put up a bluff at being an
Insurgent and could not do it. When
the test votes came he heard the voice of
his master and got in the hand wagon
with Penrose and Smoot.
Our people have turned down Carter
once-they willi have none of him again.
Dixon's pitiful four-flushing imitation of
standing for the people against the inter
ests has marked him for a similar turn
down. He has earned it. Party lines
will not count. And in Montana, as in
the nation, democracy will he triumph
ant. We shall have a Walsh, a Norris or
a Conrad for our next United States Sen
ator. The present admirable adminis
tration of Governor Norris shall be a
suficient justification for a complete
democratic administration again in Mon
tana. So will our state march with the
The Carterites have their machine, but
the people have their vgtes, and the peo
ple are with the ol'ganization that is
properly serving them and guarding
their interests now in the national con
gress, and
Say, oh, say,
By the way,
Where is Pray ?
Standing pat
'S where he's at.
Echo answers
pat !
Why Can't the People Rule ?
If the people rule, why can't
they have what they want ?
According to President Taft the
people of Arizona should not have
statehood unless the judiciary re
call provision is eliminated, al
though a three-fourths vote was
given in tavor of the constitution.
Congress, however, after a full dis
cussion, decided that Arizona was
entitled to statehood but tmust stlb
mit this question to a separate vote
and if it was fav-orall it could be
made a part ot the constitution.
But Taft is opposedl to the .recall
and advices from Washington are
that he would vein the bill as
passed by congress. This is equiv
alent to saving that the people of
Arizona are not capable of self
government and are not to he
trusted in the managerinent of their
own aftairs.
Roosevelt was fair,-r than this.
He told the people of Arizona in
one of his clharac.te i-t ic address;e-,
that, while he was\ opposed to the
recall of the jntlicr:ry, if they want
ed it they should have it. "It's
your funeral," he concluded.
However much we may differ on
this question as it appli":s; to the
judiciary, the fact remains that if
the people have the right to put a
man into office t lhey should have
the right to remove hini from of
\Vhiih brings ii; hack to the
original propm' i ion, If the people
rtle, why nil t they have what
they want ?
Governlor Norri has appoinled
Hon. Toim S lilnd-lhurit nseret ary
of s:tat-, to 'iccr-dl the late A. N.
o(htr. ;windilhrIii r. was; the
dtip,: t rstir caimlidatl for lieutenant
govei nor last fall andi ha-; been in
both ,eniiate and house of theIe state
legislat ure. ITis honm is in l,iv
ingston. The state I oard of con
trol, composed of t he .o\erunor, 4cer
retary of state and attorllev general,
which has charge of tho , fi:scal ex
p-inditnres, now prixr;,; into the
hands of the delnmocrat:; .
Dr. Wiley, cf the inited States
departmtent of agriculture n ays that
if one cup of salt he liiss..olved in
tenicups of wate-r anl a lperfecCtly
fresh egg he put into the solution
it will sink. After a day or two it
will not sink so far, and it contin
ies to lie higher, llntil an e.,g two
wveeks; old lies well up on tlite sur
The strip of two miles between
the Peterson mining properly on
Standarfl creek aniid ];oundaltii. n
Keen Kutter Goods
All who are accustomed to the use
of. tools know the value of the Keen
Kutter Goods. They are built on
merit and have a world-wide repu
tation for durable worth. Sold by
_ ~~~,___~
.John P. Wall Store
Can fill any order on
the shorted notice.....
In business twenty years and bigger today
than ever
Tl'hrer's :a rva:so, why people
like Lo drotp i n t ..................
BLEW'S ibb
Wines, Liquors, Beer and Cigars.
Only Good Goods Kept in Stock.
W. W. BLEW, JR., Propr.
"Solo" Hdqrs.
f +++ 1º1
in West Fisher will be connected
up with a wagon road this fall,
giving a continuous public high
way to I,ihhy down Libby creek.
Grand Ball
Libby Base Ball Team
9 P. M.
Everybody welcome - Good music
Rexford vs. Libby
This game is called at 3:30 sharp
'I the Distri6t Court of the Eleventh Ju
drlial 1.i;striCt of the State of Montana,
in a.nd for the County of Lincoln.
II thie Matter of the Estate of John
c'. Hlon(r, )Dereaed -Order to ShowCause
A<i:ainst Sale of Real Estate.
11 appearing to the court, petition
thi" day presented and filed ry J. W.
Itoi'p-r, admininistrator of the estate of
lohn Scanlon, deceased, that it is neces
s:r,, to sell the whole of the mining in
t iri,.tlo hel hv said estate and all, or
sonie portion of the other -real estate of
:Rai. lrderdent, in order to pay all debts
and expenrses and charges of admininis
It is ordered that all persons interested
iln .id estate appear before this court on
Sat rday, the 9th day of September, 191I,
at the hour of To o'clock a. m. of that
dnay, in the court room of said court, in
the crurrt house in the town of Libby,
Linn lit county, Montana, to show cause,
if in they have, why an order should
not hn granted to said administrator to
sel all of the mining interests belonging
to knid estate and as much of the other
r, al estate as 'shall he necessary.
II is fulrther ordered that a copy of
this order he puhlished for four (4) suc
resý,ive weeks next preceding said day in
thIe l,ibibv Herald, a newspaper printed
and pIlllishedi in said county.
I tone in chambers this 3rst day of
[lut, 1911.
Distriit Judge.
Anrgus McWilliam and Richard D. Pel.
oiluin, Plaintiffs, vs. William Casey and
Aldeline Casey, Defendants.
T'o he sold at sheriff's sale on the fourth
dl;ay of September, 1911, at ten o'clock a.
rr.. at tile front door of the couithouse in
Libby, Lincoln county, Montana, lot
sevenrteen in block two, in East Eureka
towrnsite, to the highest and best bidder
for casir in halnd.
F. R. Bauey, Sheriff.
l1;v C. C. Bradliey, Under Sheriff.
The Lincoln
Complete Outfitters and Furnishers
Of Good Goods at Lowest Prices
No order too large nor too small to
receive prompt and careful attention
Everything Good to Eat and to Wear
The First National Bank of Libby
Opened for business Jan. g19, 1910o
CAPITAL $25.000 - . RESOURCES $100,000
C. ED LUKENS, President
F. M. PLUMMER, Vice-Pres.
Our beer is made from the Famous
Montana Barley and Bohemian 4
Hops, imported from Europe.......
Kalispell Making & Brewing Company
Kootenai Deal in all kinds of Real
Estate and Real Estate
Land & Improvements. Loc a t e
Parties on choice Fruit
and Dairy lands.
Investment Make a specialty of Koo.
tenai Valley lands, but
Company will buy and sell in all
parts of the county
First National Bank Bldg., Libby . At F. B. Callow's, Troy
F. M. Plummer
Sells Everything,
In Merchandise
Quality & Price
Sole Agent for CHASE &
SANBORN'S High-Grade
Teas and Coffees
F. M. Plummer

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