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Con tinuing the OUTLOOK PROMOTER
Fntered as Second Class Matter, October 18, 1912, at the Post
—" e at 1 lentywoo d, Montana. Under the Act of March 3, 1879.
Charles E. Taylor, Editor
O. A. Moe. Manager
-TAdveni.siH g Representative
us promptly should they have occasion to doubt or qû^tiôu the
■ lability o f any firm which patronizes our adveiüsiny columns.
FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1924.
ilie Fat tuet nie published this story to show that 11 .
her was against all hi-jackers of the eoim I i ! «»at; that
b-hg a lily white angel after having h,-jackj Ute
-eh out of thousands of dollars.
from -jSk^c.SS.ty'Sfof^
- 'ÄÄÄ'Ä
facts in b Se V mat d t'e d r? the Famieril ' e le)lve ou t some of the
sioner Lmffieen's'mothtn^o^dismfs^McICeirde and "how* S^olk" 1 ^
UV,, county commissioners, Ibsen and Tyler, refused to Jcond the
Oh, no, that would be too near the tmfL tv»!* ru ü
no 1 v
county hin -
ÄÄHSiTt d r A é
McKenzie. k ' le " " when they publlshed the article about
-g Ää ÄÄÄÄtlfe Z ° ld
anci h Ä d to"h?- i jLk h £ c l?S
l.is Ä W tkS hfs N.Ä dareS ft n0t ,et the 1,601,16 wh0 ,,ead
^UeÄ;r ° f 8rafters are ^ng to get into
° f a f6ather fl
«' and ° to*eth
' Misters™ oS'uffi 1 V$ ^ <K % futllle c " mpil e the grafting of
Hi be taken record
ihrislon'Tth 6 e d rC"Ä'm %ht A ^
SÄÄtta t nly fW A"' beefus/tee
OUS]y because they happened to be left out on the gmft ^ Jea H
people to theh- ,Ç an - stei 's to blind the
the Sheridan counl y they ^ g '°°f j \ ld ^ of
Hi the least bwthe fbm*flushing Storkan sheet 110 *. ff mg io pJ ed
of the members of the old mim r a • " bee t or the rantings
•uid his pie-counter ailists will be looking for o- 1 -.i ' a< Flot kau
" hich to practice their skulduggery & * Teener pastui ' es »
southern Xît of "he 'togethe^with k 1 "' 0ver the
state slnat '"H ''i
they will address several meetings " enato1 ^h'uiland, where
than caTX C fil!ed 01 Ä'lÄl^ *7^ is ^ eatei
opportunity and have fallen down mirereffiÿ'oVthe job' ^
capitalist parS^xcepf what they -ir' "ft" 8 from the two old
time- poverty and destitution y * ettn « at the
All eyes
present stringent conditions and then the voff rty relieve the
tall, the same results will lie found here - a '' e C ° Unted this
countries of Europe which have gone agänst"^ " r ,!f Uty ! n the
paities in every instance. gainst the old capitalist
they had every thing fixed with* 1 theh^keotm-p 1 P l lties thou ^ht
votes were counted a new regime was when the
and laborers had control of the government 1 ^ the fai7ner s
So it will be here—the trend of
tion and they cannot be stopped.
T,,^5 times are in that direc
The old gangsters are standing
on their last legs. 'All thev npoH i« Q „ ,
over and the farmers and laborers over th* ?? d -Æ ey c? 1l ? toppIe
getting ready to give that push. the United States are
bigges^gathering 1 !?th^produchi^cEL e^r W^th 0 !f
States and there will be foimed a Dart v wl held U ", lt; p d
3 Ä de T the Presidency P of rt t y he UnUed Ca S n Ste a s '
ty «eÄM^Ä famefsand'lT ^ ^
back to the days of Ab ham Soin " brin ^ the countr y
by the people and for the people "~ a C ' ,Untl '- v of the peopl( h
The success of the Farmer-Labor ivn-ttr ^ , . - ,
work. Everyone should get out andboos,'nd ÏT °f hi ^ d
er the cause of the producer—the oonortnS do J? 1S blt to S*?'
up to you whether the conditions of Te B rereJ S h Tr°f W ' 11 > s
ment still exist and we stay in the same ? P ■ if Vem '
make a valiant effort to free ourselves fnL 11 ru î 9 r whether w e
and become free men and women once he chamS of serfdom
a Jesse James
News ÄSSÄ"'™ ° f tbe Plod —
Leo Zeidler, whose past record reads like
, Storkan, the pilster, whose
Known to all.
grafting off the county is well
?as sfÄfr"
These with a tew lessei' lights uvp 00 i.i; .1 ■.
as the saviours of Plentywood and a ttm ? the ™ s f lv ™ up
the men who will take an arflvl d '^, n c 9 unt y and these are
didates for th^mers and wm^S^to vÄ"* ^ CPUnt -y, Can -
or Democrat ticket. Look them over and ° .. he Re ? ubhcan
these hi-jackers asking people to vZ 1' ra'? ne
It would make a laughing hyena turn Z-J t . b ® lr candidates.
the Ha, Ha! they wffi receive at the hand of tp W,th e " Vy to he ? r
vnext fall. e nands ot the common people
, The following editorial taken from the t t •
l3y ° r8aniZation t« asrist r ?S
^ d t4i sdt1 - Vt
*®tto* V ^« e tr^^rs''?«)m n ol^wo^
thing has about collapsed" 01 ^ ^ Weste ™ «'»e re the
the « was agreed -that
èÂTpibîffi T n %°" e ««t TnfemÄt^Klan slmuldif
J captain, and a drive is' toffie p u ? o^togS W to have
^ a "ro„ b g 6 S iÄ' that the «4
^ ' thî.^d^^T^i.^ ^ be <>» the lookout
Ä is up t °t' H ^
mmded bigots. P Un Ameilcan bunc h of narrow
starts to^k'reliSon^s around to you and
be pretty sure thathe fs a "Kow" AnH C t pi f e "> yp u may
' don t care anything about a man's vplT^ en Sa ^f' ^ C0U1 'Se
then you may rest assm-pri in vf i S - le bê' 1 on myself, but,' etc
jou that he sees nothing wrone with th Jo 6 Sa ! lla breath tells
« Probably a Kluxer. Every nfomeH ^ K| an, look out, as he
tion knows v«rv woil ft, . I, 1 y lpT °inied person of honest convip
Knows'That^thejThive perpetrated°evp^' n8 Wron ^ 'ÄÄ
murder to horsmvhipping^^ffinocentf ime hom
Knows that this unlawful rabble is striking °* tb e world.
Hons of our country Knott'« th of eu a t the very founda
soon as thfAXtc^n people K wZ S up h ?o it
members of this outfit onnppol fuj U Ç t0 a m enace, and that the
There is noth^^°to ^ 01 ^bat very reasom
corned, as dry iSÄ joutas far as this Klan is corn
ably after this election, it tdll be uttll m 8 y S" - or tw °-P*'ob
C ° n ? aled a "" d " S
ÂSÏÏ'ft , !r'« îiï  5 ô:
how disagreeable it may be WeTe ot
unpatriotic and un-American ^i 8 first * Thls 18 an
rats out and help rid the countrv nf fh * n ' Let Us Smoke the
"Don't ffn nthl 2 nt 2' f them 0nce and for all.
out if you make it your business to find out. Town Topics
give you assistance, as we know nearly every one of them *
Candidates who will not come out openly and denounce this
ganization, can well be branded as Kluxers or trimmers and
there is little difference between the two. Let there be no
promise with this gang. Let us separate the sheep from the
goats. 'He that is not with me, is against me.
The Kluxers in Sheridan County are also known to the
Producers News and the old gang is supported mostly by this ele
Let's go back to the good old days of the hitching post,
says a winter in the Farmenne who hasn't the guts to sign his
name. Sure, that would be the real tobacco chew. Everyone re
membeis the good old days when there were bond issues galore
and .seed grain fakeries which filled the farmers' fields with foul
seed: when the saloons run wide open: when the bankers sold
bronchs at $400 per team and induced the farmers to buy large
tractors so they could get a mortgage on their farm: when Joe
Polin got $70,000 per year for county printing: when grafting
the farmers and taxpayers was the order of the day. Sure let's
go back. Hip ! Hurrah ! for the good old days !
PI . Wh î le t] l e wheels of business turn slower and slower in
: ^ntyvvood, a f ? w men m Plentywood are putting their shoulder
to the wheel trying to stop it revolving altogether—In other words
they are doing their best to make this city a dead one—a citv
in h xf G flf tU1 f al a f? nt f ges should make it one of the busiest cities
i h i .^theastern Montana. They say a fool is bom every minute
)ut it looks like I lentywood has received more than her quota
a *
i Some one or some thing said in the Farmerine that it would
be a good thing if Senator Taylor left town. That's not half bad
for if Taylor goes he will probably take only his family with him'
hut how about Storkan, the pilster. If he should leave, he would
be 0 «™" 1 PenÄeTought ^ Undertakers whose **. would
„ , ~- j
. . Storkan doesn't like a, boycott now. He was one of fho
principals in the boycotting of the Producers News, but he has
; ad a change ot heart since them. Storkan is sure leading his
dollar." 16 " m " 1Ce trapS_traps that are C0S Liug them many a |
9 yy
office Äte ÄSttÄ fmm
PÄ of Fam Morteage Com
, f Taylor should leave the country, the Storkan shoot Hem™
Ka s»r.«s ùs -
Mm I mm
i. to &SB! ÏÂ Ä"Ä
o . . - •
Senator Taylor must be a wonderful moo ik« t? •
wntes columns and columns about him. man ~ the Farmerme
b ARS up onTapanese
.h. pMsidCTt fel ,
tS5 l 2"S'?
^ ^Ä'
ÂÊÂTpïï ^
a ^ ^
t "»fi
vc ^ d 1
® t and r ^.ov^heimSf S
PASSES BY ( or exclusion.
HUGE m ajorities
b-en effective Julv 1 nf\'' ° u ' d have
the senate vowUnmke 'it y eff r ' f but 1
immdiat^ly Whiln thn' o' 'i 1 ® ffectlve
broup-ht riL he V their report was
doZf%f t ° 0 % h °T h was
report M W A n » nM
i.'im. and ft
A'Warr.tr »
M*Ä Ä ry ÏÏd
the SS a J e > d to study of
on it hy' the state ^n i r t P v° rts made
monts. ate and labor depart
™sk,... 5
P siaent s statement declared
^ " ^*** Ca
t h he n a e « t,le bil1 because of
- a whele Jn,?^, consl ' lerin <-' "the bill
the^ Ä 'ndtheimperatweneedoflal
general character."*" 8 0,1 ° f ' Ws
alone'''th ™ lusl ?. n Provision stood
hi™ 'a! he presl ? e ?t said he 'would
have disapproved it without hésita
<C# " One,
I on ' y
! Ä %
Ä^ mbler " d «>* »>Ä
160 ' Mc Adoo 64 Less than SntS
™ u " ty - ' UlaI V ° tGS Wa$ C3St in that j
GLASGO^gT rii !
23 at Fivn S />t-^vr. *r. i
the Glasgow hitch srhnnT nl0 -n C ass * of
,liplomas ^
ment exercises nf , c °m inence -1
h lÆÂi b
itoSSf g U of *(
in ^' Edith Cain Harold r feSt n P ro ^ n '
Frazier, Helen rmo n * Fber.sole, Eva
Üli li^l^EvSelin^Kp^
Mullen K v- S 'i Ge iî r rude Krauss, Rubv
frd "nÄ? Ä ers ' Vio,a Wood
Ph -^lZîÜ!_
MEDIC ™E lake students
«^neU k e-SrT L T RSH,PS
J a nd th « other is d wo?t C h°$80
Vw^i e f nr sa S e - re u (,uirem ° nts - a
their f ou f ?^ loî/ vp hai,(l (Iur ' ncr
these ïhoîShîS'* ° f H ' gh Scho ° 1 '
T» -
tv, ~^T-- I
ry a Want Ad—It Pays. j
TAI ® OWN ||i
, Great Fails, 8<Mr '
; over the loss c .f -
T. a w«^ e "fe 'Äter?'SV#«
alighted f ( „; J n «vei*"- C
! ast Tuesday wh, train a t Gii orth -
Poim to Great p a n route
I self "h,! Tfl at a hotel \ n,i af ter
I wound from Ä i b ° ( , ly ' infli ct t her -
da > T morning n' 1 , he .died fe a
'L kno ^' n tha t the here
dav d ' er the arriv al of tS!? dsui -
Miss p . n , dy
| fiance in \ " ch If a "«te , or ,
I f th ey never Sh c e 0U f d tat ^ 4 h * r
becomin e fe*
improvement w\ no pros Pect Ï
® d to , her ^ hm. *<!
if )ea / 1 r ^»ught of t J. he «uld
jo do' v nuhi ij"! 1 that toe best thf
in 8T »her ,,v n ]■■ !t all by
she ha<l ha,i difficult,- a l entione <i that
HS® with which she 4ot f ti . n? ' ' K
SÄ 1 » 1 *' ;i ' ke<1 her m. ther f '
For mte , ha
had been ' Miss «nue»
*} os f ital i(l vvoif'f 4 * 6 « at a
visit ■be/fLin'i'v, a | t . u t pu* " ste . nsib lj B to
a pP are ntiy hail hen V towhat
went tfth'ff ed at Gla^ofS
o'clock nf aftof ho î eL Ab °ut '!
th. bo.™ ^
R ot to
jeoness hospital Se'S
- JB 13
spent two years at Ui!°
f al a . s a stU( i ent nursew"
i SSS&vû
i the same reason. e lor
ä Ua - thought «he WM imp 6 * 18
= 5 ?sS"âj
h , ut al no time did she intimate tw
^hecontcmplatcd destroying herself
j M ?fg-^fP-tahe,
ters, Miss Madge Perffle? rf*2
( teS'^' pit®? hÄT X
[ T. F. O'Connor chapel. Md the w
will be held this 2^1
j nét° FaX? W pT n\ Chm i fc
ing. Burial will tak^ place In »
vary cemefrv. P ' " W
New York Farmer
Labor for Organization
of National Party
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Ä^ifÄ SS
ff Farmer-Labor Party had esu
TIle of the convent^
S SthettÄ^
Federated Farmer-Labor ParJ- I
Tihis proposal was opposed by the del ^
^|SSSâî j
tho reselution was withdrawn i' 1 -
understanding, hoivever, that
substitute resolution calling for 1
« si Æ ~ ^ I
srroups, and for definite party 1 - ,
nization at St. Paul.
StS 1
M ' n . ' An Executive Committee of
S^s^feiUd. the vario«.«;
ties represented in t.he convention^
^tiveCoZime Out of
Sät ""•'¥». s
rv^Vh!toky J and^A. H. Hopkins.
Rova! Greer spent his
birt(hda > Monda ?- TS A**
spective homes having had a -
joyable evening.

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