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Dir 1AD kUVkU AE
Dlll JUD AnJuiUI Ul
average for the past three years !
^ !
and that doe» not take into ac
count the acreage of wheat grown
from 1930-32 by none-co-operatom.
„ . ... , , . , .
Below are indicated both the of
ficial seeded wheat acreage for,
Shendan county from 1930 to 1932 j
ard the total for some years as
indicated by the 2100 applications |
on file at the county extension of- j
. . .«o« n/ .„ AAA I
Official 1930—263,000 acres, al -1
JS?" 122,065
official 1931—221,000 acres, allot-i
ment applications 328,923
official 1932—262,000 acres, allot
ment applications, 304,197 acres;
three-year average—official 248,
838 ,allotment applications 318,395
"/ or 69,563 acres above the official
estimate. It will be noted that
the biggest difference between the
official and application figures is
for the year 1931 'when there was
an almost total crop failure. For
that year Sheridan county appli
cants report 107,000 more seeded
wheat acres than the official fig
ures for the entire county.
How to reconcile the discrepan
cy between crop estimate figures
and the application statements is
th big job facirig the county allot
ment committee. The Agricultur
al Adjustment Administration at
Washington says no state will be
permitted to run over its official
total for either acres or bushels.
Practically all county figures sub
mitted to the State Board of Re
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view show an over run of acres
but less bushels than the official
estimate. Sheridan county appli
cants indicate a three-year aver
age production of 1,796,367 bush
els as against 1,742,267 bushels by
the Bureau of Crop Estimates for
the same period. The same con
ditions seem to prevail in the
southwestern states particularly
wherever the county average plan
based upon seeded acreage ie
adopted 1 .
What is worrying the Wheat
Administration now is that unless
the 'wheat acreage indicated in the
wheat allotment contracts is some
where near the official figures the
total reduction in acreage over the
United States will not be large
enough to materially reduce the
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Pie tywoed, Mont. 28
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surplus next year. The Wheat Ad
ministration is carrying on ita own
iiJdependent review for the pur
sr ÄÄit
following are fourni some of the
common causes of over run:
1 . Growers may report their acre
age f l ul1 for wU ° : ® ? r half , 8ec :
tiors where parts of this land
^ Mt [ b , ^ IarmM
„ Gei - e iallv no ir * oiicns have
L ' ueneialI > no * r »-clicnsi luv®
been made for fences, headlands or
roa d^.
3 . Some instances indicate that
thc farmer has seeded wheat on
^he same piece of land lor six con
tinuous years in the same amount
eac j, year .
4. Possibly the drill measure
m6 % j* no t always correct. For
instance a Texas applicant had
been hiring a certain field plowed
and paid for 300 acres each year
and yet when« this field
chained contained only 260 acres.
The Allotment Committee could,
of course, make a flat reduction
fur all farms but that would pona
lire those farmers who turned in
a correct acreage, hence necessity
of carefully checking each appli
cation. This week every paper in .
the county will carry a supple
rlp C ;"UoTave Cte aJplU f
for ailotm« contracts This ita
■s arranged alphabetically by com
munit, es and applicants and is ex
actly the earn« data as contained
in the original application except
where the applicant himself has
renuested to change the fie-nres
The purpose of the published list
is to acquaint ever,, one with the
acreage and production given in, :
bv not only themselves but also
that of their neighbors. Seven
daye time will he allowed from
the date of publication for com
plaints or voluntary adjustments
before Ihe Allotment Committee
will do their own adjusting.
Tn conclusion/, it appears that
Sheridan county over run 27 per
cent in seeded acreage and the
most of this occured in 1931, the
general crop failure year.
Letters have been sert out with
instructions for all delegates for
the Farmer* National Conference
be at the Farmers-Labor Tem
ple Monday afternoon. All should
be prepared to camp here over
night and leave for Chicago Tues
day mor'dng. Bring your blankets
and some grub along. Just how
many are going and how they are
going will all be threshed out here
Not only is this meeting for the
delegates, it is a meeting for all
farmers—a mats meeting where
sveryfcody is welcome. Givi r £ our
delegates a good start by giving
them a good send off is very im
stand behind them in the effort
they are going to make to help in
bettering the farmers' condition.
At the meeting Monday other
verv important things will be tak
en up. such as relief, allotment^,
etc - A11 farmers and people need
^ relief should be present at th*
Temple at two o'clock, Monday
Show them that we
HELENA. — State Accountant
William H oski n today issued a re
po rt which showed the coet of ad .
ministering the sto le beer act has
been less than one-feurth the
amount allowed for expenses.
The expenses total $7,160, Hos
kirj reported. The act allows 15
ner cent of the license receipts for
administrative costs. The receipts
amount to l pproximately $ 200 , 000 ,
whir* is otarcod with ad
ministration of the ret.
. The work W in the hands of
four ""rsons, a' license clerk, a
denogranher. and two field m©"*.
Henry Wälder who ia a patient
at the Plentywood hospital is im
proving rapidly.
The dance at Dooley Saturday
night was quite well attended. The
music was furnished by the Wun
derlich .orchestra.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Andereou vis
ited Mrs. Hansen and family al
Flaxville last week. Mrs. Hansen
j« a sister'of Mrs. Anderson.
Chris Lund a pioneer of the Out
look vicinity is very ill at his
Jack Keogh and family motored
to Plentywood Saturday morning
where their son, Allen, had some
dental Work ddne.
Grant Stoner and son Clifford'
business callers in the coun
„ .,
t L- ßeat t > ».v! T/O^aor, inoni trmdp
" lss , Esth "
leather, h " ^" » n th
'f k ' the *"*'
Alexander substituted for her
M, f. L " U,se
** J r,e " ds in (>uttook Saturday
"Mm^Jo'hn Gundemon is a pa
^" ''pien ZooT hospital huit
" h e ursd ™ ntyW °° d P
", y ' ,, , .
. ^ dam Graff I 1 ® 5 ^f en on 451 !
slt * ist the pa^t week. j
Frie-ds of Grandma Craig are
Phased to hear that she Is im-|
r ° v J"K ra P' dl y- .... .
The operetta given by the grade ;
school Friday evening was
attended although the Weather was ;
»* favorable.
Alvina Emiclson and June Mar-,
shall were diraier guests at the
Gosper home Friday evening.
Th« Swanson brothers from
Redstone visited with friends in
Outlook Friday.
Mrs, Joe Koskie entertained a
number of ladies at her home last
A farewell party wa*. given last
Thursday by Mrs. Wm. Weiss at
her home for Mrs. Al Anderson
who is leaving for the east.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ruegsegger
were visitors at the Wm. Tobin
home lut Sunday.
, , , ,
the past week moving a house forj
the Haas Bros
Mrs. Mads Billet is confined to i
her bed at her home north of Out
Mrs, Lars Angvik and Mrs. Geo. |
Lund returned from the World's 1
fair last Wednesday and report a
very interesting trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Henderson
and Betty Jean returned from a
trip to Casper, Wyo., and Billings
last Wednesday.
The Wakea Club met at the
home of Mrs. C. M. Thornburg last
Thursday afternoon.
The Town-Country Bridge club
met at the home of Mre. G. E.
Fulkerson last Saturday afternoon.
A group of friends and neigh
bor 8 gathered at the home of Skov
Nielse " 1 last Saturday evening.
Cliff Hansen and Charley Vilen
left on a deer hunting trip Tues
day morning.
A large number of local people
were out after Chinese pheasants
last Sunday morning.
Monday evening Mr. and Mm.
Hans Larsen, accompanied by Mrs.
Gibbons and little Michael were
crowded off the highway near the
Seth Folsom ranch by someone
traveling at a high rate of speed.
To avoid overturning, Mr. Larsen
headed his car across a ditch and
struck a bank, throwing the wo
men and child through a door and
cut Mm. Larsen's face. Al! were
badly shaken up, Mr. Larsen re
ceiving a severe jolting at the
wheel. This stretch of road is
averaging about one wreck a day
this fall and in nearly all cases,
are caused by reckless driving.
ry ■
The marriage of Mice Rosa
Greff and Don Logan took place
Saturday afternoon at Plentywood,
The bride is the eldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Greff and is
a fine and popular young lady,
Robert Cook called on Clarence
Whitish Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herold Redden
and children were din®®! guests at
the Joe Whitish home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boelens
the parents of an eight-pound
son, bom Oct. 26. Mrs. Boelens
wa* formerly Miss Viva Whitish.
Alfred Shaw received the sad
news of the death of his father
last Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shaw left
for South Dakota Sunday to be
present at his father's funeral.
Ed Boelens accompanied Mr. and
Mrs. Herold Redden to Plentywood
Joe Eggen and Archie Redden
„era Sunday caller» a. the J. M.
Whitish home.
R. A. Cook and Art Kazeck
trausac^ taste«»» at th. county
LittÄ Redden ha» been
quite sick With a cold,
Gladys Evelyn came to gladden
Ä . Mr xj-i c
T , Vridnv Ort 27 Mother
Lll ' M h
ard babe are doing well.
Leonard Holdcrman is employed
"V' '^rh i i _l
Pat Grrtf wae a Plentywood
well,caller last Wednesday,
Joe Whitish met wrth an acci
|dent recently that is keeping him
corfmed to the house,
Last Saturday, Alfred Shaw end
dance at the Wolf Creek hall. A
large crowd was in attendance and
a pleasant time reported.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kazeck a r d
Gus Leesburg were Plentywood
callers Saturday.
Geo. Jackeon was at Glasgow
last week.
Mrs. Joe Whitish is quite ill
at this time.
Donald Logan gave their wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Han a Hansen and
family retU rned this week from a
month's vacation in the eastern
Mrs. E. E. Morrison was lunch
jeon guest at the home of Mrs. R.
Stubbe Tuesday afternoon,
Mrs. Charlie Meyers gave a
Hallowe'er.i party for her children
Tuesday night. Variou* games
were played and prizes given,
turned from the west Monday. -
There was confirmation services
the Ausgbury Seminary this year.
Mrs. Gust Stubbe spent the fimt
of the week with her husband out
on the farm.
Ed. Iverson of Pleasant Valley
spent the first of the week In
Westby with his family.
The A. O. U. W. lodge hall was
put on its foundation Wednesday
and! when completed it will be
fine building for entertainments as
well as dancing.
Lester Biever left Monday for
Milwaukee to spend the winter
and Mrs. Floyd Deal of Canada,
Mrs. Meyers served luncheon and
all went home stating they will al
ways remember the Hallowe'en of
Hallowe'en pranks were few in
Westby, just some kiddish mk
chief that didn't amount to any
Elmer Hammer won the quilt
given by the ladies' aid at Mc
Elroy Saturday afternoon.
Mr, and Mrs. Weartherly re
at the Lone Tree church Sunday.
Rev. Almlie conducting the class.
Rev. and Mm. Sand have re
turned to their Westby home for
the winter months. Their daugh
ter, Bergloit, is specializing in mu
sic and English in Minneapolis at
The Farmer*
G jJ n0r ?* wh ich
urday Nov. 4, hag W â
to Saturday, Nov u

Martin Paulson of
dinner guests at the if* v
son home Wedn*^ V
Mrs. Oscar Helge«.'
evening luncheon ** W
were Mr. and Mrs. p„
°f Adral*).
Mr. and Mrs. Pred r it ,.
attending to busing ^
j" in °t this ^ek. à
Tuesday. Mr. Adams ^
relief Mr. WeatJLJktb
pa ™ ed ' T th ^ n as far as vL 1 ® 0 ®
P 16 L - P* R - girls
l g * servic e at the hom* ***•»
JJ« Nereson Monday nighi^ 5^'
' j™î ce J . Stag. 1 ,
^ ld . red
1 . che ^? at the dose
:Slx new
Ä 8
mber » ^
* '
H ",?weÄÄ*.
» , j 7
L ^, T ? cheo . n »as
after Which whist w«. ,r ^*4,
Leslie Hjelm was"*«;
the Ambrose hospital at
Tuesday taking treatnJf* * rd
Ed 1 Krornery and wi f e jL .
of Kramer. N. Dak., g*5L?!*
at the home of Rheinfn iS?
They are also old friJd, ^
Janke of Westby.
George Prieslebe n Won -
which was raffled by the
lean Legion Auxiliary.
Mrs. Bill Anholt is
her home this week, u i
Stubbe has full charge of thTu
fkk supper Friday ni*ht
Lutheran church.
Oscar Helseth and Om^ni
left Tuesday for a deer
Snowden, *
Mr. and Mrs. Brunswick ».
closing out Nelson-Senr^ to ^
walls this month. We " ri mh j
that Peter Miller will p« ^
H' e of prints and domestic roè.
Rev. Enersen and wife tf* t .
Oabe held Baptist services ^ ^
Pentecostal Mission Sunday
of (k
c °Dfiwd t«
tt tk,
.Vi?. f f I 'T'Tflu
pg g
Cream of
These are also given in ex
change for wheat
Wo still take three bushels
and 20 pounds of wheat foi
100 pounds of
(the Flour With a FI*™)

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