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Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Larson from J
Antelope visited at the T. J. Larson j
home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Omar pur
chased a new Chevrolet Coupe in
Plentywood the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Selvig moved
out to the Selvig farm north of here
The Progressive Farmers held a
meeting in the hall here Monday ev
C. H. Callahan of Redstone was in
town Tuesday with a new Chrysler
"80 .
he entertainment by the "Alabama
Troubadors" in the hail Thursday ev»
ening was well attended.
Vernie Goodlaxon, who teaches
school north of Midby, passed the,
week end at her home here.
F. A. Roderick and son Charles
drove to Pleut' wood on business
Fern Nau and Clifford Stoner left
on business for Kenmare, N. D.,
Thursday, returning Friday.
Gordon Faucett visited friends at
Raymonr Sunday.
Rev. Ashworth drove here from
Redstone Monday and held services in
- j
D. W. Vaughn drove to Plentywood
on business Tuesday. !
Ole Johnson returned Friday from 1
Wisconsin and other eastern states,!
where he had been passing the win
the Methodist church in the evening, j
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hass left Tues - 1
day for Plentywood. |
Mrs, Sam Thompson left Friday for !
Fortuna to visit at the home of her !
mother. i
M. B. Larson, who has been visiting '
at the home of his son, T. J. Larson,
here for the past few weeks, left Mon -1
day for Ambrose, N. D.
Melvin Tronson of Plentywood was
here on business Wednesday.
Raymond Wiley from Whitetail is
registered at the Nelson place.
Col. Asa Dunn from Scobey was in
town Wednesday displaying his line
of Fuller brushes.
A. N. Hanson from Whitetail was
here on business the latter part of
the week.
H. C. Woodward from Plentywood
was an Outlook caller the first of the
John Henry from Whitetail is
among the guests at the Nelson
Otto A. Olson from Ambrose was
an Outlook caller the first of the
wee ]ç "
ri it , ..
fîVei- +n^ aS 0 it- • h u
bettep S now nm ^ we€k ' 18 mucfi
™ t tt *
Mrs. J. L eland returned from Wil
liston the first of the week.
Harvey Wunderlich and Elwood
House drove to Plentywood Monday,
Miss Dola Nash is much improved
in health. It is hoped she will soon
be back in school.
Lyle Garrick has been laid up with
the' flu this week. His father Emil
Gerrick has been doing his work as
janitor at the school house.
Spring will soon be here! Be pre
pared! Lay in your supplies now at
these Greatly Reduced Prices. Buy
all you can, it will Save You Dollars.
MARCH 28th
MARCH 21st
Ladies' House Dresses and Girls' Dre ses
1 lot Ladies' House Dresses ....
1 lot Ladies' House. Dresses ....
1 lot Ladies House Dresses.
1 lot Ladies' Petticoats.
1 lot Ladies' Petticoats.
1 lot Ladies' Bloomers .
1 lot Ladies' Brassiers ...
Ladies' Summer Night Gowns
l lot Girls' Dresses.
1 lot Girls' Dresses ..
1 lot Boy's Suits, $3.75 values
1 lot Boys' Suits, $2.50 values .
I lot Ladies' Silk and Flannel Dresses
Ladies Silk and Worsted Dresses.
1 lot Ladies' Dresses.
1 lot Ladies' Coats .
36 in. white and light Outing Flannel.
in. light Outing Flannel.
I lot Cretonne, 36 inch.
I lot Cretonne, 36 in.
1 lot Gingham and Chambry, 35 cent value
Gilbrae Ginghams, fast colors, at only..
Peter Pan Ginghams, fast colors, only.
Winsor Nightgown and Japanese Crepe_
1 lot Lingerie Voil, 50 cents value.
Lingette for bloomers and slips.
Sateens, 40 cent quality
Percales, specials.
Pillow Tubing, linen finish, 42 2and 45 inch
Bleached Sheeting, 9-4s, 65 cent quality.
Unbleached Sheeting, 10-4 .
1 lot Crash Towling....
I lot White Goods, values to 50 cents.
1 lot Drapery Goods, 90 cent value.
I lot Drapery Goods, $1.75 value .
36 in. Indian Head, fast colors, .
I lot Silk Messalines and Radium .
! lot Crepe de Chene, $2 value .
I lot Worsted Goods, $2.35 value.
I lot Worsted Goods, $3.25 value..
Jello, 3 packages for...
Baking Powder, Dakota Maid, 1 lb
Laundry Soap, Bib 4, 6 bars for.
Honey, 5 pound pail.
Syrup, dark, gallon pail...
Syrup, light, gallon can .
Matches, 6 boxes for .
Prunes, 50-60 v per pound.
Prunes, 50-60, 25 pounds.*.
Raisins, 1 lb. package.
Raisins, 4-lb package .
Corn Flakes, 2 packages.
Oat Meal, package ...
Tomatoes, l can .17, Case.
Peas, l can l 5c, case.
.79 *
Brooms, each
Coffee, bulk, per lb.
Coffee, Nash, 1 lb. can
1 lot Children's Hose .
1 lot Children's Hose ..
Ladies Silk Hose, $2 value_
Ladies' Silk Hose, $1.75 value
Ladies' Silk Hose .
Ladies' Silk Hose .
I lot of Blankets, $3.50 value
1 lot of Wool Blankets .
Sugar, per 100 pounds .... $7.35
v l.69
Special Prices in Our Shoe Department
very low prices
Visit our Shoe Department. We have
on Shoes.
Ole Jensen sold his home last week
to Hans Andersen, taking in part pay
ment a lot upon which he will erect
a small cottage soon. .
Mrs. A. R. Rice is recuperating
from an attack of la grippe at the
jhome of her daughter, Mrs. Robb, m
Plentywood. -
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hunter have
moved on the farm of N. B. Eidsness
northwest of town. This farm was
formerly owned by A. R. Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nichols of
Plentywood were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Gibbons on Sunday.
Jake Peterson left Tuesday for Mi
not, where he will have some dental
work done,
| .Mrs. N B Eidsness has been ill
■ with an attack of the flu ior the past
. week.
The Waukeia c'ub met last Tnurs
day afternoon with Mrs. Gunderson.
; The members spent the afternoon in
making lamp shades.
Mrs. Martin Jorgensen of Wilhston
| is visiting her daughter Mrs. Carl
; Casper.
j Mr. and Mrs. Peter Groskurth and
Mr. and Mrs. Andersen attended
Eastern Star at Plentywood Wednes
day evening.
 large number of Outlook men i
entertained their wives at dinner and \
The 1
Rev. Sullivan left by train for Doo
ley Tuesday, where he will hold ser
a card party Tuèsday evening.
dinner was served in Deck's restaur- j
ant, after which they went to the bank
where cards were played.
children and Mr. and Mrs. Marius
Madsen spent Sunday in Dagmar vis
iting friends.
Relatives of Mrs. Paul Jacobsen re
ceived word last week that she had
undergone a serious operation at the
hospital in Gallup, New Mexico. She
with Mr. and Jacobsen and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Viggo Strandskov
land children were returning overland
Horn Phoenix, Arizona, when she was
taken ill. Mrs. Jacobsen will return ,
home by train, arriving sometime this j
week, the others will continue their
journey in autos and are expected to 1
arrive some time next week.
Quite a large crowd of basket ball
fans escorted the local players to
Plentywood last Friday night where
a game was staged with Plentywood.
The local players assisted by some
i Antelope players had no difficulty in
I defeating the champion team of the
I county seat. When Reserve has it.^
I Community hall, a return game will
called here.
! A meeting of the promoters of the
Farmer s cooperative store was held
at the office of the Farmer's Elevator
on Monday evening. Those present
decided to organize a local coopéra
tive concern and arrangements were
made to canvass subscriptions of
s tock. When the required amount is
subscribed a meeting of the subscrib
ers will be held and a board of Direc
tors will be elected. The organization
j will then proceed to secure a suitable
I location and operate a general store,
j organized and operated on the same
i plant as the successful D^gmar store,
The promoters expect to have the
! store in operation in the near future,
' Mr. and Mrs. Marius Madsen went
i\yH 7 rvipiM |7 I AKF
Mr and Mrg W m Anderson and sou j
01ive ' r were visitors a tthe home of '
Mr an( , Mrg E p au i sen , Sunday. !
' l ilMan Schmitz enjoyed a pleasant !
fte * on Sunday attending a birth
dav .
Barney Rathers and daughter Joy
Unent Sundav afternoon at Frank
j cjtrineers *
" Th " M j ggeg Eva ard . Helen Nelson
wee k end a t Medicine Lake.
Helen received some adjustments from
^ ctephens
R jyv„i n i a King rturned from
Billinas Tuesday She has been at
t di " g the teacher's college there,
| M . ' Gina stub b an was ^0 a ttending
Uchool there. She returned Monday.
■ Mik Schmitz was away and had
de ntal work done. He returned
la«t Thursday.
j na Nelson spent the week end
Francis* is building an addition
to his «tore
. ' r ar ôlina Cook is employed at
| ^ . 0 ffj ce dur j ng the illness of,
.Mrs 1 Martin Svers.
; iir • y
to Minot Monday where Mrs. Madsen
will receive medical treatment.
.len.- Christensen left last week for 1
Springgreen, Wis., where he will make
his future home with a nephew,
Peter Orum, who has been in Den
mark for the past several months vis
iting relatives, returned last week.
Max Jacobsen entertained several
friends Tuesday afternoon
home of his parents Mr. and wrs.
Chester Jacobsen, in honor 01 ms 0.1
WV-»L.r I
- I
Hugh French, Si Ulrich, Dan Cam})- j
j e n and D. M. Maclnnes were busi - 1
nes s callers at Redstone Wednesday. |
James Cowan visited with Wm. |
Cromwell Thursday. j
Dan Campbell was in - Flaxville I
Thursday and traded his drill in for
a new one.
Wm. Cromwell and D. M. Maclnnes
were i n Redstone Friday, doing a lit
tie shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Oksendahl re
turned Friday from Scobey where
they had visited several days.
The Brunnier farm has changed
hands as Fishell Brothers have pur
chased it.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh French and
f am ily visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Marsh Sunday.
Dale Fishell of Redstone was call
ing a t the Crossen home Friday.
I. E. Metzler and daughter Mrs.
Worley were Redstone callers Friday,
While hauling coal from Lossing
Coulee Saturday Fred Kanning had
the misfortune to wreck his tractor,
The heavy load of coal proved too
much for the tractor to hold on a
steep hill and it was turned over, do
ing a lot of damage to the tractor
and wagons. Fred was fortunate
to escape unhurt.
Mr. and Mrs. Arlington visited with
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Campbell Friday.
E. Bamhenek and Herb Grant were
callers at the Maclnnes home Sunday.
A small but jolly crowd was in at
tendance at the dance here Saturday
> night._was
iT [ iTj 1T1 1T1 iL
„ . v,
As the time is growing near when
the farmers are thinking seriously or |
preparing their seed for planting, R
might be well at this time to call at-;
tention to the different methods of •
treating grain for smut. . {
As ** me goes on and scientific
studies of agricultural problems are
being made, we find that newer and j
more successful methods are gradu -1
ally taking the place of practices loi - 1
lowed in the past. I
The old method of treating wheat |
with the formaldehyde solution to pre-|
vent Bunt Smut saved the farmers
a great many dollars, but as science
has revealed a more successful meth
Jod of treatment, the Copper Carbon
ate Dust method has replaced the for-1
maldehyde method in many instances.,
Recently there has appeared on the
market a new type of smut treating
machine that operates on the formal
dehyde gas principle. It was thought
j by the inventor that by treating seed
wheat with formaldehyde gas, it world
, WLSlBl
i _
1 . . ,
1 Ml ' a,u IvIis - Oscar Helseth took
: lil * le daughter Edith to Mmol
F* lday consult an ey ®, s . pe v , clall / t
! A be child s eyes have troubled her for
80 ™® , , T , ,
!, Charles Euckson and Jones Loh.se
; from 1 acros sthe line were VVestby call
ers Thursday. ! f
Kev ' ^ e l son and family drove to |
Crosby Monday returning Wednesday. |
Luther Hultgren and Peter Miller c
made a business trip to Kenmare last
Monday. They returned Tuesday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid held their
meeting in the church basement Fri
day afternoon. Mrs. P- G. Anderson,
Mrs. H. Larsen and Mrs. A. T. Olson
served lunch.
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Stageber • re- j
turned Wednesday from Havre where ,
they spent several weeks visiting with
their daughter, Mrs. H. Reuter. \
Aug. Hultgren lost a valuable cow
last week. She was found in her)
stanchion with her neck broken. It is
not known how the accident occurred,
Dr. Wright of Grenora called in
fWestby Thursday enrout to Alkabo.
Martin Nereson returned Sunday
from Wisconsin, driving a new Chev
Otto Donaldson of Plentywood was
a caller here Sunday.
The Sunday school teachers met
ihursday evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Gust Stubbe.
J- S. Engebretson of Alkabo trans
acted business here Saturday.
There will be services at the Lu
theran church next Sunday, the 18th,
at 11 o'clock,
Paul Hultgren shipped horses to
Minnesota last Friday.
Henry Jensen returned Tuesday
from St. Paul,
Jacob Freund left for Portal, N. D.
BORN to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berg
on Tuesday. March 13 a son.
Herman Krogman of Plentywood
here on business Tuesday.
lT i »T 1 j T1 » T « »T » , T » .T < T « Jj « T » iTj t T » 1T1 1T
be a step in advance over either the
copper carbonate dust method
liquid formaldehyde to eatl "® n L rmn i
The principle by which the for ™ al
dehyde gas treating machine operates
is the placing of long P er * * .
tubes in the bin or wagon box full ot
wheat. Attached to these tubes is a
retort containing a powder wlucn,
w R en heated, generates formaldeh> -
gas As this gas escaped from tne
perforated tubes and passed througn
the gra i n> it was thought the smut
spores would be killed.
This method of treatment involves j
ver y little work, which would be an
i mpor t a nt factor in treating seed
grain, but after tests were made, it
was f ound that the germination of
t h e grain was considerably injured oy
the gas. The grain that surrounded
t h e tubes germinated less than l c /o,ig=J
grain s i v i nc hes from the tubes show
ed a 40 % germination, grain eight
inches away i ncrea sed the germina-1
tion to C5%, and so on up. ,
A number of experiment have been j
conducted i n the last two years which i
h ave proV en Conclusively that treat-;
ing w heat by the formaldehyde gas
method has not been successful from j
t R e standpoint of germination. |
As it is the duty of the County ex- !
; tention Agent to thoroughly investi
gate a n agricultural problems involv-j
successful and unsuccessful prac -1
*ices, 80 that the intere8ts of , l he A
people in the county may be protected
we do not recommend the use of the
formaldehyde gas treatment of wheat
to preveP t cmut The method of
1 treatment that has proven to be the
i most successful up to the present)
j time is 50 % Copper Carbonate
Dust Treatment. Figures show that
at the Minneapolis market, between
) Auaust 1 st and October 3lst. 1927,!
f our teen carloads of wheat were
ce j ved f rom Sheridan county that!
graded smutty. As only part of the)
c was rna rketed between those 1
dateg ^ amount of smutty wheat in
Sheridan Countv would be consider
a ^j v j' ai . ger
Farmers cannot afford to take a
c h ance a n d no t treat his seed this
vear Txeat all spring wheat with
Copper Carbonate—it will pay in the '
j or „ run i nc ^ ace the yields and im- !
prove quality
, j
Comertown High School Fre
sents "Yimmie Yonson's Yob
The Comertown High School will
present "Yimmie Yonson's Yob" at the
new gynasium at Comertown, Friday,
March 16th under the direction of J. j
Verne Dusneberry.
The characters of the play as they
appears are as follows:
Peg, the cook
Micky, the farm hand
Sylvia, the niece
Yimmie, from "Mannasota"
Christopher Bjork
Carlot Rostad
Donna Myars
Caroline Johnson
Reo Boley
Isabelle Birch
Frank, the clerk
Kittie, the helper
Belle, the fostofr daughter
Lucille Magnussen
Mrs. Kent, the mother - Nan Bruvold
Mr. Kent, the father - Charles Carlson
Pal, the detective
Hazelle Bruvold
ACT I. Living room of Kent farm
home. Late afternoon in August.
ACT II. The same. That night.
ACT III. The same. Late the next
1T » 1T1 iTi iXj 1 T » 1T1 Jj 1X1 Jj iTj iTiijXi 1 Ti lTj
s^5g pqpg|gg5sg^^Bi^ sB^B^

n . TnnM | 7 r Tl_I17 IPFR^ NFWQ Ant/rnT»« '
___—-—_ V3,
Smut Prevention
Treat seed Wheat and other Grains: Oats, Barley, R Ve
Durum, Potatoes, etc., with P. A. C. I ormaldehyde. ii
you only a fraction of a cent per acre to do so.
If you should prefer to use dry treatment we also
supply of Corona Copper Carb. in 5 pound dust tight packages" S
at the bulk price. S ' |j
Your REXALL STORE assures you quality and right price-' §
Formaldehyde and Copper Carb as well as every other item ||
sold across their counters. • r
Flax, §
^ costs is

Plentywood Drug
The REXALL Store
Fruit Specials
For Saturday and the Coming Week
Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Grapes, Loganberries,
Blackberries, Goose Berries and Grape
Fruit. Your choice
No. 10 Tins Fruit, 6 kinds, packed 6 to case
Per case .
Apricot, Peach, Plum Jam
Priced at.
Blue Bird Fruits,
No. 10 tins.
3 for
95 c
95 c AND IIP
Northwest Service Stores
The Most of the Best for the Least
- - Montana
T » «TT» Jj Jj » T » « T.» ■ T » iT. 1T » (Tj iTj. r î . lTi 1T1 tT > t T1 1T1 Jj iT iTi

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