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,ied ft 0 ® 1 . ,
up Us hand l»ck
. * ^Jwrdingly on that
9 justes fWr naa w
To win is the
the old county o*
the P° lk P icked
ft* So- he was not
tî» I e * licially as in the
«''fwteSer who refused
MT*, hoop when
«iptfthe whip. Harry
Vjfwm the knock out
» Selection, two years
^ I« was too strong,
gbeeler ,,j c j a i Si the lit
«^ifare slipping- such
Sheriff Hans Madsen
, /nerk and Recorder
a. feels them to be
itfSA the ticket, but
overboard and
fjSwtte old canoe at the
his problem. _
filterable rumination
j. an his ticket, he did
, tfi a U y of the old demo
it ^ horses such as Guen
■ in« and McKee. He did
& advice. He had his,
0i .« Pridav Olson's bosom
«V- H °ut 8tea h
* to legislature, although
w teen a Me long Repub
1^5 nartv big shot in the
Ä JS. For £' ler ' s T'
fJJaie selected Représenta
tif Peterson of Westby tor
Li ■ whom Harry was not
whom be figured
for bat
mot defeat.
had his commis
Hunter of Dooley,
Republican the last
r; f îi e as a democrat for re
fc Edward Spoklie the Polk
Candidate for commissioner
Ldemocratic ticket last elec
Uj 0 m Polk and Olson doubled
L and defeated by secretly
Long Hunter, has filed again
as a
bt office against Hunter,
the republican
is time on
So far, very good.
the Clerk & Recorder sit
was not so simple for the
For Comfort, Safety
ind Economy ••••••
^ See Your
I :
"Bob" Smith
— for —
and Workers
obligated TO
,' The Farm
ers and
Candi da te"
little corporal. He was doubtful a
bout Niels Madsen who has served
him well in the past, but
not so
well lately. And what was worse
Niels had faults, bad onel There
is a growing conviction in the nub
he mind that it is high time that
Niels retire from office. He has
been there a long, long time, and
is getting crabby at times and has
illusions of grandeur, sometimes
thinking he is a greater man then
the little corporal himself. Again
at times, when in his cups, and
that is most of the time lately he
makes sarcastic and insinuating
remarks about Polks printing bills
and sometimes even dares to com
pete with Harry for the actual
control of the commissioners
themselves. Harry has engineered
a scheme a couple of times to get
Niels to resign or to have
county board remove for cause,
but Niels was not so easy to han
dle—Niels knew so much about
Harry, his commissioners and their
doing that they did not dare to
sail. However, Niel s illusion
grandeur and imperial poses
noyed and vexed the little Dakota
Corporal. He had to rid the ticket
of him if possible but he feared
that if he openly gave Niels the
axe. Niels would squeal and thus
eliminate the Dagmar vote from
all the Polk candidates. Harry had
to be slick and he was. He
vived with Chris Christiansen,
county assessor, another Polk pick
ed court house official whose office
has been abolished by the amalga
mation of offices put over by the
commissioners, who, too, has quite
a pull with the Danes, to file for
Clerk & Recorder against Niels,
with the arrangement that Harry
would pretend to support Niels
while secretly carrying on a whis
pering campaign against him and
by this trick eliminate Niels with
out an irrepution while nominat
ing Chris.-It was the game he and
his clique played on Ed. Spoklie
last campaign.
Niels was over to the Hot
Springs taking the baths when
this scheme was hatched, getting
in shape for the campaign. The
plan seemed to be working fine
until Robert Wheeler the county
surveyor, not a Polk picked offi
cer, who the county commissioners
took off the pay roll because
Wheeler refused to make
contribution to Polk, filed for
Clerk & Recorder. This upset all
of Harry's calculations, for if
Niels and Chris were the only
candidates for the democratic nom
ination, one or the other were
bound to be nominated: if Chris
won, fine and dandy, but if Niels
came out on top again, Harry was
prepared to do the best he could
to get along with him. But Wliee
ler's candidacy made a three cor
nered fight—with the Dane vote
split, the chances favored Whee
ler's nominaation. To make bad
matters worse, Niels his mind
cleared up at the baths, woke up
to Polk's game and emitted a
squawk that made the wilkins
ring. He comemnced to yammer
about Polk's printing claims, a
bout the printing that is being
done illegally, over in Harry's
printing shop in Williston; he
meowed about certain labor and
gas claims, and hinted at other
things which sent the shivers
down Chairman Olson's spine.
This altered the situation. When
Niels showed his teeth it was not
long before Polk and his machine
dropped Chris as a candidate and
started hitting the trail for Niels
in earnest. Olson is out campaign
ing to beat the band for him now.
The Polk clique folded up quick,
So Niels dossed his yap and all
hands nTV d the cook are out in the
hustings beating the hush to beat
Bob Wheeler. Chris has been as
sured, however, that he will be
taken care of with the appiont
ment of county treasurer in case
of Niels' nomination and election.
Now Chris ia. reported to be out
hirnadf plugging for Niels by hn
! frn g up the Dane vo te.
The nomination of Wheeler, how
ever, and the defeat of Hunter
would just about wreck thePolk
merhhw. The prim«* wfll tell
the tala.
Sheriff Hans Madsen anymore.
Not » 1 * 0 » he has much against him,
outside of his hanoing aver so
many Sheriffs Sale Notices to the
Redstone Review, but because he
realizes that Hans i» rapidly sap
ping and is actually a he avy teao
for the Polk machine to carry. But
the situation is such, that Harry
did not dare take risk to ditch
Hars at this time. But it is remg
whispered about that Harry and
his stooges arc quietly throwing
their support to another democra
tic candidate m hopes of éliminât
ing Hans in the primaries. How
ever, most of the wise ones dis
count this. It is also said Polk has
a candidate for Sheriff on the Re
Publican ticket
his democratic
to fall back on if
Pa1 . candidate fails.
Court k r has . "if 0 picked Clerk of
tion to Z\ P « terson for reelec
teen a nr *, offlce - Carl has «1*0
a Dowcrff,! °? g republican and is
J ote getter. He chang
füed "fÄ^V 00 * 11118 y ear " d
iiieu for the domecratic nomina
tion along with the rest of the
oik picked candidates, much to
n® rage of his old Republican
friends who now vow revenge on
die renegade in November. Carl
as no opposition for the nomina
So Polk has his candidates all lin
fcd up on the democratic ticket
wnich he hopes to nominate July
21, and sleet November thus sec
uring himself in the possession of
the county printing contract for
the year to come and seeing that
all the legal publication go to his
paper in the future.
And by the way, it i s reported,
that to m ake sure of the printing
contract a s well as all of the le
gate, Harry is dealing for the pur
of the Redstone Review
which he proposes to consolidate
with his Plentywood Herald, thus
eliminating possible competition.
The control of the board of
County Commissioners, with the
control of the Clerk & Recorder's
office, now that the office of
sessor and treasurer has been con
solidated with it, will make Harry
Polk a power, a very Hitler as it
wore, In Sheridan county. And it
is for this that tho little Napoleon
from Williston is bidding for with
all his energy.
But folks coming in from the
precincts report that there is a
very powerful and growing senti
ment out on the farms to "clean
the court house" this campaign.
Hundreds of voters feel that the
Polk picked candidates have been
on the political pap long enough
and should move along and give a
of the Holiday Association, and
Henry R. Smith of the Executive
Committee of the Farmers Union
are colaborating and are rqpres
ting their respective organization
in calling of this important mass
meeting, and they in the name of
their organizations urge every
farmer, and worker in the three
counties who possibly can, to al
neighbor a chance.
Fat paid jobs with little work
that most anybody can do are
scarce now days and numerous vo
ters feel that there is no reason
why that a favored clique should
hold these fat jobs forever and
live on the luxuries of the land.
So election day there may be some
Over in the republican primar
ies there is only one contest and
that is for the nomination of
Sheriff. Robert Smith who calls
himself the farmers' and work
ers' candidate and proclaims that
he wears no man's collar is being
opposed for the nomination by
Paul Kurtz, retiring county trea
surer. It will be a close race be
tween them.
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formulate relief activities in this
It is expected that a Large num
ber of farmers and workers from
Roosevelt and Daniels Counties, as
weU as Sheridan County will at
A. N. Wankel, State Secretary
Dance Aft» Meeting
In the evening after the meet
ing there will be a dance at the
Blue Moon Tavern east of Plenty
wood at which the Dream Band,
popular orchestra of this section of
the country will play for the en
tertainment of tiie young people
and those who may care to att end .
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forage crops are seeded at this
time for either hay or pasture will
not be re-classified.
Any operator availing hims elf
of these privileges will be entitled
to full payment on t he lâ per
cent only, in other words the op
erator will not receive a Class 2
payment (of $1.00 per acre) on ad
ditional soil building acres in ex
of the 15 per cent of the soil
depleting base.
Each operator taking an advan
tage of any of these special pro
visions must first file a written
request with the County Allot
ment Committee.
The employes of the Minar Mo
tor Company, striking because of
the refusal of the company to re
new its agreement with Mech
8 ". c , 8 Union. Lçcal 882, won their
strike last Friday (June 26) when
the boss signed the agreement. A
bout 20 men were affected by the
smke, but about 2000 auto mech
anics were concerned with the suc
cess of the strike, and here is the
reason for the compliance of the
Minar Motor Gomapny to the
Unions demand.
mijninlaeüLIS, JULY 4th—
JSE* Æm a î d ü J .°] ln
victims of Bloody Friday" during
the strike in 1934 when po
lice armed with sawed-off shot
guns killed the twe and wounded
ïïmonh ? ^ u ™ om8ts -
^ emb . ered m J he second annual
demonstration staged by 674 in
their honor. The anniversary of
their shooting falls on July 20, but
the memorial serivee will be held
Saturday afternoon, July 18, on
the spot at which they fell, 3rd
Street North and 7th Avenue.
Rex Haight
Democratic Ticket
State Superintendent
—Paid Pol. Adv.
Ernest L. Walton
Candidate for District Judge
The following news comment quotations are taken from
the newspapers in the towns in which Ernest L. Walton has
maintained law offices at different times during the past 20
"The news of the filing as a candidate for district judge of the
15th judicial district, by Mr. Walton will be received with pleasure
by the large number of friends and acquaintances throughout the
district who have for some time, past urged him to become a candi
date for this high office." (The Medicine Lake Wave.)
"Attorney Walton has resided in this area since 1908. He was ad
mitted to the practice of law in 1916, and in 1927 admitted
tice before the Supreme Court of the United States.
"Those who know Atty. Walton recognize his sincerity and abil
ity and his candidacy will receive the support of many. 1
Popular Standard.)
to prac
"To those who are acquainted with Mr. Walton's work
attorney, he is known as hard working and painstaking in everything
he undertakes. He is a deep student of law and is thorough in his
preparation for any work at hand. He is well qualified for the judicial
position he seeks." (The Wolf Point Herald.*
"We do not know any attorney in the district who enjoys a wider
range of acquaintanceship than does Mr. Walton, this is to a great
extent occasioned by the fact that he is what one may term a *locai'
boy, having resided at Bainville since his early 'teens. During his 28
years of residence here he has conducted himself in a manT^r fh*t has
i the respect and admiration of all his acquaintances." (The
i: ville Democrat). _
"Ernest L, Walton is one of the most outstaning «ryj successful
lawyers in this district, during the 20 years he has practiced law in
the district he has forged to the top in his profession, he ha# proven
his ability, demonstrated his wide knowledge of law and the unustnJ
facility of administering it. He has made for himself a reputation of
being 'four -quare' in his every dealing, he s a hard fighter. He is
held in the highest esteem by his fellow members of the bar, all these
c~v ined qualifications make Ernest L. Walton an ideal candidate for
office of judge." (Roosevelt County News.)
(Pub. and paid for by E. L. Walton)
as an
* *y

Rev, J. Lindlej
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
No church services.
Orval A. Schmidt, Pastor
Services Sunday, July 19th:
Reserve, 9 a.m.
Plentywood Children's
9:45 a. m.
Plentywood, 11 a. m.
Dooley, 2:30 p. m. The Dooley
Ladies Aid will have an Ice Cream
oocial at the church at the same
Raymond, 7 p. m.
The Men's Club will meet on
Thursday, July 23rd. Please notice
tke change of date for this meet
mg which will be in the form of
a Picaic. Further announcements
will be made later.
Services, Sunday July 26th:
Antelope, 9 a. m.
Plentywood Children's
9:45 a. m.
Plentywood. 11 a. m.
Outlook: Services and Ladies
Aid at the Lux home at 2:30 p.
Carl Holje
Republican Ticket
Primaries July 21st.
—Paid Pol. Adv.

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