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Se More of
That Efficiency
(Continued from Page One)
Ibe hood Read t.
Followokg is the contract. Bead
through; you will notice that
m eyer didn't sign this contract,
i. Ys already for him to sign,
chg prepared in the office of "Sun
Ji But he sent it to the' Pro
Plenty wo-od Bakery
Groceries, Butter, Eggs,
Cream, Ice Cream and
Cold Drinks
ED WEISS, Proprietor
Practical Plumbing
in all its branches is our special
work. Having a thorough know
ledge of the modern practice of
Plumbing we are familiar with the
soientific and up-to-date principles
of the trade. We employ none but
experienced help and use only the
t very best materials. Our work is
careful and thorough and we do it
promptly. We give thoroughly good
work at very moderate prices.
Alfred Garneau
Plentywood, - - - Montana'
Auction Sale
The success of an Auction Sale all depends upon the number of pros
ive buyers present, the property for sale, and the auctioneer. To se
e the prospective buyers, it is necessary that you let the buyers know
where, and what you have for sale, and that means that ye mustt
ertise. You may or may not know something about advertising, but
t desn't make any difference if you will write out the place, date,
e. auctioneer and clerk, a description of the property you have for
Sand your name, and either send or bring it to
he Producers News Office
Plentywood, Montana
Pioneer Merchant of
Outlook. Montana
Carry the Largest Stock of General
Merchandise in This Part of Sheaida
Price and Quality Ajways Ri.t.
N. j. ,+..+. ,+,:.
"The Old Rclab ; + +s: -.; .
p.~ Zsd .s
ION8 ARU FelWS OiuEr See
CDbsJ1be Imp".l wpg u e.
cutiontby the - Appicasj of Conx
tri..t is duplete.
Applicato -No. 124 181.00 ,lU Do
(T. Be Exeted lb Daete.)
this re~c made a part hereof, I
John Sithmeyer of Antelope, fr
dan County, Montana, promise ato~di
to r before Octoplber rston fl98, in
(81.00) the amount of the Ccosttye of
said seed tuty, Mtogether, and by
this iethfereone from tade a part hereof, I
sJohn (7) pithmeer of Antelope, aneri
dan Coulieny, Montana, promise rto y,ea
onal; anr before Ocober ewirst, 918, ospe
thfially agreety of that seridan, State
of SheridMoan, Eighty-onase DOLLARS
(81.00)the following describhe amount of the cost of
said seed ait: n together with inter
est thereon from the date hereof un
til said amount is paid, St the rate of
seven (7.) per cent. pe56 annum, and
I hereby agree that the said sum shall
be a lien pon allpersonamy property, real
and personal; and I herewith spec- now
fically agree that said county of
Sheridan, Montana, has a lien upon
the following described real property,
to-witd seed grain is to be sown is: S:
NE SW%, SEc4, S'2NE'/, SEC. 25,
TWP. 35 N, RGE. 56, and the follow
ing described personal property: 8
CHINERY, VALUED' AT $3,000.00,
which said personal property is now
located at the above described real
property, Altogethel of which said pro
perty is now owned by me, and which
said property is all of the property
Lnat 1 now own; and that said Coun
ty of ShOctoberidan, the toontana, has, and
snall have, a lien upon all crops
grown Irom said seed grain;
I hereby covenant and agree that
the true description, by government
subdivisions, of the land upon which
said seed grain is to be sown is: S 2
NEB4, Sec. 25, T. 35, R. 56 (80 acres
NW's), Sec. 32 and the NW '4 of
Section 32, Township 35 North, Range
57 E. M. M.
That if the amount of the above
obligation, together with the interest
thereon, is not paid by the 20th day
of October, 1918, the total amoimt
thereof shall be levied as a tax
against all property owned by me and
collected at the same time and in the
same manner as other taxes are col
The maker or makers hereof here
by agree to waive, and hereby waive
all exemptions and payment, protest
and notice thereof, and agree to all
and several the conditions, require
ments and penalties imposed and pro
vided by Chapter 19 of the Session
Laws of the Extraordinary Session
of the Fifteenth Legi4lative Assembly
of the State of Montana, and hereby
grant unto the County of Sheridan,
Montana, the title and right of pos
.a too -t the growing crop and
grain grown from such seed grain
until the amount specified herein,
with interest thereon, shall be fully
I hereby assume all loss or dam
age resulting from mustard or other
foul or noxious seeds, or impurities
of any kind, contained in said seed
wheat or from the failure of said
seed wheat, .or any portion of.it, to
WITNESS my hand and seal the
day and year first herein above writ
. ............................................ (Seal)
Postoffice --....----...............
Sheridan County, Montana.
-------------------------... -. --------------------------... ----.. .
Clerk and Recorder of Sheridan
County, Montana.
Sheridan, ss.
On this.:..................day of...........
........, A. D. 19........, before me, a No
tary Public for the State of Mon
tana, residing at......................, Mon
tana, personally appeared.................
............,personally known to me to be
the same person described in, and
whose name is subscribed to, the
foregoing Contract' for Seed Grain,
and duly acknowledged to me that he
executed the same.
hereunt set my hand and affixed my
notarial seal hereto the day and year
in this.,ertiflcate first above written.
Notary Public for the State of Mon
tana, residing at ........... ., Mon
tana. My commission expires........
' !, ... ...., ef.....--...- e-
Sheridan County, Montana, owner of
the following descrbed real estate,
on which the seed grail hereby con
tracted for is to be sown, in consid
eration of Sheridan County, ,otana,
prov~Iidg seed grain to John Stt. h
meyesr, hereby agree that . th said
John Smitbmayer, tbh appliosat
* onpfessaid lauf as my
sty of Sl dan, ,TATE OF
On thi--......dyo.. .....
A. I. 0s,.., before me, a Notary
Public for the Stat of Montana, re
siding ,t.t........., Sheridan Coun
ty, Mo ,tana, personally appeared._.
..-....-........ . , personally known to
me to be the same person described
in, and whose name is subscribed to,
the foregoing Owner's Agreement,
and duly acknowledged to me that
he executed the same. -
hereunto set my hand and affixed my
notarial seal hereto the day and year
in this certificate first above written.
. .-.-----------....--------. ..--......._.. _.......
Notary Public for the State of
Montana, residing at...................
Montana. My commission ex
In an interview with the Producers
News, John Smithmeyer told the fol
lowing story:
The crops of 1916 and 1917 were
a failure and left me practically
broke or maybe worse; in fact leaving
me badly in debt. When the seed
grain bonding bill *as passed we
thought that a much deserved help
would be given the farmers and our
hearts were much lighter at the pros
pect for the coming year. I and the
farmers voted for the bonds at the
bonding election and myself and two
of my friends, Jacob Ronning of An
telope and Tikken Olson of Dooley,
went to Plentywood and made ap
plication for seed grain through Mr.
H. O. Stenehjem, at the Sheridan
County State Bank, which gentleman,
handed the same to the County Audi
In due course of time a contract
was forthcoming all made out but
the signing. 1 read it over and de
cided that I had been stung. I made
up my mind that I did not want any
of the county seed grain.
In the preliminaries of the loan I
had eplainxed that I could get the
seed from a neighbor; seed that I
knew was first class, cleaned grain
and I had spoken for seed in the fall.
I explained that I could get this
wheat from my neighbor, Ed. Spok
lie, paying him $2.10 for cleaned
wheat; $4.00 for cleaned flax; $1.12
for cleaned oats. But the county
authorities didn't seem to want us
to buy the seed from our neighbors,
though it seemed to me no more than
fair that the local taxpayers should
have a chance to sell first, especial
ly when the farmers in the county
were willing to sell for so much less
than the Montana & Dakota Elev.g
tors and-I ean'9forthe life of me Ksir
how it came that the seed contract
was let the way it was.
Here the Producers News ma
could not help remarking, "You are
a farmer, you are not supposed to
understand such things. You 'slop
your hogs' ang leave such things to
"Sunny Jim" and "The Three iilind
Men from Bombay."
' W ell," Smithmeyer cjntinued, "I
''r r't buy my seed from th,. county.
T went to my, old f:iend, Mr E. W.
T'luski at Plentywood, who had just
ieturned from Califorri;a. and bor
r.'-ied $475.00 of him un ny riae .7
c u ed by a crop mortgas;.; at twehle
per cent interest. I did not h:ve to
wait and sign applications and mon
key away my time. I got the moneĀ·
even if I did have to pay for it and
I was ahead of the game at that; for
I bought my seed, fine, clean seed, at
the following prices: wheat, $2.10;
flax, $4.00 and oats $1.12. I have
never heard of Mr. Paluski making
an awful noise about his patriotism
or of his joining any "Loyalty"
league, however, I was able to bor
row money from him to plant my
acres as President Wilson had asked,
and I got the money in a manner
that enabled me to get my seed from
my honest neighbors, instifad of the
Montana & Dakota Elevator Com
pany, whom I understand got the
contract to supply the seed grain be
cause they were so loyal and patriot
ic. Anyone can take a pencil and fig
ure out how much I sated."
"I farm both my and my sister's
place. We seeded 100 acres of wheat,
60 acres of flax and 25 acres of
oats. Some of our wheat went 20
bushels per acre apd the rest 15. Our
flax will average 10 bushels and the
oats 40 bushels per acre. This fall
will see my sister and I almost even,
thanks to Mr. Palusli."
The "Producers News" then inter
viewed Mr. Jacob Ronning, Mr.
Ronaing said: "Yes, I made an ap
pliation for seed grain to "Sunny
J[imL" The contract came along and
I read it over. I figures out how
much I was being -stuck for my seed
and he rig that the contract for
seed ha~ een given to the Montana
& .a kota Elevator Compen? sad
aI i was Iot golag to be allowed
o my rmy seed from my eiglbors,
up my fiad that 'tmer was
~~ ~~bsi* i 4bo we,. he
of .ieecy." This man was An
drew Bamen, who resides on Sec. 16
36-57. Be bought school land a year
or so ago. Iast year he broke land
and seeded to faz. He got no crop.
He applied for seed grain. He want.
ed to buy his grain cheap from a
neighbor. "Efficiency Jim" said no.
His neighbors signed with him; still
more delay. Time was passing. Fin
ally he gave up getting his seed from
the county, and his neighbors made
a pool and furnished him his seed
money. He got his grain for $2.10
and $4.00. After he was through
seeding his seed grain order came.
He did not use it and sent it back. A
few days ago "Efficiency Jim" sent
him a notice to come in aind pay for
seed that he did not get. That is an
other sample of "Efficiency."
In the circular letters that the
county auditor sent around last
spring was this beautiful and patri
otic quotation:
"Our nation is now engaged in a
critical war, upon the favorable out
come of which rests the life, liberty
and happiness of every resident and
citizen of Sheridan county, and the
perpetuation of the great principles
of democratic government. Our Na
tional Government has frequently
emphasized the necessity of the pro
duction of every possible bushel of
grain, and has many times stated that
the success of this nation in the war
in which we are now involved turns
upon the cultivation of every tillable
acre of ground."
Every word of the above the patri
otic farmers applauded. But how did
"Sunny" Jim and the Three Blind
Men of Bombay help the farmers to
respond to the call of the Nation and
of World Democracy. They turned
down good seed grain offered at
$2.10 per bushel and gave the con
tract to the Montana & Dakota Ele
yator Company at $2.30 per bushel
and WHY ?
The Auditor tried to charge John
Smithmeyer $3.24 per bushel for his
seed wheat.
That is "Efficiency Jim's" way of
helping get the food for our boys
over there, and he is the High Priest
of the "Sheridan County Loyalty
One of our observing Americans,
just returned from Europe, declares
that he saw there the remains of the
original unnecessary middlemen.
What .he saw was the ruins of the lof
ty castles of the old robber barons of
the Rhine who used to make a good
living by levying tribute onl passing
Tuesday, Oct. 22, 1918
At 10 O'Clock in the Morning, the Following Property Will Be Sold
1 Grey team mares, wt. 2600, 8 yrs. 6" young cows, 3 to 6 yrs., milking,
1 Brown team, mare and gelding, 8 calve in April and May
yrs. old, wt. 3000
2 Cows, 6 and 8 yrs., calve in April
1 Black team colts, coming 4 years,
wt. 2500. , 3 Heifers, 3 yrs., calve in February
I Sorrel Mare, 6 years old, wt. 1400 2 Heifers, raising three yrs., calve in
1 Grey gelding, 8 years old, wt. 1300 February.
1 Bay colt, coming 3 years old 1 Bull, 17 months old
1 Black pony, 6 years old. 8 Spring Calves
1 Mare colt, 1 year old. 4 Heifers
2 good Brood sows, one barrow
8 Steers
80 Hens
2 2-yr. old steers
* MACHINERY, ETC. * 4 yearlings
* 4 set work harness, 1 buggy, ** * * * * * * * * * ,
* Saddle, $Iridle, Wagon Box, 8-ft. * * 1 5-PASSENGER TOURING
* Binder, Seeder, Mower, John *
* Deere gang plow, Forge outfit, 2 * * CAR, MODEL 85 BIG 4 OV- *
* Wagons, Hay Rack, Sleds, Disc, * * ERLAND, GOOD AS NEW, *
* Harrow, 1 1-2 h. p. engine, size * * RUN ABOUT 4500 MILES.
* 15, pump jack, new manure * * ALL HOUSEHOLD GOODS, *
* Spreader, pe Laval Cream Sep- * * FURNITURE, ETC., WILL BE *
* arator, P. & 0. & Sulky and other- * * OFFERED FOR SALE. RE
* er useful articles. * MEMBKR THE DATE AND *
* 20-acres of Oat Sheaves * * COME. *
tWRnI t:ach and all sums of $15 and under, CASH; sums over $15,
tim.e .wi be given ntil Oct. 1, .9. on good bauatbe paper bearing 1.
per cent. Interest. 5. per .t imaeut give. for cry.
Want Column
WANTED--Lady of middle age to
do general housework. Apply to
Mont. 26-2t.
FOR SALE--Twenty Red Polled Bulls
from one to two years old. Price
$100 to $150 including pedigree.
Fort Comfort Ranch, 20 miles north
of Raymond, Mont.
FOR SALE-House and lot. Good
well in kitchen. Blacksmith out
fit also for sale. MRS. I. E.
WORLEY. 26-2t-p
FOR SALE CHEAP--Comfortable
2-room house and lot. Inquire of
L. E. Rue, at the Riba Lumber Co.,
Plentywood, Mont. 23-tf.
Let the "Coloric" Pipeless Furnace
do your worrying. It will heat your
house at a low cost of operation. See
Helland-Strand and be convinced.
FOR SALE-Fresh cow and calf.
Write or see GEO WUNDERLICK,
Box 286, Outlook, Mont. 9-4-t2
FARM FOR SALE-320 acres south
of Plentywood at a bargain. In
quire at Producers News Office.
26-1 t.
It will pay you to see Helland
Strand if you want to keep warm this
coming winter. They are now ready
to install the famous "Coloric" Pipe
less Furnace at a very moderate
gray mare, weight about 1100,
branded A. E.- left thigh; strayed
from my farm about 11 miles
northeast of Outlook, about Sept.
15th. Send information to E. LES
TER, Daleview, Mont. 26-2t-p
Here will be the place to get your
start in the big type Poland China
hogs, 60 head. Some nice young
stuff with papers furnished, also
spme grade stuff for pork purposes
and some sows. Sale starts at 2:00
At Plentywood, Mont.
Oct. 4-t2

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