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ig Items from Our
and Staff Writers
SIif returned Saturday from
Iowa, where he has jbeen
the winter.
pace made a trip to Crosby
0f the week, returning Satur
d of Whitetail dancers at
te dance at Stanley Dunn's
.atnrday evemnng.
Sews of Montana restrict the
g of poisons to registered
sts. Buy your Formalde
Gopher Poison from Elmer
Sdruggist, Whitetail, Mont.
1dLa Combe reports the
of spring. His boys killed
-which had come out and was
around the sunny side of a
Haugland and his sister Eth
ed home Monday from Min
where they have been mak
extended visit.
Scharnotte returned home
Cada Tuesday, where she has
pending the winter with her
Patton of Redstone held ser
at Whitetail Tuesday evening
Methodist church and reports
expects to be able to be back
a -month at which time he
oservices every night for at
weeand probably two weeks
will be assisted in his work by
h of Minneapolis.
men are being added to the
crew of the Soo line in order
the track open during the
following officers were elected
Methodist Sunday school: Mrs.
Dodd, Superintendent; Mrs.
tgg, Treasurer and Miss Ma
erton as organist. The sev
techers were appointed and an
n is extended to all to attend
Sunday morning at 10:30
C. Saunders was in town Thurs
his way to Flaxville.
er Dodd was a business caller
tetail this week.
Pce Price and wife arrived in
this week from Dakota. We un
d Mr. Price expects to locate
tail, where he can be with
her, Mr. Wm. Price of Price &
e garage.
Kerasek is tending fire at the fa
an, Floyd and Carl Molden are
at Otto Stromstad's until si
father finds another location. a
Cook, who has been spend- h
the winter visiting relatives and h
in Maryland, returned home
on Sunday morning the 15th, tl
. and Mrs. Emil Ruud an eight b
baby boy, another boiler mak
E. McCurry of Whitetail was a
r in our city one day last week.
Bjerky was called east last t
on account of the serious illness v
Irving Bunse visited with 11
es in Bainville between trains A
fH. Molden left last Thursday r
for points in Canada, where I
aticipates locating. "
Boyer, Flaxville's "butcher I
"made a trip to the country Tues- a
i search of some good beef stuff. -
rman Olson and Gilman Molden I
Thursday moning to Plentywood, t
Norman will have some dental I
attended to.
iss Eleanor Molden went Monday I
he reservation, where she will I
a couple of weeks visiting her
, Mrs. A. O. Anderson.
SP. Smerud, cashier of the Flax
State Bank, returned Thqrsday
a business trip in the east. Mr.
also visited his mother whom
had not seen for some time.
Qare Tollefson received a message
Peterson, Minn., last week tell
of the serious illness of relatives.
Tollefson left Friday morning to
it the bedside.
IIr E. H. Molden went Sunday to
, where she will visit a few
with friends and from there she
go to Crosby, North Dakota,
she will visit her friends, Mrs.
era Krassin visited at Medicine
over Sunday with her cousins,
Lawrenson girls.
Jesse Swihart, of the resevation,
a business caller in Flaxville one
Ilat week.
S. Roy Dunn left yesterday for
gow, where she will visit her
ary Barnhart went Saturday to
Y to visit with his sister. He
Monday morning.
SAS Ness, a farmer living near
Place, lost a fine horse during the
t storm.
A umber of people from this city
the masquerade ball at Mad
hast Friday evening. They report
time and a large crowd.
ir and Mrs. R. Leer went yester
to Scobey. Mr. Leer returned
1.morning and Mrs. Leer remained
a visit with her parents "west of
and Mrs. B. G. Justad arere
over the arrival of a girl at
me, Thursday, Februsl 19
and child doing nicety.
YRobertson of near Witetil,
sickness in Oklahoma was re
two weeks ago, is said to be
on the road to recovery. e
16s Effie Lund, Flaxville'e ef'i
teacher, is quite sick with ton
Miss Esther Cornwright is
Cting for her at school.
r;and Mrs. Peter Hexom al ter
a number of friends last ThUrs
S.Vening. The hostess served a
us lunch and guests report a
.tful evening.
mstad,nistd who rcelye Pir
of E. H. Molden, me
resident property in this ._ tY
Friday from his forie' rO61..
south of the Great (._rIe"
ok hardy, who hasu.sin
ab*,the schol bo1
the present schol year, resigned his b
is ~. session as usu al
Te Mthodl Ladies' Aid met last
aehort pi rs.I M. Gile. After an
pm session a leasant so- t
c.al time was the order until the hos
tess served a delightful lunch.
Mrs. L. H. Tousley has been in the
country for several drys with her (
sister, Mrs McCarty, who has been b
quite sick with the "flu," but is re- i
m ported better. Mrs. Tousley's daugh
en ter, Mrs. Harry Banhart, has been at h
the hotel in her mother's absence.
iy Mr. and Mrs. C. E. McCurry of
r- neart Whitetail, left Wednesday morn
ing for Bremertcn, Wash. Mr. Mc
It- Curry has for sometime been afflict- J
i's ed with rheumatism and is going to
that place with the hope of being I
he benefited.
ed Peter- Kurtz, who lives south of I
Le- town, had the misfortune to lose two (
r dogs last week. Mr. Kurtz had been I
it. trying to poison some coyotes thatr
he had been bothering him more or less,
ad and the two dogs accidentally got
as hold of some of the meat.
a Frank Murr and "Slim" Carlson i
have a way of their own of putting
;h- up ice. They have taken advantage
n- of the cold weather by pumping wat- .
k- er into the ice house and letting it !
freeze solid. They expect in this way
ne to have sufficient ice by spring to
as supply the Flaxville demand.
ig The Farm Bureau meeting at
tsa Acher Saturday afternoon never ma
ek terialized. Every one of the commit
he tee was reported sick or some un
at avoidable incident showed up, and the
substitutes were unable to hold the
by farmers over that had arrived. Some
came on time and left, and when they
he had gone others came. In this man
ler ner we had a real merry-go-round. It
he will now devolve upon the committee
to get together and appoint some
d time for a future meeting. Crop im
, provements should be a very timely
rs. and valuable topic for consideration,
a- as we will soon be tackling the prob
l- lem of putting in our next crop and
we can not help but benefit by mixing
ead a few ideas.
0 Mrs. Emil Moe and Mr. Christ
Knudson made a trip to Outlook last
rs- Saturday to help bring Mrs. Newlon
and baby home from the Outlook hos
Faint news seems to say that Mrs.
in Frank Morgan is the mother of a baby
in- girl. We do not know the particulars
ate and are trusting to mental telepathy
ith and will say more later if we are in
& correct. The Outlook hospital was
found convenient.
We forgot to mention that the stork
had visited Mr. and Mrs. Ole Flakne
last week. We haven't seen the proud
the father yet, but Uncle Theodore was
spreading the glad tidings.
are The stork seems to hold the center
atil stage of attraction in this community
at the present. We'll presume that
nd- he was waiting till there were school
and houses in sight.
ime Peder Moe spent the week end in
Plentywood again helping complete
5th, the checking of the Moe Bros. store
ght business of last year or two.
Ed. Monyhan, who was employed at
the Montana Stores here last summer,
was a Madoc visitor on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Veda Laroche are I
here on their wedding trip. The
groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fer
dinand Laroche of Madoc; the bride,
nee Olivine Morin, the daughter of I
Mrs. Margaret Morin, also of Madoc.
The young couple were married at
Plentywood, Saturday, February 14th,
attended by the bride's brother, Mr.
Joe Morin and wife, of Medicine Lake. 4
They will commence housekeeping on
the groom's ranch in the vicinity of
Dowd, Mont.
Mr. Ernest Helgeson was summoned
to Crookston by the death of his
father, Feb. 13th. Mrs. Helgeson and
son, Kermit, accompanied him to
Mrs. G. I. Kamerud is assisting at
the Thos. Sloan domicile during the
ilpess of Mrs. Sloan.
Miss Mabel Jackson, primary teach
er of the Madoc schools, suffered an
acute attack of appendicitis last Sat
urday. She leftfor Williston Monday
morning, accompanied by Mrs. "..
Schaefer, and was operated on Tues
day morning. Last reports ed
she was resting easily.
Mrs. George Lane was a Plentywood
passenge r on W ednesday.hhrr N e o
Mr. Oral Ness of Whitefish, who
was r of the Montana Stores
Co store re last summer, was a
Madoc visitor last week.
Mrs. H. E. Lockrem and Mrs. Est
her Christopherson left for Plenty
wood Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. William Steiner and
son, Lyle, who have spent the winter
r months at Snohomish, Washington, re
r turned Monday.
The second of the series of whist
Sgames played by the ladies versus
t.he men of Madoc was played at the
G. N. depot Tuesday evening, result
ing in such a lar ead by the ladies
L that it was decided not to make the
scores p Redstone and
SFlaxVilie, Pientywood, dstone and
Navajo were' all well represented at
t the Masquerade ball here February
13he last of an unfortunate series
fhaPPe1ings at the Fortner Coal
SMine occurred Feb. 15th, when e
burned, resulting in a loss o about
"t Mr. and Mrs. A. F. yr were
_ . beYvisitorS FebrarY 15th.
oy Iebd and Harry Batterton
....niond as witnesses onthe
ha Grant trial t Glasgow last
e hweek. hrLey'. friends are glad to
kno of his ac w
a fn dB e who has been in
StheerpIrou .f t.e Morgan interests
LS do-.n on-1te Reservation, returned
home last week. He will work for
_ Ithe same Afrm the nsuin arred last
a Saturd a at the home of H'.
a Hole, %ho lives about three miles
south of town. Mr. ole was pm when
~ingp a. li. '. and the Wburning
S.e in all directions. The room
i-,r.atot ine flme;.s and- the
++Dr.dw_,I' a__nd furnt.ure. were quite
It Pani, vv bd .boi .r Hole and the
tl gby' la..big-I5 t e blaze Mrs. Hole
-F'sl- ,o --- w re 'r seriously,
+. "'li llilwelre Very
but not dangerously burned about the
face and arms, and are new an the
road to recovery.
Mrs. Herman Schaefer and sons,
Howard and Robert, left Moaday
morning for Williston to visit rela- 1
tives and friends for a few days.
There have been several pre-lent i
dances the last two or three days. 1
E. H.. E. Helgeson was called to
Crookston, Minn., Saturday morning 9
by his father's death. Mr. Helgeson '
has the sympathy of the entire com
munity. Mrs. Helgeson accompanied
her husband as far as Plentywood. t
Mrs. Add. Yuill expects her mQther,
Mrs. Janes of Williston, some time C
this week. ]
Mrs. Elmer Row is visiting: at the <
Jim Morrison'home. C
Fred Brunelle is a guest at the
home of his parents.
Misses Clara Helland, Cora and
Ethel Lockrem and Messrs. Dwight i
Callister and Elder Gunderson of
Plentywood took in our masquerade i
Friday night, returning to Plentywood i
Saturday morning,
Dr. W. P. McDaniel of Medicine ;
Lake took in the masquerade Friday
The LaRoche home has been the
scene of two dancing parties, Satur
day night and Monday night, in honor
of Veda La Roche and bride. 1
C. E. Parks was in from the south
country Wednesdsay..
C. P. Henry is reported improving
after a severe illness.
Marie Chapman of Plentywood vis
ited friends here Monday.
County Coroner Lloyd Wagner was 1
here this week on official business.
Henry Shipstead returned Monday
from an extended visit to eastern
Ernie "Tompkins returned Monday
from Minot, where he has been on
business the past week.
County Administrator E. E. Belan
ski of Plentywood was caller here this
week on official business.
Asst. County Atty. George Cudhie
came up from the county seat and
remained over Sunday.
A. O. Jones, the creamery man, was
down from Julian this week to at
tend the mass meeting at the Rex.
D. C. Knapp of the Knapp-Crandell
Mercantile Company is a business
visitor at eastern points this week.
Banker Gus Oie of the Citizens
State Bank returned the first of the
) week from a business trip to eastern
r Charles E. Taylor, editor of the Pro
ducers News, published at Plenty
, wood, was a caller in this city last
William Alderd4ce was in town
B from northwest of Scobey the first of
j this week.
s R. J. Coughlin, manager of the
Westland Oil Company, left Monday
r for a visit at the company's several
y agencies throughout the eastern part
t of the state.
1 R. C. Downs, the Continental Oil
Co. representative for this district,
I was here from Plentywood on business
e in the interest of that company a few
e days this week.
Rev. Cookingham returned the lat
ter part of last week from Oregon,
where he has been spending the past
few weeks. Mr. Cookingham is very
t well pleased with the country in which'
r, he visited and seriously contemplates
locating in that section in the near
e future.
te Carl Grotte of the Citizens Loan
.- Company went to Glasgow Tuesday to
e, appear as a witness in district court
f now in session in that city.
Frank Feldmier has joined the rank
of the autoists, making a deal this
week for Kingsbury's Ford.
Pat McLaughlin spent Monday at
Mondak, attending court as a specta
1 tor in the Joe Burshia murder trial.
M. B. Hogan and J. W. Wulf who I
j have been numbered among the sick
· for the past week or so we are glad
to state are recovering nicely.
t Dwight Lohn returned the first of i
e the week from a business trip and
visit to the Twin Cities and at his old
home in Fosston, Minn.
Ed. Mogen returned Tuesday from
an extended visit with old friends at
Huron, S. D., his boyhood home.
Gilbert Rogney has decided to en
gage in the handling of real estate.
The Froid postoffice is now nicely
quartered in the Dr. C. B. Fleisch
d mann building. The new location
seems to meet with the approval of
o the majority of the town patrons.
, Prof. Morrison returned Monday
a from Wahpeton, N. D., where him
self and wife went last week during
t- the few days of school vacation. Mrs.
r- Morrison did not return but remained
over for a few weeks visit with her
d parents.
d A few friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Feldmier gave them a pleas
ant surprise Monday evening. Re
st freshments were served and a' most
is enjoyable evening spent. Those pres
e ent were Mr. and Mrs. Zick and
t- family, W. G. Riter and famil ...gill
s Base and family and Henry ztorst
1e man.
The finishing touches in the interior
id of the Catholic church are being ap
at plied this week after which the ladies
Oy of the church intend to get busy with
their part of equipping and getting
Bs things in suitable shape for the hold
a ing of regular services and Sunday
m school.
es Chas. Kingsbury, who has operated
it a drug store here for the past four or
five . years, suspended business last
re Saturday night and is making pre
paration to move to Idaho where it is
said he will operate a Watkins medi
ho cine wagon and write life insurance
at as a side issue. Froid will not be
to without a good drug store, however,
as Dr. Darland has things about in
in shape to open his place of business
ts March 1st or sooner.
ed Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Price returned
or Tuesday from Whitefish, Mont.,
where they have been spending the
t past two months. In speaking of
ns former Froid people who are now
es residents of the place he mentioned
p- that C. J. Stuller was employed in a
n meat market, G. W. Edwards and
g Even Oe are operating a meat market
Evi as co-partners, and that Dana Purves
he is putting in at least a portion of his
tes time hunting and trapping.
,le Sea I to myself, ses I, the farmers'
ay paer is the paper to buy.
Little Cleo Anderson has been on
the sick list.
Rev. Mr. Ness is able to be around
Berger Larsen and A. S. Anderson
Sleft Wednesday for Minneapolis to
look after business.
Last week Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ol
son went to Havre, where he formerly
worked in the machine shops.
'Manager Schmid had an apprecia
, tive audience at the Orpheum last Sat
urday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. Blair Points left Mon
day for Rochester, Min.l, where Mrs.
Points will enter the hospital. The
doctor expects to be back in ten days
or two weeks.
John L. Sather was a pleasant call
er Tuesday.
j P. G. Anderson returned Saturday
t from a business trip down the line.
e Morgan & Lagerquist will close
their mine in a' few weeks to. prepar
j their land for a bumper crop of grain.
Wednesday, Dr. Sells was called
· from Dooley to see Mrs. Ole Hove,
who had a slight relapse since the
absence of Dr. Points.
· C. E. Perkins returned this week
from Minot, having' visited the Twin
r Cities, Iowa, and other places during
his absence. Mrs. Perkins accompa
nieds him.
Mr. and' Mrs. Antonr Ditmarson re
turned Thursday after a long visit
Swith home folks. They lboked as
though they had' a joly good time,
and just as, young as ever.
Oscar Jepsen arrived home Wed
nesday from Milwaukee, having spent
the winter in' Wisconsin He left his
s brother, Thomas, in a Milwaukee
school, taking the electric course. Os
car looks fine, so we fancy he spent
an agreeable winter in his old' home
Geo. L. Onstad is out again after an
attack of the flu.
P. G. Anderson has been; sick sevr
e Oral days with the fin.
s Mrs. Biever brought her mother
home from the Kenmare hospital Sat
e urday.
d Carl Haugen has decided to cast
his lot with Westby after a short vis
it in Dakota.
Andrew Jepsen came over from
Crosby, Wednesday, for a visit with
11 his brother, Oscar, and the home folks
s also.
Mrs. J. J. Phelan was in town
s Thursday and tells us J. J. is slowly
Le regaining his health.
Mrs. Berger Larsen has charge of
the big store during the absence of
Mr. Larsen and Mr. Anderson.
Geo. Kittleson, Even Sneva and
several others of the east side attend
ed the tarctor show and community
- meeting at Crosby last week, return
)f ing home Saturday. All report an in
teresting time.
Iver Berlin was in the city Tuesday
e on business. He is making prepara
al tion to reopen his harness shop March
1t , when he will be ready to repair and
oil harness.
Ail Alvin Stageberg, the census man,
sat so tiredly in the postoffice window
that he cracked the glass clear across
w and Henry Reuter has the pane nicely
mended and decorated with a white
button and a bit of black thread.
Rudolph Mantei of Fortuna has
st leased Skermo lake and will erect a
pavilion on the short this spring, to
f be ready to entertain the public as
essoon as the summer season opens.
ar This pleasure resort will be only a
few miles from Westby.
Mr. and Mrs. Grunke and children
n left Thursday for Clear Lake, Wis., to
4 visit relatives a couple of weeks, be
fore proceeding to Fergus Fall, Min
nesota, where Mr. Grunke will be con
nected with Harald Kampetin in the
new store of Grina Bros. & Co. Mr.
nk and Mrs. Grunke were very congenial
is friends and neighbors and they will
be greatly missed by all.
at The Valentine party given at the
SOrpheum Friday night by the Misses
Violet and Ethel Schmid and Miss
rho Helga Johnson, will long be remem
ck bered by the sixteen young people so
ad fortunate to be present. Hearts, pro
gressive whist and other games with
of music and dancing brought the merri
od ment to a close all too suddenly at
ld "lights out" signal given by Manager
Olsen at the Electric station.
o Ole Haugen was in town Wednes
Henry Steen was in town Wednes
day. rather
Margaret Stoei, i&, lýving rather
serious ear trouble as- a aftermath
of scarlatina.
Miss Gertie Anderson l aeeept
a position with Miss JhnseQn a.t the
telephone e tha.ng . f_
Messrs. Rostad" and Sateren were
over from Conmertown, Tuesday, re
turning oe tet day1
Rudolh teinberg went to Am
brose, vWednesday, returning next
darjorie Skeels entertained her
youtng friends at a Valentine party
Friday evening last.
Oscar Belgeson returned last week
from Fergus Falls, Minn., where he
visited his parents since last fall. Os
car says he may farm again this
Severt Metvedt of the north coun
try, whom most people believed a eon
firmed bachelor, surprised his friends
by joining the benedicts. He married
a young lady of Williston two weeks
Lagwre~ce Anhalt took a merry
sleigh load of young people out to
Obert Stageberg's, Wednesday even
ing, to artake of the ladies' ad lun
icheon. They returned at a late hour
and tell of a fine time.
George White of Kenmare, travel
ing auditor of Northland Elevator
line, was in the city this week. Mr.
White and family dodged the flu last
winter, but this winter they all had it.
Mr. Jim Singleton made a business
trip to Plentywood, Tuesday.
Mr. Kenneth Nicolsen unloaded a
car load of hal here Wednesday.
" Mr. W. W. Bates visited with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bates of
!Medicine Lake, Friday.
Mrs. Nels Sampsen visited with her
daughter Minnie, at Froid, last Sat
urday between trains.
Mrs. F. W. Carpenter left Wednes
da for Williston, N. D., where she
B will visit at the home of Paul Carpen
B ter.
Mr. C. A. Barnstead returned from
Poreland, Ore., on Wednesday, where
he had been called about a week ago
on account of his sister's death.
A vt t ioin I
Having Renter My Farm, Am Going to Europe, I Will Sell
Al My Personal Property For Whatever It Will Bring at
My Farm 2 1-2 Miles South and 5 Miles East of Dagmar
and 4 Miles South of Brush Lake; hind 5 Miles South and
7 Miles West of Grenora, on
11 Head Good Work Horses and 1 Cow 4 Years Old
1 black gelding, 6 years old, weight 1400
1 bay gelding, 5 years old, weight 1500
1 grey gelding, 5 years old, weight 1300
1 black mare, 5 years old, weight 1300
1 bay mare, 3 years old, weight 1200
1 bay gelding, 3 years old, weight 1200
1 black gelding, 3 years old, weight 1200
1 sorrel mare, 5 years old, weight 1200
1 bay mare, 3 years old, weight 1200
I bay mare, 4 years old, weight 1200
1 Mare Colt
1 8-ft. Deering Binder, good as new and flax attachment
1 light draft Kentucky Drill, new last season
1 John Deere Gang, 14-inch, new last year
One Deere Breaking Plow Two 4-section steel harrows
1 Webber Wagon, 3 1-2 in. with double box
1 Columbus Wagon, 3 1-2 in. with 100 bu. grain tank
1 McCormick Mower 1 Deering Rake
One set of sled runners for a buggy 2 Hayracks complete
2 Buggies Pair of Bob Sleds
6 Sets of Heavy Work Harness
On range, rocking and dining chairs, 2 oil stoves and
dining tables, beds and blankets and comforts. Every
thing goes at your own price.
r TERMS: All articles of ten dollars and under, cash; over
that amount. October time will be given on bankable
t paper bearing 10 per cent Interest. 3 per cent for
AUCTIONEER JENSEN: "Sold Goods in Nine Different
States" Tells the Story.
I Grand View Hotel
- . - - PHILLIP BOURASSA, Proprietor - - -
Rooms with bath $1.50
L- Rooms with Water $1.
d New Sanple rooms in
connection. Electric
Lighted. Steam Heated
Plentywood, Rear of O *ph.. Montana
The City Cafe
SIt all depends on what eats you buy, where you
buy your eats, and what you pay for your eats.
If you buy good eats you eat well. If you eat
well, you feel well. If you feel well you do well.
er Most people eat at the CITY CAFE. Why not you?
S CHOP SUEY, Evenings after 8 o'clock
le I _ I r II I I I -
eo to
I of

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