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Conti nuing the OUTLOOK PROMOTER
Entered as Second Class Matter, October 18, 1912, at the Post
onu-e at 1 lentywood, Montana, Under the Act of March 3, 1879,
Charles E. Taylor, Editor
O. A. Moe. Manager
Fo/eign Advertising Representative
Quack, fraudulent and ii responsible firms
advertised, and we will take it
are not knowingly
. , , as a favor if any reader will advise
Mî MP V y Sh °fi d the /' pave occasioB to doubt or question the
'.ability of any firm which^^M^^H
patronizes our advertising columns.
FRIDAY, JULY 11. 1924
Cresap and Strawman Struggle
For Control of the Association
d . r\rr » .
rresem Officers, Intrenched, Use Publicity Organ of A^nri.
ation and Money of Members to Perpetuate Themselves
ln Power—Send Out Circular With Primary Ballot«
Avrad °" n
Resort to Wilful Prevarication and Deliberate Falsehood, and
issues " 3 Attacks to Prejudice Voters and Confuse Vital
BPTthc fight for the control of
Montana Wheat Growers Association
is now on. and the struggle wTcon
timie until July 31st, when th e Asso
ciation will dose ami a Rn->r
of Directors will be elected which will
continue Pres. Cresap and Manager
.Strawman in control c£ the organi
zation, thus continuing the nrr^pnt
expensive and shamefully inefficient
management or a Board of Di
rectors will be elected who will dis
pose of Cresap and Strawman and
lure a new president of the Board
Directors, and a new manager" an;l
m!e.pt a policy fmnmdiatdy That wdl
ave the Montana Wheat Growers As
sociation from rein, and establish '
a permanent institution, the Montana
Wheat Pool, the profit.and art
vantage of everv wheat ptowav in
the state. * h ® at ffr °" ei m
Issue Up to Membership
The issue is up to the membership
for a decision. Cresap Sid Straw
man have been forced 1 firet bv the
failure of their nefarious desiL fn
suspend and liquidate the poof, which
they had hoped to do in order tn
flose the Association wifihoout expos
mg their own incompetence and
wrong doing when the members voted
down the proposition anTsecond hv
a mandamus proceeding in the disl
'riet court to issue the call for th2
election of a new Board of Directors
as provided in the Constitution and
l.y-laws of the Association: after hav
mg failed in their "Lock the Door
policy" of retaining control of the or
ganization; after having been defeat
ed m every one of their underhanded
schemes to retain control of thn A<
sociation by strong arm methods
without the election. ' '
Management on Defense
bJnlorceTtS make^T"" 0 - ha Y e
their Tu lefênaTan.1 they Snow
resorting to everv tactic that miokt
be resorted to by wardhealing poli
ticians in an pffbrt t 0 pcmetuate
themselves in'power, and continue
tb ' Policy of
friendly relations with
the Minneapolis Chamber of Com.
lerce, ending in th« final liquidation
and ruin of th 0 Montana pool in be
half of tihe interest of those wL now
seem to be their masters
Struggle for Lives
Cresap and Strawman are in the
struggle of their lives to retain the
control of the Montana Wheat Grow
ers Association to keep themselves
on the pay roll of the association at a
fat salary, a third of which neither
ot them can earn in any other posi
tion. They are bent on a rule or ruin
policy and there seems to be nothing
to which they will not stoop in order
to retain the control which they
sense is slipping from them.
C ampaign at Association's Expense
eu e i n ^ office, and in control of
the Association, on a fat salary and
expense account and in control of the
publication of the Association,
Montana Wheat Grower," Cresr"
and Strawman are out campaigning
themselves, calling meetings and
speaking and sending other empolyes
lu cne Association, who must go out
in order to hold their jobs, to elec
tioneer and make talks for them, and
they pay the expenses of this private
« ampaign to sustain themselves in
power, out of the $150,000 reserve of
the Association,—the money belong
mg to th 0 wheat grower members,
mul they use the paper, the "Montana
Wheat Grower" to carry their
pai«m publicity to every member;
publicity mostly of absolute
hoods and slanderous attacks
those who hav e contributed the
to the building of the organization
and who are now fighting to prevent
the wrecking and destroying of the
institution which they have contribut
ed so much to the building.
Underhanded Methods
Not being satisfied with the above
advantages—advantages sufficient to
win m mos" any .struggle, these
mean, unscrupulous men, Strawman
and Cresap, ihave resorted to a thing
not allowed anywhere in any kind of
politics, public or privat 0 , or in any
sort of an election, something no
honest man would do, under any cir
cumstances; something that Tam
many Hall or the most corrupt inter
1 est wnnlri not • , .
i LLa ÏÏ i L*? 0r Slnk m the
D^T îf JST hey - haV ® sent out
i actual factsf in n V 8 ^ epresentl «ff the
f î «ur Ia - IV . tbe controversy,—
m alïïL ' wit^^L^^-H^ 011 ^ R ow
i in'the very same' ^ °
phase to tho înveIop ^ s - î. f .
fu^ 38 ®' to .the entire membership
nmmbefLmf hive Theh^T th f f the
him LL u ha f then story before
was S^ed^ninA Æ circular
Board "of niLw f th ® u present
° i Directois, men who seem
n UI i der ^ b ? complete domination
man TW °l? eSaP . apd , St ™'
L!' 3 re . a , s no circular, how
lots 'setth^lut^he^fLi h f h ? u® bal
> fvnvôvov T out the facts of the con
So^ClaT '^" ewp <>; n t ofDi
n; i i S i Ian . Stoner and Herbert
B J«Wund, who ar e leading th e oppo
i Cre sap and Strawan. Cresap
m i , k L la '- ma , n use both the paper
ClrC ^ U fe to attack Se «- J- W.
e *? on ' of Sl doey, who is a candi
re 1 ® /° r *. ni t mber of tb e Board of
SSdS^and who^fa^ ^ which be
L.Vi ® ' f," , 18 a ver y capable
and nel^onaWn L 3 SP6nt niuch time
L lrfLL- f^time promoting the
atlV ® ldea: « îan » Cresap
v Strawman ' Particularly fear,
deaL^rhLTllL 33 bebe N. e8in a square
Sîïï* rh ® above act of Cresap and
ed dirreLfL mean ; and 1 underhand
clean effideli^Lnd T 111 ^ 1100 ®^^'
never a « d honorable men
Nn mL 1 1 tac î^ s of thls kind -
7 i,T °ï i n \ en ' , wltb out something
thfaw ''^thla kWS W0 < dd da
tpl l 8 kind * lh ese acts and
tactlcs f re tbe acts and tactics of
i to rellfL m . 6 re ° f men - " bo are afraid
tu I n ® vei tb e association to a new
I LV-vl offic . er . s: who are afraid to face
! their LewardXp^ 1 ® Xamination of
„«'"-bers WiH Fonder Facto
"* » mombei of the Wheat Grow
lnd^fu C volte n f^ ill th P ° nder a*i leSe 3Cts
11 Ï f V 16 , candld ates for
a 1 ao?° IS are p \ ed ^ ed to a house
Ivb^L* 10 ® edged to an aud
Red Ba-iting Factors
Cresap and Strawman and tiw
battery of speakers, paid out of IJ
sociation funds, when on th- stnmn
in their extremity for iustificS'
ignore the real issue of the contre
versy. namely THEIR STEWARD
resort to shameful prevarication
liberate falsehood and sSereSs'nere
sonal attacks, calculated to prejudice
the voters against the men opposing
them, and to confuse the issues bv
drawing a red herring across the
trail of their own shortcomings, in
competency and mismanagement
hike Daugherty, and Mellln ^d
halls, and Burns, and the rest of the
crooks, they defend themselves bv
re<l baiting" by yelling communists
it !
I;..*; are pledge d to run the Asso
IL/nn/H th ® b ^ aefit of the member
lILr L 3S adj « nct 1° the Minne
! aP T h , Chamber , ®£ Commerce,
j vo 1 h e mimes of these men and their
respective districts can be found in
^Thp 61 col J unn . 9 f th is paper,
mAT 1 h Lk iemberahip wants and needs
LL h re 3r ®\ n0t aods to run and
find ^ch ^ Associatlon — its time to
out the criticism of their
administration, thus injecting Llitfc«
into the controversy, allegfng that
those who are opposing them are
farmer-laborite, instead of republi
cans or democrats, and thereforeLave
ulterior motives. That Stoner and
Taylor attended the St. Paul Conven
tion, whioh LaFollette denounced be
cause he thought it would be "too
rod, besides other attacks along the
Sam-, line. Every per™,,, lacking fie
fense for shortcomings, resorts to
this kind of a defense. These state
ments should be dismissed without
n Premeditate Falsehood
Cresap and Strawman allege that
1 .e f^rmer-labontes want to get rn n
trol of the Association for political
purposes. This is a premLISnS!
and unsubstantiated falsehood. No
one knows better than c
Stoner or Taîîor îhar"litic, *mîi
be. mixed with a coope'ratiÆ eZt
prise in any foi*m, shane or
?he S m S ' Cr u sap and Strawman are
the men J^remjectm ç politics"«
McCone County Asses
sor Questions Cresap
Asks Him to Explain Certain Vital Matters Pertaining to Mar
keting Methods—Names Specific Instances But Receives
INo Answer.
Immaterial Where Petitions Were Written, As Long As Sig
Signers Genu,ne ' and Expressed Sentiment
this controversy, and who have been
playing politics for the past two
years, and that is one of the things
that the opposition to the present
management desire to abolish for all
What Management Done
The present management of the As
sociation has donf> these things:
1. It proceeded with the primary
by publishing ^ the ballots in the
Wheat Grower", against opposition
of Director Stoner.
2. When a number of the members
of the organization, proceeded to
nominate candidates to appear on the
ballot, by letter, as provided for in the
by la . ws ' tbe management called a
the oi.eratio,,If t "'w
I c ! at T? n > refused to proceed« with the
election of a new Board of Directors,
S£ es
4. The returns of election indi
cated that the dreams of Cresap and
Strawman to dissolve the organiza
tion, in order to prevent an aidft and
the turning over of the organization
flown signally Cresap and Straw maO
still refused to call the annual elec
tion of Directors, until thev were
forced to do so bv the threat of a
Mandamus. a
5. Cresap and Strawman then at-!
tacked those opposing them in the
official organ, the "Montana Wheat
Grover" send for Jewel and took
the stump together with all of the ex
ployes of the Wheat Growers Assô
ciation and sent circulars out with
the primary ballot to all members
presenting their side of the cas<* all'
at the expenseof the membership of i
the organization and without a state-1*
ment of the cause of their apposition !
Surely a remarkable situation " s
existing when it becomes necessary to
do these things. All of the men nom
inated by those desiring a new man
agement ar e good, capable In?èlîe- *
gent men, wiho are ardent supporters i
of the Pool idea; men whose onlv am- :
bition is to make the poof a SUCCES
Messrs. Cresap and Strawman have ;
oeen in the management for three
years now and they have made a mis- !
erable failure of it, as every member
of the Board of Directors know, as
well as every other person who has i
mäde an investigation of the matter:.
at all and every member of the Asso- f
ciation is fully aware that the man- j
agement has not made good. Every U
member knows that the management '
"■« ''one tilings tlut it cannot lurt™,
c.r explain, nor does it try to justify!.
or explain. The membership knows
that the head office does not answer
letters—that it refuses to keen the !
membership informed as to the ac
tivities of the Association; that it is
not running as a pool but as a c<W
mission house; that it sells the grain
to the elevators to which it is deliv
ered, or consigns the same co Minn.
Commission houses; that it practical
ly stores no grain; that it sells less
than a Quarter of its grain to millers
and none to exporters; that it is dom
mated by th e Minneapolis chamber of
™ü? m î rC n ;fi: ^ alIy ', as run> is not a
P ° 1 ? •• but tbe Pretense of cne,
an ] ( 18 P a V in ff officials high
S a T leS for L rende «ûig no service
^ hats « ev f r 5 that the farmers deliver
f C ^ ^ ssoc,ation can sell
m 1 el ®Y ato ï for cas!l - for more
sTm ey 'T e :. Mdved for th «
^ flom , tbe P ooi . after waiting all
7^*' and for the rcason that the
fniwim , n Ca fu°^ pay tbe po S^ oncers
tliov* ° mff , tbe ver y same thing that
7n fi, n f° t , hei î lseIves , namely, sell
mlh SS T-} ele Y? tors « aad *et as
Tfives direct S °-5 * them
thl ^ not contributing to
u of maintaining a mem
tho mpilh nBI! 'b 0 1Ce ? at Eewistown '
kn T - that the A^ocia
S - toung ', cleanin g, or
w - us_
ï 1 r i existance at all; and the
thî^ L? S | know that a11 of these
d^L^ u ° ne ' , caa b ? done » and
tlProfitably, anil that is the reason
' JPln p d , th ^ poal a i ld Promoted it.
THa . P ?° Ç ucces s
caTsLîL Ca Y made . a success: it I
wheat ^a« & b ^ ter pnc< 7, for the !
onpratiS' «îîw. f ai ü o stablish a ÇO
under tko aikot » but the Association
sS-mn 1 T ana l! e "'f nt ot Cresap and j
btrawman baf not done so
CVa -,r ^ 8a P bas Failed
donf S ki^ Strawman hav ^ n °t
so, because Cresap and Straw
ÏÏÏÏ an i fl J ; Wett + v,^ Ve willed other '
with ïff® th ®v arrangements
p" 1 the Minneapolis Chamber of
G ° mmerce Wl11 not a,low them to de.
°' '
Kevin ilHnn! p;- T~ 0
• Kev J«—Bhnois Pipe Line Company
lrV aldn ? p «P a r?ti„ns to bepin
8 1? nules six-inch pipe Him
lu îo i lo 'y bne «° w m operations from
through BakV and H™r° f com P a «y
ite M^l Oil
'■ * P > P " 110 " 3 '
e n- idai 'G«son, the county assessor
or IVlcCone county, a life-long boost
er lor co-operation on the part of
tlie farmers in all fields of endeavor,
\vu a P rom °ter of the Montana
Wheat Growers Association in Mc
Cone county, wrote the following let
ter to the Montana Wheat Growers
Association, answering some of the
charges of Cresap and Strawman, and
asking several pertinent questions,
asking that his letter together with
"TO» be published in the
Wheat Grower:"
Circle, Montana.

* nwitrki d . -
* Presfdeni . wl,..
' Lewtot«"« M 7
. M " n,ana '
* Have .
: :
*Kfo? ns circulated throughout
■ sps i
i ; never been able to see the neces
* ®! ty J* 1 sp ? ndi «« ° u ur I ? f ®. ney for a
* "«"^rahip in the Minneapolis
* Cha . mber u of Commerce. We nev
* ® r hav " 1 heard of any efforts be -
* ? lad f. to ««operate with the
* Equ,ty Terminal Elevator which
* " e ha PPen to know is operated by
* " om o ot the greatest cooperators
* in the Northwest.
* . TL 01 on,y L thaî but w « " ou,d Me
* Î? why wheat delivered to
* Equity Elevator, Wolf Point, was
! f- o!d to Mi,,s «P and d «"A the
* ,lna 3 hroUffh the McC&be Broth
A ers < - ommis s«on Company, when
- 'T C °<>P erative Elevator can sell
1« direct }° the L M,lls?
« i^ nd re K ardm K the nominating
♦ 1>eht,on "'. y our statement that an
f^ am *r atlon of petition show
that tbey we f« al Briten on the
* 8am e typewriter is either a de
« L^ rate f * k * hood . » a mistake
* ° n y ° ur ^ Tt as Ç happens that
* We "! embers of 'he Wheat Pool
* ,n / ,,strict ? umb * r Six (6).
* ? vrote aur Petition on our own
* ty P* w *; ,ter on our own typewrit
7 and no .. othcr «an*;
* tZ/ ' . , . , .
- ♦ - , ^ ,s absolutely nnma
* w*!, lhe ™ . ,s no Question but
* th *• the ^î 1 * 00 expressed the
* sentiments of the signers a great
do n °t sympathize
J5" 5 ar,n ^ Labor Mov «
JUSh-Îi n ° th ! r pro « ress,ve
pobtl f aI movement.
only that, but we fail to
S?e ^ hy . you should object to any *
Potion provided it ♦
* as W?« •>> members of (he •
organizution and especially in *
B ,stnct No. Six (6), where we *
haVe a « esident director at the *
1 * 1 And Mr. Carlson
! * 1S j anown as one of the leading
* ad 'ocates of cooperation in this
i * pi Tf ot the L State *
* 1>IOW bave ^ one strong for
* fP op ®r atl Y® movements before
• * *îî e Wheat I «ol idea was advocat
* , , we ,ike tbe idea - But we
* u SW unless a good
* houost effort is made toward im
* Pavement on the present mar
* m?th ? d of the organiza
* }•?/? tb l re wdl certainly be very
* btt, e. w hoat delivered to the pool
* ? th,s f"** of the * ta te during
* the com,n T ? 8?a «on. *
* Respectfully yours, »
* Ne'edle*,- ? * *, • . • • .
| ™ e < f dleîsS to say, th e above letter,
an + swers to.the questions asked!
er » c a P pear in the "Wh°at Grow
^1. ...
that^ fiS ?iS at Martin son makes is
eXr of the combers of
ia issu« d ThV the controve P y is not
Li;™ nV J he „n? a n a gement and the
°? be Wheat Growers Asso
farmer l-LL t lssue ~the attack on
S'l reds Gr con ^u
political ^! Wo Xp J e w mg tbe Private
Strawman d ° f Messrs - Cresa P and
unon Sa mï«® 8 not throw any »»ffht
Loi and ïï^l Ren î ent ,° f th 7 "heat
Mr AtL-Hn ate , nal f° ll ? e issue
Point nnnl \ S °? asks " iby tbe Wolf
f 0 n Midi i g rLf 1 Was sc,,d to th . 3 Ru s
McCabe Rrntk P ^ ny f hl ! 0U S h tb e
" st e|d of ° Hous °.
ageV at 1 Wo f% ^ the elevator man
si g n saved f \? ln V- ^ the commis -
k n ô w whv -^Umson wants to
rt* ,° f . the . P °F led
fhe fanLv Lr the el# ; vator , to whlch
farmer can LiV^if wben the
Lvator hiLLlf f the wheat to that
th fv, P nLi f for more money net
Why diÂ^k^U 0 "^'
Grower" or îrî r® Monta « a Wheat
man ....kf^u f; . Cresap or Mr - Straw
thes e Question? 18 Iet ^f r "Ä an 'T er
stand ÎÂ. al! could und °r
There is are done? .
u 0 ; ere 18 a very ^ood reason and
efficient for Mr. Crex
ap and t o Mr ' Strawman.
T „
^ Mc,u « tai «—Intermountain Cop
drive d *"** ** ° re sh ° wing - Wi "
dn ' e deep -
(Continued from page 1)
fui floats and industrial exhibitions
as they moved along the streets dis
played hours of (hard and tedious
work and a great measure or artistic
Th e rodeo, although it was not
iginally a part of the entertain
ment, drew' a large crowd, which thor
oughly enjoyed the show.
Those "'ho did not take in the
rodeo were entertained by the races
held .on the street until 3:15, when the
ball game took place between Plen
tywood and Dooley. The game was
won by Dooley 11 to 9. During the
game the large crowd enjoyed the
daylight fire works and various pieces
by th 0 Plentywood band.
In the evening a fire display of
fireworks drew the attention of the
large crowd, after which the dance
ended the festivities of the day.
1 h< Plentywood band is to be com
mended for its efforts in making the
celebration the success it pro.ved to
ontana "Wheat Grower
Misrepresents Election
of the Montana Wheat Growers Association LH.„ ;;: „-JEWETT OFF THE job
—Hides Behind Technicalities.
Came to Montana toSav e the Pm
Management of Montana uT" 1
Growers, But Threw Un
After a Few Meetings P hp ° ngf
:l The fo, lowing" letter from A
» Schmitz of Brockton, Montana,
*. member °? the Montana Wheat Grow
* I ers Association to Hon. Clair Stoner
* of Plentywood. Montana, indicates
* the posit,on of a huge majority of the
» members of the Wheat Growers As
* sociation. H e urges Stoner tc. act to
* s§ve the Association, and to put the
* Association in the hands of a new
* Brockton, Mont,
* June 16, 1924.
* Air. Clair Stoner,
* i T Malta, Mont.
» ; Dew Sir:
» What about this suspended
* "heat pooling? I voted no to
* both questions. Why did you
» '«*<? no. I want this thing to
» fio on; do you? *
* j What is the matter with Cres
• ap?
• I am convinced that Cresap
» and all those in agreement with
• ' him should get out and have no
» say whatever any more so that
* Mother can step in and go
» 1 ahead. I say I am convinced and
* 1 I wouldn't write if I wasn't
Try to do somethin,- He
* mus } out - We will Jose -
* good thing and our money too. I
» «now what I'm talking about,
*L Do something,
* Sincerely and yours Indy,
*J. Answering the question in Schmitz's
i letter * Mr. Stoner, th e fighting diroc
tor of the Wheat Growers'
1 tion says: I voted no because T fS
that the only wav in A?
I formers pSrn fJ the mSrting ol
wh-at is by means " a .»I "
P ° oL
on page 8)
* :
* 1
* j
By Charles E. Tayl or
* i
* i „ Pr J es - Uresap and Mgr. Strawman
. of . th ? Montana Wheat Growers
| sociation, have devoted many columns
of the Association's publication to^
attack of the so-called Reds, or Com
muiust, or Farmer-Laborite, whom he
™ in » <i«P plot to upset the
p ^f 8ent management of the Montana
Wbeat Growers and take control
d lor unmoral purposes, though Mr.
Cresap does not just define what
those Purposes are. except that they
a «e something awful. P 1 th "
Cr^ J " Iy firSt . issue of the Wheat
Growers, was almost entirely devoted
« attacks upon those who would rid
th® Association of both Cresap and
^tniwimm, and make the ALodation
\ hattb " members intended that it
should be. This plan on the part of
; bose "ho would save the Associa
tlon . according to Messrs. Cresap and
Stra 'T man J ; » something dirty, im
moral and unmentionable; some sort
of » vile crime, which is not named
°. r denned. It is inferred from in
f ,n . ua 1 t,on that it is something of an
unholy nature, to nominate a set of
f a " d,da î 7 e8 for Directors of the Mon
ana M be ?t Growers Association
S f d *° '"«"Karate a policy diffc"
f nt fro . m J 1 "* no " already pursued:
nominate a set of men pledged to
n a neW president - and hire a new
.manager or to criticize the inability
ZT*?" and »"^P^ency of thé
Present management of th e Associa
Don. To do a thing of this kind is
^f d,ll f to . Mr. Cresaps to commit
a . cn _ me aRa,nst tb e.Holy Ghost. Mr
® eem ? J® believe that th? As
fociation and the farmers wheat i«
•> * hand, is his to do as W
ple^ with, and to ask for « ac!
counting, is an impertinent sauri.
*® r * he asker should be
^ • -
The Constitution and Bylaws of the
be and the boys worked Hard both
day and night.
Space will not permit tHe many
features in the parade, but all parti
cipants are to be - congratulated on
their displays, which were both ar
tistic and educational.
A great many people took advant
age of the restful quietness of Brush
Lake to celebrate the day c£ Inde
pendence and a large crowd w r as at
that popular resort both the 4th and
5th and greatly enjoyed the bathing,
dancing and other sports. Manager
Johnson by his courteous and efficient
treatment of the public is drawing
large crowds to Brush Lake and is
once mege bringing that place back
to where it was before the slack
methods of th e management made it
an undesirable place in which to take
The celebration at
one's family.
Brush Lake was a huge success.
A large number of the Outlook
community celebrated at Koskey's
farm north of Outlook, the proceeds
of which go to the Outlook hospital.
i kirlv^nd^Tkl^r A8S0cia t 10 «» un- j
those who are ^DDOsin^'tW Ke t ° f
I tien of controf «fre *1 h r r ?S*' 1
j organLtiön nnhli.teri e ?r n f., 0f - he
i paftlv fa Oe the *° loM ? n S
i Article relatif In îÆ Mo , misIeadm S
! ceedings w^hich fn^iVn J tS nt an ?r S P1 °J
; an election of n now Kn«l| Ca J 1 a^ of
: tors in the ® e ^. board fhrec
101 s ' ln the Jul y 1st issue:
Readers nf tk r b
bunel^ „W G ? at i al,s 1 Tri '
. Sailfes ln tftnt J larKe
ticed an intervltw^ no *
I* August Nelwn recent lî® P3rt ° f
ing^^(h e aîleîêd ^ filin ' Iy ' f concern -
tion lor a writ «r mg an ac *
comnelthe hnLli mandaR J us >. to
in tEe Wheat cînwpC" 11 elect, . on
™ The * a ; soc,a *
fadriy pr4ented i n M , qu,t , e
interview inasmuch J Se,son . s
considerahlv fnîl ^ h f Y lade
alitvXl.fx f • u OVe / a tcch nic
tuaUy ^es±? "° fUSS Was
U3 y n ^ ce8Sa ^ y -
£°, Suit VVas Fi,ed
Mt- Nelson
} n
ai m .. ö av e the reporter
thL thS * T k lb i U îî e the impression
that suit had been filed by his
torney, and settled by a com pro
m j®Ji- Thls 18 not the case at all,
and the petty part of it is that
telephone call could have done
?kiaU W£S necessary to iron out
the differences over which Mr.
-Nelson made a great mountain.
Mere Technicality
the question was whether
not an election would be called
p T "e board ,f (he association
voted to suspend. After five min
Page Eight)
Montana Wh^i n
that the Boarï «f G r? Wer * S provides
number sSlI h f , D * r ^ ctors ' ten in
after the e, ^ ct " d « a «h . year,
the existing B«a?d d,st " c ted L.
this election U pr °¥ Vldes that
latLr part of May SI *R J h =
trictwl ik« ♦ y 'i . Board redis
lî tti and election was
lows. Dsuallv ,r< *k 1 ^ e u ^°J By
Lewistown bead . office at
lots with in«reî ?- Ut nom,nat ing bal
y „an in I Ä " S 'o «ominare a
Board on ï »ÎSl Th i 8 year ' the
decided ÎLÏ # Rrounds of economy,
buî 1o nr£i Ü Send - ou J this »etter
the "Whenf r7 e Ilon ?, inatl . n £ ballot in
lions teï î 0 *?' L . wifh instruc -
mad in nfreïl« m ^f Ship cllp and
ciuntv nnniS ï Stoner of Sheridan
tion nrev-S 0 'ii® ^ but the mo *
the method^ î!, r ' Ston er said that
suits TV iT^ UM n ®? ? et the re
tion wWk Py a -j S » be Associa
provides aK^k^* 8 f ®, r . the Section,
nominal J^kï that^ candidates ca« be
mem hereof ik*^ 10 ?* 4 «umber of
te elS in if ^ and others
as it JL th ^ o 8ucces \ of the pool,
saw fit anH beiF r -!F^ t tbey
ByTaw«' ,™t à pr °, v,ded for ' n Uie
tion advanta ^ e of the peti
didat^s fnr 1 j- ate severa l men as can
several d^retï ° ne in each of
filed 1 d!str, Çts. The petitions were
th " BylaW8 and
nominlthL 1k° f th ^. , po| /cy of those
k» n Vîî at,n *l- t ^ e Cînd iuates was signed
mailS* an ? Printed ami
th ?. «membership of the
\U the 8ever al districts,
1 11 oî tbla was regula-r. \nv mem
Kroup nf »^1,"
r/ h .' J? .»««!»♦- in the election
« 3 B® 3 ^ Directors, and the
®° ard ® f Directors have a right to
e '"' * prpsid «'"' hire a
ZZ *"* ,H< '
organization can
A fin e time was has .
crowd present, both olrf 7
and in the ©venin«- .l C
larg e
tri Pped
of July programs am C „, an<l , p »um,
town Ta •Är't
Ä» - * -
s who
Certain merchants i n
KÄÄär.'-. jS'f!
cotters or th e farmers' re men
a free press, show f "1
merchants what (hev are
and make it so plain that
ness shysters will never ♦
trol your press again ry to
«all Ion
ta P busi
well comes in as SO-bbTTtw
No. 7
URGFNT h.^ivlvSP
Sf Ve M de ^ lded - tbat the affiliations of
ation*wtith"th W M- at Gro ' vers Associ
r«« th th ® Mlnneapob s Chamber
fL C T C& , must cease - s P<>ke in a
$ and , met Wlth such a chilly
wÄ" tbe .,P art cf the mem.
hO riZvi 0 ? ?i! f a [ ed to conv ince, that
llf 0 . d £ Clded that he , had mor e press
jug business somewhere else, where
he could do more to earn his $15,000
P ^ r , year î han he caa Ao in Montana,
k° he beat out of here and has
beei ? beard of since. He was
f nxi0 V s . to S et ^ay that he paid a
^ dnver a bonus to get him to a
on tihe main lino,
x T Wh T en Jew . ett ! eft Mr. Cresap.
Mr. Jewett promised so Mr. Cresap
, ln tb e Wheat Grower, of June
^th issue, "in the July fh'st issue
Mr ' Je " ett will answer certain vicious
a ccu^t,ons." But in the July 1st is
sue Mr. Jewett failed to come across,I
? uch to tbe disappointment of Pres,
Cresap ' who wailed
,. , -, Mr. Jewett is
unable to be present within the state,
•and it therefore falls upon us to
make this answer for him." Why Mr.
Jewett is not in the state, and why
he failed to make the answer to the
charge that he was "hobnobbing"
with the Chamber of Commerce, in
stead of dealing with "other co-op
erative agencies," Mr. Cresap does
°t state, although Mr. Cresap does
pretend to answer the charges in be
««If °f Mr. Jewett. Mr. Jewett knows
that the charges contain a consider
able truth, and he does not care, no
doubt, to do the lying himself, so he
has Mr. Cresap do it.for him, which
Mr. Cresap seemed more than will
ing to do.
Mr. Jewett will not come back to
Montana, the members of the Asso
ciation can be assured.
But what happened? The members
of the Association, disgusted with it
for the most part/refusing («deliver
^ heat A to il - aild universally damning
it and the Management, took no in
terest in the nomination, and 1 am
told, only one nominating vote was
Sent il * The only nominees were the
P 6 * 11 * 011 nominees. When these peti
tions were filea, Messrs. Cres&p and
Stra "man realized that something
had happened—that th: re were mem
bers who wanted a change of man
agement; who wanted tu cut lo^
from the Chamber of Commerce: who
w&nted to affiliate with other co-op
erative institutions to save expense:
"ho wanted a change of the policy
of selling the grain to receiving de*
vato rs and commission men, instead
of to the millers and exporter* •*.
"anted an accounting of the business,
"ho wanted » real pool instead of a
ferine agency for the Chamber of
Commerce, who wanted at least as
much for the wheat as the local £
vators were paying for it, " b,cb
most of them did not receive, am»
Messrs. Cresap and Strawman, p£j
stricken, frantically called a meet«.«
of the Board of Directors, and Sim
nended nn«ratinn«; refused to go on
rt h ib  a
DtoïoaitfoJ to .C membership la. *►
solve tho nrcanization and liquida**
th e business of the Association- ^
*** director, had no au «
'° "" '° an " Ul
be promoted by so doing.
♦ • ♦ *
If Messrs. Cresap and Strawman
had desired to file a set of candidates
for directors, they had the right to
do so, and no one would have stopped
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