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. Pad .-tone attended!
«mith county
Tuf 'dav
-neiit last
\i , t l, home
th< Mai'«, home j
, n Outlook business
j ,". u ntv scat last Tues
ay ?
la?t Mond* 1 .'
to busing i 1
tjood looking
'ai vert
Hiver countiy.
short business
ip re
f Potter
„.{ Tuesday
ure trip
on a
<1 pi'
all Men's Over
mil Leather
lure from Scobey
U a j c l( WU,'
r ar a Sunday attending to
TS interests and visiting friends.
Thompson was in from his
t he Outlook country last Tues
itien»ïi n £ to business matters.
**"? Loft was among the Dag
• er. attending to business
' ' here first of the week.
. state- from Redstone was
t/hu-iness matters at the
last Tuesday afternoon.
■itpriil' refresh our dry
r/k even dav. JOHNSON S
r. a.
awre? 1
tv s
\.ic n
Forrest Goodman
rOrreM ...
, to her !>ed a few days this (
PLith an attack e.f the flu. ■
r j Mrs. -lark Gibbons were:
Re<ene last Sunday even-1
the show at the Orphe- !
r,„i \l-itkin and Carl B
Jltsfrs. Jud Matk T ■
: . went to Rec'tone last iue.ua>
• • re to attend the regular meet
à <t thf Hartem Star Lodste.
-, Ra>mussen from Dagmar was
n/r.ding to business matters at the!
»art house a few days first of the
Th. I-arsen was in town from!
- in tin Dammar country
. wing called to serve on the
r (ortre coming tern,t of court,
Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Paulsen v\ere
i'c the Dagmar farmers attending
r-u-ine-- nu tters at the county seat
* -V
o attemi
ke haw a nice clean lot of West
Rvc Grass. Peterson Co. 19-t2 ad
Sarah an.l Ann Hansen are
r j'i owners oT a new Cnevrolet
:-n purchased fron Peterson Co.
--r-. Peter Bruvpld and Gilbert
from Comertown were here
<f district court a few days
s rum
Mr. and Mrs. James Michels from
-.icine lAke country were here
fir>t of the week attending
s matters and shopping.
R. Hendrick>on was here from his
■ zfi at H miestead a few days first
I 'the week attending to matters at
irt house.
Mr- Ftp< 1 Marsh and babv were
■ from Whitetail last Tuesday vis
ary at the home of Mrs. Ellen Bur
» h
0. 0. N'e.-tin and A. Faskerud were
r e from Westby first of the week
-'.Tending to business matters at the
Vil> Distad and Misses Mildred
t and Hilda Bystedt were
n Reserve last Monday after
hnrt business and
Pf fro
Helvin Xorlam from Froid spent
• rai days in Plentywood this week
ith friends and attending
■askctball games last Thursday
JM Friday.
*1* member> of the Lutheran I.a
Aid will hold their annual
yron =alp on Saturday. March 20th.
mj',. , in /it c 4 attend.
■ l /rit a ]'tM nin? , Mlsaes
* ent T
. fcf».. t; ,fs at taeir home to
r ap -tit , inie ., was . s P ent a t y ari *
■r/(i * s V n . ,pt , U0US ,uncheon
Mr î m n ° C 0€ *'
Mrs. Andrew Hansen and
•rni to p,- /, !'V. .Î o n v anscn mot :
•T? fverinir ■ /tu S ' FT Unna - v /' -^P 651 »!
Hans And?rsen
-j ,
n Pi 1 * at * 1, " w ) s spent the week
»?an.| • t iB' 00<l : ! u in f. s T € shop_
Murned br'nT- 8 /" . "lends She
Viay mornin' at McElroy
Mr /■ m
Mrs - p E. Lang returned
-', r T ^ u / tin - Minn./
Mb. I^an/'c; f/u e< w 6 ^ anera i
tel with her f„?r. # ' Dang has
>ious u, hi- ( '' ti ' tOV some time
j q n ,/
/ Crm in ''a' * n biwn Dorn
y to s P r„J/ e l 0pP i c u 0U n tr y last
fk-ol divti nt tv 00 —^°°mi ^ or a
C f ' No - < '• Tlie new
oeen formed very recent
V* memberc; nf n,
9as k« ball team P' ent ywood
w-F, rp Z' 1 a either
2 Mr. and Mr/1 bome
tv «üng of ii% G ' Zl l ler Wednes
^Wuous t,j v '/ i T k '. -^t ter a
1*rts eni^vJi cl ? ck dinner the
Mr- 11 ' * a socia l evening.
John Maw.v,o„ . „
^ tr, th! u l hant of Redstone
;^a s &f h0sp,tal last Tuesday to
' h ,she P i/// n perf , onT1p d. by
' «hi vr- -m , 1:s Petting ulong nice
• wurn 10 her home
*•*«. las t Thursday after
th-4* .l^fed at the business
' r ^. waffle ■ j la(iie s should serve!
* 0r March mi sausa ^e to the pub
^ also bn i «! at which time they
' r the businl. apron sale - Af
le « a was t s ® ssi °n a delicious
' se r\-ed by the hostess,
jwl ••
\ s •
MARCH 14 & 15
. A
John Brekke was here from Ante
lope last Monday on a business trip,
f 4 .
Hicks Almanacs for 1926 for sale
at Producers News office for 50c. ad
John Olson was among the Medi
,i„e Lake citizens who attended dis
fined to her bed a few days this week
with an attack of la irrinne
gr ppe.
Tire n Shop arS * erV ' Ce
' "■ '*" »«»
Carl Hansen and Math Ottenbreith
ilron, Dammar were attending district
court here last Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs. S. E. Paul is getting along
Inicplv airain niter n v»rv eovnrn ni
Î again aitei a \ei> setere at
tack of pneumonia.
Dan Nicholson is able tobe
111 it ,* mit 11 h 1 1
trict court here first of the week.
Mrs. George Koenig has been con
R. W. Dickey frean Daleview was
attending to business matters in this
city a few days first of the week.
the well known eye
sight specialist, may
I be consulted about
~ scientific optical ser
vice and correct glasses at the Plen
tywood Hotel, Saturday and Sunday,
March 20th and 21st.
Wm. Mclnnes is absent from his
duties at the Elgin Cafe this w.-ek on
account of illness.
Get your next pair of shoes at John
son's Store. A large assortment to
choose from.
Dan Nicholson is able tobe up and!T
around Po-ain tafto.* on
arovmd again aftei an attack of pneu
Nurse Ryan of the local hospital
has been suffering with an attack of
tonsihtis this week.
.j i . . -
H. L. Larson was here from An
telope last Saturday on a short busi
ness and nleasure trin
* ' p ;
r rank Gordon was tn town from
h, s farm lath. Wednesday attending: to
ousmesa matters.
Carson Flaten came from Great
Falls to spend the week in this city
! 6 h °Tc ° f -, hlS slster
^ ( sen anc ^ family.
1 Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Egland and fam
| ily spent Sunday here visiting at the
Jhtyntea of Cal and AI Petevaona in
Miss Ann Hovet of the County;
Treasurer's office spent the week end
visiting at the home of her patents
™ the Antelope country.
kt u" dre n Hansen / f , the Plentywood
] Milling Company is busy this week
installing a new Carter Disc Wheat
Joe Hendrismeier from the Ray
mond county attended to county seat
matters here a few- days first of the
Mrs. S. C. Faaborg came Wednes-1
day from Medicine Lake to spend a
few days in this city' visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McKee,
C. O. Bell frotn the Welliver coun
try transacted business matters here
last Tuesday Mr. Bell exchanged
! wheat for flour at the local flour mill,
I Mr. and Mrs. George Singletan
were in from their farm in the Re
I serve counti T last Friday, doing some
j shopping and visiting with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. ,J. J. Carroll, farmers
from the Outlook country were busi
ness visitors at the countv seat last
Tuesday afternoon. '
The Eastern Star members met at
their regular meeting last Wdnesday
evening. After the business session,
luncheon was served and a social ev
, ,
Art Note was here from Raymond
last Tuesday attending to business
matters and visiting at, the Ted Cur
tin home in this city.
Misses Cena Arneson and Louise
Reinasoder spent the week end visit
mg at the Arneson home in the An-|f
teope country. They returned home
Monday morning.
„ Dewey Christiansen was here from
Reserve last Tuesday and Wednesday
attending some of the cases in Dis
tnct C0Urt -
c. G. Christianson went to Crosby,
N. D., last Thursday to' attend ta
business matte's in connection with
IteTWl*« Co. stores. He return
led home Saturuay.
Messrs. Walter Olson, Chas. H.
Dahlgaard and Nels P. Feldt were
here from Westby first of the week
attending to legal business matters at
the court house.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fadness and
daughter Betty Lou were in town
f rom their farm on the reservation
a ^ ew wee k attending dis
trict court and visiting friends.
The members of the W. C. T. U.
were entertained at the home of Mrs.
e. Helgeson last Tuesday evening. Af
| r the business session a very enjoy
able program was rendered.
Mrs. Grandstrand went to Reserve
last Saturday to spend Sunday visit
' n & at tbe h° me Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Gibbons. She returned to this
c j tv Sunday evening.
... * . .. . .....
Wedding stationery — invitations
ant j announcements—are the proper
thing. A variety of papers and de
signs and unexcelled workmanship at
Producers News Printery. Prices
consistent with quality of stock and
first c i a8 8 work
„ , T •« fmm the
Hugh Jones was in town from the
farm in the Welliver country last
Sai to snend the dav with 5s
' Pon "Buddy," who is a patient at the
i or>l i hnsnital The little fellow has
; <• «*•
I -
We have just recently completed our
contract with the Nichols Shepard Co.
for that famous Red River Special
Threshing Machine Line. Steel Sep
arators and Steel Combines. Best
the market. Peterson Company. 49-t2
servp «.öl -^ e '
short l!lï ? 3 Î Tuesday on a
Shoit shopping and business trip.
.. . .
Havo that tire vulcanized. Work
guaranteed. Tire Shop. 49-t3
Sheriff Salisbury made an oncial
business trip to Westbv and Froid la«t
i Monday and Tuesday/
i Thos McLelland was here fr ™
SrZv a frZ.. t r fu fr0i P
, cl days first of the week
lending to business matters.
i i ' s n e ! ma uan , n from Metncine
^ %*? *&*?*£ *" Pl " rt! '
U ct . nopping ic.ur.
We .specialize on vulcanizing bal
loons. Tire Shop. 49-t3
» ^ „ XT , ,
: Mrs. C. ^ e ' son > of the Plenty
.wood Herald, has been confined to her
bed a da /f this . week with a
vere attack of la grippe.
| W. J. Bye was in town from
ertown last Tu«, lac afternoon attold
j n g to business matters at the court
,r ,
Mr. Hamilton, treasurer from Daw
son county, spent a few days in Plen
tywood this week attending to oiPcial
buen e,« maters.
Joe Dwyer was here from Glendive
a few days first of the week attemi-j
mg to business matters at the court!
j house.
j Mr. and Mrs. Hans Agaard were
'in town from the farm in the south
country Tuesday afternoon on a short
business trip.
Miss Cpra Frisvold of the J. A.
Johnson store spent Sunday visiting
Miss Ruth Olson at her home in the
Outlock country.
Hank Leverenz returned last Thurs-l
day from Shelby, where he had been
for some time attending to business
I interests in connection with the r P(
OD nil & Gas Co
1 °P UdS GO.
„ v Darl i nfi . o Pn ial lt .,v.ivv re
a y^ genial na .iw «re
hands wi< > friend- in this citv 1-i^'
' 1 *i. in , T thl ^ 0 , :
luesaajr afternoon. Mr. Sparging a*
tended district court for a few hours.
e r>u • » ,, . T
Christiansen of the A. Ing- ;
galson store went to Williston last
Monday to attend a concert in which
his niece from Concordia College was ;
taking part. He returned to his du
ties at the store Monday morning.
Last Sunday morning at the Luth-!
'ieran church the infant son of Mr.
'and Mrs. Lars Johnson was baptized
|by Rev. Egge. Mesdames Henry Tim
merman and Gust Lindberg sponsored
thlalthe ceremony. j
i ]\j rs j oe Redmond left for her
home in the Antel&pe country last;
Saturday afternoon, having received '
word of the death of her Itep-father. !
She remained home the greater pavt
of the week.
Mr. Tibbets from Madoc spent fi
j few days in Plentywood this week,
| visiting at the home of his daughter,
|^ rs * C. C. Johnson änd family. While
j here Mr. Tibbets purchased a new
| Chevrolet car from Peterson Co.
Miss Emma Kollman and Mrs. Fred
Gameau went to Scobey last Thurs
a »lay to assist Mrs. N. F. Wakeland
in putting on a concert. The pro
ceeds from the concert will be used
toward the new community building
. ç.
in ^ cot5e y
Warren Smith came Wednesday
from Wolf Point to visit his wife for
a few <la >' s - The . Smith family will
1 ' love ^ ne . c *^ t,1e
days next Mr. Week having accepted
steady employement in the depot in
1 a Clty "j xr o xr i +
i . ,^ r '. a Jl^ ^ rs : ^ e l s °n enter
tmned Mr. and Mrs- Conrad Peter
an< ? Mr and Mrs. Jacobson at
I dinner last Sunday at 1:00 o clock
dinner. After dinner a pleasant af
; temoon was spent,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kavon left Thurs
day for points in Oklahoma, where
attend to business
ters in connection with their oil in
terests. Mr. Kavon recently return
e d from the oil fields at Shelby.
Waffle day and apron sale by the
Congregational Ladies' Aid this com
i nR Saturday, March 13th, all day,,
rom u o'clock on. Everybody invit
e( j_ Waffles, sausage and coffee. Price
g5 c
Mr . an d Mrs. J. W. McKee enter
tained a few guests at dinner last
Thursday. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Bull, Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Gustafson and Dr. E. G. Steele.
After dinner the evening was spent
listening to a very enjoyable radio
concert. »
Miss Gwendolyn Matkin celebrated
her birthday last Saturday by invit
ing a few guests for six o'clock r.in
ner, after which a pleasant evening
vvas enjoyed. Miss Gaffney, teacher
from Redstone schools, came to help
celebrate Miss Gwendolyn's birthday.
Wm. Hass from Outook spent a few
days in town this week. Mr. Hass
i also spent a few hours at Medicine
Lake, returning with a new Ford
j Coupe which he purchased from Mar
kuson in that town,
j Messrs. S. J. Redden and Jom Mehl
were in town from their farm in the
Dooley country last Tuesday after
noon. While here they purchased the
Carter Disc wheat cleaner formerly
us ®^ Plentywood flour mill. The
mill has installed a larger cleaner of
the same type in order to take care
of the increased business.
. , - m ^ ,
ter part of last week from Cal if or
n ia > where he had been visiting his
two sons ME Benson says he likes
the climate out there fine in the wm
I ter, but he was glad to be back among
! his many friends in this community.
' , _ , , ,
John See returned first of the week
I from points in the east whore he had
spent the winter months visiting with
friends and relatives. Mr. See left
ää 1 real stroke of ,armins
A few friends of Mrs. Walkowski
went out to her farm home last Sun
day afternoon and gave her a genu
ine surprise party. Luncheon was
brought by the guests >nd a splendid
' afternoon and evening \vas enjoyed by
on'all. The occasion was Mrs. Walkow
ski's birthday anniversary.
Oscar Benson, Sr., returned the lat
Christ Christiansen from Dagmar
has been appointed deputy assessor to
fill thp varancv caused bv the »noil
nil me vacancy çauaeaDÿ the resig
na, t 10 h of L. S- Ulson. Mr. Christian
sen startetl his new duties Monday.!
,^ as ^, een em f^°^ e ^ i. 11 t ^ 1 . e county,
c l er ^ ant * recorders office for
tlr ? e before ucecptiAg a position in
a * Westby which he held un-;
til recently when he returned to his
home near Dagmar.
j Eriniro«., • j
! County Attorney Erickson received
word first of this week from A. T
'hat Eddied,
in a hospital at Albert Lea, Minn,
The news came as a shock to her
many friends in this city. Rev. PreJ
Pu- r ', rre
^ eim '\as pastor of the Lutheran
church in this city for many years
Z 1 ! 1 during that tim<? the deceased
* aa y gained the respect of all with
Com-IÏT she come in contact. Mrs.
Zola w"- 8 ta ail
cl ^ c,es ai }d ^ as kno ££ for her many
acta °* chanty and kindness.
----- *
I _ a;j |J_|j
Lu "} eian t0 ™ ld
Spring Apron Sale Mar. 20
_ .
The Lutheran Ladies Aid will hold;
their Sprmg apron sale on Saturday,
March 20 th. Hot lunch will also
served. Everybody welcome. 47-t4
- '
1 Mrs. Edna Koe, Field Secretary of
the Congress of Parents and Teachers
! visited in Plentywood Monday and
j Tuesday of this week. She spoke to
1 * 16 .» 1 !* School at their assembly
P er Z Mon,lay and to the Seniors the
I P en °d following. In the afternoon
i ; she spoke to the parents at the far
,mer-Labor So much
• fi __. ,
Was shown h Y the par / n , ts ^ho were|
preS ent that it was voted to have an-1
other ">"«>>* •» the sch "' <"»»>• U»
same even,n K
After Mrs. Roe had concluded her
remarks concerning the growth nnrl
Dur _ " r Parent-Teachers' Associa
(Purpose ot rarem leacners Associa
tions, the parents present voted to
organize a local chapter. The follow
ing committee was appointed to pro- '
vide tar an organization meeUng to 1
be held soon: Mrs. W. M. Erickson,
'Mrs. T. W. Greer, Mrs. Leo Zeidler!
Mrs. Lou Nelson, Mrs. Earner, Mrs.
Lewis, Mrs. Hans Rasmussen.
welcome to our l,enton n nni JIL _
Cantata nr-ictice everv Thiir<;<lav'nf
7 .fo^nrf ^
' ' 3 A ° *™
^^ tlass everj Fndav
Sunday School every Sunday at 10
Morning warship every Sunday at
11 o'clock. Y. P. class, 7 o'clock.
Due to having no classes in Sunday
sc hool last Sunday the Missionary
school last Sunday the Missionary
program for last Sunday will be given
this coming Sunday.
At Dooley
Sunday school every Sunday at 2:30.
Preaching every 2nd and 4th Sundays.
This coming Sunday is preaching' Sun
day. Come 3:30.
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Junior Endeavor at 7:15 p. m.
Preaching at 7:45 P- m.
Prayer meeting each W ednesday
evening at <.30.
Marsh School House
Sunday school at 10:30 a. m.
Preaching at 11:30 a. m.
Sunday school at 2:00 p. m.
Preaching at 3:00 p. m.
All are welcome.
H. L. CALVERT, Pastar.
M vrr
ïiîSLî 1 Jt° ÄJtev at n
^ n * llsh serv,ces at Doole> at 11
^N^Vse service at Antelope at 2:30
p m and at plentywood at 8:00 p. m.
Geo. Vargo of the north country was
country \va a i'lentywood visitor last
H. N. Stenscth. J. B. Chandler and Lee
Munson were Plentywood visitors last
Rov Medders was up from Plenty
wood one day last week.
N. K. Markuson was up from Medi
cine Lake last Thursday.
Eric Olson was up from Comertown
last Thursday.
Melvin Markuson was a business vis
itor In Plentywood last Monday.
We have just received a carload of
If you are going to do any fencing this
spring, it will pay you to see us.
Peterson Company
"The Winchester Store"
F. R. Docker was a Plenty wood vis
itoriast Tuesday^
i '' m - J - Ehrhardt was down from
! Gladmar last Saturday attending
business matters,
. ^ ie,s Danielson was a Plenty wood
Frnac' Murray^t^Westby was a bust-1
some!ness visitor in Dooley Monday.
vls ^or i^fVidav^ 5 '' Was ' a Doo,ey
John Gregg of Bainville was
tending to business matters in IXmley
ja couple of days this week,
F Brightsman drove to Plenty wood
i last W ednesday.
b. r. Lerbeck left for Outlook
y r6UlrMd froIn . vi
at Moot. N. D.. Tuesday.
! Harry Ehmianntraut left for Outlook
i Tuesday where he has accepted a posi-
Don in the K. Karlson store.
o. ('. Epier left Tuesday on a busi
! ness Hip to Great Falls.
Règles Mondày mornrng. and MrS '
Mabel Nordgren visited relatives
1 fHmilv
.f" &!" "^lÄjed
tives here a few days.
H. M. immg wus a business visitor
,n Baymond Monday.
Un. s. D. Dunn went to t^mertown
| S, •• ""
oi^ NVreson returned Thursday
I an extended visit at Fosston. Minn
tä ^ f s reÄ. d tha? Ernest oison
1,v . C8 /? n thc N 5^ s . f ?r. m has recentl
''V.'lvi. Bmihanan return«! last Monday
fron/ a visit with friends and relatives
in Minneapolis. Chicago and several
| The Commun Uy club mot the
and, win meet again the nineteenth.
' Th/^-Rrocressive' Farmer«" met
u.dav evening'at the O. M Lutnes
'sàttlrà.y ,o ationd a .neelllt™
The Muni children from Kensal.
Saturday to spend the
end with their maternal grandparents.
M r. and Mrs. Dunn.
Last Wednesday Severn Bannes re
JÄ.'.'" " < ' w ' * " < ' , ' h * w
years of age. He was
disk on a grindstone run by a gasoline
pnsin< ' wh< ' n th0 grindstone flew into
pieces, some parts striking him in the
head, killing him instantly. The death
in this manner comes as a double shock
1° ?/ h Vi// 1 nf/tt
ySÜSI man w^ klllld fî'.n"ÂÂlU
accident a few months ago.
N. D.. had
Tin- nephew
..... 1TJ ... ....
da Bystpdt were guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Kallak Tuesday
evening of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Christensen
children. Mrs. L. Bromberg and baby
were dinner guests at the home of
and Mrs. !.. H. Horst man on Sunday.
The Reserve Community Radies'
meets at the home of Mrs. Ray Kallak
on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. !.. Bromberg and baby
are visiting this week at the Axel
Christensen home.
The Reserve Dramatic Club will
j sent their three act play, "Yimmie Yon
son's Yob" at Medicine Lake, Saturday,
j the 13th. for the benefit of the Medi
! cine Bake Hospital. other hu :
other présenta
tions or this play at Reserve and I'len
1 munit'y Hall ° f " < '°
The Reserve Implement company
a number of new tractors. Looks
spring's work is soon expected.
The Slanley-l'lentywood basket
Käme Saturday evening drew a few
serve fans. They report that the game
"The'Hon«" T«len n piay at Dagmar
attended by a number of Reserve young
Mrs. Mabel Grandstrand, a teacher
Plentywood, was the guest of Mr.
Mrs. .1 ,.I. Gibbons over the week end.
Mrs. Geosge Anderson and Mrs.
Sp-anson wer,. Antelope visitors Tues
I day.
Mr. and Mrs. Hans H. Larsen
Mrs. I*. O. Petersen were guests at
Andersen Gold Wedding celebration
Dagmar. March Sth.
Mrs. Ernest Christensen of Medicine
Lake left Tuesday for the west
after a short visit at the home of
and Mrs. xVxel Christensen.
Xels Distad. accompanied by
Misses Bystedt and Bornstedt went
Plentywood on Monday to arrange
the presentation of "Yimmie Yonson's
Yob" in that city. They also attended
Mrs. E. O. Kallak called on Mrs.
Hans Andersen one afternoon last w'eek.
Mrs. Nels Knudsen of w r est of town
is visiting for a few days writh Mrs.
A. R. Rice.
Mr. and Mrs J. J. Gibbons and Mrs.
Mabel Grandstand w r ere dinner guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George
Lund Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kallak and Decy
May were Plentywood visitors Monday.
James Connole and W. E. Moran
spent Sunday at Medicine Lake. They
made arrangements for the presentation
of "Yimmie Yonson's Yob" w-hile there,
Miss Gladys Horstman w r as a Plenty
w r ood visitor between trains on Satur
Mikkel Paulsen of Dagmar, who has
spent the past few months at his old
home in Denmark, returned the first of
th e week.
Mrs. Edward Sherman and he son Ed
ward Crone were shopping in Plenty
, t j
• Have you ever seen the WINNIPEG,
, KIDDIES perform on the sta°-e?
you haven't you have missed"a'real
in; show. They were chosen from among
hundreds by their teachers and coach-;
for stage work. Their earnings;
go towards their schooling, which
fc e pt up every dav, whether on
train nr at. hotels
tram or at noteis.
1. t S' 'f™ **
eUtes' aLd Sv tta/the^iSVondlr
ful The city ££.£££»?.tTÄ
from and theatre owners are always anxi
ous to book them for return engage
who j On March 16th they will play
>' the Orpheum Theatre, Plentywood.
marine in the afternoon will be given
and all school children, regardless
a g6 will be admitted for 25c,
fifth adults f, or 50c. At the night perform
The ance all adults and children will
Sat barged 50c each.
. There w . fll alao u be a
. in connection with the WINNIPEG
of KIDD1ES P r< « ram -
N. ;
_. tl , ,
teen Talented \oungstofs Who
Ilave Played for Weeks at Twin
City Theatres Booked for
and draw the familiar circle for the
,t big game, the older boys, the grown
As the balmy winds begin to blow
' over the prairies and the small boys
line the sidewalks with their marbles
ups, if you please, begin to think of
^ basebaU ffiamond amd home^ runs,
The sporting editor of the Produc
ers News already has been asked by
several of the fans what Plentywood
ls t 8^ng to do about a baseball teartT
this year,
... .. _i _ _ .. _ i A „ii ,
this City and a meeting should be
held at once to discuss the matter ana
the other fellow doesn't want,
far real
stolen bases, of wonderful catches and
games won by a little hit.
The answer is up to the fans of
formulate plans.
The early bird catches the worm in
baseball and the late bird gets what
Opheim, Scobey, Wolf Point, Poplar
and Glasgow are said to be in line
" ball teams this year and so
the local fans will have to step lively
if Plentywood is going to be in the
m ' Last fall, there was a good deal of
has discussion over the baseball team, and
like after a winter's rest, the time is now
here f or action
I tS * j j . .
Re- H Plentywood is going to have
; baseball team, now is the time
wa* ^ bus y, 0r forever hold your peace
nnd go to some other town if you
(want to see a ball game.
wood between trains Saturday.
, There will be a real old tim e dance
i in Reserve soon, real old time music and
| all the old dances will be revived.
N. B. Eidsness and H. C. Riley were
and ! in Plentyw ood a short time W'ednesday.
the A number of Reserve people are
in tending court at the county seat this
Mr and Mrs. C. A. Bornstedt spent
Tuesday at Grenora, combining business
Mr. and pleasure,
the \ serve, visiting
to friends.
for Mrs. Peti-r Groskurth and Mrs. Olsen
I called on Mrs. J. J. Gibbons Tuesday.
Mrs. Jop Vogel spent Tuesday in Re
school and calling

v yJ ' \
o c '
Do You Feed <y
Your Hogs Cream J
F course you wouldn't
do so knowingly—with
butter-fat worth 40c.
to 50c. a pound. Yet hun
dreds of thousands of people are
feeding large amounts of cream in
skim-milk to their hogs—because of
inefficient separators.
Without a cent oS expense you
can tell whether your cream sepa*
rator is skinaming clean. _
Let us bring out a new
De Laval and run your ^
skim • milk through it.
You may be surprised at the
amount of cream recovered.
For 48 years, since Dr. De Laval in
vented the centrifugal separator, De Laval
Separators have led the world in efficiency
of work and popularity. The present
De Laval is the best of all — it has the
wonderful "floating" bowl — the greatest
cream separator improvement in 25 years.
It is guaranteed to skim cleaner. It also
runs easier with milk going through the
bowl and lasts longer.
Liberal trade
allowances made
on old separators*
I n
is ( IN the district court or the
united states in and por the
m the Matter of AUGUST A GIBSON.
Uoao. K ot iint M „tüur ot Onuton
ÄjK?. TîS|».f t^ÄTn,
Shertdan Ra3 and nd District C Afor/otid f
Bankrupt. Aforesaid,
1 Notice is hereby given that on the
at | "t rC A h *
A. judteated bankrupt; and ' that th« y first
meeting of his creditors will be held at
of v|/ n t«nn P // y . wo °?
and | D 1926 atthïhour of%:30o%l£* t
j the forenoon at which time the said
be ; ^editors■ ma> attend ^ thdr
bankrupt and transact such other busi
îîfi S ,^ ,nay Properly come before said
"SgJ- .t plenty,^. Montan,,
a'*'-,,!.., nth day of March. 192«.
'Chicago, March 8.—March showered
snow over a wide area in the central
west aver the week end, and then
moved east for a repetition of the act.
Minnesota slowly crep from under
an eight to 10-inch blanket of snow
! today.
I Highways made impassable by the
heavy snow fall were being opened,
but bus traffic into Wisconsin, Iowa
and South Dakota, was completely
March'tied up bv the storm. ■
Heavy drifts
formed under the pressure of a high
wind Sunday.
In Chicago snow flurries fell thru
out Sunday, the mercury dropping to
10 degrees above zero at midnight.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Just received a carload good
Oats, testing 40 lbs. to the
bushel. Selling at 55 cents.
Place Your Order Now.
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