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Bain ville, Dec. 23. —Fire de
stjoyed an entire city block in
Bainville. The hotel, theatre, Save
way store, Murphy's billiard hall
and Peterson's restacrant.
Nothing remains in the entire
The fire is believed to have been
started in a chimney between the
store and theatre.
Contents of the buildings were
saved but there was little insur
ance carried. -
People of the town were at a
Chjrfetmas program at the high
He told them about, the soup
lines, where soup not fit to eat
was handed out to starving chil
dren and grown Jps. WaÄ
people everywhere living in mis
ery and on miserable charity. He
praiMd the workers of Chicago Sr
the wav they had treated the
farmers, praised them for being so!
well organized that the police
hesitated in bucking up against
The farmers conference was a|
success and every delegate went
home determined to make their or-;
ganization an active and real live
one. But Carl also told the audi
ence not to have any confidence in
our Washington politicians, from
V „„JT uLj
w a, he d ,/" a ,. d ,. d . j
them he was thoroughly disgusted
with the bunch and expected not
school when the fire broke out.
Last Saturday farmers and the
business men packed the hall at
Froid to listen to the report of
Carl McCabe, the Froid delegate
to the Farmers Conference at
Many had snickered at the idea
of sending this delegate, but after
Carl got thru speaking these peo
ple felt that Roosevelt county
should have sent a truckload in
stead of just one. Carl told how
this trip had opened his eyes, and
that he would not have missed it
for anything, how different it
would be if every farmer could see
what he had saw on this trip.
a thin K from them.
The relief proposition was also
TTOKETS TO «AM-Purebred!
bronze young stock, excellent for
breeding purposes. Prices very
reasonable. James Michels Re
serve, Mont. rfd. 38-3tc
coax w anted— y ou can pay your
subscription to the Producers,
with coal. Bring us a load. Wn
also take wheat and other produce
m exchange for paper. Let's
"» th -
no» SAM-one John Deere rang
plow, size 14-in bottoms. Will
trade for tandem disc.
Hanson, Comertown, Moot.
cents per pound for hind quarters,
win deliver in Plentywood. Mail
\ateiope e, Monf ndrew Chrlst |^J 1 < ;
- -
Big reliable national company
needs 3 more men immediately.
Pivvlous experience unnecessary
but must be physically able and
willing to eervlce 20© steady eus
tomers on regular routç_and work
• ight houns a day for about $37.60
weekly. Write Albert Mills, Route
Mgr.. 752 Monmouth, Cincinnati, O.
®-* hi
NATN TOUR Brickwork, Stucco and
Plastering done by Hans Rasmus
Pw 119
*+»♦♦»*» » ♦♦♦♦♦»#»♦»♦♦»♦«
^♦ ♦»»»» »♦♦♦»»»»♦»»»»»»
Practice in all Courts
Plentywood Montana
Johnson THE Abstractman
Only the Best Abstract* of Title
Plentywood, Montana
»•y an» BTicnt »«rrto«
Martin Homme
Twenty-five year* experience in
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
1 Fe Fanners Friend and Comrade
brought up at the meeting and the
fact was brought, out that many
people in the Froid community
needed relief in the worst way but
were not setting it on account of
nobody taking any action. Tele
r ams were sent to Governor Erick
son and to county commissioners
demanding that relief be forth
coming without delay,
—James Ostby and- Robert John
son drove in from McCabe Friday
to have a load of wheat exchanged
for flour at our local mill.
Mrs. Lillie Goltz, who has been
emnloved at the' Pete Marron
ÄTpen? ChristmÄ with ser
family but became ill with the flu
and has since bees confined to her
Miss Elaine DeTrav is spending
a Ä diT S mSSTSI
Wolf Point
0,1 r01nt -
Mi»s Sharley Backer is visiting;
her father at Wolf Point.
Della Strubeck, daughter ofj
Chas. and Mrs. Strubeck was op
crated on Wednesday at our local
hospital for appendicitis.
uo ~' wr .
fhe gas pump of th e Westland
oi station was knocked down Sun
Local Brevities
Joe Brown of the Raymond coun
try visited town Tuesday. His
daughter is in the hospital with
pneumonia but is steadily improv
Last week Chris Christensen and
wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Thomp
sen motored to Kenmare to attend
the funeral of Jens C. Christen
sen, who has farmed there for the
past 30 years. The deceased is a
brother to Chris and Mrs. Thomp
Dak., is taking in
festival here,
day evening from Minot where he
had spent Christmas with friends
Erik Sweet from Bonetraill, N.
the farmers'
-OO- -
P. D. Howell returned Wednes
and relatives.
day a. Ole Gunderson was attempt
mg to round a curve.
w , . , VQ I
Wednestlay to spend a few day«
v 181 ^ 111 ^ Lllen Taylor.
Miss Ellen Taylor returned to !
her home Thursday after Spending !
the Christmas vacation with the ;
Ostby family. !
Mrs. Geo. Bantjs, Detroit Lakes, i
Minn., is spending the Christmas
vacation visiting her many friends
and relatives n Plentywood and
other parts of hte.county.
Ch p Jot 3T7 Peerless mo
r ' J "® s °+, \T® rl j
tored to Plentywood Thursday to
attend tse farmers festival.
I —
j Mrs. A. J. Moore had the mis
fortune Wednesday of last week
h-gav her left forearm She
,™ oreajc nei ^ leii lorearm. one
, rxad been toiler seating and was
tel i™g to some friends
^before '«tong off her skates
'vhen she was bumped by another
skater in such a way as to cause
1 b ® r fslL
Miss Joyce Wankel came to town
A. P. McLeai. of Plentywood
was the lucky winner of the Chev
rolet car given away for Christ
! mas by several business firms here
i and in Scobey.
I —oo-—
1 Arvo Husa Beiden, N. D., came
I, —, , , 1
here Thursday and will take his
father back to. Beiden On hlS re
* _
, . ...
While doing some cleaning With
gasoline, Mrs. Geo. McNaughton
was severely burned when th®
liquid exploded, burning both Of
her hands. Mr, McNaughton, who
was home at the time quickly ex
.. t , j ,i m j _ j
tmguished the flames and called
a doctor to attend the injured WO-|j
.man. A fire alarm Was sounded
Knf „rrivßj
but arrived too late.
as Suggested by
Dec. 26, 1982.
1. No grain of any kind, wheat,
flax, feed crop, etc., to to be taxed
on the farms.
2. No registered cattle to be
taxed higher than common stock.
3. No mortgagor to pay tax on
his mortgaged property before he
«wnea it |
ownes 11 .
4 . Seed loan to be paid bushel j
for bushel.
6. Gasoline refund tax not to
paid at time of buying for farmers
US®. • j
6. Any depositor in tb ® . faü8d |
banks to have the same privilege j
to sue or prosecute banks in the
same decree M W^gW £
over take paper» from a mort
his deposit it «hall be
gaor on
le ^Second grade wheat, 67 lbs.
in a bushel, should not. be weighed
out at 60 lbs. and paid for at 57
8. School examinations to be
held at the childrens own school
Olaus Eggen, of Archer, passed
a*a y at the Sheridan Memorial
hospital, Monday, Dec. 26, from
Pneumonia. Mr. Eggen came to
Sheridan county from Felfcle,
Minn., in 1908 and settled on his
ft °Baestead three miles south from
Archer where he has since re
The funeral services will be held
^ the Lutheran church Saturday,
Dec - 31 at 11 a. m.
Torkel Tufteskog east of Ante
i°pe just finished seeding 20 acres
°f oats, Jle wants the tame oats
seeded in time to beat the wild
oats. Torkel is always busy. He
not to be blamed if he can't,
ma he it. He far found coal on his
farm and is digging hard as a
badger. Besides, he is helping his
neighbors and is always happy and
sm Ring.
i rosenlund under Sagahal.
This is the greatest men ever
His ideas hold good, when
his Hf e is don.—(Per Sivle),
- .
^m| R j
Coffee an
Senator Harrison says the de
pression has now grown into a can
He invites leading economists
Lnanciers and statesmen to help
^ a cure. That leaves out peo
P 1 ® ™th common sense and good
And j„ England 60 to 60 million
! dollars are spent each year on fox
■ hunting.
An/f^ boy said "When Santa
Claus was a little bov who filled
his stootfn^» •
And X don't the farmers buy
Umetax exempt securkS"
a nr] t v ' h ? „* f ;j was
found d îï® b Wheaton Ill ^he
physLj^Iid^he ÏÏd not been
cr i m i na n v assaulted She had only
Wn*W Si.
been shot seven times.
, And the Westland oil pump was ^
a Httle tM outstandin t0 sui t Oie.
»„j f,L er c' taxes
then back to
them at 6 cent woul( j ^
And another 80 million dollar
inc ome tax has just been refunded,
And what the country needs is
a government not, quite as dumb
as the people who elected it.
And when someone said the Lord
had made the blonde beautiful and
dumb. The blonde said: "Beauti
ful so the men will love us, and
dumb so that we could love them."
And the flapjack business is
recommended as the quickest turn
the * arm rehef we are
get is Sound. » ✓
\nd Biv Thor is havine his uds
ana oowTis.
c^it^ if^hoX^r^reSh
, - p_ -
,on /^ j t U F IU
And Jake gai(J; «Didn't you see'
^ my hand and hear me
Mdw whistle?" And Bob Mid
., No , „ Ajd J>ke Mid , .. Well> ,
g, uegs j m i»ht as well go home.
K And tf 8 0U have cats to
spare give them to the man in
V most Interesting Christmas tree
program was given at our school
house Monday evening, Dec. 19, con
sfc3tin „ 0 f SO ngs, drills, dialogs and
several short plays and a pageant
'entitled, "The Months of the Tear."
j Much credit is due the teacher, Miss
j Aenes Johnson for her painstaking
tr a in i n& as well as the keen inter
1 PS t of her pupite for the three hour
Program h which was^ enjoyed by^a
y rom Coalridge vicinity as well
j as f ron , Dakota. The pupil« taking
j part were. Helen, kueme. HarrleL
I Thelma and Leslie Dahl, Ddna and
Marfhn. Margaret, Henry,
P , and Gordon Haaven; Edwin.
Meri, and 1s , hirl f? 0 P al jii„l Ia )^'
non and Helen Ibsen Fred, John and
Carl Ta rosiaski.
Mr. and Mrs. Thorval Hansen of
the reservation wree visitors at thi
Edwin Dahl home on Monday and
incidentally took in the program In
the schoolhouse that evening.
Miss Agnes Johnson left for her
home at Coulee* N. D. on Tuesday
morning to her two weeks va
cation. . . ....
Mrs Andrew D#il and children
and the Boe children accompanied
Syverud brothers to the Commun
ity tree program in Grenora Thurs
day evening. The Mleby and Nelson
young folks also were among those
from this community there
A number of our young folks ac
companied by Lillian Jorgensen at
tended the Christmas prdgrâm at the
south Coalridge school Friday eve
ning and the dance at Coalridge.
Ole Boe drove to Dagmar Chrlst
for the mail and among it
most acceptable box of home
the old home town
mas eye
wans a
cooking from J lf ,
S: for ThV^oSS
apondent an d his brother. Earlier
in the evening our bachelor quar
ters were gladdened by another si ini
, . f .goodies' brought over by
the B children. Yum-yum, but
such things da make worth
be,«hue ajdJÄjag" £ «JjUtr^ to
and ;ad j ng Christmans has geer
quite mild with a ligM °" .^t* e
£™nd - and very X r sectfîns h J
much"10 the enjoyment of our
ho i lda y season this year. However.
1 Crowded out last week)
That quiet home wedding of Dec
3 In this neighborhood was that of
Oscar Morken. s0 " of J£l
M. A. Morken. to Miss Blanche j
Glaze, daughter of Mr, and Mre.
Fred Glaze of ^
Sheldahl nerformed the ceremony In
toe * presence of only the relatives at
th M^ «^"Mrs^Martln Morken were
vlsltorson Sunday a^toe Oscar Mor
ke Mo 1 st m of iI th^°' adles of our com '
°/frmed a "house cleaning
he«"*«« Wednesday afternoon to pie
Srre 0 t n he W Ih d 9 n enyu- the Lute
nS And^w el dS"'S de a special trip
Andrew D e jnesday for a ton
nf "Club house."
*aîd held their first puh
llc°Luteflsk dinner on Sunday aft
nc L.uieiisR rbsen home. Great
ernoon at tlw' made but the
imewhat dteappolntlng
fîT weather and other con- I
a h® J very favorable. A sum
of nearjy |20 was cleared which will |
01 nearjy minister s salary.
Pay ^correspondent is nearly
f-nwT 1 # your .„rtlng interesting Items
killed for reporting tn , atme B nt for
and ahuot the, - a hftt can & , poor
,2 0t iv re i K ? rt We can sympathize with
| ?h% v, Uïî,Mbr..««-..bb. l h
and still live.
AV ,
g ,
Ä i
>2 '
Commencing January 1,1933

the Subscription Price of

j§jC I
iÿf !
n® ;
is* !
^ :
.««■ !
----- :
_ _ __
iAiroRNEYs get face slapped
mil. he reduced to
$2.00 per year
Start the New Year right. Subscribe for
the Producers News and keep posted on what
other fanners are doing.
Do the bast you can on your back sub
scription, we need your support. Come
see us.
7 ;
, „ , o .
Jj t . embanker" Jess Arnot of 1
|?oay of ex-banker je.s A not
.J ^ |
un Mrs Arnot was later
burned up, Mrs. Ainot was i
n .
About, investigation of this case
GfasSow'turierlif 1
1 ? a ^ * n ^® Glasgow^ C^uner of
Feb - 12 > wlth result tlîat En Çi
&r? u f 8 ±inÄ '
iÄÄiw g
Hocking, the editor.
Last week this libel suit was
decided * the « favor of
Joe Hocking on • all points. The
trial turned out to be an unusual
Tivelw nno We mxnte the Courier
y ^ , *
The verdict was returned at
10:54 Wednesday night, closing the
i trial which began the preceding j
Thursday morning and which was
characterized as one of the most i
unique and bitterly fought in the.
county's history.
Not only did the trial often ;
bring clashes between George j
Hurd, Evered's attorney, and a
number of witnesses on the stand
but it resulted in two physical
The fi rS t wa s Saturday when !
j ame s T. Shea accused in Evered's 1
reports of being the murderer of ;
Jesse Arnot, attacked Evered.
Witnesses said Shea uttered no
threat as he jumped at Evered
insfc fps«lon Of
. . * r _
C ° Urt ' ad J 0UrIled ; . Ev ? red W& S
thrdwn among chairs in the jury
box and his face TJ? brU ^ d ' JPlt
men were separated at once. Shea
was taken to the court chambers
Mr. and Mrs. David Neteon and
daughter Elizabeth were guests at
the Christ Mikklesen home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Rhemer and
family were Christmas guests at the
Christ Toedte home.
Herman Heppner. Jr., is now back
from Minot vagy much improved in
A program was held in the Rocky |
Spring school, Dec. 22.
English services were held in the
English languagé Christmas day at
11 a. m. A program was held in
the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Westrup and
family were Christmas day guests
at the Jim Holdeman home.
Arnold Hanson, Frank Marsh and
John LaVerdure left for a trip to
the sunny south. The purpose of
the trip is not known to the corre
spondent but we know they are all
(Crowded out last week)
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Roan and
sons Weldon and Rodney were the
guests at the C. Hed
duck dinner Sunday
Arnold Hanson visited the Frank
Marsh home Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Swen Soderqulst are
the parents of a son born Dec. 10.
Mns. Herman Heppner, Jr., assisted
with the household duties the past
Mrs. Gust Westrup is now home
from the Plentywood hospital after
being there for several weeks. Her
home for a
many friends are glad to know that
Mre. Westrup is home and I« now
recovering nicely.
Charles D. Nelson fa on the sick
list with Bronchitis and pleurisy.
Andrew Becken helped Peter Dahl
butcher theep Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Holterman and
family visited at ihe Gust W^trup
home Saturday cv-niHg.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Heges visited at
the Franklin home Tuesday.
There will be English sermon in
the German Lutheran church at
10.80 Christmas day and the program
the evening.
New Year"
... by Telephone
Only your voice can make
your greeting personal. Drop
in to visit members of the
family, relatives or friends
in other cities by telephone.
Telephone reunions now
and then during the year
are next best to personal
The Loteg Distance opera
tor will be glad to tell you
the rate» to any points you
wish to call.
The Mountain States
Telephone & Telegraph
, , , . . !
judge C* B^^EI °a ^ d* to *
jnage, C. B. Elwell and warned to
lirmission Vas
peranissiori was later obtained >o ;
wrtness " *
The second encounter was Wed -1
^tÄnf* " '
announced and was between Matt
Murray defense witness, an.i Hurd.'thm
i^hisfiïaï^ Murr ^
« plea '
Murray met Hurd in front of
the Glasgow hotel, knocked off |
,Hurd's glasses, slapped his face!
and pulled his nose.
Bvß . , , . .,
1. ßyBTÄnaerR mtervened and the I
fracas ended. Hurd continued r>t]
int|0 the hotel. j
Dec. 31.1932
New Year's Eve
In the Farmer - Labor
Temple at
Dance the Old V ear out and the New Year In! A
Temple full of Fun, Frolic and Gayety with
Horns, Squawkers, Music and Confetti
Special Lighting Effects

Athol Markell and
His Tempo Kings
Dance Tickets 40c
No charge for Ladies and Spectators
mrs. vœrung
Mrs. Rachel Shinners Vierling
- ■»»_,. ._t i. j T
Medicine Lake passed away at
the local hospital Friday of last
week from flu pneumonia.
She leaves to mourn her loss a
, e leaVe f iS ner toss a
husband and three children beside
a father, sisters and other rela
wjT , , , ,, „ , .
The funeral was held Monday at
the Catholic church.
The McElroy school closed Friday
for a two weeks vacation. Friday
evelnng the school gave a Christmas
'program to a well filled house. The
teacher. Miss Lundene left for Doo
ley the next day to visit her sHter.
• ' „ , - „
ley were callers at the O. M. Dut
ncs farm Tuesday.
Seimcr Espeiând returned from
_Washington with the other member
who attended the Relief Conférence.
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Danielson en
tertained Christmas day Andrew
Krowen, Mrs. Nels Kronen and chil
dren. Selmer Espeland and family.
Morris Stoughton. Lauritz Gade and
Soren Fangstad.
Geo. Rebo ajid family and Fred
Rebo of Comertown were Christmas
dinner guests at the O. M. Lutne.«
Walter Overgaard who ,1s a stu
dent at the Minot Normal 1 school te ,
spending the holidays at hMf home
1 \ m ' Monday ;
the* church! * ^This" wa^^oiîmved bv
was^o^ d pro8Tain - The attendance
was goM.
e„Î5^.t a ST "ftaSSTv»
^ e11 , atr , en . d, d
tl ^ sci \ ico iuneh and entertainment
|S*SÄ efit
the I'eder Soiberg home.
following young-people of the
vacation at their various homes in
community: Lavina Hodgson,
!^, vere ^ r , d ' Ma, i- ar€t <**+**,
iîl a ™Æf"^ Ie |f05 l 1 ', Mar , t1 ^ ana Doro
nos. ' R Bernard Lut
Mrs. Lawrence Fritz pf Hoffman.
!husband^-ho* haf Wmi l ° vta, i h, r
.ofourdepot 1 temponr y charge
r opot -
_ ^rowded out last week)
W€ have had »o m « pretty cold

weather recently. A few days ago
the thermometer registered 28 below
** 1 S!S d S *, h V°v a BOUthw ^'
wind had raised the temperature to
18 above at 7:30 a, m.
_-Ti* e r® H wlll r£ e . s f rv,ces in th€ fore '
noon and a Christmas tree and nro
gram in the afternoon at the Lone
Tree church, Dec. 2«.
A Christmas tree and entertain
be given at the MeEiroy
sc hool house Friday, Dec.23.
Mrs. John Saim accompanied her
son Arthur and his wife came from
Turtle Mountain. N. D. to the Nc 1 ^
Kronen home Dec. 12 and remained
a week.
Mrs. Saim is Mrs. Kronen's
The party was called by
Nels Kronen's illness but was unable
to set bene before he had passed
away. Pete Grove from Flaxton. N.
D.. a friend of Nete Kronen also
came and remained for the week.
M . rs - Geo. Rebo of Oomortown was
a visitor with Mrs. Nels Kronen on,
Sanda y and remained until Thursday
°* this "eek.
- M< ?JT 1S Stoughton !» doing chores
for Mrs. Nels Kronen at the present
„ ,
"* rs - Uliff Hansen is seriously ill
h " ^ eek from a relapse of the flu.
Andrew Lar.^n is Mufforlng from
« revere attack of the flu and spent
several days in bed.
Hans Larsen contracted an attack
of the flu last Sunday and is
maining indoors for a few dovs
James Connole left for Havre to j
SP e " d the Christmas holidays with I
Marion and Paul,
George Overby left Monday after
noon for Alhambra Hot Springs to
seek relief for his rheumatism
mas dinner guests the Albert nor
I Vi f a millef î .
the school house la^sun^eve"
ning and about twnety were m at
t€n M d ,^Gladys Nelson snd
! Vera Shlveley arrived from the '?ate
normal school at Dillon to spend the
" ' he ' r re,pectlve hom "
A. R. Rice spent the holiday with
mends at Cüibertson.
vation reser
The Annual Commercial Club bun-.
bc held thi " ^ d - sday
The^schooi Christmas tree was
held last Thursday evening and the!
program bythe puplte was .special-1
iSe^fhoo^ok^ VSZ S"t£
stage and they enacted their parts
well m spite of the fact that nearly
! every child was fighting the flu
The entire program showed that
painstaking wortc on the part of the

Agent to Give Clothing
to Indians at Medicine
Lake on January 5th
McCullogh, the Indian agent, at
^°P lar » ^Ont., will be in Medicine
Jja * e Jan - » at 1 o clock p. m. With
a supply of clothing that is cans
ooats underwear mitten«
rWear ' mitten» »ne
O"®* a ™cle8 Of wearing apparel,
for all the Indian people of thlü
T . . , .
, It is believed from the inform»'
,tjon received that there viQ be »
generous SUDolv of material and.
Jh* ki« f ™f nal ' .***
it is thought best, that the var>ou»
committees having .ndian people
in their community, be »t Medl
cine I^ake to receive these good».
kc u t* :_,v.i_
nowever It It 18 impossible TOT «UJ
of the Indian people living in the
north or northwest palt Of the
tv, 0 , a av. n. •
™ tber ®' ft® Shendar
County Relief Committee Will be
at Medicine Lake to confer with
hands and feet. He was found
early Sunday mroning in the gran
of charles Peterson, faSer
living near Rockford, Minn.
MtJ*™*** formerly worked on the
Pete " on f , arm and he had
no other place to go. The man
'«'as believed to have had relative,
at Soobey, Mont,
Mr. McCullogh and receive what
ever he has for those not present.
All organizations of farmers
who want to know the purposes
and results of the Farmers Na
tional Relief Conference should
get in touch with the executive
secretary, Lem Harris, Box
3584, Washington, D. C. Use
halls, schools and any other
places in which meetings can
be held in order to let farmers
and wrokers know about the

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