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Rheumatic Pains
quickly relieved
Sloan's Liniment is good for pain of
any sort. It penetrates, without rubbing,
through the muscular tissue right to the
bone-relievesthe congestion and gives
permanent as.well as temporary relief.
Here's Proof.
* A. W. LAY of Lafayette. Ala., writes:
I I had rheumatism for five years. I tried
doctors and several different remedies but
they did not help me. I obtained a bottle
of Sloan's Liriment which did me so much
good that I would not do without it
for anything."
THOMAS L. RICE of Easton, Pa.,
writes: "I have used Sloan's Lini
ment and find it first-class for rheu
matic pains."
Mr. G.G. JoNEs of Baldwins, L.I.,
writes:-"I have found Sloan's Lin
iment par excellence. I have used It for broken sinews above the knee
cap caused by a fall, and to my great satisfaction I was able to resume
my duties in less than three weeks after the accident."
is an excellent remedy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma.
No rubbing necessary-you can apply with a brush.
At all dalel s P,"Ioe, 2bo., 500. & $1.00.
Sloan's Book on Horses, Cattle. Sheep and Poultry sent free. Address
Mr. Stephen Holbrooke. Sec'y
Tacoma (Wash.) Poultry Ass'n writes:
"I will give Mexican Mustang Liniment
an unequivocal endorsement as a remedy
for Ilumblefoot and Canker in the Throat.
Hitherto I have found these diseases of my
poultry very difficult to cure but Mustang
Liniment proved to be a positiverutnedy."
25c. 50c. $1 a bottle at Drug & Gen'l Stores
BUie that's all blue. RED CROSS
BALL BLUE delights the laundress.
A wash day necessity. Once tried, al
ways used. A standard bluing for 20
More satisfactory than liquid blue,
and more economical because it is
not 4-5 water. Easily handled and
cannot spill. Price 10 cents. ASK
The new maid had been on this side
of the water but a very short time, and
a most amusing thing nappened when
she answered the bell for the first
caller at the house where she was em
"Can your mistress be seen?" the
visitor asked.
"Can she be seent" snickered Kath
leen. "Sure, an' Oi think she can!
She's six feet hoigh and half as
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup the best remedy to use
for their children during the teething
If the willow tree weeps will the
snow ball?
We Give Away
Absolutely Free of Cost
The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain
English, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. D.,
Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur.
gical Institute at Buffalo, a book of 1008 large pages and
over 700 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any one sending 21 one-cent
stamps to cover cost of mailing only, or, in French Cloth binding for 31 stamps.
Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book were sold in cloth
binding at regular price of $1.50. Afterwards, one and a half million copies
were given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready
for mailing. Better send NOW, before all are gone. Address WORLD'S DIs.
PENSARY MEDICAL AssOCIATION, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y.
THE ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar ailments good enough
that ~y makers are not afraid to print on its outside wrapper its
every ingredient. No Secrets-No Deception.
THE ONE REMEDY for women which contains no alcohol and
no habit-forming drugs. Made from native medicinal forest roots
of well established curative value.
'2.50, $3.00, 63.50 & '4.00 SHOES
Men and Women wear W.LDouglas shoes
because they are the best shces , roduced in ......
this country for the price. Insist upon hav
ing them. Take no other make.
The assurance that goes with an estab
lished reputation is your assurance in buying
W. L. Douglas shoes.
If I could take you into my large fadtories
at Brockton, Mass., and show you how
carefully W.L.Douglas shoes are made, you
would then understand why they are war.
ranted to hold their shape, fit better and
wear longer than any other make for the price
CAUTION The genuin have w . L. .nnsas
name and price stamped on bottom
If you cannot obtain W. I. ilouglas shoes in ONE PAIR of m " 5IOY"' |i, *ie.So
yotur town, write for catalog. Shoes sent direct 3.00 HOlES will positivelyoutwear:.
r factory to wearer, all charges prepald. W.L. TWO PAIRS of ordinary boys)' shoes
I))OIGLAS. 145 Spark St.. Brockton,. iass. Fast Color Eyelets Used Exclusiuelu.
S Cures the sick and acts as a preventive for others. Liquaid
given on the tongue. Safe for brood mares and allothers. Beat
kidney remedy; 60 cents and $1 a bottle; $5 and $10 the dozen.
Sold by all druggists and horse goods houses, or sent, express
paid, by the manufacturers.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen, Ind
The accompanying sketch shows two
conservative, yet pretty Fall styles in
The upper one is formed of knife
pleated silk ruffles, and topped by a
large black velvet bow.
The lower one is a combination of
black velvet, white felt and a fancy
white wing.
Do You Use Eye Snlvef
Apply only from Aseptic Tubes to
Prevent Infection. Murine Eye Salve In
Tubes-New Size 25c. Murine Eye Liq
uid 25c-50c. Eye Books in each Pkg.
Did your little son hurt himself when
he fell into the cisternt Mother-How
could he. It was soft water.
How the Government Has Aided Pros
perity-Always a Little Something
Put Away for Days of Old
Across a narrow sea from England
is a little country which, though
densely populated, has practically no
paupers, nor do the people emigrate.
This is thrifty Belgium, where there
is thrift of the Individual, thrift of the
family, co-operative thrift, national
thrift, and prosperity in the face of
the keenest competition of its power
ful neighbors, England, France and
The government, instead of paying
old age pensions and dispensing char
ity, has machinery for the encourage
ment of thrift and thereby for the
prevention of dependence. It pays
the Individual interest on his savings,
it insures his life and it will give him
an annuity if he saves to pay for it.
In the government savings bank de
posits may be made in every post of
fice of the kingdom and in all the
branches of the National bank. The
minimum deposit is one franc. There
is no maximum. The government
provides in a special way for those
who cannot put aside so large a sum
as a franc at a time. It authorizes
smaller deposits by postage stamps in
order to encourage school children,
farm laborers and the like; and rural
postmen carry with them the neces
- sary forms for this purpose, and urge
the public to make use of the savings
bank in this way.
Life amnulties may be contracted
for at all branches of the savings
bank, at all branches of the national
bank, at all post offices, and at the
offices of all tax receivers. The mini
mum payment that may he made is
one franc, and the smallest annuity
paid by the fund is one franc, while
the largest is 1,200 francs. The an
nuities become payable at the end of'
each completed year from the age of
fifty to sixty-five.
In addition to the annuity fund
there is a government Insurance
fund, the management of which is un
der government guarantee. Life or
endowment policies may be contract
ed for, the latter payable at the end
of 10, 15, 20 or 25 yoears, or for a
period ending at the ages of fifty-five,
sixty or sixty-five.
This policy has Instilled ideas of
thrift in the minds of the school chil
dren, it has driven thrift into the
household where the income of the
husband, or of wife and husband com
bined, is rarely spent, and in most
cases a liberal margin is left for the
future. The people live within their
Incomes. "Our income," they say, "s
so much a year; we must live within
It and put away something for our old
Among English speaking people,
this is the habit: "We must have this
and that and go here and there, and
so we must bring our income up to
that mark at all hazards." t
But the Belgian household enjoys 1
contentment and awaits with patience t
a larger income before buying this f
and that and before going here and
there; and they do not try to keep
the pace set by those whose means
are greater. The observer sees on P
every hand men and women, still with
the freshness of youth, who have re
tired from active, bread winning
work and are enjoying life on the
capital saved by reasonable economy. Ir
They have lived wisely-neither si
slaves ncr prodigals-and their de- 1t
clining years are provided for.
Use of Olives and Olive Oil.
The use of olives and olive oil is
becoming so country wide that any
new uses of these articles are received
in all quarters with an inconceivable
degree of acclaim. The housewife has
learned to know its healthful quali
ties far better than many of the peo
ple that are natives in the countries
where the olives are grown. In cases
where the olive oil is used for frying
of meats or vegetables if the piquant
tang is desired to be modified it is
best to let the oil come to a boiling
point before putting rn the materials
which you wish to fry.
This will keep the oil from pene
trating the meats, etc., and thus there
will be less of the taste which it takes
time to acquire, but which when ac
quired will be a hard matter to "dis
carnate" or discarnare as the Latins
are wont to say.
Tabooed Thirteen.
One of the department stores has
something like thirty elevators. If you
have any doubt that New York is se
perstitious, go take a look at the north
side of this great shop, where the first
group of elevators is ranged. The
numbers go from 1 to 12 without a
break. Then comes the jolt, for that
next number is something which must
be got over with tact and delicacy.
The manager has solved the difficulty
by making it 130, which is decorously
Followed by 14, just as if nothing had
"Nobody'd ride in it if it bore its
)wn true number," said he, with a
rin. "We tried it. The women would
rive a look up at the sign over the
loor and then sidestep to the next
;ar. But you never can find a person
pho will admit he has a superstition."
PI sos
Eradicates scrofula and all
other humors, cures all their
effects, makes the blood rich
and abundant, strengthens all
the vital organs. Take it.
Got it today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
Charge Faulty Tea Inspection.
'The te importers of Chicago are "'up
in tlih airl' as to the ultimlate Olltenai
of the dispute over the rulings against
nrtilili:illy-colored tea. Inasmuch as the
claim is madel that Chicago, niext to
New\\ Y'ork, handles more tea than an11y
other city of the country, the impor
taice' of the matter to the houses tlhre
(;il :i'asily bIe seen, says St. Louis Inter
stateI G roieer.
'.I'ho trouble seems to be that no one
knlowns just exactly what the law is.
Te':I houses and wholesale grocers say:I
tliev arit willing to abide by the rules
nuIl regulations ontue tlhey get the thing
clared iup, but that there are too many
coullicting statements being made and
co'ntllarly actions taken to satistfy them.
A lprss dispatch-from Chicago says that
thel disturbing question may lie settled
at :a iieetiug of the tea board in New
York. The controversy arose over lihe
stanlards for No. 6 and No. 7 greenI
teas settled upon early in thle season.
'l'he recent difticulty at Sanl .i'raieisuco
is attributed to excessive zeal on the
ul:t ' of the oflicials there. It is undelcr
stood tilhat the sentiment favoring the
teat houird's standards hats as its basis
Ili' 1lihory that the illslpecti, n in Sin
"Iraliseo is Ifully. One gentletnan in
tclo, tiouch with the situation insisted
111: le i Han . 'ra:l isco cthenlrist who
h i analysei: s oni whic h the relIort of
the inspector at; thaut port was itlnsetl
diil not know his business, ad tlhat
wh:ti he determined to lbe ariiticial l
e irrg was the tatural color of the to..
'IThis gentlemanut asserted that the
sl 1ndn1:rdl'.- de byI the hoard for ('Ii
nioe green and black teas were fail
.ii, e'luit:able and seien ilictally souni,,
imdl i'hr:u ltltz:I zI d I s nonsense thi e str)I'
lsnt o11 frotl ŽNew York suonit weks
:.,o to the of'eet that I he hoard ha1
I.'n illmposed upon a1id i 'llilne l to
lt,,, unwittingly ml ,n rtificiall -colored
:nII Iardl for' ('Illin se Ifte s.
I;oughly sl,'e king, there are four :l
Ph,- of a liltud ii il ithe sit ttlitn:. (lre
e:is of dealers l s n s llIongly in faiv r of
ithe. lia i stI hrds :is im he 'y the teni,
hard, ild peronnl' of whiclh was iil
e vi l d earl y in ti he year. '.'hese d al
t iI tries to hold ;looif t'rm tany ill
I; ir l0 even of{ l ilnterest in the 'cl lontro
'rs'. l 'This i' lss coml prise's somiie tof
ith' lirgesti ti aii oilist, of fihe wholesa I,
rol ery firls in the city. Their atti
tuhe is crstalllized in the nttiertni e of
Al. A. I' lonn, viee imesident of S lpr:lim,
ai'rnuer & ('o., who said: "' We prIt'ier
That. ill teas imported to this count ry
in without a'tifin ial color. About, twf o
'eurs aigo we filedl a petition with fhi'
curetary of' ttgri'enlitur requesting him
;o exercise his power to prohibit the im
tortltion of colored tens, and we still
eliev-e in thni policy. We have no in
erest in the so-ealled contiroversy.v"'
This is atlso understood to bee t h
ttitulde of "Franklin MndeV:gh & ('oi,,
if which firm lthe present sec rethiry of
he tirnasItnry was at one tie ile he and,
tt from which lihe severed all connee
ion at the time of accepting the port
olio of the treasury.
JhBetween those two extremes is a Blass
f dlle'rs, most ly wholesalers, enteringj
a trale ldemianding low-priced tens iand
ackage goods, who are hoping that the
rtder of the tr'eastury delpartmen t for
dding the importation of artificiall'y
olored tens will not lii too tlrasticaliv
iforeed, and another elauss who see in
restrictedl impllortation a ehlicei to
ake i considerable profit on heavy
ocks of Jaili'nse, India andl Coylon
ias, lit' va'st tmaijority rof imiportations U
'which have not fallen foul of the
'etsury depirtn'ent's ruling on atrtifi
til coloring.
To Confiscate Unripe Fruit.
The department of agriculture, Wash
ington, I). C., has prepared for confis
cation of any shipments of unrilp
oranges or other unripe fruit frorn
Secretary Wilson, who has been it
communication with the Florida agri
cultural authorities, has announced
that any attempt to ship artificially
ripened fruit out of Florida or to "pro.
cess" unripe fruit on its journey to the
north would be the signal for govern.
ment activity.
"'After I am gone," he complained,
"people will begin to notice what I
have done."
"'Well," his wife sadly replied, "if
they do it won't take them long."
Chicago Record-Herald.
Stiff neck! Doesn't amount to much,
but mighty disagreeable. You will he
surprised to see how quickly HImrnlins
Wizard Oil will drive that stiffness out.
Ono night, that's all.
The Northern Pacific railroad has
given $1000 to the National Apple
show. This is in addition to P'resident
Howard Elliott's subscription of $250.
As a rule,'a few doses of Munyon's Cold Remedy
will break up any cold and prevent pneumonia. It
eolieves the head, throat and lungs almost ins;tant
y. Price 25cents at any druggist's or sent post
If you need Medical advice write to Munyon's
Doctors. They will carefully diagnose your case
mnd give you advice by mail, absolutely free.
Address Professor Munyon, 53d and Jefferson
Itreets, Philadelphia. Pa.
Our New
Hair Vigor
Ayer's Hair Vigor was good,
r the best that was made. But
Ayer's Hair Vigor, new im
proved formula, is better. It
is the one great specific for fall
ing hair. A new preparation in
every way. New bottle. New
contents. Ask your druggist to
show itto you, "the new kind."
Does not change the color of the hair.
Formula with each bottle
Show it to your
g r sdoctor
Ask him about It,
£a &Cthen do as he says
As we now make our new Hair Vigor it
does not have the slightest effect upon
the color of the hair. You may use it
reely and for any length of time with
out fear of changing the color. Stops
falling hair. Cures dandruff.
-Made by the J. C. AeltCo.. Lowell. Mass.
We Begged His Pardon.
Every cotlutry newspaper has a line
of 'xperienee lhaLt runs ibout the same.
\n exchango puts it in this way: We
h:,U n certain subscrilber; for short we
will call himt John Dloe. lie refused
1;s paper at the postohlice. lie did not
tant it any longer. We wondered
wlat was thet mntter. lion consulting
n111r subscription books we found John
;,is short $3.70. Ito stoppeld it as a
rat'er of econorny to himt. A few
S.tnings ago we stepped into a church,
andl John's melodiouins voice rang outi
,'htar rand loud in that soul-stirring
'inIg, ''Jesus I'aid it All, All the Debt
I ()we.'" We might have been mnis
,lt'en, but, his earnitsness so inpressei l
I; Il.at the noet day weI' sent hiln a
v-i'pt in fIll. begging his pardon for
nit knowiing he liltd mii:dle arrange
nitfs wit It the lord as to his ipersonal
Il:ilhilit ies.
Free to qpur lReaders
Write Murine lEye liemiedy Co., ('hht'apo, for
40 page illustrated Eye lltok Free. Write 11l1
a;Ltut Your Eye l'Iroutllhe aLltd they will :Ltivise
a- to the P'roper AIpplicatiton of the lutrine
I'ye Remedies ill Youlr 'l'pecial C(ase. Ytlur
Ilruggist will elltl you thatL Sll rine RI elieves
bore Eyes, St'ret gthtens Weak Eyes. JInoet,n't
Smart, Soolthes Eye PUin, and ,.'ells fi' r 50.
Try It in Your Eyes aIItld ill liab,.y's Cy'es for
caly Eyelids and ti ;1tn latioiI
Inexpensive Businers Aid.
(iii o i heo l gl test :ls tills in rettiling
I ke pal, :t.-e insetl, a small inex
l.nsive printl ail e:lhel I ut' can be
,:isily witrapped uil in every package
ILat leave's the( sltie, lt s 0>liit Ht. Louis
Ilote s tll e (i rn(er.
The function of these little sales.
i, llers is to e'arry a spie'in! mlessage
It every purehlster. Each insert
ishuld ,arry It few tpointed sailes arg
tilteis or ggestiolts, notice of special
saleis, new liinet's of goods or aitly buying
inhluetdientt you ttlay wish to offer can
ie madt the suhtjvtt, of one or a series
of inseris,
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's t l It-ase, a ppowder for the feet. It
cures painful, swollen, smarting, sweating
feet. Makes new shoet etasy. Sold Iby all
druggiss and shoe store. . 1 )on't accept atny
subsllitte. SImple RIREE. Address A. S.
Olnmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
l'ing ---Where is the coolest place in
town ?
Bting--(live it up.
Ping-VWhy, the haIll park, you rum
my. There are lots of fans there.
HLowardl E. Burton, Assayenr and Chemist,
Leadville, Colorado. Spteimtn prices: Gold
Silver, Lead, $1.00: Gold, Silver, 75c; Gold,
.le; Zinc or Copper. $1.00. Mailing ent
velopes and fuill price list sent on application.
Control and Umpire work solicited. Refer
ence: Carbonate National Bank.
'Teacher-Ilow will they use airships
in wart
.Jimnly-Induee the enemy to go lup
in themo, ma'am.-Puck.
Too much depends
upon the stomach
to allow this condi
tion to continue.
You can tone,
strengthen and in
vigorate the stom
ach, liver and
bowels by the use of
loj \ ank. a.dv .v
NIr. Hitchcock, the.news editor of the
i: daily, had only the junior re
i. t hand, and news of a shooting
:, v had come in.
a\ an had married a girl at 4
ao'ch !, the afternoon before, and at 8
,it -oze evening had shot at her five
\\that shall I do?" asked the re*
""t't an interview from tile girl,''
sail II tcheock.
SlIt I don't know what to ask her '
object dl the reporter.
Ilitchcock got up from the chair,
wa:.lld over to the wall and beat his
hlrid against the plaster three times.
" I dn 'l, think you understand," he
lohl the youth, with as muhe i patience
is he could muster. "Married at 4 and
sholt ,t five times at 5. a;o and get the
"\Well, what shall I ask Iher?
queried the, reporter.
hlitihelnek looking pained and grieved,
said, "Ask her whether she considers
the conduct of her husband an insult
or merely studied indifference."--Lon
pdon )pinion.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first put
up 40 years ago. They regulate and
invigorate, stomach, liver and bowels.
Sugur-coated tiny granules.
(horge---l)idn't you notice that I
pressed your foot at the dinner tonight?
Mazi ---Why, it wasn't my foot you
pressed! Oh, ieorge. I wondered why
mam:r was smiling, so sweetly at the
Made Safe by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
C(raitoville, Vt.-"I was ,passing
thlronig: the (Change of ifuand stufferel
i f ro m Inervousness
M... .iiand other annio'ig
auii ;trly say that.
L di A, E. inkhami's
. , . ,il pouiii has prival
worth iountains of
::: : old to me, as it
S.. restore my health
.. , J ol and strengtlh. I
/ . i'L' never forget to tell
S Lydia E, 'inklanm's
Vegetallde Compoun l has done for me
during hliis trying peri d. Complete
rostoraition to health means so much
to me that for the sako ,>ther suffer..
ing women I amn will, , to make my
triuhble public so yo: may publish
this letter."-M.h s .i;As. BAtCLAY
R.F.J., r.nit:vill,, V ,,
No ,dh( i medicine for woman's ills
has i ca:ived such widc-spr , and un
q9uallifed endorsement. .:o.c other med
icine we know of lrh .:tmi a record
of cures ,s hat; Lydi , E. 1'inkham'o
Vegetable CompoundL
For more than, ) :'car.C; :h hau °oeen
curing womui': ill such as nhtlamma..
Lion, ulceration, iibroid tumors, irreg
ularities, periodic puain nd ncrvous
prostration, and it ic unequalled ;or
"arrying vome.u safely through the
period of change of lifo.
.Mrs. Pinkham, 0, Lynn, Mass,
invites all oick 'omen to write
herfor advice. HO-. cvicesfree,
aud always helpful.
. WShOePolish es
Flnest in quality. Largest In Variety
They meet every requlretimnit for cleaning and
polishing shoos of all kinds and colors.
I' I
GILT E.)GE the only ladies shoe dresslng
that positively rontalns OIL. Blacks and Polishes
Iadlos' and chldreu'n boots and shoes, shine.
without rubbing, 25". "French Gloss," 10c.
DANDY corlil,inatiol for cleaning and polishlng
all kinds of rluss.t or tan shoes. 25. "t3ar" size, 0o.
'ELITE " combination for gentlemen who
take pride in having their shoes look Al. Restores
color and lustre to all black shoes. Polish with a
brush or cloth, 25c. "BAllY ELITE" size, 10e.
It your dealer do,,e not keep the kind you want,'
send us his alllres, and the price in stamps for
a foull size pckaege.
20.20 Albany St., Cambridge, Mass.
The Oldest tand Luartest Mlanuf acruters of
Shoe Polisldes in the World.
Toea WIl
Redaoe hour nst of itvis have fresher.
hetter producig add so ie's enjoymeS
aesance your propertyj valuer, eel better
looeek beer, sleep better. better We all
te o er0. ( e to-i priess adc.ta ft o i
tree orders. Write for prices and catalog,
509 Hyde Blohck. Spokane, Wash,.
Trees Grown Without Irrigation.
S I~ o sl..,..et
Coor more oods brighter and faster color, than any other dye. One lOc pcg clo ool nd o
qluqAly wel hand is boruee to ve rfect rcsnlta Ask dealer, or we send post cid aot lOc a package. ritoe
- ho bO t, bo, o d.,. bcixl ,;cor,. ONOROR DRUO CO., Qaincy, 11, i.

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