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Sheridan County
Conafnissi°n ers> Proceedings
m. October 1,
2 o'clock P
beard of county com
• nors met in regular session,
J^mbers of the board and the;
ÏÏrk Presen t. _ _ ____
Mrs. Carl Tange was
ted a leave of absence from
state for a period of 60 days,
JLin* October 4, 1934, as trus
^ &hool District No. 30.
5 T motion, the county assessor
w leave of absence
the state for a pe
days, beginning Octo
granted a
«as ;
nod of two
^Tbe following resolution was in
and adopted;
, Peter M. Franz is in
Sheridan county in the
f Two Hundred Twenty-tWo
100 dollars ($ 222 . 00 ) do!-!
Whereas, the said Peter M.
pranz has applied for a federal
!>an which has been granted on
consolidation of all indebtedness,
Whereas, the sum of Two Hun
dre d Twenty-two and no
debted to
snd no
, ars plus interest, for a seed loan,
„...on, dollars has beer o.fered
„Shendan county in full settle-,
rnènt of its c am).
Vow. there.")-«'. e 1 resovc ,,
that the sa)d sum of Two Hun
dred Twentv-fwo and no-100
($222.001 dollars he received full
Element of all chums against
Ik said Peler M Franz, or the
M Franz ands
A. J- lPon - c !riirir!aTÎ o
the Wd of county
commissioners of Sheri
Niels M..d. en, rx-officio
clerk of the board of
county commissioners of
Sheridan county. Mont.
Edward Spoklie, member
Carl Tange, member.
„ , ,
At § o'clock p. m. the board re
ee.sed until 9 o'clock a. m. Octo
ber 2. f t f _ 0
At 9 o'clock a. m. October 2,
1934. t v e board resumed, all mem-'
Viv rf the hoard and the clerk
At 10:30 o'clock a. m. the hoard
left for the re-employment office
for a conference with the manager
of the employment office of Glas
sumed. all members of the board
At 2 o'clock p. m. the board re
and the clerk present.
The following resolution was in
troduced and adopted:
Whereas, there is now pending
an action between Frank N.
son, state examiner of the state
of Montana, ex-officio superinten
dent of banks of said state and as
such liquidating officer of Farmers
and Merchants State Bank of
Plentywood. Montana, a corpora
tion, plaintiff, versus Sheridan
county. Montana, a municipal cor
poration. defendant; and
Whereas, the state banking de
partment has offered the sum of
Three Hundred and no -100 ($300)
as a compromise settle -1
ment in full for all claims against
tliero arising under and by virtue
of said action and against said
tounty arising under and by vir
tue of said action; now, therefore,
t>e it resolved, that Sheridan coun
ty. Montana, does accept the sum
of Three Hundred and no-100
($300) dollar? in full settlement
■ of all claims that are now or may
I taconiD due under and by virtue
I of the above entitled action and
I ir. full settlement of all claims
I 9. at
are or may become due the
plaintiff thereinunder and by
virtue of said action.
A. J. Olson, chairman of
the board of county
commissioners of Sheri-1
dan county, Montana.
Attest: Niels Madsen, ex-officio
clerk of the board of
county commissioners of
Sheridan county, Mont.
Edward Spoklie, member,
Carl Tange, member.
H « On motion, the was
■ ^ridan county, Montana, by
I m through its hoard of county
I r nTT1 ' ss '' oners ' hereby grants,'
I fransfer? ard conveys to the city
■ 0 Eentywood, Montana, for road
■ ^ street purposes, a tract of
I . described as follows: a strip
I siren to the city of Plentywood j
I hr street
I vrlf It 33 feet in width in the
I R p V *' Sf>c - 19, 35 » Ege.
I u„ E ' M - M » Sheridan county,
I ^ ana ' în the city of plenty -|
I Montana, commencing at the
I wV* Sout l' ern Avenue and
■ m • °f ï ' asater ' s Gardens, then
. nT ' n? southwest to the city lim
and adjacent to lot
°f Lasater's Gardens.
a ririp of land 33 feet in
tin , ruT1T1 ' T1? a westerly direc
Î * 071 tr the south side of lots
a . 5 cf Lasater's eardens in
^yof PlentywoGHi' Montana.
Soudan County, Montana,
A. J. Olson, chairman
°f the hoard of county,
P- m- the hoard r*
v until 9 o'clock a. m. Octo
Ijtj, " 0, riock a. m, October 3,
^ t c hoard resumed, all mem
the board and the clerk
At 9
nation, the following" claims
^ allows paid and the clerk
L to draw warrants there
m different funds;
General Fund
Employees, September salaries,
Plentywood Herald, county prin
tirg. $677.97.
Hans Larsen, witness fees, $1.50.
Elmer Hultgren, mileage, $4.20.
Donald Miller, witness fees,
L. G. Zeio *-' supplies, $25.55.
i Hans r*. M..—en, mileage, $18.
•Niels Madsen, mileage, $5.04.
Montana-Dakota Power Comp
any, lights, $61.29.
J. P. Olson, mileage, $115.56.
Paul Kurtz, mileage, $29.95.
Philomen Homme, salary, $18.
E. Belanski, justice fees,
Carl H. Peterson, salary and
! mileage, $62.21.
May Farris, salary, $36.00.
Employees, September salaries,
Mountain States Telephone and
Telegraph Co., rentals, $95.25.
Riba Land Co., office rent, $16.
a. C. Erickson, correspondent,
Carl H. Peterson, expense, $61.
Henry Harter, mileaye $121.25.
Andrew Olson coal. $33.46.
Lincoln Lumber Co., cement,
Niels Madsen, petty cash, $72.
Office Specialties Company, add
i n ~ machine. $65.00.
Henry O. Eaaen, mileage. $31
P. J. Sherry, registering elec
tors. $9.75.
Industrial Chemical Laboratories
McKee Pnnting Co., supplies,
Industrial Accident Board, pre
roiumB . $36.23.
American Law Book Co., law
$8 . 00 .
. A. .J. Langer, insurance. $51Æ0.
Lincoln Lumber Co., plante, $ 5 .
60 .
E. S. Koser. mileage. $12.04.
city of Plentywood. water. $20.-1
^ Lincoln Lumber Co., material.
.relief office, $89.92.
j Chri «5 Jensen, mileage. $30.30.
i Bender-Moss Co., law hooks,
Edward Spoklie, per diem and
A. J. Olson, per diem and mile-,
Tribune Printing Co., supplies.
1 $29.25.
Montana Asset. Co. Commis
sioners. membership fee. $25.00.
Robert L. Wheeler, salary, $101
H. P. Nichols, unloading relief
feed, $15.00.
mileage, $61.86.
age, $40.68.
Carl Tange, per diem and mile-1
age, $29.46.
O. J. Collins, salary, $60.00.
Road F^nnd 1
Paul O. Dell, road work, $33.60. '
Willard Hurts, road work, $31.139.
R. E. Alfson, road work, $102.
George Aasved, road work, $102. j
Carl Holje, grease and oil, $28.
O, O. Nesten, repair, $1.50. !
Donald Garrick, road wor k, $15. i
Bennie Onstad, road work, $24. j
Hardy P. Olfon, repairs, $22.75.
Community Oil Co., oil and gas,
$ 157 . 86 .
Niels Madsen, petty cash, $11.02.
Paul Hueth, road Work, $15.60.
Panther Oil Co., grease, $58.74.
Joseph Vogel, road work, $20.25.
Panther Oil Co., grease, $108.74,
Austin Western Road Machine
Go repairs, $17.16.
Wilfred Petersen, road work,
$ 17 . 50 .
Wilfred Petersen, road work,
$ 15 . 00 .
Lester Brenteson, road work,
Folmer Pedersen, road work,
$ 34 . 50 ,
chas. Ermatinger, road work,
1 $ 74 , 00 .
1 chas. Morey, road work, $13.
Peterson Co., repairs, $9.40.
j Karlson Motor Co., repairs,
$ 32 . 02 .
and oil,
Westland Oil Co., gas
i Outlook Implement Co., supplies.
Peterson Co., supplies, $585.
Karlson Motor Co., refund of
license, $10.
Lydia Dahlgaard, right of way,
Robert L. Wheeler, mielage,
Poor Fund
Old Age Pensions, October pen
rions, $312.00.
Mrs. P. J. Aklestad, care of pa
tients, $60.
H. A. Weer, allowance, $20.
Alice M. Grove, care of Mrs.
Dickey, $17.60.
M. P. Jackson, honse rent, $6.00.
c N. Rostad, prescription, $1.
Mrs. Joanne Kelly, house rent,
Andy G. Anderson, room
j board. T. Theiser, $15.
\ o. Hendrickson, house rent,
Sheridan Milling Co., feed for
-poor farm. $24,
j C. Storkan. salary and mile
ap-e. $56.58.
West's Cafe, meals. $0.50.
J. L. Sorem, groceries for poor
farm, $9.85.
-1 Lue Clayton, casket. Goodchild,
Lon Myars, house rent, $1»,
Mrs. A. V. Hopkins, house rent
Sheridan Memorial Hosp., ren*
and care, $419.70.
Hvelvn Miller, care of Mrs
Billet, $45.
• E. J. Luchau, house rent, $16
Not Much Nourishment in Thistles


* ■
si iii
* •?' y
% ~ • •>.
,"- v
' ' &
■ 5 ? '
« j
> if
m 'M
■ ,
Nevertheless, Russian thistles were the only crop in many sections of the
drought devastated regions, and this picture shows a farmer near Amarillo, Tex.,
harvesting a crop of this weed to use for fodder for his hungry cattle.
Mont. State Tuberculosis San.
supplies to patients, $7.36.
Lincoln Lumber Co., material for
poor farm, $5,05. i
M. M. Reinertson house rent
$6 50 ' '
. '
Jr 30 "' COal f ° r P °° r
arm > * •
Gonius Laursen, house rent, $5.
Mary E. Miller, care of O'Grady,
$30.00. I
Wm. Ertner, house rent, $5.' !
9 »
Peterson Co., supplies (or poor
farm, $37.26.
Fulkerson-Nelson Co., burial ex
pense, $110.
56 _ ,
Signe Bentsen, care of the Bergh
«"Mm, $30.
Niels Madsen, petty cash. $34.22.
Mrs. William Gabrielson, care of
Mrs. Van Pelt. $20.
m. M. Reinertson, house rent,
$ 10 .
gi Hanson, house rent, $10.
Gilt ^ Olsen, ^nsportation,
Oiav Gjesdal, house rent, $ 6 .
In£rwa i son Co groceries for
poorTarm $58.34 to ^
for F Rhodv
Elgin Cafe, meals for F. Rhod>,
Lars Hanson allowance, $5.
Dr. A. D McCannel, operation
and care, $129.
Montana State Tuberculosis San
itarium, care of patients, $93.
Alice Clawson, allowance, $25.
Edw. E. York, professional ser
vices, $40.
Margaret Beddor, medical up
I plies, $1.50.
L G Peterson supplies ' i- T
Theiser $10 ' ^ '
Samuel Dodd, salary, pool iarm,
Mrs. A. D. Coleman, house rent,
j Plentywood Drug, drugs for
poor, $7.63.
H, B. Cloud, surgical care, $50.
Old Age Pension, pensions for
October, $20.
Bridge Fund
Monarch Lumber Company, ma
terial, $10.24.
R, Hardesty Co., culverts, $496.
George T. Midby, bridge work,
Ruth L. Johnson, September
salary, $100..
Mountain States Telephone and
Telegraph Co., rental, $3.50.
Niels Madse^ petty cash $W0.
Mrs. L. E. Skor, salary, $4.20.
W. C. McClurg Co., books. $17.- ;
At 12 o'clock noon the board re
cessed until 2 o'clock p. m. '
At 2 o'clock p. m. the board
resumed, all members of the board
and the clerk present.
The examiner's report of the ex
amination of Sheridan county of
fices was read by the board and
considered. Reply to the state ex
aminer was made by the county
Library Fund
On motion, the monthly report
for the month of September, 1934,
of the sheriff, clerk of court and
clerk and recorder and the clerk's
trial balance for the month of
August, 1934, was approved.
a , .
At this time the board opened
and considered the oids received
for furnishing coal for county and
the bid submitted by Theo. Stor
aasli was accepted, the price was
$2.25 per ton.
County Agent *C. H. Peterson
appeared before tbe board with an
agreement for the continuance of
the temporary county agent. The
board signed the agreement.
On motion the following claims
were disallowed in full:
Frances P. Bucklin, house rent,
O. Brieby. $6.00; Olaf Gjestdal,
moving Mrs. Juve, $6.00.
At this time the board signed !
an agreement with the United
States Bureau of Biological Survey
for the sale of lots 5 and 6, Sec
8. S^NWV4, 17-31-57.
The hoard considered the appli-!
cation of Jens Jensen of Menno,
S. D., for a contract to pay the
delinquent taxes on the installment
plan of 20 payments in ten years:
on the following described land:
WHW%, SE^4NW %, NE^-l
SWH, 5, lot 1, Sec. 6, NWHNWU
8-34-52. and the application was
On motion, the following ?ecuri
ties were approved as security for
county funds on deposit with the
following banks:
First Natiorfil Bank. Reserve,
commercial bond. $2,000; Federal
farmers mortgage bond. $2,300;
county warrants. $2,422.97.
First National Bank and Trust
Co., Helena, state of Montana
bonds, $40.000; U. S. treasury
bonds, $55 000.
Security State Bank, Plenty
wood, county warrants, $12.478.64.;
At 5 o'clock p. m. the board ad
* I
The county road crew that has
been working around Hogeland
with the elevated grader for the
past few weeks has moved to Tur
ner where they will continue op
erations until freeze-up. The roads
have been greatly improved in this
The Willing Workers of Hoge
land are giving their annual ba
zaar at the church basement Nov.:
10. A deljcious chicken dinner will
be served at noon. The sewing
committee will sell hand made
clothes and faneywork in the af
ternoon. Everybody welcome.
' hi .
tere Mrs Sudan and Mre Hobbs
S' „"umedîrom Oklahoma
"l™ t heT^ bin ^siting reh
Sves. Se^TouS their
4 .i lprT1 w i lft wa<5 WP i.
comed heartilv bv the neonle 0 f
Hogeland as fhe has been absent
^y yeaS
; _ . _. -
„ ww HiSrt'w m™«! to
ÎÏ Y I district, have moved to
Hogeland where their children will
f w
en have rented the butcher
^ t Zl \
opened a respirant m which they
serve meals and short orders. The
Ho*eland l«ve long felt ,
n ®® d of a r estaurant and hope
a e \en ure wi e success
p- E. Ferguson, county agent,
be in Hogeland Wednesday
Abating allotment checks.
I There seems to be a bit of con
trovers v between the politican fac
Hons as to the value of the Fort
Peck project. Is it really a valu
a -b| e project or is it only a 'deck
pond" as Judge Bourquin states.
Well, public ouinion seems to sway
in favor of Senator Wheeler and
it is believed that this project will
benefit the whole northwest.
Dr. Montgomery and family of
Glasgoîw snent Sunday with rela
ties in Hogeland, Mr. and Mrs. G.
E. Jente.
There will be a movie at the
American Lutheran church * at
Thursday, Nov. 8 ,
sponsored by the same man who
^ ave t b e picture here last year,
It will be shown at Turner on
Wednesday, Nov. 7. This movie
j s a pj cture 0 f
an d we tnist that it will be en
j 0 yable to*e very one.
M tî Kn + j
, v. . , f ,
'_, . „ . , ,
t Jt* Ho ^ elaI,d at '
t ™ dcd . the Lutheran convention at
rrT, a v ^!" y Ruccep ^'
riy^Lt Wk"^
Charley Olson of this city,
0 as been seriously ill^ at the
. avre hospital, is rapidly improv
ir ^' and we h°Pe that she will be
well soon.
Nels Ameson was a business
j caller in Plentywood Tuesday.
Morris and Leonard Hovland
called at thc N A> - Ameson home
, „ ,
; ope ues ay>
Melvin Arr eacn visited at the
Math Hovland home Tuesday.
Fred Miller was seen in Ante
Ered Miller and Christ Buhl
were in Reserve Tuesday. Mr. ;
Miller bought a horse near Re
serve that day.
Morris Hovland and Fred Mill
er, Jr,, are working on the north
Coalridge road.
There was a large crowd at
Coalridge Thursday. The people
received their relief meat,
at the Henry Christianson,
Clmst Jenson and Jacob Lee homes
Melvin Ameson called at the
Andrew Christianson and Fred
Herman homes Saturday forenoon.
Mr. and Mm. Fred Miller and;
son Willie and Mrs. Math Hovland *
were Plentywood callers Saturday.!
A fair sized crow dgathered at
the N. A. Ameson home Saturday
evening. It was a surprise party
and the evening was spent play
ing whist and dancing,
Word has- been received that
Miss Elsie Dixon of Fortuna, N.
, D., and Chester Hovland are mar
ried. They w-re married at Malta,
Mont. Chester Hovland is a ne
I phew of Math Hovland of Arte
lope. At present Mr. and Mrs.
Hovland are at Saco. Mont.
Quite a few of the farmers a-;
: round here have received their al-1
llotment checks.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller and son
Freddie called at the N. A. Ame
son home Friday evening.
Melvin and Mrs. Ed Ameson
John Flakne and sisters accom
pamed Nels Thompson to the Fort
Peck dam.
Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson
and son Johnnie enjoyed dinner
with the H. A. Whitish famil Sun
Cecil Marlene, the McConnell's
agent, called in this vicinity last
Mr. Mrs. Rufus
children Were shopping in Plenty-'
wood Saturday and called on Mrs.
George Jockson. I
Harrv Whitish and Fd Rnlpns
Areher Friday !
WC " m .1" r „ JIt „ 1
f'rr ? J" U 1 ',
Wlutish and Eugene Kazeck at- ;
o'a th * da ? Ce " Plentywood ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed nolens and lit
tie Gordon, and Mrs. J. M. Whitish
were caller s at the Rufus Marks, !
Keith Har ^ Whitish !
homes Sunday. i
Mr - and Mrs. L. H. Kazeck and
accompanied Ole Flaknt
Mr and Mrs A1 Hardy are the ^
üa re n ts of Tbabl Ïrl TWs
STîSrd bov ^^^ud See Ss £
the «nrd boy and three girls in
the Hardy femily
Nds Ttompm
• Kazeck were
• Plentvwood Saturday 1
1 MilW oup of the case
, ■_ risitins'in this vicin-i
" 18 V1Cm "
Ted Nordhagen returned from
Fort Peck Saturday. Oral Larson
who accompanied him stayed at
the dam site.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Nelson were
in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Luther Hultgren and chil-l
dren are visiting at Minot while
their son is receiving medical care . 1
Arien Stageberg is home from '
Fort Peck.
Herman Anderson arrived home
from Chicago Saturday evening,
^ r * an( ^ Mrs. Floyd Dahl and
daughter Aurelia, and Stanley
Schansbee, all of Radcliff, Canada,
stopped at Westby Wednesday on
their way to Plentywood where
Miss Aureli a became the bride of
Mr. Schansbee.
Harold Larson and children
spent Sunday at the Pete Elling
son home.
1». Ladies' Aid supper was very
well attended Friday evening.
Ed Hess and family called at
the R. Stubbe home Saturday eve
Mrs. Carl Herman and Mrs. Bill
Herma " " lled at tha C - J - Jah "
son home Monday,
Mrs. Thone and daughter, Mrs.
Avery Hammer and children were
visitors at the R. Stubbe home
Rev. Almlie attended the Luth
er League program at Pleasant
Valley Friday evening.
ing wool batts, and Wave bed
i blankets, camp blankets, and auto
robes. We also re-card old wool
batts and sell blankets to those
who have no wool. We also want
1 a local agent.
j '
; |
1 • —
j a _ t _
J6nns0 I Ht ADstractroan
Omy the 5egt Abetmctg of Title
Plentywood, Montana
Fergus Palls, Minn.
.Phone 119
Practice in all Courts
Mrs. Pete Lee died last week in
Minnesota while visiting there with
her husband. She had been in
poor health for a long time. She
leaves to mourn besides her hus
band, four children, three daught
ers and one son. The funeral was
held Tuesday, Nov. 6 .
George Larsen visited with the
A. T. Larsen family last week and
left Saturday for Glasgow where
he is employed.
Chester Christensen was home
to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Art Christensen, last week. Ches
ter is working on the dam near
Clifford Christensen, who joined
the CCC a couple of weeks ago, if
now in California.
N. H. Damstrom has been called
out to the dam again where he
is employed as a carpenter.
Gladys Nelson of Plentywood
underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis Monday.
Lizzie Davis of Coalridge was
admitted to the hospital Monday
for medical treatment.
Leo McElroy was admitted to
the hospital Wednesday for med
ical treatment.
(Continued fhom page 1 )
fomia «re permitted to succeed in
an d later, "criminal syndicalism."
^ the monied interests of Cali- :
their attempt to legalize the Com
munist party and left-wing labor 1
OTio " s ' through eonvictions in these
caseSj th(re w „, follow r id|
next steps necessary to fascism: !
(I) the control of ALL labor un- 1
ions by the government and the
outlawing of boycotts, picketing'
and strikes; (2) the "purging" of
all libraries and institutions of the I
works of Marx, Lenin and other
great thinkers of radical social
change; (3) the fascization of all j
'cultural and social life; (4) the
gashing of all pacifist and anti
war movements; (5) th eabroga-i
1*on of the right of all classes to
^ and ^
^ their mad
ster a decaying economic system
they will bankrupt the small busi
ness man an< ^ farmer, militarize
the student and working youth and
depress the living conditions of all
to ^ ers to ^ owest standard.
Face Life Imprisonment'
That these are rot idle supposi
tions should be clearly seen from
dicalism" defendants face virtual
Hf e imprisonment for "editing,
publishing, printing, circulating
and displaying such literature as
"The Communist Manifesto," Marx
ard Engles; "A Call to the World
Congress Against War;" a leaflet
To meet Public Demand we handle the
Properly Refrigerated and quickly dispensed.
Call at our Parlor today.
The Hub
Low Fares O TRAVEL
Ask Your
Weekly Specials
Beginning Saturday, Nov. 10
Pink Salmon, tall can ..
Red Pitted Cherries, No. 10 can.
Loganberries, No. 10 can .
Rippled Wheat, 10 oz. pkg.
Empress Coffee, 1 lb. can.
Empress Coffee, 2 lb. can . . .
Blue Barrel Laundry Soap, 6 bars for
Palmolive Soap, 4 bars for .
Van Camp's Vegetable Soup.
Van Camp's Tomato Soup, 3 cans for
Macaroni, 5 lb. pkg..
Marshmallows, 1 lb. pkg. ..
Vienna Sausage, 4 oz. can.
French's Mustard, 6 oz. jar.
Farmers Co-op. Assn.
A Cooperative Store
entitled "Men of the C.C.C. Elect
Camp Committees! Fight War Pre
parations!" and in the statement
of Judge Dal M. Lemmon that
strikes, as such" are not so far
unlawful," but that "picketing is
On Nov. 8 will begin this trial,
where labor's fundamental rights,
so long and bitterly fought for,
will stand trial before the tribun
als of monopoly-industry and fin
ance-capital. Only widespread pro
test to Sacramento and state au
thorities can assure even a sem
blance of a fair trial.
There is little time to lose. Mail,
phone, wire your protest today to
Judge Dal M. Lemmon and Dis
trict Attorney Neil R. McAllister,
county court house, Sacramento;
to Governor Merriam and Attorney
General U. S. Webb, capitol build
ing, Sacramento.
We urge you to bring this ap
peal before your union local, fra
: ternal or church organization for
! protest action.
Send defense funds to the con
ference for Labor's Civil Rights,
1095 Market Street, San Francis
co, Calif. Further information can
be supplied from this address.
In District Court, of the Fif
! teenthe Judicial District of the
State of Montana, in and for the
surance Company, a corporation,
Hans P. Madsen, Executor of,
the Estate of Elmer V. Bergh. de- 1
ceaS ed; Jess H. Voorhees; O. A.:
Aspelund; L. S. Olson; W. E. ■
Pierce; Plentywood Holding Com-1
pany, a corporation; E. H. Dum-|
mer; Sheyenne Oil & Gas Com*;
pany, an insolvent corporation,!
and G. E. Wagner, trustee in
bankruptcy thereof, and Jack Ben
nett, defendants,
sends greetings to the above nam
ed defendants and to each of them.
You are hereby summoned to
answer the complaint in this ac
tion which ^ in the office of
the Clerk of this Court, a copy of
'which is herewith served upon one
of you in each County wherein
any of you reside, and to file your,
answer and serve a copy thereof
upon the plaintiff's attorney with
in twenty_days after service of
this Summons, exclusive of the day
of pervice; and in case of your
failure to appear or answer, judg
you, by
default, for the relief demanded in
the complaint.
Action by plaintiff against above
named defendants for the foreclo
County of Sheridan.
Northwestern National Life In
sure of a mortgage executed
March 11th, 1919, by Elmer V.
Bergh, and wife, to State Bank of
Redstone, for $2,500.00, securing
promissory note in that amount,
and mortgaging the S%SE)4, the
E%SWA4, Sec. 9, NE14NW14,
S%NW%, and NWttSW 1 /* of Sec.
16, all in Twp. 35 N., of Rge. 52
E. M. M. f plaintiff alleging the
sale of note and mortgage to it.
Demand is made for $1,800.00 and
interest, taxes paid by the plain
tiff, abstract charges, court costs
and attorney's fees, all of which
more fully appears in plaintiff's
complaint, herewith served upon
you, and to which reference is
hereby made for further particu
Witness my hand and the sea!
of said Court this 3rd day of No
vember, 1984.
(Seal of the District Court)
C. B, Peterson, Clerk.
D. C. Peterson, Deputy Clerk
Plentywood, Montana,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
(Nov. 9-16-23-30)
In the matter of the Etate of
Emma Vogel, Deceased.
by the undersigned, administrator
of the estate of Emma Vogel, de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all ».
persons having claims against the
said deceased, to exhibit them with
the necessary vouchers, within .
four (4) months after the first
publication of this notice, to the
said administrator at tbe law of
fices of Howard M. Lewis, Es
quire, at Plentywood, Montana, the
rame being the place for the trans
action of the business of said es
tate, in the County of Sheridan.
Dated October 15. 1934.
Administrator of the
Estate of Emma Vogel,
' ■ '
•L :
■' V
4.40 x 21
4.50 x 20
4.75 x 19
5.00 ç
' . ^
x 19
Subject fo eftonff* without
notice and to any Govern -
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