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The Wibaux pioneer. (Wibaux, Mont.) 1907-1919, December 05, 1907, Image 4

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Sbe UHIbaux pioneer j
Walter a. Shear, publisher
John SI. Kane, manager
Published every Thursday at
Wibaux, Montana.
Entered at the postoffice at Wi
baux, Montana, as second class
mail matter.
Display, per inch per week $ .20
Locals, per line per week .10
subscription rates:
One year
Six months
Three months
The practice of violating the
postal laws by writing on the
margin of newspapers and in
packages of third or fourth class
mail matter has become so pre
valent that the authorities are
exercising unusual vigilence to
stop it. In many cities every
package is now opened to see if
it contains any writing and as a
result a large number of people
have been fined ten dollars apiece
for every case of infraction.
Probably in many instances peo
ple break the law because of a
misunderstanding, but the post
office authorities are acting on
the old legal rule that ignorance
of the law does not excuse viola
tion of the law, and no exemp
tion is made on the ground of
The withdrawing of money
from the banks and secreting it
under the floor, in stockings and
behind the clock, as many are
now doing, is sure to be followed
by an unusual number of burgla
ries and violent crimes, Thieves
usually know where the hiding
places are and they will not stop
at nothing in order to get the
booty. The safest place for mon
ey is in the bank after all, and
it results also in greater personal
safety and in mental tranquility.
Judging from a recent speech
of J. J. Hill he evidently believes
that the trusts are divinely or
dained to control and that if ev
erything were put into their
hands to manage the universe
would go along alright. Doubt
HH, 1R. ffiram,
She Sailor
My shop is in Dickinson hut whenever you want a
Suit of the kind mentioned above let me know and I will
arrange to see you.
I do cleaning, repairing and pressing and my nrices
are right, and my work a little better than the average. On
jobs of this kind amounting to $3. I pay express one way.
Many people who have not traveled in
Have the impression that they are old, second-hand Pull
man sleeping cars. The Tourist Sleeping cars on the
are of special design, leather upholstered, strong and
modern in every respect. Like all our cars they are steam
heated, well lighted rooms, and cheery; the berths are
large, airy and comfortable. A uniform porter is con
stantly at hand to attend to the wants of the passengers.
If you never tried the
Do so on your next trip
When ready to start, call and have your berth reserved in
Pullman Standard or Pullman Tourist sleep
ing car by Local Agent
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exp., 1909 *
lees it would for them but the
PW ie have a different wa ^ of
looking at the matter.
Elsewhere in this issue ap
pears a report of the condition of
the First National Bank of Wi
baux, and, as there has been a
great money stringency through
out the United States, in the past
several weeks, and many of the
smaller banks having failed, the
attention of our readei's is called
to note the excellent financial con
dition of this bank.
A Mr. Baronyi threatens to
expose all the misdeeds of New
port society. He need not for
people know enough about it al
ready and they may well be spar
ed the details. With the Brown
Bradley tragedy, and the Howard
Gould scandal in the limelight,
and the Thaw case still on, the
public is surfeited with such stuff.
We are in receipt of the initial
number of the Belfry News which
was recently establishe atd Belfry
Montana, by the Clark Fork Pub
lishing Co. The new paper, con
sisting of twelve pages, all home
print, has a neat and prosperous
appearance. The Pioneer ex
tends best wishes for its success.
The advantage of economical
living is a lesson that many may
profitably learn. Prosperity oft
en leads to extravagence and self
indulgence, and that generally
ends in financial disaster and fre
quently in domestic trouble also.
The best thing to take people
out of their worries is to go to
work and find out how other
folks' worries are getting on.
Thanksgiving Day is now over
and many people will put their
gratitude away on the shelf for a
whole year to come.
GAe Grain Market.
Following are the market prices
which prevail at the Wibaux ele
vator until further notice:
No. 1 Northern wheat, $ .81
No. 2 .78
No. 1 Macaroni wheat, .68
No. 2 .65
No. 1 Flax, $0.92. Oats, .50
Macironi feed, .42. Barley .51
Subscribe now—$1.50 per year.
For quick results, advertise in
the Pioneer.
Get your carbon paper at the
Pioneer office.
E. T. Wells was in from the
ranch, near Beaver, the first of
the week.
Born—to Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
McClenehan on Wednesday, De
cember 4, a 111-2 pound son.
A good furnished room for rent
in my residence on the north side.
Enquire of Mrs. E. E. Porter.
There will be preaching service
in the Congregational chcrch at
11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., next
Messrs. Lynch & Bushell spent
several days on their farms, south
of town, erecting residences, this
On Thanksgiving evening a
dance was given in the hall, at
this place, and a very enjoyable
time was reported by all.
The ladies of the Guild society
were very pleasantly entertained
at the home of Mrs. W. H. Ruck?
er on Thursday afternoon.
Are you in the market for a
piano? If so, don't fail to see me
as I have the agency for the
Netzow pianos, which are second
to none. Let me quote you prices.
Mrs. C. M. Allen, Wibaux, Mont.
Patterson & Kinney closed out
the balance of their live stock the
first of the week when they sold
twenty-five head of cows and
calves to Arthur G. Parsons, and
twenty-four head of cows to J.
S. Bilyeu.
Having completed the grading
of the approach to the new steel
bridge over Beaver creek, at this
place, J. L. Collins & Sons are
now engaged in building up the
residence lots for J. S. Bilyeu on
his property on the north side.
John Douthit now has his new
gasoline sawing machine in oper
ation and is doing excellent work,
Last week he finished a job of
sawing for R. W. Heaton, and
made a record run; sawing fifteen
cords of wood in twelve hours,
Report of the Condition of the
First National Bank of Wibaux,
in the State of Montana, at close
of Business, December 3,1907.
, 000,00
Loans and Discounts, $102.
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured, 1,
U. S. Bonds to secure circulation, 6,
Premiums on U. S. Bonds,
Banking house, furniture and fixtures, 16,
Due from Natl banks (not reserve agents) 23.
Due from State Banks and Bankers, 3,
Due from approved reserve agents 12,
Checks and other cash items.
Notes of other National Banks. 1,
Fractional paper currency, nickels and cts.
Specie. $10,942.30
Legal-tender notes. 2,450.00 13,
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer
(5 per cent of circulation.)
Total., $182.
Capital stock paid in.
Undivided profits, less expenses and
taxes paid.
National Bank notes outstanding.
Due to State Banks and Bankers,
Individual deposits subject to check
Time certificates of deposit.
Cashier's checks outstanding.
Total, $182,327.24
State of Montana, County of Dawson, ss:
1, P. A. Fischer, Cashier of the aboved-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
P. A. FISCHER, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day
of December, 1907.
E. E-. JORDAN. Notaky Public, in and for the
County of Dawson, Montana.
Georgia's Dry Counties.
There are eighty-two city coun
ties in Georgia—counties in which
no state, county or municipal
licenses are issued—where the
sale is supposed to be estopped by
law. In these eighty-two dry
counties the United States gov
ernment has issued 4 22 licenses,
showing at least that many blind
tigers. Of course, there is no
way of telling how many more
are operated without national
government licenses.
The Thing for Him.
"Now. sir.'' began the agent,
"this book-"
"Ain't got no use for it 1 " snap
ped the busy merchant.
"Ah, you're mistaken, sir. This
encyclopaedia devotes at least ten
pages to 'Grammar,"'
The elevatoif. at ti\i§ place can
now supply your tjpmand for oats,,
whether it be large or small..
Ra.ms For Sale.
800 head of half-blood Gots
wold yearlings, 100 head c$ ^alf
blood Cotswold ^yo-yqaf-o^dsand
300 head of heavy shearing large
frame, fine wools. Lindsay &
Carson. Office over po§t-office,
Glendive, Mont.
■ $100. Reward
One White Aratyap mare 8
years old, weight ^bout 1000
pounds, no brand, shoes on front
feet. One bright sorrel mare,
white strip on rape, 5 years old,
shod all round, weight 900pounds,
no marks or brands, Will pay
$50.00 reward f-qr the return of
this team to H, A- Whittier at
Fallon, Mont.
One strawberry roan horse,
weight 1600 pqqnds, 7 years old,
no brands of marks, will pay $50
reward for his return to H. A.
Whittier at Fellon, Mont,
Wibaux Lodge No. 58Ej4
Regular meeting, first and third
Saturday of each month.
S. H. Stambaugh, Ven. Counsel
R. Anderson, Clerk
Three mares; two bays anyone
gray; weight about 950 pounds
each; branded ■■■ on left flank
and RM on left shuolder
I wiU P a y $15.00 reward
for information leading to their
W- H. Melvin,
Beach, N. D.
Department of the Interior. Land Office at Miles
City, Montana. Nov. 20, 1907.
Noti.e is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of her intention to make
commuted proof in support of her claim, and that
said proof will be made before E. E. Jordan. U. S.
Commissioner, at Wibaux. Montana, on January
6th. 1908, viz: Kate Julia Peek, Beach. N. D.. H.
E. No. 3024. made Jan. 6. 1906, for the NE qr.. Sec.
34,(Tp. 14-N, R. 60-E.
She names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Frank Emerson, J. W. Kendall. F. E
Near and W. A. Young, all of Beach. N. D.
A. Kinder Register.
Department of the Interior, Land Oflico at
Miles City, Montana, Nov. 5, 1907.
Notice is lierehygiven that Charles H. Letson
of Beach, North Dakota, has tiled notice of
Ids intention to make final commutation proof
in support of his claim, viz.: Homestead Entry
No. 3536 made Oct. 12. 1906, for the Northeast
quarter (N.E. **) of Section 32, Township 14 N.,
Range gOE., and that said proof will be made
before Register & Receiver at Miles City, Mont.,
on December 17, 1907.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence ui>on and cultivation of the
land, viz: Frank Beeler, A. H. Beeler. C. G. Lyon
and C. H. Emmerson. all of Beach, N. D.
A. KIRCHER, Register
Department of the Interior, Land Office at Miles
City. Montana, October 30, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make fin
al proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Register and Receiver
at Miles City. Montana, on December 7th. 1907 viz:
Commutation proof; Bessie J. Gullickson, Wibaux.
Montana, 7-5-06, for the Southeast quarter of Sec
tion 28. Township 15-N. Range 60-E., No. 3312.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Lute Meik, Willie Welsh, Wensil Kli
gora and Robert Roscoe, all of Wibaux. Montana.
A. KIRCHER. Register.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office at
Miles City, Montana. Nov. 5. 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Charles G. Lyon, of
Beach. North Dakota, has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final commuted proof in support of
his claim, viz: H. E. No. 3448. made Sept. 4. 1906.
for the North half S. E. qr. S. W. qr. S. E. qr.
S. E qr. S. W. qr., Section 32, Township 14 N„ r!
60 E.. and said proof will be made before Register
and Receiver, at Miles City, Mont, on Dec. 17,1907.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of the
land, viz: Frank Beeler. A. H. Beeler. C. H. Let
son and C. H. Emmerson, all of Beach. N. D.
A: KIRCHER, Registuu.
Range head
o f Boxelder
creek. Cattle
branded on
either side as
shown in cut,
horses same. Other brands
and U rji both on right side.
Wibaux, Montana.
Range head
of big Beav
er. Cattle
branded as
shown in
cut. Horses art!;,
same on left shoulder. Other
brand, T W op the leff j*ibs.
V........-......... . , : ■■ .. 'J 1 " 1
A Few Suggestions
■ SFwk
Underwear. Cctpiforiers an$
With cold weather ap
proaching one naturally be
gins to think of winter
wearing apparel and the
first thing to do is to put on
warmer underwear. From
our extensive line you can
get anything you want, and
at any price you wish to
pay. You are sure of get
ting the best if you get it
Felt Shoes
If you want to keep your
feet warm there is nothing
better for this purpose than
a good pair of felt shoes.
Mens felt shoes, from $1.85
to $2.25.
Woman's Felt Shoes - from
$1.75 to $1.90. Women's
! Felt Juliets, $1.75.
• Come in and see our line of McKibbin's fur coats,
• Sheep lined coats, Fur and Cloth Caps, Mittens
• and Gloves. F. A. PATRICK'S line of All wool
• Sweaters, Socks, heavy underwear, wool and cot
• ton Blankets,^ Quilts and Feather Pillows. We
• also have a big line of warm footwear, German
• socks, Pure Gum American brand overshoes,
in one or four buckle style.
• W i b a. u x,
Beginning Monday,
December 9th.
Santa Claus
will Have His Headquarters
it the Store of the
Wibaux, Montana
Dear Old Santa will meet
all the little chrildren at the
Christmas tree in Wibaux.
C. H. HALL, Preston, Mont.
branded as
shown in
cut. Horses
branded 1-R
7 on left
shoulder, range Little cannon Ball
New Salem, No. Dak.
Horses branded
as shown in cut.,
Cattle same on
right or left hip.
Range Beaver
creek 20 miles
south of Wibaux.
Cold pights are sure to come «
and now is the time and hope ]
is the. place to supply your j
wants in this line.
All qur comforters are full
size yyith pure clean cotton, fil
ling jind good qua^ cover- j
ings. Prices, $1.25 to $3.00. j
Cotton Blankets, 85c to $2,75 !
Wool Junkets J3.p Jo $133(1
Have you seen our new line
qf fu£s? ^Ve ape showing a
beautiful line of women's,
Mi;3S£s? and ^hifdren's fours
iu sefs and single pieces.
They are Gordon Furs which
is a guarantee of style and
; m e
! Enterprise
! Company
! Only up-to-date Furniture
! Store in Eastern Montana.
| Finest China Closets, and
i Buffets; Dressers, Chiffon
| iers, and everything for the
■ home.
! Standard Rotary Sewing
! Machines, to "two in one,"
I Lopk and Chain Stitch.
Glendive, Montana..

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