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Raymond, was here
was a
jlcOall, Comertown
transacted business
. Mrs. S. J- Palubicki
^ 3 week at eastern points on
*• wedding trip.
tht m —oo—
Mint Cigar store has had
shed built over the door
in from his
j 0. Brensdahl was in
Klakken, Dooley, wa* 9
caller Wednesday.
local business
Lirdorf, Redstone, was
business in Plentywood
a storm
this week.
Gf0 . Uebeck, Dooley was trans
iting business m the city Wed
Jorgenson, Dooley, was
to business matters in
*wood Friday.
t J. Palubecki motored to Coal
last Friday where he attend
business matters.
ed to
Olson and Charley Lind
»-< from their farms near
val were
Blu< Trail Tuesday.
Wm. Hass and Ole Johnson mo
to Plentywood Wednesday
their farms near Outlook.
Bob Var Hee. of the Producers
force, has been on the shelf
of the week with an^ attack
of tonsilitis.
Jalmar Hanson, Comertown was
. week end visitor at the home of,
„ ewer, Mrs. Carl .Vdetem, and
® '
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Johnson
and Mrs. Matt Hovela - <d, motored
down from the Coalridge country
Those from Comertown trans
Simon Swanson, local Delco
actin' business here Tuesday were
August and Erick Olson and Wm.
Corcoran and family.
Ijpht representative left Wed r es- j
day for Billings on business. He j
expects to i-etum tbe latter part ;
of the week.
Popular rates at the Beaufort ]
Hotel. 112 3rd Street South, oppo- (
rite Federal Building, Minneapolis, j
,5c. |1, $!-• per «Y- ar in ^ j
r wt door.
A. V. ("Tory") Hopkins from
Carrington, has been vkiting rela
tives here the past several weeks.
He expects to dispose of a carload
of spud? at Glasgow.
Carl West and Nick Reuter took
a truck load of beer to Culbertson
and Wolf Point Wednesday. From
there they went to Glasgow where
Mr. We*t will try and get a lo
cation for a wholesale beer house. |
helping out at the relief j
office Tuesday, checking unem- i
ployed relief census. A permanent
employment office will be opened
here in the near future.
Peter Bruvold, Comertown, was
a Plentywood visitor Wednesday,
Mr. Bruvold had recently returned
from Minot where he ha* been un
der the rare of physicians for can
cer of the stomach.
_ t ,, , ,
nut their vegetable* at that place,
and then go to Mi.-ot where ^ e Y
reside. They reported business as
being good here this year in spite
of th- shortage of money.
S. K. Klovstad and Carl Ander
son were
Duty Bros, left here Tuesday
for Crosby where they will close
Logan, Billings Opto
metrist will examine eyes
at Leland Hotel, Tuesday
P m. and Wednesday a.
m.. Nov. 7-8.
in the last Producers News we
printed an. article, sent to us from
the allotment office, in which the
last paragraph rend as follows:
"Through an «nor in method of
letting of the printing contract it
1 waé , necessary to call a special
meeting of the County Wheat Con
trol Board on Thursday of this
week to distribute this among the
papers 0 f the county."
To this part of the article we
I take exception, as being absolute
ly misleading and false, and who
ever wr ote it should know. When
the farmers committee voted 12
againthree to give the printing
contract to the Producers News as
the lowest bidder, there was no
error in method" and it was not
"necessary to call a special meet
Where the farmers had made an
"error" and what made it "nec
essary" to have it all done over
again-, wa* the fact that they had
given the contract to the Produc
ers News. Had Ilarrry Polk from
Williston gotten the printing, no
second meeting would ever have
been held, and n-o high powered
guy would have been sent from
Bozemen to correct any "error.
Regarding the letting of print
ing contracts, the government has
sent out the following instructions
— "Final decision as to how this
publication shall be placed with
the newspapers is left to the coun
ty Wheat Production' Control Asso
ciation." That gives the 15 farm
ers full power to do just what
♦ ♦
. . .. . ..
,l . ,d al *^V r f,rst mpetina
»'O'«" ^
From Bozeman we nave received
an official letter regarding the
same in which it says:
You are correct in stating that
the matter of distributing ad
vertisements under the wheat
adjustment program is in the
harness of the directors of the
County Wheat Production Con
| troy Association.
"TWe Wheat Section of the Ag
ricultural Adjustment Admini
st rat ion at Washington has pro
vided the form for publishing
the lists and has established
Certain general regulations, but
otherwise the entire matter is to
he handled by the county direc
- We arp frequently asUfd
whether all of the newspapers in
« county must be used. There is
nothing in the regiulations which
would require this.
Tn order to get this straight let
Coffee an I
Henry Hermn ir an *s a ship
owner and mail carrier between,
New York and i alestina, Syria,
and Egypt, »n 102S ht can ied 3
pounds of mail aM rece.ved $234,
980 per pound. U\ 102Î) ..ne poJnd
of mail for which he g t $115,335,
and in 1931, be carried eight
pound* and received S>125,820 per
And how fasc should a dog ran
to get away from the fleas on his
And aren't you glad that the
value of gold has gone up lately?
While gold went up the price of
wbeat and cotton went down, so
j now -w e czr\ buy more wheat and
cotton for our gold.
And in Seattle one pastor la
suing another pastor for $50,000
over love of his wife.
And some of u* are not much
good on earth, but we might make
good 1 aviators.
And Ll-kibergh crossed the coun
try in one day but Congress double
crosses it every day.
And the reason Jack Bennett
was horn in EnglarH was that he
wanted to be near hi* mother.
And you never know if your
friends drop in for a call or call
in for a drop.
r irst I got up and suggested
the committee of 16, that the
printing should be divided among
the four papers in the county.
Then the four printers were sent
outside for the purpose of coming
some agreement. But the three
other printers had already formed
combination and refused to have
anything to do with the Producer*
News. When we were again called
before the committee, I suggested
the printing be auctioned off and
the three printers gave a joint
bid. I then gave a bid which was
$260 lower than theirs. They were
given a chance to give another
bid but refused to do so. Then 12
members of the committee voted
for giving thejmnting to the Pro
ciucers News and three voted
go over again what happened at
first meeting.
Gan „ a ^ b0( y tel1 me ,
error this committee made and
what necessity there was for call
mg a second meeting, What was
tione at this meetm« was abso
lutely legal and according to all
rules laid down. But, it was the
Producers News who had gotten
the contract and the News is not a.
Mair street paper, it is a farm-1
ers paper. |
And what a howl this farmers j
action created. Not among the (
farmers. No, they were perfectly,
satisfied, they had *aved $260.
Rut, between Plentywood and Boze
man the wires were kept hot for
awhile, with the result that the
committee received a telegram
from Bozeman telli'g them to call
another meeting, also that a man
would- be sent here to help "correct
the error". And the committee of
three, instead of insisting that no
error had been made, and that the
farmers here were able to run
their ow* association, they called
the meeting.
That second me\ting is looked
upon by *ome as being the most
interesting one ever held in the
county. Others said it was th»
most rotten o r e, and again others
said it was conducted worse than
any ladies aid meeting they had
ever attended.
The fact is it was hot and heavy
and that all parlimentary rules
were completely ignored and vio
lated. Let me give a ri illustra
After three hours of heated dis
cussion somebody finally moved toi„i
cancel the Producers News con- |
tract. There were 14 directors pres j
ent. Nels Olson of Outlook being
absent. First they voted by hold
ing up their hands, 6 voted for
cancellation, fou r voted against
and the rest did 1 not vote. The
motion had not carried by the ma
jority of those present, but tbe
chairman, Mr. Tyler, ruled motion
carried. The motion Svas actually
lost and someone called Mr. Ty
ler's attention to this fact aruh he j
changed his ruling.
The motion to cancel the con
tract' did pot carry and by right
that should have been the la*t of
it: But then they started voting
on the same motion again, which
was strictly against all rules, this
time voting by individual ballot.
This time the vote stood 7 to 7,
and the motion- was lost a féc
ond time.
After that they disregarded' all
rules once more by voting on the
same motion, a third time—after
the motion was lost twice. This
time tbey voted bv bushels and
tbe motion carried by a small ma
joritv. By violating all rules Mr.
Storaasli Coal Delivered for
$ 0.50
a ton
Telephone 26-W
Tyler, our county agent nnd Mr.,
Tootell from Bozeman, finally go* j
it the way they wanted it. The |
fact of the whole procedure
that the Producers News printing
contract was never cancelled.
After a recess had been taken
for supper, a motion was made to
divide the printing evenly among
the four papers in the county, at
the same price the Producers News
had agreed to do it for at the first
meeting, and the motion carried]
The disgusting part of the thing
- g no ^ ^at the Producers News
j ogt part 0 f ^ <*,ntract, we are
getting used to that kind and
don > t mind it so mUc h. But, hasn't
Secretary Wallace, our county
aRent a nd the newspapers told us
time and agatbat this was go
j r , g to be a farmer* organization, 1
run by the f armers themselves. 1
And—as soon a s the farmers did]
something, something they had
absolute right to do, and voted for
it J2 to 3, then the bunch who are
not f armers> and not ever , friendly
to tbe f armerS( ge t another meet
j ng called and get everything done
over agaiT1 by bookf , and crooks
until they get it their way.
This mee tir* was an insult, not
otdy to the committee of 15 but to
every farmer in Sheridan county.
Some year» ago the fanners ^ in
North Dakota were toW to go j
home and slop the hogs," and that i
was j ust -what this meeting realy
amounte d to. The disgusting part|
of it all wa>c that these farmers j
d id not have guts a^d backbone
enough to run their own business,
a1ld tell outsiders to take a jump
in tbe lake . The way this turned i
out shows that it is not a farm
Prs ' organization at all. Its 111 ' ,
by Main*treet.
That mistake« can be made by
farmers on parliraentaary rules
can be excused. But there can be
no excUfie for men sent there by ;
the govrtrment, sitting there and
allowing all rules to be violated
aR ] ong as things were coming
their way. If they had a right to j
be there for any purpose at all, |
tbey sbo uld' be there to guide and j
c0rrect mistakes made by the,
f arTne rs. These men did not do
t hat, and still they want to pose
as f r i end<: of the farmer,
Then- there is Nels Olson of Out
j ook The farmers of Outlook ban
elected him as chairman of their
committee, because they thought
be was a maT1 wb o had the guts to
stand up and 1 fight for them. Later
be was elected as one of the three
on tbe very important county com- ;
mittee. And Nels was the only '
one who didn't show up at this j
very important meeting, where it
-was going to be determined if the
organization was going to be run
Nels hadn't
by farmers or rot.
broke a leg. He could have been
that meeting had 1 he wanted to.
But. he alfo realized that if he
attended the meeting he would
bave to take a stand one wav or
the other, and Nels did not have)
the euts to take the stand. s o he
bunted around and found 1 some
flimsy excuse for not being there.
Nels wanted to fix it so that
he could wash his hand#- and say
"T had nothin«? to do with it. I am j
neutral." So Nels hunted around j
for an excuse a r d found* it.
had to drive come eattle to Ont I
look. Something anybody else |
could have done just as well as
Many people think that Nels
had been told to do just what he
did and ohever* orders. But when
farmer* elect men to represent
them, they expect them to take ac
tive part If* the important things
going be man enough to take
' y.
Good in Coaches "on all trains"
also in Tourist Sleepers on the
stand one Way on the other, and
not be hunting around foe excuses,
to be neutral,
Just before the recess for sap
per Nels Olson showed up at the
meeting. A group then planned
to have the cancellation of the
printing contract taken up again
right after supper, which would
have been the legal and proper
thing to do, and would) have put
Nel* on the spot one way or the
But after supper Nels was not
there. He had found another ex
cuse, instead of being at the meet
ing Nels was resting in a barber's
chair getting a shave. That pre
vented the question from being
brought up again. Nels had saved
the day for Harry Polk and com
pany, and the printing was di
vidied up into four parts.
I» July another allotment com
mittee is going to be elected, and
it Will be interesting to see h<rw
many of these IB Will be reelected
and how many will be told by the
farmers to stay home and slop the
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