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..The Libby Herald.,
G. E. SHA WLER - - Business Mgr.
Entered as second-class matter August
17, Iq9T, at the postoffilce at Libby, Mon
tana, under the Act of March 3, 1879.
THURSDAY, OCT. 26, 1911.
Exchanging Compliments.
Our republican contemporaries,
the Eureka Journal and the Libby
Western News, are getting down
to cases and giving us a sample of
how beautiful it would be if breth
ren dwelt together in harmony.
The News says the Journal man is
a knocker and recreant to his trust
as a public official and the Journal
man says the News knocks every
public official it cannot use and
suppressed news about the rotten
transcribing deal.
Our brother scribes are fast get
ting away from the text and it is
perhaps fortunate for their reputa
tions that the election is so near.
The average voter cares little about
the things they are telling on each
other, though they may enjoy read
ing these exchanges of pleasant
ries. What they are most inteiest
ed in at this time is whether the
proposition to bond the county for
roads and bridges is a good one,
Not one argument has been ad
vanced against it that is not over
shadowed by a dozen in its favor.
The chief criticsm is the burden of
taxation, and that even if 85 per
cent of it will fall to corporations it
will not make it any easier for the
remaining 15 per cent to pay their
share. This is going on the theo
ry that we are to stand still, when,
as a matter of fact, all past experi
iences of making such improve
ments point the other way : There
is a wonderful era of development,
new people and new capital come
in and there is a greater prosperity
for all. The 15 per cent will have
the assistance of many newcomers
and much added taxable property
to help pay for these great public
Therefore, as a purely business
investment, it should have the sup
port of every taxpayer.
Morris, the Spokesman-Review
cartoonist, is a clever artist, but
some of his work is incomplete.
Monday's issue had a bloated trust
magnate branded Big Business,
with gobs of tears rolling down his
flabby cheeks and the awful sign
on the wall "Sherman Anti-Trust
Law." The scene was incomplete.
It would have been much improved
and more representative of the
times if Taft were standing in the
background with one eye shut.
As Lincoln used to say, "Vou can't
fool all the people all the time."
Roosevelt has Ear to Ground
Roosevelt has long given evi
dence of being one of the shrewd
est politicans of the country and
can get his ear to the ground and
catch the first rumblings of popu
lar indignation just a little quicker
than the average politician. He
has repeatedly expressedl opposi
tion to the recall of the judiciary,
but in a speech before the civic
forum in New York City a few
days ago he advocated the control
of the judiciary and declared that
courts must be answerable to the
judgment of the people. He said
he was aware that what he said
would be misrepresented by certain
persons as an "attack" on the
judges, but he said he criticized
the decisions of judges; only by
adopting as his own the language
used by the highest judges in the
land. He further said he believed
"this people must ultimately con
trol its own destinies and cannot
surrender the right of ultimate con
trol to a judge any more than to a
legislator or any executive."
The trouble with the Giants; in
the world's series seems to he too
niuch Matthewson.
Appoints Many Judges.
To no other president of the
United States since the days of
Washington, who made the first
appointments, has such power fallen
as to Taft to change the entire per
sennel of our highest court. The
death of Justice Harlan has re
moved the sixth member during;
the Taft administration in a total
membership of only nine. Harlan
has been called "the people's friend
at court." His dissenting opinions
have rung true to popular feeling
and his latter days, or since Taft's
appointments, lie may he said to
have stood alone in his views, nota
bly in the Standard Oil and Tobac
co decisions. Already talk coiiies
from Washington that Attorney
General Wickersham or Secretary
Knox may succeed Harlan. Both
were attorneys for trusts before
their selection to the cabinet--one
for the sugar trust and the other
for the steel trust. No matter who
is named, we may be sure he will
be another representative of Taft's
"calm judicial temperament," of
which we hear so much about.
Counterfeit silver dollars are re
ported in circulation in Kalispell,
described as perfect in resemblance
to the genuine, but having a soft
composition like lead.
Hero Medals Awarded.
(Continuned from first page.)
that they should provide a safe
crossing wherever need in the way
of substantial bridges.
What are a few paltry dollars to
the security of human life? Though
you may never have occasion to
use one of these bridges in a life
time, it will be right and just to
those who do use these transfers to
give them the best protection pos
sible, and no fair-minded man will
allow himselt to be influenced by
penurious cry of niossbackisti that
"ferries are good enough,"
Libby Steam Laundry
W. B. LIBBY, Gen. Mgr.
Good, careful work and attentive service.
a All outside orders promptly filled.
Laundry called for and delivered within city limits.
City Drug Store
R. SAILEfY, Propr.
Oldest Drug House in Kootenai Valley
A Full Line of A. D. S. Remedies
Toilet Preparations, Brushes, Etc.
Lenia Mercantile Company
Cor. Montana and Sixth
MRS. J. F. COATS, Manager
----- -------- --- -
IT. S. Land Conmissioner.
Notary PuI' lic.
A Lot in Libby
Is a Good
D ON'T put off getting some Libby real estate
until there is another advance in price.
Quite a number of the oldtimers, those- who
have devoted a large part of thei'r lives to the
dcvelopment of Libby, are not taking advantage
of their opportunitiesr to get Libby property
while they can buy, it cheap. They are doing
what they did with the timber claims. And the
result will be the same. It will be another hard
luck story. The time to have taken a timber
claim was when you could get one. The time
to buy a lot in Libby is now. It can be bought
cheaper now than ever again. Every lot sold
by the Libby Realty Co. has been a good in
vestment to the purchaser. There are big things
in store for Libby---biig payrolls and railroad
construction, and the future is a bright one.
The oldtimer and the newcomer are both in
vited to the feast. The opportunity is now.
For Prices and Terms of Sale Call on
.IBBY REALTY CO., 1st Nat'l Bldg.
,, , , . . . . .. . . . . .. - . ... . .
John P. Wall Store
Can fill any order on
the shortel notice.....
In business twenty years and bigger today
than ever
.. . .-...-.. .. - ...
'There', a reason why people
like t, drop iu at..................
BLEW Montana
Wines, Liquors, Beer and Cigars.
Only Cood Goods Kept in Stock.
W. W. BLEW, JR., Propr.
"Solo" lldqrs.
4:รทรทรท ... .... ..
Annie C. King, Plaintiff, Against La
Frenz Matlgels and Victoria Mangels,
To he Sold at Sheriff's Sale:
On the 28th day of October, A. D.,1911,
at tenl o'clock a. m., at the front door ol
the court house in the city of Libby,
county of Lincoln, state of Montana, to
the highest and best bidrler for cash in
hand, the following described real estate
Iling and being in the county of Lincoln
and state of Montana :
The southwest quarter of section twen
ty eight, township twenty-eight north,
range 29 west, IM. M., contaihing 16o
acres, anc('.rding to the government sur
vev thereof.
Together with all and singular the ten
enetets, hereditantents and appurtenances
thtlnunto belotlging or in anywise ap.
pel tattIII g.
I)ated this 6th lay of October, A. D.,
r911. F. R. Baney,
K;'heriff of L,incoln County, Montana.
Are the Children
fixed for the coming
bad weather?
With a good stout pair of shoes-Buster Brown
made especially for children by.a firm that makes a
specialty of children's shoes. A new, stylish and dur
able shoe for everyday knockabout and Sunday wear.
Remember, Buster Brown wears better than any other
child's shoe on the market because it is' made for
S Something that will
please the children
With every pair of Buster Brown's 'The Lincoln'
" offers FREE a waterproof school bag. And for
HALF-PRICE--5oc-a real $i.oo watch for the boy
-guaranteed to keep good time for one year. Won't
he be tickled ?
Give Buster Brown a tryout
The First National Bank of Libby
Opened for business Jan. Ig, 19Io
CAPITAL $25.000 - - RESOURCES $100,000
C. ED LUKENS, President
F. M. PLUMMER, Vice-Pres.
Our beer is made from the Famous
Montana Barley and Bohemian
Hops, imported from Europe.........
Kalispell Malting & Brewing Company
f.fffNN.ff "" fffffff N ffff
6 ------ --__
SKootenai Deal in all kinds of Real
Estate and Real Estate
and Improvements. Loc ate
and Parties on choice Fruit
and Dairy lands.
Investment Make a specialty of Koo
tenai Valley lands, but
Company will buy and sell in all
parts of the county
First National Bank Bldg., Libby - At F. B. Callow's, Troy
S+ ----_ -4)-1 4.4,41 4.4-4I61,). 4
F. M. Plummer
A large assortment of
Just received
F. M. Plummer

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