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Mr and Mrs. Geo. Andersen ar
rived' from California Thursday,
rst. 8Pent tKe ° n
lasT^heatricaTproduction^e?! In
tertalned at dinner at the Johan
sen cafe, and a theatre party at
the Orpheum in Plentywood last
Thursday evening, by a group of
local people.
Mrs Hunter returned to her
home ' at Glasgow Friday after
having spent a few weeks at the
home*of her daughter, Mrs. Ray
Bernhard Neilsen returned from
Glasgow Thursday. Mrs. Neilsen
returned with him as he has taken
a lease on a residence in Wheeler.
Bernhard has secured mployment
on the project there.
The Farmers Co-op. Assn, re
ceived a carload of tractors Wed
nesday, making the second car of
tractors they have dispossed o
Ä Mr g s
H P M^dren and äy Sunday. '
Mesdamlk Eversom Lyngaaa,.
Eidaness Holje Angvick and Lund j
attended' alow^'givefvehna
Clark in Antelope Thursday.
Mrs. Robert Henderson enter
tained a number of ladies Friday
afternoon honoring Mrs. Hunter, L
who has been a guest of her daugh f
ter, Mrs. Ray Kallak. The after
noon was spent in sewing. Guests
were Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Kallak,
Mrs. Eidsness, Mrs. Riley and
Mr The C Wake e ia r c^b sponsored an
open meeting Tuesday evening in
the school house. A good attend-1
ance was present. There were num
bers by the band, a solo by Joe
Carpenter, Miss Crockett spoke in
the interests of the tubercular
work being done in the county, and
Rev Clifford of Plentywood, gave
a short talk on peace. The pro
gram Was in charge of Mesdames I
Vilen, Groskurth and Gibbons. I
There was a large attendance of I
farmers at the meeting held Sat-1
urday afternoon in the Community
hall. Speakers were Mr. Peterson I
of Bozeman, and Reg. Tyler, rep- I
resenting the allotment ooard. 1
Mrs. Chris Olsen left Monday I
morning from Williston, for Hal
lack. Minn. She was called here
to attend the funeral of her sister- I
in-law, Mrs. Henry Groskurth. She
has been visiting relatives here for
two weeks. I
Mrs. Peter Groskurth, who has I
been ill the past feW days is now
much better.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Alfson of
Williston were in town on business
Leonard Petersen, 11-year-old
of Jake Petersen was taken to |
the Plentywood hospital Sunday
suffering from pneumonia.
Everett White of Bemidji, Minn. I
arrived Friday and will spend the
summer working onjbe Joe Wall
konis farm west of town. I

urrcTDv «
Mrs. Melvin was pleasantly sur
g rised last Monday afternoon in
onor of her birthday anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson and
son Harold of Comertown were in
Westby Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmar Westgaard
of Pleasant Valley called on West
by friends Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Iverson and
daughter, Mrs. Oliver Bruce Were
county seat callers Wednesday.
Mrs. Bill Anholt accompanied
her daughter Alpha to Archer on
Monday. Misa Anholt remained to
finish her school term and Mrs.
Anholt returned Thursday morn
ing. The many friends of Miss
Anholt will be pleased to learn she
is well enough to take charge of
her school again.
County Superintendent Aasheim
of Plentywood visited the Westby
schools Thursday.
John Rice and son Lewis of Mc
Elroy were Williston callers Wed
Mrs. Gust Stubbe had as dinner
guest Thursday, Mrs. Bill Anholt
of Elkhorn township.
Rev. and Mrs. Almlie were in
Plentywood Thursday visiting with
friends and doing some shopping.
Filing Offet and son Ted, of
Overland, Sask., were Westby call
ers Thursday.
Frank Anderson and son of Com

attended to business affairs
in Westby Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Holst, Ira
and Margaret,
shoppers Tuesday.
Wednesday^TOm^noTwhere the
tO u Ok state examinations for
Mr. and Mrs. Ted XÄ" the
tended to J?*
county Wedne y^ Blue I
™ were wlÄsiness call
^Mw.^al/and children of New
Deal are visiting Westby relatives
and friends this week.
Mrs. Lydia Blair, Lucille K*«
mussen and Mr. and Mrs. Chns-1
tianson of Alkabo Were among the
Westby visitors Thursday.
Alfred Flaskrud of Peerless was
a Westby business caller this
we ek. Howard Rasmussen accom-1
panied him back to help with the
spring work.
ch ag . Erickson and Dick Ras
mu8sen 0 f Alkabo transacted busi-1
ne3? at Westby Friday.
M chas. Johnson and Burton
spent Friday and Saturday at the
home of Mrs. Elias Olson of Elk-1
^ Luther Hult(cren , Mr8 . Pau l |
Hultgren accompanied Anton Dit
marson to Williston Friday.
Saturday afternoon Miss Gun
hild Nelson of Elkhorn and Mr.
Sims of Raymond were quietly
married at the parsonage by
Rev. Mellby of Westhy.
Friends gave a farewell party
at the Nels Thorpe home Sunday
afternoon in honor of Ray Peter
L on and family who are leaving
f or Seattle to make their home,
They were given a purse as a gift,
Saturday afternoon Miss Anna
H agen and Harry Lagerquist were
qu ietly married at Plentywood.
Victor Johnson of Fort Peck
We ® k end ** V
' ,
Jimmy Moore returned Saturday
from the West where he had spent
the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Läwis Jorgensen of
McElroy attended the opening
dance at the Westby pavilion Sat
I urday night.
I Mrs. H. Crockett, executive sec
I retary of the Montana Tubercule
sis Association and Mrs. D. Bur
Heigh gave a talk Wednesday at
I the high school on tuberculosis.
I Miss Alois H°^ a ^d spent Sun
1 day as guest at the Thoen home at
I Elkhorn.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin, Marlys,
Mr. and Mrs. Merrel left Saturday
I for a few days visit at Fort Peck,
Russell Mitchell left Sunday for
Archer to bring Miss Alpha An
I holt home.
I Mrs. Almlte is a patient at a
I Williston hospital,
****** *********
Christ Hovland Wa s a visitor at
the Ed Spoklie and the Nels Arne
son homes Tuesday, He also was
a ca ller at Coalridge on Tuesday,
Mossis Hovland and Boll Goff
were Plentywood callers last Sun
Christ Hovland was a Plenty
wood caller Wednesday.
J. O. Brensdal was a Coalridge
Westby caller Wednesday.
M rg . Gust Westrup visited at the
Fred Miller home Tuesday.
Saturday callers at the N. Arne
1 son home were Christ Buhl, Alfred
Johnson and sons Joy, Robert and
Walmer, also Mrs. G. W. Westrup
and son Willie.
Christ Buhl Svas a Sunday caller
al the Gust Westrup home,
Sunday callers at the Arneaon
home were Fred Herman, Orville
and Harold Miller, Mrs. G. West
nip and daughters Freda and Mil
dred, Mr, and Mrs. Bill Goff and
daughter Dorothy and Christ H¥v
Christ Buhl purchased a Model
T last week,
A few farmers in this vicinity
were in the fields this week but
in most cases the land was -too wet
to Work.
Continue CCC Camps
Governor Elmer Holt has re
ceived a wire from Senator B. K.
Wheeler in answer to his query to
the effect that the Bureau of Rec
lamation hag approved continuance
from April 1 to September 1 of
OCÇ camps at Sidney, Rabb, Fair
field and on the Huntley project
at Ballantine. At the request of
Governor, Senator Wheeler
has also taken up the request for
continuance of Yellowstone camp.
P i an s have been completed for
& . schools
SrJ tfachers^win have Xrge of
^ie work of the first six grades
I and four teachers will have charge
of^P ff ^eyer
to™f Üm firstHn^ond grades,
I ghe wjll a i so have charge of the
I ^ 0(K j w in(f section of the junior
and senior orchestras.
M iss Inez Waddell win serve
her secon d year as instructor ot
t he third and fourth grades, bne
will direct the jumor and senior
I orchestras m addition to g
charge of the string sections
both orchestras.
I Miss Cora Vang will he
[fourth year s ghe will
fifth charge of art in the
also ® H etXh grades
se Ä h ^isllben will have the
.^thematics and history
, uDper six grades. Junior
knd senKass plays will be un
| h 8 ^ection.
j^r. Charles Johnson "will have
courses in general science, biology,
ge ometrp. world history, phys.ol
ogy, agriculture, civics and geog
rap hy. Mr. Johnson will also have
charge of boys athletics,
Miss Alina Negman.agraduaj
of Concordia college of Mo »
Minn., will Have charge of t
English classes, be .
grammar. She will also have
charge of vocal music and decu
mation. She will assist the brass
win . d 8ect l 0n ^ °f MUt^Neumann
senior orchestras. Miss Neumann
haa a h} a J or ln Knglish . n<l .
m m" 8 Chester Leach, who is a
« raduate , th « "««a
college of Grand Forks, N. D.,
of Concordia college of Moorhead,
Minn., will have courses in typing,
shorthand, bookkeeping, history
an d spelling and penmanship,
Typing will be offered to seniors.
shorthand will be offered to the
juniors and seniors. Bookkeeping
will be offered to sophomores and
juniors. Mr. Leach will assist
Mr. Johnson with the coaching
WO rk an( j w ni a i 80 assist With the
brass wind sections of the junior
anc | senior orchestras,
Sportsmen from Sheridan coun
ty and members of the Montana
Sportsmen's Assn, will go to Cul
bertson Sunday for a general
meeting of that organization.
Chairman R. G. Lo*we of the
State Fish and Game Commission
will attend and the Culbertson
sportsmen will put on a feed.
»■X- > ^ ,X;-- -DC-'- f. «*■
• v j ■ . ■
•; I
>> <
- ■ ^
U i 1
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■ X
J' ■ "
■ ,•
CtmsMm NêtUmt
TcomJTnyVlll t o h ! eu tÄ0t0 ; i !V or trÄd,n » P° #t « of the Hudson's Bay
names? One of the ofd y e 9 t he r H 0r,8,nÄ, i ,ltw Än(1 beÄP thi,p o ^ *fl ,n|l,
above, it is York Factort* lm Portsnt of thsso la pictured
«orth bank of the Havl/V 1 W# i # f ?, undÄd ,n 1d? 2 and stands on the
thA point where the river *? A Ma " ,tobÄ about ihre# miles from
•cine of much strife »«h 1 Hud#on Bay* The fort waa the
fcrttuh and French for th. o^CanadaT ,trUM ' # ^
Never Too Young for Health P
gm v
si:®:: ■
' ■ ■'
•»R yy.y.-y r yy/&à*Pm §
• » •

; : :x
/ :
■ '-y'
. '
Il M
■'yÿ . ■' ■
ipbls baby nonchalantly watches
(he doctor give her the tuberculin
test It will reveal whether any
tubercle bacilli have found a home
In her body. If « 0 , an X-ray will be
taken of her chest to determine
whether damage has been done to
her lungs. Before the age of 15
few serious cases of tuberculosis
More Than 2,000 Men
at Work on Highway#
Commission Reports
Highway construction work in
Montana is progressing rapidly.
The semi-annual report of the
State Highway Commission, shows
a total of 2,186 men employed by
contractors on highways on Apnl
1. Of this number 2,133 were
Montana men and 53 were from
out of the state. Montana's per
centage of employes was 97.53 per
cent. Of the 53 outsiders 37 were
employed in a supervisory capacity
and did not perform actual labor.
Of the 2,186 men, 209 were ex
service men with dependents. All
were registered with the U. S. re
employment service.
With the open weather now pre
vailing, D, A. McKinnon, chief en
gineer of the commission said that
the number of employes Vrithin the
next 60 days will be more than
The honor roll for the Dagmar
high school for the 6th six weeks
period consists of Niels Miller, Sig
rid Christensen, 'Lillian Lodahl
and Peter Sorenson.
develop, hut the «eefe
early In life. Tubercule* Jj
Hons throughout the coun-Tj
now conducting an "Early jü
nosls Campalgn" to emphuha Î
Importance of detecting thetj
In Its seedling stage 10 thatZ
tlve measures may be tike ïï
vent Its active developnet "
It Brought a CnwJ
TACOMA, Wash.— Doublt J
hall's capacity showed op *
the school board denied tbe J
torium to Anna Lou* StrJ
Federated Press Moscow cj
spondent, and the Odd FtU
held (Ait on their meeting pU
because she was to lectired
Soviet Russia and World Pd
The third hall had to tnnU
dredg away.
Big Business, Miss StiJ
said does not want America]
know the amazing prograift
ward abundance for ill aifct
the Soviet Union under prods
•tion for use instead of forgd
for SALE
battery RADIOS
For ComM' ^

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