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SÜÄftÄÄ taSd 1 ;
% sr sszrs,xr
"lf*£ to mrced M&k
Tbcse two ™e ragged individ
** 1 ° VL back and forth borrow
Ua ^ S 'cmall articles from one aïi
nnall arucles om an
Their «helves are bare and they
v»v should old Jack send
J 0r Ähtm when it is far more
° rde Jc •nt?reS to send them m to
ÎÜ«ns Old Jack's wife works
'« b Thf coud Christ^oOmUti^
the explanation of old Jack's inter -1
"'^VdresTfryVSnd all the
P** .ho Bladder Wiih |
.mu ex I
is as
If You Get Up Nights
SÄ Î5J1«5
?om 0, ^r BUKETV t0 th^ e bladder
physic, also containing buchu leaves
etc Works on the bladder similar
,0 castor oil on the bowels. Get a
25c box from any drug store. After
STnfghSc go l back eV a e nd°get e yôu?l^
money if you are bothered with
backache or log pains caused from
bladder disorders you are bound to
feel better after this cleansing and
E° U I ^MILLER Druggîst ep ' "° ^
1 ? .■* i^MMs© 0 Si 30
W ant
WANTED — One long-haired steer
hide. Color solid white or black
preferred. Will pay market price.
Write to Box 495, Plentywood.
Big reliable
national company
■eedp 3 more men immediately.
Previous experience unnecessary
must 1)0 Physically able and
willing to service 200 steady
sumers on regular route and work
8 hours a day for about $
weekly. Write Albert Mills, Route
Mgr., 2278 Monmouth, Cincinnati,
0- 48-ltp
turkeys for
SADE —Purebred
Bronze, out of No. 1 Dakota prize
winning stock. Young toms weigh
from 28 to 32 lbs., price 14 cent«
tbekeys for sais — Purebred
♦ prize winning strain.
IS each 0 ^ ? eig y? s 2 J to 28 lb -
lb each, two for $10. Young hene
weighing 16 to 18 lbs., $4. Pure
bred Buff Orphington cockerels $2
each Mrs. Charles Norton, Medi
cine Lake, Mont.
HAVE TOUR BriekworV at-«- *
Plastering done b v Hnrv« 1 ^Thf«>n»« d
sen. * ° ne Dy Hans Rasmus
Young hens 16 to 18
« « Mrs. Henry Osksa, Westby,
-Mont., Rt. 1, Box 18.
HT ANTED —You can pay your
subscription to the Producers
^ , c< ? al - Bring us a load. We
also take wheat and other produce
sni. 0 rf Chan f£ for Paper- Let's
square up the account.
PboBe 119
Attorney-at Law
^ Practice in all Courts
Plentywood Montana
THE Abstractman
T FW 6 * 1 Abstract» of Title
Mentywood. Montana
gmbalmers in
»»a Nifbt
p hoju
Ä artln Homme
W *tch
y T e&r * experience in
^Jewelry Repairing
ne Farmer s F riend and Comrade
ttÄÄ « rv
gjXjgJ hSSL
zz- ** Ä äs
ÎSïîiJÏ? SS**** 1 «•* <*
sahT.lp because h ®
s i n jL laLt a bl11 , of $ 8 there
bill Wfl -, nfîîPrff 1 and . , Until that
Ml wm: paid she would have
similar Umnufm. here . Ma ï y
? Äc "^ %WtrtM
^cal keyman advises you your or
der w111 be better and bigger if
you * et 11 at ïngwalson's ** f
John Debing another w *
antl underling whose
from old S. *&. Ä5
S «cSd°e n r f S ÄÄVS ?
store? Has ln.gwalson company'a
 e ,d? s w „î°iÎÂ" l cU'l
pany compare with the orders re
ceived by the other stores?
I bunch* oÄd«TSi; r iedl' The?
direct theni '' , , Y °u
. • ° , e . 1 a ^meone, and an
directing them all to Ingwalsons.
Now Jack, what are you going
to do about Comrade Waïkel'fmo^
n for an additional $10,000 for
! tj e " onth of March fro m the R.
F. C. ? Are you going to continuel
to be responsible for the wan
little faces of babies whose moth-'
ers are unable to nurse them for
Seinilvesl fs'Xre ^
Ä^rÄ to
ä WS s äj
Being a yes-man for old Jack doe«
uot make money tor the Occident
And you, Rev, Simundson, can
you forget that Jesus oïree said;:
"In as much as ye have done it
3 0 t rjzLZ these ye
R to F Ä om for u «
month of March. Ä
'ÄrtÄÄ Frank
oSm Relfcf CoSttee
= e * hin, * vote for thg|
sure 01 !^ Anke? wlT k a? h P
tonHe»f n Aliker who also has a i
tendency toward being a yes-man ;
to vote for this motion. He's a
member of the Central Peliof '
f 6 61 1 Bell
vV V ?, ®
ommittee. Ye-s Let s write to,
the Govertnor, he's responsible for
6ld J^k's appointment a* was
Judge Paul for recommending him.
0n March 11 ther ® wil1 be the
biffgest mass meeting ever held in
** ^j 88 "J® 6 ""« ever field in
Plemtywood. The U. F. L. Will
lead the fight for adequate relief
a!n d olgo for feed and seed loans
aiui aiso lor leen ana seed loan«.
Complete program will be an
nounced next week. In the mean
fcimP cno aftPf vonr IrPvmen force
Ume go alter your keymen, force
them to sign petitions to the Gov
emor for more relief. It cam. be
1—4. s* -- t4 TU„ Cm,.
\ R 1 1 ® • j
I ernop promised Mane Hansen,
! mem ber of the Farmers Relief
I Pnmmittpp in a telenhone eonver
I committee, in a teiepnone conver
! nation that he would recommend
$30,000 per month for Shendam
cmmtv Rut old Tack who is an
cut Old jack, wno is ap
pointed by the Governor, refuse«
to make tbe application. Let us
all get together and boost this old
moron out. Your allowance Should
be twice ae much as it is, and it
caji be, so let's go.
Remember the big mas s meet
ing March 11.
P. S. Farmers take notice! Hans
Madsen, sheriff, John Debing, ab
stractman; Joe Redmond, tire
salesman ; Oscar Collins who gets
$50 per month pertsvm from the
government and Prune _ Peddler
Sorem, have all got their army
coats from the Red Cross. Have
you got yours?
mtiii omTK'RQ FOR
iNhW UrrKJbxKb rUK
At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Sheridan
; Memorial hospital held Tuesday
! evening the following were se
I lected as members of the hoard of
i directors: Messrs. F. G Fishbeck,
Sr., C. G. Christian^*. W. D Roy,
^ SÄ
report of the work «f the
past year was
Farm Home Destroyed
by Fire Tuesday Noon
The farm home of Joe McGowan
letely de
near Raymond was comp
stroyed by fire Tuesday
Very little of value was saved. The
fire started when a stove exploded.
It is reported that the loss is par -
tially covered by insurance.
Tournament ,
Brings out 4 Teams
sswg SsHs
ä t»
Â. eï >*•*'« •» m can toi!
JJe final-outcome «né the «S
« w<3n 0r , the victory assured.
a tuiaay night will tell the tale.
Games playeo:
5f dst one . ,
~ .. =- à
as .1
, V .. 49
Westby .
Outlook ..*. £
Whitetail .
Mod. Lake.... F
1 111 1 VU1|£J/ LU,
What . has beea hanging fire for
SäST"- Wk » moved C a way € and
JS&"f S t p h oldi * •! U- CyaWdge
picked^' by thT judge. tre^r
very weil acquainted* W'th Fl u
has been farm Won m,tV , He
scale has made fi^r ,te a lal « e
lost it He is nni if lk ney and
ful farm res who did not mak? a
j success of farming No doubt kl
will be able to work with fb t
other cormniccir.no 1 i * b fi
his best to ^pvp tbl n W1 ii xu°
system the system C for wbVh ^
feUpSSien^tÄ W;
! reiv K0 &î° b ™ e s ry a&^i'
gives Judge Paul a being "fair Lo
^ rybody " way out. The judge
! bad a <*«?«« to all the dif
petitions circulated and he
? lcked „ "J 1 ?! they , ca11 a "«aikjf
,Ä a r fi * ure
^v« ATifvti.' ÏÏÏ
' ■ '
S" d ' S??
e^^n^! gJS
When the judge also refused to
aPDOint Andrew Chrktemsen «f
n uT,i ™ 1Qre ™, J^nriÊtensen Ot
_ ~~ . - - -_—
ers had laso been secured, someone
said it was because one petition
had 1)6611 1081 " D agmar store and
another oiae burned in the store in
Antelope. But that Was not the
reason at all The reason whv
€ ea * ,n Jr 1 in ® r 6. ason wnj
j Judge Paul did not appoint An
drew Christeinsen, was that the
i u Hge had been told that Andrew
had ^ seen in Vf aimers parade
in Plentywood which shows the
u d «ret narrow minded chwacter
^3. j u narr °w Character,
aïlid njuch he thinks of farm
1 ers
1 , Their Communist connections
j 1 Jommi JP lst . connections
| was the excuse the judge had for
; no t appointing these people. The
is QVPr and *h P iuderp fpît
; n 18 over aaa «ne judge leit
different, ïiow about his connec
j t i ons Before the election, Com-1
connections was inst what
^connections was just wnat
Judge Paul wanted. And I know
! w ^ t J talking about when I
I sav
mu . . , ■ T .
The StatenitÄU I am now gomg
t 0 make might be a hard one for
we Drove in Judee Paul's court
-lu 11 -7 ui . S raui s comt,
a ii lts hocus pocus, but It IS
^he truth iust the same and Judge
p au i knows jt :
Before the election Judge's Pauls
representative came t° us and give
t u e r> r o m i s e if we would keen
JSSg'jlff ClUriS
the campaign, then, if any one of
the county commissioners, Carl
Hansen or Victor Anker would
happen to resign, then the judge
would promise to appoint any man
we would pick.
. . , , - . j
This was not hard for us to do
as it was immaterial to us which
of the two judge candidates were
elected. We lived up to our part
of the agreement. But, when, it
come to Judge Paul to live up to
bis part ' and . a PP ()int our man as
he had promised to do, the judge
was not man enough to do it. And
ms was *** by a man !r h 0 e .*'
. d7 s s h
af^Homrable Judge." With some
people the word »honor" is Jußt
an empty title and no more. Judge,;
Paul showed himself to be just a
cheap politician.
The Pr , oduc ers News will be
for any statement Judge Paul
™ ht <te*ire t omAe. _ •
£f lt y JÖ 7
r , J 1 -J
Antelope, Mont., Feb. 20, 1933
The fellow Mr. Fellows, who is
the receiver of the defunct Pler.ty
wood bank has handed >qut a five
per cent dividend,
dend was in Canadian moiney on
which there is a 20 per cnet dis
The money would not be accept
in hi a restaurant for coffee, but
was dedusted the 20 per cent when
I went to a store.
Now if this money is turned in
again to the same "Fellow" it will
make a nice banking business with
quite a fine return.
He is the guy that 'hollers about
proteting the depositor's money,
which he does until he has eaten
it up, just like the receivers we
have had before.
He Was the guy that cleaned up
Charles Johnson, north of
But, the divi
Torkel Tuftesloog is the man
that got the dividend.
law manufacturers at
< BY *"« ^SMUSSEN)
äs âïA äs
S5 on * «><» the mort silly thing.
^ somebody .intended to have
made "to law. And we have no
ffaaranty that these silly bills will
ÏL Weed - ed ? ut * nd WU«1 When
™ »rT^'liVt"'' we ml . gh f wake
'^Gn^Umf introduced a bill which
' ? ess ' ** wculd have been a dandy
for our school trustees, clerks and
aldermen, etc. The bill was
H nocked in . the head and killed.
But ^ methia g,J u st as crazy might
i 'TÄS'Ä ^htTo«
i the The h M, a ii ee t r ^ i " lhe , h °^
! ,. J k ® b , lU hn " te 4he nu " b ® r n of
?"• tW ° CiîoTtaî.'îtaS
'«s» *Ä f 2!Äi 0
Brewers and wholesalers would
ea f, h pay a tax of 50 061118 P er 31
& |l
| ^ *«•, *»»2
' the «Unties wheîe' ^ the^tlxes f aie
! paid.
Th. ni.rh i * ., ,
^ C ^ ho1 contcn t c2uid be °. no
' rh! f f f per . cent °r " ore Wlth
i exceä 3®2 H pw^def^haf the
beer can'ho la?
with moa k „ S ^ d ^ h 0 ^. 1 "-» e ither
♦ me f ' ° r ., in ro0n is; m restau
ot nts; ? 1€t f llers eltber in bottles
hers "and^n^nll at , c ul)S ^ mer P'
2 s*ä r no morc ^ hbe "
House Rill 17 R wbî/.v. r. ij
mit, farmers pu rchasing W gîLîine'
/ -—---- _!_
Kl 11 VI AKlilllMlF SHrKlllAIM ■ lllilVlTV
1 rtiwun p onnm iJAi> tuuiNi !
Comert ^; D «>ley
P y ÄnS'ÄÄ
j ^ SS ZZSSffA ® fô/ffl
j Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. Oh3on,° Mr.
I 5 nd î ,rs- Da , vid tv. Nelson and theri
l d î u Â? te r sv T isit , < '^ the parental home
of Charles L. Lindvall Sunday.
j A dance was held at the Joe John
; son home south of Dooley Peb. n.
i Ta . w .
I K L Wednesday evening the local
! basketball team played at Dagmar
- losing by the score of 16-20.
i N - , Evt L na ? n ,s suffering from
i » attack , °£ flu thsi week. -
plesltd o°ffthe narrow® gVaSc ££t
; of tow n last Scnday mroning and
n ad oon t lderab le difficulty in get
ting back on the road again,
is a dangreous piece of road at
I time,
i H fl je b ? d a , severe attack
G f acute indigestion last Thursday
! evening but is considerably better
1 th l® tlm C;
U Mrs - ^ a,der Rasmussen who has
■ been suffering from an attack of
! rheumatism for a month or more is
sl< iT rly ^«wenng,
*x. Mr ' and M ^ s - Glb bons entertained
] the community at a progressive
! bridge and dancing party last Satur
da Y.evening. Prize for combination
high score was won by Mr. and Mr.
, owers of Medicine Lake; ladies
hikh score was won by Mrs. Lars
 ng T ll i > an 1 d the m. en ' s high score bj.
1 iaulson - , Mr -, and Mrs. Aagr
Christensen rendered excellent mu
etc for the occasion. A lunch was
! ser Y? d a( midnight and dancing was
Si« I ÏÏÎSr i iJ!S t,1 «!5ïï ,t 3 Jt' 'S* ^ °«3 r
affair. e e ° P r a e,K r ®
The basketball team have a game
ÏÜl w te lu pe ^ t 5 e,r Us } fo T , this
S! k '' u ' the d " ,e hM not y " be " ,
Gertie Petersen Will
Leave Court House
i Lately, 'when somebody swung
the economy axe at the county
. court h Gertie Petersen was
the one who got it in the n f ck
With taxes coming in as slow as
j they are the lower ranks are the
ones who suffer first. The higher
: Ups h an g .on to their jobs with full
pa ^ lo th ^ -
gg ^ 3S ™ ere 18 any pay
Gertie has been a clerk in Niels
p^baWy^th^ne ^v'
1 ^ Kt alon vdthoub
ld priobably have gotten along
withou P heTvLrs aeo
i Gertie was a ^od eirl she was
t h e b .eadwiMef in ?he family
wh at eief™got «ut of the c^Z
? Ä S« thl Jî tS.
fa mily she was the life saver, and
now she is fired.
She is another victim of a sys
tem that is sloSvly but surely die
ing, another one on the bread line.
It is another attempt of bringing
back prosperity by putting more
people out of work. If this
is economy then why not go all
the way, why not close the court
house entirely? What good is the
court house to us? Did you ever
stop to figure that out? All of
those in favor of closing the court
house hold up your right hand.
Motion carried wtih big majority
.. .. ... . ,
At this time 500 "dry land ma
rines" are scattered over the
county wearing blue navy coats
handed out by the Red Cross.
They are good warm coats and
many jjgpole who needed them the
most are still walking around
without them.
From the Red Cross w® have
been informed that the reason for
for fa^fc* purpo.es to bo ox
s äs ä sus x
| the house and now goes the
We. ^
; The "keep your money at home"
attitude was shown by the House
whe„ they killed a bill giving Mon!
?*t pr . od " cte Preference in letting
, rz£SP&
j ude . bo b !i P ermits
! c i 0 if 1Tp(; J* nt extnesions on fore.,
Harrv qSjn PPr ° V n' ' ^ with
tht f,iï ^ w ^ kin ? a11 over
| red ^ ^ the
i ^ "'krep
"ÄlSS JH5 and
out chance to gouge you . You
| Äi «" 1
Ä.tKTÄ %r JTL"
down the gates and let them take
i the r, ° of from our heads."
i^ Ä
I F €»
j of Sp^Hngf' W eXpeCte
Reducing the license tax on coal
j mines, from five cents to Uwo aüul
one-half cents per ton, was killed
1 la the senate. "
The House uassed a bill pxohib
! ^ , inves î me * lt ™ fa™
I morl 2 a S? s . thus showing that in
; vesting in land is not considered
very safe.
On Monday the House passed 66
bills on third reading. Then 62
^oîder SïrTÂ
»IF r rp
Pile of junk we people at home
have ""rTp^t'^fof 0 ar ° Und Snd
f6Spect f ° n
t »n«r b ÄSÄ.
S售Wfi&o?* ^
ÄÜT™* wh " ,> h "
,J& « nÄr ^ *».
brtdge party on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Mrs Billet, who received
pïïaTa few week*® ago^r^urned °fô
her home north of Octiook Satui
day afternoon. ~
-- - v
. thfcs week in Plentywood
received medical aid
faculty at a valentine partv Wed
nesday evening.
Gladys Peterson is now tear'
the Lindbioom school
has resigned.
The Misses Margaret and
Johnson entertained a number of
young folks at a birthday partv
for Mrs. Jack Gaines.
Mrs. Lloyd Homme and Mrs. Dr
aid Trower entertained a n mber
of ladies Thursday afternoon"
A few little girls of thKs vicinity
were Invited to attend Fay Chaffee's
birthday party Tuesday evening
They had a very nice time,
A number of young fioks were in
Ueland home Friday Evening,
The sophomores returned a party
. 1° the juniors Friday evening,
l£7„ y '*" la,e bct
Louie Ripley was quite surprised
to find a number of his friends
gathered at the restaurant Tuesday
evening for 6 o'clock dinner given in
honor of his birthday by Mrs. Dee
and family. Those present were:
Garrick brothers. Ole. Gerald and
Cecil, Hardy Olson, Henrv Hemv
Walders. Bob Fitzgerald. Bill Tobin,
Sam Tompson. Roy Neftson, Arthur
Ueland. Ray Goltz, and Mr. Anholt.
The dinner was delicious and all re
ported a nice time.
clothing being distributed after
after the winter is almost over
was on account of the delay at
the factories where they
made. They were not able to fill
the order. Just another bum
cuse given out in order to fool
the people. When you pick up a
navy coat you "will find a label on
it, on which it says that it was
manufactured in 1918, 15 yeaiß
_ That there is much dissatisfac
tion about the way these coats
been handed out is not with
out reason. Many poor pepole had
to go home without the coat they
needed so bdaly, while it is re
ported that many business men,
with plenty of good warm clothes
were supplied with one. From re
ports we have received Jclm De
bing, the abstract man *who's wife
works at. the court house, got a
coat, Sorem, the grocery man, an
other one; Joe Redmond, the tire
man also one; Jensen the oil man's
boy, one—and, even Sheriff Mad
one. with his $187.50 per month
plus mileage, is reported to have
received a Red Cnoss coat. And
there are people yet who think the
farmers did the wrong thing when
they raided te Red Cross offic.
/"*|_l||7|7 OF POl lOF
vnitr %-/r r uuU L
Robert Rodke had the misfor
tune Tuesday while working on a
water pump in the old toWnsite
to get his left thumb caught in
the gears and torn off between
the first and second joint. He had
just put a new gear on the pump
which is in a well about 17 feet
below the surface and was trying
lt ou+ when ^ accidm oc^ed.
He cal]ed up ^ 0rvflle John
who Wag 0p the rorface to shut
off tbe power tben climbed out of
the hole nad was taken to a doc
tor where the injured member was
dressed. UWess complications set
in "Rob" feels that he will be as
good as ever in a short time.
-3= t -ruans
«g ■»Art ÄÄ
^ «-* *•«* 3 , M , ^
^ * s to Jri v e another perform
gee at the Farmer-Labor'tJSu
0,116 he promisee it is going
something different, much
*"•"* "« "»« interring
uAJK/?? pa . rt «f the exhibit will
&«,% SÄ* &S
5ä?» — - -
T1 ? e "sleeping beauty" will be
carried to the Temple* and there
will be awakened on the stage as
the first part on the program tS
fJ° W Wl11 . laf ^ abou l tw o hours,
mv UAx T r^;„„
r The directoS SflS?g2g2«d
,f h f m ^ lve T s - G
' P resldebt » A. L Roser,
I tS,
" I
who have beê n receiving ^d?ef
fKna federal funds during the past!
several months, to do some work
on the county roads. The Com
mercial club agreed to assist the
commissioners in any way possible
m carrying out this road building
It is very interesting to «ee how
interested these gclf *plaver! are
' when if comes to getting somebody
smne^ Scffi "3^^ g^lf,
S » these golf players are
, KFl 1
rake off on every dollar spent, but
that part which thev revived
without much effort Thev are on
the profiT end of the relief svstenr
ç äää
2ït« ÎÂ
k ÄTÄi£t
H Lty Äy Æ "g,l£
ai. p cf 0 re koeners could be made
înHnsomew^konthe loadTfor
the share of the relief they have
received ' We need the roads but
^ idea of having som ebody play
golf while .others are building the
roads is not going to work.
Fctrthermore, it is the farmers
who are responsible for bringing
the relief molney in here, and not
the golf players. It is the farm
ers that the store keepers can
thank for being in business to
day. Had the golf players had
their~way about it we would have
had wholesale starvation in the
satvWÄ* ^
ones wh ohad furnished the relief
monye, when the fact ls that they
have done what they could to keep
it away from here).
Local Brevities
Geo, Liebeck was a county seat
caller Monday
Nels Ernosen was seen among
our midst Saturday.
Pete ' Vig ßpent several days
with friends at Comertown.
Pete Bruvold was here on offi
cial busines Ssaturday,
James Johnßon was a caller at
the county seat Saturday.
Miss Mildred Wright underwent
a tonsilectomy at the hospital Sun
Charley . Erminglinger was a
caller at the Nichols mine Mon
William Goff and Henry Hansen
| Late was a shopper in the city on
I Tuesday.
were county seat callers Saturday.
Horrace LaVandure of Comer
town was here on business Satur
day of last week.
Henry Fransen and Meyer Ler
beck motored down from Dooley
John Fink of Outlook was
county seat caller the latter part
of last, weke.
Geo. Erhardt and Earl Potter
were business callers here Mon
Mr, and Mi's. Carl Nelsrtn were
shoppers here from Raymond last
Miss Helen French of Medicine
Robert Johnson of McCabe
i transacted business in the county
seqt Monday.
Hmry Anderson made a trip to
Plentywood from his farm near
Dooley last Friday.
If your neighbor hasn't the Pro
ducers News let him read yours
and urge him to subscribe.
Customs Officer Kantner of
Westby was here Saturday and
spent the day visiting friends.
Russ Wigmore of Redstone was
a caller in town the latter part of
last week.
Andrew Espen and George Rebo
of Comertown were business call
ers in Plentywood Monday.
A fine young daughter arrived
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Sedevec Wednesday, Feb. 16.
J« with to" both
s ïott-«, h „ e t0 bc
Rifled by 36 states. W ThV^ ratif
cation must occur within s eve£
- vears - Many of the states are
Fitting bus"y on it right now
..*>«• «-he tost time in African
'"story, convention, of the people
der federa l auspices.
"The bill provides:
"An election of delegates to the
va , rioua state conventions shall
î ak | place the 16th day of May,
^ £' Stt£*n*t££t
lions. ir state oolr.ven
ÄÄJ ' h „ e W»«
Some time between now and 7
years hence we might be able to
buy a drink without taking the
risk of going to jail for it, if
have the money to buy it with.
^ ^
f* fC 9\
I AlTAA ftn
1 allllHr* A II
Vvlltt dll
Xhe <<R
denrocJ^Tf 6 k^l- 8 Be ? aU8e °f the
f PJ. e, -" lün f bankers, business ex
f cutlV6s yesterday held djwn
have^nrno , ^ alar ? ed positions,
«Sf Tbe Ä
f Ä ^ * ** Ät«
**£ Sr wâ 1 ?
j i ^
I And we aie Z etür 'S ** !ook
if We were bving by our wits.
Apd R® v Farnes M. Gills savs;
" Capitals treatment of labor is
a? «— » «
u^iSa^l" ?S
l*S* ïLÎiï'T
ft* teU ^o
tned to Piurder Roosevelt, got 80
years - Then he laughed and said
" 0h J ad K e - dofn -'t be stingy, give
m ®. a hundred years.
And Zal ^ ara was a member of
th A ^ ep jJ bca p p 5i^û
T . And tbe Rooseve^It Steamship
Lines get more than $800,000 for
tlle mai1 tb |t other lines
°a^h 6 thev /nïl ^lîf? 0 *
And tfiey forgot all about putting
J<> A " la ^' , ,
.And if we consume enough beer
Jo Iceep the government on its feet
b °£ ^ we be able to be on our
. * e ® * . .
m ^ d b 'f £ waW at the fire
men 8 baU made everybody happy
Jiohm Husa spent last week at
Beiden, N. D., on business in con
nection with hiß store at that
Mrs. Nirholiestfn is eomewhat
improved and able to be up after
being on the sick list several
Pete Rofming was seen on the
streets one day last week. Pete
doesn't believe How Hoover was
any good.
A son was borti to Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Wigmore who live south of
Redstone, at the Memorial hospital
Friday, Feb. 17.
The Luther League will present
a program Sunday evening at
7:30 at the church,
Mads Millqft and son Joyce
came dowtti Saturday from Outlook
to see Mrs. Billet who is confined
at the local hospital.
The weather moderated Sunday
A1I are in
The weather moderated Sunday
and the following days of this
week have seen the snoSv rapidly
On Friday, Feb. 24, Mrs. R. W.
Fraser and her grandson, Francis,
celebrated their birthday anniver
sary at the Fraser home.
Sanford Fransen and family
were shoppers here last Friday on
the way home they stopped at the
Carl Anderson home for a short
Jack Holloway, manager of the
local telephone exchange, has
been incapacitated the past week
with rheumatism which' has settled
in his left knee.
Well, well, Hans Madsen it is
rumored about got himself
jacket at the relief depot. We
derstand one party got two. May
be one to use on special occasions,
Some one broke into Tom Kelly'e
hennery one hight last week and
hleped themselves to a few fat
hens which had been locked
with a padlock.
I is investigating.
Lawrence Jorgenson, and Art
Arstad of Peerless were Plenty
wood callers Thursday, attending
the opening of the basketball
. tournament,
that night.
Mr. and Mrs. John Boulds of
Plentywood are rejoicing over the
arrival of a son weighing eight
and three-tourths pounds at H' r
a. m. Wednesday, Feb. 22. • Parties
concerned are doing nicely,
young hop--ful has been christened
Michael Joseph.
Sheriff Madsen
They returned late
&«*«. W we, w MUnty
commissioners hav^one^of^thefr
economy spells the county
veyor 341(1 the janitor *
, fot "*** goals. Last year the
; commiwioners were n„ t Zha r ,l on
I surveyor as they could have
isiätiää stÄ te
j<,b after all be ha<
are picked
No>w we understand Bob has
something up his'sieeve, he i s go
ing to sue the county, and it looks
like he is going to make the grade
and wm.
TTie cuiveyor's wages are fixed
by law at $8 per day. He is sup
posed to work under the super
vision .of the county commissioners
They can lay him off, but when
they put him to wnrk they have
no right to çut ihs wages already
fixed by law. It look* like Bbi
will be able to collect a nice little
sum tor back pay, and we under
stand that is what be is preparing
for now whie he has got nothing
else to do.
bas »Wropriated
an , 0 L ars for another seed
^ d loa ?' P 16 rules for its
distribution has been left to the
Sécrétai y of Agriculture Hude.
Th e rules laid down a t .present
; time by the secretary is, that the
applicant must agree to reduce hL
acreage 30 per cent. Anybody who
has received two seed lcans,'with
out settling for them, can only re
SI geÏÏs «Si 5?|Ä
1 5S?" It Ä. ÄÄ
i ^
J appointed Fred Mork of Plentv
^ aS ob .aj™an of the county
ff d ®°"" 4 ttee. Practically the
ffTv P 6001 ® ^v 11 ?® dt ff €r ent parts
of the county^ that served last year
s? a sr^
And i„ order to get the prepay
ways be shot at on Monday, Tue.s
: day or Wednesday.
. And a fellow in corduroy parts
is peekmg thru the girl's wmdoW.
On March 4 the
new govern
ment will take office and the
except Stegner and the school
And it will s^cn be March 4 and
all our troubles will be ever.
And who is going to be tby
"sleeping beauty" in the Min?»
Barley Bloom Malt Syrup,
per can
Smoked Salt, 16-lb can....98c
Stone's Fancy Coffee,
5-lb Pail
Golden. Syrup, 1C lb.59c
White Naptha Soap,
10 Bars ..
California Sweet Orangeß,
2 Doz.
Ex. St. Golden Corn,
3 Cans .
Clean Burlap Sacks for any
purpose, each
Try the new Dak-O-Nite
Toilet Soap. Great for bath,
shampoo, dirty dirt, chapped
hands, hard water and heavy
grease. Per cake
W. J. Husa
I^te at night, one tf the
family, perhaps a child, be
comes suddenly ill. A dic
ter i s needed.
What can bring help as
quickly as the telephone ?
In emergencies, a telephone
protects you. In countless
everyday uses it serves you ;
running errands to the store
the diuggist, be friends'
homes. With a telephone
friends can reach you.
These and many other
services, the telephone per
forms for a few cents a day.
The Mountain States
Telephone & Telegraph

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