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From the Asheville Citizen
Times: If we did not have the
poor with us, we'd have to manu
facture them for the good of so
ciety, because helping the needy
provides a means of spiritual edu
Well. all right, if that's the
way you feel about it.
• • ♦
Mr. Henry Baker, President
General of the National Society of
the Sons of the American Revolu
tin: I am fearful that mapy peo
ple think the teachers' oath solves
the question. Do not put your
faith in this oath. The only solu
tion is to select teachers who have
the proper background. Our at
tention should he concentrated up
on those who select the teachers.
We must influence them to ap
point only those who are 100 per
cent in their beliefs and practices.
* « *
Why not just close the
schools and let's all join the
Boy Scouts?
* ♦ •
C. R. Perry, secretary of Rotary
International: It is a man' duty
to himself, to his family, to Ro
tary and to society that he use
Rotary in his business.
* * •
Do you use Rotary in your
business, Mr. Dunne? Ah,
ah, there, Mr. Dunne, I
thought not.
♦ ♦ *
Letter to the Rotarian
zine: I attended the Rotary Inter
national Convention in Atlantic
City. After meeting those won
derful people from all parts of the
world, I am convinced the word
"foreign" should be stricken from
all Rotarian dictionaries.
• ♦ ♦
Except "foreign" agitators
—you couldn't do without
National City Bank of New
York, in its curent monthly letter:
285 corporations made in the first
half of 1936 a combined net profit
of $564.000.000—a 62.8 per cent
gain over the same period in 1935.
Papa Charlie Coughlan: SO
# According to the National
City Bank, the corporations
have done right well under
the communist in the White
♦ ♦ ♦
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: If
this country wonts to learn how
many people really believe in pre
paredness, it might try support
ing the army and navy by volun
tary subscriptions.
♦ * ♦
No—we'd still have as gi
gantic an army and navy, be
cause the rich want it—biit
under such an arrangement,
the rich would have to pay for
it. Today, we all have to pay
dollars, for instance.
♦ * *
Stamford. Conn.: Paul and Mar!
year, over a billion
Shulman, 14 and 10, have nickeled
the home of their parents for three
days, demanding $1 a week allow
ance, and no hand-scrubbing for
noonday meals. They bore a ban
ner reading, "Our Parents are Un
fair." Today Mr. and Mrs. Shul
man gave in.
♦ ♦ ♦
There's nothing like start
ing voung to fight for your
♦ ♦ ♦
Newark, N. Y.: Thirty-three
boys from 14 to 17 yesterday went
on strike for higher wages. They
are hot-dog salesmen at Weiqua
hic Park. Their leader, 16-year
old Rubie Hirschorn, said, "We
used to engage in fist fights
Now we can get to
The owner gave in to the
strikers' demands today,
♦ ♦ *
From the Minneapolis Star: The
only man in the U. S. Navy to
hold both an M. D. and a D. D.
S. degree is a former University
of Minn, graduate. He's worked
on the mouths of Roosevelt,
Hoover and Coolidge and claimes
Hoover's was the worst.
♦ • •
Yeh, the fat boy wins out
even over that stiff competi
Pay your subscription for the
Producers News now.
The Machine Age
In PolitiCS ft L . Maury
The recent primary of the Demo
cratic Party in Montana marked
a new era in Montana politics. The
spectacle is familiar of political
machines run by Marcus Daly, W.
A. Clark, F. A. Heinze, the Ana
conda Company, etc. Admitting
their subversive influences, they
did put money of the plutocracy in
circulation among the needy. A
new variety of political machine
is being developed which by Janu
ary first may become entirely
automatic, running solely on the
money of the taxpayers without
need of any extrinsic corporate
It ha s been said, "The Republi
can Party is a party. The Demo
cratic party is a fued." The Oxi
lotl is first a fish; its transforma
tion to a land living lizzard is
gradual. Each of the three fued
ist groups of "Democracy" in Mon
tana in the last campaign was
partially supported by the Big
Business but each was receiving
vital financial sustenance from the
taxpayers' money. A complete
transition seems -close at hand
when virtually all the campaign
money will come from the tax
payers. Only "moral" and press
help will be given by the large
corporations. Instead of direct
money payments for prostitution
of governments, the professionals
will receive only "theater tickets
and buggy rides" from "entrench-1
ed Greed."
The recent Holt Fuedists (now
deceased in name but whose
stituents will join the Wheeler
Ayers machine in a rush for the
trough next November) were aid
ed by the Northern Pacific and
Anaconda Companies, hut their
powerful Flying Squadron was
composed of Republicans and
Democrats alike who drew salar
ies out of the Whiskey Profits,
had expense accounts paid from
the same fund, and often rode
their campaigning circuits in State
cars. Mitchell for Secretary of
State and Holmes for Auditor and
their deputies were factors in this
machine. The penitentiary guards
were of this fighting force.
The Ronney Feudists were also
prospered hv public money,
quote Mr. Romney he employed
much of his time traveling
United States officeholder making
"contacts" throughout the State
for a year or more before he filed
for . Governor. Romney was
Charlie Millers candidate for gov
ernor. This machine was aided by
Mitphell and Holmes. Its legal
advisors were Rankin (republican)
and Ford (republican). Miller's
meteoric career in sucking state
moneys commenced with a success
ful executive and legislative attack
on the monopoly of state, county
school district fire insurance enjoy
ed for thirty years by the Pacific
Board of Fire Underwriters. Ob
taining a monopoly for the Pearl
of London on all state public in
surance, he supplied Holmes, the
Auditor, with an appraiser who*
raised rates on state property.
as a
Miller also bought on consignment
whiskey for resale to the State.
His sudden rise in the world en
abled him to buy control of the
v\ estem Progressive. He also
wrote insurance for the Montana
Power and A nac onda. His paoer
îjLl v ed on Whiskey Ads. The
Miller-Komney machine was more
brazenly in politics for revenue
only than the other two machines.
For eight weeks. Miller boasted
that hi s paper would name the
governor. Romney consented when
the. expense was arranged for to
his Federal job and become
Miller's puppet.
The effective machine of the
three was the Wheeler-Ayers
Octopus. Every postmaster in the
eastern district owed his appoint
ment to Ayers. The Internal Rev
enue Office is named bv Wheeler.
The United States Marshal is
Wheeler s appointee. Wheeler ap
points such men as Hart. There
?r e -x si , x ° r more assistant? to the
Lnited States Attorney General
m Montana in addition to the re
gular district attorney. Wheeler
often picks stanch republicans for
thi<s work.
This accounts f or the many re
pubneans in the Democratic nrim
rZL w P ie . head .* of the Highway
n £ nt J 0,n ^ rtis machine
early. Much crude oil and *aso
>me is used in highway work
Quite naturally Dr. McGregorlmd
3 * Rockwood Brown drew to their aie
"independent" oil men, such as Bll
Rice and "Hard Rock" Coolidge.
while no such lavish campaign
funds were provided by Rice and
Coolidge as Holt had from Charlie
Donnelly, President of Northern
Pacific and other sources, yet the
Wheeler-Ayers Machine was amply
financed and did not spend
in such silly, fulsome and disgust
ing manner as appeared from the
grin and dimples of Elmer Holt on
a half million posts in the state.
Wheeler is a much more shrewd
manager than Holt. Poor boastful
Charlie Miller was proclaiming
hi s plans and publishing his allies.
For six weeks before the primary,
Holt was being touted in headlines
in the nine company owned dailies.
Wheeler uses his Montana Power
and Anconda press support as a
side play—never as his main
means of attack on the imagina
tions of the voters. Wheeler never
boasts of his winking for eight
years at the Montana Power Com
panys running away with the Flat
head River Site. Wheeler's intim
ate acquaintances have even been
expecting him since he became
diairman of the committee on In
terstate Commerce to make a
great press play that he was try
to wheat
ing on
and machinery to and from Mon
tana points.
The senior senator is swift to
adopt the partly finished work of
others. After monht s and months
of work by Senator Murray to pull
through the Buffalo Rapids Pro
ject to irrigate from the Yellow
stone 86,000 acres near Glendive,
Wheeler returning from an outing
in Budapest, learns in Washington
that Murray's efforts are about to
up a Chamber of Commerce din
ner in Glendive at which he is the
honor guest to glorify himself as
the prime mover. This he re
quests heralded as a news event.
At least Murray, who actually
worked the Project through a
dozen bureaus in Washington,
should have been invited as a
guest to the banquet, but that is
not the way of "B. K." Why
should Murray enjoy a corridor in
corporate press buildings pried
open through the years by blush
ing, bashful opposition of Wheel
B. K." forthwith gets
Every independent candidate, ex
cept Freebourne, in the Democrat
ic Primary went down to defeat.
Emmons for Auditor, 'Brett for
Secretary of State, St. George or
Smith for Treasurer, Pilgeram for
Railroad Commissioner, Replogle
for Lieutenant Governor. (No
machine ran any man against
Freebourne. Foote, the republican,
is allied with Wheeler). The dead
ly Macedonian Phalanx moved
slowly but surely through the
gallant, matchless but unorganized
infantry of the free cities of
Greece 2400 years ago. Thus end
ed the Glory of Athens. And thus
will end all hope of an indepen
dent state govemmet in Montana
unless some new party 0 f the
ple of this state is organized now
or hereafter to combat the
Wheeler-Ayers Machine heading
in Washington to run Montana for
the office holding lack landers.
Cospicuous about the Whee.'er
and dying Holt Machines is that
nobody in either of them running
for state office seems to own an
acre of land, or nay any taxes,
or rvroduce a dollar of wealth.
Sldllfulness in avoiding payment
of debts seems to be the criterion
for advancement.
The Wheeler subsidiary corpora
tion daily press on Monday,
August 10, 1936, announced the
death of Home Rule in Montana.
The State Convention of the
Democratic Party is called, accord
ai these Papers, by Senator
Wheeler, Senator Murray, and
ex-Congressman Roy E. Ayers.
Is there no man identified recent
• j in an ^ wa y wRh the life, work,
industry, business, or politics of
Montana prominent enough to be
mentioned in giving the call, or has
the entire work 0 f running this
state government been transferred
to Wheeler's office in the Senate
Building? The electorate in Mon
tana is highly mobile. Nine days
before the Primary, Holt had
Ayers breaten by 20,000 votes. The
least 30,000
If a third party, Farmer-Labor,
Peoples Rule SavedinS^
(Continued from page one)
week that all landlords who aban
doned their farms or took up arms
with the enemy or gave them lin
ancia! aid, will suffer confiscation,
and that the land will be divided
among their peasants. This de
IK 6 ® j Wa ! ll t effect a r ? tif >cation of
the deed, for upon the outbreak
of the fighting, estates all over
Spain were seized, and peasants
with guns and pitchforks in their
hands stand ready for any land
lord who dares to show his face
in the locality again.
Red Cross officials estimated
August 3 that 35,000 persons had
been killed, and three times that
many wounded.
Help began to come from abroad
to .the government last week. The
union men of Sweden sent $13,000.
The British Labor party was so
licitmg funds, but the amount re
ceived was not yet known. The
Mexican worker« set their goal as
enough to purchase two bombing
planes. The Amalgamated Cloth
mg Workers of America and the
International Ladies' Garment
Workers sent checks of $5,000
each from their New York offices,
Df course the French worker« are
lelping and before their fund is
completed, probably every worker
1 n France will have contributed
■he equivalent of a few nickels,
But greatest help of all wa s the
check of $2,400*000 from the trade
unions of soviet Russia. At
mass meetings in all the principal
Kussian cities, "check-offs" on
their pay were voted to the ex
Heroism of Spainish %
kers Thwarts Fascists
new social order To
By Federated Pre s s
(By airplane to Paris)
MADRID—Fascism masquerad
ing as the champion of law and
order has plunged the land of
Spam into bloodshed and chaos.
But Fascism is getting paid back
in its own medicine.
When the smoke of battle fin
ally clears away, there will emerge
a free workers republic ,in which
the exploiters will be put to work
for the common weal. Backed by
Hitler and Mussolini, the clerico
Fascist military clique had plan
ned to break down the People's
Front to institute a dictatorship of
the right and force Spain out of
the league of nations into an alli
ance with the brown shirt state
and the black shirt state, thus en
circling France.
Army of Girls
Although the Fascists had the
majority of the army on their
side, they were beaten back by the
armed workers who fought with
the desperation of lions. I spent
14 hours on the Sierra Guadar
rama, in the company of Largo
Cabellero, the Socialist chief, when
the battle of Madrid was at its
I saw a battalion of working
class girl® throw away their skirts
an d launch a bayonet charge
against the perfectly equipped
rascist-Ied troops. I saw the af
termath of the fighting on the
Colde Leon, another mountain pass
leading into Madrid, and scores of
women's bodies fastened to the
ground with bayonets stuck
through their abdomens. But I
also saw the Fascists being hurled
back. Almost barehanded the
workers' militia tackled the legions
of Molla. On the day when that
general promised to take Madrid
and crucify 100,000 workers, I saw
the clouds of dust of his retreat
ing army as it was pounded by
the artillery, which the workers
had captured and turned around.
Only when the Montana bar
racks, where the Madrid garrison
had revolted and fortified itself,
was taken by storm, and the chief
strongholds of the Fascists had
been moped up, did the workers
flock to the hills, without rest,
without sleeping for days * and
nights on end. Thousands of
organized along the line« of
supporting the present national
administration for this election
July, and cleaning out our state
house on January first, 1937, it
would get that 30,000 mobile vote
that switched from Holt and
probably enough more to send the
Wheeler, Ayers, Anaconda, Power
Company Machine to the perman
ent discard.
teat t
T J* de u «î^ h»L* f "•» ^
and auk*'
Wm* e N 3
follow ,"° B «y cotoi'V J
magg am,,'*. «!
uniomsu'no of l2uS h
cow that LS# SqiSîS
in from ^ atl0 «s »* r ' »1
though th» ° n , e 'S
solicitation!. H T *<*£, * S
that the cuff Î*- *kS Sfi
city hag c h '
into a lint 1,86,1 «M. Î 1 !
The Fronet stron t i»! 1 *!
the Fascists k°5 1
ceived toL but thi « eS >
Madrid. Hi ® v encour W
announced ti, S ? anisl >
manpower needed"^ tf 5 ?
on military t,m? ! »u 1
cian s and Vr,!u ans and £
tance from suit W6l ««t!?
Government * sow *«s. H
one of the u-„ tr, '?Ps nw
ery in milita! st pi6c « ..
found that ,,L „ 3nnais > «l>.
and gu n emni® nt
could only be Â? e ^ iî
tacking Madrid^ 1 ^
several years , na ^ ken >
Robles, Catholic 1 g0 ,
Minister 0 f \v a . e i
raising monev /' i ^ &
was looking- aheatU ît e
Landlords. chur^h l ) 6 ^
would unite to
The government iJ 1 ® 00
the purpose for Jvl y ^
cation" were builT^ ^
mited them out of
men had to stay behind to a
their eye on the hidden fe
in the capita!. They armed th
selves with revolvers
ed the streets.
W orker s Rule Barceloni
In the Catalonian capital R*
celona I saw the attack m t!
Colon hotel, where thousamk,
f a scists had assembled to tern
ize the city until Gen. Godet coi
land with big troops, join with ti
city garrison and dominate Bt
celona. Godet was taken prisa
er. The garrison was annihila
Today in Barcelona a works
revolutionary committee is lilij
It has confiscated all the conres
and discharged all religious tad
ers from the schools.. The fam
monastery of Mont Serra on ii
hill overlooking the city ha s k
turned into a sanitarium for tuu
cular patients. The banks f
run by workers' committees. I
the public services have been a
tionalized and from every pubi
boilding hangs a red flag- ®
old ruling class is reaping the ^
evitable reward of ages of bJ
man oppression and cruelty, n
first act of the revolutionary es
mittee in Barcelona was to ®
the vast and gorgeous villas ajj
city into vacation homes f« •
dren of slum-dwellers.
Twenty-seven committees
in the ritziest hotels of the
are working night and day oo
ther reforms, while the
are preparing to consolidate
gains and hold what they
won at last after centuries o.
most abject slavery- Pea«*®
dividing the land and
themselves to hold it- **
geoise, by its treacherougj
on the legally and
instituted government oi \\
pie's Front, has committed
Before giving op,
will create a grave a
incident, probably by®. ^
Tangier, the internationsi
Morocco. This is pad ■of ,
For that is why the ^ ««a
of the German navy » g,
trated in Spanish
many will try to step ^ *
believe she is V*.
in reality to seise
- tfrfl
r* solve, çQfiCtfl
co as a
only be a
republic to -
matter oi i*.
France and Britain _ sp0 ^ :
Four newspaper
have been e* 1 ^ t k e
false pews a ^? u |v e vioW^jj
priests and '„Konlisk*5(1
well in the WJ
But in sp>te » ' ^ %■
i?h masse ^ k ¥
tion of th«r & »
ward to
watchword he

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